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Little Choirboy Liam


Andy Mann

Chapter Three

County Competitions

We arrived at the hotel about an hour after our little sexcapade in the layby and as Mr Keagan pulled into the car park, I looked out the window and saw it was nearly full of cars. There were a few boys milling around, chatting to each other or to adults as bags and suitcases were being unloaded from cars. Mr Keagan pulled into an empty space and turned to the Reverend and me.

"Now, why don't I go in and register us with the registration committee and you two check us in at reception," he said to us.
"That sounds like a plan," Reverend Jeremy agreed. "Liam, if you can carry Mr Keagan's bag along with yours, I'll bring mine and I'll carry your cassock as well. I don't want it to get creased."
"Okay, cool," I complied, jumping out of the car and nearly getting hit as a blue Land Rover sped past.
"LIAM!" Mr Keagan shouted at me. "Be careful!"
"Um, yeah, sorry!" I stuttered, slightly shook up at my near miss with the front bumper.

I saw the Reverend making his way over to where the large car had parked up, his face was like a thundercloud. I'd hate to be that driver as I have heard him admonish people in the past for misdeeds. I grinned to myself as his voice echoed across the car park and picked up my bag, looping the strap over my head so that I could carry it using my shoulders. I grabbed Mr Keagan's bag, wondering that it wasn't very large, but shrugged it off. I watched as my Reverend made his way back to our car, rubbed my hair a couple of times before picking his own bag and the weird full length bag that contained my cassock and we headed over to the hotel entrance.

The hotel itself was huge. It looked like it had twenty floors and the entrance was manned by a bloke in a smart suit and top hat, who held the door open for us as we walked past. The Reverend nodded at him while I said thank you and flashed him a smile. I saw his face break into a smile back at me, before restoring the non-emotional look that it had before.

As we walked into the lobby, I saw Mr Keagan talking to a guy who looked like he was in his thirties, or at least around my Dad's age. Dad was thirty six on his last birthday. He waved at us, Mr Keagan that is, not my Dad, and we made our way over to him.

"And here is my little cherub I was telling you about," Mr Keagan said to the man. "Liam, say hello to Mr Dixon, he is one of the judges."
"Hello sir," I said politely, offering my small hand as I had been taught to do.
"Such a polite young boy," Mr Dixon smiled at me, taking my hand in his. "Well you certainly look like an angel, but can you sing like one?"
"He certainly can," the Reverend announced his presence.
"Reverend Jeremy, it's been too long," Mr Dixon told the Reverend, whilst still holding my hand. I was blushing under the scrutiny and the compliments, but also getting a little weirded out by Mr Dixon still holding my hand after we had stopped shaking.

I think that Mr Keagan must have seen my expression as he placed his hands on my shoulders and turned me slightly, nudging the tall, slim judge to release his grip of me. I was pushed slightly in the direction of the lift as we bade our farewells for now to Mr Dixon.

"That was rather fortuitous, bumping into Carl like that," Reverend Jeremy whispered as we entered the lift. We were the only three in there so Mr Keagan had no qualms about talking normally.
"Now that he has seen young Liam here, he will be ready to see more of him," my choirmaster agreed.
"Did you notice the way he wouldn't let go of his hand?" the Reverend asked.
"Oh yes, play our cards right and that's one judge in the bag," Mr Keagan said.
"Don't you mean the sack?" Reverend Jeremy chuckled.

Now I may only be ten, but I'm no completely innocent, not anymore. Well, maybe I am a little, but I got the feeling that this judge, this Mr Dixon may like boys a little more than he should.

"So what's the agenda for tonight?" Reverend Jeremy asked.
"Well there is the official greeting ceremony at eight this evening, which means we can get some dinner in the restaurant before," Mr Keagan answered.
"Which means we have around an hour to get ready then," Reverend Jeremy said.
"An hour to get Liam prepared you mean," Mr Keagan replied with a smirk in my direction.

I had only been half listening as I was exploring the hotel room. It was certainly a nicer room than the cabin we had at Centre Parks, but I'm sure it wasn't the poshest one around. There were two single beds in the room, and also what looked like a camp bed at the end of the room. Someone wasn't going to have a comfortable night and I guessed it would probably be me as I couldn't see either of the two men wanting to sleep on it. There was a small wardrobe that had a clothes rail and three shelves which I guess were meant for things like our underwear and socks. I opened the bathroom door and saw that it wasn't very big. I mean, it didn't even have a bath! It had a basin, toilet and a shower cubicle.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Mr Keagan standing close behind me.

"Why don't we get you showered and ready for tonight?" my choirmaster asked, running a hand through my hair.
"Okay," I replied, trusting the dark haired man, even though he had already shown himself to be interested in doing naughty things with me. Or maybe that was why I did trust him, as he made my little prick stiff just by touching my fully clothed body.

I stood there for a few moments, watching the Reverend unpack my bag, holding up my underwear for Mr Keagan to see.

"I think we'll have to do something about these," he muttered, looking over in my direction. "Well child, you can't shower fully clothed now can you?"
"No! I guess not!" I chucked.

After what had happened in the vestry at church, and more recently in the layby, I had no qualms about undressing in front of the two men. I pulled off my t-shirt, exposing my pale hairless chest to them. I undid the button on my shorts and pulled them down, hooking my fingers into my white y-fronts at the same time, shedding them. I kicked off my trainers and was stood in all my naked glory, my white trainer socks the only item of clothing.

"My word, he is a perfect little boy sculpture isn't he Jack?" Reverend Jeremy whispered.
"I don't think that the Maker could have modelled a more beautiful specimen," Mr Keagan agreed, licking his lips.
"Why don't you make sure he is properly clean Jack," the Reverend said. "We wouldn't want anything to go wrong tonight."

Mr Keagan nodded and quickly shed his own clothes, leaving just the Reverend in his cassock. I looked at my choirmaster, seeing him properly naked for the first time. He was sort of average really. He wasn't slim, but wasn't fat. He was slightly smaller than the Reverend but obviously taller than I was, in fact I came up to just below his nipples on his hairy chest. His cock again was smaller than the huge one that the Reverend had, but as it was now at full attention, it still looked pretty impressive to me.

He moved towards me and turned me around, prodding me in the direction of the small bathroom. As we covered the short distance, I felt his hand slide down my back, rubbing in circles, before settling on my bare buttocks. I groaned slightly as I felt a finger trace in between my cheeks.

"Save it for the shower Jack," Reverend Jeremy chuckled.

I was moved into the shower, Mr Keagan easily getting into the cubicle with me. I wondered if the hotel knew that some people liked showering together and built bigger ones for them? He fiddled with the controls and water sprayed us. I shivered for a moment as he corrected the temperature then looked up at him.

"Let's wash your hair first, then we can take care of your body," he told me.

I stood still, enjoying the feeling of having my head massaged under the skilful hands of the choirmaster, keeping my eyes shut to avoid any of the shampoo stinging them. A warm sensation swept over me and I had a moment of foresight, seeing myself as a singing superstar and as I opened my mouth in an imaginary song, lips pressed against my own.

Startled, I opened my eyes to see the close up face of Mr Keagan as he kissed me. Liking the feel of his lips on mine, I returned his kiss, moaning into his mouth as I felt hands trace down my back. I broke the kiss as I felt a finger probe against my backside entrance.

"Why don't you suck on me for a little and get him hard," Mr Keagan told me, placing his hands on my shoulders, pressing me downwards. My knees buckled slightly and I knelt down in front of him. I looked at his semi erect cock and licked my lips. As much as I felt that I shouldn't enjoy sucking on a guy's cock, I was getting used to the taste of the salty liquid that leaks from it as soon as I take it into my mouth. Mr Keagan was making funny noises and before I knew it, he pulled out of my mouth.
"Stand up, face the wall and bend over Liam," he told me, pulling me to my feet.

As I put my hands onto the slippery wall, I felt hands on my bum and my cheeks were pulled apart. Water flowed down my back, making a river in the creek of my butt. I felt contact with my hole but still felt Mr Keagan's hands on my bumcheeks. I moaned in pleasure as my body quiver in delight.

"You like me rimming you Liam?" I heard the man asked from behind.
"Rimming?" I asked.
"What I'm doing to you now," he answered.
"Yeah, it's nice!" I gasped as I felt a finger probe against me.

Having had Mr Keagan finger me in the car, I knew what was coming next and sure enough one finger, then a second found their way inside me.

"Ow, Mr Keagan, it stings!" I whined.
"Sorry Liam, but I need to loosen you up," he replied, stroking my back with one hand while keeping the in and out motion with his other.
"Why?" I asked.
"Well for a start off, both Reverend Jeremy and me are going to get our cocks in that pretty little bum of yours," he answered. "You've been teasing me for far too long for me not to finally fuck you."
"So that's why you entered me?" I queried. "So you could get me on my own?"
"Oh no my little cherub," Mr Keagan chuckled. "You have a real talent and I honestly think you can go far in the industry. Getting you alone for two nights was a bonus. Now take a deep breath and push out like you're taking a shit."

I felt a hand on my hip and then the swollen cock head that I had been sucking a few moments earlier push against my pucker. Remembering back to the vestry, I gritted my teeth and pushed and felt a sharp, intense pain as my bum hole stretched around the hardness that Mr Keagan was forcing into me. I whimpered and bit my lip as I felt his cock force its way past my anal defences but didn't say anything as I knew by now that I was going to get buggered no matter what I said.

"Fucking hell Liam, you're so tight it's almost hurting my dick!" Mr Keagan gasped out as he slowly inched his way inside me.
"Reverend Jeremy told me that was why it was so good," I mumbled, as the pain started to subside and the now familiar feeling of my innards stretching to accept a foreign invader drew pleasurable feelings in my brain.
"He's so right, and you are going to be a wonderful little bummer boy," he giggled at his own joke, referring to the drummer boy from his favourite song.

I squeaked as I felt him rub his cock over my little nub of love inside me, and Mr Keagan sensing I was ready, began to fuck me properly. In and out he pulled and pushed, teasing my body with different speeds, slowing occasionally as my body sweated not only from the heat of the shower but from the pounding that he was giving me. His hands were all over my body, sometimes lifting me up from my prone position so that he could fuck me standing straight, other times almost doubling me over.

My cock was as hard as it had ever been! I kept trying to grab it to wank myself off, but Mr Keagan kept telling me not to, at times holding my hands, or forcing me upright with my arms held aloft to stop me. I started wondering about when the warm water would give out, like at home if I was the last to get a shower, but the temperature stayed constant, while I felt mine rising.

Suddenly, I gasped out as my vision blurred, spots erupted in front of my eyes. My cock trembled and my whole body shuddered as wave after wave of intense feelings coursed through my slim fragile body. I moaned loudly, almost shrieking as Mr Keagan grabbed a flannel to stuff in my mouth to quieten me down as my orgasm fought with my self control. I flopped and shuddered, feeling my pucker twitch and squeeze the man cock inside me.

"Ah shit that's good!" my choirmaster groaned as he held me tightly, ramming himself hard inside me three, four, five times before shuddering himself and relaxing.

He pulled himself out of me slowly, and a feeling of emptiness in my behind hit me. I wanted my hole filling back up again and turned to look at the man who had sodomised me. He motioned me towards his rapidly deflating dick.

"I know you know the rules Liam," he said to me.

Not wanting to, but knowing that I had to, I dropped to my knees once more and took his cock into my mouth. I liked and sucked it, cleaning it like the little boy whore I was rapidly becoming. Once he felt that I had done the job, Mr Keagan pulled me back up and leaned forwards, kissing me deeply. I wrapped my arms around him, sharing the love that I felt coming from him.

"Let's get you dry for the Reverend," he told me, and grabbed a big fluffy white towel. I stood motionless as he padded my body softly, taking the dampness away. I saw him reach for a bottle from the sink worktop that he had brought in with him and he flipped the lid.
"Stand with your arms and legs spread for me cherub," he instructed me, "so I can put this on you."
"What is it?" I asked.
"Oh, just some baby oil," he replied. "Reverend Jeremy likes a boy who is oiled up and glistening."
"Is he gonna do me now too?" I whined a little, my bum still recovering from the fucking that I had just received.
"Stop being a little child and learn to like what you have to do," Mr Keagan grabbed my arm, shaking me slightly, bringing a look of fear to my face. "Look Liam, I'm sorry I shouted just then, but let me just ask you, do you want to do well in the competition?"
"Yes sir, of course," I nodded.
"Well, if you do, you need to learn that it isn't all about who is the best singer," he told me.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"You may need to persuade the judges that you're the best little choirboy here," he smiled.

Comprehension started dawning, the penny was indeed in mid-air and the snippets of comments made about Mr Dixon came crashing down on me. I looked back up at my choirmaster, who reached forward and cupped my face in his hands.

"You are going to be extremely successful if we can introduce you to the right people," he whispered softly. "How do you think some of the other boy singers made it to the very top with their first songs?"
"So what you and the Reverend are doing is. . ." I started before a finger was placed on my lips.
"What the Reverend and I are doing is preparing you, helping to get you ready to fulfil your potential," Mr Keagan finished.

He poured some of the baby oil into his hand and motioned for me to get into position, which as he was going out of his way, doing stuff that he could really get into trouble for just to help my singing, I submitted readily to his request. The oil was warm on my skin, having been in a jar of hot water, and it easily coated my body. I moaned in wonderful delight as I felt him probe his fingers inside my bum once more, oiling around my entrance before he decided I was ready for the Reverend.

He opened the bathroom door and motioned for me to step through. I felt a slight chill across my body as I left the steam filled bathroom for the larger bedroom but as I turned past the small wall blocking the view of the beds, my cock sprung back to its full proud two and a half inch height. Lying on top of one of the beds with the covers pulled down was a very naked Reverend Jeremy. He was stroking his impressively thick cock to hardness as he watched me walk over towards him.

"You sounded like you had some fun in there, child," he stated, his gaze not leaving my body.
"Yes sir," I agreed. Well I did have THE most intense orgasm of my young life so far.
"Well, let's keep the fun times going," Reverend Jeremy said, motioning me to him.

As I reached the side of the bed, he sat up and stroked the front of my chest, rubbing my tummy before cupping my small peanut balls. I opened my mouth to take his offered tongue as he leaned in to kiss me. I felt his hands snake around my waist, gripping my bum cheeks, squeezing them and stroking them, causing my dick to strain even harder. He pulled me towards him and with ease, lifted my small frame up and he rolled onto his back, pulling me onto his chest.

Our faces were still locked together at the lips, his hands roaming my back, bottom and legs. I placed my own arms around his neck to steady myself as the slippery oil lubricated the naked flesh of our bodies. My cock was trapped between my groin and his stomach and as the Reverend massaged my lithe body, I felt myself start to hump into his firm belly.

As my little fucking motions continued, the Reverend took hold of my side and started to slide me further up and down his body, breaking our kiss as he did. The foreskin on my pricklet was peeled back with the motions and my sensitive tip was rubbing against the now slick hair on the older man's chest, causing me to start whimpering as the prickly sensations played havoc with my nerve endings. With each tug upwards, my cock rolled around his chest, my balls now tense trailing behind it. On the downward push, I felt his large dick push against my bum.

Wanting a better feeling, I opened my legs, allowing them to slide down the sides of Reverend Jeremy, exposing my boy hole and perineum to the world, well, the room anyway. Now, each time I was pushed downwards, the cock head of my Reverend probed against me, seeking the warm willing entrance that I know it wanted.

"Rev, please," I started to shudder as the feelings of excitement started to rise up through my young body once more.
"Yes my child?" he asked.
"Make me cum, please Rev!" I begged.
"And if I do?" Reverend Jeremy asked.
"Then I'll do whatever you want," I confessed, knowing that I would willing submit to him forcing his cock inside me once more, as long as he made me feel so good.

The grey haired man smiled a smile that showed he knew I was his entirely and slid me off his body onto the bed. Moving himself up and over me, he swooped down onto my stiffy, sucking it into his mouth in one quick motion. Fingers rolled my ballsac around, pressing firmly but not painfully into them, tweaking the small pre-pubescent testicles inside them. As he dragged his tongue over and around the now itchy tip of my dick, his fingers probed lower, rubbing my prostate through the skin of my perineum causing me to lift up off the bed with a moan of pure pleasure.

"Here's some more oil, Reverend," I heard Mr Keagan say, before I felt slick fingers easily slide inside my anal passage once more. As the thick digits of the Reverend stretched my already loose anus, my toes curled and with my fist in my mouth to stop me from screaming out my ecstasy, my cock throbbed and pulsed, trying to seed my Reverend's mouth with my semen that was still to be produced.

As I panted in pleasure, I felt my legs lift up from the bed. I looked down and saw the Reverend holding me, a hand behind each knee as he bent me at the waist, pushing my legs up to my sides. Even though I wasn't particularly sporty, I was still quite supple fortunately as I was almost bent double. The Reverend eased my legs apart at the same time as pushing up, leaving my hole totally exposed and vulnerable for him to penetrate.

"You know what to do Liam," he told me, and as I nodded and put a fisted hand to my mouth, he entered me in one deep, hard push.

I bit onto my flesh as I hit the headboard, such was the force of his thrust. Pain erupted through my lower regions as the thick, long cock forced its way past any feeble defence my body could muster. I whimpered and squealed as I felt heavy, hairy balls slap against my smooth flesh.

"Give him something to bite into rather than his hand, Jack," the Reverend said. "I don't want him to hurt himself while I ride his pretty bum."

My hand was taken out of my mouth, against its unconscious will, and I felt rolled up material placed into it.

"Bit this, scream into it if you want, but enjoy the fuck you're going to get," Mr Keagan whispered into my ear, giving it a lick and a kiss as he did.

My eyes looked up at the Reverend, who was staring intently back at me. Satisfied that I was settled back down again, the old man started to fuck me with long, deep strokes. He was banging me so hard that I couldn't help but whimper into the homemade gag in my mouth. Tears threatened to leak from my blue eyes and I think that the Reverend must have seen this as he slowed his actions to a stop.

"Let's try it like this," he said, as he pulled me down the bed slightly. He pulled my lower body up off the bed and positioned his knees underneath my buttocks angling me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and nodded for him to restart. This time, every forward thrust grazed my young prostate, turning me into a little mound of putty in my older lover's control.

"That's it Reverend," Mr Keagan said as I felt his hands start to stroke my chest. "He's enjoying it now."

And enjoy it I did. With my choirmaster teasing my nipples and tummy with little tweaks and twists, and my Reverend banging away at my arse, I started to ride the pleasure rollercoaster once more. Not really knowing how many times I could climax in such a short space of time, I was slowly building to another one. As I felt my bum hole start to twitch, I heard Reverend Jeremy gasp out loud and he grabbed my hips. Hard thrust after hard thrust followed as he bred me like a dog in heat. My cock started to wave in the air and I almost screamed into my gag as Mr Keagan took my pricklet in his two fingers and thumb. He rolled my foreskin back and rubbed the sensitive head with his thumb, scraping it slightly with his long nail. I squirmed in pain and pleasure as I felt Reverend Jeremy's nails start to dig into my sides as he gripped me tightly, holding my body still.

"Oh my Holy Father, I'm seeding your angel!" he cried out and I was sure I felt liquid coat my insides.

Knowing that I was the cause of his pleasure was enough to send me back over the edge of my own climax and I felt my prick quiver and shudder in the tight grip of my choirmaster. My whole body lifted off the bed and despite his own sense of fulfilment, Reverend Jeremy pulled me towards him and our mouths locked together as we shared the comedown of our joint orgasm.

I was lowered back to the bed, our kiss breaking and both men spent the next few minutes petting me, stroking me, feeling my hot body that was beginning to cool now that the intensity of sexual activity was over.

"Well, if you can perform like that," Mr Keagan started, "you are going to sail through to the next round!"

End of chapter.

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