YOUNG PASSION August, 2000

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  At 40 it wasn't the usual age to retire, but having inherited quite a substantial amount and then investing it intelligently I was soon in an extremely comfortable position. And having never been at ease in the big city I moved into this quaint little town on the west coast. It was a beautiful and quiet little place where all the glitz and glitter of the 21st century seemed to have bypassed. It seemed to be rooted to history. I just loved the place! And then I spotted him.

  It was my second day and as I stood in the small garden of my new home I saw him sail by on his skateboard, dazzling.... leaving me gaping in his wake. Quite unable to comprehend what my eyes had just seen and my cock was straining at! For he had immediately ignited a raging flame in my heart and loins!

  I have always been fascinated by and loved young adults, more like 17 to 19.... but this kid was different. At 15, Kyle Brandon was just gorgeous, nothing gawky about him! Tall, with an athlete's body, he looked ravishing in his tights as he zoomed down the street on his board, his extra large T-shirt flapping behind him..... His one and only passion seemed to be his skateboard. Even I realized that by the end of the week as I sat behind my bedroom window and watched the kid glide gracefully down the street. He had already won numerous trophies at the local and state level competitions and his friends were now encouraging him to try for the national championship.

  I wanted him desperately.... But being a small and conservative community, I realized I had to tread extremely carefully. This wasn't like the city I had just forsaken.... and a wrong move could lead to numerous problems for all concerned, especially for Kyle and I had no desire to hurt him in any way!

  Then two weeks into my stay here an opportunity presented itself. I have always prided myself about my good looks and my physique.... well, I don't want to sound conceited or anything.... but I never had any complaints, on the contrary I did get enough compliments and at 40 I was in great shape, religiously working out and all that. I also loved to flaunt my body and availed every opportunity to strip down to the barest minimum! And here, at my new home it provided me with ample opportunity to indulge in my passion and also a chance to really work on my tan.

  It was a late Thursday afternoon and I was at the beach, lazing away my time when my cock nearly burst out of its tiny trunk as I spotted Kyle walk down the deserted beach and into the sparkling waters! I immediately perked up, raising myself on my elbows I intently watched him. He swam around in the shallows, frolicking in the surf... sending my pumping heart into overdrive, as I gawked at the teen, my mind racing ahead in its lewd persuasions. I decided that this was the time that I should make my pitch.... try it out and see what happens.

  As Kyle got out of the water and headed for the shower booth I slowly got up and followed. He entered the stall and I waited a few moments before myself entering. I could hear him in the shower, singing some tune that I didn't recognize and neither was interested in..... I stripped and walked in. OK, let me give you the general layout of the shower facilities here, being a small town with a very tiny population the beaches here weren't all that popular and only the local kids came here occasionally to play in the calm waters. So the facilities provided were very basic and primitive. It was a small area with two shower heads, open to the sky and covered on three sides by half rotten woods that left a person clearly visible below the knees and above the hips..... And as for the guys in the adjoining stalls, well, just the minimal effort would be rewarded with a brilliant view of your neighbor's genitals, as the flimsy partition was practically non existent!

  As I walked in Kyle turned around to look and smiled as he recognized me, his next door neighbor. Then he seemed to notice my total nudity and quickly turned away, but not before I caught the look on his face, the look that assured me that I was on the right track. I stood under the jet of water and began scrubbing myself. His singing had stopped as he slightly turned away but I did notice him stealing glances in my direction. I went the whole hog and turning towards him took my semi hard cock in my hands and stroked it for his benefit. And bingo, there was a perceptible change in his trunks, as it filled out and gradually tented!

  Finishing off quickly he rushed out and into the adjoining changing room. And after giving him a few seconds I followed. Entering the tiny room I stood rooted to the spot! Kyle had taken off his trunks and was slowly jerking himself, eyes closed, lips parted and glistening. He looked ravishing!

  "Am I the cause of your excitement?" I asked softly.

  He nearly jumped out of his skin, not expecting me to be there that soon and turned a deep red as his hand left his cock and then as quickly attempted to cover it up! The kid was amazing.

  He turned away and reached for his clothes as I rapidly moved closer and patted his exposed bottom. He gasped at the contact and slightly tensed.

  "Your pretty well endowed, Kyle," I whispered into his ears, "why don't I help you out of this predicament... you surely can't go out like that, with this thing sticking out, all hard and hot?" I added grabbing his cock.

  A soft moan was all that escaped him as I turned him around and pulled him closer, my hands on his narrow hips. My raging monster nestled in the deep valley of his crack, his teenage cock pointing straight out, thick and hard. I took it in my hand and stroked it gently, extracting heavy groans of lust from the youth as his ass bucked into my groin. My other hand on his smooth stomach, rubbing in a circular motion.... Moving lower I pulled at his silky pubes and cradled his balls as he closed his eyes and pushed back further into me, his head resting on my shoulder, his hands reaching around my neck.

  "How does this feel?" I asked as I gently masturbated the young boy.

  "OoooH..... could we.... could we.... go some place?" he whispered having taken a bold decision.

  My hands kneaded his full cheeks as I continued to lick his ears. "Mmmnnn, Kyle, your ass is so tender.... God, I could do anything to have it.... "

  "Yes..... yes..... do all you want..." he whimpered as he ground his ass into my groin with force.

  Just hearing that Kyle was willing to go further ahead and allow me to fuck him had my cock throbbing and in a tizzy!

  "Lets see, could you come over to my place later in the evening?" I suggested.

  "Ah.... yes..... I will.... Oh!" he gasped as I increased the speed.

  Not wanting to tease him further I led him to the inevitable and cradled his large balls as he ground into me and exploded, hosing the bench in front of him with the pearly liquid of his teenage nuts.

  As he stopped cumming I turned him around and pulling him close crushed my mouth to his, kissing him deeply, my hands raking his prime ass, thrilling at the prospect of soon possessing them, totally!


  When he entered my house that evening I was in an extremely erotic state of anticipation and he too seemed in a very similar condition. He told me that he had jacked off three times, in the past three hours, thinking about us and what we were about to do and that it excited him tremendously! Going into my bedroom we quickly slipped out of our clothes, making me pant in naked lust as more and more of his awesome body was revealed. Finally naked, we glued our mouth together in a wet kiss, arms entwined, my hands tracing his full globes, caressing, probing as he held onto my shoulders moaning into my mouth.

  Though desperate to fuck him I had no intention of rushing things and maybe spoil it for him..... I had waited for years for a guy like him and I wanted to savor every moment of it. And moreover I wanted HIM to enjoy his first time more than anything else.... well, you loose your virginity just once! I promised to myself that I would be gentle and slow.... giving him time to relax and enjoy what he too seemed so willing to be part of.

  Breaking the kiss he moaned, "OOooooooooo, I love you Pete. Take me!"

  My pounding heart leaped.... "Mmnnnnnn, Kyle, you're so beautiful..... so tender.... I too love you." I rasped as I bend slightly and lifted him up in my arms, carrying him to my bed.

  Laying him down I climbed in and began running my tongue all over his heaving torso, taking the stiff, pink nipples in my mouth, probing the navel, licking the armpits, with just a light smattering of blonde down.... and the kid thrashed about, whimpering and groaning in pleasure. And as I moved lower and my lips brushed his bloated shaft he grabbed my hair and ground up his pubes.

  "Ah, Pete........... suck me.... please, suck me!" he pleaded.

  But all his pleadings soon turned into incoherent gibbering as I opened my mouth wide and sucked him in. I knew he wouldn't last long and didn't want him to cum this soon but at the same time I didn't want to deny him the pleasure he was seeking. So, clamping my fingers at the base of his cock, in a vice grip I bobbed my head on his teenage cock as he rolled his head on the pillow, ass rising high, off the bed, to thrust more of his ample cock into my salivating mouth. Within minutes he was shaking violently as he pulled at my hair crying hoarsely for release.....

  "O Pete..... Pete, ahhhh........ please..... oh, please lemme cum......" he wailed.

  Loosening the grip I cupped his balls and was immediately rewarded by a surging volley of fresh boy spunk. God, he tasted awesome, sweet and creamy.... Kyle's cum was as good as he was! His entire body shook and shivered as he pumped my throat with his joy juice and I slurped and licked till he finally stopped ejaculating and slumped back, exhausted. He made a slight purring sound as his fingers gently caressed my head still at his groin, cleaning every remnant of his climax.

  Now I moved lower and between his legs and lifting them reveled at the splendor of the most adorable ass cheeks I had ever seen. His cock lay soft over the large globes, spent, the whole pubic arch wet and glistening from the thorough licking I had just administered. And as I moved his legs apart, parting the cheeks, I gasped at the sight revealed before my eyes.... Lord, Kyle was magnificent!!! The parting cheeks exposed a deep valley hiding in its folds the most beautiful bunghole ever.... It was so pink, so wrinkled, so cute as it twitched in anticipation that I nearly passed out. Seeing his anus so ready yet so vulnerable compelled me to move forwards and kiss him! He shook violently as my lips made contact to his ass lips and his hole quacked. He moaned loudly and pulled at my hair.

  Lifting his fleshy cheeks off the bed I slipped a pillow under them affording me better access to his puckered anus. And then I brought my face back down between his parted cheeks and found the tight virgin hole with my tongue. I played around the edge and spreading his cheeks wider with my palms I pressed my mouth close to the cute opening.

  Kyle squirmed and wriggled his bottom, with delight and lust, at all the new sensations that I was awakening in his young body. And I continued to play, darting my tongue all around and at the center of the twitching hole. Licking with a rapid movement I suddenly pressed my tongue into his ass and the mouth just opened up to grab at the new invader. He ground up with a heavy groan and bucked wildly as I sank deeper...... His hands grabbed me tighter and pushed my head into his ass, as if trying to shove the whole face in! His young, spent cock reawakening once more in turgid attention at my oral probing up his colon.

  As much as I wanted to be in his ass, I remembered my vow of patience and desisted from ramming my bursting cock into his virgin butt. I played and caressed his ass some more and continued to lick him inside and out and from what I could hear I knew he was more than ready for the final assault.

  "Aaahhhh........ Pete, take me now.... pleeeeeaasseeeee!!!" he wailed.

  Lifting my face from his ass I asked, "Are you ready for it?"

  "Yyyeessss!" was all he said.

  I knew that it would be painful for him and told him as much. Then positioning myself between his parted legs I placed them on my shoulders. He grabbed my cock and pulled it towards his ass, placing it at the relaxed and open mouth! We both shuddered with lust.

  Slowly the tip of my cock parted the lips and the head started to enter the impossibly hot and tight orifice..... His legs stiffened on my shoulders as his face grimaced in the sudden pain of stretching. But he held me tighter and pushed out and as I felt him open up a bit more I thrust forward gently. With a sudden jerk the tight ring opened wide and grabbed at my cock head as a shrill cry pierced the silent room, I was IN!!!!

  After that single cry and a loud gasp, Kyle lay quiet, his hands wrapping around my waist, as if urging me on to probe deeper. I felt his ass grip my bloated rod and the ass muscles chew at the buried head..... I stopped and let him adjust before applying more pressure. And this time I felt more of my thick shaft sink in. Lowering my face I kissed the boy deeply as he sucked on my tongue. I pulled back a little and then pushed in once more. Suddenly, all his resistance melted away and I felt myself sink in to the hilt..... it was mind-blowing!!! Finally my pubes ground into his smooth butt and my lush hairs pressed into the soft cheeks.

  I was in, all the way and now it was time to fuck my pretty boy! I couldn't believe it..... It thrilled me....... my head swam, high on the feeling, the thought that I had finally taken this awesome young kid !! I had penetrated his most vital part, his very core.... I was now one with him. It felt like it was again my first time.....!

  Buried deep in his snug hole I kissed him with more passion, my hips starting in the age old ritual of mating, rising and falling gently, sending the pulsating shaft in and out of the clutching embrace of the boy pussy. I picked up the rhythm and slowly speeded up as he ground his ass into me, devouring my shaft with loud moans, grabbing the stuttering cock in a vice like grip with a newly acquired skill. I started to fuck, yes fuck, the boy more and more forcefully as he clung to me, his legs locking behind my neck. His ass hole was so relaxed that my pumping cock eased deep inside his colon, yet tight and gripping at the same time. I slammed into him, my hips pounding his bottom, extracting huge grunts from both of us.

  The intensity grew and our breathing became harsher and more rapid..... the violent churning of his ass around my throbbing dick was incredible and my own hips were a mere blur as it beat a rapid staccato into the upturned ass. And then with a scream Kyle exploded, splashing us both with searing hot cock juice and triggering my own demise!

  "Oooooooo..... Pete.......Aahhhhhhhh..... FUCK ME HARDER........!" he screamed as I flooded his boy-ass with my manly sperm, filling him up completely.

  Our bodies convulsed in the throes of the most mind boggling climax as huge wads of cum shot out of our twitching and jerking cocks! I thought we would never stop..... And when finally the last spurt left my penis I looked down and saw his cock twitch one last time as another load of thick, creamy boy spunk splattered out of him!!!

  Slowly, lifting my weight off him I crushed my mouth to his in a silent 'thank you' as my wilting penis slipped out of his ravaged butt hole. Laying down by his side I hugged him tight and we dozed off, his soft palm cradling my sticky cock, his own silent 'thank you' for the pleasures it had given the young skateboard star!


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