This is a story of an encounter between a man and a pre-pubescent boy. Some of it's

content is of a sexual nature.- Please be warned.

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Now I'm in serious trouble. In bed, naked, with a little boy, - who by the way is also stark bollock naked which is strange because when he went to bed in the spare room, he was in his under ware.

Now it really isn't possible to get logical when you're in a state of panic coupled with the fact that you've just woken up with a nasty attack of `Redwineitis'.

`Get a bloody grip Jon for God's sake. Think man, think'!

I thought. I really did!

Nothing else for it. Got to get out of this bed with some dignity which is a euphemism for `getting the fuck out of bed before a little boy wakes up and sees you with an early morning riser'. I very slowly disentangled myself. How he'd managed to entwine himself around me like so much spaghetti I'll never know but somehow or other I did manage it without disturbing him.

I legged it to the bathroom, did the business and got dressed. A quick glance `round the door but Ryan was still in the land of nod.

Once down in the kitchen, I had the chance, over a very strong, sweet black coffee, to take stock. Number one. I put him to bed in the spare room and later checked on him and he was obviously asleep. Number two. I checked a second time when I went to bed and he was still asleep although I was slightly inebriated, - ok – ok! I was pissed but he was still asleep! Number three. This is where it get's difficult. I went to bed in the buff but so what! It's my house, in my bed and nobody was asked or invited to join me so I'm ok aren't I?

Maybe but if it all went terribly wrong, how would it look in court?

"The evidence before the court is incontrovertible, there's no need for the jury to retire. The way you made him suffer, this exquisite boy and mother, fills me with the urge to defecate!

So, my boy, the options are so clear. The sentence of this court is remove those things so dear.

RIP OFF HIS BALLS! RIP OFF HIS BALLS"! (Apologies to `Pink Floyd' for paraphrasing their material if only in part).

"Jon! Jon! You downstairs".

I was shaken out of my deep and dark thoughts and back to reality.

"Yeah I'm down here, come and have a cup of tea or something but get dressed first. Don't need the neighbours complaining about your state of `undress' now do we"!

"Ok I'll be down it a bit"!

Finally Ryan came down into the kitchen. He'd dressed himself in his shorts and bugger all else and looked, well, fantastic! His hair was in a bit of a mess but then so was mine following on from my shower.

"Do I look ok? It was really nice and warm in your bed and I got like you. You know, - naked! It was well cool! You know? Cool like not like warm cool but cool – cool. Neat cool! Oh I dunno! Just felt good! Really cool, you know"?

"Cool? Yep I think I understand. Got to ask you some things, ok? The first is why did you get into my bed last night when yours is comfortable enough and before you answer, why did you take off your shreddies. You were naked in my bed when I woke up and so please tell me why"?

"I dunno. I woke up and I was lonely. I wanted a cuddle and came into yours. You were naked and I wanted to be like you so I did it and cuddled up to you. You were so warm"!

"So what else do you remember"?

"Dunno. I woke up and you weren't in bed so I shouted down".

"That's it? Nothing more"?

"No. Can I have a cup of tea now Jon? I'm dry as a stone"!

I made more tea and we sat around drinking it together. Sex or intimacy never came into the conversation. It was like nothing had ever happened. A brief reference to his sorte into my bed which was met by a slightly embarrassed grin went almost without comment other than the earlier explanation. I was satisfied that the moment had passed without any repercussions.

"What are we going to do today, Jon? You want to do more logging `cos I can bring the wood down to the store if you want"?

"Depends on the weather mate. It's raining now and I don't much like getting wet! The forecast isn't too great either. I call it `chill time'. You know what that means? It means relax and enjoy some essential `time off'"!

"And do what? I want to do stuff – like with you! What can we do inside Jon"?

Well I could think of a number of things! I didn't think of myself as a pervert up until that point.

I really would have sold my soul to the devil to gently cuddle up to him in my bed just right now. No sex – just a naked cuddle. I wanted to feel his so-soft body against mine. To feel his gentle touch and to ...

I rustled us up some breakfast and set my mind to what we were to do to keep Ryan occupied until Cheryl came to collect him.

I decided to carry on logging to start with and see how the weather did. I didn't hold out much hope for a long day as the sky's were

angry and dark. The wind was picking up from the south-west which is not a good sign.

"Go and get yourself dressed whilst I put the bits into the dish washer, then we'll do some more logging but let's get cracking `cos the weather isn't going to hold for long. Ok"?

Ryan was dressed within a few minutes and we headed out to the woods, Ryan driving the tractor with me sitting on the wing out of body contact but near enough to get to the clutch should he loose control. Actually he was very good and I was suitably impressed! His driving was almost flawless. The look of concentration on his little face was priceless and it was all I could do to suppress my giggles especially as he was towing a 30 foot trailer. For God's sake he was using wing mirrors to judge the corners, his throttle and gear control was, -- professional in the extreme! Ok. We were doing about eight miles an hour though woodland tracks but still he was still very young to be so proficient especially as he wasn't raised on a farm.

I decided to keep my praise for later on and for now, crack on with the work.

As expected, the weather didn't last. We had cut and loaded about half the trailer before the ominous splat-spat of rain hit the trees and fell on to us as we worked. Heavy rain. Drops the size of peas started to permeate through the foliage.

"Let's go Ryan! We're done for the day! Get into the cab and get back to the house before we get drenched"!

We threw all the tools into the trailer and headed back but this time I drove, for no other reason but for the fact that the windscreen was misting up big time and it was getting ever more difficult to see. I was well pleased to park up and get into the shelter of the house. It was now one in the afternoon and I decided to phone Cheryl.

No reply.

I left a message on the answer phone.

I tried again at four but still the same.

At four-thirty the phone rang.

"Hi Jon. It's Kate, - Cheryl's daughter. Just got home from my friends and we've had a message from mum. She was involved with a case in `out patients' and the lady was diagnosed with Diphtheria and everyone who was in contact with her has been isolated. I don't know how long it's going to be but her big worry is Ryan. She said you've been burdened with him for long enough but she doesn't know what to do"!

"Oh Kate! Is your Mum ok?"

"Yes she seems fine but they have to take precautions and stuff just in case".

"Look. Ryan can stay here with me if that's easier. He'll be fine. Do you want to talk with him or leave it with me"?

"Mum was hoping that you'd say that and no, I don't need to talk with him. I don't like him much. I think he's a little gay boy and I hate him".

"Well whatever. He's only a kid and too young to know much about anything but you like who you like. He can stay here and I'll tell him what's going on. Ok"?

"Thanks Jon. That kid freaks me out and you're welcome to him. Thanks".

"Ok. Let me know how things work out, right"?

"I will. Just keep the brat away from me and I'll be fine. Bye Jon".

Ryan was still getting out of the rather over-sized wellies I'd lent him.

"Sit down and I'll help you pull them off. Then we're going to light a big fire in the lounge and get cosy. Auntie Cheryl is still very busy in the hospital so here you stay until further notice! You ok with that"?

"Well cool Jon! How long for, like how long am I staying for `cos I need a shower! I'm really dirty"!

"Over night again boy. Go and shower and I'll do the fire. Ok"?

I don't know whether I was relieved or disappointed that he didn't suggest that I joined him in his shower but he didn't so I lit the fire and watched as it took hold and let it's warmth fill the room. It didn't take long before my eyes started to get heavy. Then Ryan

wandered in, - towel around his waist and his hair dripping all over the floor.

"Oh so lovely and warm in here Jon! Can I sit by the fire please"?

"Yeah go on. Sit yourself down. Let me dry you off first. Your making a bloody mess of my carpet with all that water. Hasn't anyone shown you how to dry off in the bathroom before"?

"Well...I wanted to get warm and I...wanted to be in here with you, you know"?

"Sit down and let me get you dry".

I removed his towel and set about drying of his hair followed by his chest and back. I admit I paused before drying his bum and upper legs but it was if he never noticed, concentrating as he was, on the television. I told him to sit so I could do his feet and it was at that point he made a comment.

"Do I have to sleep in the other room tonight again Jon, `cos I get frightened. I don't like it in there all by myself".

"Look. Give it a go. You really shouldn't be with me in my bed like that because if anyone were to find out, -- well the problems would be so massive. You understand"?

"I'm not going to tell anyone. –Good secrets, bad secrets remember? I want to be with you! Please"!

"Let's see how it goes later, you might change your mind. You hungry"?

I diversionary tactic I hope would work, - appealing to his stomach. That fell on stony ground as well. He shook his head and stared at the fire as if transfixed by it. I offered to get him a drink. No he didn't want one. I put the guard up in front of the fire and announced that I was going to shower, get a drink of wine and have an early night. He could watch the TV or do whatever. I was really trying to get sex out of his, -- ok and my head.

I went to the kitchen and poured myself a healthy glass of the finest red stuff and stepped into the shower, pleased that I'd stopped myself from being the monster that I was so scared I might be changing into.

I spent longer than I would normally have done soaping myself. Finally I stepped out and dried off. Towel around my waist, I headed into the kitchen and recharged my glass and savoured its effect. `Keep perspective Jon. He's only showing a genuine love the only way he knows how so get a fucking grip man'. That and `He's looking for a roll model with his own dad being a stay away arsehole so get with it, why can't you'? All this going through my head but no matter how and from whichever direction I looked at it, the result was for ever the same.

I had a perverted love for this boy. Yes. I loved him. Not just as a great kid but I also wanted ... him. I wanted him in my bed. To cuddle up to him and stupidly, to cry on his shoulder and apologise for how I felt. How come God is so cruel! Why did he make little lads like Ryan so bloody beautiful! Is it to test me or is there a different reason.

I spluttered on the last mouthful of wine which was enough to tell me it was time for bed.

Bathroom and brushed my teeth. I looked at myself in the mirror and shook my head in disgust at what I had become, -- slightly elated though at what I might find waiting for me.

I wasn't to be disappointed. As I suspected, he was curled up in my bed and obviously fast asleep. Fortunately he was tucked over in the left hand side of the bed so well way from where I would be and I hoped – sort of – that would where he would stay at least until such time as I went to sleep myself but the devil and all his works...

I very quietly crept into bed and turned off the bed side lamp. Ryan mumbled something and turned over towards me but still a `decent' distance away. I breathed a sigh of relief and closed my eyes.

It couldn't have been much more than half an hour before I was woken by something. Something cuddling me.

As I came out of that short and very deep sleep I remembered.

Ryan! He was spooning me, holding on to me as if his life depended on it! Little bastard! Lovely little bastard! I savoured the moment, trying to keep some rational thoughts together as well as my fast growing stiffy.

It was for nothing. I turned over, almost pushing him away from me as I went but pulling him back towards me in the `cuddle' position that I'd been fantasising about since the morning.

Ryan was still asleep but subconsciously clung on to me like a limpet. I held him close and very gently ran my hand over his back and across his bum. This caused him to squirm further into my embrace and cling on even tighter. I could feel his little dick hardening against me and subconsciously starting to hump my chest. I decided to help him out.

I put my hand down between us and laid the flat of my hand on his now `pistoning' little three inches, my other hand massaged his bum and hole and within seconds, he tensed up and orgasmed.

I don't believe he even woke but I would love to know what he was dreaming about!!

I drifted back to sleep with Ryan still in my embrace and no respite from my hard-on! Oh well! What did I expect. A young lad like Ryan may well take the attention and the pleasure but it would be a surprise if he wanted to reciprocate in any way. In any case, I'd lived my dream, - to cuddle up to him and feel his soft frame in my arms. That was pleasure enough for me and my perverted lust was satisfied and without any foreseeable complications.

My alarm clock bought me back to earth at eight o'clock the following morning swiftly followed by Ryan who, for the record, was still in my arms as he had been some eight hours earlier. Ryan stretched and then folded himself back in to me.

"I had a nice sleep! The best ever! Wow, did I dream! It was awesome! I was in a bath of warm water and some one rubbed me down all over and I felt so wanted and then I..."

"Felt really good"?

"That's right! Really good like in the shower, you know, you and me in the shower together! That was really...umm"

"Cool Ryan"?

"Yeah cool! Most though, I knew I was special in my dream. Someone loved me. Sounds silly doesn't it, but that's what I felt and it was just sooo..."


"No. Special! Well special! – I don't say `cool' all the time Jon"?!

"Cool, - awesome, - special or whatever. – Ryan you are all of those to me. I think you are so wonderful and well,.. cool, awesome and special and I love to cuddle you even though it's wrong but I don't want to stop now or later. You understand"?

He said nothing but held tight to me and shook a little. I guest he was having a little cry. Men and boys find it hard for some strange reason, to let go their feelings. I held him close.

"Let it out mate! Let it go. No shame at all and you'll feel so much better! I cry as well and it makes me feel better – quite a lot sometimes but I'm here for you always".

"I know that Jon. Why do you think I love you `cos I do love you and I know that you would never hurt me? I dunno `cos I'm little and don't understand everything but... but I know that"!

"I understand. You're very special to me too. I think I love you as well but you know from school that it is wrong don't you. They tell you this for a very good reason. Ok, you're young and many things will happen in your life and later on, you may feel that what happened between us was wrong. You may end up hating me because of it. Maybe you get married and think back to today and regret what happened between us and get angry with yourself. I don't want to be the cause of any unhappiness in your life. Do you understand that"?

"I understand but later on is a long time away and I want to be with you! Now! Later on can wait"!

I was so taken aback by the eloquence of his comments I was almost lost for words.

"Can I ask you something? Can I kiss you please"?

"If you want Jon. Nobody has ever kissed me before. No properly. Why do you want to do that"?

"Because it's a bond of love. If you find it yukki, just say but I want to kiss your lips so much"!

"Better kiss me then and then I can kiss you back"!