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Little Victor, Ch. 12

I got back to Edmonton from Calgary after winter break and spending the holiday season with my family. I took off my jacket, set my big suitcase in my room, and ran upstairs with a bag of gifts.

"KEV!" Victor screeched.

The little blonde jumped off the sofa and ran for me. His smile was so huge and bright. He leapt into the air, and I caught him. My little lover kissed my cheek so hard. I laughed and kissed his cheek back.

"Good to see you, Kev," Greg said and shook my hand. "Happy new year."

I hugged Pat next to greet her with Victor balanced on my hip like a tot. Pat fixed me a glass of whiskey and we all sat down. Pat and Greg liked their gifts well enough, a box of chocolates each with brandy inside made by a small chocolatier in Calgary. But the little blonde was especially excited about the iPad. He had an iPad, but this was brand new.

As Victor set up the tablet, I talked with Greg and Pat about our holiday breaks. I told them that Brittany had broken up with me, which Pat wasn't exactly sad about, because Brittany had been accepted into the Toronto University for psychiatry.

Victor surprised me by telling me that I had a pimple on my jaw and went straight to popping it. He grabbed tissues from the end table to do it. I just laughed and let him pop the zit, all while telling his parents about friends that I hung out with back home.

After 3 glasses of whiskey, I was ready to head downstairs for the night. And Victor eagerly asked, "Can I sleep in the basement? Please? Before school starts next week?"

Pat said, "I don't know, sweetie. Kev might be tired. He's been driving for 4 to 5 hours."

"I promise it's fine," I said. "I'm just going to lounge and play video games until midnight or something."

Greg looked at me with disapproval, but said, "His bed time is back to 9. No exceptions."

I looked down at my watch and asked my little lover, "How's 3 hours of Battlefront sound before bed?"

"AWESOME!" Victor said with excitement.

In the basement, I told Victor to turn the TV and PS4 on while I went into my bedroom to change. I only changed into a pair of nylon shorts and joined Victor. His shirt and jeans were lying on the sofa arm, he was wearing just his white briefs. I knew I missed the sight of his thin, pale, sexy body, but I had no idea how much until then.

We sat very close together on the sofa while playing video games, our legs remained touching. Each time a round ended, Victor would slide his arm around my back to hug me, and he often kissed my arm. Affectionate little guy. So I kissed his light blonde hair in return.

An hour into video games, Pat came down with a pizza box and a bottle of Pepsi. "Greg ordered pepperoni and green pepper pizza. We have our own slices upstairs."

"Thanks," I said while frantically pressing buttons.

I let Victor win that round a second later. I stood and went into the kitchen to get plates and glasses. Pat ogled my football jock muscles, and I winked at her.

When she went back upstairs, Victor said grumpily, "I don't like when you do that to my mom."

I smiled and asked, "Are you jealous?"

"No!" Victor denied.

I hugged the little tyke very tightly and said, "You have nothing to be jealous about. I don't even remember when was the last time I fucked your mom. It happened that long ago."


"Because she can barely take my big, thick prick like you can. You take my big mancock so good, baby. You can go round after round after round. She barely takes 1 round. And you know what else?"

Curious, Victor asked, "What?"

"I don't love your mom. I love you. You are ridiculously sexy, incredibly cute, so affectionate, you're a total cum whore, and a sex fiend. I can't get enough of you. You can't get enough of me. You are perfect."

Victor climbed onto my lap to kissed me so hard. I giggled, but kissed him back so passionately. We French kissed so heavily and touched each other's bodies. He was driving me insane, especially when his little fingers combed through my hair.

"Later," I said. "I promise, baby. We have all night. I just want to be with you right now."

Victor smiled and said, "Okay."

I bought Fantastic Beasts on iTunes so we watched it on my Apple TV. Call me a dork but I loved the Harry Potter movies growing up. We ate pizza, drank Pepsi, while cuddling so close. I ignored my raging, leaking boner.

Near the very end of the movie, Victor let out a very big yawn. I turned off the TV and lights and picked him up and carried him to my bedroom. We laid down facing each other, and the little blonde slid his leg between mine.

"I miss you," Victor whispered.

I kissed his forehead and said, "I miss you more."

Victor giggled and said, "Nuh-uh. I miss you mostest."

I laughed, and Victor laughed. I then kissed him on the lips. He kissed back. We kissed hard and fast, and my fucking hard dick leaked even more.

Victor took his lips off mine and kissed my jaw and touched my rock hard cock. He stroked me through my shorts and kissed my neck. I moaned, fuck he was making me feel so amazing. Victor then attached his lips to my muscular chest and sucked, making a hickey.

"Fuck," I whispered appreciatively.

After making the hickey on my chest, Victor's lips traveled down my body to kiss my abs. He sucked below my navel to make another hickey, his little hand went inside my shorts and gripped my thick cock.

"Fuck, baby."

While making the hickey, Victor let go of my steel hard dick and pulled my shorts down. He took his lips off my stomach and I lifted my hips. He pulled my shorts down and tossed them aside. He wasted no time in jacking my uncut dick and licking my big, hairy, low-hanging balls.

It felt amazing so I moaned, "Mmm, V. Fuck."

My little lover moved his mouth from my left ball to my right ball, and sucked it into his tiny mouth. I moaned so loudly as his tongue traveled over my big ball in his mouth and his little hand stroked my foreskin up and down. My dick was leaking so much.

Finally, Victor took my hairy sac out of his sinful mouth. His tongue slid up my rigid shaft so teasingly slow. When his tongue reached my cockhead, he picked at my piss slit, making tender love to it.

"Fuck, baby. Suck that big dick."

Victor giggled, and wrapped his plump lips around the head. He sucked on the head, teasing me. I gripped his growing blonde hair and pushed his head down quickly. He gagged, but my thick member slid down his little tight throat. His button nose was in my thick brown bush, so fucking hot.

"Ahhh yeahhh!" I moaned. "You like deep throating my huge cock, huh?"

"Mm-hmm," Victor said with difficulty.

I fucking missed the heavenly sensation of his little throat around my girth. It sent electrifying feelings throughout my whole body. I pulled his hair up, making him suck me so good. His left hand grabbed my heavy sac and kneaded my big balls gently.

Only my arrow dickhead was in his mouth then, so Victor sucked hard to get as much pre-cum as he could. It was astounding how much he loved it. I then pushed his blonde head back down and he didn't gag. So I let go of his hair and gripped both sides of his. I held him in place and bucked my hips hard and fast. As I fucked his throat into oblivion, Victor's hands went to my hips to steady himself. My balls flew up and down, hitting his cute chin.

After a minute, I pulled him off my prick. I pulled him up to me and kissed him senseless. His breathing was laboured, but he kissed back with such fervor. I then pushed him onto his back and stripped his tighty whities off.

"I love you," I said and kissed his neck.

Victor mewled softly. I sucked on his chest, marking him mine. His little fingers went through my short brown hair affectionately. I sucked another hickey on his ribs, and his nails scraped gently on my scalp.

I licked 2 fingers and pressed them against tight pucker. I then licked his 2 inch boy nail and sucked it gently. As I blew him, I pushed my fingers and they entered his hot chute with just a little difficulty. Victor tensed and moaned, but didn't protest. I sucked his little dickie while inserting my thick fingers into his tight pussy, his small cock remained hard.

"Mmm!" Victor moaned.

I used my tongue to pull his acorn sized balls into my mouth. I massaged his dickie and balls with my tongue while slowly finger fucking his hole.

"Mm, I'm going to cum."

I smiled. I fucked his cunt with my fingers faster and harder while sucking his boy nail harder.

"Mm! Ah! Ah!"

The little blonde's cocklet throbbed and jerked in my mouth as he rode his orgasm that tensed his whole body.

When I took my mouth of his cocklet, Victor said, "God I missed you."

"I know your ass isn't properly prepped but I have to fuck you now," I said.

I took my fingers out of his hole and began kissing his neck.

"Mmm yeah. Fuck me, babe."

I sat up and grabbed a bottle of lube out of my nightstand. I rubbed a generous amount onto my throbbing cock and onto Victor's pink pucker. I smacked my dick on his entrance, and Victor giggled cutely.

"You ready for this big cock?" I asked.

"Yeah, fuck me, Kev."

My dick ached so good, begging for more attention. I pushed my hips forward and my dickhead pierced my little lover's fucking tight cunt.

"Mm! Aaah!" Victor groaned in pain.

Victor pressed his hands to my thighs as I forced more of my shaft inside. I grabbed his legs and pressed his feet against my chest. While fucking Victor slow to begin, I bent forward and kissed his forehead. His cunt was so hot and tight, felt so fucking good. His little body was folded in half under me, making his ass rest high in the air.

"Mm," Victor groaned.

I raised my hips high, taking my dick out of his hungry cunt. And then I slammed back down.

"MMM!" Victor moaned.

He wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight. I rose my hips up, and back down. Victor's ass hugged my thick cock so good, so warm, so snug. His little hands slid up and down the muscles of my back as I picked up the speed of my fuck. I grunted and moaned as my prick assaulted his cunt.

"Fuck. Your boy pussy feels so good, baby."

"Mm! Not so - hard yet."

I slammed my hips down hard and said, "I will fuck you hard because this ass was made for me. You're mine. Mark me yours."

I was so much taller than my little blonde so his face only reached my chest, so Victor attached his lips to my right pec and sucked. He hickeyed right over my hard nipple, which made me moan so hard. I fucked him harder, faster, which made the bed squeak and Victor to moan faster.

I said, "Fuck, I'm already so close to cumming."

Victor took his lips off my skin and said, "In my mouth, babe. I want to eat it."

I laughed while sitting up and pulling my throbbing phallus out of his cunt, and said, "Not yet. I don't want to cum yet. I haven't fucked you in 2 weeks so it has to last much longer. On your knees."

I slowly stroked my aching dick as the little blonde turned over to his hands and knees. I softly smacked his plump ass and got closer. I wrapped my left arm over his shoulder and pulled his back up to me. I pressed my cock against his gaping cunt, kissed his blonde hair, and pushed forward. Victor groaned as my uncut 8 inches slid inside him.

While fucking Victor hard and fast, I said, "Oh yeah. Fuck. I love you so much, baby."

Victor's hand laid over mine, and he said, "Mm, your cock is so big, babe."

It drove me to fuck him even harder, and asked, "Yeah? You like my big cock, baby?"

My heavy, hairy balls slapped against Victor's tiny ass and balls as I fucked him even faster, and he said, "Mmm, yeah. Fuck me, babe."

"Yeah?" I asked while fucking my little lover even faster. "You like my big dick fucking your tight pussy?"

"Mm-hmm!" Victor moaned.

While reaming his little ass, I reached my left hand down and grabbed his little dickie between my thumb and finger. He wasn't even hard, which wasn't surprising because I was fucking him so hard.

I pushed him down, and his chest laid on the bed. I held his hips in place, keeping his ass high in the air. I pushed his hips forward and slammed it back, fucking him on me. My dick slid in his cunt so amazingly. I pushed and pulled so fast, his moans were loud, as was my grunting.

"You like this dicking?" I demanded.

"Yeah. Fuck me, Kev."

I let go of Victor's hips and bent forward. I gripped his blonde hair harshly and fucked the hell out of his ass. The slapping of my pelvis on his little, plump cheeks was loud, so was the squeaking of my bed. My hips moved as fast as a jackhammer. I felt his hand press on my ass.

"You're fucking so hard," Victor groaned.

"Because this ass is mine," I grunted. "Want me to slow down, baby?"

"Uh! No."

"That's my boy," I said and fucked him yet even faster.

As I fucked my boy hard, sweat dripped off my muscles onto his back. Sweat was also beginning to matte his blonde hair.

I felt cum churning in my balls, but I didn't want to cum yet so I slowly pulled my 8 inches out of my little lover. I stepped backward and buried my face in Victor's ass. My tongue lapped at his wide open cunt. Fuck, he tasted so good. All sweet and musky and salty. I drove my tongue inside the hot entrance, savoring the taste. Victor moaned and mewled and his fingers weaved through my hair.

After a minute of relishing the taste of Victor's cunt, I turned him into his side. I raised his left leg up my body and aimed my throbbing dick. I immediately resumed fucking him into oblivion.

"Aahh! Mm!" Victor moaned.

As I pistoned my dick in and out of his hole, Victor grabbed my forearm while moaning and groaning. He looked up at me. Looking into his beautiful green eyes. A hot load began to shoot up my tube. I quickly pulled it out of my little blonde's hole and went up to his face. His sexy little mouth instantly sucked on my dickhead. Every single muscle in my body spasmed so hard as the little blonde sucked my load out. I hadn't cum for a week, saving it all for my lover. I shot 9 big volleys, and Victor had to swallow multiple times.

"Fuck," I moaned, my dick so fucking sensitive.

Victor continued to suckle any remnants, and his little hand kneaded my heavy sac. It was too much so I fell sideways and laid down. Victor laid himself on me, and he touched the hickeys that he made on my hairy, muscular body.

"You like that?" I asked. "Does my hairy bod look good with your hickeys?"

Victor giggled and said, "You're not that hairy. But yeah, you look so hot with my hickeys."

I pulled his face in and kissed him. The taste of my cum was still on his tongue, which made me feel so good. Victor sat up and gripped my shaft. He aimed my still hard prick at his gaping cunt.

"Wait," I said. "I'm still so sensitive. Give me a minute to recharge."

Victor didn't listen, he just smiled. He backed his ass up and my head slid back inside his hot ass. I moaned so loud because it hurt so good, my sensitive cock. My little lover planted his feet and rode me without mercy. The fucking cock hungry whore.

I moaned, "Fuck, baby."

While bouncing on my dick, Victor laid his hands on my body and stroked my muscles. His moaning was soft and his breathing was hard. The pain on my cock was subsiding and being replaced by so fucking good pleasure. My right hand touched the little blonde's little cock, which was hard as a nail.

"Kev," Victor moaned while riding me.

"Yeah? What is it, baby? Tell me how much you like my mancock."

"Mm. I love you, babe."

"Love you, too."

I set my hands on his little hips and stopped his movements. I gripped his plump little cheeks to spread them, and bucked my hips up and down. As I fucked hard again, my low hanging sac smacked on his ass and he moaned against my chest.

I fucked Victor so hard and fast that I felt like I was running a marathon I was breathing so hard. But his tight little cunt engulfed around my length felt way too god damn good! I moaned even louder when the little tyke sucked another hickey on my chest.

After Victor made the hickey, I sat up. I kept my hands on his ass cheeks and pulled him up and down. Victor got the hint and resumed fucking himself on me. He was moaning and groaning and panting on my shoulder. I slapped his butt so hard, which made him moan and ass muscle gripped my cock so hard, so good.

I pushed Victor off me and on his back. I sat on my knees and my prick slid inside his so easily because it was gaping wide open and used. I wasted no time in fucking him faster than a piston. His sweaty hair jostled on his beautiful face and his hands rested on my thighs.

"Fuck I'm going to cum, baby."

I pulled out of Victor's hungry hole and kneeled over his face. Victor tried to suck on my head but I kept him off by pulling his hair. I stroked my dick and a big spurt of my cum shot and painted his beautiful face. I aimed better and 6 more spurts fired into his waiting mouth. I let go of his hair and Victor sucked on my fucking sensitive head. I swiped the cum from his nose and brow and fed to him.

I laid down with my forehead on his chest. Victor asked, "Can you suck me again, babe?"

"Anything for you, my cum whore."

I opened the little blonde's legs and my tongue worked his 2 inch dickie. I sucked hard and fast. Victor again weaved his little fingers in my hair as I pleasured him. He hummed appreciatively.

I brought my hand up and tweaked his tiny, hard pink nipple. Victor moaned much louder.

"I'm going to cum," Victor said in a pinched voice.

I sucked harder, and faster. His dicklet throbbed and jumped on my tongue as his stomach spasmed, his dry cum overtaking him.

I turned Victor on his side and laid behind him. I kissed his cheek and his neck and his shoulder. He was steadily falling asleep, so I lined my rigid cock up.

"I'm so tired," Victor said with a smile.

I smacked my dick on his cunt and said, "Just 1 more fuck, baby. I went 2 weeks without this fucking tight boy pussy. Your cunt is made for good, hard reaming."

Victor giggled and backed his ass which made my phallus enter his hole again. I surged my hips forward and my entire length sunk inside quickly. Victor groaned.

"Fuck. You feel so good, V."

As I fucked him faster than a jackhammer, Victor's hand laid on my hip and his moans were loud. I raised his leg in the air and grabbed his boy nail. It was hard so I stroked his foreskin up and down. My pelvis smacked his ass hard and loud. His moaning was too loud for me, so I clamped my other hand over his mouth and fucked him even faster.

Like a minute later, I rolled us both so Victor laid on his front and I kneeled over his pert little butt. I sat upright with my thick cock still inside him, and rocked my hips so fast. I had the perfect view of my girth abusing his reddened cunt.

"Cum," Victor said but I ALMOST didn't hear him from the squeaking of the bed.

"What's that, baby?" I asked, still reaming his pussy.

"Cum. I want to... eat more cum."

I bent forward, held his head down in the bed, and said, "I will cum deep inside your ass, baby. As much as I love you eating my cum, I love breeding you even more. Knowing that my seed is sitting inside the fuckhole is too much!"

I felt my balls rising in my sac. I didn't know if I could fuck any faster, any harder, but damn I tried. I kept holding the little tyke's head down, and buried my dick as deep as I could. My cock twitched and throbbed inside Victor as my load shot inside. I grunted and groaned with each volley.

After recovering, I slid my cock out and said, "On your back."

Victor turned over and I laid on him. I kissed his chest and relaxed. Victor's nails scraped on my head softly.

"It's good to have you home," Victor said groggily. "Fuck anybody in Calgary?"

"Of course. I'm not going 2 weeks without rigorous bedroom activities."

"Who was it?"

"14-year-old boy called Sanjay. He was 9 when I began fucking him. And my ex Kari. Hope you're not jealous."

"What if I am?"

"Makes me feel good. Makes me feel like you're possessive over me. But you shouldn't be jealous because they're just fucks. I am in love with you. I get jealous when you tell me about playing with Matty and Tristan."

"You do?"

"You're mine. Let's sleep. I will wake you up with another brutal fuck."

I got off the bed to shut off the lights and Victor went inside the covers. I got in and Victor made himself the big spoon. He kissed the back of my head.