story codes: M/B, oral, anal, dream, reluc, interr, rough


This story is fantasy and should be treated as such!

I don't condone or encourage the actions depicted in this story whether legal or not. This story depicts sexual acts between a grown man and a teen boy, if this offends you, do NOT read on.

Kwame and the Nudists

Kwame had gone to a German technical university, studying civil engineering. The tide had turned, however, and unable to find a job, he had to leave, back to his land of birth, in Africa. During his absence the poverty hadn't exactly decreased, but he found that parts of the country were now attracting large numbers of tourists, an opportunity that hadn't existed when he left for Europe. Also his only opportunity, since he and his family lacked ties to the ruling elite and had been forced to sell the few patches of land they had owned a long time ago. So Kwame went into tourism. He became a souvenir salesman, selling his worthless sunglasses that had Roy Binn written on them with crude black marker and various other junk. He managed to scrape together a living, but just barely so he was looking for new places to sell when he heard of a holiday resort like any other but for one thing...: the vacationers were nude. His tipster couldn't help but chuckle and giggle while he struggled through the story, but Kwame felt two things coming together. One the one hand, he had his opportunity, as few other locals dared to come close to the place. On the other hand, he had always had something of an...interest in young, white boys. Their developing bodies and skin that didn't feature as much of the dark, contrasting hairs that grown men had, always got him excited as well as moved him because of their sheer beauty. He had driven by a nudist colony in Germany once, but hadn't dared to come out of the car, afraid of causing a stir and having an erection in public. He had dared to go to a sauna once where he'd noticed that both men and boys were having difficulty keeping their eyes off his member. Quite a few people there got new belief in the old preconception that black people had large penises While Kwame had been able to keep his penis under control, in spite of the naked boys close to him, a number of men and boys left the sauna earlier than expected, or shut their legs for a while visibly trying to concentrate on something else. A few men had made subtle passes at him, which he had declined with a polite and shy African smile. He had taken a young man home once, though, he was eighteen and quite handsome. The night had been very pleasant, but it hadn't taken Kwame's mind off the slightly younger boys he craved.

Now Kwame had another chance and an excuse to get close. So he packed his stash together, weathered a one-hundred-mile trip, went to the camp as soon as he arrived (the trip had cost him most of his money) and displayed his Roy Binn and Gukky sunglasses. Nobody payed much attention to him, so he resorted to the well-known game of adopting an African-English accent and asking all the beautiful 'mister-sirs' and 'madam-ladies' if they wanted to buy something. Enchanted by this little bit of 'couleur locale' at their nudist paradise, the tourists got to know him and payed him more visits. To his great joy the occasional boy came by, also, nude, gorgeous and charmingly shy. He noticed that a trend that had been just beginning in his days in Germany had now become almost main stream: women and, increasingly, men who shaved their pubic hair. Most of the men shaving were a little older, mostly happily married men with shaved wives. Occasionally, a younger, shaved man would amble by, although most made a sort of compromise by shaving their balls and the base of the penis, but leaving a tuft of hair on the belly. Very occasionally, only twice in fact, a completely hairless sixteen-year-old would show up, usually part of a family of avid hair removers. He enjoyed his time here, almost forgetting that he was a fully qualified engineer selling cheap junk to scrape together a living. Sometimes, he sneaked a little further into the camp and got a peak at the people enjoying themselves in the sun. Of course, he payed special attention to groups of playing boys. He eventually noticed a boy who seemed a little ill at ease with the other boys and their wild plays of adolescence. The boy could spend hours wandering around by himself, looking at the goings on, sometimes stopping a little longer to watch a couple of men. Kwame couldn't quite see at this distance, but he got the distinct impression that the boy – he must have been about fifteen or sixteen – kept staring at the penises of the men he saw. A couple of times, he even thought the boy quickly turned round to hide his mounting excitement. The distance prevented Kwame from seeing too clearly, but from what he could make out, the boy was stunning: tallish, lanky, slightly tanned with some muscle definition, although that was almost impossible to establish. Kwame also noticed something that heightened his interest in the lonely young cherub even more: he got the distinct impression that the boy was completely smooth, hairless.

Kwame couldn't help but fantasize about the boy. In his dreams, he would sneak up to his cabin, climb in through the window and surprise him looking at some gay porn. The boy would startle but be unable to hide that he had an erection, being stark naked. Kwame would put his index finger to his lips, signaling the boy to be quiet, then in one move, start to stroke the boy's small chest. As the boy would respond to his strokes, breathing more quickly, looking at him with still some fear, but also mounting lust, Kwame would let his hand wander, stroking the boy's small nipples, erect by now, letting his other hand join in on the thighs. The boy's penis, which had been becoming flaccid, was now saluting the feelings of joy that Kwame was sending through this young body. His hands were now creeping toward the boy's member, first gently cupping the ball sack, then caressing the erect, throbbing member. The boy was sighing and moaning now and both he and Kwame were becoming concerned that his parents might wake up, so signaling and whispering, they climbed back out the window and silently made their way to the dunes, where they wouldn't be disturbed. Once there, Kwame resumed his stroking, now involving the boy's delicious bum in the play. He creeped towards the valley between the perfect, pale globes and reached for the ultimate treasure the boy had. A moan indicated that Kwame's instincts were right and he carried on, massaging the hole more thoroughly and slipping a finger in. The boy was now writhing and moaning in ecstasy, pushing Kwame's other hand away from his penis and motioning him to pinch his nipples. Kwame obliged, happily, and slipped the second finger into the hot and tight passage, preparing the boy for the inevitable. There was no way that Kwame, after this, would be able to resist testing the resistance of this black hole of pleasure against the might of his member. Kwame gradually pushed in two more fingers, as the boy was getting ever nearer to his climax, Kwame increased the pace of his fingers and the force of his pinching with his other hand. The boy was enduring the assault on his senses with moans that were getting ever louder, until he arched his back, yelped, froze momentarily, squirted his white cum and collapsed, Kwame's fingers still in his ass. When Kwame tried to pull them out, the boy moaned disapprovingly, pushing the hand and the fingers back in. A little while later, the boy turned round and started undoing Kwame flies. He gave a hand and soon his trousers and boxer fell to the ground, releasing Kwame magnificent, fully erect penis, swinging and gently throbbing in the night's air. The boy's eyes became big, his breathing became much more rapid, and the fear returned in his eyes. Kwame showed his hands to ease the boy's apprehension: his fingers were thick and four fingers were only a little smaller than the girth of Kwame's tool. The boy calmed down and the lust returned in his eyes. With a seductive smile, he moved his head forward and engulfed the tip of Kwame's member with his mouth. Now it was Kwame's turn to moan at the sensations as the young, hot mouth sucked on the tip and he was treated to the view of a sixteen-year old angel sucking his dick. He gently pulled off the boy's head and was treated to a smile as the boy obeyingly turned round and offered his perfect little behind for Kwame's pleasure. Kwame couldn't have been stopped by a truck by now. He positioned himself and bluntly pushed the tip of his penis into the passage. The boy hissed sharply, arching his back in discomfort, but moved back with Kwame as he was trying to ease the pressure by pulling out. Instead, he let his penis rest inside the hole for a while to give the boy's body a chance to accommodate the large invader. After a while, Kwame pushed further. The moans coming from the boy still weren't entirely from pleasure, but he matched Kwame's thrusts, pushing himself back on the thick pole. Kwame couldn't believe the sensations from his big, hard dick penetrating this hot teen hole, accompanied by the sight of his big black member disappearing between the white, almost obscenely narrow buttocks of this angelic, slender boy. He increased his pace, thrusting mercilessly through another orgasm of the boy, working his way to his own climax. It came with thundering force, raging through his body, his flexing muscles, his sweaty skin, his heightened nerves, like no orgasm before it. With a loud moan, only just being able to resist shouting at the top of his lungs, Kwame filled his boy's bowels with his hot seed, a sensation that made the boy moan loudly once more. Only when they were lying down, recovering, did Kwame notice the wet cheeks of the poor kid.

With a start, Kwame awoke. He had soiled his mattress, his boxers and his t-shirt. He quickly tossed the clothes aside and turned the mattress round. The night was more than warm enough to sleep naked, and his place was close to the camp, but not so close that anyone would find him. He had just lay down again, when he heard a soft noise. He waited, listening, eyes open, until it came again, closer now. He turned round, jumped up and lunged toward the noise where he could just make out a ghost-like appearance. He grabbed what he could reach, fell, rolled over, and ended up with a naked, scared boy in his arms. It took some time to sink in, but the truth revealed itself eventually: the very boy Kwame had been dreaming about up to the point of coming was now in his arms, naked, and he was naked, too. Before he could divert his attention, his penis was growing rapidly and reached full strength. The boy was lying on top of him, so he couldn't miss what effect he was having on Kwame. Unable to control himself, Kwame started to stroke the whimpering boy, feeling his way around until he reached the penis, which was fully erect. The boy reacted to Kwame's fondling by moaning a little and quieting down. His own hands were now reaching beneath him, to Kwame's body and the throbbing penis that was poking his back. When his hands reached their destination, the boy took a sharp inhale of breath, out of surprise, and froze. Eventually, Kwame came round to asking the boy what he had been doing so near to his sleeping place. The kid immediately confessed that he had wanted to steal some of Kwame's things and maybe sneak a peak at Kwame himself. Then, unexpectedly, he broke free and made a dash for the dunes, whispering that he would tell about what had happened. Immediately, Kwame lunged after him and, in a few yards, caught him again. He was getting angry with his teenage fantasy-angel turning out to be a little bastard and flung him to the ground, picked him up again and dragged him toward the small camp he had made for himself. He got out his belt, tied the boy's arms behind his back and used a rope to tie him to a pole nearby. Then he made some light and searched for a branch. He found a nasty swinging one and walked towards the boy, who looked round with fear. He asked what Kwame was going to do. Kwame said that he wanted to teach the little brat a lesson, he approached the boy, extended his hand and stroked the boy's buttocks and valley. The boy first started, but soon relaxed under Kwame's caresses. He started to moan when Kwame's thick fingers reached his little hole and massaged it. He entered two fingers at once, being greeted by a long moan. He said that the boy was a little faggot, the boy agreed, Kwame moved his fingers in and out then suddenly removed them and hit. Hard. The boy yelped, cried a little and yelped again when Kwame's second hit came. And the third, fourth, fifth. Kwame noticed with pleasure and rising excitement that the boy kept his erection in spite of his heart breaking cries. By the tenth and final stroke, Kwame was fully erect again. He approached the boy again and moved his hand directly to the boy's anus, penetrating with three fingers. The boy looked round, cheeks wet, big eyes at the huge throbbing penis and sighs and moans at the movements of Kwame's fingers. Kwame let his other hand join in by pinching the boy's hard nipples, like in his dream. The boy, now very excited, still tied up, crying from his punishment, softly asked Kwame to fuck him. He practically begged for it. Kwame immediately reacted by removing his fingers and placing the hot tip of his penis against the mildly worked-open secret passage. Like in his dream, Kwame pushed in bluntly, like in his dream, the boy hissed, but now asked him to take it slowly as this was his first ever fuck. Kwame pulled back a little, pushed in again and remained still to let the boy get used to his member. After a little while, he started to moan again and pushed back slightly. Kwame took the hint and inched forward, taking his time taking in the view he'd dreamt of, but this time with the boy tied up and already crying. When he was all the way in, he rested a little, then started to fuck. In and out, fast and slow, accompanied by the moans and cries of the boy and his own sighs and moans. He retreated almost all the way, then lunged back in, in one movement, retreating again and lunging back in. He made small movements with his dick almost out, feeling the muscles of the boy's anus gripping his hard member, then lunged in again. Alternating fast, hard movements with slow and deep fucks, Kwame was working himself and his partner toward their climax. The boy was moaning ever louder now and eventually arched his back and froze when he came, shooting his cum into the bushes. Kwame kept up the pace as he was getting ever nearer himself. A few big lunges in and out and then he buried his dick all the way up the boy, slapping his belly against the ass, shooting his cum, filling the boy, who immediately collapsed against the pole, Kwame lying down on the ground nearby. When they had recovered, the boy smiled at Kwame, thanked him, and said that he wanted some more lessons from him.