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The following story is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any actual events or occurrences is completely incidental, and should be treated as such.

Previously in Part 1:

OK so Carl... my turn to ask a question now” I said to him with a slightly devilish tone.

Ot...Oh...” He said, I think he was sensing where I was going.

Are you um... like... gay or something?” I said with a laugh on the end.

There was a short pause, and he once more looked at the lump in my PJ's, and then looked into my eyes with his seductive green eyes and said “Maybe, I dunno” the way only kids can. An answer, but not an answer.

What about Richard?” I said looking over at my neighbors son who was laying on the floor before us “You guys ever fool around like we just did?”

My dick was taking over, I'd just taken the adolescent seed from on young 12 year old, but was hoping that the other one was on the menu too.

Part 2

Not like we just did... I want to... But... it's hard, ya know... we're both in the same class at school n' stuff” He said quietly.

Oh yeah... I know exactly what you mean” I said, remembering the awkward crushes I had when I was at school when I was his age.

Well, seems like he's out cold... wanna check him out a lil'” I said, almost shocked at where my dirty horny mind was not only taking me, but this gorgeous and very adventurous 12 year old that had just done a fantastic job of seducing me.

Carls eyes answered before he even said a word. He wanted to, that was the first little flash in his eyes, but almost as fast as that look appeared it was replaced by one of fear... fear of everything. Being outted... caught... his dirty and dark little secret coming out forever in his mind and the everlasting fear of humiliation for being who we are. Yes, I knew that feeling... I knew it well.

Carls sexy little boy rod had gone limp shortly after his orgasm, but our conversation had brought it back to life and once more it was pointing to the 'stars', an indication that the thought of 'exploring' Richard while he slept before us was something that aroused him. I took that as a yes if pushed, and I was going to push really hard on this one. Nothing turned me on more than the thought of a boy touching another boy while he slept. Nothing gets me off more than seeing a clip online of two boys doing more than showing the camera their stuff. If they touch, lick, kiss or suck I'm spewing dick butter all over myself before I know it.

Come on... lets see what we can see... Is he a deep sleeper?” I both encouraged and asked as I moved to the floor next to the passed out Richard and looked up at Carl waiting for his answer.

He'd sleep through a tornado” Carl replied

Well, the first move would surely answer my question, as Richard was laying on his stomach with his head on one of my sofa's little accent pillows and his arms wrapped around the pillow and his head pointing off to the right. His mouth was open, and his little red lips looked so moist I would have sworn he had just licked them.

Sitting on Richards right side I leaned over him a little and grabbed his shoulder and mid section and looked up at Carl and said “Gimmie a hand here, get his legs” softly, almost whispering.

Carl stood, and stepped out of the pants and underwear that were around his ankles and then got down onto his knee's on the other side of Richard, his thin long hard boy cock almost slapping me in the face as he squatted down. He was a sexy sight to see wearing nothing but that softball jersey and a hard on, but I quickly got back to the task at hand and counted... one... two... three and we slowly rolled Richard over onto his back.

What happened next was amusing to me, because for me if Richard woke up I had the deniable excuse of simply trying to get him off the floor after the movie. I hadn't thought much past that, as really it was my aching hard cock and raging horny evil dirty mind that was calling the shots. Carl on the other hand was sitting there half naked with his dick rock solid for all to see.

Richard body slowly rolled over, and with the roll came a few soft moans from his lips. Carl heard the moans and leapt up onto the sofa and grabbed his underwear freaking out a little. After the sudden movement from Carl, I looked down at the sleeping angel before me to see if he had indeed been woken up by our moving him into a 'better' position. He had not, his eyes were still closed and his breathing was rhythmic and slow.

It's fine... come back down here” I whispered.

Carl looked on, a little frightened, wanting to see for himself. He slowly stepped off the sofa, underwear 'at the ready' to put on should I be wrong.

Once convinced Richard was indeed asleep Carl once again joined me on the other side of Richard and we both looked down at the sleeping beauty. He looked so peaceful and innocent, which made my dick pulse hungrily. I reached down, and undid the two buttons on the front of my PJ's that were keeping my cock contained. As soon as my hand was out of the way my own angry thick 6 inch cock jumped out of the hole. Carl, who had been looking down at his sleeping friend was now looking at my cock hungrily. In his defense, and my own, my cock had been under immense sexual tension for quiet some time, so the constant drip of pre-cum now flowing from it that was starting to dangle it's way down in the air resembling a thin single strand of spiders silk was a sight to see, and something until then I don't think I had ever seen from my own cock.

I dropped my finger below to dangling seed and slowly lifted gathering the cum as my finger came up, and then wiped my finger over the end of my twitching and rigid cock head. Carl leaned forward just a bit, then stopped. He wanted it, but then for some reason stopped himself from continuing his lean in. 'Oh no, this wont do... wont do at all...' I thought to myself as I noticed his hesitation. I reached out my cum covered finger to his lips. They parted as my finger arrived, and he engulfed the finger and wrapped his lips around it and slowly pulled back flicking his little tongue around the tip of my finger as if it were a cock in his mouth. 'Thats better...' I thought to myself as I brought my other hand around the back of his head and slowly pulled it down towards my throbbing manhood.

There's a little more down there... You know you want it” I said softly, thinking 'touche' to myself after his earlier comment when offering me his own seed... to which I had, and still have no complaints, it was hot as hell!

If Richard woke now, he would have the hottest show on earth. His best friend, just inches from his face sucking off the neighbor man. Carl didn't just lick my thick cock head, he wrapped his small hand around the base of my cock and milked out glob after glob of pre-cum, licked around the end with each milking pump, and on the down stroke back to the base of my cock he would put the entire head into his mouth with another swirl of his tongue and suck at the same time, before releasing the head for his up stroke.

You keep that up, I'm gonna cum Carl... I'm not ready for that yet, slow your roll just a little Mister” I said, while thinking to myself... 'This kids sucked dick before, or he's a natural... my money is on the first though'

Reluctantly Carl released my dick and sat back on his heals. “What now?” he asked

Well, what do you want to see?” I replied, giving Carl control of the situation.

I have done my fair share of 'touching' boys while they sleep, and I have to tell you there is no feeling or way to describe fully the charge and rush you get from doing so. Carl obviously really enjoyed the rush of jacking off with someone else, and the rush of seduction. I was now giving him the gift of adding yet another rush to his list, the molestation rush. It's addictive, and hard to control... He was gonna love it!

His eyes dropped to Richards groin, and I knew where he wanted to start, no answer was needed and I couldn't help but smile. He may not know whether he was gay or not, but he sure was telling me now that he was more than undecided on whether or not he liked cock. He'd just sucked me, and now wanted to see his sleeping friends little boyhood.

OK... well we need to slowly undo these softball pants without waking him up, so slow and soft is the way to go...” I said in almost a whisper, adding “You're sure he's a heavy sleeper?”

Mhmm...” He whispered back “I sleep over all the time, he's like a brick”

Carl looked to me, waiting for me to do make a move, but I had other plans. I raised my eyebrows and looked slightly right and down to the sleeping boys groin with the silent instructions for him to go ahead. I sat back on my heals and looked on as an instructor/observer.

Carls small hands slowly went down to the two large buttons that were above each other and slowly undid the top button. I held my breath as he used one hand to grasp the material of the pants, and the other to carefully push the button through the cut in the material. He did fine, and like a pro didn't add any excess pressure by pulling too hard on the material that would tighten the waist of the pants that could have potentially pulled Richard prematurely from his sleep. Once it was free I finally let out the breath I was holding. I know Carl was experiencing the same rush I was, as my fear of waking the boy had heightened my senses and I focused on Richards breathing for signs of him waking. My ears had a light ringing as I homed in on every little noise. I could also feel my pulse, and hear the blood pump through my ears.

Carl moved his hands to the second button now, and ever so slowly undid it the same way he had the first. Each button took him what seemed like an hour to undo, but was actually only about a minute. It was done, both buttons were undone. Carl looked up at me, and I smiled my approval to him and gave him an encouraging wink. He smiled back beaming with the twisted pride of an apprentice sleeping molester. He licked his supple red lips, then pulled in the bottom lip and bit down a little as his left hand moved back down and pulled the material that covered the zipper of the sleeping Richards pants out ever so slowly. The right hand then went in for the 'kill', and moving his finger and thumb ever so slowly into place like a surgeon he grasped the metal tab and began to pull the zip down.

Eaaaaasy now...” I whispered as the zipper came down and the softball pants began to part exposing the front of Richards underwear.

Again, this seemed to take for ever, but then again it had to. Any quick movement against Richard anywhere on his body would surely wake him up. Knowing boys the way I do from past experience, I know once you get their cocks out and get to work of that there is a good chance the will wake up. Seldom will they let on they are awake though, and will act as if nothing happened the next day, but the key is to get that far before they wake. If they wake prematurely there is a good chance if they are not 'into' whats being done they will simply fain sleep and roll over to stop you from gaining further access to their boy jewels.

With the zipper down, once again Carl looked up at me seeking approval. With my left hand I gave him a thumbs up, and thats when I noticed my own right hand was slowly working on my own throbbing and dripping manhood. Carl looked down at his work so far, and then back up to me. This is his first time, and at his age I was sure he really had no idea what to do next. It was time to give a little coaching. I looked into the “V” opening Carl had made, and studied the 'terrain'. Richard was wearing a pair of Hanes briefs, I couldn't tell if they were Y fronts, or boxer briefs... but for my own sexual fantasy benefit I decided they were boxer briefs. At first glance it was hard to tell where Richards little boy cock was, as the material was black, and Carl had as yet made on contact with the little fella so it was still obviously fully flaccid.

I reached in carefully and ever so softly felt around the front of the black material for a little boy bump. At first I couldn't find it, but then as my fingers wondered lower towards the bottom of the “V” I found the 'root' of his cock. This wasn't going to be easy! His cock was pointing straight down, and in order to gain access to it flesh on flesh we were going to have to slowly move it 180 degrees so it was pointing up in order to get it out of the access flap on the front of his briefs.

It's pointing down, we need it pointing up to get it out... what do you think?” I said softly to my co-conspirator.

You do it...” He said nervously

You need to learn this” I said back quickly, adding “Work your forefinger into the flap at the front, and down until you touch the side of him, then ever so slowly push it around like you're changing the time on an old clock until it's pointing straight up... just do it really slowly or he'll wake...”

Carls eyes met mine, and I saw extreme fear mixed with desire. I was counting on the desire winning the battle, and it did. He sort of gulped a little, and once again bit his lip as his right hand moved in to Richards groin. I was so excited by this point it was all I could do not to pound the hell out of my cock and cum all over both boys before me. Carls finger made its way awkwardly through the tight access hole, and his whole body twisted as he worked his finger carefully down. I watched intently, and listened for breathing pattern changes. So far we were good. I saw Carls body twist back a little, and I knew he was now slowly moving the flaccid little rod around.

There...” Carl whispered, and added “So... work it out through the hole right?” without looking up, his finger still through the hole.

Right... nice and easy, don't force it... You need to spread the two parts to the flap opposite directions without pushing down or pulling too much to make a hole so you can 'fish' him out without it touching” I instructed “Nice and slow, you're doing great so far” I added encouragingly.

Carl pushed in a second finger, and pulled slowly the material apart in a scissor like maneuver and for the first time we both saw the object we were seeking.

Now... use your other hand and carefully work him out of the hole and slowly release the material around him” I instructed.

Carls left hand went down, and his thumb and forefinger carefully closed around the small soft shaft and worked it out of the carefully manufactured hole. As instructed Carl then slowly released the material of the briefs around the base of Richards little soft cock and then without further instruction his head dropped in and scooped up the little fella. There wasn't much there soft, Richard was not as advanced in development as his class mate. I didn't see any hair at all in the soft light, but as it was fairly dark I was not 100% certain I would have been able to see much if there was any there.

My balls tightened up, and I had to pinch the head of my cock to stop for shooting my man butter all over the boys as Carl went straight for the cock before him. His little head was bobbing up and down slowly about an inch or so each direction as my cock jumped violently in my fingers trying to spit everywhere. Once again the thought crossed through my head about him not knowing if he was gay or not.

Carl lifted his head and looked at me just in time to see me leaking out the stream of cum left in my urethra after fighting off a premature cum. His horny little head was at my crotch in a flash licking off the thick long string of cum dangling from my cock head. I in turn looked down at the groin his face had just left, and saw a cute little boy spike standing hard and to attention. Richard in a hard state was just shy of 3 inches and not too thick either. In the cock department, Carl was definitely the blessed one of the two, but after suckling my renegade premature strands of man juice from my cock head Carl was back to work on his friends cock.

Carl lost all inhibitions at this point, and was moaning as he suckled his young friends boy spike, and as I came down from my almost cum I noticed something I had missed in the hair raising experience of extreme lust induced orgasm... Richards breathing was now racing, which meant he was more than likely awake now.

I looked up at Richards head to check, and sure enough I caught his head raised and looking down at his friends head bobbing away on his cut thin little 3 inch or so spike before collapsing back onto the small couch pillow. That was a good thing, at least he didn't freak out, or tell him to stop. Carls head was bobbing away up and down pumping that boys little cock like a champ, and now his left hand was pushing up Richards softball jersey and feeling Richards rather nicely developed lower chest with fingers spread in a horny lustful grope.

At this point, all attempts or excuses of what we were doing are pretty much down the drain. Here I am, dripping pre-cum everywhere with my cock hard as a nine penny nail on one side of the once sleeping beauty, and this other almost naked 12 year old with his face clearly planted in his sleeping friends groin with me sitting over him instructing. Yeah, if it was going to end badly at this point, I might as well make it worth the trouble and get a little more involved with the ministrations.

I scooted up to Richards cute little face and lowered my hard cock to his lips. His eyes were closed, but his mouth was slightly open. He was trying to play the still sleeping card, which meant he hadn't seen me see him looking down just seconds before. This would make it more interesting for sure!

I moved my slippery hard cock head to Richards lips, and smeared my leaking dick butter all over his lips like lip gloss and waited. Sure enough, seconds later a curious tongue darted out and quickly licked both the top and bottom lip and then took its findings back into his mouth for analysis. His eyes shot open at his discovery only to be presented with my raging hard-on in front of them at the gates of his lips once more. If he kept his eyes open he would have to accept that he was enjoying what his friend was doing openly, and reciprocate or stop things now. He quickly closed his eyes again as my cock head pressed against his lips once more.

I know you're awake Richard, take it...” I said, causing Carl to stop dead in his tracks at the waist line below.

What?” Carl said rather loud
“He's been awake for a few minutes Carl... He likes it... don't you... Richard...?” I said accusingly.

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