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Little Victor, Ch. 11

I got home from a basketball game with the guys. I turned the light on and the basement door opened and three boys came running down.

Victor said, "Hi, Kev!"

"Hey, V!" I said back. "Tristan. Who is this?"

"I'm Linus."

Linus was a sexy boy. Big brown eyes, long black hair down to his shoulders, and a black shirt that was too small for him.

"Good to meet you, Linus," I said. "What's up, guys?"

Victor shrugged and said, "I don't know. Got bored of playing Mario Kart."

I got down on a knee and hugged Victor. I then kissed Victor on the lips and he moaned. His tongue swiped across my lips and he wrapped his little arms around my neck.

Linus giggled and said, "Whoa."

I stood to take off my jacket and said, "Well I was just going to relax and watch TV. Where are your parents?"

"Mom is at book club and dad is upstairs," Victor said.

I sat on the sofa. Victor and Tristan sat at my sides and Linus sat beside Victor. For about 10 minutes we watched The Middle. Victor's little hand laid down on my bulge and it grew immediately.

I giggled and said, "You really miss my dick huh? It's only been 3 days since I last fucked you, V."

Linus said, "You really weren't lying."

Victor didn't say anything back. He climbed on my lap and made out with me. As our tongues fought for dominance, I grabbed Victor's little plump ass that was still dressed in jeans. He parted our lips to strip me of my shirt. I took Victor's shirt off too and kissed all over his neck.

Linus said, "Oh man."

I gently set Victor one the floor, propped my phone on the coffee table and said, "All of you take your clothes off."

"Even me?" Linus asked.

"Fuck yeah," I said. "I can't wait to see you naked, boy."

I watched the 3 fucking sexy boys get naked before me as I slid my track pants down my legs. Linus had a very skinny body, tiny sexy red nipples, outie belly button, a throbbing 2 incher, and a small plump ass.

Staring at my rock hard cock, Linus said, "Oh man that's really big. Do you really stick it in Vic?"

"I sure do," I said with a smile. "And I will fuck you too. V, let me ass your ass. Tristan, suck on my shaft. Linus, you get to suck my big balls."

I laid down on my back and Victor squatted down on my face. I hungrily feasted on his pink pucker and pushed his head down to my cock. I moaned into Victor's pink hole when his lips wrapped around the head of my dick. It was so good to feel his warm, wet, expert mouth. He sucked the pre-cum out while Tristan's mouth worked my thick shaft. But still had not felt Linus on my big balls.

"I said suck on my balls, boy," I said and went back to eating Victor out.

After a few seconds, Linus's nose finally touched my heavy sac. And then his tongue licked my right ball which made me moan.

"Fuck," I said with a smile. "3 little boys on my junk. You all like pleasuring me don't you?"

I gave a light slap to Victor's plump pale butt and went right back to tongue fucking him. Tristan's lips went up and down my pole. Victor sucked hard on my head and his tongue worked around it, which made gobs and gobs of pre-cum leak out. Linus's tongue lapped at my hairy sac.

"Oh fuck," I moaned. "Move to my other ball, Linus. Mmm yeah!"

I slapped Victor's ass again, and then shoved the tip of my inside his tight little cunt. Victor moaned on my prick, and then sucked me harder.

I asked, "Linus, want to try having your ass eaten?"

Linus took his tongue off my balls and asked, "Will it hurt?"

Victor laughed and said, "No! It feels cool!"

So Victor climbed off my body and went down to my balls. Linus laid his body over mine, and presented me with his perfect ass. His little hole was darker pink than Victor's and looked even smaller. I pressed my tongue to his tiny sac, to which he moaned. I slowly licked up Linus's crack, and he moaned again when my tongue touched his pucker.

I massaged Linus's firm cheeks and asked, "You like huh, Linus?"

"It's cool."

"Well suck my dick, boy."

Linus was hesitant to put his mouth on my phallus as I lapped my tongue on his hole. So I grabbed the back of his neck and pushed his head down to my cock. I made a show of moaning loudly into Linus's ass when my dick slid into his mouth. It did feel great, but he was no expert.

I slapped Linus's ass again while enjoying the musky taste of his ass. I made my tongue stiff and slid the tip passed Linus's tight ass muscle. Inside the cunt tasted even better, all musky and salty with a hint of sweet.

I took my tongue out of Linus and said, "Fucking suck my dick, boy. Move your head like Vic did."

Linus finally bobbed his head which had me moaning. I shoved my tongue back inside his little hole and wiggled it. I was in heaven having 3 little boys service me. Tristan was sucking hard on my shaft while Victor licked and sucked on each of my balls.

I took my out of Linus and licked my middle finger, coating it nicely. I then pressed it to Linus's sexy pucker and eased it in. Linus tensed and stopped bobbing his head on my cock. While sliding my finger inside the fucking tight chute, I bucked my hips so Linus kept sucking me.

"Fuck you're tight, Linus."

In protest, Linus mumbled, "Mm!"

I kept bucking my hips and Victor and Tristan were still keeping their mouths on my junk. My whole finger slid inside Linus and his ass was so tight my finger was being hugged and squished.

While slowly finger fucking Linus, I said, "Suck my cock, boy."

The basement door opened and Greg came down the stairs. I smiled at him and he just watched with hungry eyes. I fucked Linus with my finger faster and he was moaning on my prick.

"Fuck I'm about to cum," I said. "All of you sit together, gather."

I stood when all 3 boys sat close together on the sofa. I stood in front of them with my phone pointed down at them. I stroked my cock furiously, sliding my foreskin up and down. I stuck the red head of my cock on Victor's waiting tongue and the 1st shot of cum flew into his mouth. I instantly moved my dick to Tristan's mouth and fired my 2nd shot into his mouth. I shot a 3rd shot into Linus's mouth. I then stuck my dick inside Victor's mouth. I grunted and grunted as 4 more spurts of hot cum shot into my little lover's hungry mouth. My muscles spasmed as Victor worked my sensitive cock.

"Holy fuck," I said and fell onto the sofa on my back and stopped recording.

"It tastes weird," Linus said.

"I love Kev's cum!" Victor said with excitement.

I said, "Tristan, I think Greg wants to play."

Greg said, "I... I just came to check on the boys."

"Vic and Tristan were just teaching Linus how to service a man. He's a great cocksucker. Come on. Let Tristan suck your mancock."

Tristan stared at Greg expectantly. Greg caved and began unbuttoning his shirt. I began recording another video and told Linus to get Victor's ass ready to get fucked.

"How?" Linus asked.

"Lick 2 fingers and push them inside his ass," I said.

Greg stood completely naked at the end of the sofa with Tristan bobbing his head on his 7 inches. Victor and Linus were lying on the sofa and Linus's fingers sliding inside Victor's cunt. I remained recording, getting a close shot of Linus finger fucking his friend.

I then got up close to Tristan servicing Greg's prick. Greg was moaning softly and slightly moving his hips. Greg placed his hands on Tristan's head and shoved his whole prick down the boy's throat. Tristan's little nose was buried Greg's brown bush, and Tristan gagged a little.

My own cock finally began inflating again. I set my phone on my small tripod and recorded the whole sectional sofa in frame. I kneeled beside Victor and kissed him heatedly. Linus continued to finger fuck him as we made out and our tongues fought for dominance.

"I need to fuck your ass!" Greg said loudly and Tristan breathed heavily, finally free of Greg's dick.

"Take your fingers out and lick Victor's ass juices off," I told Linus while climbing onto the sofa.

I spit onto my steel hard prick and lathered it. Linus licked his fingers and the face he made said he didn't mind the taste.

"Mmm!" Tristan groaned in pain.

Greg was sliding his 7 inches inside the 10-year-old's ass and said, "Fucking take this dick."

Rubbing the head of my phallus on Victor's hole, I went forward and began suckling on his shoulder. I had never given the little blonde a hickey before and he was loving it. Victor moaned and mewled.

I said, "This mark means you're mine, V."

Victor stuck his lips to my chest and sucked a hickey. I pressed my throbbing dick to Victor's pink pucker and pushed. He groaned against my skin but didn't fight. He took it, my thick shaft slowly slid inside his fucking tight cunt and Victor made another hickey.

"Tell me how much you like my big cock stretching your boy pussy, V," I said.

"I love you," Victor said.

"Your cunt is so tight, baby. Always hugs my dick so good."

I bent my neck and made another hickey on Victor's other shoulder. I long dicked his ass, raising my hips high and slamming back down. My heavy hairy sac smacked the little boy's ass loudly.

I said to Linus, "Lay down on top of Vic and make out with him."

Linus did. I sat up and fucked Victor faster. Linus threw his leg over Victor's body and straddled him. Their kissing was heavy and loud, as were their moans.

While brutally fucking Victor, I slicked 2 fingers and slid them inside Linus's tiny ass. Linus fought it and tried to get up, but I laid my muscular body over his back.

"Is he... uh! fingering your hole?" Victor asked his friend. "I like it when he's fingering mine."

I couldn't fight the urge any more. I took my achingly hard prick out of Victor, and aimed it at Linus's virgin cunt. God fucking damn it was TIGHT! My dickhead entered, but my dick bent slightly and slipped out. I aimed again, but spit on Linus's entrance. I pushed forward, and my head pierced his pucker again.

"Aahhh!" Linus groaned.

I kissed Linus's shoulder as I slowly slid my thick meat deeper inside his fucking tight cunt.

"It hurts," Linus groaned.

"You'll get used to it," I said. "I'm taking your boy cherry. You feel so fucking good. You're so tight and warm."

I heard Tristan's ass being slapped by Greg's pelvis. While slowly fucking Linus, I turned and saw Greg brutally fucking Tristan. His hips moved like a piston, his muscular hairy chest was red and sweaty. Tristan was moaning and groaning with his chest lying on the sofa.

I kissed Linus's pale shoulder again and rocked my hips faster. He groaned louder and deeper. Victor's hands reached up and his fingers pinched my hard nipples.

"Ah FUCK!" I moaned and fucked Linus harder. "Yeah! Play with my fucking nipples, V!"

My heavy balls slapped Linus's ass loudly as Linus moaned, "Uh! Uh! Uh! Not... so... hard."

Fucking the boy even faster, I said, "This ass is mine, boy."

Victor brought his face forward and began making out with Linus. Linus tried his best to kiss Victor back but was moaning and groaning a lot. I jackhammer fucked Linus, my pelvis slapped his ass hard.

Greg said, "Turn over."

I watched as Tristan laid down on his back and bend his legs. Greg knelt behind Tristan and shoved his 7 inches back inside Tristan.

I took my own cock out of Linus and slid it inside Victor. It was Victor's turn to groan in Linus's mouth as my girth penetrated him.

Fucking Victor without mercy, I said, "Fuck, I love you, V."

Greg moaned, "Ah! Ah! Ah! ARHHH!" as he fired his load deep inside Tristan.

Seeing Greg's eyes shut tight as his cum overtook him fired me up. I fucked Victor even faster. Cum churned in my balls, and they rose in my hairy sac. I pulled out quickly, stood and went over to Victor. I knelt down on the sofa and Victor suckled on my red cockhead.

"FUCK!" I shouted as my hot load began shooting into Victor's hungry mouth.

I breathed heavily, raggedly as Victor ate my seed. His tongue worked my fucking sensitive head. I then laid down on the sofa, spent. Tristan got out from under Greg and went behind Linus and Victor.

Tristan laughed and said, "Dude, your butt hole is wide open!"

Greg laughed and told Tristan, "Yours is too."

"God damn, Linus," I said while grabbing my phone to stop recording. "Your ass is so fucking tight."

"I'm fucking you in a minute," Greg said to Linus with a smile.

"My butt hole is a little sore," Linus complained. "When will it stop hurting?"

"In a couple days," I said, and Victor laid down beside me, cuddling me. "My beautiful boy."

Victor kissed my chest and asked, "How was basketball at the Y?"

"It was good. A lot of fun. I scored 4 points. We won 35 to 32. Fucking you and your friends is keeping me in really good shape."

"Okay, Linus," Greg said. "Time to suck my dick."

Went went over to the other part of the sofa and pulled Linus's head to his half hard cock. Linus was a quick learner, he sucked Greg's 4 inches down.

Victor sat himself between my knees and took my 5 inch half hard dick in his warm mouth. I groaned in pain and pleasure because my dick was so sensitive.

I heard Linus gagging. Greg was brutally fucking his throat. Greg's abs were showing through the thin layer of dad fat, and his pecs were bulging. So hot.

I looked down at the head of blonde hair that was blowing me. Both my hands grabbed Victor's head and made him deep throat my cock. Victor didn't gag, not even when I made him bob his head faster. His throat was perfectly slick and he was swallowing which made me feel a billion electrifying waves from my prick.

Greg sat down and told Linus, "Sit on my dick."

I released my right hand from Victor's head and he continued to fuck his own throat on my cock, and I handed my phone to Tristan. He smiled and began recording another video.

I said, "Fuck. You love sucking my cock huh?"

Victor pulled his mouth off my thick meat to breathe. He stroked my foreskin up and down, and licked my hairy sac.

"Mmm, fuck."

I folded my hands behind my head and watched as my little lover pleasured me. I looked up, Greg was making Linus bounce on his cock. Greg's body was ripped, Linus was small and skinny, so Greg easily bounced the tiny boy on him easily.

I tugged on Victor's blonde hair and pulled him off my prick. I stood behind Linus, and Greg stopped bouncing him. I spit on my cock and rubbed it in.

"Hold him good," I said to Greg.

I aimed my dickhead at Linus's already stuffed cunt, and pushed as hard as I could.

"MMMM!" Linus shouted. "I'm already... arh! Kev!"

With a pinched voice, Greg said, "Fuck it's TIGHT!"

It was tight! Linus's ring muscle was threatening to chop my dick off, but anal walls felt amazing on my head. Mine and Greg's pricks were pressed so tight together. I slid more of my meat inside the little boy, who was whimpering.

I gently rocked my hips back and forth. Linus was extremely fucking tight, almost uncomfortable. But it felt great. My balls smacked against Greg's hairy sac. Linus's hole milked my cock expertly, and Greg was grunting. I felt his cum shoot into Linus's ass. It was sending me over the edge. I pulled out of Linus and rushed over to Victor. I slid my dick down his throat and fucked it brutally.

"Ah fuck," I said. "You ready for my cum, baby? I'm so close. Ah, here it comes."

Victor sucked on my head and took my load in his mouth. The cut whore. I bent forward and captured Victor's plump lips in a searing kiss.

As everybody rested and caught their breaths, I went into my kitchen. I poured 3 glasses of orange juice, uncapped 2 beers and carried them to my living room.

I told the boys, "I'm going to go fill the bath tub. You boys reek of sex."

After starting the water, I went back into my living room and inspected Linus's boy pussy. It was gaping wide open and an angry red color. Thoroughly fucked.

As the boys bathed, I sat on the sofa beside Greg. We were both still nude and sipping our beers. We laughed and touched our cocks. Mine was so fucking sensitive.

"Shall we go upstairs and share a shower?" I asked.

We did. We ran upstairs naked. It was a quick shower. After the shower, I went back down to the basement. The scent of sex and sweat was very strong. The boys were completely relaxed in the tub, sexed out.

The boys redressed in their clothes and we all sat on my sofa watching Top Gun. Victor sat on my lap and I combed his wet blonde hair back. Linus sat on the floor in front of Greg, and Greg fixed his long hair in a tight bun.