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Part One - Grandfather

The phone shattered the night and my dreams. I didn't know then, it also shattered my quiet little life.

I reached over and looked at both the clock and the caller id. It was 3 am and I didn't know the number, but the area code was home. I grabbed it and managed to mumble, "Hello?"

"Mr. Anderson? Mr. Kit Anderson?" a voice inquired.

"Yes, who is this?" I stammered.

"Mr. Anderson, this is the Valentine Community Hospital. Your grandfather's just been brought in. I'm sorry to wake you, but it looks like a stroke and he's calling for you."

I was suddenly wide awake, Grandfather was in trouble. "I'm leaving right now," I said to the voice. "Will he make it?"

"It's too early to tell, he's quite old and fragile. We'll tell him you are coming, that often helps."

"Thanks," I replied. "It'll take me at least 10 hours, but I'll be there."

I hung up and got up in one motion. Grandfather. I hadn't seen him in a few years and I began to kick myself for not having gone home earlier. "Well, no sense reliving that, " I thought. "Just get moving."

I jumped into the shower using the water to complete waking my body. Got out and dried myself as I went into the bedroom. I threw ranch clothes for a week on top of my workout bag. Grabbed the two suiter which was always packed for business travel and headed for the garage. Throwing everything in the back of the Montero, I suddenly thought of my name clothes and for some reason knew I had to take them too. I ran back in the house, grabbed the garment bag from its place in the back of the closet and threw it in the back with the rest.

I was on the road by 3:45.

As I turned off I25 onto I76 I was settling into the rhythm of the road which would face me for the next 400 miles. I thought about Grandfather and the last time we had been together.

It was seven years ago. He had driven down to Lincoln for my graduation and I was so happy to see him. We had checked him in at the Holiday Inn and he had wanted to spend every minute with me that day. I had shown him around campus, taking him to the book store, buying him a Big Red sweatshirt and he had positively glowed as I ran across friends and introduced him. We went from the dorm I had stayed in my freshman and sophomore years to the apartment I had just off campus for the last two years. He had sat proud and unmoving through the graduation ceremonies. As I rushed to him with my cap's tassel flipped and my diploma in hand he grabbed me in his huge bearhug arms and held me for a long while. When we broke our embrace, I saw the tears in his eyes and for the first time saw the fatigue behind them.

"Hey Grandfather, this is a great day!" I cried.

"Yes, Kit, it's one of the best."

"Why the tears then?"

"I just realized that this is truly the end," he said. "Now you are completely grown and you'll be off to live your life. You won't have any more time for an old man like me."

"Grandfather, I could never run out of time for you."

"Sure son, sure," he said as he led me out of the stadium. We went to supper that night and he bought me my favorite, spaghetti. I gushed about the graduation, my new job in Denver and everything else, but he never really perked up. I was too over the moon with excitement to notice.

Of course he had been right. I moved directly to Denver and began work as a junior partner in law firm. I'd always been a good student, could write good papers, and usually won for the school debating team. These things now seemed to come together for me and I quickly moved up in the firm. We practiced civil and criminal law, and although I didn't always like my clients, I knew how to protect their rights. By my second year I discovered that people in fear of going to jail would pay well to get a good lawyer and my firm decided that I was top rate. My chargeable rates had escalated and I was now living a pretty good life. By my fifth year I was made a full partner and now picked my cases instead of having them assigned. This gave me the freedom to avoid the clients I didn't care for. What it didn't do, was give me any more actual time. I was working too much and had more or less fallen into the trap Grandfather had described. I had not been back to the ranch and had barely talked to him except a phone call at Christmas. Now it might be too late. I cursed myself for having set aside a whole part of my life in pursuit of career when family may have been the only thing that mattered.

I pulled off the interstate for gas and coffee and realized I was working up a funk. I know myself pretty well and I decided this was not the way I wanted to return to Grandfather. So I set my mind away from thoughts of wasted time and missed opportunities and decided I should think of all the good things I could remember.

As I got back on the highway, I saw I had been off at Range Line Road. Just the thought made me smile and I quickly seized that memory.

I had been seven when Grandfather first took me out on the spring and summer cattle counts. I was tall and gangly and could ride my horse for hours. I had begged him to take me in years past, but he had always said I was too small and had to wait. Those days had seemed to pass so slowly with just me and Maria, the housekeeper, at the ranch. When he had returned I was plastered to his side for days listening to tales of cows and calves and wolves and badgers.

This year I went to ask, in fact I was in full whine of "Oh please, please,please,pl...." when what he said sunk in. I was going! He had said YES! I practically wet myself from jumping around for joy. I'd asked him and immediately he said yes. I exploded into the kitchen and danced around with Maria. "I'm going, I'm going, I'm going!" I shouted.

"Yes Kit, you are grown up now. I know you are going," she laughed.

I couldn't sleep that night I was so excited. I sat on Grandfather's lap on the porch and watched the stars and pestered him with a thousand questions of what we'd do and what we'd see. I didn't even listen, each question forced another one from my mind and I'd blurt it out too. I do remember he said we'd stop at the Range Line Camp and I'd meet his best friend, Coyote Running. He told me Coyote had been asking about me and they both knew it was time we met. He told me to call Coyote Grandfather too, as he was old enough to deserve my respect and love. I hugged his neck and told him I'd do anything he asked because I WAS GOING!

He laughed and just hugged me and rocked. Eventually I must have gone to sleep, because next I knew it was morning and Maria was shaking my bed.

"Get up Little Kit, the men are ready and waiting for you at breakfast."

I grumbled something, then remembered, WE WERE GOING! I shot out of bed and grabbed jeans and shirt and put them on while flying to the kitchen. I got there with my jeans on, but not buttoned and the shirt was flying out behind me in the whirlwind I created.

Johnny, the ranch foreman, laughed at Grandfather, "Look's like this one's a little stallion ready for the range."

Grandfather guffawed and said, "Kit, looks like you better run to the bathroom before we all get too wet to travel."

I looked down at myself and saw my penis was poking up and out my underwear in a morning piss hardon I hadn't even noticed. "Yes Grandfather," I yelled as I whirled around and raced for the bathroom. I peed and pulled up my pants and tucked in my shirt and found my socks and raced back for the kitchen. Thank God, they were still waiting. Maria placed a huge breakfast in front of me, but I couldn't eat.

I was dancing around and around asking my million questions again until Grandfather roared, "Enough! Get outside and get your horse ready."

"Yes Sir!" I yelled as I raced for the stables.

We rode for days. I saw millions of things. I was asleep before my feet even hit the ground. Finally on our third day Grandfather said, "Tonight we'll be at the Range Line Camp. Real beds, even if they are lumpy."

I laughed, "I don't need a bed. I think I can sleep anywhere out here."

Grandfather chuckled, "Well Little Kit, your Grandfather's old bones need a bed tonight."

We rode into the camp just before dusk. I was right, I could have slept anywhere, in fact I was probably half asleep in the saddle. The camp looked like just a shack and a corral, a few scrub oak trees bordered the shack and in the distance a tall stand of cottonwoods marked what must have been a stream.

We cared for the horses and then dragged our bedrolls into the shack. Straighthorn, one of the hands, had a fire going in a small fireplace and was already cooking corn cakes and poured coffee for Grandfather. I saw the bunk beds and looked at Grandfather. Reading my look, he said. "Yes, you can have the top." I threw my bedroll up, pushed off my boots and crawled up. Before I even had the bedroll unrolled I must have been asleep.

Next morning I woke to the smells of bacon and coffee. Straighthorn might have been there all night because he was at the fire again, but this time minding a pan of bacon. My stomach rumbled and I remembered I hadn't eaten last night. But then my penis poked against my bluejean buttons and I knew I had to pee, fast! I jumped down and raced for the door and was barely in the yard when I wrenched it from my pants and let loose a stream that must have gone four feet. "Ohhhh," I sighed and giggled that the puddle was nearly as big as one made by my horse. I put my penis back in my pants and turned back toward the shack.

Grandfather stood there chuckling, "Next time try to get out of the front yard and over to the trees."

"Yes Sir," I answered sheepishly. "When's breakfast?" I blurted out.

"Right after your bath," he replied.

"Bath!" I shouted. "There's no bathtub here?"

"Right down yonder at the cottonwoods," he said. "Shall we go together?"

"Last one there's an old man!" I hollered and lit out for the stream.

"I know that already!" he shouted back.

When he finally got there I was already stripped and in the water. It was frigid and I squealed as I jumped in. But it felt great to rub the grime and dust from the trail off. "Come on," I called, "It's wonderful!"

He slowly undressed and I watched as the dark tan places of his hands and neck were slowly joined by bright white of chest and arms. Then he pulled off his jeans and underwear and I gasped as I saw how big his penis was. I'd never seen it before, but I had felt it sometimes while sitting on his lap. It had poked up and I would wiggle around to get where it didn't poke me. He would sigh and smile and tell me, "Settle down!"

This day it was just dangling there and as he stepped into the water I heard him gasp, "It's COLD!" I watched as his penis seemed to pull back into his body and his two big balls hugged up tight in the blond hair around them.

"It's GREAT!" I squealed as I started splashing him with all my might. He jumped forward and grabbed me in a bear hug, laughing and stumbling until we both fell and he was in the water and I was hugged tight to his chest with just my ass and head out of the stream.

He picked me up and waded to the shore where he grabbed a bar of soap and began to rub my whole body. "You stink," he laughed, as he soaped me head to foot. Then he picked me up and took me back out into the stream and threw me high and into the water.

I came up spluttering and laughing and shouting "AGAIN!" as I flung myself into his arms.

He threw me again and again until I was a spluttering mess and he was exhausted. Then he said, "Let me wash up, you skip rocks or something."

"Okay!" I said, and watched as he returned to the soap and washed himself. I threw a few rocks, but was riveted as I watched him lather up his balls and penis. They seemed to grow as he touched them, but then he waded out into the stream and sat down to rinse the soap off. I went back to skipping stones.

Soon my search for perfect flat stones took me towards a group of sticks with feathers and ribbons waving in the breeze.

"Come on, don't touch them, let's eat!" he called. I saw he had our clothes in one hand and was reaching for me with the other. I scampered to him and took his hand and we walked hand in hand, naked as jay birds back to the line shack. He held me in front of the fire and rubbed me all over with a towel then wrapped it over my shoulders and sat me down with my back to the fire and my face to a huge plate of bacon and eggs. I dove right in as he walked over to his bunk and started dressing with clean jeans and shirt. He came back and joined me in a plate of his own and watched as I wolfed down every bite.

"Did you like the Finding Place?" he asked.

"You mean the stream?"

"Yes," he answered.

"I love it, what do you find there? Treasure?" I blurted through my eggs.

"Yes, the treasure of my life, and Peace, and Happiness and Love." he answered.

My seven year old mind heard the YES and I was up like a rocket. "Can I go back and find some?" I bubbled.

"Go!" he said. "Search and find everything you need."

But I was already gone. The towel was lying where I was sitting and my naked butt was flashing as I raced back to the Finding Place.