Little Hottie Boy

***This story involves gay boys and a man, diaper use and sex, if any of this offends you, then please leave now. This is a short story, just this one chapter, and I hope that you enjoy it. If you do and wish to comment, email me at erich5748 at Thanks, and enjoy.***

“Mmm, yeah, that's nice, you suck dick real good.”

Then the sounds of deep moaning of a young boy as he is receiving a really good blowjob.

“I can't wait to suck yours as well, I love sucking your dick. Oh yeah, there we are, I'm cumming.” He sighed deeply, then moaned even deeper still as he had his young dry cum.

“Oh yeah, that was great.” The other boy said as he disengaged. “Now, suck me.” His young high pitched voice sounding husky.

The boys traded places, and and the second boy started making the same sounds, and then, not even fifty seconds later, he too had his dry cum.

“Man, you suck dick so well, thanks. Can I come over again tomorrow so that we can suck again?”

“We'll see, I don't know if I'll have privacy tomorrow or not, Mrs. Bitchy next door isn't feeling well today, and you know how much she checks up on me when my mom's at work, she just barges right in.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Then the boys walked away, and that was all their neighbor, (who had heard everything,) heard from them. He had not intended to hear the exchange between the two boys, he had not even been aware that his young next door neighbor had already started playing, even though he had been long certain that the young boy was as gay as could be. No, he had needed something from the storage racks under the lean to at the back of his shop, and the boys were making more than enough noise in his young neighbors playhouse that was right next to the fence opposite where he had been standing.

He jammed his hand inside his pants, stroked just twice, and exploded. For two years, since moving into this house, he had watched his next door neighbor boy and wondered at the beauty that lived next to him. Though he was only twelve, ten when he had moved in, the young boy just exuded gay sex appeal like nothing that he had ever encountered before.

Just the day before, for instance, he had been out front, mowing his lawn, when the young boy next door came over to say hi. He damn near came in his shorts though at the sight that befell him then. The young boy was wearing pretty short cut jean shorts that were at least one size too large for him, the top of his hot ass was showing, the bottom of his incredibly taut and tight tummy was showing, the tops of his thighs were showing, showing off the most amazing V that he had ever seen. The young boy was definitely not wearing any underwear either, he was bare footed, as usual, and was wearing no shirt again. Coming up on the end of July, the boy was already a golden brown, and there were no discernible tan lines evident either, and he wondered if the amazing boy sun bathed nude.

He stammered a few times before managing to say hi back, they made small talk, and then the young boy continued on his merry way. An hour later, he saw the young boy come back home, with a younger boy in tow, and they headed out back.

Today he had not seen the two boys, only heard them, but it was the same voice as he had heard the previous day, so figured that it was the same nine year old boy from down the street. Also a pretty little boy, with medium length curly blond hair and pretty features. That boy looked like a girl, but he knew that the boy was definitely a boy, since he too was shirtless much of the summer, not to mention what he had just heard.

The boy next door though, no, he is all boy, there is just no mistaking that, yet almost anyone could see that he is gay too. Just the way he presents himself, he felt that anyone would know instantly, and he wondered if the boy realized it. He is very good looking, handsome, hot, gorgeous even. Not an ounce of fat could be seen anywhere on his body, and though he does not have a six pack yet, if he keeps it up, he will very soon. He is lean and long, and his muscles are already showing nicely when he runs. He has an ass on him that any gay guy would love to touch and caress. He has shaggy brown hair and mischievous brown eyes, cute little button nose, nice red lips that are definitely kissable, flawless smooth skin with dimples in his cheeks, just everything anyone could ask for in a boy.

Over the course of the next couple days, whenever he heard or saw his little neighbor boy in the back yard, especially if he had a friend over, he went out behind his shop and listened carefully. It was always the same, every time the boy god was back there with a friend, usually the blond boy, but there was one other slightly younger boy as well, they sucked each other and made each other cum, hard.

It is Wednesday afternoon, the neighbor lady was going to be home soon, and he saw the boy out front. He had worked up the courage to do so, so he beckoned him over.

“Hey there Cayden, how are you today?”

“Good Gary, and you?” The young boy asked happily.

“Good thanks. After dinner tonight, I'd like you to come over to my place and talk for a bit. Just go to your playhouse and sneak through the fence like I know you and your friends do sometimes to get to the gate in my yard so that you can go into the forest. Once in, just come to my shop.”

“Oh, you know about that?”

“Yeah, no worries though. If I was upset about that, I'd have said something about it shortly after I moved in. You weren't doing any damage, you never touched anything of mine, so it wasn't a big deal.”

“Oh, good, what'd you wanna talk about?”

“We'll talk about that later, but I'd like for you to come, and don't be afraid, you're not in any trouble.”

“Oh, okay.”

He turned and walked away after that, and Gary did so too. Now all he had to do was sit and wait patiently for the time to come. He had an early dinner, then went and sat in his shop, waiting for Cayden to arrive.

Finally a nervous looking Cayden came by. He was shirtless once again, though today his shorts actually fit him, and instead of nearly falling off, these ones appear to have been from the previous year and are too tight, a nice soft and supple cotton, dark blue, and incredibly hot on the even hotter boy. His ass looked absolutely stunning in them, and he even has a nice tight little lump in the front of them.

“Do all your clothes make you look so stunning?” Gary asked, licking his lips.

“Especially when I know you're looking.” He grinned.

“Ah, so you do know what you're doing, and you do know how I feel about you?”

“I noticed how you looked at me shortly after you moved in, and yeah, I knew. Everyone looks at me like that though, I like it, except from girls, them I don't like.”

“How long have you known you were gay?”

“Think I've always known.”

“And does your mom know?”

“Yeah, I told her a year ago, she snorted and asked me if I thought she didn't already know. I knew she did, which was why I told her. She always said that a boy with my body deserves clothes that'd show it off, and I like to. She told me too that she'd started to suspect I'd be gay when I was three, so she always made sure I was dressed appropriately.”

“And I hear you're having fun with your friends.”

“Oh, how'd you find out?” He asked unashamedly.

“I literally heard you the other day, so I've paid closer attention and listened even more. I was in the shop doing something, but I had to go to my storage racks to grab something, and that's when I heard you and your little blond friend sucking each other. You sounded quite hot. However, and that's the reason for our talk today, you need to be more careful. Bringing home younger boys like you've been's dangerous. You're enough older than them that it'd be you that got in trouble if you were caught.”

“Huh, what are you talking about. Jamie's older than I am. He turned ten a month ago, I just turned ten last week.”

“Huh, what, pardon me?”

“You heard me, he's older than I am. I just turned ten.”

“Oh, then you're a lot taller than your friends. I honestly thought you were twelve. Even when I moved in two years ago, I thought you were ten. Wow, and are you bigger in your shorts than your friends?”

“No, not really. Bigger than a couple, but smaller than a couple too, but not by much. We're pretty much all the same.” He said unashamedly.


“Yeah, well my mom's over six feet tall, I think six one or six two, but my dad was six eight my mom told me, and all my family are pretty tall too, so it just runs in the family she said. I'm the tallest in my grade, and taller than most of the kids in the next too.”

“I bet. So, another question, this one maybe a little embarrassing. Do you wet the bed every night? I always see Goodnites boxes in your recycling, and you or your mom don't seem to bother hiding the fact.”

“Nah, we don't see it as a big deal that I wet the bed, or that I might never stop. My dad had to go for surgery to fix the issue, so that he'd stop, but then, it'd gotten so bad that he was wetting during the day too. That was when he was thirteen. My mom was a bed wetter too, but she stopped when she was nine, so I'm doubly cursed she tells me. I don't really care, to tell you the truth.”

“And do you wear your Goodnites during the day?”

“When I'm sick or really tired, oh yeah, I have to. I've even had to wear them to school several times, and my friends all know it as well. A couple of them still wet the bed too, so it's not a big deal, and they all know I have problems.”

“And do you sometimes wear them when you're not sick or tired?”

“Sometimes. Why?”

“Just trying to figure out if you're a diaper lover or not.”

“What difference does it make?”

“None, really. If you had the chance to wear tape on diapers, would you take it?”

“I'd like to try them.” He answered, giving Gary a questioning look.

“And if you had the chance, would you wear all day every day?”

“Sometimes I'd like to, just maybe not all the time. I really like going out and showing off sometimes too.”

“That's what I thought. Last summer, I thought I saw you with a diaper bulge a few times when you were home alone. Why is it your mom leaves you alone, you're only ten, and then you were only nine?”

“I'm not as alone as you might think I am. We have nearly constant communication while she's at work, there's a video conferencing system in the kitchen, and it's pretty much active all day, so she can see most of the house, and we can talk pretty much any time. Also, the lady next door, god I hate her though, comes by a few times a day to check on me. She'll just barge right in, never bothers to knock or anything, I was in the bathroom the other day and she just barged in as well and said, oh, there you are. I hope I stunk real bad.”

“Oh, that's good then, I guess. She certainly shouldn't barge in on you in the bathroom, but it serves you right for not locking the door I suppose.”

“We don't have locks on our doors, we live by the privacy rule. If a door's closed, you knock before entering.”

“Not even on the bathroom?” Gary asked in shock.

“No, she said I was three and locked myself in the bathroom accidentally, I was panicking and she had to pick the lock, because I wouldn't listen to unlock it. So, she replaced it with a regular handle, and since then that's just the way it's always been.”

“Oh. What happened to your dad?”

“Died when I was five, he was a fire fighter and died doing what he loved to do, saving others. He saved three kids that day, died trying to save one of them, the boy survived, but my dad didn't, because he covered the boy with his own body to protect him when the roof caved in on them. He saved a lot of people, and even more still after because he was an organ donor and they used all that they could to help others too.”

“Oh, that's too bad really, even though he was such a hero, it still had to be hard on you and your mom.”

“Yeah, it was, but he told me all the time that he loved me, that he was proud of me, and that he did a dangerous job, and that some day he could die doing it, and to not be sad, because he was saving so many people. There were more than a hundred people at his funeral that he had personally saved or had helped to save, and with all their families and all our friends, there were more than five hundred people there. It was very nice, a fitting end to a great person.” He smiled sadly.

“And your mom works at the fire department as well, I seem to recall her saying that to me once before as well.”

“That's right. She's a fire detective. Most of her work's in the office, but lots of times she has to go to a fire and determine what happened. She had to go in after my dad died and figure out what caused the fire, and it was arson, the woman was trying to kill her husband and kids, she was totally mental, and my mom made sure she gets to stay in jail for life.”

“Wow, that's too bad. I'm sure that was the worst part, that your dad died because of someone else. If it was just an accidental fire, then there's nothing that could've been done about it, and it was just an accident, but that's horrible.”

“Yeah. So, clearly, you're gay. When did you know?”

“I was eight when I started to realize I was different, but, back then anyway, it was a death sentence to admit anything of the sort. I didn't understand what was wrong though 'til I was almost thirteen, I was really late in understanding things, I was also very sheltered and knew absolutely nothing of sex. I didn't even know how or why my dick got hard, but I was sure yelled at to never touch it. Suffice it to say, my parents never knew, and, considering they're dead, they never will either, they would've disowned me in a heartbeat. They were the epitome of backwards thinking, diehard bible thumping Christians, and gay was a huge shame. So, yeah, I buried my head in my school work, ignored everyone and everything around me, escaped from my parents the second I had the chance, and went to university at the age of sixteen. There I had the most amazing sex of my life, wasn't even out of my first week, and I was being nailed to the wall, thrice daily in most cases.”

“And what about diapers?” Cayden asked curiously.

“What about them?”

“When did you start loving them, did you wet the bed as well, and how often do you wear during the day?”

“What makes you think I did or do?”

“Because of the questions you asked me. I have a feeling that you're a diaper lover as well, aren't you?”

“Yes. I wet the bed every night of my life, still do actually, my parents tried their hardest to beat it outta me, and when I was nine, they actually took me to a doctor, a specialist, and he told them that it wasn't my fault, I had a weak bladder sphincter muscle, so, the second I relaxed, so did it, and I peed. They were aghast at the idea, so they used catheters on me for the longest time, I hated them, I hated my parents more.”

“Finally, when I was thirteen, I'd had my final bladder infection, I couldn't take it any more. It'd gone into my kidneys again, I was in agonizing pain, I can't begin to tell you how much it hurts. I was in the hospital, and I begged them to tell my parents that there were to be no more catheters. They told them several times that that was the cause, they diapered me in the hospital, I told them that's what I'd prefer, but my parents refused, saying that'd be shameful, that they couldn't have a baby in the house like that.”

“By the way, they did try condom catheters on me too, but I'm such a fitful sleeper that I'd just rip it off. I tell you though, tossing and turning with something in your dick that hurts you when you move too much, that's not so fun either. The funny thing is, I've met a few people that said that they had to use catheters, and they didn't hurt, but they always hurt me, not sure why. Even the doctors said they had no idea why, that most don't even find them uncomfortable. Well, I sure as hell did.”

“So, from then on, I got extra thick cloth diapers and plastic pants for bedtime, and I was happier than I'd ever been, even with my parents' constant nagging, I was happier. I was comfortable, I was dry, and I wasn't in pain. That's where my diaper love started. I'd known since I was a little kid that I needed diapers, even wanted them, and when I finally did, it was like falling into heaven. When I went to university, I started using disposable diapers, and wow, I tell you, some of the kinky things that that ended up causing to happen, man, I still go hard thinking about it. Granted, I've told you more than I probably should've, considering your age and all.”

“Wow. So, you got fucked hard when you were sixteen? How long had you dreamed about getting fucked?”

“For a couple years by then, but watch your mouth please, you shouldn't talk like that.”

“Why, I wanna get fucked so bad, and I wanna fuck my friends too, but they're not ready for that yet I don't think. So far I've only got three friends who'll play with me, and it was hard enough getting them to rub and then to suck, but they enjoy that lots now. I licked Jamie's bum hole a few days ago, and he said it felt really weird, I asked him if he wanted me to do it again, but he said no. I told him to tell me if he wanted me to again, 'cause I really wanna, I even wanna stick my tongue inside him and rim him real good and tongue fuck him.”

“You know more at ten than I knew at sixteen, how is that?”

“I use my internet time very wisely. I've been searching gay porn since I was six, and I've read hundreds of stories. I told Jamie that Nifty was his friend, to go read some stories and come back and tell me what makes his dick go real hard, and that we'd try some of them, that was this morning.”

“I like Nifty as well. You told him to make sure to delete his browser history and all that though, right?”

“Nah, I'm absolutely certain that his dad already knows he's gay anyway, but he's scared to tell him. I sorta want him to get caught, so that his dad can confront him finally, cause he needs it, he's so scared and timid. Not even sure how he could be, I mean, look at him, he's prettier than any of the girls in our class, but man oh man, his dick, so nice. And his ass, to die for. His dad knows I'm gay too, I'm sure of it.”

“I agree with you, he's certainly a pretty boy. The other boy that you have fun with, he's about nine, I wouldn't have even guessed he was gay though.”

“I don't know, he just likes to play, but he talks about girls too, shame, 'cause he's got the biggest dick of us all, but not by much. He feels real good in my mouth, but he doesn't like to suck me.”

“Does he though?”

“Yeah, I make sure that if I suck them that they suck me too.”

“Good. Don't want you being used and abused.”

“Nah, he wouldn't do that anyway. He won't let me touch his bum at all though.”

“Shame, he has a cute ass too.”

“Yeah, you can bounce a quarter off it.”

“Yours is better.” Gary grinned.

“Thanks. I do lots of exercises to keep in shape. My dad used to tell me all the time, when we were working out, 'cause we used to all the time, that I was gonna have a body that'd break all the boys and girls' hearts. I'm pretty sure he knew I was gay by then too, which was probably why he said both, so's not to push me one way or the other.”

“That's good, and I can tell you work out. You have an absolutely amazing body. So, does Jamie wet the bed and wear diapers to bed as well then?”

“Yeah, he does, just not every night.”

“You'd like to get into his diaper at night too, wouldn't you?”

“Hell yeah.” He grinned.

“You have a dirty mouth.”

“Thank you, wanna help me clean it?”

“Pardon me?”

“You heard me. You wanna have sex with me, I know you do, you have for a long time. So, you wanna suck each other, and then, I'd really love for you to teach me all about fucking, even though, technically speaking, I already know all about it, and I've even had lots inside my little gay baby boy pussy?”

“No, I couldn't. Yes, you're amazingly hot, yes, I've dreamed about you, but so have at least a hundred other men and teen boys, and yes, if it weren't insanely illegal, I'd take you up on your offer, but no, sadly, I cannot.”

“It's only illegal if you get caught, and there's no one that'd know, and besides, I want it.”

“People have ways of finding out, people notice things like that. No, as much as I'd love to, I can't, and please don't go offering any more. What've you used inside your hot little baby bum?”

“A few toys that resemble hot hard cocks, carrots, cucumbers, and of course my fingers. I can get four inside me now comfortably, and the cucumber that I used yesterday, my god, that was awesome, it felt so good. I'm getting real close to being able to slip my whole hand inside myself as well. As for not offering any more, not gonna happen, you may as well take me in and fuck me now. It's what I really want, and I want you to fuck me lots, and no amount of resistance on your part is gonna stop me from getting what I want, eventually. I know you'll cave, I've seen how you look at me, how you watch me, and you can't tell me that you haven't cum yourself silly thinking about me.”

Gary just gulped a few times, first when Cayden told all of what he had had inside himself, and then a couple times as Cayden told him what he wanted. “But, if we get caught, I go to prison instantly, and there's no get out of jail free card, there's no getting back to normal afterward, I'll forever be a marked man, I'll never be free, even when I get out. No, we can't.”

“Then why'd you ask me over then, if not to fuck me silly?”

“To tell you to be careful when with younger boys, I didn't want you getting yourself into trouble. Remember, I thought you were older than you actually are.”

“Would you've fucked me if I were twelve?”

“No, that'd still be too young. Sixteen is when you're legal, so maybe then.”

“You don't really wanna wait six years though, do you?”


“You're lying to me, I can see it in your eyes.”

“I'm not lying to you. It's not what I want, it's what I have to do. Plain and simple.”

“But you would if you could?”

“That's neither here nor there, it's illegal, plain and simple, therefore, we can't.”

“I could just rape you?”

“You could, but that's not something you or I want, and besides, if we got caught, no one would believe you or I that it was you that started it, I'd still go to jail, and it'd be your fault. How would that make you feel.”

“Absolutely fucking mad, they'd listen to me, I'd make sure of it. Fine, but I will wear you down. I'd better get back home before my mom realizes I'm gone again.”

“No, you won't, and yeah, you'd better go, have a good night.”

Cayden left then, and Gary gave a deep sigh of relief. Having the young horny boy so close and so very willing was harder than he had thought it would be. The problem, of course, is that Gary knew that Cayden would keep working him now, and he truly wondered how long he could keep up his resistance. As soon as he was clear to do so, Gary hit the washroom in his shop, dropped his shorts and diaper, grunted as his erection was released and smack hard into his abs, and then grasped on and stroked only twice and exploded, painting the mirror, which was a good meter away, with ten hard shots. He slumped down onto the toilet and caught his breath and regained his bearings.

As soon as Gary came down, he gathered up his shorts and threw the ruined diaper into the trash. He had ripped his diaper off so harshly that, even though it had not been full yet, it was now unusable. He slipped into his shorts, shut off the lights to the shop and locked it up, and headed into the house for the rest of the night.

Nothing seemed to keep his mind off of Cayden though, the boy is so incredibly hot, and he knew it too, and sexy, and he knew that even more so. Visions of Cayden ran through Gary's head all evening long, and, before bed, he had to jack off again. He could not sleep, and when he did finally fall asleep, visions of Cayden dancing around in his head all night long plagued him. Some of the visions were so incredibly erotic. Some of them were of Cayden naked and hard, some of them were with him wearing assorted diapers that Gary had seen, and would very much like to see Cayden in, and some of the visions were of Cayden in his hot cut off jeans that showed so much, yet not enough.

When Gary woke the next morning, his diaper was wet, as usual, but it also appeared that he had unloaded at least one more good load of cum into it throughout the night as well, and still, he had to jack off once more. Laying on his bed, diaper still under his bum, Gary jacked off, this time having to stroke only a dozen times, before painting himself with another eight healthy sized shots of cum. After licking off the mess, he headed to the shower and cleaned up, then went and got diapered and dressed for the day.

As soon as Cayden got home, he headed back into the house to talk to his mom. He wanted to get proper diapers, he felt that that would cause Gary to completely lose it and fuck him silly. He asked his mom if they could have a serious talk, so she shut off the TV and turned to face him.

“Mom, you know I'm gay, right, well, I met someone who I wanna have sex with, but he's older than I am, by quite a bit. He's also a diaper lover, and I sorta am too, though not as much as him, at least yet. Would you buy me the really good diapers and let me be with him?”

“You know you're only ten, right?”

“Yeah, that was his argument as well.” Cayden laughed.

“Yeah, I don't doubt it. So, Gary finally admitted his feelings to you then?”

“Not at first. He actually invited me over this evening to talk, he wanted to tell me to be careful taking younger boys to have sex with, that I could get in trouble. He thought I was twelve, so the others were younger than me. So, yeah, we straightened that out, and we talked more, but he won't have sex with me.”

“Can't say's I blame him for turning you down, you know just how illegal it is, I told you when you told me you were gay, because I knew what you wanted. I have no problems with it though, and yes, I'll go buy you some really good diapers. Would you like me to go get some now?”

“Would you please?”

“Okay, you stay here, and behave.”

She was gone only a couple minutes later. Cayden already had to go pee, but he held that, and went to the kitchen and got a couple glasses of juice to help ensure that he peed even more. By the time his mom arrived, half an hour later, he was in desperate need of peeing.

“By the potty dance you have going on there, I take it you want your new diapers right now?”

“Yes please?”

“Would you like help getting diapered?”

“Yes please, I have no idea how to diaper myself.”

Cayden is not at all ashamed to be naked in front of his mom, she had seen it all many times before, he walked around the house naked more than enough already. No sooner was the diaper pulled up and taped on when Cayden let go his aching bladder and filled the diaper up with a good first wetting. He was nowhere near full, so that was good, and there was still so much room left, that he felt that he was safer with it the way it was than he would be with a fresh Goodnite for the night.

“Looked like you enjoyed that.” His mom said, laughing.

“Actually, I did, thanks a lot mom.”

“You know, you and your dad are a lot alike. He never let you see it, because he wanted you to grow to be your own person, but he was a full on diaper lover as well. Granted, he wasn't at all gay, whereas you are full on gay. I'm bi, so I guess you got your gay genes from me.”

“I admit, I always thought you were, and I even thought I'd seen dad wearing diapers, but that was so long ago already, that I was starting to forget.”

“Yeah, it was already quite a while ago. I have pictures of him in just diapers, if you'd like to see them.”

“Really, yeah.” He said happily.

She went and grabbed her Notebook computer and booted it up and then showed Cayden all the pics of his dad that he would have never seen before. They looked for almost an hour.

“Wow, he was hot like that.” Cayden finally said, having hardly said a word the entire time.

“Yeah, he was my hot baby fireman. I'm not a diaper lover, like you two are, or were as it were, but I am in another way. I love to baby my babies, diaper them, give them everything that a mommy needs to give her babies.”

“Did you breast feed him too?”

“Absolutely, he loved it once I started to produce, and I stayed producing 'til after he died.”

“Oh, I hope you don't want me to do that too, girls do nothing for me.”

“No, that'd be just a tad bit weird to me, I couldn't breast feed my ten year old son. I may be kinky and weird, but there are limits even to my weirdness.”

“Oh. And you're okay with me being with Gary if he'll let me?”

“Absolutely. Do you know how old I am compared to your dad?”


“I'm fifteen years older than he was, and he was eight when we met. So, yeah, I'm not against adult child love in the least, in fact, I think it's great.”

“Oh, so how old was Dad when he died then?”

“Twenty five.”

“Oh. I never realized he was so young. I knew you were forty five, it just never dawned on me, I guess.”

“Yeah. So, how does your diaper feel now that it's nice and wet?”

“Really good, thanks. These are way more comfortable than the Goodnites.”

“Good. Your dad liked these ones as well, though they've changed a bit since then, for the better by the feel of them.”

“That's cool. So, have you had any other young baby boyfriends since Dad died?”

“No, not for lack of wanting though. Your young friend David that you suck, the one I'm pretty sure isn't gay, but just likes getting sucked, now, he I'd like to diaper and get into bed for some good dirty fun.”

“He wets the bed still, it wouldn't be hard to convince him to wear these diapers I bet.” Cayden grinned.

“Mmm, maybe we'll have to invite him over then one night.”

“As long as I get to invite Gary over.”

“I'd be okay with that.”

“Awesome. Thanks Mom. Well, I better go to bed, I'm getting tired.”

“Okay my beautiful baby boy, you go have a good sleep.” She said, giving him a hug and kiss goodnight, patting his cute soggy baby bum as he skipped past.

Cayden had to jack off twice before he was able to go to sleep, and when he finally did, he too had dreams of Gary all night long. Had he been able to wet cum, his diaper would have also been extra wet this morning, for he had at least one more wet dream himself. Leaving his diaper as it was, Cayden headed to the kitchen for breakfast, and to see his mom before she went to work.

“Morning Mom.”

“Morning Baby. My my, baby sure is soggy this morning. Looks like you enjoyed your diaper a great deal more throughout the night. Did you leak?”

“I did enjoy it, and no, I didn't leak at all. Had I've worn one of my Goodnites and peed as much as I did while I slept, I would've leaked for sure. And yes, I mean without having peed it so much before bed.”

“I knew what you meant, so that's good. To tell you the truth, I was surprised that you asked for Goodnites when you grew out of the Pampers when you were seven, I thought for sure you were gonna ask for another tape on diaper. I asked you what you wanted, and you chose the Goodnites.”

“Not really even sure what my reasoning for doing so was. I wouldn't make that choice now, and I'm definitely keeping these diapers from now on.”

“Good. You look much better in them.”

“Thanks. Hey, can I ask Gary to watch me throughout the days now, instead of Ms. Bitchy?”

“I know she's a bitch, but you shouldn't call her that. She's nice in her own way, just harsh, and she's had a hard life. Don't call someone names 'til you've walked a mile in their shoes.”

“Sorry.” He said softly.

“It's not me you should say sorry to, but I do understand. I won't say yes, yet, though, because you first have to have him come around to your way of thinking. If you plan to go over there this morning in that soggy baby diaper, you might just get your wish sooner, rather than later.”

“Which is why I haven't changed yet.” He grinned.

“That's what I thought.”

“You won't tell her, will you?”


“Thanks. Well, you have to get going already Mom, so have a good day at work.”

“Oh shit, you're right. Have a good day baby, behave, try not to torture Gary too much, have him call me if he doesn't believe you, and enjoy, if he caves, which I bet he does.”

Cayden was incredibly happy. Having learned from his mom what he had the night before, and even this morning, that he was just as bad as his parents were, helped him a great deal. He admitted that he had often wondered why his mom had always encouraged him to dress the way he did, and why she always encouraged him to enjoy his diapers, though they were Goodnites for the past few years, and now he knew. As soon as she was gone, Cayden went to his bedroom and used the lube that he had and prepared his hot little hole, getting four fingers inside himself, and then, when he was good to go, put on a pair of shorts that were just barely large enough to cover his diaper. He knew that if anyone saw him like this that they would see instantly what he was wearing. That was okay though, there was only going to be one person that saw him now as he was. He also put on a shirt and then his sandals and headed outside to his back yard.

Cayden slipped through the back fence behind his playhouse where it separated his and Gary's yards, but was open just enough for him to get through, and then he crept up the side of the shop to see if the doors were open yet. He knew that Gary was usually in there most hours of the day, playing and or working, because he knew that Gary did not have to work, but that he made beautiful artwork out of wood and sold it. The doors were already open, and he could hear something running, so he snuck in. Gary had his back turned to the doors, so he did not see Cayden arrive.

Cayden grinned, set down the diaper bag he had, and then stripped silently, so as not to alert Gary that he was there. He stripped off his shirt and shorts, leaving his sandals on for now, then went and laid himself right on the work table that Gary often sat at. Currently there was nothing on the table, so that was perfect for Cayden. It was only a few moments later that Gary turned and saw Cayden there, laying on his table, just as gorgeous as ever, only now wearing just the thickest and soggiest tape on diaper he could imagine. The beautifully carved jewelry box that he had been busy sanding, and had been holding, slipped from his hands and crashed to the floor, broken beyond repair.

“Cayden, why are you here, and wearing only a diaper?” He asked, his voice hoarse and heavy. He had had to lick his lips and swallow several times in order to even speak that much.

“This is how you dreamed of me the most, so, I asked my mom to buy me proper diapers. You know what though, these are what I'm using from now on, they're way more comfortable.”

“You can't be here, not like this Cayden.” He said, starting to cry.

“You want me though, I know you do.”

“Yes, I do, but we can't. Your mom'll kill me if she finds out.”

“No, she won't, I asked her and she said she was perfectly okay with it. She told me lots of stuff last night.” He said, and then gave the brief version of the history that his mom told him.

“Wow.” Was all Gary could say.

“Go ahead, call her please, she'll help to protect us, I promise, then I want you to make love to me through our soggy baby diapers.”

“I can't.” He whispered, but his resolve was wearing hair thin now. Out of all the things that Cayden could have done to truly test his limits, Gary knew that the way the boy was dressed right now was the one thing that could and would make him cave. Almost anything else he would be able to withstand, but not this. Diapered was how he had wanted to see Cayden for so long, but, most especially, in a very thick soggy diaper, and that is how Cayden is dressed right now.

“Oh yes you can. Go ahead, call her, you need to know for yourself, you're still telling yourself that I was only telling you what you needed to hear. I promise you that that's not the case.”

Gary almost said fuck it, but he kept it in, yet he did grab the phone. As soon as he did, Cayden told him the phone number to his moms direct line, and he dialed it in. It rang only twice before she picked up and answered.

“Station Twelve, Investigators office, Debbie speaking, how may I help you?”

“Um, hi Debbie, it's Gary, you know, your next door neighbor.”

“Hi Gary. I hope you're not calling me about a fire, other than the one that my son's apparently lit deep within you.” She laughed.

“Excuse me.”

“You heard me. I'm sure he told you of our conversation last night, and I told him that if it's what he wanted, that I was happy for him. Like I can say anything about it, because, let's face it, he's a right little hottie, and if he weren't my son, or gay, I'd be doing him ten or fifteen times a day, like I'm certain you wanna. Nah, I have my eyes on one of his hot little friends. Can't wait to get the little cutie diapered and into bed myself. Now, go ahead, hang up, and take my son to another world, I dare say, you both need it.”

He was absolutely flabbergasted, he could say nothing, Debbie just laughed and told him to have fun and hung up. Gary just looked at the phone in his hand for several seconds before turning it off and setting it down.

“So, did she tell you to fuck me silly?” Cayden asked happily.

“Um, pretty much, yeah.”

“Good, then strip down to your soggy diaper and come fuck me, fill me up, I want your cock, your cum, and even your piss, if you have any to give that is. I don't want you to stop fucking me 'til your balls are so empty it hurts to cum. I don't want you to stop fucking me 'til you go soft.”

Poor Gary had had all he could possibly take, he did say fuck it this time, Cayden heard and grinned, and then Gary started to strip down to just his diaper. Once he was down to just his diaper, and he was still standing a couple meters from where Cayden was laid out, he started walking toward Cayden, all the while he was poking a hole in the front of his diaper. By the time he reached Cayden, his erection was already poked out the front and he was dripping and ready.

“I've already lubed up my baby bum for you, but I'll have closed up a bit, so, go ahead and suck me and finger me more to open me back up.” Cayden said.

And so Gary did so. He leaned down, poked a hole in the back of Cayden's diaper with one hand and pulled the front down with the other. Cayden's hot little erection popped up instantly, and Gary thought for barely a second that Cayden was a good size, nearly the exact same size as his middle finger, before he swooped in for the prize and engulfed all that Cayden had to offer, balls and all. He slipped his middle finger into the hole in Cayden's diaper, found his hot moist and slick hole and started slowly working his finger inside, it slipped in instantly. The sound Cayden made was one of pure satisfaction, and caused Gary to relax. He sucked Cayden's hot little dick and balls as best he knew, and he loved the taste, the texture, the everything. Cayden's little balls were amazing too, a silky smooth sack that was a good size for a boy his age, but about right for a boy his size, and his little nuts inside were perfectly round and hard as he nibbled on them, thus causing Cayden to grunt and sigh and moan.

“Oh god yeah, you suck dick better than all my friends put together. Your finger feels absolutely fucking amazing deep inside me, but put another in, open me up.”

Gary did as he was told to. He could easily feel that Cayden could take it, he was amazingly loose and lubed. He slipped his index finger in next with his middle finger, and, once more, his finger just glided smoothly in all at once with next to no resistance.

Cayden sighed even deeper still. “Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.”

Gary was amazed at how open Cayden was already and how hot and soft and slick he was inside. Everything about this was making him feel good. The sounds that Cayden was making though were out of this world, and they were turning Gary on like nothing ever had before.

“Oh fuck me, I'm cumming.” Cayden finally squealed. “Stick another finger in me as I cum.”

Without thinking, Gary did exactly as he was told to do, and slipped his ring finger in as well, ramming it all the way in, and that was all it took to send Cayden to orbit. Fourteen hard pulses is what Gary counted, but no sweet cum, he knew Cayden was still years away from that, yet the orgasm that he had just had was far more powerful than Gary ever recalled having himself. Then, as soon as Cayden sighed, he let go the small amount of pee that he had in him and peed in Gary's mouth. He grabbed hold and made sure that Gary drank it all down, and, at first, Gary was shocked, but then he got a taste and drank it down greedily. Once Cayden was done, he sighed, and Gary pulled off.

“You peed in my mouth.”

“Haven't you ever dreamed of that before? I love my friends peeing in mine, and Jamie lets me pee in his too, and I want you to pee in my bum after you cum in me. I love peeing on myself too, when I'm in the bath or shower, or sometimes I'll just wet my pants on purpose, it feels so good. I even like to suck my own dick and pee in my mouth. Did you like it?”

“It was pretty good, come to think about it. No, I never thought about it before though.”

“Oh, now fuck me.”

Gary just nodded, changed positions, lifted Cayden's legs up and out, then slipped inside the hot little boys soggy diaper, and then into his even hotter ass. There was no resistance, there was no abnormal amount of pressure, it was nice and tight, it was gloriously soft and smooth, and the heat was amazing, but nothing that would hurt Cayden.

“Oh my god, you feel amazing inside.” Gary said, sighing even deeper than he had ever heard himself do so before.

“And you feel amazing inside me too. Go ahead and fuck me now, fuck me and fill me up.”

“I don't know how long I'm gonna last.”

“Who cares, just don't stop, keep fucking me.”

With that, Gary started pulling out, so that only just the very tip of his erection was left inside Cayden, and then he reversed direction and slipped it all the way back inside. He was going to long dick him as slowly as he possibly could, so as to hopefully allow this to last a little longer. His first orgasm though, came after only his fifth stroke, he was so hot, so horny, that he just exploded.

“Oh fuck me, that was amazing.” He said when he finally came down.

Gary had slammed himself in to the hilt when he started firing, Cayden felt Gary unloading deep inside himself, and he absolutely loved it, and it caused him to explode in his immature baby boygasm as well.

“Oh yeah, it was, you filled me up so nicely. Now, if you can, piss in me, fill me up even more, make me sloppy, and then piss fuck me real good.”

“Oh god, here I go, this is so wrong and so kinky.” And then the flow started.

“Right, and definitely kinky.”

Gary did not have much to give, it is hard for him to hold his pee at the best of times anyway, so he gave Cayden all that he had.

“Mmmm, yeah, that's the ticket, god I love being pissed in. Now, fuck me.”

And so Gary did as he was told, he started thrusting again, going even slower this time to try and prolong the amazing feelings. He was still going just as long, just as deep, pulling out until he threatened to slip out, and then pushing all the way back inside, until their soggy diapers were pressed together in the most intimate way possible.

Now that the main pressure had been released, they were both now able to truly enjoy, and enjoy they did. Cayden reached up and pulled Gary down, and when he was, Cayden pressed his lips to his mans and kissed him far deeper and more passionately than he had ever been kissed before, thus causing Gary to melt even more.

Their second orgasms came only seconds after they started kissing, yet they never broke their lip lock. They both exploded at almost the exact same time, and then Gary paused for several moments before starting up again. Still they were kissing.

Their third orgasms came about five minutes later, and Gary was already starting to hurt, yet he did not want to stop any more than Cayden did. Who would want to leave heaven any earlier than they had to, right. They still did not break their kiss.

Seconds before their fourth orgasms slammed into them, Gary knew that it was going to have to be their last, at least for this session, because he was burning up now, and he doubted very seriously that he would be firing any more cum. And then it hit them, their final orgasms, and Gary went soft half way through, and he slumped down as the rest of the orgasm wracked his body. Cayden was fast approaching the time when he too would not be able to go any longer, and he was disappointed that their fun was now over, because he felt Gary go soft.

Finally their kiss stopped, because as soon as the last orgasm let Gary go, he had nothing left, and he just laid there, thankfully supporting most of his own weight still, his head laying next to Cayden's.

It was more than five minutes later that Gary finally came down, and he turned his head, so that his lips were right next to Cayden's ear, and whispered, “I love you so much my gorgeous little gay baby boy. As wrong as it is for us to be doing this, it was so amazingly right. I hope and pray that this won't be our only time, even though I know we can't possibly do it again. We can't share this love, but I'm powerless to stop it, and I don't want to any more.”

Cayden turned his head and looked his man in the eye and whispered back, “I know what we have is frowned upon, that we could get in trouble, but it's what we both want and need, what's good and right for us, so I say fuck anyone else who says otherwise. I love you so much, I never want this to end, I wanna feel you in me every day, hopefully more than once too, I need to feel you in me.”

“And I wanna feel you in me as well. I wanna share everything with you, what one does, so does the other, sharing equally in our love.”

“Me too.”

“Well Baby, we both have ruined diapers that need to be changed, and then I could seriously use some food and drink and maybe even a rest.”

“Me too.”

Gary pushed himself up and off of Cayden, pulling his softened dick from inside Cayden's soggy ruined diaper, and then stood up, albeit shakily.

“Wow, I've never felt so worn out before.”

“Good.” Cayden said, a light giggle escaping. “I'm glad I could make you feel so good, but you made me feel even better yet.”

“Good, I'm glad.” Gary said, smiling brightly.

Gary stumbled over to where Cayden had dropped his bag and grabbed it. He opened it up and dug through it for only a seconds to grab what he needed, pulling out one of the nice thick diapers. He then went over and smiled to his baby.

“So, now the question is, should I remove the diaper you're wearing, or should I poke more holes in it and put this one right over top?”

“I think I'll go with option number two please.” He smiled brightly.

“Good, I hoped you would, and once we get back in the house, I'll ask you to do the same to me.”


Gary had Cayden all fixed up moments later, and then, even though they hardly fit, he put Cayden's shorts back onto him, and then his shirt as well. He then pulled Cayden so that he was standing as well.

“Fuck me, you're even hotter like this.” Gary groaned, and though normally such a sight would cause him to go instantly hard, he was still too drained to even chub up.

“Thanks. Can't wait to see you like this as well.” Cayden said, and then went and grabbed Gary's clothes and helped him into them as well.

It was thankfully a very short walk from the shop to the house, and no one could really even see them from anywhere, but Cayden was still incredibly obvious as to what he was wearing. They made it inside and Gary led Cayden to his bedroom, then proceeded to strip off his clothes again, and then pointed Cayden at his diaper supplies. Cayden went and grabbed what he needed and came back and double diapered his man.

“Wow, you look really hot like this as well.”

“Thanks, now let's get your clothes off, so that we're in just our baby diapers.”

Cayden did not wait for a second request, he instantly stripped off his shorts and shirt, and then they were both standing there in only their double diapers. After tearing their eyes off each other, they headed to the kitchen, where they grabbed themselves a large snack and an even larger drink.

“Would you like to go lay down in my bed and cuddle up and have a bit of a nap?”

“Sure, that sounds good. You wore me out pretty good there.”

“Yeah.” Gary snorted.

They did go and lay down though and cuddled up together. They both fell asleep a few minutes later, and slept for a good hour and a half, maybe two hours. Neither had looked at the clock before doing so, so they had no idea.

After their incredible sex induced nap, the two baby lovebirds curled up on the couch and watched a couple movies together. When asked if he would watch Cayden during the days, Gary said yes instantly, and Cayden called his mom and told her so. She asked him how it was, and he said just one word in response, glorious. She was happy for him and said so.

That afternoon, once both their diapers were reaching maximum capacity, they went back to Gary's bedroom and Cayden got to make love to his man. They started by Cayden sucking and fingering Gary this time, and Cayden loved the taste of Gary's cum and piss, because Gary saved a small load for him as well. Unfortunately Gary had to take his diapers off, whereas Cayden just pushed his down in the front, then slipped inside his man and made love to him. Cayden had saved up as much pee as he could and filled Gary up as much as possible, to which Gary sighed deeply. It was almost as good as being filled with cum, of which he could not wait until Cayden started producing as well.

Once sated again, they changed each others diapers, this time going for only a single diaper, and then not long after, Cayden had to head home. They kissed each other tenderly before Cayden left, and then he skipped out the back door and headed home. Once his mom got home, he told her all about their day and how nice it really was, and she was happy. She did ask him to invite his friend over for the night the next day, being Friday, and he agreed and called him right away. He said yes right away. Even though he did not care for sucking dick too much, it was not so bad, but getting his sucked was incredible. He did not even care that he was a bed wetter and had to wear his Goodnites there, because so did Cayden. Debbie was pleased that it was going as planned.

The following day, not long before Debbie was to come home, Cayden's young friend arrived, and they sucked each other just once, Cayden saying that they would have a lot more fun later, the boy not realizing that his every dream was about to come true. Cayden had spent the day with Gary again, only coming home just before his friend was to arrive, and Gary was very happy that Cayden said that he was going to come spend the night, after getting his mom and friend together.

As soon as Debbie arrived, she was pleased to see, once more, how Cayden's beautiful young friend's eyes followed her. Shortly after she arrived, Cayden told his friend that he had to go out for a bit, that something came up, but that he could stay with his mom for a while. He did not seem upset by this turn of events. Cayden headed out to Gary's right then, not intending to return that night, knowing that his friend was in good hands.

As soon as Cayden was gone, Debbie started her plan.

“David, I know you're a bed wetter, same as Cayden is. I know you know I know, so that's not the reason I'm telling you. Why I'm telling you, is because Cayden's been wetting so much recently that I switched him to proper diapers, nice thick thirsty tape on diapers. I wanna know how you've been doing, and if you'd prefer to wear one of Cayden's diapers instead of your Goodnites.”

“Um, I've been wetting a lot recently, and I leaked a few times this week.” He said, looking down.

“Nothing to be ashamed about. I was a bed wetter too, so was Cayden's dad, only he never stopped. He preferred tape on diapers. If you're okay with it, I'll put you into one of Cayden's diapers, so that you don't leak tonight. Would you like that?”

“Okay, I guess so, but, I don't know how to put one on.”

“That's okay, I can help you with that. Come to my bedroom, and we'll try one on you right now.”

“Right now.” He stuttered and blushed.

“Sure, that way you can see how they feel. And just a side note, Cayden told me that you enjoy diapers, so, while you're here, and you have a diaper on, you're welcome to wet it as much as you want.”

“He told you that, he'd promised he'd never tell anyone, but he does too.” He said, thinking that it would get Cayden in trouble.

“I know, don't worry. Come on, let's go get you into a diaper.”

She led him to her bedroom, and though he did not go willingly, neither did he fight it. It was what he really wanted, and to be diapered by her was even more so. She stood him by the bed, then knelt down and started removing all his clothes. He was so nervous as to what was happening though, that his young penis had yet to react. He is ever so slightly larger than Cayden, though soft it hardly appeared so. Debbie then picked David up and laid him on the bed, she already had all the diaper supplies there and waiting, so she slipped the diaper under his cute bum, then applied a very good coating of lotion and cream to his groin, thus causing him to fully harden. He blushed.

“Nothing to be ashamed with, you have a very nice young erection, you should be very proud of it.” She said, and then started stroking it gently.

David grunted and groaned, panted and sighed. This was everything and more than he had ever dreamed about, and then he exploded. Less than thirty seconds was all it took.

“Very good Baby, that was a good baby boygasm. You're a very good baby boy. Maybe later I'll let you fuck me. Would you like that?” She asked softly as she was pulling up and taping closed the diaper.

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Good. Would you like to be my baby boy?”


“Would you like to come over more often and let me diaper you, so that I can see you looking so amazingly hot like this, and have sex with me?”

“Oh yes.” He sighed deeply.

“Good. I've missed having a cute little baby boy like you for myself. Cayden's next door with the neighbor for the whole weekend, they're probably already fucking each other silly, Cayden just loves his big mans cock buried inside him. I'd like for you to stay here with me for the whole weekend, I'll keep you nice and thickly diapered and we can have sex.”

“He's getting fucked by your neighbor, and you want to have sex with me all weekend?”

“Absolutely. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes.”


“Will you be wearing diapers too?”

“No, I don't like wearing them, just babying my special boys. I love seeing boys in them, I love them fucking me while wearing them, but I don't like wearing them. My husband got me into them a couple times, and I did it for him, but it's not something I enjoy as much.”

“Oh, okay. I'd like to see you in one sometime though.”

“And I'll do it for you too.” She smiled.

From there they got to really know each other. David asked to see her naked, so she let him strip her, and allowed him to play in any way he desired. They had a lot of fun on their first weekend, and from then on, he was a permanent fixture in their home, every weekend he stayed in fact.

Gary and Cayden were having a great time as well. They made love to each other several times, and Saturday morning Cayden even called his beautiful baby boyfriend Jamie over to come have some fun. At first Jamie could not understand why Cayden was at Gary's, nor why Cayden had said to come through the forest and to meet them in Gary's back yard, but he did as he was told. They beckoned him into the house, and then they both dropped their robes, and Jamie's jaw hit the floor.

“You're both wearing diapers.” He said in shock.

“That's right. Would you like us to diaper you up nice and thickly too. We just put these ones on, so we're fresh too. We fucked each other so hard that we had to change.”

“You fucked each other too?”

“Oh yeah.” Cayden said happily.

“Wow, are you gonna fuck me too Gary?”

“Only if you ask me to. Otherwise I'll be happy to watch you two play, you'll get to wear and wet nice thick thirsty baby diapers as much as you want, and you get to be free.”

“Oh yes, I'd love to have you fuck me. I want Cayden to be my first though.”

“Oh yeah.” Cayden smiled brightly.

They took Jamie right to the bedroom and stripped him bare, he was already nice and hard, and they diapered him up nice and thick. Then, because they were both already well and truly sated, for the time being, they lavished all their attentions onto Jamie. Cayden got to go first, and he pulled down the front of Jamie's diaper and sucked him. He then poked a hole in the seat of his diaper and lubed up the hot little boy hole buried inside. He started to play and finger as he sucked, and before too long, Jamie was having his first orgasm.

Cayden and Gary traded places, and Gary did the same things. Gary's index finger is larger than Cayden's middle finger, so Jamie grunted lightly as it slipped inside him, yet it was not all that painful and he never asked for Gary to stop. Then he sighed deeply as it slid in all the way. Jamie was panting more and more now, he was feeling amazing. Then he came again, and Cayden and Gary traded places again.

Cayden slipped his middle and index finger in together this time, and Jamie grunted then sighed again, and a few minutes later, he came. They traded places again, and when Gary inserted his two fingers, Jamie groaned deeply and grunted out the words oh fuck, that hurts. Yet he never asked Gary to stop, or even to pause, so he did not. This orgasm took the longest so far, but when he came, Cayden and Gary traded places once more, and Cayden slipped three of his fingers in. This orgasm took longer still, and then Jamie really groaned deeply as Gary slipped three of his fingers inside the hot little boy. Still Jamie did not ask for them to stop, even though he was hurting a bit now, he still felt far more pleasure from everything, and he wondered how much longer they were going to be, because he was getting very tired now.

As soon as Jamie came that time, he went soft in Gary's mouth, and Gary knew that their fun and games were now done, for the time being anyway. While Jamie was still coming down, Cayden passed Gary the butt plug that Gary had bought for this very reason, he had bought three only the night before, one for each other them, both of them were already wearing theirs, and Gary slipped it into Jamie. Jamie grunted lightly, but otherwise said nothing. They then proceeded to double diaper Jamie, and when he came down, he was urged to double diaper the other two as well.

“Wow, this feels great, it's so amazing. That thing you put in my bum and then two thick diapers, but why?”

“Why not?” Cayden grinned.

“Yeah, why not, we're gay baby boy diaper lovers, we love wearing thick soggy baby diapers and toys in our baby bums. I think you'll agree that it's wonderful.”

“Wonder, absolutely, full, even better so.” He sighed.

Jamie still ached a bit, the butt plug is not exactly small, and Jamie's hot little bum hole is not exactly large, but it was not too big for him either, just a nice stretch. Cayden's plug is larger, by almost fifty percent, and Gary's is larger still, just a touch over double what Jamie is wearing.

“Good.” Both of them laughed.

“So, you're gonna fuck me later then and fill me up?”

“Yeah.” They both said.

“Good. I read a bunch of stories off that Nifty site you told me about, and I read one last night that was all about boys and men in diapers, having hot gay baby orgies, cumming and pissing in each other, and it made me so hard, I had to rub myself five times while reading it, and I'm not finished yet. My dad found out what site I was on though, he asked me if I went to it and if I had read all the stories that were highlighted. I had to say yes, and he told me that it was okay, that he had known for years that I was gonna be gay. He asked me if I was a diaper lover as well, because I guess he read some of them to see what I was reading, and I had to answer yes. That was this morning and he said that he'd get me proper diapers instead of Goodnites, and that I was allowed to wear them as often as I wanted, when and if I wanted. And now today I get to be really fucked, this day just keeps getting better and better.” He said, tears of joy running down his cheeks.

“Good, you're such a pretty baby boy, especially in your thick baby diapers, you deserve to have all that and more. I have a boyfriend now, but we can share and have fun with you from time to time, but I think you're gonna have to find yourself a hot gay baby boyfriend of your own. Maybe when you do, we can all have fun together from time to time.”

“What about Stephen, I know he's more your friend than mine, but he's really cute, and I liked sucking him and him sucking me.”

“He'd be good, but I don't know if he'd be into wearing diapers or not. He doesn't wet the bed, and the few times I asked if he wanted to wear one of my diapers, he refused. It wouldn't hurt to ask him though, because I think you'll agree that baby diaper sex is the best.”

“I could always ask, and entice him. The chance to fuck me, but only if he wears diapers too, I bet he'd do it.”

“Maybe, maybe not. What about that hot thirteen year old next door to you. I'm positive he's gay, and I'm pretty sure that was a Goodnites box I saw in their recycling, though they had tried to hide it as best as possible.”

“Ooh, there's a good thought, he's hot. He babysat me the other night, I bet the next time he babysits me I could get him diapered and fuck him and have him fuck me too.”

“That'd be hot. I wouldn't mind having some fun with him myself.”

“Mmm, I think that's what I'm gonna do then.”

From there they went and sat back and relaxed for the rest of the morning. Just after lunch, all three of them were good and wet, and they were all good and horny again, so they headed to the bedroom, where they all knew that fun times were to be had. Jamie was urged up onto his knees and Gary and Cayden took up ends. Cayden took Jamie's bum, while Gary got to have his mouth.

Jamie was a little clumsy at first sucking such a big dick, but after only a couple minutes, he was taking as much of Gary as he possibly could, and was enjoying himself immensely. Cayden lowered the back of Jamie's diaper and slowly worked to pull out the butt plug firmly encased, and when it did, it came out with a grunt from Jamie. As soon as it was out though, Cayden added more lube, then pulled down his diaper in the front, and wasted no time in inserting himself as fully as he could into Jamie's baby bum

Jamie was the first to cum, only a couple minutes later, and as soon as he did, the other two let themselves go as well and filled him up. Jamie got to taste his first load of cum, and he loved it, and though he wanted to taste Gary's piss as well, Gary was saving that to really fill up the hot young boy. Cayden, of course, had no cum to give, but he gave Jamie all the piss that he was able to, and filled Jamie up nicely.

Cayden and Gary traded places once again, and this time, Jamie got to be fucked through his diaper. Gary pulled it up and poked a hole in it, and then poked a hole in the front of his and fed it through his diaper and into Jamie's, then slipped as deep inside as he could in one long slow push. Jamie sighed deeply around Cayden's dick, which had instantly appeared in his mouth as soon as Gary had moved.

Gary long dick fucked Jamie, pulling all the way out and then slipping all the way back inside as slowly as he could, and Jamie came first again, only this time, neither of his fuckers did, they were able to hold on. When they did cum though, Gary filled Jamie's hot little bum with another load of cum, and then filled him with a good sized load of piss. This time they did not trade places, Gary just kept right on piss fucking Jamie real well, and for some strange reason, Jamie had no complaints. They only lasted through one more orgasm before Gary was spent. He went soft inside Jamie before he even pulled out, and they all sighed deeply.

Cayden extracted himself from Jamie's mouth as Gary pulled out of his diaper, and Cayden grabbed the plug and slipped it back inside Jamie's gaping leaking hole. He grunted softly as it seated again, and then they changed each others diapers.

“Wow, that was absolutely amazing.” Jamie was the first to say, it had been several minutes before that even.

“Yeah, it was.” Both Cayden and Gary said as one.

That night before bed, Jamie got to fuck both Gary and Cayden, and Cayden got his load of piss, and then they double diapered each other. They curled up in bed together and had a really good sleep. The next morning they got into a circle suck and finger fuck session and came and pissed until they could do no more, and they all enjoyed themselves a great deal.

Just before lunch, both Cayden and Jamie headed home, Jamie in a fresh diaper under his pants, and Cayden of course diapered. It had been an amazing weekend, and none of them wanted it to end, but it had to. When Cayden walked into his house, it was to find Debbie and David sitting on the couch. Debbie was naked, which was not unusual, and David was wearing only a super soggy diaper, both appeared very happy.

“I'm happy that you finally got what you wanted David, how was it?”

“Wow, so amazing, thanks. Can I see you in just your diaper please?”

“Sure.” He said and stripped.

“Wow, even though I'm not gay, you do look good like that. I always liked seeing you in your Goodnites, but these diapers are way better.”

“Oh yeah, same here. Well, I guess this means we don't have to suck each other any more.”

“I don't know, from time to time I might still, I didn't hate sucking you, you always made me feel so good, but your mom made me feel better.”

“Good, and if you wanna suck, you won't hear me complain. So, how was it, fucking her?”

“Really nice.” He sighed again.

“Good. Well, you probably have to get dressed and go home, so let mommy take you in and change you out of that super soggy baby diaper.”

“Yeah, I better.”

Almost an hour later the pair emerged from Debbie's bedroom, both happier than they were, but both sad that David had to go home. Cayden noticed that David was diapered.

“Gonna wear your diaper home, brave.”

“Yeah, but I think my dad already knows anyway.”

“Good for you then. Enjoy, have a good day.”

“Thanks, and you too.”

Debbie and Cayden talked about their weekend and how nice it was, they were both very happy. Jamie, Gary, and David were also very happy. Jamie was to be babysat by his neighbor again on Wednesday night, and when he arrived at four thirty, Jamie was already nice and soggy, wearing only his diaper. The poor thirteen year old boy nearly had a heart attack. Seeing Jamie in this way, the way he had dreamed of seeing him for so long, almost caused him to pass out. He did cum though, causing a nice dark wet spot to show on his tan shorts.

He blushed, but Jamie said it was okay and took him to his bedroom to help clean him up. Jamie had already told his dad what he wanted, so he had already bought the diapers that Jamie was going to need to diaper the hot young teen boy, and as soon as Jamie had him stripped down, he diapered him. They had hot gay baby boy sex all night long, and Jamie's dad stayed away for the whole night to allow them to have their fun. He had known what Jamie wanted and needed and was happy to let him have it. Truth be told, he was busy fucking the hot fourteen year old boy down the street, through their soggy diapers as well.

From then on, all the couples had amazing fun together, and sometimes together with a group of them, except David and Debbie of course, the rest though, now they had some fun times. And they all lived gayly ever after.

***Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed. This was just a short story that was inspired by a hot young boy I saw while camping. He was dressed exactly how I described him, and if he didn't know what he was doing to so many people, his parents had to have. God he was hot, and I tell you, I damn near passed out when I first saw him. There was something in this story though that was entirely out of character for me, and that was the female bits. One of my fans asked for that(you know who you are), and while he wanted a full sex scene, I'm sorry, I could not actually write it, so I had to allude to it more than anything. That's simply the best I can do. Just writing about a female like that made me soft, and what I wrote had to be scrapped, so I rewrote the entire scene so that it still kept me hard. As always, comments are appreciated, but not required, email me at erich5748 at if you would like to comment. Thanks again.***