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A retired psychotherapist meets a severely burnt little gypsy boy, and takes him into his house. The boy turns out to be the heir to the throne. This powerful emotional rollercoaster hints at past-lives, spirit-helpers, karma, power-of-love, and contains several practical psychological concepts. A believable story-of-love, great to read.

A few excerpts from all your wonderful emails:

> Your insight is far beyond the common man. I want to add my praise for your interesting and warm story. This is a believable story of love, that's great to read. The way you are telling much compassion and love. You have put me through the emotional rollercoaster. Please know that you are appreciated; and keep up this excellent writing.

> A wonderful well balanced story. Deep and proper, a masterpiece in its genre. It has brought many tears to my eyes. You seem to have a gift to write from the heart. Your subject matter is strong and gripping. Your compassionate handling of the story line reaches the heart. I eagerly await your next book...

> I salute you sir for a most impressive debut in a foreign language. Your story is charming and you have a real gift for narrative. You show a deep insight into the working of the mind of the broken or hurt and the important part that listening and interpreting is of any really meaningful relationship. Thank You, for such a moving, loving story.

> This is by far the best story. You truly have a talent for writing. Your characters touch my soul, and I admire your courage to tell it like it is: just because a man cares about a boy, it is NOT always sexual. Men, many of whom haven't the slightest sexual interest in children and are quite mainstream in their sexual orientations, are hunted, denounced, and punished in modern-day witch hunts. I applaud you for showing that men and boys can express love and tenderness by physical closeness without the man coercing sexual acts from innocent and frightened children. I think I’m in love with this story.

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I wish you Profound Peace in your heart, and Infinite Love in your life.
Harry AnderS, retired psychotherapist and alternative writer.