The Lion And The Little Buck

By EroticWriter12

Copyright 2007, All rights reserved

Author's note -- This story is a sequel to Little Shower Mate. This story will make little sense to those who have not read it. This story is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincedental.

Warning - This story contains mature content and is not suitable for younger readers. It also contains content of a contreversial nature. If you are offended by homosexuality or intimate contact between adults and youth you should not read this story

Despite what many would think, I didn't walk around fantasizing about little boys. I had a very full and normal life; in fact some might say I had a lot going for me. I am a good looking guy, educated and have a career that is taking-off. Women enjoy my company and I enjoy pleasing them - often. I am constantly on the run with a pack of some of the best people you can imagine as friends. I had money to spend where and when I wanted, my needs were few. My social life consisted of playing sports, happy hours and fine dining. I was making the best of being in my early twenties; I was prince of all I could imagine and well on my way to being king of my domain.

So, it was not like me to worry over things I could not control; yet I was. All the reasons that I shouldn't have done what I did with Robbie begin to percolate in my mind. Had I hurt him? Was I going to get caught? These thoughts ran through my mind with increasing frequency and the more I pushed them away and the more I focused on my blessed life, the more the thoughts sprang up in my mind. I hoped that Robbie felt ok about our "talk", but, what if he didn't? I certainly didn't want to hurt or confuse the guy. What if I had scared him? What if he felt pressured? Did I let something get out of hand? What if he ended up in some therapist office years down the road talking about the pervert that played with him in the shower? Dear God, what if I have scarred him for life? What if he told? All these questions weighed heavily on my mind. Weeks passed and I slowly started building for myself a kind of hell, complete with my own demons and sufferers. I began to convince myself that I had done something horribly wrong and was becoming certain I would pay.

After several weeks I finally returned to the recreation center pool where I had met Robbie. My heart was pounding. It didn't take long for me to get answers to the questions that had plagued me. I saw Robbie almost at once. When he saw me he waved eagerly and yelled "Hi Rick" from across the pool. As soon as I saw his smiling eyes I knew everything was ok. There wasn't the slightest tension in our interaction. It was as if nothing had ever happened, and that's just where I intended to leave things.

Since I often swam during the open swim hours, when kids were allowed to use the adult pool, I saw Robbie many times. Each day as I finished my laps he would come bounding over to me to say hi. In no time he was dragging me over to the kid part of the pool and we played games, until spent, I headed off to the lockers. Never during that time did he give the slightest indication that he ever thought of what happened before.

I hadn't had a chance to really get to know Robbie from our first meeting, but now I found that I very much enjoyed my time with the boy. I grew up as the eldest of five kids, with two brothers and two sisters. I was used to being around kids and didn't realize how much I missed it. I genuinely missed the play, the innocent imaginative interaction, the wonder of each and every new experience; I missed the opportunity to help them explore and learn about life and certainly the learning wasn't a one way street. If you're open kids can teach you every bit as much as you teach them. When I went away to college that all changed. I was too busy being the big man on campus and preparing myself to conquer the world. I had no time for kids or for kid's games. Yet now, I felt Robbie's playful nature totally irresistible. He was opening a part of me that had been shut away for a while. Despite those feelings, nothing further happened between us. Our playtime was simply about two people connecting and relating. I was happy just having him to play with and that was enough.

However, all my fears came crashing back in on me the day I met Robbie's father. It was right after a swim and Robbie and I were in the locker room changing. I was toweling down my lean frame thinking of things I had to take care of when I got home. Robbie, as usual, was running around doing nearly everything but getting dressed, when a man appeared in the locker room door. My heart stopped immediately. I could spot the father son resemblance right away. When Robbie looked up and saw his dad standing in the door way, he bounded over to greet him. "Dad, Dad!" he yelled, running half naked across the locker room, which was empty as usual. "Come on. You have to meet Rick." Robbie grabbed his dad's arm with both hands and began pulling him across the locker room to where I sat on a bench.

`Uh-oh' was all I could think. The locker room spun and I held onto the locker for stability.

"Dad, this is my friend Rick. Rick, this is my dad."

I stood up half dressed, wearing only my pants. "Nice to meet you," I said extending my hand and smiling, doing my best to recover. I don't think it showed by I was almost trembling.

His dad took it saying, "Nice to meet you as well. So, you're Robbie's big friend?"

"I think you could say that," I said, toweling my hair some more. "He's a great kid." I looked over at Robbie and winked.

"Yeah dad! He throws me in the pool and stuff, and we dive and we play SHARK!," Robbie said emphasizing the last word by barring his teeth in a snarl.

"Shark?" Dan inquired with amusement.

"It's a game he made up," I said. "Someone plays the shark and someone plays the fish."

"I see," Dan smiled.

"Robbie, go finish dressing son. Your sister is probably already waiting for us." Dan turned back toward me.

Still, I took that as a cue to finish dressing myself. His dad hadn't punched me in the nose yet, but I wasn't going to delay too long.

"Robbie's mentioned you several times," Dan said. "I thought I should stop by to meet you. You seem to have made a real impression on him."

"I hope it's a good one. He's a great kid and all the other kids love him." I said. That was the understatement of the year. "I come down here about this time of day to get a swim in. There's always at least one lap lane open." I was pulling on my shirt and packing my bag. "It seems like Robbie is always here."

As if on cue, Robbie finished dressing and returned to his dad's side. However, he neglected to finish drying himself and his shirt was stuck to his body and his hair was damp and a mess.

"Oh yes," his dad chuckled. "Sometimes I'm not sure if he's a boy or a fish." Dan eyed him a little critically, noticing the boy was still half wet. "Robbie, next time try to finish drying BEFORE you put your clothes on; you're going to get the car seat all wet."

"Ok," the boy pouted, looking at his dad and then me.

"Well he sure has made a lot of friends with the other boys and they all love it when I toss them around in the pool. " I mentioned, changing the subject.

"It's kind of you to play with them." Dan said.

"Not at all", I replied, tossing the last of my stuff in my swimmer's bag. "I really enjoy it. It's great to have the opportunity to interact with the kids." I hoisted the bag over my shoulder. "Well, I need to get going; it's great to have met you. Robbie, I'll see you around buddy." I waved and I was off.

I had the chance over the next few weeks to talk with Dan several more times. As I got to know him better I discovered that he was as cool as his son. Dan was in his early thirties and a single dad due to divorce -- apparently having to do with his wife having a gambling addiction that led to financial ruin and all sorts of problems. It sounded like things had been pretty rough there for a while, with him getting used to being the sole parent and working all the time. The kids took it rough too, bad days at school and not getting enough attention at home. Then came a chance at a new job for Dan, which is what brought them to town. Dan had gotten a great job and was making more than enough to hire a part-time nanny and house-keeper. They had moved to a nicer neighborhood and the kids were adjusting well. They were doing well in school and Dan was getting enough time not only to be a good dad, but to start taking care of himself as well.

Part of our friendship stemmed from the fact that Dan was getting back out on the dating scene. He had married young and didn't really know how to be single. His friends were married with kids. I introduced him to my friends and we hung out; I became his bachelor friend. Dan invited me over to their home often for barbeques and parties and we would go out with my friends to happy hours and the clubs.

From most women's perspective I had the trifecta, I was well educated, fit and a good looking. Consequently, I have never had any trouble attracting women. Dan has a lot of these qualities as well, so once I helped him remember how to talk with women, he did pretty well himself.


The warm summer sun soaked the cloudless blue skies with its brilliant rays. I was over at Dan's house for a backyard barbeque. It was just Dan and I and the kids. Robbie had a twin sister Michelle, who we all called Shelly. She was nearly the spitting image of Robbie, except a bit taller and with long hair. However, where Robbie was an extrovert on the verge of flamboyant, Shelly was all seriousness. This is not to say that Shelly was not fun, she was an incredibly bright child and no shrinking violet. She would get right in there with the boys and was more than willing to try anything they would try.

I and Dan had both had a couple of beers; we just finished an excellent lunch, Dan being a master on the grill, when we decided to play a round of croquet. It was Michelle and I against Dan and Robbie. Not exactly being a champion croquet player I did my best to keep up.

I wore tan cargo shorts, a polo shirt and a choker made of shell and hemp rope that I bought on my last trip to Mexico. However, it was so warm I soon removed the shirt so I could enjoy the feel of the warm sun on my tanned shoulders and I took off my sandals to feel the freshly cut grass on my bare feet. The smell of the lawn permeated the air. Small beads of sweat formed quickly on my skin.

Robbie was wearing lose cut-offs that barely stayed on and rode so low you could tell he wasn't wearing underwear. Not one to ever be left out, he also stripped off his shirt. He didn't tan as easily, but his normally white skin was beginning to turn a light yellowish gold. I watched as he ran up to the ball on his turn and gave it a whack; watching it fly wide of its mark. I had to chuckle. Unlike his sister he wasn't very accurate, but true to his personality, if he missed he was going to do it in style.

Shelly walked up to her ball next. She was wearing a bright yellow sun dress and had her light blond hair pulled back into a tail that hung loosely over her left shoulder. Her face became the picture of concentration as she lined up the shot. With just the right amount of force she knocked her ball through a series of wickets. So, the game progressed with Shelly and I winning handily, thanks to Shelly and despite my novice level of skill.

After croquet Robbie decided we should play "Lion", which was just a variation on "Shark."

I ran around the yard chasing Robbie and Shelly yelling "RAWWRR!" My howls were met with equally loud screams of joy as Robbie and Michelle fled this way and that. The chase was on, and after several minutes with the heat, I was beginning to warm. Sweat was beading on my blond chest hair and as I wore down, I kneeled on one knee. Seeing my vulnerability and with impish grins on their faces, the "prey" looked as if they might a turn on the "lion". All of a sudden, with a mighty growl and a whoop, Dan joined the fray. Now Dan was chasing Shelly and I was chasing Robbie. Around the yard, under the swing set, around the tree we chased our quarry. The yard filled with the sounds of growls and giggles. With a feint behind the tree, Dan caught Shelly and they collapsed in a heap. Still, I pursued my elusive young buck.

I crotched low, fingers like claws, extended, prepared to tickle the little buck into submission. My prey stared back, his blue eyes meeting mine. He showed no fear, only alertness and a sly smile that said, "My dear lion, you shall never catch me." Quickly he dashed one way, then another, under the swing set and around a poll, I lounged but he slipped away. Again I stalked around, squaring off and closing slowly. In the blink of an eye he leapt, first right, then left, but I guessed correctly and cut him off. With a roar I swooped him up and we went crashing down into the grass arms and legs entwined. My fingers searching out his smooth bare flesh; I tickled without mercy. He screamed and thrashed, we rolled around in the grass, the little buck not content to give in, wiggled and searched for escape; but, there was none. My arms encircled him, my fingers tickled everywhere, arms, sides, tummy, thighs, until at last, with tears of laughter in both our eyes, he breathlessly called out, "stop."

We settled back into the grass, both gasping for air from laughing so hard. Robbie was laying half on me, ourour bodies were covered in sweat from the exertion. I looked into the little buck's eyes that were the same color as the afternoon sky. My hand had come to rest on his chest and I could feel his beating heart. As I laid there in the grass with that "wild creature" I felt my own heart open up to him in a way I didn't think possible.


The phone beeped, I looked at the number and told Rachel I would have to put her on hold. I clicked over. "Hello."

"Hi Rick, It's Dan Nichols. Listen I have a favor to ask. Are you busy?"

"Well, I'm on the line with Rachel. What's up buddy?"

"I need to take Shelly clothes shopping and was wondering if you could watch Robbie for a while. He hates going shopping with us and I gave Lidia the day off. It will only be a couple hours."

With a moment's hesitation I answered, "No problem Dan. I'd be happy to watch him for you."

"Everything going ok with Rachel?"

"I'll tell you about it later," I replied, realizing I didn't have time to go into details.

"Ok. When do you want me to send Robbie over?"

"You'd better give me a half hour."

"Sure thing I'll send him over then."

"Sounds good. Later." I clicked back to resume my conversation with Rachel.

It's never easy telling someone you don't want to go out with them anymore. Rachel, of course, took it in the worst possible way. At least we hadn't gone out long enough to require me to break the news in person. It had only been a few dates and a couple nights of passion. She was a great person, but wanting to go way to fast. I, on the other hand, was in no hurry to settle down. I was twenty three and only two years out of college. I was looking to play the field, not settle down. The last thing I wanted at that stage of my life was a major commitment.

No sooner had I hung up the phone than the doorbell rang. Still feeling a little guilty because I had made Rachel cry, I headed for the door. Opening it, I found a smiling boy standing on my door step. "Hi Rick."

"Hey squirt. Come on in." I called Dan just to let him know that Robbie had arrived.

I hung up the phone. "So, what should we do?"

"I dun no," he said shrugging. "You have any movies?"

I took a moment to think about my DVD collection. Mostly action flicks or movies with way too adult of a theme for a third grader. "Probably not anything you'd like buddy."

"Let's go for a swim," Robbie yelled, jumping up and down.

I contemplated that possibility. "But you didn't bring your trunks did you?" I asked.

"Na-uh", he said shaking his blond locks.

"Well, you're going to look really silly running around butt naked at the pool." I said with a smile, teasing him.

"I don't care I want to go swim with you."

I laughed, "I think you like running around naked," I winked at him.

"Na-uh", he replied, blushing a little.

"Well, maybe you want to run around naked, but I don't feel like getting into trouble. " I thought for a moment. "I know, it's beautiful outside, let's take Banjo to the park."

"Cool!" he said, hoping around.

I called my dog, Banjo, a beautiful labrador retriever and the three of us headed out the door and down the street to the park. Robbie insisted on holding Banjo's leash, even though the dog probably weighed more than Robbie himself. I'm not sure who walked who, with banjo going this way and that, to sniff this weed, or that fire hydrant, all the while pulling Robbie along behind him, but we eventually made it to the park.


Once we got back to the house I looked at the clock, we still had a lot of time. I thought, "now what?"

I knew the game would be on so I flipped on the TV and got a soda for me and a juice for Robbie. Robbie was sprawled across my big arm chair. He had his legs over one arm and his head against the other. His arms were thrown back over his head. He starred at the TV, mouth half open and body as limp as a wet noodle. I chuckled as I thought to myself; boys are so in the moment.

"Hey buddy, here's your juice," I held out the juice box. "Robbie...Robbie...HEY SQUIRT." I half shouted. Robbie just rolled his head sideways and held out his hand to accept the juice. Two seconds after placing the straw to those pouty young lips he was once again lost to the TV.

I sprawled out on the couch nearby and settled in to enjoy the game. We watched the tube for some time before, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Robbie stand up. Suddenly he rushed across the room and leaped on me with a yell. "Arrrrr! Your mine." He wiggled his fingers, grabbing my side, just where he knew I was ticklish. Trying not to spill my soda, I set it down and tried to defend myself from the unprovoked onslaught.

"Arrrrr!" he cried and renewed his attack. I'm actually very ticklish, so it was having some effect. Boy fingers were all over my side and stomach as we both laughed.

"So it's a tickle fight you want aye? Better be careful" I managed to say. "or...Harh I'll show ye no mercy." I said switching to my best pirate voice.

He giggled and twisted to avoid my counterattack, "You won't beat me."

"Alright then." With that I picked Robbie up in the air, swooped him up with my arms, and holding him, I begin to tickle with my free hand. He wailed as my fingers exacted their revenge. "I'll show ye what happens when ye double cross a pirate. Arrrr!" Suddenly, I turned him upside down and holding him by his legs began to blow rasberrys on his back and sides.

"AH!" he screamed, wiggling to get free.

Soon, I had reduced him to a teary eyed flailing mass of giggles and I slowly lowered him to the floor. Robbie collapsed into a heap at my feet gasping for air. I settled back on the couch. "That'll teach ye to start a tickle fight, me thinks."

No sooner had he caught his breath and straightened his clothes then he launched himself at me once again. We rolled around on the couch for several more minutes, until at last Robbie retreated to the other end of the couch, apparently given out. I know I was.

Robbie became quiet and looked at me. I waited patiently. He looked at me, then at the floor, then back at me. "Um, Rick, I know something we could do."

"Oh yeah, what's that buddy?"

"We don't have to if you don't want to, but, umm..." Robbie, full of seriousness now, was looking at the floor again, then back at me. "I guess we could do what we did in the steam room that time...if you want to that is."

The memory of that day flooded back into my mind. I just looked at Robbie, face straight. "What do you mean kiddo?"

"You could play with your thingy and we could get naked."

"Robbie!" I burst out, more than a little shocked at his forwardness. "You're not supposed to ask people to do that sort of thing."

"I know," he replied looking a little sheepish. "But, well, how come?"

"Remember when we did it that time, I told you it's personal. It's a very personal thing. Do you know what personal means? It means it's supposed to be private." I knew my tone with him was a little harsh, I tried to soften it.

"But you did it before."

"Yeah well that was a special case."


I thought for a minute, he had me and I knew it. Why was it a special case? Because I didn't think I would see him again, or because I had let myself get carried away? Both were probably true.

"Kiddo, most people don't think it's something you should do in front of someone else, especially kids. If people knew what I did before, I could get in a lot of trouble." Even as I said this, I thought, hh great, now I'm laying a guilt trip on him. Robbie was looking at me with those big blue eyes. Is it possible that Robbie really had enjoyed our little game in the steam room? "Look Robbie, I liked what we did together it was fun, but I'm not sure I used the best judgment. It's my fault."

"Oh." the suddenly serious little boy said, again looking down at the floor. "It's ok, it was just an idea."

We sat for a time in silence. How was I to handle this? I didn't want him to feel bad or wrong about what happened. I was also extremely curious about what he was thinking. "Did you have fun when we played in the steam room before?"

He was silent for a few moments before answering tentatively, "Yeah." His eyes downcast, "Is that wrong?"

"No Robbie, you did nothing wrong at all, nothing at all. It's very natural for you to by curious. What did you think about what you saw?"

He shrugged before looking over at me. "I don't know, I guess it looked fun."

"Have you tried it on your own, since watching me?"

He nodded and my cock twitched.

"How was it?"

"Ok. Nothing happened like with you though."

I thought for a moment, I was sure that he didn't really know yet what to do, or what to expect. "Robbie, it's ok to try it on your own, I hope you know that." He nodded. "Good," I slid over next to him. At that moment he looked upset. I put my arm around him. "Kiddo, I'm sorry I should have talked to you about this a long time ago. I had a lot of fun with you that day. I felt close to you when we, when we did what we did."

His bright eyes looked into mine, "I like you too Rick."

I'm not sure where the idea for what I said next came from, most likely from some subconscious desire. "It's ok to ask me to do that, if you want, but I don't want you asking other people to do that. It's considered bad manners." Bad manners I thought, you could call it that.

"Like burping when you eat?" he asked.

I laughed out loud. "Well, maybe even worse than that... and...HArrh, we might just have to make ye walk the plank." I said, switching to my pirate voice and poking him gently in the ribs, "so ye best be on your good behavior."

"Ok," he said, flashing me those baby blues and a killer smile. "So, umm...does that mean you'll let me see?" My cock twitched again.

"Not just look kiddo, I'm going to show you how to do it right." I flashed him my best smile. The one that makes all the women swoon.

"Yippeeee!" He leaped from the couch.

I stood up and held out my hand. He took it and together we walked hand-in-hand down the hall to my bedroom.


Once we got into my bedroom there was a pause. "Go have a seat on the bed Robbie." I looked around for a moment trying to decide how I wanted to handle this, then went to the dresser and pulled out a towel and a bottle of baby oil. Tossing them on the bed I turned to Robbie. "Ready?"

He nodded, watching me intently. I pulled my shirt over my head and let it drop to the floor. I let him look at my chest. It had to look so much different than his. I was extremely well toned from swimming and lifting weights. I have large pectoral chest muscles and very well defined shoulders. Light blond hair covers my upper chest. My fingers opened up my jeans and I slid them off quickly, along with my socks. Robbie's eyes went to my legs which were tanned, firm and muscular, certainly not like a boys legs. Then he looked up into my eyes; I smiled down at him. "Go ahead little buck, you take them off"

Swallowing he leaned forward and hooked his fingers into the waist band of my boxers and tugged them down. Stepping out of them I stood before him, hands at my side. My soft cock hung before him. His eyes were looking up and down my body. This may have been the first time he really had the chance to look at the human form naked, without fear of being caught, or scolded or told he was bad.

"Now your turn." I said, picking him up and lifting him to stand on the bed. He peeled off his shirt and tossed it aside. Then flopping onto his back on the bed, he undid the button on his pants and he struggled, working them off his legs. I grabbed the cuff at the bottom of his pants and with one tug whipped them right off, pulling his tighty-whiteys half off as well. He stood again, straightening his underwear. I got onto the bed kneeling next to where he was standing, which put his belly at my eye level. "Now my turn" and with that I reached out and grabbed the hem of his briefs by the leg holes. I tugged them down and his little boy cock sprung free.

I moved over to lie in the center of the bed on my back. Robbie sat next to me. My cock, still not fully hard lay across my abdomen. I grabbed the bottle of baby oil and squirted some in my hand. I wrapped my fist around shaft and worked the oil in until it was well greased.

"Put out your hand buddy." I squirted some oil into his hand as well. "Do what I do." I slowly stroked the length of my shaft as it rapidly grew to its full eight inch length. Robbie also wrapped his fingers around his little dick and began to stroke.

"So Robbie, what we're doing is called masturbation, or some call it jacking off. There are some things to know about jacking off. First, pick someplace to do it where you won't be disturbed. Nothing ruins a good jack off session like getting caught. Second, use lube. By that I mean use baby oil, lotion or sometimes just some spit from your hand. "

"Eeew." His nose wrinkled in disgust. "You spit on it?"

"Well...yeah, I guess you could put it that way, but usually you'll just lick your fingers like this." I raised my hand to my mouth and put a little saliva on my fingers, then worked that in with the oil. "The point being, you want it really slippery."

"How come?"

"It just feels better and if you do it too much without lube, it can hurt. Also, if you do it too much your skin gets raw, don't do that. But, if that does happen just stop for a couple of days. Ok?" He nodded enthusiastically. "Otherwise, it's just fun, so go for it."

"Rick, how often do you do it?"

"Well, usually about once a day. Some people do it a lot more; some people don't do it at all."

We then proceeded to stroke ourselves in silence. I was taking my time watching him, trying to tell if it was working for him. His fist slid easily back and forth across his little cock and his little boy balls bounced in time with his fist.

"Lay down next to me kiddo."

"uh-uh. I want to sit up so I can watch you shoot your sperms." He was twisted around funny.

"You look uncomfortable sitting up like that." I reached over and grabbed him with both hands. He squealed as my oily hand grasped his side. I lifted him into the air and moved him over until he was straddling my leg. I could feel the heat from his little bottom seeping into my leg. It made my cock grow immensely hard.

Robbie watched me from his perch on my leg as I slowly stroked my cock. My fist twisted and pulled the slick shaft in a sensual manner. My other hand cupped and occasionally rolled my balls.

He tried to imitate me, but his youthful lack of coordination made it awkward.

"Enjoying yourself kiddo?"

"Yeah," he said with a smile.

"Hold on tight, that bronco you're riding might get frisky." I pushed the leg he was straddling up and forward, causing him to shift his weight quickly to rebalance.

"You ready to ride a bucking bronco?" I pushed up again with my leg.

He shouted out with a giggle, "stop." Trying to keep his balance he put his hands back behind him causing his back to arch slightly, his little boy penis thrusting out toward me. My leg kept lifting him into the air, up and down and he rode the leg. His little body moving up and down and my leg slid across his bottom. Tiring of the game I let him settle back into place and he once again began watching me.

Although his little penis was sticking straight out, I could tell he wasn't experiencing great pleasure. If his little body was going to orgasm he was going to need a little help. Thinking it over, I remembered my toys. I twisted around on the bed and reached for a shoebox I kept under it. I Set the box on the bed and fished around inside before I laid my hands on a vibrator set I had. I pulled out a vibrating cock ring. It was hopelessly too big for Robbie, but still might provide him with some fun.

"What's that?" asked my curious little friend.

"They're some toys I have. It makes your little thingy feel good, just like rubbing."

"How's it work?" he queried, furrowing his blond brow.

"Let me show you." With some effort I slipped the cock ring around my swollen shaft, just under the head. Grabbing the control I pushed the slide forward and the vibrator jumped to life. Instantly the room was filled with the hum of the little motor and the vibrating cock ring giggled.

"That's funny," Robbie laughed. He put his finger to the vibrator and felt it bouncing. "Does it feel good?"

"Oh yeah, It feels really nice."

"Will you shoot your sperms that way?"

"I could, but I think you should try it. Do you want to?"

With little thought my little buckaroo nodded. I pried it off my cock and put it in his hand.

"Just slip it on the end like I did."

Robbie slid the cock ring over his penis and let go. Of course it was several times bigger around than his small shaft and I watched as it just slid around and off the end. "I think you're going to have to hold it in place. Put it right here." I said, indicating the underside of his penis. Robbie struggled with it a moment more. "Would you like help?" I asked. He nodded.

I reached out and positioned the vibrator just on the underside of his little dick. As I did, I was holding his shaft. The feel of his soft warm skin was like electricity shooting through my arm. My heart was racing. I held the vibrator firmly in place, but not to firmly. We stayed like that for a few moments while I waited for him to settle in and begin to enjoy the feeling. We looked at each other and I smiled at him. "How is that, too intense? I can adjust the speed."

"No, it's good," he replied a little breathily.

"Good, then you hold it there. Let me know if it feels at all uncomfortable."

Robbie was now looking down at his own cock, watching it and shifting the vibrator side to side on his shaft, experimenting and seeing what felt good. I was thrilled watching him explore. My hand found its way back to my own hard cock and slowly stroked. Time seemed to move slowly as we stayed in that intimate space. Neither of us could say a word. The only noise was the soft hum of the vibrator. Every once in a while Robbie would look up from what he was doing to see if I was watching, that I was stroking.

I could tell he was feeling good. His breathing became deeper, his little cock was straining, his cheeks were flushed, his lips slightly parted.

"Sometimes, when I'm feeling really good I move my hips forward like this," I said thrusting my hips up slightly. Robbie tried it, thrusting slowly back and forth. His bottom and his little ball sack rubbing against my leg.

I was out of my mind with desire. I watched the little buckaroo riding my leg, becoming ever more lost in his own pleasure. I stroked slowly, not wanting to climax yet. My pre-cum was running like a faucet and coating my shaft even more. The squelching sounds of my fist were becoming audible.

"Uh. It tickles Rick," Robbie whispered.

"Tickles good, or tickles bad?"

"Good, I think."

"That's good. That is how it should feel. You can stop anytime though, if it doesn't feel good. Do you want to stop?"

Robbie shook his head emphatically and continued riding my leg. Red tinged his cheeks as he watched his little dick responding to the stimulation. With the warm afternoon air and the physical exertion, the hair on his head was slicked to his brow. His body was undulating slowly and I could feel his thigh muscles becoming stiff around my leg. Moments later he gave a loud sigh and I watched as his eyes fought to stay open. A dry orgasm took his body, his smooth cock twitching in his hands. It was without a doubt one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen. He stayed like that for a long time, riding the waves of his dry orgasm, head bobbing and body slowly gyrating until, at last, spent, he slipped the vibrator off his cock and his body tipped forward. With a kerflump , he collapsed on the bed next to me. His legs still half tangled with mine. He was taking deep breaths. He landed on his side with his head resting on my chest.

He rolled slowly over so his chin was resting on his hand, on my chest. His blue eyes gazed up at me.

"Wow!" he said dreamily and sighed again.

"Yea wow!" I said. I had virtually stopped stroking, but was hard as an iron bar. "That was about the sexiest thing I've ever seen."


"You, kiddo, seeing you feel good. That was such a wonderful experience for me. It made me happy."

He smiled at me. "You liked watching me?" He seemed both happy and a little embarrassed.

"Oh yeah, I loved it. You were so cute, all shaking, and breathing hard. Knowing you were feeling so good made me happy," at those words Robbie actually blushed profusely. "Now you know how I feel when I cum, when I shoot sperm."

"That's what you feel like?" He asked, a tinge of understanding creeping into his face. "Are you going to come now?" he asked looking down to my hard cock.

"Do you want me to?" I asked touching the back of his head gently.

"Yeah." He whispered, looking me in the eyes once again. "I want you to feel good too."

I began stroking, still not too fast. My hips moved slowly, a fine sweat coated my body. My breathing increased and I looked down at Robbie. "Soon," I said. He shifted around, head still laying on my chest, but now watching my hand glide across my cock as I slowly jacked. Our naked bodies touching I put my arm around Robbie and rested it on his head, stroking his soft blond hair. He was lying right up against me, his dick still hard, poked me gently in my hip. I was in heaven. I overwhelmed by the feelings of intimacy I felt for him. I could feel his eyes on me. I felt so close to him, sharing what we just shared, playing with him, and teaching him about his body and about mine.

My abs were rippling, my strong arms cradled Robbie to me, firmly, but gently. His head being so close to mine, I could smell his hair, that young boy smell. My lean body was rippling with my impending orgasm, then, with a grunt my cock erupted, spraying my semen across my chest. I pumped for all I was worth, holding my little friend tight and loving the moment. I thought I would cum forever, but eventually my orgasm subsided, my spent body slowly relaxed.

After several moments of laying completely still, Robbie echoed me from before, "Wow!" Rolling over he looked up into my eyes and sighed.

"Wow!" I replied trying to catch my breath. As I hugged him to me, I looked down and our eyes met, my breath caught in surprise. Apparently Robbie had not escaped my orgasm. My cum was on his forehead and in his blond hair. His hand wiped away the streak on his forehead.

"Was it good?" he asked me, smiling slyly.

"Mmhmm," I nodded. Really good.

"You're a mess," he teased. Looking at the cum covering my body.

"So are you," I said reaching out a finger to wipe a drop off the tip of his nose.

He giggled, "Yeah! You got me messy too. No fair!" He closed his eyes and snuggled into my side. Together we lay, just breathing. Soon I realized that my hand was on his chest and I could feel his beating heart.