Love and Life after Death


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Part 2 of 2


After Tony left, rather than watch television, Aaron pulled a soda from the fridge, sat in the living room area of the houseboat, sipped on the cold drink, and thought over his situation. He laughed to himself at Tony's reaction to his naked body and knew exactly the affect he was having on Tony Warren as he made every effort to wiggle his ass up against Tony's crotch while he sat between his legs while piloting the boat. He'd taken note of Tony's long, thick, veiny penis, large balls, and slim but trim physique while they were swimming and bathing earlier in the afternoon and decided then, not only was Tony well fit, but he liked him as well – all of him! Tony treated him nice, seemed affectionate, understanding, and Tony's treatment of him was much nicer than he'd been receiving the past few years. "Yep," he thought to himself, "It'd be well fit for me to stay with Tony, if he'll have me, and let him love me the way he and I both want; his fat cock up my ass!"

Aaron Reed was the product of a business liaison between his mother and an unnamed, unknown client she met at a hotel in downtown Milwaukee or so she claimed. She thought he was Asian or something, but wasn't very tall or weighed very much. According to her he made up for in sex since "he could fuck like a rabbit." Of course, Aaron's mother wasn't very tall either; barely five foot two inches and not heavy at all either.

After Aaron's mother was arrested for the third time for prostitution and jailed, he was placed in the "system" and drifted from one foster home to the next. She'd be out for a year or so and "bang" back into the lockup again! The last time, when he was twelve, was the last he ever heard from her. If and when she got out, she never made contact with him and the State didn't notify him of her whereabouts either so he ended up stuck in the "system."

Aaron learned a great deal while being fostered and it all wasn't from books either. Most of the places he stayed were with caring foster parents, but since his mother still lived, they considered him unadoptable. He learned how to survive on the streets, in the foster homes, stay under the radar, and still keep himself in spending money; not by selling himself, although he'd sucked a few cocks of other boys, wanked each other, and taken it up the ass on occasion (which he really loved), but he earned his bucks by panhandling, picking pockets, and "five-finger discount."

Aaron wasn't above helping himself to spare cash he found lying around the houses; just a five or so – not enough to be missed. He enjoyed going to church with his foster parents and either passing the collection plate or ushering. It not only kept him active and free from paying attention to the sermons, but also gave him access to an offering envelope or two. Rarely spending much, stashing the cash he obtained knowing someday he'd need it, Aaron relied on the State payments to the foster parents to supply him with his needs.

The last place he'd been placed was with a couple who had two sons, both away in college when he arrived in September. The fosters were strict and if he broke their rules, the man would take a belt to him; not just across his jeans covered ass, but make him pull down his pants and boxer briefs, and strap him on his bare ass. The old fart seemed to enjoy it!

The two sons came home for Christmas break and after a week or so, saw Aaron as their personal fuck toy! They'd tag team him night after night until they returned to college after break. Fortunately for Aaron, neither had a very big cock and they both insisted on using condoms since they "didn't want to catch anything from him." They gave mean, hard fucks and took pleasure from hurting him while they did. Both bigger than him, fighting back was not an option, so Aaron just took it! They announced they wouldn't be home for Easter since they were going to someplace in Texas instead. In their absence, Aaron made preparation to leave before they returned. He made certain he had a copy of his birth certificate, his social security card, and most importantly, a fake Wisconsin Identification Card!

Two days before the bully, butt-fucking brothers returned for the summer and what they were thinking would be one round-robin fuck fest, Aaron gathered up what few clothes he had, his pilfered copy of his birth certificate, his social security card, Wisconsin I.D., and packed them away in his backpack, along with his cash, putting the most of it in the back pack, but enough in his pocket to meet his needs. Aaron did leave the brothers a note; "Find someone else to fuck; my ass is sore!" There'd be little chance anyone would miss him for a few days, since school was out and the brothers weren't about to spill the beans why he left.

He caught a city bus to the Greyhound ® Bus Depot, bought a ticket to Cleveland, left the station, and before he'd walked fifty yards, encountered a young black male with a backpack on as well. When asked, the young man told Aaron he was "bookin'" out of town; Aaron gave him the ticket, wished him luck, caught a city bus to the west side of the city, and ended up at a truck stop.

Aaron was lucky; he caught a ride with a good guy trucker- a trucker who took him all the way to La Crosse and didn't ask for a blowjob, a little piece of his sweet ass, or a wank! The trucker had a load of boats he was delivering to the marina just off of the causeway and that's where Aaron ended up.

Aaron arrived at the marina a little before Tony did. He watched the man climb out of the cab that brought him there; watched as he entered the marina office, giving everyone a friendly greeting, and watched as an employee showed him his boat. As they walked back to the office, Aaron decided he liked the looks of the man; he seemed friendly enough, didn't carry himself in a threatening manner, didn't appear to be aggressive or arrogant, was fairly good looking, but he did looked damned lonely! Aaron knew the feeling well! Aaron spent two days watching him load the boat with food and other supplies.

"What the hell," Aaron muttered to no one in particular, walked down to the boat, tossed his backpack in a storage chest on the rear deck, climbed back on shore, and waited for the man to return.

Aaron spent two days watching him load the boat with food and other supplies. Funny thing, the man didn't spend his nights there, so Aaron did.

"The guy should have locked the boat doors," Adam said to himself when he woke the first morning after spending the night in a nice comfortable queen-sized bed.

On the third day, the man climbed aboard, started the engines, and Aaron, now on the docks, shouted, "I'll untie the lines," and waved. The boat began backing out, Aaron quickly climbed aboard and stealthily worked his way back to the rear and hid behind the storage chest. If anyone was looking for him, they'd check the bus station, find out he'd purchased a ticket to Cleveland, and spend their time looking for him there. Who in the hell would suspect he was traveling down river in a houseboat with a man he didn't know?

After Tony went ashore with the laundry, Aaron headed toward the master bedroom, leaned back on the pillows, pulled up his tee-shirt, and while remembering how Tony's twitching cock rubbed up against his bare butt cheek, wondering how it would feel to have that embedded deep in his love chute, stuck his middle finger up his ass, and began stroking up and down on his own rigid shaft until his balls tightened, his hips lifted, and he erupted all over his stomach, crotch, and hand. He was a bottom and loved it, only he wanted to give his body, not have it taken as the two brothers had done! Concerned they may have left him some little present, when he had his physical, after they returned to college, he also had the doctor check for any STD's. He received a clean bill of health and he was pleased. There was only one man he wanted to seed him and breed him properly now, and that was Tony Warren. Satisfied, running his fingers over his cum-coated tummy, he fell sound asleep!

I folded Aaron's clothing and put them in the laundry bag I'd used to bring them to the small laundromat I located not far from the marina. He really had very few clothes (all size small); two pair of jeans, a half dozen tee-shirts, some very worn cotton boxer briefs, a half-dozen pair of socks, couple of handkerchiefs, two small sweatshirts (one a "hoody"), and a light jacket.

"Not much for a young man of eighteen traveling about the country," I said aloud, wondering from whom or what he was running escaping from.

I decided he needed some new clothes, which I'd purchase when we reached Prairie du Chien, and I was going to invite him to stay- at least until I finished my trip! I was really beginning to like him, even after such a short acquaintance. "Beautiful" was a word not adequate in describing him and saying I wanted to pleasure him and him me was like wondering if horny dogs fuck!

Arriving back on board, laundry bag in hand, I was struck by the quietness; the television wasn't on, Aaron was nowhere to be seen, and I suddenly felt lonely, missing his smile, his smooth, almost hairless skin, his very presence! My heart skipped in trepidation, wondering, dreading, he'd left or, worse yet, something catastrophic, tragic occurred to the handsome young man who entered my life only this morning.

A gathering feeling of moroseness seeped into my mind as I slowly walked from the living/kitchen area toward the master bedroom, passing the bunk beds adjacent to the bathroom, noticing he was in neither, and finally to my bedroom, spotting him there. I felt, at that moment, like one of the Three Bears in "Goldilocks;" stretched out on my bed, wonderfully naked from the neck down where his tee-shirt was bunched up, nipples surrounded by his darker areolas, spotting a couple of globs of discharge resting between, and gathering from the smell of cum and the pools and puddles of it gathered on his stomach, naval, and on his sparse public bush, knew, when looking at his cock, I'd find a hand, still covered in semen, still resting there, relaxed after he's paid due diligence to his lovely male organ.

Setting the laundry bag down quietly so not as to wake him, I stood drinking in with my eyes the beautiful sight of his naked, young body before me, his breathing slow, relaxed, as he slept. The foreskin of his now flaccid penis covered the head except for a small opening where the piss slit on the head glistened with the final drops of jizz to leave, what I thought was a deliciously formed, delicate, and enticing smooth male cock!

For whatever reason, care and concern I rationalized in my lusting mind, I stepped to the bathroom, dampened a washcloth with warm water, returned to the bedroom where Aaron still reclined in restful, peaceful slumber, leaned over and began carefully, gently, and lovingly clean him of the residues of his recent masturbatory climax. I'd just about finished when he said softly,

"That feels great, Tony."

A quick, embarrassed glance at his smiling face, caused me to say, stumbling on my words, "I just thought you might not want to get your shirt all messy! Sorry about that!" and started to step away.

Aaron grabbed my hand, the one with the washcloth in it, saying, "No problem, `cept you missed a very important part of me," and placed my hand on his cock, where the head of the one-eyed admiral was just peeking out from under the cover, seeking either a port to enter or in readiness to call for "all hands!"

Watching the luscious, palatable end of his cock begin extending from the smoot, velvet sheath it called home when not in active hardness, I became aware Aaron's right hand was slipping up the right leg of my shorts where, with one finger, he gave the tip of my hardening, weeping cock-head a tickling, light, brush, causing it to twitch and extend more. Embarrassed he'd noticed my growing tumescence, I did a quick swipe of the cloth across his gorgeousness, and remarked quickly,

"Your laundry is done," and stepped away, letting his hand drop, but not reducing my erection.

"I really appreciate that," he responded, with a sensuous wipe of his tongue across his so inviting lips.

"It's late," I stammered, "and I need to fix us supper," turned and headed for the kitchen.

"I'll help!" Aaron and scrambled from the bed, still clad only in his tee-shirt, to join me, "right after I put my clothes away."

"Put them in one of the empty drawers on the left side of my dresser," I shouted back, hustling my ass, hoping to give time for my hard cock to deflate before he came to help.

Aaron entered the kitchen, after putting clothes away, clad in the tee-shirt, bare legs, and a smile. Looking at him dressed as he was, did little to return my cock to its flaccid state, knowing what was tucked away under that shirt.

"What's for supper?"

"Steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, in the microwave, and salad."

Aaron washed the potatoes while I readied the steaks for the grill and put them on to cook. We both worked on a tossed salad, leaning up against each other, evidently seeking the warmth and companionship that only one person can bring another.

Supper was delicious, the sunset was spectacular as we sat of the fore-deck savoring our after dinner drinks; wine for both of us, although Aaron didn't seem to have had much of it in the past since he made a funny face when he first sipped it. Having Aaron with me on the boat, was more than pleasurable, it was delightful! Our conversation was mostly small-talk, with me doing most of the talking. Aaron continued not to offer much concerning his past or why he was on the road and I didn't press the issue. I mentioned to him he needed some new clothes, he merely nodded knowingly; when I mentioned I intended to buy them for him, he just grinned, commenting,

"I'd like that very much! Some of my stuff is starting to wear out; I just didn't get around to do any shopping!"

Darkness seemed to gather quickly once the sun settled behind the western bluffs. As soon as it did, the mosquitoes began swarming about the naked parts of our bodies, so we headed inside where screened doors and windows kept the fierce little blood suckers away from us.

I was growing tired, confused as well, so I told Aaron I was heading to bed and he could take one of the bunks in the hall, adding, "We'll leave for Prairie du Chien in the morning and spend a couple of days there. I think you'll enjoy the city."

"Oh, I think I'll enjoy this trip with you very much!" Aaron responded.

I made a quick pit stop at the bathroom before heading to my bedroom. Once there, I stripped naked and crawled under a light cover. I was tired, but my overactive mind would not let me sleep. I couldn't believe my reaction when Aaron rubbed his bare butt up against my crotch and what I felt when I saw him naked, sleeping on this very bed, his delightful penis and nice tight balls on display. I had been filled with lust; not just lust, but a desire so strong it was all I could do to contain myself. It was an animal instinct almost, to not only engulf his cock in my mouth, but to flip him over on his stomach and ravish his sweet little ass with my rampant, throbbing man-tool causing him to beg for me to fuck him and me obliging. When I first saw him today, I wanted to make love to him and still did.

"Why on earth," I said silently, "would any handsome young man, almost thirty-eight years younger than me, even consider seeking and enjoying the company and sexual activities from an old man like me? He hasn't even known me for twenty-four hours; besides he's probably not gay, which I now doubt, or has a lover somewhere he's on the way to meet."

I flipped back the cover, stretched out on my bed, naked, my stiff cock in my hand, imagined Aaron was there with me. I could see his beautiful, tan body sprawled out in front of me, his almost hairless body alluring, enticing me to kiss his nakedness beginning at his head, letting my lips and my tongue travel delicately, softly from his forehead, to his left ear, then below, nuzzling the highly stimulating spot just behind the ear and on the neck sending electrical shocks from there to his groin.

Not wanting to stop there, migrate my lips around to his own, brushing, licking, probing until he opens and allows me entry where we can touch tongues, slip around inside each other's oral cavities, until I pull back, and using my nose as a guide, drop my face to his left nipple. There my lips would encounter that little nub surrounded by the darker brown tan of his areola, and caress it with my tongue, suckling gently on it, bringing it to a peak, before moving to its twin on his right breast.

Bringing him to a hip raising position of anticipated delight, I release my stimulation and travel south, to his navel, where I dip my tongue slightly into that small indentation, before continuing my journey to his pubic region, encountering his sparse bush, inhaling is intoxicating male scent, and finally, with my tongue, eagerly, but delicately swipe across the now emerging head of his cock as it begins begging for attention.

My fantasy was interrupted when my bedroom door quietly opened!

Aaron waited until he heard Tony leave the bathroom and go to his bedroom. Hearing the soft "click" of the bedroom door shutting, Aaron retrieved the tube of lubricant he'd "liberated" from the butt-fucking brothers, scurried across the hall, tended to business, and carefully lubricated his little puckered rear entrance and love tunnel, as far as his fingers would reach, left the bathroom, and walked quietly down the short hall to Tony's bedroom.

Naked, with only the light from the marina lights to illuminate hall and him, he opened the bedroom door, and saw Tony laying on his bed, his very stiff and large penis held in one hand, his eyes intensely fixed on him as he entered and walked to the bed.

Aaron slipped his body into bed, facing Tony, reached a hand forward and, while moving Tony's hand aside, clasped the object he'd wanted to make an acquaintance with all day, and for that matter the past three days, jacked it a couple of times and said, "Feels like you're happy to see me?"

"Happy" was not quite the word I would use; "ecstatic," "over-whelmed," or "flummoxed" would be only three adjectives from multitudes I might use to describe how I felt at that moment in time. Instead, I only nodded, not worrying whether or not he could see my head move, since my power of speech seemed to be almost non-existent or at least diminished with the appearance of this sweet, heavenly, luscious, young, nude male holding my cock! Not a sound came from my lips until,

"Oh my God!" I moaned as a pair of warm lips and a moist mouth wrapped around the head of my most sensitive organ and a wet flicking tongue began dancing under the glans and probing at the slit on the end of the shaft. Just as quickly as the warmth appeared, it disappeared and was replaced by a hand slicking a cold, slippery lotion all around my turgid rod.

"Don't worry," Aaron assured me, "it's going to warm up quickly," wiped his hands on the towel he brought with him, climbed above me, straddling my torso, holding my cock upright, centered it at his anus, and pressed down! He hesitated, pushed harder until the reluctant rectal ring opened allowing the head of my cock to pop into him, just beyond the tight ring muscles of his sphincter.

I said nothing, but oh, I wanted to shout plenty as he slowly settled lower and lower until his warm butt cheeks rested on my groin, my pubic bush tickling his smooth balls. Aaron was so, so tight (or I was so, so, large; it's hard to say), so warm, so moist; I could feel his internal muscles in the colon, bowel, and other parts of his body stretching, massaging, relaxing, adjusting in order to accommodate my girth. I felt I could penetrate him no further until my prick would puncture his stomach, which I knew was impossible, but it certainly felt like I was that deep inside him.

"Shit," thought Aaron as he slowly and somewhat painfully lowered himself on Tony's cock. "It feels like my whole insides is being rearranged; his prick not only looked big, it feels as big as it looks!"

Once fully seated, he rested, getting used to the intruder, before he began a gentle rocking motion; up and down, up and down, back and forth, taking the bologna pony at a walk before going full canter. When he finally did, he heard Tony gasp, "I'm not going to last long at this rate!"

"Neither am I," he squealed and suddenly, they both erupted!

I felt the pressure building in my balls, deep inside me, my cock-head swelling, and with a shout, I spurted my seed deep into Aaron in a series of blasts, seeding him, breeding him, claiming him as mine! As I unloaded, I felt him shudder, his anal ring constricting around my prick, and jets of his own warm, creamy juice shot out of his small cannon onto my chest and stomach. A glob hit my lips and, wanting to taste his essence, swiped it with my tongue, and ingested it into my mouth, where I savored its sweet taste before swallowing.

Aaron leaned forward, laid his head upon my shoulder, wrapped his arms under my shoulders, holding me in a tight hug, sighing, "God, Tony, that was totally awesome!"

Well, I couldn't disagree with that statement! I thought, at my age, I might start to droop, so to speak, but remained has hard as when I first started. Thinking he might be uncomfortable or at least want to relax his sphincter for a little while, I started to pull out, but he quickly stopped me!

"Leave it in for as long as you stay hard; it feels so damned good!" he pleaded and raised his head and kissed me!

His kiss more than blew my mind! It wasn't just a kiss, but a passionate, tongue-wrestling, fluid-swapping kiss of lust and love, for me, an old man!

We lay like that, him on top of me, me embedded in his rear, until I felt him begin to relax and begin snoring softly. Aaron was sound asleep, stretched out on top of me, my cock still up his butt. I was able to reach the light blanket I'd kicked off earlier, pull it up, and cover both of us without waking him. Wrapping my arms around him, holding him secure and safe to my body, I luxuriated in his warmth, his smooth, velvety skin, and hoped this relationship would never end!

Eventually, my penis softened, and I plopped free from his love chute. I thought he might be uncomfortable resting on top of me, but when I attempted to move him, he held on all the tighter and whispered, "No!" It was fine with me, so I drifted off to sleep, comforted by him as well.

Around midnight, he suddenly raised his head and announced, "I have to go to the bathroom!" but didn't make any effort to climb off of me and head to the bathroom.

"Oh, oh," I muttered aloud, "you're still asleep Aaron, my love," and quickly moved him off of me, got him to a groggy, sleeping standing position, and, with encouragement and assistance, walked him to the bathroom, and sat him on the toilet. While he farted out gobs of cum, air, and who knows what else, I washed myself clean from our love-making with a washcloth. Once his bowels were empty, he pissed and pissed some more. When the golden stream quit flowing, I leaned him forward and cleaned his sweet cheeks and pucker with tissue and with a warm, wet washcloth. My flaccid cock came into contact with his face while ministering to him and, even in his sleep, he couldn't resist taking a swipe at it with his tongue.

I stood him up, put an arm around him, and guided him back to our bedroom (since it would appear that's the way he wanted it and I definitely did). He settled in next to me with his right leg over my hips and crotch, right arm over my chest, and his head nestled on my right breast. We fell asleep that way!

The wake of a passing barge heading up river, gently rocked us awake the next morning. The sun was barely peeking over the bluffs to the east, but it was light enough for me to see the bright, smiling face of my bed-mate looking in total contentment at me.

"Gotta piss!" he announced, laughed, and headed for the bathroom. When he returned, it was my turn to relieve my bladder. Much relieved, I returned to the bedroom and was greeted by the same smiling face and forearms resting on a pillow, ass thrust up in the air, wiggling in invitation. That luscious buttocks with its light brown and pink orifice was just the right height for me to kneel behind him and service him the way we both desired. I mounted my lovely, precocious, sexually provocative, and enticing young stallion and began our morning ride. By the time we finished, we were both well and truly fucked, to say the least!

After breakfast, we topped off our tanks, emptied our wastes, and headed down river towards Prairie du Chien through Lock and Dam 9 at Lynxville. I became quite aware on the trip down river it's not impossible to fuck Aaron while steering the boat with him in my lap, my rod impaled as deep as his butt cheeks would allow. The only problem was I had to look around his head once in a while to make certain I didn't collide with something on the river, that and make certain I try to keep my eyes open when I cum!

I paid docking fee at the marina in Prairie for two nights, made certain Aaron was clean and presentable (meaning I raised his tee-shirt, knelt before him, sucked his sweet candy stick into my mouth and brought him off before we left) in clean tee-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes, locked up the boat, hailed a cab, and went shopping.

Prairie's a great city spread out along the river and has much to offer besides old Fort Crawford. Shopping took most of our day and when our arms could hold no more, we took a cab back to the boat and unloaded. Aaron was so overwhelmed with all we'd purchased, he damn near cried.

"I don't know how I can thank you enough," he said softly looking at the treasure trove of items I bought for him and raised up on his toes and kissed me.

Well, I knew what he could do and we did, twice in fact before supper, and just before falling asleep at bedtime.

"He must be terribly sore," I thought, but he didn't complain, although I noticed he did make liberal use of the special cream a pharmacist recommended at one of the big box stores when I asked if there was anything to "ease the discomfort of..." and said no more but inclined my head toward Aaron. The pharmacist winked, picked up the cream and asked if I needed "some little blue pills" as well. Those I didn't need, oddly; one look at Aaron's naked body and I was as stiff as a flag pole on the Fourth of July.

The next morning we caught a cab again, but this time I had it take us to a bicycle shop. Aaron questioned me why and I explained it was really quite simple.

"Many of the small towns we'll visit don't have taxis so if we want to see the sights we either have to walk or just not go. Other towns have cabs, but why pay when we can ride a bike? Besides, we can take these with us on the houseboat."

I bought two road bikes, complete with rear carriers, lights, front and back strobes for safety, front packs that attached to the handle bars for incidentals, attached tire pumps, saddle bags for the rear to hold our purchases or other gear, helmets, biking clothing (you know the tight shirt and the pants that outline the size and shape of your dick), camel-back water containers, and a couple of small tool kits. Even on sale, the bicycles set me back a pretty penny, but I figured we could sight-see and exercise at the same time.

We rode them back to the houseboat; they were a joy to handle! Our two day stay turned into a week and we enjoyed our new found freedom, touring around Prairie du Chien, visiting Villa Louis and other places. We even rode across the bridge into Iowa, visiting Marquette/ McGregor (checking out the Pink Elephant) and out to Effigy Mounds National Monument.

One day turned into the next as we lazed our way down the river, stopping for overnights anchored to islands or sandbars, swimming, sunning, with stops along the way at Garnavillo, Guttenberg, and Cassville where we watched the car ferry, loaded with tourists, cross the Mississippi from Iowa to Wisconsin.

We finally arrived in Dubuque, rented a slip at a marina near the riverboat casino, for three days and began our visit. Dubuque, although the downtown section is relatively flat along the river, is perched on bluffs and hills necessitating the rental of a car to see the colleges and university high above the city. We did ride the cable car up the bluff for a fantastic view of the city and the riverfront. We dined out, watched a couple of movies, and poked around the shops and sights the city had to offer. It was an enjoyable visit and occupied about a week and half of our time. I did suggest we rent a car and drive over to Madison, Wisconsin, but Aaron quickly and emphatically said "No!" and as usual, I didn't press why.

After Dubuque we traveled south to the little town of Bellevue, Iowa. It's a quaint town with an interesting shopping district. The Lock and Dam is right next to the town. From there we took our time down river to Savannah, Sabula (the Island City), Clinton, Le Claire (Home of Buffalo Bill), and finally ended up at Muscatine, my home, and now Aaron's, I hoped. It was the twentieth day of August when I steered the boat into the marina and the slip I'd rented to dock my boat. Once docked, moored securely, and utilities hooked up, we unloaded our bikes.

Aaron asked "Where to?" and I answered "Home; it's not far, maybe four miles. We'll leave everything here, go home get the pickup, come back, unload laundry and clean clothes, and the perishables and haul them home. The rest we'll leave here, since we're not done tripping."

My home overlooking the river sits just high enough on a hill to be relatively safe from flooding, although I do carry flood insurance just in case, and has an excellent view of the big river from the front room, deck (roofed and screened into a three-season deck), and walk-out basement. After parking our bikes in the double garage and entering the house through the mud-room and kitchen access from the garage, I gave Aaron the tour; dining room, living room (with fireplace), master bedroom (with large walk-in shower and full bathroom), and two guest bedrooms with access to a guest bathroom across the hall. Downstairs, half of the basement was mechanical and storage and the other half finished into a family/recreation room with a wet bar and entertainment center.

All he said the entire time we toured was one word; "Wow!" when we stood on the deck overlooking the river.

"Well," I said happily, my arm around Aaron, "Do you think you could be happy living here with me?"

Aaron was still; I felt a slight shudder go through his body. When I turned him to face me and ask what the problem was, his eyes were full to overflowing with tears!

"Hey, what's the problem my sweet love?" I asked as I pulled him tightly to me.

Aaron sobbed, "I don't think I'd better stay; you could be in a lot of trouble if I did!"

I didn't respond right away, but finally asked, "Why would you say that?"

"Tomorrow's my birthday!"


"I'll be sixteen!" he sobbed, "In Wisconsin you have to be eighteen to consent to sex; you know, the kind of stuff we did."

My heart fluttered, skipping a beat, when I heard his confession; it was as I suspected, but refused to acknowledge, even after seeing, feeling, and tasting his physical attributes. I felt my shoulders slump in the stark realization concerning the impact his words had on my relationship with him and what could happen to me as a result of what we'd been doing since he came on board.

Although my love for him was deep, intense, and committed and I was certain his toward me was the same, even though he'd offered himself to me freely and without coercion, in the eyes of the law I was the perpetrator or predator and he was the helpless victim. No doubt about it, if found out and convicted I could end up in prison for many years, or in my case, the rest of my natural life. If I should, per chance, be released before my demise, I'd be labeled a "sexual predator or offender" and a pariah for all to know and take revulsion of.

All of this would happen if, and the operative word was "if," we were found out. If not, then we could continue to enjoy each other's company, love each other as passionately in the future as we had on our journey down river, wake each morning in each other's arms, and fall asleep each night in post-coital bliss.

There was no other choice as far as I was concerned; in my mind, it was the right thing to do!

I raised his face, wiped away his tears, kissed him, and responded, "I guess we should do something special to celebrate, don't you think?" Unable to contain myself, I added, "Well, my sweet love, we're in Iowa now, not Wisconsin and the age of consent is sixteen. What other's don't know we did is fine, as long as we keep our mouths shut!"

"But," he said in a pleading voice, his face now all smiles, "There's a lot of times I don't want to keep my mouth shut; full, yes, but not shut!"


Aaron, the second love of my life, held me tight, flexed his muscles a wee bit more, just to test to see if there was any more seed left inside me for him to put in his sweet garden, grinned at me and said, "See, I told you no one would ever know, and now it's too fucking late!"

Aaron Reed celebrated his eighteenth birthday exactly one week before, yesterday we were united in marriage, and today is the rest of our lives together; a life loving each other and sharing all things through love and now, through the law. I still miss Martin, my first love, but it was as if in his death he had something to do with my meeting Aaron and eventual marriage to him, wanting me to enjoy life after his death!

The End


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