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My mumbled prayer, if that's what it was, was spoken. Damn it all! I'm a guy having lost his wife, for all the world straight, now finding myself being kept awake by the thoughts of a little boy buzzing around in my head.

I must need therapy.

I woke the following morning and prepared breakfast.

I just have to drink tea in the morning and at least two mugs, - hot and very sweet otherwise the day doesn't happen.

Halfway through my second mug full, a knock on the door.

Ryan, if you'd not already guessed.

"Didn't expect you so early boy? I'm not even dressed yet?"

He looked me up and down, standing as I was in my PJ bottoms and slippers.

"Massive! You got PJ's like mine!

"Well pj's are pj's I guess and we all wear them sometimes don't we."

"Mine have Spiderman on them. Why don't yours?"

"Ahh! Well maybe I'm a little too old for Spiderman. Does your Dad wear Spiderman pj's?"

"No! He's never at home so how should I know! Besides that, he never sleeps with my Mum anymore. He's always in the guest room but they're away now so I don't really care."

I was stopped still mid conversation. Ryan looked at me with that questioning look he had the first day he jumped onto the tractor.

"You won't do that to me will you? I want a Dad or someone Jon?"

"Your Dad is your Dad Ryan and I'm not your Dad but I'm not going anywhere and I'll be here for you if you need me".

"I hope so. I always wanted a Dad like you. Somebody I could play with and be friends with. My Dad is always too busy for me."

I had to hold back the tears. This wasn't some manipulating kid who was cunning enough to beg for pocket money, this was for real. This boy was speaking from the heart.

I so much wanted to hug him. My sense of reason was holding me back but I just couldn't stop myself.

Dropping to my knees, I held out my arms to him and beckoned him towards me. Ryan walked forward and fell into my embrace. He was starting to cry and that was my trigger as I openly wept with him for what seemed like an age.

His hug was deep and meaningful. I could feel his sobs shaking my body and his tears damping my shoulder.

Finally we both calmed down.

"Oh my! What is happening Ryan?!"

"'Dunno but I feel so better"!

"Me too mate! I better get dressed. You want some juice or something"?

"No thanks. Can I come up stairs with you, like when you get dressed?"

God help me but my cock was starting to react!

"Don't you think it would be better you stay down here? I'm not going to be long?"

"I want to be with you."

"Likewise but I need to shower."


"Ok. Come up with me."

I'm now starting to feel something I really shouldn't. Ryan knew I was going to shower and he wanted to be with me and perversely, I wanted him to be with me too. This was so bad it excited me and my cock was responding and I had to cross my legs to hide my erecting dick.

Ryan couldn't help but notice as I saw his eyes on me. He said nothing however.

I drank down my tea.

"Ok! I'm going to shower and get dressed. You can stay here `cos I'm not going to be very long or you can come up with me. Your choice."

"You said that before! I'm coming with you!"

"Said what before?"

"Not going to be long. That's what you said?"

I was caught without a good reply.

"Let's go then boy!"

I walked up the stairs to my bedroom with Ryan in tow.

I had an `en suite' bath and shower room adjacent to my room and went in and ran the water. All this time he sat on the bed studying my every move.

I was really nervous at the thought of getting into the shower with him around especially when he just wouldn't take his eyes off me. I tried a little distraction.

"Do you want me to put the TV on for you?"

"No thanks. I'm just fine sitting here."

Damn! Nothing else for it but to take the plunge so to speak. Keeping my eyes off him, I stripped out of my pj's and walked into the shower. I tried as best I could to hide my semi stiffy from him but I just knew he'd caught at least a glimpse.

Once done, I wrapped a large bath towel around my waste and went back into the bedroom. Ryan was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Is your willy still hard?"

"What do you mean?"

"It was sort of hard when you went in so is it still now?"

"No it's not!" I retorted in a somewhat flustered voice.

"I don't believe you! Let me see!"

Now he was more right than he thought. All this talking had got me going again.

"No you cannot! Cheeky bugger!"

"See! Told you I was right! I know `cos it happens to me all the time! I think it's cool!"

Now I was struggling even to keep my problem just a semi.

"So what do you do when it happens Ryan."

"I play with it! It feels really nice. Do you play with yours?"

"Oh gosh! Well yes, sometimes I do."

I was hoping he would leave it at that but there was no chance of that. He, for whatever reason was obviously getting aroused. He squirmed a little as he sat on the bed and pulled at his crotch probably to rearrange his little hard-on.

"Do you want to see how I play with willy when it gets hard?"

"No I don't think so mate. That sort of thing is well, private, you know? The sort of thing you keep to yourself."

"I know but I don't mind showing you! You're special!"

With that, the little monkey lay back on the bed and whipped his shorts and pants down to his ankles. He grinned at me as he started to vigorously rub his stiff little two and a half inches.

"Jesus mate! What the hell do you think you're doing! You mustn't, - you can't, I mean it's wrong to show me that. If anyone were to find out I'd be in serious trouble!"

Puffing and huffing with his exertion, Ryan managed to blurt out, "That's...what...they at school...but it' I...want see! Ohhhhhhh!"

His little body seemed to go into spasm as his orgasm took over. Then he went limp , looked at me and smiled!

"That was the best ever! I liked doing it when you were watching! Did you like it?"

I was in a serious state of shock! I couldn't believe what he'd done!

"Like what!?"

"My willy of course!"

"Well, I guess so, well what I saw of it?"

"I'll show you again another time but it gets very sore when I play with it."

"I'm really not surprised! You were rubbing it very hard, maybe too hard."

Ryan looked a little indignant.

"Well you'll have to show me how you do it. Maybe it's better than my way."

"I don't know about that mate. It's very naughty for me to show you thing like that."

"Well just say `maybe' you'll show me!"

"Ok, maybe but only maybe. Ok?"

"Yes alright. Come on, get dressed and we can do some work."

As if nothing had happened, Ryan jumped up and pulled his pants back up and ran down the stairs leaving me to dress. Shocked is not the word! Those last ten minutes seemed like a dream!

Did he really do that in front of me?

I dressed and wandered down stairs. He was sitting at the table having helped himself to a glass of grapefruit juice.

"What are we going to do today Jon"?

"Well more wood has to come down `cos the weekend is going to be seriously cold and then I was thinking about painting some more wood stain on the fencing up there by the first out house".

"I'll bring the wood down if you sort the paint. I can help you paint and we can get it done quicker and then you can show me how you do yours"!

"What? How I do what"?

"You know. How you play with yourself when you get hard! You said you would show me"?

"No I bloody didn't! I said maybe, alright? Now shall we do some work"?

"Ok. Maybe.. later"!

Flustered isn't the best expression that comes to mind. Panic? Fear? The little bastard was manipulating me better than any adult could possibly have done.

The day done, all the work carried out.

"Let's get a drink and something to eat. I've had enough for today. What you think"?

Ryan slacked his shoulders as a gesture of his tiredness and looked at me with those beautiful questioning eyes.

"S'pose so! I ache a lot"!

"Not surprised! You've worked really hard"!

Ryan grabbed my hand as we walked back to the house, knocking his bum against me as we went in a `dance-like' movement, giggling and yapping all the time until we reached the door.

"Shoes off in the house please mate"!

"My trousers are mucky too and my shirt! I'll take them off as well"!

Not a question but more a statement! Ryan stripped down to his undies and ran into the shower room.


That was going to be next port of call as I was seriously dirty!

"Little sod! I was going in there first"!

"Room for two! I'm only little"! came the reply.

Double FUCK!

I went into the kitchen and poured myself a very large glass of wine and slowly sipped it rather hoping that his tiredness and the afternoons exertions would take over.

Not a bloody chance!

"You there! Come on in the water's fab"!

My resolve tumbled into pieces. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to do the right thing. I wanted to... have him more than my conscience could stop. He had been on and on to me for days damn it!

Prison for the rest of my life?

Screw the fucking lot of them!

"OK! I'm coming in a moment"!

I downed almost a half pint of red wine in a single gulp, peeled off my clothes and walked into the shower.

This little boy beside me was so beautiful. His eyes were fixed on my bits and my errection took seconds.

"Wow-wee! You're so big! I'm going to do you now like I do myself"!

Ryan grabbed hold of my cock, nearly ripping it off!

"Hey hey! Fuck it that's too rough! Let me show you how to do it properly! You did ask, didn't you"?

I wrapped my hand around his little `stone hard' dick and applied some shower gell and soooo very gently worked him between my fingers.

I thought he was going to have heart failure!

His knees collapsed and slumped to the floor as he shook with an incredibly quick and massive dry climax.

Picking him up after he'd recovered somewhat, I held him close to me.

"Who's way is better? Yours' or mine"?


"That's ok then but just listen to me for a second. Let's look upon that as me just teaching you something `cos you know I would be in serious trouble if anyone was to find out".

"I know. Good secrets, bad secrets. They tell us all this at school but you didn't do anything horrid to me, - it was good! That makes it a good secret! I promise not to tell, - scouts honour"!

"You're not a scout"!

"But if I was it would be scouts honour! Ok then. I promise for ever and ever until I die that I won't tell anyone our good secret"!

"That works for me. I believe you and trust you".

"Only if we can do it again though"?

"What now! Hang about a minute"!

"Not now silly! Just some other time. Oh go on, - please say yes"!

All this time Ryan was looking directly into my eyes. Life has taught me to recognise a lie when it's being told, just by eye contact. He was being straight as an arrow. No lies here but just a little lad telling the truth from the heart.

I knelt down in front of him, the water from the shower drenching my hair. Ryan had a semi-serious look on his face. No giggles --, no horsing around.

"This time, no `maybe's'. Yes we'll do it again. That would be very nice. I could teach you more stuff like that but the same deal applies. I won't ever hurt you, not ever. I'll stop whenever you say and for your part of the deal..."?

"Keep our good secret for ever, right"?


I'd gone flaccid with all the serious talk and Ryan hadn't `come back up' fortunately! We exited the shower and dried off and retrieved our laundered clothes from the drier and got dressed.

We lit the fire in the lounge and sat in front of the blazing logs, me squat legged on the floor and Ryan in front of me laying back on my chest with my arms around him. Almost no words were spoken, - both, it seemed, deep in thought until I broke the silence.

"Don't want to break this up mate, but what time do you have to be back at Auntie Cheryl's"?

"Dunno. She didn't say. What's the time now"?

I noticed that he was wearing a watch but didn't even think of looking at it. I took hold of his wrist and took a look to make sure it was working. 6:30pm. It was working!

Ryan looked up at me with his `guilty' look on his face.

"Sorry Jon. I don't know how to tell the time"?

I blew in his ear which made him squeal.

"Something else I've got to teach you, yeah"!

Ryan giggled!

"Only if you make it really nice like the other lessons"!

"Yeah right! Let me call Cheryl".

"Auntie Cheryl"!

"Ok Auntie Cheryl"!


"Hi Cheryl it's Jon. Just wanted to know when the `wanderer' was expected home? - Ah --- oh bloody hell. Really? Oh for God's sake! No, I understand, - oh shit! Look. If it helps any, I'm here all weekend and he can stay here so long as you're happy with that. ---- No it's no imposition! I'll have him working all the time!!

Ryan was screwing his face up almost to say, `Yeah right you will'!

"Let me put him on to you. It's no problem for me so long as you're both happy with it. Ok, here he is".

"Hi Auntie Cheryl! --------, I understand. -----, no I'm fine here with Jon. ----, he teaches me stuff and tomorrow he's going to teach me really cool stuff like... (a wicked grin here)..., telling the time by my watch! --- Maybe he's a better teacher anyhow he's way cool! Yeah ok. Bye"!

Ryan cupped the mouth piece.

"Wants another word with you"!

"Hey Cheryl! ... No you go on. If he's trouble I'll spit roast him for supper, ok? ... Yes it's fine! Stop worrying! Go and sort everything out and let me know when you're home... Fine! Bye"!

I put the `phone down and flopped on the couch beside Ryan. "Well mate. Looks like you're here for the night with `Auntie Cheryl' having to go into work. What do you like to eat"?

"Dunno. I like pizza and stuff and corn flakes and chips? Got any chips"?

"Do I look like I'm a chippie? Tell you what. I'll order in some pizza. I'm not going to drive now I've had a glass of wine, ok"?

"Ok. That would be nice. It's lovely and warm in here with the fire and stuff. Making me sleepy".

"You have a rest and I'll make the order for supper. I'll wake you when it gets here. Ok"?

Ryan stretched out on the sofa and crashed into sleep within seconds.


"Yep, that's it. Yes extra pepperoni! Look you can leave it for an hour or so if you're busy, - it's not a problem. Yeah thanks Gino mate! Yeah talk soon"!

I looked in on Ryan. He was still crashed out in front of the fire, very obviously in a deep sleep. I made up the fire and then set about sorting out one of the spare rooms for him to sleep in.

I made up the bed and tidied away some of my crap to make it a bit more welcoming for him, leaving on the dimmed wall lights. Minutes later there was a knock on the front door. Pizza had arrived!

I paid the delivery lad and took the food into the kitchen and put it into the oven to keep it warm. I don't know why but I didn't want to wake him up. He needed his sleep but not having had any experience with kids, I wasn't to know that too much sleep early in the evening would make it difficult for him to sleep later. Me? Another bottle of wine and I'd sleep for England at any time!

I went back into the lounge and poked the fire back into life and loaded some more logs on.

Ryan stirred, stretched and woke up.

"I forgot where I was! Did I sleep for long"?

"Couple of hours mate. No problem. You were very tired! You hungry yet `cos the pizza's arrived"?

"Mmm! I'm starved! I need to take a pee first though. Where is the bathroom"?

"I'll show you. Come on".

He was still wobbly with sleep so I held his hand to the toilet. He was still swaying as he stood in front of the toilet. I really didn't think about what I was doing, - my head was telling me that I didn't want my carpet pissed on. So I helped him.

I pulled his elasticated short to his feet and directed his cock to the bowl.

"Let it go mate"!

Ryan pissed and pissed and finally stopped. I milked his dick as I would my own after a slash but within an instant, he was hard as a rock again!

Ryan looked up at me and grinned.

"You like my willy, don't you"!

"Yeah. I do. Food though, ok"?

"Mmm! Pizza right? I'm starved"!

We ate the pizza, - him with a glass of juice and me with what remained of the wine. We talked all the time and it was difficult to keep in mind that he was still just a little boy. He was inquisitive, and thoughtful and not in the least bit `childish'. I had this awful feeling that I was getting rather too close to him for comfort.

Whilst I liked him before, I wondered if my feelings towards him were more like love rather than friendship. Whatever. There wasn't much I could do about it after all I am what I am and I didn't look or ask for these feelings, - they just happened and he was the one who made all the moves. I was just spineless enough not to resist them.

"What does wine taste like Jon"?

"Good question! It's difficult to explain tastes or smells. Tell you what! I'll let you try it the same way as I did when I was at school. We did an exchange visit to a French school and there they served wine with dinner to the kids. All very new to me but normal to them. They watered it down a bit but I really quite liked it! You wanna try some"?

"How old were you then"?

"A bit older than you but the younger kids were drinking it as well so it should be fine for you. Just one thing though. Don't go drinking it because you feel you should. You don't like it? Don't drink it. Ok"?

"Ok but I'd like to try it".

I poured a small amount of wine into a glass with an equal measure of cold water and gave it to him.

Ryan took a sip and pronounced it undrinkable!

We carried on talking but after some twenty minutes he took another sip.

"That's better Jon. I think the water was too cold".

At that point he glugged it down in one!

"SHIT RYAN! That's fucking alcohol! Treat it with a little respect for Gods sake or you'll make yourself ill man"!

Ten minutes later he was on the couch.

"I don't feel very well Jon. My legs are wobbly and I feel a bit sick"!

"Just rest for a bit. You won't be sick. You'll feel fine in a few minutes and I'll take you up to your room".

Twenty minutes later I bundled him up in my arms and carried him, with some difficulty, up to the spare room I'd prepared for him.

He was zonked out! Totally asleep!

I laid him on the bed and stripped him of his socks and shirt. I wondered about leaving his shorts and pants on for the sake of decency but after what had gone on earlier, I decided that stripping him of those as well wouldn't be any more of a crime.

Naked he looked so bloody perfect. Most of us probably did at his age but we weren't aware of our `sexual allure' in those days .

Doubtless there were men who `perved' on kids when I was his age but we were never made aware of it at school as they are now.

I covered him with the duvet, turned the light down low and kissed him gently on the cheek before leaving the room.

I went back down stairs and sorted the fire so it was safe for the night and went into the kitchen and slowly polished off the remaining wine mulling through my problem and not actually coming up with any solutions.

The wine had done it's job and I went up stairs and showered again.

I dried myself off and got into bed, - feeling my way until my head hit the pillow and sleep glorious sleep! No more problems until morning song awakes!

That didn't last very long now did it!

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