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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental.

Learning with a Man
Chapter 2

     "Hey, Jeff," Ray said, stepping into the room. He was smiling.
     I just stood there, openmouthed. Of all the people I'd thought that would come into my room just then, Ray had certainly been the last one. I mean, he hadn't even talked to me at all since Christmas break! But there he was, grinning that roguish smile of his that was so disarming. He had dark brown eyes that gleamed with intelligence and a magnetic attraction that made you like him right away. His face was angular, his jaw strong. I saw he even had the shadow of a patchy beard on his cheeks, while the most I could claim I had was some fuzz under my chin. Ray's black hair looked messy and uncombed at first glance, but it framed his features just right. He was devastatingly handsome.
     It was maybe for two heartbeats that I just stood in the middle of my room, unmoving. My mind was a whirlwind of confusion, guilt and anxiety at his unexpected visit. After all, I had just jacked off to the time when I'd seen Ray naked in the shower... so I forgot to say anything as he came in, or answer his greeting. I also forgot I was supposed to hate him for having ignored me all year. Instead I got all red in the face, as if Ray would somehow be able to tell what I'd been doing right before he came into my room.
     "H...hey," I managed weakly. It didn't sound very convincing.
     Ray's smile faded a little at my lukewarm greeting. "Can I come in?"
     "Uh, yeah, sure," I said.
     I sat down on the chair by my desk just to have something to do. Ray came in, as he had done a thousand times before, and sat down on my bed. The same bed I'd just been lying in, fantasizing about Ray's big cock; remembering his ripped body the last time I'd seen him. Part of me was embarrassed at the thoughts that had been running through my head, picturing him naked. A bigger part of me just got hornier now that Ray was here for real even though I'd just cum. I prayed I wouldn't suddenly have a boner showing through my pants and ruin everything. Ray had come to my house again after months of not talking to me—even if I didn't know why.
     Ray, it seemed, took my confused mumblings for something else entirely. He shrugged the backpack he was carrying onto the bed without meeting my eyes, like he was expecting me not to want to talk. Then he reached into it, and took out a few books. They looked very familiar. He put them on the bed, and then he took out a pencil box that was slightly dented from its recent fall.
     "I brought these back for you," he said apologetically, looking me in the eyes again. My heart melted. The gesture of actually bringing back the stuff a bully had knocked off my pack not an hour ago, the look in his eyes... I smiled.
     "Wow. Thanks, Ray," I said, and I meant it. "I didn't think you'd... well, you know. Talk to me again."
     Ray winced.  "I know, Jeff. I know. I meant to... but those guys at school... you know how it is. Right? It was my last year in high school and all. You got to do things right."
     "Yeah," I said. "I guess I understand."
     But I didn't, and I realized that he hadn't even really apologized. He was justifying himself and that was it, blaming others for the way he'd ignored me. A little alarm bell rang in my head, but I ignored it. I was just too happy at having Ray here again. Right then I didn't care about anything else.
     "Great! I'm glad you understand," Ray said, grinning again. He stood up and came over to give me a pat on the shoulder. "I knew you'd be cool with it."
     I wanted to ask him why he wouldn't stand up to the bullies who were tormenting me every day. We two had been friends for as long as I could remember, he was two years older than me; he should have been there to help me when I needed it. I knew I would have, had it been the other way around. I'd idolized him, and I still did. He'd let me down big time. But instead of saying any of that, all that came out of my lips was, "Hey Ray, do you want to stay over for lunch?"
     "Sure!" he agreed. "I'm starving. What's your dad making?"
     I shrugged, smiling. It was just like old times again in the blink of an eye. "I don't know, but let's find out."
     We barged downstairs, past the living room and into the kitchen. Dad had finished showering and was cooking something on the stove that smelled delicious. He was wearing this `World's best dad' apron I'd given him for his birthday in March. I'd decorated it myself, and he wore it every single time he cooked. With Ray in there, though, I felt suddenly self-conscious about it. I hoped Ray wouldn't ask Dad where he'd gotten the apron.
     "Lunch is almost ready, boys," Dad told us without turning around. He was busy flipping some vegetables on a skillet.
     "It smells great, Mr. Irons," Ray said. He sat on his usual chair by the fridge, and I sat down across him. Having him there felt right.
     "I hope you're staying for lunch, Ray," Dad said. "I'm making omelettes with vegetables."
     "That's the plan," Ray answered.
    Dad chuckled. "Hadn't seen you around here in a while. Jeff says it's because you're busy with all the school work and the track team and whatnot."
    Ray looked at me fleetingly over the sound of beaten eggs being dropped into a hot pan.
    "Uh, yes," he said. "It was my senior year, and all."
    "Uh-huh," Dad agreed absently, concentrating on the food. He couldn't focus on two things at once, and he'd never been that great a cook to begin with. "Well, it's good to have you around again, Ray. I hope you'll drag Jeff out of the house with you more often. You two kids used to love riding all around the place in your bikes. Now Jeff only uses the bike to go to school and back. He spends most of the afternoons alone in his room, and I think he needs some exercise. He's fifteen; he should be outside spending all that teenage energy with other kids his age. Right, Jeff?"
     I would have sunk straight through the fake wooden panels in the floor if I'd been able to. Never mind the always-sure-to-come Dad embarrassment telling Ray I'd been hiding in my room every afternoon. Now Ray knew I'd lied to Dad about the reason why he didn't come here anymore. I could have died right then.
     "That's actually part of the reason I came today, Mr. Irons," Ray said. My ears perked up. "Remember that trip you and my parents bought us way back around Thanksgiving?"
     "Oh, right!" Dad said. "The guided climb to Mount Adams. I'd almost forgotten about it."
     "Yeah. Turns out that we need to book the trip soon or the offer will expire. My parents have been badgering me about it all week, told me to tell you guys."
     As Dad finished cooking, I got some plates and Dad began to serve the omelettes. We sat down to lunch when we each had some, and I remembered the trip details; I'd almost forgotten it, too. Dad and Ray's parents had paid us an expedition with a guide to climb Mount Adams. It included one training class in town on a rock wall, the equipment and supplies needed during the trip, and the guide to show us around the mountain. It was a beginner's level climb, and I'd been thrilled to do it at the time. Now, though... Ray didn't even sound that enthusiastic about it. Maybe his parents had made him come so the money wouldn't go to waste. Maybe he was stuck with taking me along on the trip even if he didn't really want to.
     Maybe that's why he'd come. The books could have only been an excuse to show up.
     I was suddenly not very hungry. I poked at my lunch with a fork but didn't eat it.
     "Jeff? You okay?" Dad asked.
     "Yeah," I lied. "I'm fine."
     "He's probably nervous now that I reminded him of the climb," Ray said, grinning. "Don't worry, Jeff. I'm new at it too. If I fall down, I promise not to drag you with me."
     Dad laughed, and I had to smile. A little. Maybe, just maybe, Ray did want to go with me. The thought was comforting enough that I began to eat.
     "By the way," I said between mouthfuls, "thanks for bringing me those books, Ray. I thought I'd lost them."
     "Books?" Dad asked.
     Damn. Mistake. I had to come up with a lie, and fast, before Ray told Dad about the incident at school.
     "Yes," Ray was saying, "some books Jeff drop—"
     "Some books I'd left in my locker by accident," I cut in. "I totally forgot about them. Ray knows my lock combination, though, and he got them for me. Heh."
     It even sounded lame to me. Dad seemed to buy it, though. I silenced Ray with a look so he wouldn't say anything else.
     We talked some more about general things while we ate. Dad wanted to know how Ray's parents were doing and so on. Ray asked Dad a bit about the business, blah blah blah and before I knew it, our omelettes were gone. We helped Dad with the dishes and cleared out the table. Dad told us he had to go out to visit a supplier he had an appointment with in an hour, and he excused himself. We heard his car leave the driveway just as we finished with the last of the dishes and pans.
     "So," Ray said, now that we were alone. I dreaded he would bring up the lies I'd told my dad. "Want to go upstairs and make the reservation for the trip?"
     I sighed with relief. He wasn't going to push it. "Sure. Let's go."
     "Race you up!" he said, and sprinted.
     I was surprised, but I raced up the stairs right after him, shoving him out of the way. Ray pulled me back, laughing, and then we tried to get into my bedroom at the same time, which meant we both collided against the door frame. I elbowed Ray out of the way and got in first.
     "Yes!" I celebrated. "You suck."
     "We'll see who sucks when we're climbing that mountain," Ray said. He gave me a playful shove and I fell onto the bed.
     "I'm not afraid of heights," I said defiantly. "You are."
     Ray shrugged. "I've gotten over it."
     "Yeah, right."
     "Oh, shut up, Jeff."
     "Whatever. Weren't we going to make the reservation?"
     "Yeah," Ray said, sitting in front of my computer. He turned the monitor on; my account was locked. He typed a password, but it didn't accept it. "Huh? Did you change the password?"
     "Uh, yeah," I said, scrambling back onto my feet. I pushed Ray away and typed it in hurriedly.
     "What's the new one?" Ray asked.
     "None of your business, that's what," I said. In truth the password was `raysajerk'. I'd changed it a couple months ago.
     "Anyway," Ray said, shoving me away and grabbing the mouse. "Let's get the info on the trip."
     He clicked on the browser history. After Google, the two most used links were incriminating porn sites.
     "Try their Facebook page," I said quickly. "Wyman tours I think."
     Ray typed it, and I thanked God for my good memory. There was the page of the mountain climbing tours.
     "Here's a number," Ray said. "I'll dial."
     It took a while to reach the tour people. Their number was unreachable, so we gave up and spent some time browsing around, watching videos and laughing at stupid people getting hurt on Failblog. Then we tried again about half an hour later, and this time Ray was able to reach them. He made the reservation for the weekend after next. We'd have our training rock climbing class on Wednesday of next week, at the mall. They also offered to meet us at their office in town and drive us to their camp near Mount Adams, but since Ray would be driving both of us there, they told us all we had to bring were warm clothes for the climb, some water, and snacks if we wanted. They'd give us everything else at the camp.
     Ray and I entered the guide's contact info in our phones.
     "It's done," Ray said. "Saturday after next."
     "Yeah. Can't wait."
     "Don't chicken out on me at the last minute," Ray warned me.
     "Don't you pretend to be sick the day before," I said, grinning. "You pulled that off to get out of summer camp once, but it's not going to work again."
     "I'm hurt by your doubts! I really was sick that time!" Ray claimed.
     I just laughed.
     I noticed Ray began to fidget around, and knew he was probably about to leave. So I swallowed my nervousness and made myself say, "Listen, Ray. Thanks... for coming over today. For the books, and everything."
     Ray smiled. "Don't mention it. About time I showed up, don't you think?"
     "Yeah," I agreed. I wondered if he'd just leave and not talk to me again, like before. But then he began to speak.
     "Listen, Jeff," Ray began, hesitant. "I was wondering if I—well, my parents are having this thing tonight, their anniversary or something—and they basically told me to get lost. Anyway, do you think maybe I could stay over tonight?"
     I blinked. That was completely unexpected, but not in a bad way.
     "I mean," Ray stammered, "if not I can crash somewhere else, it's just that my parents know I used to stay here all the time and—"
     "That's cool, Ray," I said. "But you get the sleeping bag this time for having been such an asshole to me all year."
     Ray smiled that disarming smile of his. "Awesome! I'll go get my stuff, be back in a while."
     "Thanks, Jeff."
     "No problem."
     Ray left a few minutes later. I watched him walk to his house from the window, then hurried back to my room to tidy everything up.
     I took care of the jerkoff towel, took the sleeping bag he would be using out of my closet and set it by the bed. Then I set it on the bed. Then back on the floor since it looked better there. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and set the water running. When it was hot I stripped off my clothes and took a quick shower, soaping up well and shampooing my hair. I took special care in washing my dick and balls, rubbing them gently with my soap-slick hands. Then I moved on to my ass and rubbed some soap on my cheeks, then a bit more soap between them, using the side of my hand to clean my crack well and thoroughly. When I stepped out of the shower, the bathroom was faintly shrouded in water vapor from my bath. I toweled myself dry, dumped the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and quickly went to my room to pick something to wear.
     Halfway there, though, I forced myself to slow down. What was I doing? Why was I so damn nervous? It wasn't as if I was going on a date or anything. I couldn't help myself, though. I went to my closet and started going through different clothes that would look sleepover-casual but also good on me. That took a while. I had just decided on the outfit when my phone buzzed. I picked it up: Ray had texted me; he would come by around eight.
     I looked at the time: it was a quarter to six. Good; I had time. I relaxed.
     I spent the next couple hours doing mostly nothing. I picked a movie in case Ray wanted to watch anything, and rummaged around in the kitchen until I found the phone to a pizzeria we both liked. When it was eight o'clock, I called the pizza place and ordered dinner. Dad still hadn't come home yet, but I wasn't surprised. Sometimes he would be gone most of the afternoon when he went to pick up stuff for his business.
     The clock read eight-ten. I was in the kitchen, telling myself to stop staring out the window to see if Ray was on his way.
     Eight twenty-five. The doorbell rang. I hurried to open the door, but it was only the pizza guy. I paid him, watched him leave—and saw Ray coming over from his house. He waved.
     "Hey!" I said when he came in. I tried to sound indifferent but it came out all eager.
     "'Sup, Jeff," Ray answered. He carried a small pack filled with his sleeping stuff, I guessed.
     "I ordered dinner," I said, closing the door behind him. I still had the pizza box in my hand.
     "Sweet. Is it—?"
     "Double cheese, double bacon, and pepperoni," I cut in. "Duh. It's what we always have."
     Ray rubbed his hands together. "Nice. And the coach can't tell me not to pig out now! I'm so finishing this all by myself."
     I grinned. "That's why I ordered a large. Come on. Put your stuff in my room and we can eat."
     "And your dad?"
     "Still not home," I said. "Don't worry. I'll leave him a slice."
     A few minutes later we plopped down on the couch in the living room. I turned off all the lights so it would feel like being at the movies. Then I turned on the TV and pressed Play.
     "What are we watching?" Ray asked, his mouth full of pizza.
     "Sucker Punch," I said, grinning.
     "Yeah," I agreed. "This movie rocks."
     "Did we go watch it when it came out?"
     "Yeah. Last year."
     We watched the movie while wolfing down the pizza. Ray ate a lot more than I did, and we weren't even at the twenty-minute mark in the movie when it was all gone.
     "I'm still hungry," Ray complained.
     I rolled my eyes. "There's chips in the kitchen. And I think Dad bought a box of those cheesy puffs I hate."
     One hour and a half later, Dad came home to find us lightly covered in cheesy puff dust, surrounded by a few empty cans of soda.
     "Hi, Dad."
     "Evening, Mr. Irons," Ray said.
     "Hey boys," Dad answered. He sat down on the other couch heavily, a slice of pizza in hand and a beer in the other.
     "Rough night?" Ray asked him.
     "Nah. Just some idiot who thought he could weasel out of a delivery contract, is all. What are we watching?"
     "Sucker Punch," I said. "It's got only a few minutes to go, though."
     "No problem. As long as something gets blown up, I'm happy."
     We three watched the movie until it ended. I yawned and stretched on the couch. "I guess we're going upstairs now," I told Dad. I tossed him the remote.
     "Sure. Good night, boys."
     He switched to regular TV and settled down watching some commentary on a boxing match. I gestured to Ray and we went upstairs. I shut the door behind us, turned on the lights, and yawned again.
     "I'm going to change," Ray announced. He walked over to where his pack was and took out a T-shirt and a pair of loose shorts.
     "Go ahead," I said. I lay down on my bed, hands crossed under my head. For the first time in many weeks, I felt happy.
     I thought Ray would go to the bathroom and change, but he began taking off his clothes right there. He shrugged off the sweatshirt he was wearing, and the shirt underneath. Under the yellow light of the lamp above, his muscles were sharply outlined and well defined. I stole a long look as Ray was pulling his shirt over his head. He was even more buff than I remembered; I could count his abs from where I was. His chest was hard and ripped, and I even saw his nipples in detail, stiff and erect as if he were cold. He was a bit hairier, too: his upper chest was covered in sparse, dark fuzz. His arms were well-muscled and strong-looking. As I saw him, I realized that he was already a man in all but age—and I was still a boy. It made me feel further away from him, but at the same time it turned me on. With a slight shock, I felt my cock begin to stir under my pants. I hurriedly sat up on the bed so he wouldn't notice.
     Ray caught my eye as he was stepping out of his pants, but he didn't say anything. His legs were amazing. This time I couldn't keep quiet.
     "Wow," I said, "you're like one of those guys in the Olympics."
     "Your legs," I said, pointing. "The muscles. Wow."
     Ray grinned. "You wouldn't believe how many sit-ups I've had to do to keep them like that. The coach is merciless when it comes to working out."
     "I can tell," I said, a bit of awe in my voice.
     When he took off his briefs to put on the shorts he'd brought, my dick got hard in a second. I couldn't have stopped it if I'd tried. Ray's cock was magnificent, dark and thick, resting between his low-hanging balls. I couldn't tear my eyes from it, so instead I grabbed my pillow and put it over my legs, hoping it would cover my sudden hard-on. I couldn't help the racing pulse, though. Or the faint blush I was sure I had.
     Ray then put on his shorts and T-shirt, and I could breathe a bit easier.
     "Much more comfortable," he said. He bunched up his clothes and stashed them in his bag. I couldn't help noticing his round, firm butt when he leaned over to do it. The shorts even outlined the crack between his butt cheeks.
     Ray came over and sat down next to me, making the bed bounce. I nearly had a heart attack. Would he see I was all worked up? I desperately thought about something to say, or do, to prevent him from seeing.
     "I'm not sleepy yet," he said.
     "M... me neither." I looked at the time. "It's only eleven."
     Ray sighed contentedly.
    "Man, that pizza was good."
    "I hadn't eaten like that all season. I hope I can sleep with all that food in my belly."
    "Cool," I said, not really paying attention, trying to keep my voice even. I was silently commanding my cock to go down.
    Ray yawned. As he did, he looked at my awkwardly placed pillow and I swear to God he knew. He knew. I blushed fiercely.
    "You know?" he said slowly, "I don't think I've told you this, but sometimes the only way I can go to sleep when I'm so full is if I get off first."
     I thought I'd heard wrong. I opened my mouth, closed it. Then I managed, "What?"
     Ray shrugged. "You know. Get off a load right before bed. You are old enough to...?"
     "Yeah," I replied quickly, offended he had thought I wasn't. "I am old enough to... that. I thought you'd seen the links in the computer earlier."
     Ray laughed. "Which links? Don't tell me you've discovered porn already."
     I crossed my arms over my chest, indignant. "Of course I have. I'm not a kid anymore."
     Ray was nodding. "Sorry. Didn't mean it that way. I just didn't think of you... you know. Jacking off and stuff."
    "Right," I said. "But I do it, too. I bet you do it all the time."
    To my surprise, he nodded. "Almost every day, I think. Mostly chick sites, you know, I'm kind of into dress-up acts. Nurses. Teachers."
    "Yeah," I agreed weakly. Not my kind of site at all. I wished my boner would go away, but this talk was making it worse.
    "I have seen a threesome once or twice," he told me.
    "Two dudes and a girl," I said, trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about. I had seen a few vids like that.
    But that had been the wrong thing to say. "I meant the other way around," Ray told me. "Two girls and a guy. Hot."
    Great. I'd blown it. But I did prefer the videos where there were two guys. Sometimes one of the guys would be doing the girl, and the second guy would be all over the first...
    "Wait a second," Ray said, and got a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Did all that talk about porn give you a boner?"
    "No," I said, too quickly.
    I tried to grab the pillow, but Ray was too quick for me. To my horror, he snatched it out from me and threw it away. My raging erection was there for all to see.
    I wanted to die of embarrassment, but Ray just smiled.
    "We're gonna have to take care of that," he said.
    I thought I had suddenly lapsed into one of my half-formed fantasies, but Ray hadn't meant it that way. Instead he went to the computer and turned it on.
    "Show me one of those sites you mentioned," he said, grinning.
    "Which sites?" I hadn't mentioned any.
    "With two dudes and a girl. Come on; I've never seen that, I don't think."
    I hesitated. I didn't want to stand up with my boner tenting my pants, but Ray was waiting, so I had to. I walked quickly over to the computer, typed an address and hit enter. Then I escaped back to the bed.
    "Why don't you turn off the lights?" Ray said, as he was clicking on the site's main window, looking for a good clip. "That way we can both jack off at the same time."
    I didn't trust myself to speak, so I nodded and flicked the light switch off. It took a while to get used to the darkness, but the bright glow of the computer let me see Ray clearly sitting in front of it. I was surprised to see he was already hard, browsing through the site. The bulge in his shorts had just got a lot bigger.
    "This one looks good," he said. He clicked on it. A new page opened, and he had to wait a bit for it to load. Then he maximized the video and sat back.
    I couldn't believe it. As I watched, Ray began to stroke his cock through his shorts, tracing the hard outline of his shaft with one hand. He was looking at the screen where two guys were doing something and a girl was moaning. I didn't care. I didn't even glance at the screen. I couldn't tear my eyes off Ray.
    I saw him stand up from the chair and pull down his shorts. His massive cock was swollen to its full length, and it was amazing. The shaft was thick and heavy, with a mushroom head that was clearly defined in the glow of the computer monitor. The tip of his dick glistened with wet precum, and when he reached to grab his cock with one hand, he barely covered half of the big, throbbing member.
    My dick responded quickly enough to the sight. I wanted to touch myself desperately, but I was afraid of what Ray might think. Instead I sat there, back in the shadows of my bed, and watched him sit back down, his dick in his right hand.
    "This is hot," he said, nodding, his eyes on the monitor. He began pumping his hand over his shaft, and he leaned back to enjoy it more.
    I moved slightly, and he glanced my way.
    "Aren't you joining?" he said, grinning.
    "Come on. I won't look if it makes you uncomfortable to have another guy staring."
    I didn't need any more encouragement. I took off my pants in a hurry, and grabbed my aching, rock-hard dick. I sighed with pleasure at the touch.
    Ray was watching me, though.
    "Whoa," he said.
    "What?" I asked anxiously.
    "Nothing. It's just... you've obviously grown a lot since the last time I saw you. That dick's almost as big as mine."
    The praise only made me harder. As soon as Ray turned back to look at the screen, I began to jerk off fiercely, grabbing my dick and pumping hard with my hand. The sound of more moaning came from the speakers, but my eyes were glued to Ray's hard cock.
    "Yeah," Rat said, his voice a bit husky, and began to stroke himself faster. I responded right away, felt myself getting too close, and stopped so I wouldn't come yet. I was extremely horny, so it was hard to do. But I wanted to come right as Ray did. I wanted to see him spurt all over himself.
    He jerked off harder, and I stole a glance at the monitor quickly. The girl was being fucked by one of the guys, but she wasn't even visible. The camera was zoomed in on the second guy fucking the first. His low moans sounded harder as he begged the other to keep plowing him.
    This seemed to make Ray even hornier, and he began to pump his dick so fast that I could hear his hand slapping his balls on each downward stroke. He murmured something too low for me to hear, and I could see he was beginning to sweat. His cock was as hard as it could get, the head slick with all the precum that slid over Ray's veined shaft, and the sight made me desperately wish to take that dick in my mouth. Right then I didn't care about anything else. I wanted Ray, and I admitted it to myself in a devastating burst of clarity just as my own furious hand motions began to push me over the edge.
    I fought to control it, but I didn't know how. Just then, though, Ray's body tensed up. He moaned aloud, and I saw hot streams of cum suddenly shoot out of his dick hole and splash over his T-shirt, on his shoulder, and straight up to his chin.
    I couldn't hold it in any longer. I came.
    My entire body shuddered with electric pleasure as I shot my load into the darkness. I clenched my teeth to keep from crying out, and I felt the spurts of cum leave my dick with incredible spasms of ecstasy. I squeezed my dick forcefully, milking the last drops of cum from it, and I shuddered to a stop when I was completely spent. I had closed my eyes at some point. When I opened them, I saw Ray was looking at me with a strange look in his eyes.
    He hurriedly looked back to the computer and clicked the video off. There was only silence in the room then.
    "Wow," I said, to break the tension.
    Ray grinned. "Nice, huh?"
    "Yeah. Nice."
    "That video was hot," Ray said.
    "Right," I agreed, although I hadn't really been watching it.
    "We got to do this more often," Ray said casually.
    My heart leapt at the words. He'd enjoyed it!
    "Right now we should probably go to bed, though," Ray said. "I'm beat."
    "Sure. Whatever."
    I gave him a towel to clean up, and then I cleaned up too. Ray had to change again since his T-shirt was a mess, so I took it and tossed it in the laundry bin. I gave him one of mine to wear, which barely fit him. Then we brushed our teeth and went to bed.
    "Night, Ray," I murmured, as I was falling asleep.
    "Night, buddy."


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