Life on Zion

Part 3


I had a dream about before, way before. Not from the orphanage. I try to forget the orphanage, but I still remember that when I'm awake. This dream was from before that, when I was real little, and mostly I don't remember that at all. Well, not when I'm awake, anyway.

But it was a real bad dream. I don't remember what was in it, but I know it was from before. I think I was trying to run away from something, I don't know, but I was kicking in my sleep and I woke up the Professor, so he woke up me. I was crying, and he went to hold me, but I yelled and pulled away. Then I was all awake and saw who he was and where I was, and then I let him hold me. He was kissing me too, but no tongue. He was just being nice.

Levi woke up too, and the Professor put me in the middle so Levi could hug and kiss me too. The Professor asked what my bad dream was about, but I couldn't remember anything to tell him. After I was quiet for a while, the Professor and Levi fell back asleep, but I was up a long time.

I was thinking about my party, and how maybe I didn't want one. The cake and the presents sound nice, and the other kids to play games with and stuff, but what about the birthday smacks? Why do they have to smack you on your birthday? Does everybody get to do it? What do they smack you with? If just Levi could do it it would be okay because he wouldn't hit hard. Or the Professor, maybe. But lots of kids can be pretty mean, and they won't even know me.

Levi say the smacks is according to how old you are, so maybe I'll be nine instead of ten. Or eight.

I was afraid to fall back to sleep because I was afraid to get back in that dream, but after a while I got too tired to stay awake. The really bad dream didn't come back, but my new dreams were not too great neither. I was still tired in the morning.

The Professor:

Damn, I miss chocolate! One of the boys at the tavern knew a woman who makes candy out of beet sugar. They're pretty little things, and they taste just fine -- some even have fruit preserves inside, and those are especially good -- but no chocolate. I guess there's always hope that somebody will come through the Ziptran with cacao plants and the knowhow to grow them and make them into chocolate, but I could be dead by then.

Anyway, the candy woman looks Mexican, so I asked if she knew anyone who could make a piƱata, and she said no problem, she's do it and load all the candy inside. Puck should like that. I don't know if the poor kid ever even tasted candy. The cake will have to wait until I have a chance to get over to see Gray, and figure out a good day for the party. I wish we had telephones, at least, on this stupid backwater planet.

Actually, it was the lack of any kind of electronic communication that made my first business here possible. Only about one in five people here ever learned to read and write, but they still want to send and receive messages. Come to think of it, that was Siobhan's idea too -- that I should set myself up as a scribe. She thought of that right off the bat, the idea being that if I was going to live at her house I was going to pay my way -- and some of her way too.

Gray didn't have to pay. I've always been amazed at how many people are attracted to fat, hairy men -- although Gray certainly seems to attract more of them than most men of his description. Archie's tastes, I suppose, took after his mother's. As for Kevin, I think he just wanted more of the attention his mother and big brother were getting. Well, he could have me all to himself.

Yes, that first night at Siobhan's -- as I'm pretty sure I mentioned, Siobhan went off to work and Archie went to work on Gray. Since Gray was sitting up on the couch, Archie had to lift up Gray's very large belly with both hands and work his head underneath it so as to get more than the first inch or so of Gray's cock in his mouth. Not only did his face disappear under all that flesh, so did his ears. All I could see was the red hair on the back of his head.

Gray looked over at me with a little grin on his face, and shrugged, as if to say "I can't help it if I'm irresistible." It was about then that, to my delight, Kevin landed in my lap.

"I'll suck yours if you want," he told me.

"I'm sure that will be very nice," I replied, "but have you ever heard of foreplay?" He hadn't, so I offered a brief explanation. "I like to get warmed up a little before we get hot and heavy. You know, touching and stroking each other and stuff like that. How do you feel about kissing?"

He looked doubtful, but said he's give it a try. In my experience, young boys are rarely big fans of kissing. When you get right down to it, young boys are rarely big fans of foreplay, but Kevin definitely wanted to please me. His big brother had a man to play with, and he wanted one too. Tentatively, he lifted his face up to mine, and our lips came together. When he wrapped both arms around my neck and pulled us closer together, I felt something like electricity move through me

In the meanwhile, Gray had lain back on the couch, possibly so that Archie wouldn't suffocate under his gut, and lifted his ass a bit so Archie could slide down his pants a bit more. Then he just lay there and let Archie do him for a while, occasionally letting out a little sigh of satisfaction. That was all I saw just then, because my attention was focused on Kevin.

Kevin's kissing skills were not bad at all for a beginner. He giggled a little when my tongue went into his mouth, but he didn't seem to think swapping spit was too icky because his tongue shot right back into mine. He was wearing thin white cotton shorts, which allowed me easy access to his shapely white thighs. I stroked them, enjoying their smoothness, then moved up inside his shorts and cupped his soft little bottom in my hand.

He dropped his lips away from mine long enough to say, "Mmm, that feels good. Is that foreplay?"

"Yes, sweetie, that's foreplay."

"Then lets both take our clothes off so I can foreplay you too."

He climbed off my lap to strip off his shirt and shorts, and as I was getting out of my own clothes I had a good look at him. His skin was very fair, but more pink than white, and there was a light scattering of freckles across his shoulders. It was an entirely preteen body, without even a hint of impending adolescence -- narrow shoulders, tiny rosebud nipples, that little bulge at the belly that young boys usually have. His legs were long, and perfect except for one scraped knee, and up near where those perfect legs met that cute belly was a totally adorable little willie, sticking straight up over a tight scrotum holding a pair of marble sized balls. Soon, I thought, I would have that whole delicious package in my mouth.

Behind him, I noticed his brother also had stripped, and got an idea of what little Kevin would look like in five or six years. Gray was sitting up again, and Archie was standing in front of him, working his cock in and out of Gray's mouth. Archie's back was to me, so I couldn't tell how well endowed he was up front, but I had to admire his body as seen from behind. He had broad shoulders atop a back that dropped in a sharp V to a narrow waist, muscular legs, and a butt that jutted out as it flexed, humping his lover's mouth. His skin was almost as smooth as Kevin's, the scant red hair on his arms and legs almost invisible. As I would learn over time, Gray prefers his lovers smooth, even as they prefer theirs hairy.

Tossing my underwear aside, I dropped back into the large armchair I'd occupied before, and once again Kevin joined me. Lifting him up to my face, I set kiss after kiss on his neck, his shoulders, and his chest, licking those tiny nipples as they came into range. He grabbed my head with both hands and pulled it hard against him. My mouth, my cheeks, my eyes all pressed against his tender skin, and my nose filled with his piquant boy aroma. My left hand supported his back, while my right hand squeezed and explored his little bottom. I could feel his little boner poking against my chest.

When I let him drop down to my lap again, he swung around so that one knee was on either side of my legs, our chests were pressed together, and our faces were cheek to cheek. He wrapped his arms around my back and squeezed me as tight as he could. Needless to say, I had a very hard, throbbing erection, so when I squeezed one of his hot little buttocks in each hand and pulled him against me, his little stiffie and balls rubbed up against about the top two inches of mine.

Kevin loosened his hug so he could pull back his head and kiss me again -- his idea, not mine -- then said, "You really like my ass, don't you?"

"Do you want to know how much?" I asked.

"Okay, how much?"

With that, I pushed him backwards, grabbed him by the waist, and flipped him upside down. His legs were waving in the air, his fuzzy red hair was tickling my crotch, and that sweet ass was right up against my face. Holding him in place with an arm around his belly and a hand on his little cock and balls, I dove right into those beautiful buns, kissing and licking and nibbling. He was kicking his legs and giggling like mad, and when I darted my tongue into his crack and tickled his little hole, he giggled even harder.

Gray peeked out from the bottom of a sixty-nine on the couch and asked, "Having fun?"

I wasn't about to take my mouth out of Kevin's crack to answer him, but Kevin, between giggles, managed to say, "Oh... yeah!" Then he straightened his back and put my head in a lock between his thighs. "You can't get me now," he laughed.

"Oh, yeah?" I answered, "Take this!"

"This" was tickling his ribs, and it caused him to yank his legs against his belly and try to cover his sides with his hands. I let him do a back roll off me and the chair, and onto the floor. He landed on his knees in front of me, and thrust his head forward between my legs, grabbed my dick with both hands, and happily inserted the end of it into his mouth. He'd had enough "foreplay," and was ready to get down to business.

I've always thought there is something especially cute about a boy with a cock in his mouth, and he's even cuter when the cock is my own. I love watching his little cheeks work in and out, and his look of concentration as he tries to figure out the very best way to make me happy. Naturally, the accompanying sensation of his lips sliding up and down my shaft and his tongue swirling around my cockhead and his hands working the parts that won't fit in his mouth -- well, that's very nice indeed. Still, I think I might like watching him blow me just as much as I like the blowjob itself. I'm not one of those guys who leans back and closes his eyes.

Even though I was really intent on watching Kevin service my rod, I couldn't help noticing what was going on in the background. Gray, the lazy bastard, was still lying on his back. Archie, though, was astride him, having impaled himself on Gray's cock. He was treating himself to a very rough ride, lunging up and down and grunting every time Gray's dick slammed all the way home. At the same time, he had somehow folded that giant belly around his own cock, so I guess you could say he was kind of fucking while being fucked. It was not something that appealed to me, especially, so I returned my full attention to Kevin.

Minus the distraction, I felt that feeling in my groin that let me know I was close to orgasm, but I still had enough presence of mind to tell Kevin so he wouldn't be surprised. "I'm going to squirt, honey," I said, as I continued to caress the cute fuzziness of his close-cut red hair.

His only response was to slurp down on me farther than before, and suck harder. My legs went stiff, my toes curled -- I'd don't know why my toes curl every time I cum, but they do -- and I shot glob after glob of mancream into his eager mouth. He swallowed most of it, but a little was dribbling down his chin afterwards. I've always thought there is something especially cute about a boy with a little cum dribbling down his chin.

Afterwards, he just lay his face against my softening dick, and occasionally kissed it as I continued to stroke that adorable little head that had given me so much joy, and such an intense release. Kevin may not have been the most skillful cocksucker I've ever known, but he was my first sex partner on Zion and my first in a distressingly long while. I'll never forget him.

Later, he stood on the chair and fit his tiny package right into my mouth. I treated him to three or four dry orgasms in a row, and he enjoyed them immensely.

I lived with Gray, Siobhan, and the boys for close to three months before I was earning enough as a scribe to rent a place of my own. In that time, Kevin and I had plenty of opportunities to get our turn on the couch, as well as in a number of other convenient venues around the house -- and after I moved, he came to visit fairly often. I haven't seen him since Gray and I both decided it would be a good idea to leave Zion City and settle here in Despair.

He'd be about fifteen now -- just a little too old for my taste, but maybe not. Maybe not.


It's funny, Puck is afraid of getting birthday smacks. I explained that it's just for fun, and it won't hurt at all, but he was still nervous even after the Professor told him too. The Professor thinks maybe somebody beat him bad when he was little, and even if he don't remember somehow he still does. I don't get it, but the Professor is very smart, so he is most likely right.

It's also funny because that Slave kid at Mister Gray's probably would love to get Puck's birthday smacks. If Mister Gray brings him to the party, maybe we could spank him instead of Puck.

You know, I keep thinking about that kid getting spanked on his bottom, I don't know why. If we keep hanging out with Mister Gray, I bet I get to see it someday.