Life on Zion

Author's note

I write for Nifty because it allows me to deal with subject matter that would not be welcome in my commercial work. I don't expect to profit from it, and so whatever I put here is public domain -- not covered by any copyright. Now that the work is on Nifty, clearly marked as public domain, any future attempt to claim copyright of this work is invalid. It belongs to us all.

As I start this story, I honestly don't know where it will go, or if it ever will be finished. It's just a fantasy of a place where people like us don't have to be constrained by the rules that make our lives so difficult on this world. Zion is not Paradise, though. It is a dangerous, deceitful, difficult place -- but it is free. I don't know how many of us really would give up our reasonably safe but unhappy lives for Life on Zion, but all of us are allowed to dream. Perhaps, for a little while, you might enjoy dreaming of Life on Zion.

This story will include some graphic descriptions of sexual behavior that almost certainly is illegal where you live -- wherever you live -- but my intention is more to provide a place where your fantasies can take place, rather than to share my own. If you have suggestions for how the story should progress, or ideas on how life and societies might develop on Zion, please don't hesitate to write: