Life on Zion

Part 6

The Professor:

Life is, as always, totally crazy. The weather was pretty nice for this time of year, so I put some air in the bicycle tires. I have to pump up the tires every time I ride the thing, which gives you a pretty good idea of how often I ride it, but it was that kind of day. Nice lime green sky. Anyway, I put air in the tires and rode over to Gray's place to figure out a good day for Puck's party. Lime green sky notwithstanding, the air in my face felt very good. There probably is some scientific explanation for the sounds you hear when you cross the Bridge of Sighs, but we're more than a little short of science here. Fucking Zion.

Admittedly, I was starting to feel just a little apprehensive about Gray as social director for Puck's party. Granted, it really wasn't Gray's fault that we had to leave Zion City. How was he supposed to know that Archie would fall in love with the son of a fucking bishop in the Ecumenical Warriors of Christ? So the bishop gets home early one day and finds his fat sixteen-year-old son slurping away at Archie's seventeen-year-old dick, and before you know it the morality cops are involved, and they "persuade" poor Archie to tell them who taught him all those neat tricks.

Not wishing to be "re-educated," Gray took off for a nudist free love commune where he had some friends. Not knowing how long it would take for Archie to start telling stories about me, I fucked little Kevin goodbye and moved to Despair. There was, as I think I mentioned, just something about the name of the place. Gray showed up in Despair a couple of months ago, having had enough of nudist free love bullshit, one assumes, and we met in the marketplace one afternoon.

But, at any rate, let's get back to the present. I ride my bicycle to Gray's place to talk about Puck's party. I knock on the door. It's answered by a young teen dressed in a cock ring and a dog collar. He's a strikingly beautiful boy, and it seems to me I've seen him someplace before. Then it hits me.

He's grown a lot in four years. He's more muscular, and the roundness is gone from his face, but he's not somebody I'd be likely to forget. It's Antonio. It's fucking Antonio.


Well, really, I thought he'd be pleased. After all, he knows I share.

If I didn't mention a previous relationship with General Beltrán, it's because it didn't amount to much. My relationship with his wife didn't amount to all that much more, although it got beyond the conversational stage on a few occasions. Well, half a dozen, tops. And it was mostly business, at least from my perspective, although she wasn't at all bad for a woman of a certain age. She remembered me, though.

So when the General decided he'd had more than enough of his firstborn -- puberty being what it is -- and decided to send young Antonio off to Zion to spare the family any further embarrassment, Clea Beltrán arranged to have him sent to me. He really is quite pretty, and Clea sent along a "dowry" big enough so that I was able to leave the damned commune. It's really nice to have my own place, at last.

Be that as it may, I really didn't expect Billy -- who you probably know as "the Professor" -- to freak out when he learned that Antonio was serving as my houseboy. Honestly, I really thought he'd be pleased. He knows I share, and what could the General possibly do to him now? Antonio is mine now, and Billy is a dear friend. And Antonio really enjoys a good spanking.


I couldn't believe it when I answered the door and it was Billy. And I didn't know what to say. It took him a minute to figure out it was me, but then -- oh shit, you should have seen the look on his face. For a second, there, it was like looking at my father. Like he wanted to kill me. I couldn't help it -- I started crying. Suddenly seeing him again after years, and seeing that look. I don't think he'll ever believe me, but I still love him.

I know. He has good reasons to be mad at me, but if he knew boys as well as he thinks he does -- I mean, real boys, not the imaginary boys guys like him get stuck in their heads -- he'd know that when little kids get in trouble, they lie. They do whatever they can think of to get out of it, and shift the blame to somebody else.

And that's what happened. It's not like I wanted to rat him out to Papá, It's just I was in trouble, and I did what kids do -- I blamed someone else. I'm sorry it was Billy, but I was thinking about him, and I didn't know what else to say. And besides, it was his cum Papá found leaking out my ass. And I was pretty sure if I said I'd wanted his cum up my ass, Papá would have yanked out his fucking general sword and cut me in half.

My father, the fucking general, is not a good guy. I don't have to take psychology class to figure out he's the reason I'm the way I am. I mean, the only attention I ever got from him was when he beat me. Okay, I hated it when he took my pants down and whipped my ass, but at least he knew I was there, sort of. Well, maybe not. You know, I could feel his dick getting hard in his pants when he beat me, so he liked doing it -- but me, I always knew I was just a piece of meat to him.

Billy was really different. When Billy spanked me -- and that was only when I wanted him to -- he was, well, nice. It was like he knew just how much I needed. Everything I wanted, everything I imagined, he did it for me. He gave me a "safe word" to use if I wanted him to stop, but I never did -- I never needed to. And then I got him to fuck me. I don't think he knew it, but he was my first. You know, I'd put my mother's dildo up there plenty of times, but Billy's was the first man cock that ever went up my ass. And I loved it.

I loved it so much that after we did it, I never even wiped the cum off my ass, I just let it leak out the whole rest of the day. My ass would get all sticky, and my buns would stick together, and I would think about Billy. And that's how I got in trouble, because one of those days Papá decides he's ready for another ass whipping session, and there is my ass and my underpants all crusty with cum. I thought he was going to kill me. I mean, he was bad enough even when he wasn't all that mad.

And so I lied. I said Billy forced me.

He didn't believe me. If he'd believed me, Billy would have been dead instead of zipped off to Zion.

I wish Billy could forgive me, but I think that's too big a wish.


The Professor come home all quiet and thinking about something and not saying what, and just lay down on the bed, so I goes over to cheer him up a little. I climb in under his arm, and give him a nice hug, and wiggle up a little so I can kiss him. And he starts crying, so I kiss his face and say, what's wrong?

He didn't say, but he grabbed me and started kissing me back, which is nice because I like kisses, and I like when he loves me. So he is crying, and we are kissing with our tongues in each other's mouths the way he likes to kiss, and he says Puck, you won't ever fuck me over, will you? And I says, shit, my dick ain't big enough to fuck you yet, but it won't stay this little forever you know. That was a joke, you know. He knew, and he laughed a little and said, well, he could probably use a good cocksucking about then.

So I asked if he wanted me to get naked first, and he said yes. And I asked if I should just yank them off or if he wanted me to do a strip for him. He thought about it a little, then said yes, a strip would be very nice. I said okay, but I got to put on some sexy clothes for you, so just wait a couple of minutes.

I got some stuff out of my drawer, trying not to let him see it so it would be at least a little surprise -- even though he bought me all my sexy stuff -- and went to the bathroom to change. Well, there was Levi, taking a crap, and it smelled pretty bad. So I says crap, that stinks, open a window when you're done, and wash your ass real good and come to the bedroom, because the Professor got something wrong and when I'm done sucking him he'll probably want to eat you out and then fuck you. And he says he knows, and why do I think he's taking a shit, because if you get fucked without taking a shit first it can get messy.

So by the time I was changed into my lacy underpants and my little short skirt and my tube top, the window was open and he was washing his hole with a washcloth. Now, the truth is I do not get hot from dressing like a girl, but I don't mind doing it for the Professor. If he didn't like it, after all, he wouldn't have bought me all those girl clothes. Funny, he never makes Levi dress in girl clothes. Well, I guess that's because I'm the pretty one. Levi has a really nice ass, though. I think I told you that.

Well, anyway, the Professor wasn't crying no more, so I start doing my strip dance. I am a crappy dancer, but he still likes it.

The Professor:

You know, I'm really fond of my dick. Puck was doing his funny little dance for me, which he thinks is so sexy but really is just kind of cute, lifting up his skirt and showing his lacy underpants and wiggling his ass at me -- but mostly, I'm looking at my dick, which is kind of half hard, and thinking how it really hasn't aged like the rest of me. It's not wrinkled, like my face, or saggy, like my gut, or gnarly, like my feet. It could be the dick of a twenty-year-old. Okay, maybe it doesn't pop to attention the way it did when I was twenty, but it still looks damned good.

And I was also thinking maybe it's not such a bad thing that I'm here on Zion. Would I have had two hot boys all to myself back on Terra? Well, maybe, but it definitely would have been more trouble than here. Zion is the frontier, and most of the people here are quite a bit rougher -- and mind their own business more -- than the people back Home. So maybe Antonio did me a favor, in a way.

He certainly was acting like he was sorry, although when you're dealing with a masochist, it's hard to tell. He kept groveling at my feet and offering me belts and shit to beat him with, but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. Gray thought it was hysterically funny, of course. Finally I just shoved the end of Gray's broom about seven inches up Antonio's ass and left it there, like some kind of weird tail. He stayed on his knees, with his head on the floor and that broomstick poking out his ass for the whole time I was there.

The craziest thing, though, is that I think I still might love him.


The craziest thing is that I think they might still love each other. Or, maybe, they just love each other now, even if they never did before. Sharing a past makes for all kinds of complications. Usually, I think it's better just to forget, but somehow I've never been able to do that. Life, more often than not, has been pretty sad -- not just for me, but for everybody I know -- but, what the hell, it's the only life you get, right? You make the best of it.

So when the Professor left, I gently pulled the broomstick out of Antonio's ass and eased his poor, abused passageway with a decent quantity of lard before fucking him.

Stop thinking that, because you're wrong. Back when I was young, I could be unkind from time to time, but not anymore. I'm a much better person now -- and if you think I shouldn't have fucked him under those circumstances, then you don't know Antonio's needs nearly as well as I do. He needed a good fuck about then more than anything. His delightful young dick was rock hard as soon as I pushed the first of the grease up his ass -- and that was just one finger's worth. By the time the second finger went in, he was begging me for three.

By the time I got around to actually fucking him, he was screaming for cock. "Fuck me," he was screaming, "please, ram it up my ass! I need it! Do it hard! Do it rough!"

Back when I was young, I might have let him suffer -- but I'm a much better person now. I fucked him hard and fast and rough, the way he likes it, and when I could feel he was close to orgasm, I grabbed his nipples and squeezed them between my thumbs and forefingers. He screamed, and shot his load all across my freshly shampooed area rug. Did I mind? Of course not. You can always get a rug cleaned, and a little boy spunk is not the worst aroma to have in your living room. The important thing was that he got what he needed -- I care about that.

I'm a much better person these days.


I stayed in the bathroom while Puck did his dance, but I peeked. I know he's a bad dancer, but it don't matter, I love to see him in those girl panties, wiggling his butt around. Finally he dropped the skirt and the top and lay himself across the Professor's lap like he was gonna get a spanking, but I knew he wouldn't, because his butt ain't all that good. The Professor will spank me a little once in a while. My butt is nice and round, which makes it fun to spank -- anyway, that's what the Professor says. He never hurts me, though, he does it gentle. It gets pink, and feels kind of warm. It's okay, I guess.

So I waited while the Professor slid down Puck's panties and flipped him over and played with his little stiffie a while with his fingers. Then, pretty soon, Puck was stretched out on the Professor with his legs around the Professor's face and the Professor's dick in his mouth. The Professor likes to squeeze Pucks ass and lick his balls and nuzzle his nose around Puck's crotch while Puck sucks him off.

Puck was working extra hard, I could tell, I suppose because the Professor was sad. When he's sad, both of us do our best to make him happy, because he's a good guy, and he is good to us. Puck was getting so much cock in his mouth I didn't see how he managed not to gag, or maybe even throw up, but Puck says you can get the hang of it if you practice. You have to breath through your nose, but you can get it a ways down your throat if you try. Well, not me.

Of course, Puck don't much want it up his ass, and I don't mind that at all. Really, I kind of like it, because it makes me feel all full of, well, love. When somebody you love is way up inside you it's like you're, well, oh, I don't know... It just feels good.

So when I saw the Professor was ready, I went in from the bathroom and climbed on. Puck got his mouth out of the way and gave my asshole a little quick tongue, and I sat down on the Professor and took him all the way at once. He fucked me real good, and gave Puck a good blowjob the same time.

I think he felt better after that.