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Little Choirboy Liam
Andy Mann

Chapter One
After The Service

At the age of six, I was pushed into joining the church choir by my parents, and by the age of eight, I was performing solos. My boyish soprano voice was gaining a reputation around the county as the best in the Midlands. No hymn, psalm or classical musical piece was beyond my vocal range and the choirmaster and the vicar were both regular visitors at my family home, discussing options with my parents.

By the age of ten, at the urging of Reverend Jeremy, I had allowed my blonde hair to grow to shoulder length and my blue eyes sparkled every time I was stood in front of the packed congregation, knowing that they had come to see me.

This particular Sunday, my parents couldn't make the service as my older brother had been injured playing football in the morning and needed to go to the hospital. Not wanting to miss out on my weekly moment in the spotlight, I begged my mother to allow me to stay and help the Reverend after service just so that I could sing my latest piece.

As I finished my solo, I stood for a moment, basking in the silence that normally follows my singing. Applause followed as always and I let a smile spread across my young face. Reverend Jeremy placed his hands on my shoulders as he thanked me, and God Our Father, for my performance before ushering me back to my place amongst the rest of the choir. I had come to enjoy the touch of the vicar as my father was not a great believer in touchy feely relationships with me or my brother. The Rev though, he did. He would regularly pat my shoulders or my back, or hug me as we entered the vestry to get changed back into our normal clothes. It was nice, grandfatherly even, by the fifty odd year old man.

"Show off!" Harry, my best mate shot at me as I took my seat on the pew next to him.
"Hey! If you've got it, sing it!" I grinned back at him.

Harry was cool with me being so much better than him. He liked singing but knew that he was going to be limited to the local choir, while I had been tipped for better things. There was already talk by the Reverend and Mr Keagan, the choirmaster, about taking me to a regional choirboy competition.

As Reverend Jeremy finished the final prayer, we all rose to sing the last hymn of the day, this one being All Things Bright and Beautiful. As we lead the way down the centre aisle, I swear I could see Mr Keagan shoot me a smile, so I just flashed him one of my toothy grins back. I'm lucky that I still have all my milk teeth still. Not a single one has yet come loose, probably because Mum works as a dentist's assistant and makes sure that me and Tom, my brother, wash our teeth after every single scrap of food passes our lips. I didn't mind as I knew that part of being a lead boy soprano was to have the perfect image. My hair had to be immaculate, teeth brightly shining and my cassock neat and pressed.

As we reach the back of the church, the choir filed into the vestry and the Rev goes to stand by the door so that he can say goodbye to the congregation as they leave. A couple of weeks ago, he asked me to join him so that I could also receive the thanks of the faithful for my singing. Obviously being the shy, modest, unassuming lad that I am, I jumped at the chance for more praise and lapped it up.

It does take some time for everyone to leave so as the final members of the congregation said their farewells, the rest of the choir were also leaving. Harry gave me a fist bump and a promise to meet up after lunch so that we could watch the Manchester United verses Arsenal game on his Dad's large screen tv.

"Well Liam, another good performance young man," the Rev said to me, patting me once more on my shoulders as he led me away from the door towards the vestry.
"Thanks Rev, I really enjoy singing Bach," I replied.
"So has Mr Keagan said anything about the upcoming choirboy competition?" the Rev asked me.

I shook my head in a negative response as we entered the changing room for the choir. I undid the button that holds my fluffy white ruff and placed it on the table with the rest. I pulled up my white surplice and tossed it into the laundry basket, knowing that old lady Henderson would collect it tomorrow to have them cleaned and ironed for the Tuesday night service.

"Well, Mr Keagan and I would like you to enter as you are the best soprano to come through our choir for many a year and we think you could do well," the Rev told me.
"Cool, thanks," I replied. "When is it?"
"During the half term break," the Rev told me.

That could be a problem, I thought to myself as I knew my parents had plans to go away for a few days to the Cotswolds for a break. I tried to reach the zip of my cassock but couldn't reach. When I first started in the choir, one of the lady members would help me with my cassock, both zipping it up before the service and unzipping afterwards. However, with the Rev wanting me at the door to say goodbye to the congregation, it was normally my mother who helped me, being allowed in the sacred vestry as no-one else remained. Today however, mother wasn't there to help.

"Um, Rev," I said, turning my back to the tall grey haired vicar. "Could you unzip me please?"
"Of course I can Liam," he said, moving in behind me.

I felt him place a hand on my shoulder to hold the material in place as the other hand pulled on the zip, lowering it downwards, exposing my back to the man. It was a warm church, with not much need for heating especially when we had a full attendance like today, so I had stopped wearing a vest underneath the cassock.

As the zip reached the bottom of its journey, which happened to be at the top of my y-fronts, I felt the Rev's hand slip inside the cotton material. He rubbed my back in a circular motion, which gave me a good feeling through my body. I must have let out a little moan as the tall man slipped his other hand inside.

He pulled me backwards, slightly off balance so that I leaned back into his body. His hands now worked their way to my chest, caressing my smooth, pale skin. I didn't know why but my nipples became hard and as he ran his fingers across them, I couldn't help but moan louder as pleasurable sensations flooded through my mind.

"Do you like that Liam?" the Rev asked me, quietly whispering in my ear.
"Yes sir," I replied. After all, I couldn't lie to a man of God could I?
"I thought you might," he said, and blew gently into my left ear.

My body shiver under the new feeling and another groan came out of my mouth as I felt something wet in my ear. Oh my gosh, he's licking my ear! I thought I would be repulsed by something like that, but my body was telling me different.

He moved his left hand out of my cassock and used it to turn my head upwards towards his. I looked into his face and he had a gentle smile on his lips. As a man I looked up to, (in more ways than one at the moment!), I trusted the Rev implacably but was still surprised when he lowered his mouth to mine and gave me a kiss.

Now I had never even kissed a girl before so I was unsure what to do. The only people I had kissed were my mother, granny and aunts, but they were just the pecks that are scrubbed off with the back of my hand as soon as they have looked away. However, as I felt his tongue press against my lips, I opened my mouth to say something and his moved his tongue inside me.

The hand that was still inside my cassock pulled the cloth forwards and I felt it slide downwards, my smooth, hairless body offering no resistance to it and it piled up around my ankles. At the urging of the Rev's right hand, my knees lifted up and I stepped out of the red material.

"Kick off your shoes Liam," the Rev told me.
"But I get in trouble if I scuff them," I said, nervously standing in front of the grown man, my hands self-consciously linking in front of my now exposed white cotton y-fronts. I could feel my little prick pushing uncomfortably against the material, tenting it very slightly.
"Turn around, bend over and undo your laces then," the Rev said to me.

I did as he told me and went to kneel down to undo them but was stopped by his hand on my stomach.

"No Liam, I said bend over and undo them," the deep voice scolded me.
"Sorry Rev," I replied and curved my body over his hand that remained in place next to my flat stomach.

As my hands fiddled with the knots that had formed, I felt a hand rub over my cotton clad bottom. I started to stand up, but the Rev moved his other hand from under my stomach to on top of my arched back.

"Stay bent over son," he told me.
"Yes Rev," I replied, taking a gulp of air into my lungs.

Confused thoughts raced through my young mind. Even though I was only ten, I knew what was happening. I mean, we did sex education at my school, and with all the recent news stories about child abusers, the stranger danger programme was being pushed harder than ever. However this wasn't a stranger. It was the Rev! He wasn't a child abuser was he!

I managed to get the tied laces undone and as I kicked off my now loose shoes, I felt the Rev's hand slip inside the back of my briefs. I felt a finger slide in between my soft cheeks and rub my most private hole.

"Rev?" my voice quivered out as my body betrayed my brain by reacting as I am sure the man hoped it would.
"Shush Liam," the Rev said. "Enjoy the feelings I'm going to give you."

With my body still bent over, the old man guided me forwards towards to the table against the far wall where we normally had glasses of squash for us kids and cups of tea or coffee for the older members of the choir. The Rev took my hands in one of his big ones and placed them onto the table, pushing my bare chest onto the top. With his free hand, he pulled my pants down and again pressured my legs to step out of them, leaving me now completely naked except for my white socks.

"Oh Liam, you are like Michaelangelo's David!" the Rev whispered to me as he leaned over my body once again.

His tongue found my left ear once again and as his hand returned to caressing my bum, I felt his feet nudge my legs apart. This gave the man greater access to my private place and I felt his fingernail scratch over the skin of my pucker. I groaned in pleasure as the feeling caused my dick to stiffen and throb. Suddenly the Rev gripped my body around my belly and pushed his finger inside me. I yelped out in pain at the intrusion.

"REV! Stop that hurts!" I whimpered.
"Shush my little Liam," he said, kissing my cheeks as my tears started to leak from my eyes. "In a moment, it will feel so much better."

Gasping breaths escaped my mouth as I felt him start to move his finger inside me, pulling it in and out, twisting it during its journey inside me. It was almost like he was looking for something inside me, I had no idea what. All that ran through my mind was that I was really pleased that I had wiped well after my morning movement before church.

Suddenly my body shot upright and I saw sparks in front of my eyes as the Rev touched something hard but soft inside me. My little prick throbbed like it had never done before and I gasped out.

"Oh Jeez Louise!" I shouted as my body quivered.
"That's the feeling I was talking about Liam," the old man said to me as he turned my body towards him.

He swooped down and took my cock in his mouth, sucking it like I would an iced lolly. The wet feelings from my ear were now fixed on my prick and my hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they linked into the steely grey hair of the man who was orally pleasuring my little boy body.

"Oh man, this is good Rev!" I groaned out, just before he returned his hand to my bum, controlling my thrusts into his mouth. I felt his finger push between my cheeks once more, and now knowing what he was after, I paused my motion for a moment and moved my left foot to the side so my legs were spread again. I squeaked in pleasure this time as his thick digit pushed inside me, past the complaining muscle.

With intense feelings from both front and back of my lower regions, I felt my toes curl underneath each other and with a glorious, high pitched yell, I thrust hard into the willing mouth of the Rev. My dick throbbed and pulsed and I thought for a moment that I was going to pee in his mouth before remember my sex ed class and realised that if I was a couple of years older, I would be spunking in his mouth.

That naughty thought stayed with me as I felt my legs begin to go weak as my body started it post orgasmic come down and strong arms lifted me off the floor as the Rev stood up and took me in his embrace. He lifted me up so that my face was level with his. I snaked my arms over his shoulders for support and he moved his so that they were cupping my bottom. I circled my legs around his body so that we were merged as one. With his eyes boring into mine, he moved his face in to mine once more, and this time I was ready. My lips parted and I took the man's tongue in my mouth, sucking on it like he had been sucking on my cock a few moments earlier. One of his hands started a gentle roam and caress of my back and moans began from both of our lips.

I felt my body being lowered backwards as the Rev leaned forwards and the cold surface of the wooden table touched my back. I shivered against it, bringing a smile to the man's face.

"Don't worry Liam," he reassured me, "you'll soon be warmed up again."

I just nodded, not knowing why but I trusted the Rev, as he was a man of the cloth. He had always looked out for me when I started in the choir, and I knew that he wouldn't see me hurt or cold. My eyes did start to widen though as the man lifted his own black cassock up and I could see he was naked underneath. His cock was standing up to attention and it looked massive to my young eyes. It must have been at least as long as one of those bottles of pop that I buy from the local corner store and looked to be about as thick.

"I just need to get us ready Liam, but then you will really love this going inside you!" the man said to me.

Inside me? The full meaning of the situation I was in suddenly became crystallised in my young brain. The Rev intended to stick his cock up my bum and fuck me. The warnings from the school came crashing in to my head and as I opened my mouth to ask him to not do this to me, he reached forward and placed two fingers in my open oral cavity.

"Suck these Liam, and get them slick," he told me.

I had no choice as his strong hand held me back against the table. I had been warned of stranger danger, but this was the Rev. That was all that kept going over and over in my head. So I simply laid there and let the man's fingers slide in and out of my mouth. Rev Jeremy must have sensed my acceptance of the situation as his hand left my chest and I saw it reach into one of the many hidden pockets in his cassock and come back out into the dimly lit vestry holding a white tube with blue writing on it. He popped the lid off and removed his fingers from my mouth. He reached back in between my legs and pushed his hand against my bum hole once more.

"Take a deep breath in, Liam, and when I say now, push down like you are having a poo," he told me.

I felt a little grossed out by the thought of that but as I breathed in, I felt his two fingers, coated in my spit, push against my tight opening.

"Now!" was the simple command and pain hit my little bum hole. I pushed out with all my might and I felt the fingers slide inside me. It actually felt a little better with me pushing out like that, and I felt the Rev start to push them back and forth, twisting them slightly as he stretched my hole.

He kept this up for a couple of minutes before saying something about me being ready. He pulled his fingers out of my bum and undid the top of the tube. He squeezed it and some clear gel came out. He rubbed it onto his cock before moving back towards me. He reached out and pulled me up and off the table again.

"I want you to bend forward and grab hold of the back of the table, Liam," the Rev said to me. "Can you do that for me?"
"Uh huh," I replied. "I think so Rev."

I leaned forward but couldn't quite reach the far edge of the table. Seeing this, the Rev picked me up by my waist and hoisted me up. My belly now lay flat against the wooden table top, my hands reaching forward to grip the edge of the table by the wall, my legs now dangling, my feet I guess must be about six inches or so from the floor.

I felt the cotton material of the Rev's cassock brush up against my legs and suddenly his cock head slid up and down my crack. I purred at the nice warmth of this dick and he must have taken that as an acceptance to proceed as the next thing I felt was it push inside me.

I cried out at the painful intrusion, gripping the table for all my worth, trying to pull myself up and away from the slab of meat forcing its way up my bum chute.

"Rev, stop, please!" I cried out, tears streaming down my face.
"Hush now, Liam," Rev told me. "You will enjoy this, trust me."
"But it hurts so much," I sobbed, snot now flowing from my nose as I gave into my pain.
"I know son, it always does on the first time," the Rev said, pausing as his balls hit my bum. He rubbed my back with his hands, massaging my slim hips and spine. "But if you need to shout out, feel free as it's just us here now so no-one else can hear you."

And there it was. I was alone, with the man who was up my bum, with no-one to come and stop him doing what he wants. During the exchange of words, I felt him begin to pull out of me, and for a moment, thought that he was going to stop this and leave me alone. However, that thought was soon crushed under the weight of the man on my back as he thrust himself back inside me fully and leaned over me, gripping me underneath my armpit, linking his arms up and through holding me in place.

I grunted as he pushed me into the table, his cock ramming hard inside my bum.

"Oh Christ Liam, you're so fucking tight!" the Rev groaned out, shocking me with his swearing, but then again, here he is deflowering me, so swearing is probably the least of things.
"Still hurts, Rev!" I sobbed.
"I know it does Liam," he murmured into my ear, placing a kiss on it afterwards. "Let me get my rhythm going and then you'll enjoy it."

And with that, I felt him move his hips backwards, dragging his prick outwards along my chute before bucking back into me. I felt his cockhead graze across that spot inside me that his finger rubbed earlier and the pain I was feeling was mixed with a new sensation of pleasure. I groaned out loud, and as he pulled back again, I felt my bum move on its own accord to try to keep that feeling.

"Like it now do you boy?" the Rev chuckled.
"Uh huh," I whimpered. "When you rub that bit inside me, it feels ok."
"Well then, let's see how many times I can rub it eh?" he said back.

No more words were said as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. In and out, I felt his cock hit that spot every time. I felt my own little pricklet get hard once more, uncomfortable on the solid oak table. I could hear the puffs and pants of the old man as he ploughed into my young body. I could still feel discomfort in my bum hole, but it was now beginning to feel better and better as my tightness loosened up under the assault of the man's prick.

"Oh God!" the Rev yelled out suddenly as he gripped my body tightly, thrust hard into me, making me yelp as he buried himself deeper inside me than ever, and I thought I could feel his cock start to throb and shiver.

Rev Jeremy held me as he gave a couple more weak thrusts into me, before laying limply on top of me. I could feel the weight of the man pressing me into the table, and for a moment, I started to panic as I struggled to daw a breath.

"REV! CAN'T BREATHE!" I gasped out as loudly as I could.
"Sorry Liam," the Rev replied, pushing himself up onto his elbows so that his weight was no longer being supported by my slim torso. "That was just so fantastic, I couldn't hold myself up anymore."

He leaned in and kissed my cheek, my hair, my ear (again!) before moving on to my neck and back. I felt him lift himself up and off me properly and I almost heard the plop of his cock exiting my chute. Funnily I felt a strange, empty sensation, and I had an urge to reach down and feel my hole that I was sure must be wide open.

Instead of my fingers, I felt something wet and then had the breath of my mentor figure against my bum cheeks. He was licking my hole! And then he put his lips against my hole and sucked. That felt really weird as it felt like he was sucking poo out of my ass.

When he turned me around and leaned in to kiss me, I recoiled slightly, knowing where his mouth had just been, but his insistent pull on my body ended my resistance and our lips connected. I knew that his tongue would be coming so I opened my mouth without being told. Sure enough, his oral muscle entered my mouth, but this time it brought something with it. It felt slimy and I wondered what it was, but as the Rev wasn't letting me pull away, I had no choice but to let it come in. With the build up of saliva as well, I had to swallow and cringed as I felt it make its slimy way down my throat. In my imagination, I felt like I had swallowed a snail.

"So, Liam, how did you like the taste of my juice?" the Rev asked me.
"Your juice?" I queried.
"Yes my son," he replied. "That was my man spunk that I sucked out of your lovely little bum and fed to you."
"Oh, um, it was slimy!" I said, cringing again at the memory.
"Well I suppose there could have been some lube mixed in as well," the Rev said, stroking my hair. "Next time you will have to get it straight from the source."
"Next time?" I asked. "And what do you mean straight from the source?"

Okay, okay, I know I've done sex ed, but they don't tell us things like this! Not when we're only ten.

"Oh I think we both enjoyed this so we will have to arrange some more time together don't you think?" the Rev said.
"Um, yeah, ok," I replied, not wanting to upset the Rev. I loved him and liked the attention he gave me, and if I had to do this to get some more, then so be it. Besides, he seemed to like it as well.

"REVERAND JEREMY," Mr Keagan's vice shouted from outside the vestry. "The boy's mother is coming up the path."
"I thought you said we were alone?" I squeaked out.
"Well, Mr Keagan doesn't count as not being alone," the Rev replied. "Now hurry and get dressed unless you want your mother to see you naked."
"NO WAY!" I grinned back at him.

I grabbed my y-fronts up off the floor and quickly slipped my feet into the holes and pulled them up. I went over to my clothes hook and pulled on my shirt, quickly buttoning up. The Rev grabbed my trousers and held them for me to get into. He grinned at me as he tucked in my shirt and did my zipper up, making sure he copped a feel of my cock.

"Rev! You'll get it all stiff again!" I hissed.
"But I like your hard little prick, Liam," the Rev chuckled back at me.
"But not if my Mum sees it," I retorted.

He let me go and I sat down on the bench, pulling on my black shoes, tying the laces and making sure I looked presentable as we heard the main door to the church creak open.

"Hello Mrs Cook," I heard Mr Keagan say quite loudly, as if warning us that Mum was now in the church.
"Good afternoon Mr Keagan," Mum replied. "Has Liam behaved himself?"

WHAT?? Of course I have. Haven't I?? Well I did do everything that the Rev told me to do which is what Mum said to me.

"I believe so, he's been helping Reverend Jeremy," Mr Keagan replied.
"And a great help he has been," the Rev said as he walked out of the vestry and into the view of my Mum. "How's young Thomas?"
"The doctor thinks he has just strained his hamstring, nothing too serious," Mum replied.

I breathed a sigh of relief that my older brother was okay. Although we are completely different personalities, him at thirteen being sports mad, and me being ten and loving the church and singing, we do get on and care about each other a lot. I'd hate to think that he was hurt too badly.

"Hey Mum, that's great news," I said to her as I gave her a hug and a kiss. Yeah, I know, not cool for a boy to kiss his mother in public, but it was only the Rev and Mr Keagan.

As we got turned to leave, I saw the Rev nod to Mr Keagan.

"Oh Mrs Cook, I wonder if we could just take a moment more of your time," my choirmaster asked.
"Of course Mr Keagan," Mum said, turning back to the man who had tutored my singing these last four years.
"Well, there is a competition coming up to find the best choirboy in the UK, and the county stage is in a couple of weeks," Mr Keagan told her. "We would like Liam to enter as we think he has an excellent chance of doing very well in this round and could easily make it to the regionals."
"Oh that sounds wonderful, doesn't it Liam," Mum gushed, hugging me. "When is the competition?"

Here it was. The deal breaker.

"It's during half term," Mr Keagan replied. "It's a two day event so would involve arriving on the Wednesday evening, singing Thursday and if Liam gets through the preliminaries, stopping Thursday night and singing again on Friday."
"Oh dear, that's a problem," Mum said, breaking my heart. "I'm afraid that we have booked to go to Centre Parcs for the week."
"Mum. Centre Parcs? Really?" I whined. "You know I hate it there."
"Now now Liam," the Rev chided me. "I'm sure that your parents have booked it so that you can spend time together as a family. There is nothing more important than that."
"But Thomas will just take the piss, um, I mean mickey out of me cos he's better than me at all the sports stuff," I complained.

I could see my answer score a point in my mother's eyes as she must remember Thomas's last birthday party where I was constantly tripped and ridiculed by some of his friends for my lack of football skills.

"Well, even if we said yes, it wouldn't be fair on Thomas to cancel as you know that this is his half term," Mum told me.

Damn! Mum knew how to argue well. I'd forgotten the deal that we had come up with when we were discussing the half term breaks. Tom got the Autumn one and I got Spring.

"Well maybe, if it was okay with Mr Cook and yourself, Liam could be chaperoned by the Reverend and myself." Mr Keagan said. "After all, I would be there anyway to coach the boy, and I'm sure Reverend Jeremy wouldn't mind helping."
"For the glory of our church, of course I would be delighted to help," the Rev added.
"But why the two of you?" Mum questioned. "Why not Mr Keagan on his own? Wouldn't you miss services?"
"Well Mrs Cook, unfortunately in this day and age, it wouldn't be appropriate for Mr Keagan to be alone with Liam overnight," the Rev explained. "There are so many stories of children being taken advantage of that I feel it's better if there are two of us there. Therefore when Mr Keagan is busy with the judges and registrations, I can be there to watch over your son."
"You would do that for us?" Mum asked. "Oh thank you Reverend Jeremy. I don't even need to ask my husband as I know he will agree to let Liam go."
"YES! Thanks Mum!" I shouted, jumping in the air before hugging her, Mr Keagan and the Rev.
"Why don't you both come for dinner tomorrow night and we can sort out the arrangements," Mum asked the pair of men, who both agreed.

As we walked out the church, I thought to myself that the Rev may want to do some more stuff like what we've just done and if I could persuade the men to let me share with him, rather than Mr Keagan, we may get the chance. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw Mr Keagan shaking the hand and hugging the Rev as though they had just scored a goal. I didn't realise that my taking part in the competition meant so much to my choirmaster.

Oh well, I guess I can ask at dinner tomorrow night after school.

Hope you enjoyed it. Andy.

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