Lessons in the Dark
by Ashley Hardric ©2005

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  The author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to legally do so.

    **This story is the property of the author and may not be reproduced elsewhere (i.e. other than Nifty Archive)  without his permission.  A previous version was posted 26 Decedmber 1998 on the assgm.net archive, under my alternate pseudonym Richard Ashley.**


    We worked in total darkness, so dark that we could not see our hands in front of our faces.  Not even the dim red light could be used when processing film in our school darkroom, and the complete lack of light required that sight be replaced by other senses, primarily touch.  I moved from boy to boy along the short counter, checking the progress of the 3 boys in the junior high camera club I sponsored as they tried to assemble exposed film and the processing equipment by touch alone.
    I stepped behind Joe and asked “How’re you doing, Joe?” as I placed my hands on his skinny shoulders.  He was still so little at 14 years old that I could span each of his shoulders with a hand.  To check his progress, I ran my hands down his arms to find his hands, and gently felt what was happening with the film and the processing reel he was trying to load.
    “I haven’t got it started, but I think I’m OK,” he said.
    “I think so too,” I agreed.  “Just remember to be firm but gentle.”
    “Just like fucking!” Ryan piped up next to me.  The other two boys laughed, but I knew they were a bit embarrassed by their advanced and active classmate.
    “Ryan, is there any thing that doesn’t remind you about sex?” I asked, as I moved behind him.  I checked out his film progress as we bantered,  attempting nothing with him since I knew he was quite straight.  He regularly shared with me tales of his sexual exploits.
    “No.  Is there supposed to be?” he replied, in a mock serious tone.
    “Do you know how often the average teenager thinks about sex?” I asked.  “They’ve done brainwave studies on this.  What do you think?”
    “Hmmm... six times a day?” Joe ventured.
    “Nope, more than that.”
    “Once an hour?” That was Doug’s guess.
    “Everytime you get a hardon?”  This from Ryan.
    “Once every 7 seconds,” I told them.  
    “No way!  Really?  Are you serious?” they chorused their incredulity.
    “So how often does the average adult think about sex?” Ryan challenged.
    “All the time.  What did you think!?”  I answered.  “OK guys, back to the task at hand.  Firm but gentle, take your time.”  And I moved on to Doug.
    I placed my hands on his developing shoulders and held him for a moment before running my hands down his arms to check on his film progress.  I delighted in his firm but slender arm muscles, already beginning to be defined in an adolescent way.  I found the film in his hands; it was fine, and so was he.  I released his hands and brought my arms around him in a gentle hug, giving him time to work on the film.  He leaned back a little, pressing slightly against me, letting me know he was enjoying being held.  I knew he looked forward to time in the dark just as I did, for he had been asking again and again when we would do film next, knowing exactly that processing film meant time in the total privacy of total darkness.  Very slowly, my fingers started to explore, to caress his body.  Tiny little finger strokes grew into whole hand motions and I began to roam all over his stomach, his chest, his sides.  He wore a silky shirt that let me feel every contour, every softness of his body, but I wanted to feel his skin against my fingers, so I unbuttoned two or three shirt buttons, and slid my hand directly onto his warm abdomen.  I could feel the circular outline where firm new muscles  competed with last year’s baby fat.  I moved upwards across his chest, feeling the slender pecs and the still tiny nipples.  I could also feel the increased beating of his heart, and the heavier breaths pumping in and out of his chest, and the increasing heat radiating from his turned-on young body.
    I checked on the film again, stroking my hands along his arms more slowly than before.  “That’s coming along.  Just take it easy, don’t rush.”  I took it from him and quickly stowed it in the lightproof canister, and gave it back to him.  Then I returned to his torso and unbuttoned his shirt down to his jeans.  I stroked down his soft tummy, past his belly button, stopping just inside his waistband.  “Yes or no?” I whispered in his ear.  I felt him nod silently, his breath coming faster and faster.  I unbuttoned the jeans, and slipped my hand slowly down inside his briefs.  I reached a patch of soft fuzzyness just above the base of his penis, and then felt the hard base, trapped downward in his pants.  
    “You have to get it nice and straight,” I said, pretending to be talking about the film.  “Otherwise it won’t work.  Here, let me help.”  I moved along the hard young meat, pushing the confining cloth out of the way, and gently pulling it into its full upright position.    The head was already slick with precum and I rubbed it around the sensitive spots.  I gave the stiffening rod a squeeze and he shuddered, and I stroked lightly down its length, under his balls and onto his inner thighs.  Then back up the now fully erect and surprisingly long member and back to the slick head which now pushed against the waistband of his briefs.  As my thumb delighted his head, my other hand attended to his now-erect nipples.  He was squirming in my arms, making spasmotic thrusts with his hips, barely able to hold on to his film can.  Then with a great thrust and a whole body tremor, he began shooting his load into my hand, so many major spurts of hot teenage cum I lost count, he just kept cumming and cumming, and then followed up with several more spasms and decreasing sperm that flowed hot over my fingers.  I milked his dick, squeezing the remaining drops into his pants, and wiped my hand on the crotch of his briefs.  They were thoroughly wet now, from the top of his penis all the way down to his balls.  I withdrew my hand.
    “That’s probably just about far enough for now,” I said, giving him another hug.  His skin was slick with sweat now, and he just kind of sagged back against me.  “We can work some more later.”  I pushed him upright and let him go, and returned my attention to the other boys, who had also finished, but in the other sense.  “Are we ready for lights?”
    “No,” Doug said.  “I’m not quite closed up yet.”  I knew he was struggling with buttons and shirt tails; the boys thought he meant the film.  “OK, I’m ready,” he said after a few more moments.
    I turned the red light on first, which seemed incredibly bright after a half hour in the dark, and then the dim white overhead, which likewise seemed to glare like the sun.  “Oh shit, we’re late again.  Mark your canisters; we’ll do the wet stuff next week.”  Doug caught my eye and blushed a bit, trying to hide an embarrassed smile.  I fished the keys out of my pocket, set the door to lock behind us, and gave the keys to Ryan.  “You guys go on up.  I’ll be up in a few minutes.  If you don’t have a ride, I’ll run you home in a little while.  Leave my keys on my desk.  I need to finish one more thing down here.  Doug, you can give me a hand, since you walk.”  The other boys exited, echoing down the empty hallway towards my classroom.  I turned to Doug.
    “How do you feel about we did today?” I asked him.
    “ It was fantastic,” he said.  “I have never felt like that in my entire life.”
    “Really?  You mean it was your first time?”
    “Yeah.  I had something sort of like that happen once about a year ago, but it wasn’t anything like today.  There wasn’t any wet stuff like today.”
    “Let’s take a look at your wet stuff,” I said, reaching for his jeans.  An irregular wet spot had appeared next to his zipper.  I unzipped him and pulled his wet underwear outward a bit, revealing the glistening patch of cum.  “The wet stuff is semen; you know that, don’t you?”  He nodded.  “It’s turning to liquid now, but when it comes out, it’s creamy-thick and white.  Haven’t you ever seen another boy’s?”
    He shook his head.  “Some of the boys talk about it, and jerking off and all, but I’ve never seen anybody else do it.”
    I took his soft prick in my hand; it had shrunk to a surprisingly large pubescent size--probably five inches at least, and hung from a patch of still downy hair above two plump little balls.  “Would you like to see it happen with the lights on?” I asked, as I started to stroke him again.  He immediately began to erect.  “I take it this means yes.  Let’s get rid of the clothes.”  He pulled his shirt off over his head, and kicked off his shoes, as I pulled his pants and wet underpants down below his knees.  He kicked them off, and stood there in his white socks, his penis pointing up at a perky angle.  I pulled him closer to me and, for the second time in an hour, let my hands explore his beautiful pubescent body.  This time, I could see what I was touching, and I could make noise.  I licked and kissed his nipples until they were as hard as his dick.  I touched everywhere on his smooth body, stimulating him ever higher and higher, but avoiding his penis.  I wanted him to last this time, to savor the excitement.  Shiny precum was oozing from his penis, which he was gripping with his own hand.  Gently, I took his hand away.  “Wait,” I said.  “Let it build for awhile.  Let’s try something else now.”
    Unbuckling my own pants, I let them drop and pushed my briefs over my own straining cock.  “I want you to kneel down, yes, right here in front of me.  Do you know what a blow job is?”
    “Am I supposed to blow on your penis?” he asked, my stiff dick in front of his face.
    “Blow is just an expression.  I want you to kiss it and lick it up and down like a popsicle, and then I want you to take it in your mouth and suck on it.”
    He was sucking in earnest when we heard a key in the lock, and the door opened.  There was Ryan, my keys in his hand, and a look of amazement on his face.
    “Want a lick?” I asked.  “You can do Doug.  Close the door first.”  He hadn’t said anything yet, but his pants were immediately taking on a definite tent shape.  I reached over and stroked his rigid prick, and then opened his jeans to release it.  “The door, Ryan.  Close the door.”
    He reached behind him and pushed the door shut as I pushed his pants further down. He wore no underwear and his still-small but very erect prick stood a few degrees out from his belly.  Ample pubic hair continued past his balls and down his skinny thighs.  I stroked his four or five inches and gave him some gentle squeezes.  Precum appeared, and I rubbed the slick liquid around the sensitive head.  His foreskin retracted by itself, a low moan slipped out his lips, and a shudder passed through his thin frame.
    “Doug, Ryan needs you for a minute,” I told him, guiding his head back and turning him towards Ryan’s raging hard-on.  He needed no further instruction and immediately took the other boy’s meat in his mouth.  Almost as soon as his warm lips encased the hot penis, Ryan thrust hard into Doug’s face and shot his load.  Doug gagged a little and some cum leaked out his mouth.  He gulped a time or two, and then turned back to me.  
    Given the stimulation of the previous fifteen minutes, I was ready to shoot, and within seconds of re-entering Doug’s warm mouth, an explosive orgasm swept over me.   I pulled out and hit his face with a massive shot, and then I pumped in so much into his mouth that it leaked and dribbled copiously down his chin.  He sucked me dry, and then I pulled out.  I sank to the floor and pulled him to me, kissing his cummy mouth.  I wiped some gobs of cum off his face and let him lick my fingers, and kissed him again.  My hand stroked his thin chest and wandered down to his still-erect prick.  I gave him a little squeeze, and felt the slickness on the tip.  “Ryan, I think it’s payback time,” I told him.  “Join us down here.”  I tugged his semi-soft cock downward.
    Still in shock from the sex scene and orgasm he had so suddenly experienced, Ryan dropped to the floor with us.  “Your turn,” I said, as I pulled his head down to our laps, and guided it towards Doug’s waiting dick.  Giving him no chance to reply, I pushed his head firmly into Doug’s crotch.  A sudden gasp from Doug told me that Ryan’s mouth had arrived on target.  Instinctively, Doug began thrusting into Ryan’s face,  which I was still helping to hold in position.  Ryan was slurping loudly, clearly giving Doug a fine mouth massage.   With a whole-body spasm, Doug came again, shooting his second load into Ryan’s mouth.  As he slumped back against me, I pulled Ryan’s head up, and milked a glob of semen from Doug’s wet prick.  “This is your semen,” I told him.  “Welcome to manhood.”
    He took my hand and examined the semen.  “It’s thinner than yours,” he observed, and then licked it up.  “Tastes about the same, though.”
    I gathered both boys into a cummy three-way hug and kiss.  “So how did this compare with your female experiences?” I asked Ryan as my hand caressed his body, and found its way back to his crotch.  As soon as I touched his young penis, it began to erect again, and I encouraged its growth.  With the speed unique to adolescent boys, he was fully hard in about five seconds.
    “Well, this was the best blow job I’ve ever had by far,” he said.  “Most girls don’t know how to suck, and they get upset when you shoot in their mouths.    I haven’t sucked a guy since a babysitter made me blow him when I was nine.  But I think  maybe I like cum better than cunt.”
    The rattle of the janitor’s cart in the hall outside brought us back to the reality of time and place, and we scrambled to get dressed.  I used Doug’s underpants to wipe up excess cum and then gave them back to him, well soaked now from four loads of cum.  After checking each other for stray globs of semen or other telltale signs of our interlude, (beyond Ryan’s unabated hardon) we emerged from the darkroom.  The school was deserted as we walked back to my classroom.  I collected books and keys, and we left the building.  As we got into my car, I remembered that Ryan had come back downstairs after first leaving.  “So, Ryan, what brought you back down to the darkroom?”
    He looked puzzled for a moment, and  then laughed.  “I left my can of soda in there, and I wanted something to drink on the way home.  I guess I don’t need it now!”
    I drove the boys home, and as I pulled into Doug’s drive, he turned to me.  “Thanks,” he said, his eyes shining, “for everything.  If you want, I can stay after again tomorrow.”
    I slid my hand inside his wet pants and squeezed gently.  He was hard again, and I said, “I think I can arrange another darkroom lesson.  We’ll just see what pops up!  Don’t jerk off tonight; save it for tomorrow.  And wear these same underpants  again.”  I gave his hard penis another firm squeeze and some strokes, until he was beginning to breathe hard, and then removed my hand.  He got out of the car, his hard cock leading the way, and I drove on home to plan the next day’s lesson.   On the way, I stopped to buy some assorted condoms and lube.