This story includes some content of a sexual nature between a man and a prepubescent boy.

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No violence or coercion is portrayed, - more it is a love story in the time honoured fashion.

All characters are fictional as is the story line. Any similarity to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.


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I savoured the moment looking into Ryan's eyes as we cuddled together. I leaned into him and very gently kissed him on those oh so beautiful ruby-red lips. It only lasted a second or so and no tongue so as not to freak him out.

I looked at him and his eyes were closed.

"Nice Jon! Kiss me again like that".

I didn't need to be asked twice but this time I kissed for longer and licked his lips before kissing him for a third time.

"Oh wow. That is so very special Jon. Do you ever do it with your tongue like on TV"?

"Yeah I do little man but I didn't want to scare you".

"We could do it if you want? I don't mind"!

"I'd love that but you push me off if you don't like it, alright"?

Ryan was on my lips like a shot. Kissing and probing with his tongue. I opened up to him and we tongue-danced for what seemed like for ever. I was totally lost in love.

We broke off after six or seven minutes, - smiled at each other and went back to the cuddle. I was uncomfortably hard and shifted position.

I thought that Ryan had drifted back off to sleep as his eyes were closed and his breathing easy but as I moved he opened his eyes and hugged me again!

"This is sooo nice! I feel so safe and wanted! I want it to last for ever and ever"!

"That's because you are safe and wanted. I want it to last as well mate but Auntie Cheryl will be home to collect you some time and then your Mum and Dad will come back to England for you. Something you must learn and understand little man, - nothing in life lasts for ever. Nothing but here's a thought for you but I don't know if you'll understand. We only have one life to live. We are born, we live and then we die so while we are alive, my idea is that we should follow our dreams and get the most out of the time we have so long as we don't intentionally hurt anyone and just maybe, that's what we're doing".

"I do understand. They taught us that when one of the girls in my class, well her Dad died and so they explained that he had had a full life you know, full of love and enjoyment. I cried when they told us that but now I think I know".

I pondered on his comments for a while -- not saying anything but thinking of the moment that I would loose Ryan for ever.

I could feel the urge to cry welling up inside and choked down a big sob in an attempt to stave off a full blown fit of tears.

"Don't cry Jon? I love you, right? Auntie Cheryl is special, my Mum and Dad are special but you are specialer than all of them"!

I laughed if that was possible between my tearful outburst!

"I'm going to have to teach you grammar as well! Specialer! Wrong but so nice to hear! I better get up and shower. You want a cup of tea"?

"Wicked! Love one please"!

"You stay here, I'll put the kettle on and have a quick shower and bring the tea upstairs. Ok"?

"Ok. Nice and cosy in here anyway".

Ten minutes later, I was out of the shower and back with the tea. I placed mine on the table my side of the bed. Ryan hoisted himself up onto the pillows as I walked around to set his down. As I did so, he pulled at the bath towel that was covering my modesty rendering me stark naked!

"Woooo! Naked body"!

He reached out with his little hand and wrapped it around my flaccid dick. That did it for me! Hard as a rock in an instant! Oh Christ! I hadn't cum in so long and his little hand was bringing that event ever closer!

"That's just so huge Jon! Do you like me touching it"?

"More than you will ever know mate"!

"You want me to do it some more"?

My lust-addled brain went into overdrive. I wasn't thinking rationally. I was on a completely different planet".

"Kiss it Ryan! Kiss it for me -- please"!

"Ok but I can't reach from here"!

I squatted over him so my cock was inches from his mouth. He cupped my balls like a pro and toyed with them all the time looking up at me with those fantastic eyes -- smiling at me!

"Show me how Jon! Show me please"?

I gently cupped his head and offered him my cock.

"Do what comes naturally but mind you teeth whatever you do"!

I was dripping pre-cum as never before. Ryan offered hi tongue and lapped some into his mouth and swallowed.

"That tastes nice! What is it"?

"It's what happens when I feel really good -- really good! You made me feel really good! Kiss it for me little man, -- please"?!

Ryan planted a kiss on the shinny head of my cock, licking away the pre-cum as he did so.

"Open you mouth. I want to feel it inside you"!

He did his duty and I slowly pushed forward and his little mouth took me. Just the head at first but bit by bit he took more until half of my 8 inches was inside his mouth. I could see him looking up at me almost looking for approval of what he was doing but I was getting so close to the top!

"Ohhhh Ryan! I'm going to cum! You'd better ...AHHHH! SHHITT!"!

My dick erupted copious quantities of jizz in his mouth. Pump after pump until I was sated. I was just so overwhelmed that it was some seconds before I looked down at the little boy who had done me the greatest honour that any human can do to another.

Cum was leaking from the corner of his mouth -- obviously unable to take the massive amounts I'd stored up over the weeks. He wiped it off -- licked the back of his hand and smiled at me!

"You always do that! So much stuff! Wow! Did I do it right"?

"More than right! You were just so very, very good! I didn't have time to warn you to get off me before that happened and I'm sorry"!

"Why sorry? You taste ok? Did it feel good"?

"Let me show you how good it feels".

I slid down the bed and took Ryan's throbbing little dick into my hands. I motioned him to open his legs a little and softly stroked the skin between his bum hole and his `still shrunken' ball sack. His breath was coming in short, sharp bursts.

I rolled his foreskin back, revealing the most beautiful purple cock head ever! The smell was so `boy-ish'! Softly I took him in my mouth and with as much delicacy as I could muster -- sank on to his little shaft! He took some three or four minutes before he jerked and spasmed in my mouth and then collapsed in a heap.

"You ok little man"?

"That was ..."

"Cool...awesome or special"?

"All of those and some! Wow Jon! You really are the greatest"!!

We lay on the bed, my arm around his waist and he with his head on my shoulder, basking in the after-glow of our orgasms. After awhile Ryan spoke.

"This is so nice I could stay like this for ever and ever".

"It's wonderful Ryan and you're right but we'd have to get up to eat sometimes though"!

Ryan giggled.

"Well maybe just for supper and a shower and back to bed"!

"Now that is tempting! The weather's rotten so no chance of doing anything outside for a while at least, so is that what you want to do or do you want me to light the fire downstairs"?

"Maybe later but I feel sooo good just being here. This is so special. I've never felt like this before. It's like sort of dreamy, you know, it's like I'm not asleep but not awake either".

I knew exactly what he meant.

In my youth, - like most teenagers, I'd experimented with drugs, dope mostly and this was almost the same feeling. That blissful floaty / dreamy feeling. So very relaxed and carefree but now the experience of age spoils the dream knowing that the moment will pass all too soon and the old adage, `all good thing must come to an end' came to mind but no way was I going to spoil Ryan's moment of tranquillity. His time to grow out of his boyhood would come soon enough.

"You are so right. That's just how I feel".

It was weird but neither of us were hard so these cuddles couldn't have been purely sexual. Both of us, just feeling so comfortable with each other, secure in each other's embrace.

I was taken sharply back to reality when the phone rang.

"Hi Jon. Just a couple of things. Mum has contracted a mild form of that bug but she'll be fine in a couple of weeks but obviously she will be in quarantine for all of that time. Also I'm sorry I bad mouthed Ryan yesterday. Ok, he isn't my favourite person in the whole world but I went over the top a bit `cos I was worried about Mum. Look. If you want him out of your hair just shovel him back here and I'll find him a place in play school. Mum says it's not fair to burden him on you".

"Bummer about your Mum. Does she need anything at all"?

"Don't think so thanks. I can go see her but only to wave through the window in the corridor and talk via an intercom. She seems fine in her self but still, what's the word, - umm contagious and they must contain it".

"Well, that's good news at least. Look. Ryan's ok with me. You've enough on your plate without worrying about him as well. He's really helpful and we get along fine. Have just a quick word with him so when you go and see your Mum, at least she can feel ok about that. Ok"?

"OK Jon. Pass the little creep -- sorry. Kid over"!

I could only hear the one side of the conversation.

"Hi to you to. I'm fine thanks for asking... No Jon's a really cool guy! ...He would tell you if I was, wouldn't he!......................No I'm being good honest I am!.......................He teaches me stuff like driving the tractor and logging and like all sorts of other things I never knew about! ...Well right now, I'm in the living room watching TV -- well I was `til you called!....................Yeah the curtains are closed. Who wants to look out on rain! Anyhow Jon's going to light the big fire later so we can be cosy and warm!..........................Yep! Ok. Bye"!

He handed the phone back to me.

"She wants you again".

"He sounded almost nice! You must have a talent Jon! You sure about letting him stay"?

"Yeah. It's no problem and neither is he. Actually I'm really enjoying having him --- his company that is"!

"Well each to their own! I'll call you tomorrow with an update. Alright"?

"Yeah thanks babe but just one other thing. You call me if you need anything at all, right"?

"Thanks. I will but things are ok at the moment. Mum will be well pissed off when she sees the internet shopping bill"!

"Arr right! I get it! Take care and call me ok"?

"Will do Jon. Bye"!

I put the phone down and grinned at Ryan.

"You told a porky you little sod"!

"Yeah I suppose I did but like you want me to say I was in your bed naked and all the other stuff we both did? She won't ever know

about us and what we do"!

"I'm not bollocking you mate! Relax! You just made me realise that we can trust each other and I, -- really love you for it. You are so very special to me. Do you understand"?

"I think so".

Ryan crawled into me again. As tight as during the night but this time he was doing it deliberately, not subconsciously.

"I was thinking about what they teach us at school and stuff, - like all the naughty things and secrets and stuff. It isn't like how they say, is it, is it? So who's telling porkies"?

"Ok. This is how I see it mate. Oh Christ, where do I start! You are a young boy and what we've been doing together, in the eyes of the law, is wrong and I could be in deep trouble if it was ever to be made public, - come out or whatever. We did what we did because it felt right at the time and for me, it'll feel right again because, without reservation, I love you very much and I can't bear the thought of loosing you. So that's my defence if ever someone was to find out".

"No one is ever going to know! I love you too and all the stuff, - you know, - has been, - fab and cool and stuff and I want it for ever and ever, right? I was just saying! What they said was wrong"!

"Difficult. ...What they said was right. What we're doing isn't ok. Normally kids of your age are forced to do it! Kidnapped and hurt -- sometimes killed as a result. This is why they teach you all these things. - - to protect you from the bad people who would just molest you for fun. That's a good lesson to learn. I've molested you and I would be judged the same as any body else".

"No - no! I won't tell! I love you as well! You didn't molst me or whatever! I wanted you to molst me and stuff! Hug me please!! I want to be with you! I want to -- be with you -- cuddling me and making me feel awesome like before"!

I looked into his beautiful eyes and kissed his little ruby lips. Just a peck. Then hugged him as I cried my eye out.



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