This story contains graphic details of sexual relations between a man and an underage boy. I must ask that you discontinue reading if this kind of material is illegal in your area.

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Little Victor, Ch. 13

"Hi babe!" Victor called as he came downstairs.

"There's my sexy little V!" I said while mixing the food in the skillet. "You're right on time for early dinner. Or another lunch."

"It smells so good!"

Victor hopped up on the counter and I gave him a hot kiss on the lips.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I fried chicken and broccoli, boiled penne pasta, and mixed it all together with Prego and feta."

"Why do you only eat chicken?"

"I don't only eat chicken. Remember I made burgers a couple weeks ago? I like eating chicken and turkey because they are leaner meats, better for my jacked body. And too much red meat will make my cum taste saltier. And I love that you love my cum so I won't change it for you."

"MMMM I love your cum. But what does lean meat mean?"

"Meats like chicken, turkey, and pork have less calories than red meat, but still has a lot of protein. And protein helps get me these fucking big muscles."

I flexed my pecs and made them dance for my sexy little bitch. Victor giggled as he watched my pecs flex, and pinched my hairy nipple.

"Get on the sofa and get naked. Get the medium butt plug in that sweet cunt of yours. When we're done eating, I'm fucking you so hard. It's been 3 days, I think your cunt could use a fucking brutal dicking."

Victor hopped off the counter and slapped the black nylon covering my ass. I pushed him away gently and he laughed as he ran to the sofa.

I gave the pasta dish a last stir and scooped some in 2 bowls. I brought the bowls to the living room where the sexy little blonde was lying on his back and pushing a red butt plug into his perfect ass.

Victor and I snuggled together as we ate and watched The 100 on TV. My sexy little boy remained naked and his tiny dickie was hard. He finished eating before I did, and slid his hand inside my shorts. His little hand gripped my half hard cock and massaged. I smiled and kissed his long golden hair.

"Are you almost done eating?" Victor asked.

"Patience, my sexy boy. I don't like to rush my food."

Victor carried on massaging my dick until it was rock solid. It was aching, it felt so good. He made my foreskin glide up and down so torturously slow, revenge for making him wait. Pre-cum leaked out like a faucet, it was making my underwear wet.

When I set my bowl down on the coffee table, I said, "Come. I want to make out with you."

"But I want to suck your dick," Victor complained.

"We will get there. Sex fiend. Come on."

Victor giggled but climbed on my lap. He basically attacked my lips with his, hard and fast. His lips sliding against mine only made my cock ache more. His grinding on it made more pre-cum flow. I slid my big hands along his tight little body down to his perfect, supple ass.

"Mmm yeah," Victor moaned as we kissed.

I slapped his right butt cheek hard. Victor flinched and groaned, but went right back to making out with me. I slid my right hand to his crack and felt the base of the butt plug on his cunt.

"Hickey me," I said.

Victor stuck his juicy lips to my neck as I gripped base of the butt plug. I moaned as the little blonde marked me. I slowly slid the butt plug out, met some resistance from the notch. I pulled it gently, and it finally slid out some.

"Mmm," my sexy little bitch moaned on my neck.

I kissed his shoulder and pushed the butt plug back inside. Victor didn't stop sucking a mark on my neck as I made the toy fuck his hole slowly.

Victor moved to the other side of my neck and made another hickey. I began pulling and pushing the toy faster, and Victor moaned louder in my neck.

I pushed the plug back in place and said, "Take my shorts off, baby."

Victor was filled with excitement. He slid down to the floor and hastily pulled the black fabric down my hips. After he tossed the shorts, Victor gripped my thick prick and moved his head toward it.

"Nooo," I teased. "No sucking."

"Kev!" Victor shouted. "Please? I really want to suck it!"

"No. I love fucking your throat until it's raw but right now I'll be saving it all for your pussy."

"Please can I blow you? I really want your pre-cum!"

"Not right now, baby."

Victor didn't listen. He tried to lower his blonde head to my crotch. I grabbed him by the armpits and hoisted him up across my lap. I smacked his ass not so hard and he whimpered. I smacked his other cheek, and then the other. I didn't spank him hard, his ass was barely pink.

"That's for not following my rules."

Victor said, "I've been spanked harder than that."

"I can imagine. I'm not into dom-sub scenes or pain play. I just wanted to make my point."

"What's a dom-sub scene? And what's pain play?"

"I'll explain later. But I'm not done playing with your hole. Kneel on the sofa."

Victor kneeled on the cushions with his chest against the backrest. I propped my phone up and began recording a video. I went down to the floor and kissed the pale, plump ass before me. I grasped the base of the plug and pulled it out a little quickly. Victor moaned and his butt twitched with pain. I smiled and pushed the toy back inside.

"Does that hurt, baby?" I asked as I gently fucked his cunt with the plug.

"A... a little."

"Yeah, I can see you squirming a bit. Fuck, you're so sexy like this, V."

My dick ached so bad but so good. It was fucking begging for attention. It was hard as steel but hanging low because of it's length and girth, and it throbbed with each beat of my heart.

"Faster," Victor said.

I pulled and pushed the plug faster. I stuck my lips to Victor's back and marked him, which made him moan softly. I couldn't take it anymore. I took the butt plug out of the little blonde and stared at his stretched cunt. It was winking, and a slightly darker pink than normal. It only made my aching prick leak more pre-cum.

As I slathered my phallus in lots of lube, I said, "I hope you're ready, baby. I'm about to fucking tear your ass apart!"

Victor fell sideways with a giggle and laid on his back. He smiled up at me and lifted his legs, presenting me with his fucking gorgeous ass. I went up up close and Victor began jerking his cocklet.

Victor's green eyes raked over my body and he said, "You're so hot, Kev."

I slapped my cock on his now closed cunt and said, "Not as sexy as you, V. Nobody is as hot as you are."

I pushed forward, holding Victor's big eyes. His blonde brows scrunched together and his mouth made an O in pain when my cockhead forced his entrance open.

"Ow," Victor said quietly. "Fuck. Ow. Slower."

I continued to push further inside him and said, "Remember what I said? This cunt is mine. And that it was in for a fucking brutal dicking. Remember that, baby?"

"Mm-hmm!" Victor said and nodded his head.

"I can stop if you want, baby. Want me to stop?"

"Mm-mm. No."

I smiled and said, "That's my sexy little bitch."

"Fuck you. Don't call me that."

I bottomed out. I laughed and said, "You're so mouthy. Makes you sexier I think."

Victor's chute hugged my whole prick so tight and warm. It sent so many sensations up my pelvis, to my brain, getting me sex drunk. It was tighter than usual because I didn't prep him properly. I began fucking the little blonde, not slow and not fast.

"Fuck," Victor moaned, hit yet used to my thick cock inside him.

When my pelvis slapped his ass on the down stroke, I said, "You feel way too fucking good, baby. Way too fucking good."

I pulled Victor's legs up til his heels dug into my pecs and went forward. Victor was bent in half and his cunt tightened around my prick. It made my cock throb harder, and I moaned happily. I wrapped my forearms around the little boy's neck and held him securely.

"I am about to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for a week," I said in Victor's ear. "You ready?"

Victor paused for a second, but nodded his head. So I quickly rose my hips and slammed back down.

"FUCK!" Victor moaned.

"Fuck is right, baby. Damn, your ass is so tight."

I held Victor's neck and shoulders a little tighter and hiked my knees further up the sofa. In this better position, I did what I said I would, I fucked my little bitch harder than I ever had. My hips moved back and forth faster than the pistons of a sports car. My cock slid in and out so fast my balls flitted in a blur. I grunted and I grunted LOUD! Victor's moaning was more of loud whimpering, but he held onto my sides softly.

"Fuck! You cock...huh? You love...pleasing me?"

Victor didn't answer. He just kept whimpering, which only made me try to fuck him faster. The squelching sound from his cunt was music to my ears. I didn't care how loud we were because his parents were both at work. The sofa banged hard against the wall and the art hanging thumped. I grunted like a mad man, like a wild animal. Victor pinched my nipple.


A tear slid down the side of Victor's face, but his face was no longer scrunched in pain. He tweaked my nipple, which sent waves of electricity coursing through my mind. More so my dick, which was feeling the most intense pleasure I'd ever experienced. It was unreal! My dick was in heaven.


I don't even know how long I fucked Victor like a mad man on a mission. But I had to take a small break because my lungs were begging for oxygen and my sides were tired as hell from holding the little blonde in place. I slowly pulled out and laid on my side, cuddling with Victor. We were breathing like we'd been choking, and he touched his forehead to my mouth. I laughed quietly and hugged him tightly.

"Ride me," I said and sat up.

"I don't...think I...can move."

"Come on."

I pulled on Victor's legs and sat him on my lap. As I pointed my big cock at his cunt, I sucked a hickey on his shoulder and pushed him down. Victor groaned when my thick member slid back inside him. My dick bottomed out but the little blonde's legs were still shaking from fatigue. So I pulled his ass up and pushed him back down, fucking him on me.

"How's my dick feel, baby? Tell me how much you love my thick prick wrecking your cunt."

"Uh!" the sexy little boy groaned. "Just...fuck me."

I laughed, and pulled his ass up and down so much faster. My dick sliding in and out of his tight, little hole made it throb so much harder and ache so good. Pressure built up in my heavy sac.


I pulled Victor up off my dick and kissed him hard. We were breathing heavily as we kissed fast. My arms were tired as hell from pulling his ass up and down, but I didn't care. Victors little tongue swiped across my lips and tongue and my prick ached for release.

"You ready for more?" I asked.

"You almost ready to cum?" Victor asked. "My butt hole is already a little sore."

I laughed and asked, "Just a little? I've never fucked you that hard before and it's been like a year since I fucked anyone that hard. I thought you'd be begging me to stop."

"I really want to eat your cum."

"Well, my dirty little cum whore, no cum for your mouth today. Today I feel like breeding your cunt. On your knees."

Victor kneeled on the sofa, taking excellent position with his little back arched perfectly. I smacked his butt and got behind him. I lined my 8 inches up to his red, gaping hole and shoved the whole thing inside.

"ARHHH! FUCK!" Victor shouted.

"Yeah? You love it when I use your cunt huh? Your hole accepts my thick cock so easily."

Victor didn't answer because I resumed fucking him into oblivion. I grabbed his shoulders and really went to town. My thick phallus wrecking his pussy slid in and out easily, he was clamping down on it so good. My pelvis slapped against his ass so loud and my low hanging sac smacked him. We were both moaning so loud, but Victor was so loud.

"FUCK!" Victor groaned.

"Fuck! YEAH! Take! This! Fucking! Cock! You slut!"


Sweat fell from my face on his pink butt cheeks. My face and body were drenched in sweat, it was matting the hair on my chest. I let go of his shoulders and gripped his little hips. I did not waver a bit. I fucked him faster than a damn jackhammer. I breathed as much as I could but had no chance of catching my breath. But fuck if a football defensive tackle couldn't push through...

Victor fell forward, his chest lying on the sofa. I held his ass high in the air as I pummelled his cunt. I gazed down at my thick, slick prick pistoning his chute. Lube and sweat matted my thick brown bush. I was drunk with sex, my dick was going into sensory overload.



That was it. I didn't feel any warnings that I'd cum until that fucking intense sensation throbbed my cock. My load already came rushing out. I buried myself inside Victor's ass and groaned with such fucking intense pleasure. I shot so hard that I saw stars. I fell forward as my cum squirted into him, painting his insides white.

Victor wiggled his ass and I said, "Uh! Don't move."

But the little bitch wiggled his ass more. I pushed my hips forward and we both laid down, me on top of him. But the little blonde kept moving his ass. It was so painful on my sensitive dick.

I laughed breathlessly and commanded, "Stop. Please, baby. Stop."

But the fucker didn't stop. I couldn't take it. I turned on my back and pulled Victor on top of me. He laid on my chest as we both fought for air. He was sound asleep in seconds. I reached over and grabbed my phone. I smiled at the camera and wiped the sweat off my face. I then showed Victor's sleeping face to the camera and stopped recording. I e-mailed the pedo group, asking for $20 for a copy of a video of myself tearing a boy pussy into oblivion.

As my little lover slept, I gently laid down on the sofa and got a blanket out of the closet for him. I packed a duffle bag with gym clothes, a towel, Victor's iPad, a couple water bottles, and some containers of chopped veggies.

I let the little blonde sleep for another half an hour as I did some chemistry work. I then gently woke Victor and he sleepily smiled at me.

Victor could barely walk, his little legs were so wobbly. I laughed as I watched him collect his clothes.

"It's not funny!" Victor said but was smiling.

"I know, baby. I'm sorry for laughing. How's your pussy feel?"

"It's okay. Not as sore as when you fuck me 4 times in a row. Where are we going?"

"I'm playing a ball game at the education building."

As he buttoned his pants, Victor asked "You play basketball at the U of A?"

"No, it's just a game for fun. A bunch of us guys like to get together for a light game. If your pussy is sore we can stay home."

"It's not sore. And I want to see you play. I bet you look so hot playing basketball."

I laughed and said, "Just hurry up, sex fiend."

I had to carry Victor on my hip out to my car. I thought it was funny and cute. Outside the education building I parked and pulled Victor to sit on my shoulders. A lot of girls giggled at us, and I just winked at them. I had to crouch all the way down so Victor didn't smack his face on the door frames, to which he laughed. I even bought him a bottle of pop from a vending machine because he asked so sweetly.

There was loud music playing in the gymnasium, so I danced with Victor on my shoulders as I walked to the bleachers.

"Vic, these are my friends Rebecca, Jennie, and Niles. They'll keep you. Game shouldn't be more than an hour. Becc, make sure he only eats this Oh Henry when he's done his veggies."

From his seat on the bleacher, Victor said, "But I hate snappeas!"

"Then no chocolate bar for you, punk."

Jennie laughed and said, "Aaaaw you're such a big brother!"

Victor gave me a murderous glare and made a point of crunching on a chopped bell pepper.

I went down to the basement where the locker rooms were and changed into a tank. The game zoomed by, my team won 35 to 33. In the end, we all shook hands and congratulated each other.

"I'm pretty sure I saw Becc and Niles eating some of your veggies," I said with a smile.

"Where's your proof?" Victor asked. "And so what, want me to puke the Oh Henry back up?"

I laughed and said, "Gross. Come sit on my back while I do pushups."

Niles said, "Meet us at Timmies?"

I agreed, and Victor sat on my back. As I did pushups, the gymnasium emptied quickly because it was not full before. The only other 2 people were a latin player on the opposing team doing laps and a guy in the bleachers.

"Jimmy!" bleachers guy shouted. "Going to work now! I'll be home at like 4!"

The baller said, "Okay! Love you!"

"Are they gay?" Victor asked, not bothering to be quiet about it.

I laughed and said, ""

The baller looked at us as he ran by, his face hard, and said, "We're gay."

I was on my 32nd pushup when Victor asked, "Hey, Kev, did you know that my uncle Walter is gay? Yeah, he's got a husband and everything."


"Yeah he lives in Saskatoon."


"Dad's. But they don't talk. I don't know why though."

"Well... sometimes...siblings...don't...get...along."

"Why? Do you talk to your brothers?"


"Hi," the baller said and began doing pushups beside me. "I'm Jimmy. I thought you guys might be homophobes."

"What's a homophobe?" Victor asked.

I said, "It's...someone...who...doesn'"

"Oh. Kev, my butt is wet. I think your cum is leaking out of my cunt."

Jimmy looking at is so fast and his eyes were wide. I winked at him and said, "Well let's go clean it up, V."

Victor held my hand as we walked down to the basement. We went into the locker room where I pulled the little blonde's pants down. I had him kneel on the bench and licked his boy pussy. My cum leaking out tasted more like boy juices and it was making my rock solid prick leak.

"You taste so good, V."

"Ah yeah, lick my cunt, Kev."

"Holy fuck," Jimmy said from behind me.

I turned and smiled at Jimmy, and asked, "Want to eat his boy pussy out?"

Stepping closer, Jimmy said, "What if we get caught?"

"Just stand there and watch then," I said and went back to licking the little blonde's hole.

As I ate him out, Victor put his little hand on my head and moaned, "Oh yeah. Fuck."

My tongue entered Victor's chute and I smacked his ass.

"Can I..." Jimmy said. "Can I eat him out?"

I smacked Victor's butt again and asked, "What do you say, V? Want this sexy latin man to get a taste of your sweet cunt?"

"Yeah. Can I suck your dick? I want to eat your cum."

I went around and stood in front of the little tyke, and took my gym clothes off.

As he massaged Victor's ass cheeks, Jimmy said, "Damn you're hot. Nice big dick too."

I winked at Jimmy and spread my feet wide apart to give Victor easy access to my steel hard, uncut dick. Jimmy looked so fucking excited when he lowered his face to Victor's ass. As Victor licked my thick shaft, I gathered his long blonde hair and held it tight. I pulled his face in and made him accept my cock.

"Ah fuck," I said as I made Victor deep throat me.

My prick slid down his warm, wet, tight throat with little resistance. I pulled his head back and he worked his tongue on my head. I pulled him back in and he gagged because I went too fast. I giggled and kept fucking his throat.

"Fuck that's hot," Jimmy said.

I continued to pull on Victor's blonde hair as I reached into my locker and pulled my phone out. I began recording, getting both my throat fucking Victor and Jimmy eating him out.

"Don't video me!" Jimmy said and stood him.

I didn't stop fucking the little blonde's throat as I said, "I'll blur your face. But if you're that scared then have fun jacking off in the bathroom."

Jimmy just stood there with his grey shorts tented. And FUCK what a huge tent! I'm guessing he was packing 9 or 10 inches. I let go of Victor's hair and smacked my cock on his pretty face as he breathed.

"Do you like me fucking your throat?" I asked.

Between deep breaths, Victor said, "Yeah."

"Fuck yeah you do."

Jimmy said, "Damn I can't not join in."

Jimmy buried his face in Victor's ass again and I said, "Fuck yeah. Eat that cunt out. How's his tongue fuck feel, baby?"

"I think he's better than you," Victor said with a teasing smile.

I laughed and said, "Fuck you."

Victor giggled and then wrapped his juicy lips around my exposed cockhead. He suckled so sweetly and his tongue swirled around it. Every single time his tongue swiped across the underside, my whole dick throbbed so good.

Jimmy asked, "Can I finger him?"

"You better before you shove that fucking big dick inside him," I said and smiled.

Shocked, Jimmy asked, "I can fuck him? Will he be able to handle it?"

"He's been fucked good and proper by 9 black inches before," I said.

Jimmy cussed and excitedly licked his middle finger. He gently pushed his thick finger inside the little tyke's chute. Victor tensed a little and stilled his mouth on my prick. I took it as an opportunity and pushed my hips forward, sliding my cock down his tight throat.

"Fuck," I said happily.

"Fuck the bitch can deep throat," Jimmy said while fucking Victor with his finger faster.

While slowly pushing my hips forward and back, I said, "Add another finger."

Jimmy took his finger out of Victor's hole and pushed his grey shorts off. GOD DAMN! His dick was at least 10 inches long and thicker than mine. His brown foreskin was covering half his purple mushroom head.

While fucking the sexy little boy's throat, I said, "Damn you're huge."

After licking 2 fingers, Jimmy said, "Just under 11 inches."

Jimmy slid his 2 fingers into Victor's cunt not so gently, which made Victor moan around my cock. It was too much. I felt cum churning in my low hanging sac and began fucking the hell out of the blonde's throat.

"Fuck I'm going to cum!" I said and pulled my dick out of his throat.

Victor sucked on my cockhead hard and grabbed my sac. His little hand massaged my big balls, and I grunted loud. Cum flew down my tube and and shot so hard out of my prick. Squirt, squirt, squirt. Victor took it all, all 8 spurts of my hot jizz. He swallowed and swallowed, and my whole body spasmed as he sucked on my fucking sensitive cock.

I moaned, "Fuck! You cum slut!"

Jimmy's fingers were fucking Victor's cunt so fast. I took my dick out of the little tyke's mouth and sat down at the end of the bench. I kept recording as Jimmy stood with his fingers still wrecking Victor's cunt, and Jimmy used his other hand to pull his black tank off. His buff body had just a bit of fat and thick hair. So fucking hot.

"You ready for this huge italian cock, blondy?" Jimmy asked.

Victor turned and said, "Holy shit that's big. I...I don't think it'll fit."

Jimmy rubbed his fucking huge dick down Victor's crack as he said, "Oh it'll fit."

As Jimmy spit in his hand and rubbed it on his throbbing cock, Victor asked, "Can I eat more of your cum, babe?"

Amazed, Jimmy asked, "Fuck, you guys are boyfriends or something?"

"I don't know," I said, because I had never thought of it. "I love him, he loves me."

Jimmy spat directly on Victor's hole as he lathered his own saliva on his giant phallus. His face was so sexy as he concentrated, so excited.

Victor turned back to look at Jimmy and said, "Fuck I'm scared. It's so big."

I giggled and said, "Your cunt takes cock so good, baby. It'll be okay."

Jimmy pointed his shiny slick dick at Victor's ass and pushed his hips forward. Jimmy groaned happily as his bulbous cockhead pushed through the little blonde's entrance.

Victor gripped the edges of the bench tight and said, "Ow. Ow. It's too big."

Jimmy groaned, "God fucking damn you're tight!"

Jimmy looked down at his gigantic cock sinking slowly into Victor, looking like he died a happy man. His big pecs flexed under his thick chest hair and his mouth hung open. It was making me hard again, my own prick grew steadily so I massaged my low hangers.

"Fuck it's all inside," Jimmy said, amazed. "I'm going to remember this for the rest of my fucking life. Man!"

Jimmy took his uncut cock out of Victor and smacked Victor's ass with it. Victor groaned in pain as Jimmy slid back inside, a little faster this time. I was getting short of breath with hunger and gripped my thick member. Jimmy fucked the little boy steadily, moaning a little. Victor's beautiful face was easing out of pain but he was still gripping the edges of the bench with white knuckles. I remained recording and swirled a bead of pre-cum around my head.

Jimmy leaned forward and kissed the back of Victor's shoulder. Victor leaned his head back and I knew what that meant. Jimmy began kissing Victor's neck and the little blonde moaned. Jimmy straightened up and took Victor with him, and pulled the tyke's shirt off. Jimmy's big hands explored Victor's tight, pale body and pinched his nipple. Victor moaned.

I stood up and walked over. I waved my hard prick in front of Victor but I didn't want it. He was too busy groaning as Jimmy fucked his ass that much harder. So I put my hand on Victor's head and pulled his face to my rigid cock. The little tyke accepted it in his little warm mouth as he groaned from Jimmy's now brutal fuck.

"Oh my god!" Jimmy moaned.

Victor's little, pert butt slapped against Jimmy so loud and his long blonde hair jostled. Jimmy's beefy, hairy bod was beginning to sweat and his grunting was hard. He fucked my boy's ass as I shoved my meat down his throat. It felt magical, especially Victor's moaning and groaning around my cock.

"Fuck," Jimmy said and quickly pulled out of Victor.

"Sit down," I said to Victor.

Victor was breathing heavy as he sat on the bench. He smiled at me and I kissed him.

I said to Jimmy, "Suck his boycock."

I propped my phone up in my open locker as Jimmy took Victor's 2 inches in his mouth. Victor moaned and slid his little fingers through Jimmy's short hair. I sat beside my boy and made out with him passionately. His little hand gripped my cock and slowly stroked it as our tongues fought for dominance.

After a minute, Victor said, "I'm cumming. Mm! Uh!"

Victor shivered against me as Jimmy sucked on his cocklet, riding out his dry cum.

"Damn that was hot," Jimmy said.

Jimmy pulled Victor's legs and he positioned the boy to lie on his back on the bench. Jimmy shoved his monstrous italian cock back inside Victor's red cunt and began wrecking it in a fucking brutal fuck. Victor moaned so loud so I stood beside him and made his little mouth take my throbbing phallus. I stroked my thumb over Victor's hollowed cheek as I pumped my hips, not making him deep throat me.

I said, "Fuck, I'm close to cumming, baby."

Around my dick, Victor moaned, "Mmm mm mmm!"

"Fuck!" I shouted as the first shot fired into Victor's hungry mouth. Each time a shot fired, my stomach and legs spasmed. The little blonde greedily ate it all. "Shit."

As he fucked the tyke hard and fast, Jimmy said, "You're...a...cum...guzzler."

Exhausted, I kissed Victor as he groaned from his pussy getting wrecked and then sat down on the bench. I watched as Jimmy's thick base pile drove Victor's dark red hole.

"How's it feel, baby?" I asked the boy.

"Uh! It's...okay!"

Jimmy slid his hands under Victor's back and lifted him and stood. Jimmy's fucking jacked arms lifted Victor up and down, fucking the pale boy effortlessly. Jimmy stuck his lips to the blonde's shoulder and hickeyed him. Victor moaned and groaned and held onto Jimmy's neck.

"Fuck!" Jimmy groaned. ""

Victor answered, "Mouth. Eat it."

That made Jimmy so much more turned on of his thick black brows scrunching was anything to go by. He set Victor down on the floor and the boy wasted no time in sucking on Jimmy's dark purple mushroom head.

"Oh yeah. Play with my balls, boy."

As Victor bobbed his head, he raised his left hand to Jimmy's dark, tight, big ballsac. Jimmy threw his head back and moaned so much louder.

"Ah fuck! Here it cums! Here it cums!"

Jimmy's whole body tensed, and then spasmed hard. He grunted and grunted and grunted. Victor ate it all, swallowing every last drop.

"Shit," Jimmy moaned as the little boy sucked in his sensitive prick. "Fuck. Damn, boy. Cum guzzler."

When Victor took his mouth off Jimmy, he said, "Your cum is so salty."

"Didn't you like it?" I asked and sat Victor on my lap.

Victor shrugged but had a tiny smile. So I suggested we all take showers.

"You going to tell your boyfriend about this?" I asked with a smile.

Jimmy laughed and said, "Fuck no, dude. He'd freak the fuck out. When he was 7 his uncle drugged him and raped him. He'd dump my ass and report me to the cops. But fuck, who would resist such a god damn tight middle school ass?"

After the shower, Jimmy left, but not before he kissed both me and Victor. Victor smiled after the kiss and slapped Jimmy's butt. And I took Victor's pants and undies into the bathroom to dry them with the hand dryer. Victor yawned really big, so I carried him. It was only a 2 minute walk to Tim Horton's and he fell asleep with his cheek on my shoulder.

At the restaurant, I laid Victor down beside my friends on the bench seat, and Beccs said, "Oh my god! Too cute!"

I said, "I'm starving. Anybody want anything?"

Victor slept soundly as I talked and laughed with my friends. I had a box of Timbits sitting on the table with Victor's name on it, even though I knew he'd sleep all night.