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Little Victor, Ch. 10

I was doing biology homework when the basement door opened and Greg angrily shouted down, "Kev! There's a police officer at the front door asking for you!"

I quickly closed my books and ran up the stairs. Standing on the entrance carpet was a young RCMP officer and beside him was Pat who looked worried.

"Good evening, Mr. Halsing."

"Officer. It's good to see you again."

I hugged Brad and he said, "You too, Kev. You look good."

I said, "Greg, Pat, this is Constable Bradley Jong. Brad, my landlords Greg and Pat MacLachlan. Brad is my brother Damian's high school friend."

Pat laughed with relief and said, "Oh my god. Nice to meet you, Brad. I thought Kev was being busted for drug dealing or something."

Brad laughed and said, "Not at all. Sorry for showing up in uniform, I just finished my shift. Kevin texted me last week to catch up."

"Well come in," Pat said. "Greg and I are about to go out for date night. Our son Victor is in the kitchen doing homework."

I looked at Greg. He was staring at me with that look. I threw him a wink and he and Pat donned their coats and went out.

Brad and I sat at the kitchen table and I said, "Victor, this is my brother's friend Brad. Brad took my virginity when I was 13 and he was 15."

Victor asked, "He fucked you?"

I nodded and said, "He did. We were fuck buddies until he moved here. He fucked me and I fucked him."

"Kev is a great fuck right?" Brad asked the little boy.

Victor smiled and said, "Yeah! I really like his cum."

I told Victor, "Well finish your homework, baby. Me and Brad will be in the living room."

When we sat down on the sofa, Brad said, "He is a hot little guy."

"He is a horny, cum hungry kid. It was easy getting him to play. I'm in love with him."

Shocked, Brad said, "Shit, no way. Like really, really in love with him?"

I nodded and said, "Totally gone on him."

"Damn. How's he feel?"

"He's in love with me too. He likes being the big spoon."

"How do you feel having others fuck him? No jealousy?"

I shook my head and said, "Nope. It's hot as fuck watching him take cock."

"I can't wait to fuck that boy pussy."

"Damian said you and Osirus broke up."

"He found the boy porn on my computer. Don't worry, he won't rat me out, I could have his parents arrested for a growing op in their basement."

I asked, "Fuck any boy pussy lately?"

Brad opened a video on his phone and handed to me, and said, "That's my neighbor's boy Eric. He's 11."

I handed my phone to Brad too and we watched each other's videos. Brad's video was of him fucking little Eric doggy style on a sofa. Brad grunted as he fucked hard and fast, and the boy moaned loudly. Sweat was shiny on Brad's muscular chest and bubble butt.

While watching my video, Brad said, "Fuck, can I suck you off?"

I turned off Brad's phone and said, "Let's save it all for the little blonde. But we can makeout."

Brad and I leaned toward each other kissed. As we made out, Brad unstrapped and unzipped his protective vest. We laid down on our sides on the sofa and grabbed each other's ass cheeks.

When we ended our makeout session, Brad and I went to the kitchen and I poured us a glass of scotch each.

"Babe, can you help me please?" Victor asked.

I kneeled on a knee beside his chair, gave him a small kiss on the lips and asked, "What are we working on?"

It was math, whole numbers being multiplied with fractions. I explained an equation to the little guy and he caught on pretty quick. He finished the sheet in minutes, and the 3 of us went down to the basement.

I leaned against my dresser with my phone out. Brad and Victor laid on my bed and began making out heavily. Brad laid his 6 foot, 190lb muscular body over the little boy. Victor's little hands explored Brad's clothed body. Brad spread the little boy's legs and began grinding his crotch on Victor's.

Victor said, "Take your shirt off."

Brad laughed but sat up. Victor sat on his lap and kissed Brad's neck as the police officer unbuttoned his police shirt.

"Shit," Brad moaned. "Eager little boy."

As Brad took the blue buttonup shirt off, Victor pulled his white tank top up, exposing the officer's milky white and muscular body. They resumed kissing heatedly and Brad groped Victor's little butt. Brad then pulled the little blonde's shirt off.

My dick was so fucking hard in my jeans and leaking pre-cum. But I didn't touch it, and focused on recording the crazy hot action before me.

Victor fell backward on purpose and undid his jeans. Brad laughed again at the tyke's eagerness and pulled the boy's jeans off. Completely nude, Victor sat back down on Brad's lap and suckled on his brown nipple.

Brad's eyes closed in pleasure and he said, "Fuck, man. I usually have to force a boy to play. Victor here fucking foreplays."

"Take off your pants," Victor said and suckled on Brad's other nipple.

Brad laid down and unfastened his uniform pants. Victor went back to licking the officer's nipple as he pushed his pants down. Before Brad could even toss his pants aside, Victor grasped Brad's uncut 7 inches and squeezed it.

"Fuck!" Brad moaned.

Victor flicked his little tongue on Brad's tiny brown nipple as he jerked the officer's dick. Brad pushed the little blonde off him and kneeled between Victor's legs. Brad licked his middle finger and looked down into Victor's green eyes, and slid the finger into Victor's pink pucker.

"Mmm!" Victor moaned and gripped the blanket.

"Fucking Christ, you're tight," Brad said.

I got up close and recorded Brad's thick finger sliding in and out of Victor's little cunt. When I panned out, Brad lowered his head and sucked on Victor's 2 inch dickie.

"Ohhh!" Victor moaned.

Brad sucked on Victor's tiny cock while finger fucking his chute. I saw Brad's tongue come out and lick at the little blonde's little balls.

Victor looked at me and said, "I want to suck you."

I giggled and said, "Not yet, baby. Soon. Just enjoy playing with B."

Victor smiled and looked down at Brad blowing him. He scraped his little fingers through Brad's short black hair as Brad pleasured him. Brad's finger fucked his ass faster.

"I'm going to dry cum," Victor breathless said.

Brad continued to finger fuck Victor and suck on his cocklet. Seconds later, Victor moaned louder and arched his back. Brad suckled on the little boy and really finger fucked his ass. Victor moaned and moaned as his orgasm overtook him.

Brad down on his back and said, "Suck my cock."

Little Victor rolled onto his knees and gripped the base of Brad's uncut cock. He moved his tongue around the mushroom head and licked the drop of pre-cum from Brad's slit.

Brad said, "Shit. You like eating pre-cum huh?"

Victor smiled at both Brad and the camera in front of him, and slid his juicy lips around Brad's dickhead. Brad moaned slightly. Victor sucked more of Brad's prick and sucked hard if his hollowed cheeks were any indication. He bobbed his head very quickly and his tongue worked the head.

"Fuck you work fast. Shit, kid."

Brad gripped Victor's blonde hair and pushed the kid's head down. All of Brad's 7 inches easily slid down Victor's throat and his shoulders moved as he gagged.

"Fuck!" Brad cursed happily. "You taught this boy good, Kev. God damn."

Brad pulled the little tyke's head up 2 inches, and then back down. My dick was throbbing and aching so fucking hard in my pants and pre-cum was making a spot in my trunks. The squelching sounds from Victor's throat only made my cock leak so much more.

Brad let go Victor's blonde locks and the boy got off to breathe. Brad got off my bed and laid Victor down on his back with his head over the edge. Brad smacked his wet cock on the boy's chin and then slid it down Victor's throat.

I asked, "How's that little throat feel?"

Brad brutally fucked the little boy's throat with his balls smacking against Victor's nose, and said, "So fucking tight, dude. This bitch was made to be fucked."

Victor, face pink, set his palms on Brad's legs and pushed. Brad took his dick out of the tyke's mouth, and Victor took deep breaths. Brad then shoved his prick back down Victor's throat and fucked like his life depended on it.

A minute later, Brad pulled out again and turned the little boy onto his knees. Brad kneeled down and wasted no time in devouring Victor's pink hole. Victor laid his chest down on my bed but kept his butt high in the air. Brad moaned as his tongue ate Victor's pink hole.

Victor moaned, "Mmm! Mmm!"

While tonguing Victor's pucker, Brad raised his right hand and smacked the little boy's plump cheek. Brad spread the boy's ass for deeper tongue fucking.

Brad stood up and picked Victor up in his muscular arms. He laid Victor on his back in the middle of the bed, and laid down on his stomach. Brad finger fucked the little tyke for a moment, and then went right back to eating him out.

Watching the police officer feast on the little boy's ass was too much. I unzipped my jeans and took my big cock out. I squeezed as much of my pre-cum out on my finger and ate it. I savored the sweet taste and stroked my foreskin up and down my throbbing phallus.

Brad licked 2 fingers and slid them inside Victor's tiny hole, and asked me, "Fuck, dude, where's your lube?"

I walked over to my nightstand and took the bottle out. I flicked the cap up with my teeth and squeezed some into Brad's hand. The police officer slicked his 7 uncut inches and the little tyke's entrance.

Slapping Victor's pink hole with his hard prick, Brad asked, "You ready for my cock, dude?"

Victor looked deep into Brad's brown eyes and placed his little hands on Brad's muscular thighs. Brad smiled and pressed the mushroom head of his cock to Victor's hole. He pushed, and Victor's pink pucker swallowed the red head.

"Ahhh," Victor moaned mostly in pain.

Brad whispered, "Holy fuck."

Brad pushed more of his cock into Victor's ass, and the tyke's yellow brows scrunched together.

"Oh, take this dick," Brad said.

Brad remained still when his entire length was inside Victor's tight ass and kissed the blonde. They kissed heatedly for a moment, and Brad gently rocked his hips back and forth.

Victor groaned loudly as Brad fucked him and grabbed Brad's elbows. Brad lowered his chest to Victor's and wrapped his arms around the boy's back, and went from a gentle fuck to a real pounding.

Victor looked right in my phone's camera and moaned, "Mm! Uh! Fuck!"

Brad's pale round ass moved in a blur and his pelvis slapped on Victor's little ass loudly. I squeezed another big drop of pre-cum out of my cock and ate it. Victor was moaning like a whore and buried his face in Brad's neck.

A minute later, Brad pulled his cock out and turned Victor on his knees. Brad pushed Victor's head down to my bed and plunged his 7 inches deep into Victor's gaping hole.

Brad mercilessly fucked and asked, "How do you like my dick, dude?"

"Mm! Uh! Fuck me."

Brad pulled Victor's shoulders up, hugged the boy as he fucked him hard, and said, "Yeah, you love taking dick huh? Your ass loves to get fucked huh?"

Brad's hips moved faster than a jackhammer. He was grunting fast and hard, and sweat was sliding down his muscular chest and abs.

Victor asked, "Not so fast?"

Brad smiled at the back of Victor's blonde head and said, "Fucking take this cock, dude. Your tight little ass feels way too fucking awesome, little man. Damn, you have to ride me."

Brad sat down and leaned against my pillows. Victor straddled his hips and aimed Brad's phallus himself.

As Victor impaled himself on Brad, the police officer said, "Oh yeah, you know just what to do huh? Kev taught you everything."

The little tyke rode Brad as fast as he could. Brad attached his thick lips to Victor's neck and the boy mewled at his neck being kissed. His neck was so sensitive.

"I'm about to cum, little man," Brad said. "Where do you want my cum?"

Victor basically jumped off Brad's prick. He took the head in his mouth and jerked the shaft.

"Oh shit. You're a cum hungry bitch. Oh yeah. Ah! Here it comes, here it comes! Uh! Uh! AAHHHH!"

While swallowing Brad's cum, Victor said, "Mmmmmm."

"Holy fuck," Brad said.

I stopped recording and Victor laid down on his stomach beside Brad with a gentle smile on his adorable face. I handed my phone to the officer and he started recording me. I peeled my shirt off and pulled my pants down.

Brad said, "Damn, Kev. You got crazy fucking HOT!"

"I've always been hot, chink," I said jokingly while rubbing lube on my throbbing prick.

Brad said, "I'm half Korean, asshole."

Victor was still lying on his stomach but his smile was bigger. So I kissed his back, and pushed my cockhead inside his reddened cunt.

Victor groaned, "Your dick is so thick, Kev."

I kissed the boy's temple and told him, "Tell me how much you love me."

"Mmm! I love you so much."

Slowly fucking him, I told Victor, "Damn right you do. You ready for a good long-dicking?"

I straightened my arms to hold myself high above my little lover, and rose my hips until my cock came out of Victor's gaping hole. I then lowered my hips and impaled Victor.

"MMM!" Victor moaned under me.

I long-dicked the little tyke for a few minutes, which was beyond amazing. Victor's little ass never failed to milk my cock good, it was so warm and hungry.

I was so close to cumming already, so I turned the blonde on his back and set a pillow under his butt. I slid my thick clock back into Victor's tiny ass and leaned backward. I fucked him harder than a jackhammer, my hips rocked faster than a piston. My heavy sac smacked against the boy's ass and pillow.

While filming from my left, Brad touched his palm to my chest and smeared my sweat into my small thatch of chest hair and muscles. Brad then flicked my red nipple which sent waves of pleasure through me. Cum began to churn in my big balls.

I quickly pulled my cock out of Victor's cunt and kneeled over his face. I groaned as I stroked my dick and the little boy clamped his lips on my shaft.

"FFFUCK!" I shouted when my cum shot out.

Victor swallowed and swallowed, and some of my load slid past his lips.

"I love your cum, Kev," Victor said when I pulled my sensitive phallus out of his mouth.

"I love you, V," I said breathlessly.

I laid down and rested my head on Victor's little chest. He kissed the top of my head, and Brad handed my phone back.

Brad asked, "He really likes being the spooner huh?"

10 minutes later, Brad smacked his hard dick on Victor's lips. Victor excitedly gave him a blowjob. I pulled the blonde up on his knees and fucked him doggy style. Brad and I didn't last more than 5 minutes, but Victor savored the taste of Brad's cum while I bred his tiny ass.

Brad said, "Hooo! Damn. Excellent evening fucking a little blonde. Thanks, dudes."

Brad kissed Victoe, then kissed me, and dressed back into his uniform. Victor and I cuddled, holding each other. He fell asleep, so I pulled the blanket over him. I dressed in a loose tank top and gym shorts, sat my chemistry textbook on my bed. I took a photo of me pretending to do my homework with Victor sleeping in the background.

I texted the photo to Pat and told her that Vic was okay to sleep in my bed because I'm too tired to carry him up 2 flights of stairs. I left the room to turn off the lights in my kitchen and hallway.

I laid back down and Victor got closer to me and hugged my arm. I didn't know if he was actually asleep. But I e-mailed the pedo group to tell them that I had 2 new videos for $20 each.

Pat McLachlan; 'He is too cute. If you're sure, we don't mind grabbing him when we get home.'

I texted Pat that I was almost done my homework and was going to sleep, and that I would would be awake at 6:30 anyway.

I kissed Victor's forehead and settled in for the night.

to be continued.