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Little Choirboy Liam
Andy Mann

Chapter Two
Half Term Holiday

Half term had finally come round and I was really looking forward to the Choirboy Competition. I had spent hours practising Ave Maria, O Holy Night and several other songs. I knew that I was driving Tommy round the bend with my singing as his sniping at me got progressively worse as the competition neared.

He did go into a good mood the week before though as Mum started packing the cases to go to Centre Parcs. He really loved everything to do with sport, and the fact that he would be able to spend the week swimming, cycling, doing lots of outbound activities and the like. Me? I was going to have to go along for the first four days before Mr Keagan and Reverend Jeremy come to pick me up and take me to the competition venue.

Harry was ultra jealous, both of the Centre Parcs trip and the competition. He did wish me luck though as we left school on the final Friday and headed our separate ways.

"Now then boys, I want you both to take a shower before bed tonight so that we can get away early tomorrow," Dad told us as we were tucking into our rice pudding desert at the dinner table, having scoffed our cottage pie beforehand.
"Really?" Tom asked. "But we will just smell again in the morning!"
"You will cos you stink," I giggled out, earning a punch to my arm from my older brother.
"Behave yourselves lads," Mum frowned at us, looking sternly both at us, and then at the clock on the wall. "I can't believe the time already, you boys are going to have to shower together so that your father and I have time ourselves as well."
"No way am I showering with the shrimp!" Tom moaned.
"Why not? You got something to be ashamed of?" I sneered, trying to wind him up.
"Liam, be nice," Dad chided me. "Tom, I'm sorry but you will have to, just this once ok champ?"
"Fine," Tommy said, finishing off his desert and looking over at me. "Come on then shrimp."

As much as I hate him calling me that, it's better than some of the things he calls me. I followed him up the stairs, sneaking glances at his bum. I know that I shouldn't cos it's gay isn't it, but ever since Reverend Jeremy did what he did to me a couple of weeks ago, it's all I've been able to think about. I keep having dreams at night about strange men and boys using me like he did, and at school I keep wondering about this teacher or that teacher, about this boy or the other. Every morning I wake up and my willy is really stiff and I've found that if I roll a pillow up and rub myself against it, it makes me get that shuddering feeling that Reverend Jeremy gave me when he sucked me.

Now here I was, stripping in the bathroom in front of my thirteen year old brother, who despite the ribbing I had given him, certainly had nothing to be ashamed off. I stopped my undressing as I got down to my briefs and stared at his naked body. At the age of thirteen, he had just started puberty, a smattering of dark hairs at the base of his dick that looked plump but still soft. His lower chest was defined and taut as I know that he worked a lot on sit ups and ab curls as he toned himself up for the various sports teams that he played for. He was like THE best sportsman in year 9. He was popular at school with everyone, and while you would think that, as the less popular younger sibling that I would hate him for being so well liked, I'm not because he isn't your typical "jock" that you read about. He does actually stand up for younger or weaker kids when he sees them getting picked on and he has got himself a large amount of fans in the so called geek ranks.

"What are you staring at shrimp?" he asked, finally noticing that I had remained motionless.
"Um, nothing," I said, turning away quickly.
"Yeah you were," he chided. "You were staring at my dick."
"No I wasn't!" I said in a whiny voice, hoping that it would put off any further questioning. I quickly pulled down my white cotton pants and stepped into the shower cubicle, leaving the door open so he could come in as well.

Tommy stepped in and closed the door. I let him take charge of the controls and we were soon both under the hot flow of water. He picked up the bottle of shampoo and I stood slightly to one side while he poured some in his hands and lathered his hair. Whilst he had his eyes closed to stop the run of soapy water stinging them, I took the chance to look at his body once more. Other than the cock of Reverend Jeremy, I hadn't seen an older naked body and Tommy was a good model to look at. I felt my little prick get hard as I once again felt confusing feelings run through my mind.

"Come on Liam, let me wash your hair," I heard Tommy say, bringing me out of my gaze.
"Okay," I croaked, moving my hands in front of my little two and a half inches of iron hard flesh.

He poured some more shampoo into his hands and started to rub it into my hair. I almost started to purr as he worked his fingers through my long blonde hair, wincing a couple of times as he found knots.

"All done," he said as he held me underneath the flow of water.
"Thanks," I said before he started to rub my chest. "What you doing?"
"Washing you, doofus!" he replied and I looked down to see soap suds on my chest. I felt his body close the space between us and I heard a snort of laughter from him as I glanced up to see him looking down over my shoulder.
"Get hard often?" he giggled as he moved one of his soapy hands right onto my hard prick.
"No! Get off!" I nearly shouted, moving my body out of his hands. There was no way I wanted to get caught by my brother being hard. The last thing I needed was for him to start calling me gay as well. He already called me poof a couple of times when I had brought my cassock home to go to concerts.
"Look Liam, there isn't any problem with you getting a boner," he told me. "I get them all the time!"

I turned towards him and he was quite proudly showing his erect dick. It looked quite impressive but not as big as Reverend Jeremy. Unconsciously I licked my lips as I remembered how the older man had sucked on my prick in the vestry and I really had enjoyed it. I wondered what it would feel like to suck on a dick. I felt a hand underneath my chin and my face was lifted so that my gaze left Tommy's cock and looked him in the face.

"Come on squirt, let's get finished washing before Mum has a cow," he told me softly.
"Okay, but why are you hard?" I asked.
"I always get hard in the shower," he replied. "It just feels good to me when I'm naked and warm."
"But isn't it only supposed to get hard when you want sex?" I queried, remembering the sex ed lessons.
"At my age, it will get hard whenever it feels like it wants to," he giggled. "That's why I sometimes take so long in here cos I have to take care of it."
"How?" I asked, wanting to know what he did and was it any different to me rubbing myself on the pillow.
"I'm not supposed to talk to you about this stuff, Liam," Tommy said softly, but seeing the pout come on my face, he continued. "Look if you don't tell Mum I told you this, I will okay?"
"Cool!" I gushed.
"If you do though, I will give you a dead arm and leg for so long that you'll forget how to walk and write!" he threatened.
"Don't worry Tommy, I can keep secrets real good," I reassured him, knowing it to be true. I mean, I hadn't told a soul about what me and Reverend Jeremy did in the Vestry!!
"Okay, look, when it gets hard like this and you're on your own, you have to wank it," Tommy explained. He gripped his dick in his fist, covering most of it from my view, leaving just a little bit of the round head showing. "Then, you pull back and forth."

I watched in awe as my older brother started to wank himself off in front of me. This was definitely something naughty, I thought, especially if Mum didn't want him to show me. I felt my own little pricklet grow back to hardness and unconsciously I let my right hand take it and start to rub it.

"No bro," Tommy said. "You're not doing it right."

I started to turn away from him, thinking this was another thing he would take the mickey out of me but he put his hand out to stop me.

"Look, don't ever tell anyone I'm doing this or I'll deck you!" he whispered to me, before letting his hand drop to my stiffy. I gasped in pleasure as he began to stroke me, causing the friction as my skin pulled past my sensitive head.
"Urg, that feels nice," I whimpered.
"You get how it's done?" Tommy asked me.
"I think so," I replied, but not wanting him to stop.
"Show me," he said, taking his hand away, much to my frustration.

A wicked thought crossed my mind, and I reached forward and took his cock in my hand. It had remained stiff while he had been stroking mine, and with the water from the shower running over our bodies, it was still quite slick. I started to mimic his motions, rubbing it back and forth, causing my brother to groan in delight. I watched his face as I carried on, noticing how much he was liking it, and I felt proud of myself that I was the cause of his pleasure.

Suddenly Tommy pushed me away from him, grabbed his cock and with five or six more pulls, I saw white stuff shoot out of the end and it hit my chest.

"Euw!! Did you just spunk me?" I complained, turning myself so that the flow of water would wash his jism off of me.
"Ah shit Liam, I'm so sorry," Tommy apologised. "I couldn't stop myself from cumming."
"Did I do okay?" I asked, wanting to make sure I had done it right. If I had, maybe I could do the same for the Reverend. I think I'd prefer stroking him like that rather than have him put it back up my bum. That did kinda hurt.
"You did it real good, squirt," he said, hugging me. "But don't..."
"I know, don't tell anyone what we did," I finished the sentence for him. "Anyway, I should call you squirt now!"

We both laughed at my comment and were interrupted by a banging on the bathroom door.

"Come on boys, you've been in there long enough," Mum shouted through the door.
"Well, yours is long enough anyway!" I giggled, still impressed at how big Tommy's dick was compared to mine. Of course, it was nowhere near the size of Reverend Jeremy's but he's like in his 40's or something.

Tommy turned the shower off and we towelled ourselves dry. We put on our dressing gowns and headed out and towards our bedrooms.

"Liam," Tommy said, making me pause at my door.
"Yeah Tommy?" I asked.
"Love you bro," he said. "Night."
"Love you too," I replied. "Don't let the bedbugs bite!"

I undid my bathrobe and for a change, I climbed into my bed naked. I really liked how I felt naked and thought it would be fun trying to sleep like it.

The next four days were an abject lesson of torture, pain and for a change, brotherly inspiration. As I struggled to keep up on the cycle trails, was hopelessly outmatched at tennis, badminton and football, and nearly drowned myself, twice, at swimming, gone were the normal jibes and insults from Tommy. Instead, he took time to show me better racket swings and how to control a football to the point where I could actually receive a pass, trap the ball and nearly find him with a return pass. He spent a whole morning ignoring game requests from boys his own age to help me improve my swimming technique. I had never mastered the ability to control my breathing while swimming and he showed me a couple of methods, and by the end of the morning, I could swim the fifty metre length without the need for a lifeguard jumping in to rescue me!!

My parents were overjoyed, of course, to see the pair of us getting on so well. It allowed them time to relax themselves, knowing that we were not going to be at each other's throats all the while. My affection for my brother grew and I think he stopped seeing me as a pain to be endured and more as a little person wanting to succeed at things I never had done previously. I got more confirmation of that on the Thursday morning as I was getting in the way of my Mum packing a small bag of clothes for me to take to the competition, Mr Keagan already having said that he would take care of bringing my cassock along for me.

"So how do you think you'll do?" Tommy asked me, picking up one of my musical scores.
"Um, dunno really," I replied honestly. "I've never sung in competition before, but Mr Keagan says I'm good enough to maybe get through to the next round."
"Next round?" he asked, putting the book carefully into the side pocket of my bag.
"Yeah, this is like a national thing, but it's just boys from our county in this round," I told him, trying to remember what Mr Keagan had told Mum. "If I do well enough in this, I get into a regional round."
"Oh, so it's like a knockout tournament? Like the World Cup where you qualify from the group stage, then go to the next round, qualify and go on and win the whole thing?" Trust Tommy to equate it to a sporting competition!!
"Yeah, but, I'm not likely to do that am I?" I said, dismissing my own chances. As much as I like singing and know that I am a good singer, my only experiences of competitive activity are in sports and I have already explained how hopeless I am at those.
"Hey, you're a great singer," my brother told me, nudging me with his shoulder. "Stop dissing yourself Liam! You're gonna do great!"

I smiled down at my chest as he pulled me into a hug, and we stood silently for a moment, enjoying the feelings of brotherly love passing between us. Of course, it had to be interrupted.

"Oh isn't that sweet!" Mum gushed as she walked in on the tail end of the exchange, which immediately produced a reaction from Tommy. He let go of me and I could almost see him trying to puff out his chest to try to regain what he imagined was some lost masculinity. No self-respecting sports mad thirteen year old boy wants to be called sweet by his Mum!
"Well, gonna miss ya shrimp boy!" he said to me, earning a disapproving look from Mum, which I guess is what he was after.

He held out a fist which, having seen him do this many times with his mates but never with me, brought a big smile to my face. I bumped it in farewell and he grabbed his swimming bag, yelled bye to my Dad and headed off out to the swimming complex.

"Well are you ready sweetie?" Mum asked, causing me to have my turn at groaning. "Mr Keagan has just rung to say that they have pulled into the car park."
"Cool!" I shouted, grabbing my bag to head out to meet them, before being pulled back by my Mum so she could give me a hug and a kiss. I guess my over enthusiastic response to leaving could have been interpreted as a desire to leave them, rather than the excitement I was now feeling in my tummy as the thought of being alone, in a bedroom, with the Reverend started to hit me.

Having stowed my bag in the boot of Mr Keagan's silver Audi, I hugged my parents goodbye, agreed to be good for the two men and do everything that they tell me to. I noticed a smile on the faces of the two men as they shared a look with each other before promising my parents that they would take good care of me and would hopefully bring me back on Saturday afternoon. I hopped into the back seat and was surprised when Reverend Jeremy joined me.

"We just need to talk through what's going to happen and I thought it would be easier if we did it face to face, rather than shouting back and forth from the front," he explained to me.
"Oh, okay, cool," I replied, pleased to be able to spend more time with him, rather than what I had imagined may have been a boring journey.
"Now, have you been practicing the music we talked about," he asked me. I nodded, running through the various pieces with him.
"That's excellent Liam," he praised, patting me on my leg. "Now, we have your cassock nicely cleaned and pressed. I do want to change the way you have your hair though."

He reached up with his left hand and started to run his fingers through my hair. I realised that his right hand was still resting on my thigh, rubbing my bare skin gently as I had put some shorts on due to the unusually warm temperature of the day.

"Oh yes, I think if we have your hair a little less styled, more traditional, maybe a side parting with the fringe coming down just over your forehead," he murmured, getting an agreement from my choirmaster in the front of the car.

I found myself becoming uncomfortable with the heat of the sun through the windows, and my own body heat increasing as he continued his stroking of my leg and his caressing of my hair. My prick had gotten hard and I know that the Reverend had seen it as he smiled at me while looking at the small tent in my shorts.

"Um, Reverend Jeremy," I whispered, not wanting the man in the front to hear. "You said we shouldn't tell anyone or do anything in front of anyone." I was a little confused why he was breaking his own rule.
"Don't worry about Mr Keagan," the Reverend replied, leaning in to get closer to me. "He is as eager to enjoy you as I have been waiting for these two days."
"Huh?" I mumbled out, looking over at my choirmaster, who was half watching the road in front and half watching what the older man in the back seat next to me was doing.
"He likes you like I like you," Reverend Jeremy whispered, and with that, he moved his hand upwards and placed it on top of my crotch. I squeaked as he touched me, before starting to whimper as he rubbed his hand up and down over the material of my shorts.
"Sounds like our little Liam definitely likes being touched there," I heard Mr Keagan snort from the front of the car.
"Oh he likes it, don't you my naughty little choirboy," the Reverend asked me.
"Uh huh," I nodded, my eyes glazing slightly as I flushed with the good feelings that the man was giving me.
"I'll tell you what else he likes," Reverend Jeremy said.
"What?" Mr Keagan asked.
"This," was the reply and my lips were smothered by the older man's lips. He held his hand at the back of my head, turning it so it was full on to his, and I felt his tongue press against my lips. Knowing that this meant he wanted access to my mouth, I opened my lips, allowing the man to push his tongue into my mouth.

I was getting hot and bothered that someone could see us through the windows, and also that my seat belt was also beginning to cut into my chest so I squirmed until he broke the lip contact, a dark look on his face.

"What is it child?" he said, fairly harshly, making me feel like I was the naughty child ready to be told off.
"I'm sorry Rev, but the seat belt was hurting me," I whimpered out, tears welling in my eyes not from the pain of the belt, but from the thought I'd upset my Reverend.
"Oh, I see," Reverend Jeremy said softly, his expression easing up. "Let's undo it then."

He clicked the button, releasing the belt before moving me around. He undid his own seat belt and turned to face me. He moved me so that I was sat facing away from him and pulled me back into him. He leaned himself backwards and I was suddenly underneath the view of the windows. I could feel his cock pressing into my back and I knew that he was excited and that it was me that excited him. He ran his hands over my body, feeling my stiff cock through my shorts, rubbing my bare legs and rubbing my chest. I felt him tug at the bottom of my t-shirt and then slide his hands underneath, rubbing my belly. I purred at the touch of the man.

"How your arms up a moment, child," the Reverend told me, and as I did, he pulled my t-shirt up and off my body, leaving my chest naked and exposed. "Oh my, you seem to look even more beautiful than I remember," he whispered in my ear, nibbling it as he talked.
"Um, Rev Jeremy," I started to gasp out, my body reacting rapidly to the new feelings of wetness in my ear as he stuck his tongue inside it and probed around. "I'm beginning to get the feeling."
"Well, we can't have that just yet," he said. "Jack, why don't you find a layby," he said to Mr Keagan.
"Oh yes, I want to watch him cum," my choirmaster grunted out, his breath a little ragged.

Reverend Jeremy halted his oral washing of my ear and was content to gently stroke my chest, running his fingers over my nipples and around my belly button. My cock was straining throughout and I knew that if anyone touched it, I'd be flopping all over the back seat in pleasure.

We stayed like this for what seemed an eternity to my young mind, desperate to get off, but I guess it could only have been maybe fifteen minutes at the most before I felt the car start to slow and heard the ticking of the indicator. Mr Keagan swung the car from the road, and down a small lane, pulling into a shaded area. I felt a slight chill across my body as the sun's rays disappeared from the windows as the car rolled to a gentle halt.

"Okay, there's no-one around," Mr Keagan announced, undoing his seat belt and moving around to get a better view of the back seat.
"Good," said the Reverend and started to slip his hand underneath the waist band of my shorts. "Let's get these off you Liam."

I lifted myself up so that my bum was off the seat and my shorts were suddenly down by my knees. I looked down and saw my cock poking through the fly in my white y-fronts that my Mum had made me wear. A hand came through the chair well and I gasped as Mr Keagan touched my dick for the first time. I looked up at him and saw him hungrily licking his lips as though he wanted to eat me. I remembered the Reverend sucking on my prick in the vestry and asked if that is what they were going to do here.

"Well, I was just going to wank the boy off," Reverend Jeremy admitted, "but that sounds like a much better idea doesn't it."
"Do you mind if I do the honours Reverend?" Mr Keagan asked.
"Of course not," came the reply. "In fact, why don't we all have some fun."
"Cool," was my response.
"Jack, lower the passenger seat down, and Liam, get up a second," he told us. "Now lie down on the seat like this," he told me, positioning me so that I was stretched out on my back, my lower half in the front of the car.

I moaned in pleasure as Mr Keagan bent down and took my cock into his mouth in one swallow. I know it's not that big anyway but it was still amazing and as the man played with my small balls and started to probe a finger underneath them, I started really groaning. I had shut my eyes when he had sucked me into him and was startled when I felt a weight across my shoulders. I shot my eyes open and was presented with the view of the erect and hairy cock of the Reverend.

"Open up and take me in, child," he told me, pressing forwards to rub his dripping cock head around my lips.

I took a breath and opened my mouth, hoping it would be wide enough to get the thick girth of the man's dick inside. He pushed forwards and my mouth was invaded by flesh. The taste was wonderful. It was a mixture of the saltiness of the man's sweat and the sweet yet sour taste of the pre-cum oozing from the slit. I felt hands grip the hair on the sides of my head and it was pulled up and forwards, forcing the cock into the back of my mouth, making me gag slightly as it hit the back of my throat before pushing my head back towards to seat.

"Purse you lips Liam, like you're singing a high D," Reverend Jeremy told me, so I formed a small `O' with my lips. He continued to pull and push my head up and down, making me massage his dick with my lips. I tried to free my arms a couple of times to try to push him when he got to rough but they were trapped underneath the Reverend's knees.

As he kept his motion going at the top of my body, Mr Keagan was enjoying my lower regions. I felt his tongue dancing around my stiffness and my balls, lapping and sucking. His oral muscle was the only thing playing as I could hear the gentle slap slap slap sound that I figure was him pulling on his own shaft. His spare hand also had its own fun from time to time, touching me, rubbing the sensitive exposed cock head and burrowing itself downwards, underneath my balls and into the cleft of my crack. Unconsciously I drew my knees up, spread apart, allowing the choirmaster access to my most private place.

"Oh sweet Mary, would you look at his pucker!" gasped Mr Keagan.
"Oh it is indeed sweet as well, Jack," the Reverend said with a chuckled. "Why don't you finger him to see how tight he is."

I had been looking forward to the kissing, the cuddling and yes, the sucking, but memories of the pain of the Rev's thick cock invading my bum hole hit me. I tried to squirm, letting them know I didn't want that, but the heavy weight on my chest stopped any movement. I tried saying something but all that came out were moans, vibrating on the dick in my mouth causing its owner to gasp in his own pleasure. I felt a finger run over my exposed hole and I shivered as it scratched and ran over the surface, pushing gently against the resistance. This wasn't too bad, I thought to myself. In fact, it's quite nice.

Of course, all good things come to an end and as I was really enjoying the feel of Mr Keagan sucking my little stiffness, and was also beginning to like the sensation of having Reverend Jeremy's cock sliding back and forth between my lips, I felt a sudden, painful intrusion into my backside.

"Oh sweet Jesus, how tight is this hole?" Mr Keagan gasped out.
"UUUURRRRRGGGGMMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" came my muffled shriek.
"Oh God, I'm cumming!" groaned the Reverend as he held my head still and rapidly filled my mouth with his cream. I could feel it beginning to leak from my lips and realised I needed to swallow to keep up and with tears in my eyes from the pain in my bum hole as Mr Keagan pushed his fingers in and out of me, I gulped down the juice that Reverend Jeremy was filling me up with.

Mr Keagan, still fingering my now sore hole swallowed my cock once more, a cock that had wilted under the assault on my anus. However, his tongue soon had it back at attention and when he moved his fingers inside me, I suddenly bucked my body against him, gasping out, spilling some of the sacred seed.

"That's the spot there is it?" the choirmaster whispered through my dick, which was now beginning to throb under his ministrations.

I started to find myself beginning to move my bum in an opposite rhythm to the fingers as he continued to fuck my hole with his hand. Each time he pressed against my little love nub inside me, my cock throbbed a little harder until I was whimpering and writhing underneath the Rev's body. I started to see spots and then my body shook like it never had before. My dick shook as it tried to expel cum that was yet to form in my balls, my hole twitched around the two fingers inside me, squeezing them.

Finally I came to rest. Sweat poured off my young body and as the Reverend moved off my chest, I felt the rough denin material of Mr Keagan's jeans scrape up my body and his dick pressed against my mouth. I opened up to say no more, but in doing so, allowed him to slide his cock inside. I was happy to feel that it was nowhere near either the length of thickness of Reverend Jeremy, but still, I didn't want it in my mouth. However, as the man gripped my head, I found myself willing bobbing back and forth, using my lips and tongue in an effort to bring him off as quickly as possible. As he had worked himself up during sucking and fingering me, it was really only about twenty or so thrusts into my mouth before I heard him gurgle and I felt his cum splatter against the back of my throat. Better prepared this time, I immediately started swallowing, which increased the suction on his cock and with another half dozen spurts, he sat backwards onto my midsection, pulling his dick out of my mouth.

We sat there, in silence, recovering our breath, our poise, our speech. I looked up at the two men who had just used my young body for their pleasures and saw a little hint of fear in my choirmaster's eyes but a look of approval and affection in the Reverend's.

"Well Liam, I think you proved what a wonderful young choirboy you are," he told me, stroking my face gently. "I think we are going to have a really good time over the next couple of days and that you are indeed going to blossom and easily get through this stage."
"Really?" my voice squeaked as it questioned him, my spirits lifting at the thought of the competition.
"Oh yes," Mr Keagan agreed. "The judges will love you I'm sure."

End of chapter.

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