Life on Zion

Part 3

The Professor:

Where to begin?

Yes, damnit, I know this is part 3 and I began five or six thousand words ago, including the charmingly ungrammatical narratives by the boys, but I honestly don't know who will ever read this "primary source document," nor what social and political lessons the ones who assign this document will wish to elicit from the young adults entrusted to them for instruction in the liberal arts.

Bloody hell. I'm working at a "document" for some "civilizations" course of the far future. Talk about optimism -- not only do I expect this chronicle to survive, I'm hoping it will have a place in a rebirth of the kind of civil society that was nearly dead the day I was born. That makes me what is known, in academic circles, as an asshole.

Be that as it may, here is some of the history that otherwise might be lost. The Ziptran was in development for close to forty years when the breakthrough came. My technical knowledge is nowhere near sufficient to understand it, but descriptions for lay readers described it as the exploitation of "conundrum powered backslips of discontinuity." We really weren't meant to understand, of course. The project was not funded by any of the half-dozen governments still extant on old Terra, but by the Ecumenical Warriors of Christ. That's how the new world got it's name: Zion. All the Christian Soldiers were encouraged to emigrate, and the first wave of settlers all were primarily uneducated urban religious zealots. They went through the Ziptran in vast waves, and in vast waves, they died.

Nobody back on Terra knew that, though, because only members of the development team and those Church elders drawn from the oligarchic family that put up the big money were allowed two-way transit -- so settlers and terraforming plants and animals and basic tools and machines continued to be shoved through the tube. After about twenty years of that, it occurred to somebody that training the settlers in some basic skills, like subsistence farming and metalworking, might be a good idea. Twenty years after that, Zion actually became habitable.

Back on the Home planet, though, nobody seemed to notice that share prices in the Ecumenical Warriors of Christ were undergoing a classic bubble. When the collapse came, the oligarchs demanded a bailout, and the government of Westamerica took over the Ziptran. Cost cutting resulted in the total loss of two-way traffic, and that's when somebody had the bright idea to start sending all the felons here.

Officially, Zion is under martial law -- the Christian Soldiers out here are real soldiers -- but once you start moving towards the Edge, things get out of control pretty fast.


It got me kind of mixed up, because I knew kids are supposed to do what the grown-ups tell them, but I didn't think grown-ups were supposed to tell them to suck some other kid's winkie. I could tell that Puck thought I should do it, though, so I did, and he always does it to me, and it feels good getting it done. So I did it, even though I couldn't help thinking what comes out the end of a winkie. And then, after I started sucking it, I just thought about how it was Puck, who was my only friend in the whole world, so I just hugged him around and stopped thinking about it, and it wasn't bad at all. It was kind of nice.

When he started having the shivers I thought I was doing something wrong, but he was pushing my head against him, so I didn't stop, and then I remembered how I get the shivers when he does it to me, and that's the best part. When he was done shivering he let go my head, so I sat back and opened my eyes, and that's when I saw the Professor playing with his thing, and I thought it was giant. Now I know better, but I never seen a grown-up with a boner before.

And since it was our first night with the Professor and I didn't know if he was gonna be nice or not, it was kind of scary. He was holding his thing the way he likes to, which is with his thumb and two fingers, like the way Mama taught me to hold a pencil, and he was yanking it up and down. Just to show how dumb I was back then, I didn't know he was jerking off, and I didn't know that watching me suck Puck was helping him do it, so I just sat there staring at him.

Puck didn't stare though. He kind of jumped across the bed to the Professor and kneeled over him and took the end of the Professor's big dick in his mouth to suck it. Now he can get practically the Professor's whole dick in his mouth -- he kind of swallows it -- but back then he couldn't do that yet. He got the whole mushroomy part in though, and that's the part that feels the best. So the Professor stopped pulling it up and down and he took Puck's head between his hands and was breathing real hard, and Puck took hold of the bottom part of the Professor's dick in one hand and the Professor's balls in the other, and he was sucking and rubbing and squeezing like crazy until the Professor started shaking and yelling oh god.

I saw a little spunk dribbling down Puck's chin, but I didn't know what it was back then, and he didn't seem to care because he just wiped it off with his arm. Anyway, the Professor told Puck he was a good boy, a real good boy. Then he took his clothes the rest of the way off, and told me to get naked too, and the three of us got under the covers, the Professor in the middle and me and Puck pressed up against him on both sides.

Well, you know, the Professor is kind of old and bony, but what I remember most from sleeping with him that night is the way he smelled. I liked the way he smelled. Sometimes we still sleep like that, especially when we're staying in the tent because we're working in the flower garden. And you know, it turned out the Professor was nice -- sometimes even nicer than Daddy used to be. We just do what he tells us, and he treats us real good.


Levi likes when we sleep out in the tent, and it ain't too bad, but I like it better in town where we got beds stuffed with feathers and hot water and bread and sweet cakes from the bakery and hardly no work to do except doing our letters. Doing letters and counting and history and all that is not like work to me, it is just fun, but Levi thinks it's too hard. Funny, because Levi already could read from his Mama, and when the Professor first bought us I didn't even know ABC, but I can read better than him now. He just don't like books that much, and likes it better when he can work in the flower garden or build stuff with his tools

Yes, the Professor bought him tools like his Daddy's, and he makes some real good stuff with them. He made the platform we put the tent on so we don't have to sleep right on the ground no more, and he made a thing from wood and canvas that catches the rain in a barrel so we don't have to pull all our water from the stream no more. The Professor says Levi is our artisan, and me, I am our scholar, and together we will do lots of good things.

I am also our champion cocksucker, and the Professor says that is a good skill for a scholar to know because it will get you a long way in something called academia. Well, we don't have no academia here yet, but the Professor says we will someday, and I will be a Professor just like him because I am quick and smart and don't mind sucking a cock now and then. Actually, I like sucking cock, not just now and then, but pretty much every day.

I didn't like the butt plugs at all. Levi was proud of them because he made them so nice, and the truth is I guess they was pretty good for butt plugs, if you like butt plugs, but walking around with them just made me feel like I had to shit all the time. Levi wore the first one first, and then me because I am smaller, and every time he made himself a bigger one I got the old one. That way it was just like the fucking orphanage, where all I got was what the bigger kids was done with.

Levi likes to get fucked. He says there is a place up there feels real good when a dick or a carrot or whatever rubs on it, but I never noticed. The Professor says I am just not a bottom, and that's all there is to it, so he don't fuck me all that much. I'm prettier, but he still likes fucking Levi better. Well, Levi has a real cute ass, I guess. I like to put stuff up there almost as much as the Professor likes it, mostly because Levi always squirms around and yells for more. Maybe when my wiener gets big enough, you know. It's too little now, and it keeps falling out.


Well, I found out what fukt was before it happened because Puck knew. There was this kid at the orphanage they all called Hotshoot, and they said it was because his shoot was hot, and I didn't get that at all back then until Puck was explaining at the Professor's. That shoot is another thing they call your hole. Well, maybe it ain't spelled the same, I don't know. Anyway, the big kids teased him a lot, but they also gave him stuff like packs of sugar and smokes and anything else they could steal. And I never knew why.

Well, now I know, and I guess you probably know too. And Puck told me why we had the butt plugs, and what the Professor was going to do to us when our holes got stretchy enough. And you know, when I got to think about it a little, it didn't sound all that weird. And maybe because of the butt plugs, and the way they felt in me, which was actually kind of nice in a way, fukt didn't sound that bad. Yes, the Professor's ding dong looked awful big to me back then, but I was getting pretty stretchy.

Then, one night, he did it. I kind of knew it was coming soon because I had the biggest plug up my hole a couple days and he never told me to make one bigger. Puck was giving him head, which is what he calls it when he gets sucked, but that was the same as every night and most mornings too. And he'd already popped out my plug, and I was sitting on his face like he likes, and he was pushing his tongue up my ass. When he first done that it was kind of tickly, but after it felt good, especially if I had to wear the wooden plug the whole day and got a little sore.

Mostly the Professor spunked up and was ready to go to sleep just a minute or two after Puck started sucking him, but not that night. He pushed me up off his face and pulled his dick out of Puck's mouth, and said that this would be a special night. So he got me laying on my side in front of him, and he kind of curled up around me from behind. And then he wanted Puck to lay down the other direction, so him and me could suck each other the same time.

And while we was doing that, I felt his finger go in me, and I figured okay, this is going to be it. And it was. A few seconds later, I felt his big dick slide in, not too deep, maybe just as far as the biggest plug went, and they just went in a little way. Then he pulled it back and pushed it in a little further. Then he was pushing, but it didn't go in any more, and he pulled it out again. And I thought, that was no big deal. You see, I thought I was fukt. I wasn't.

He had some oil near the bed, the oil he used when he slid in our plugs. I didn't see because my face was between Puck's legs while I was sucking his winkie, but I smelled that oil, which had a smell like those purple flowers. What he was doing, you see, was putting some on his dick.

Then I got fukt. The next time he pushed it in me it went all the way in, so his belly smacked up against my back, and I was just filled up with his big old ding dong. He stayed like that a couple of seconds, and then he started to hump at me, fast and hard, pulling it out most of the way and whopping it back in, hard, over and over. It was such a surprise I almost bit down on Puck's winkie, but lucky I didn't. Actually, I kind of forgot about sucking him about then because I was getting all kinds of weird feelings from that dick ramming into my ass -- especially from this one spot up there where I was getting this warm feeling that was kind of zinging straight to my wiener.

It was so strong I had to do something, so I grabbed Puck's little bottom with both hands and pushed my face against him, and then I was getting the shivers harder than I ever got them before, and I was breathing hard and saying oh, oh against Puck's legs and his little willie. And the Professor grabbed us both around real hard and called out to Jesus and spunked right up my ass.

I tell you, it wasn't like nothing I ever felt before.

The Professor:

It strikes me that I'm coming off sounding like a completely selfish, exploitative, predatory beast. Well, I'm not. Hell, I mean I didn't rape them. Puck sucked plenty of cock before he ever got to mine, and I held off from fucking either one of them for a whole month, while the butt plugs did their work. Nobody got hurt, and Levi loved it. He still loves it.

And anyway, that's just the way things are around here. If you buy a boy, or a girl, or any other indentured servant, you get to use them the way you like, short of inflicting severe injury. Hell, out near the Edge, even those rules don't apply.

Well, I'm not a bad guy. I feed them well, keep them warm, and never work them too hard. They like me.

Who knows? Maybe they'll even love me someday. I won't hold my breath, because kids who've had lives like theirs usually have a really hard time with love -- but there's a chance.

I'd like that. I'd like it a lot. Nobody's loved me in a hell of a long time.