There is absolutely no sex in this story. Some kissing but that's it. I may or may not continue this story if I get some positive feedback.

Kyle's Talk

The whole way home all they talked about was how great Spider-Man the movie had been. I, of course, agreed with their assessment but my mind was on the driving.

I had been distracted enough during the movie that I would need to go see it again to truly know what the story was! Sitting next to these three beautiful teens was enough to distract any gay guy!!!

It was late and I was tired. Unfortunately I still had a 40 minute drive home after I dropped the guys off. I'd done it before but it sure wasn't something I looked forward to.

As the guys started to pile out of the car I couldn't help but watch them. Jake, 15, was the one I was closest to. We talked all the time, mostly in chat on the net. He knew almost all there was to know about me. At 5'7" and 170 he was just a little big. With that black curly hair and his intelligence though I couldn't help but fall for him. He knew I was gay but maintained that he wasn't. That was cool. We were friends and I wanted it to stay that way. Trey and Kyle were brothers. The maintained they did not resemble each other but they were wrong. Trey was 5'10" and 130. He was lean, and though it was clear he didn't know the meaning of the concept `work out' he was in shape as only an 18 year old can be. His skin was almost perfect, his hair brown and wavy. He liked to maintain his bangs long so they could hang down over his eyes. I think he enjoyed the look of mysteriousness it lent him. Kyle, on the other hand, knew what exercise was and his body was beginning to show it. At 16 he was the total opposite of his brother. Where Trey was lean and somewhat androgynous, Kyle was muscular and masculine. Trey was always quiet and reserved, Kyle was gregarious and demonstrative. Trey had a beauty that stemmed from his boyish femininity; Kyle's beauty was purely masculine. Both were sexy, each for different reasons. Trey was subtly sexy, probably stemming from the whole mysterious thing. Kyle just oozed sex. The way he walked and talked, and looked at people. The way he formed his words and moved his eyes. Both the brothers were "all that" but each for totally different reasons.

To say that I was in love with all three was an understatement. It was unrequited, and always would be. I knew this and accepted it.

Jake was spending the night at the brother's house so he bailed out with Trey and Kyle. As I watched them bound to the door I slipped my car into reverse and prepared to back out. The clock said 11:20 pm. I would truly be glad to crawl into bed.

I looked up one last time and saw Kyle looking at me from the porch. I couldn't see his eyes but I could tell he had a question. He said something to Jake who then disappeared into the house. Kyle raised his hand and waved and bolted for the car. He slipped into the passenger seat and shut the door.

"What's up Kyle?"

He was silent. Just kinda stared straight ahead. I wasn't sure what was going on but I knew it must be important. Kyle wasn't the type to turn serious unless he truly wanted to talk. I slipped the car back into park and turned the volume on the radio down to a comfortable background drone. I waited patiently. I knew he came back for a reason and he would get to it when he was ready.

"You probably won't understand, but it's hard to be me." That's how he broke five minutes of silence between us.

"I might. Try me." I didn't know what else to say.

He started to open the door. "You have to go, I know it's a long way home for you and you're tired."

He was almost out of the car but I put my hand on his shoulder at the last second.

"Kyle, I am here and I want to listen. Please say what you need to say."

A long, deep, weary sigh escaped his body as he pulled his legs back in the car and closed the door. Before the door closed and extinguished the interior light I saw tears on his face. My heart was breaking for him. What could be so bad?

I didn't pull my hand away from his shoulder and he made no attempt to move it. More silence.

"Kyle, whatever it is, if you want to talk about it I'm here. Whatever it is I'll do my best to help."

I could hear almost silent sobs. I was truly confused. Only a few minutes ago he was laughing and joking with the other two, talking about Spider-Man! What was going on?

"You'll hate me I know, but I don't care I HAVE to tell someone or something bad is going to happen." His crying was audible now, and choked him up while he was talking.

I couldn't stand it. I reached down and grabbed his hand. I was probably making a huge mistake but I really felt like he needed some human contact more substantial than a hand on the shoulder. He flinched slightly as I maneuvered my hand around his but didn't pull away. I squeezed his hand gently.

"I am so confused about everything. Why is everything so hard all the time? Why do I feel this way? Will it ever stop? No one likes me!" The questions continued to pour out of him. I just rode the wave.

When they came to a halt he looked at me. He was squeezing my hand hard. I picked one.

"How do you feel Kyle? What confuses you?"

Again he fell silent. I could hear his soft sniffing and feel the heat between our hands.

He whispered, "I'm gay."

I wanted to laugh! Of course I didn't. A wave of relief swept over me. I had been so afraid it was something...more...scary.

I squeezed his hand to let him know that I had heard him and was listening.

"Kyle," I said, he turned to look at me. "It's ok. I understand." I could see tears well up in his eyes, but those tears were framed by relief.

I looked directly into his eyes, "No one may like you Kyle, but I do." My heart was racing and I was having that queasy feeling in my gut.

We talked for a while, covering many topics of import. We talked about why some people might be gay and why other's aren't. We talked about what the future might bring and who he liked. Finally I noticed that I was doing most of the talking.

Kyle's head was on my shoulder and his breathing was slow and steady. He had fallen asleep. He looked peaceful asleep but I knew that was deceptive, Kyle was a bubbling cauldron of emotions right now. I could feel the anger in him when we talked. I could see the confusion, the rage, the hate, and the love in him as well. He was angry, and had every right to be. He wanted answers from me and I couldn't give them to him. I was only 19 myself, where were the answers to MY questions, most of them the same as his!

I could smell the sweet fragrance of his hair, it was heady stuff. I bent my down and gently kissed his head, fully breathing in his odor. My lips lingered on his head.

Startling me Kyle said, "Eran, are you gay?" His whisper barely audible.

My heart was racing faster than ever. I had been caught. I KNEW that I had nothing to fear by telling him but I had never told anyone face to face before.

"Yes," I whispered back as a few silent tears fell down my face.

I could feel his hot breath on my shoulder.

"Eran?" still barely within hearing range. I could hear the fear in his voice.


He was silent for a few seconds, "Are you in love with me?"

I couldn't tell what was in his voice, fear that I would say yes, or fear that I would say no?

I sighed deeply. I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to destroy our friendship or his trust in me.

Kyle turned his head in such a way that he was looking into my eyes though his head was still on my shoulder. It looked uncomfortable.

"Please tell me the truth." Even in the dark I could see the seriousness in his eyes.

I closed my eyes and decided to do just that. I felt a tear slip from between my eyelids.

"Yes, Kyle, yes. I am in love with you." Now I was going to be the one to cry.

I could feel his breath on my face, I could still smell popcorn. I kept my eyes closed as he moved off my shoulder. I didn't want to see him leave.

Suddenly the heat of his breath was back in my face. What could only have been his lips gently touched mine. I was surprised. He pulled away and I opened my eyes. There were tears in his eyes.

"Thank god. I've been in love with you for a long time." Kyle said.

He leaned in and kissed me again. It was sweet and gentle and awkward. Just the way I had always imagined my first kiss would be.

That's all for now.

This story while embellished and moved to the present day is fact. I was the Kyle character. I hope you enjoyed. If you feel the need to give me some feedback, please do so to