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Little Victor, Ch. 3

Pat and Greg came down to the main floor, both dressed exquisitely. Pat smiled at the sight of little Victor leaning against my side and my arm draped around his neck.

"We'll be home around 10:00," Pat said from the family room threshold. "There's $30 on the kitchen island for pizza."

"Okay," I replied, smiling. "Have a good date night."

Still watching the Thor movie, Victor called, "Bye, mom and dad!"

"Bye, sweetie!" Pat called back as they went out to the garage.

Victor and I continued to cuddle while we watched the action movie. Every few minutes, I would lean sideways and plant a kiss to the top of Victor's head.

About a half hour later, unexpectedly, Victor slid his hand inside my sweat pants. His tiny hand glided down my flaccid cock and tried to hold both my big balls.

I giggled to myself and kissed the top of his head again. Victor didn't really do anything but gently wiggle his fingers against my balls. I thought it was sweet and adorable, like he was laying a claim. And I knew that he knew that he'd made my dick hard as steel because the entire length of it snuggled under his forearm.

I opened the Dominos app on my phone and placed an order of a large vegetarian pizza and a 2L bottle of 7Up at Victor's request. After setting my phone on he back of the sofa, I lifted the little boy onto my lap. I laid down, using the plush sofa arm as a pillow, with Victor lying on my chest.

"This okay, baby?" I asked.

Victor tightened his arms around my ribs and replied, "Mm-hmm."

So we cuddled and watched Thor. I had to gently sit Victor down when the pizza arrived, but we went right back to snuggling after. The boy sat down on my lap as we ate, the cleft of his ass housing my turgid cock perfectly.

After eating two slices of pizza, Victor asked, "Do you have a boner, Kev?"

"Fuck yeah I got a boner," I said with a soft laugh. "I'm enjoying my favorite pizza, got a bit of vodka in my drink, and the sexiest person in the whole world is sitting on my lap."

Victor giggled cutely before he retorted, "I'm not the sexiest in the world."

"You are," I whispered sultrily into the boy's ear. "I want to kiss you every single day. I want to watch you play with my cock every. Single. Day. And touch yours too."

I pushed Victor to the side and he landed on his back on the soft cushions of the sofa. I climbed on top of his small body, keeping my weight off him. I pressed my lips to his, and kissed him passionately. Victor smiled, but moved his lips with mine, and touched his palm to my side.

"You have no idea what you do to me, V," I whispered, gazing deeply into his eyes. "You have gorgeous, gorgeous eyes. Your lips are so thick, so juicy. Your body has no trace of fat, it's so tight. Your ass is big, and round, and perfect. I want you all to myself."

Victor was blushing a fierce red, and his smile was so proud. He leaned upward, and reattached our lips. Victor was such a natural kisser, so talented, that pre-cum started to leak into my sweat pants. I sat upright and propped my phone up using the kickstand on the case.

"I like when you make videos of us," Victor said quietly, shyly.

"Yeah?" I asked my little lover with a grin before kissing him again. "I like making videos with you, my sexy boy."

Victor and I continued to heavily make out. Our tongues duelled lovingly, and I swayed my hips slowly, rubbing our clothed dick together. Victor made small mewling sounds, which turned me on even more.

I sat upright and practically ripped Victor's shirt off his sexy body. I peeled my own shirt off as well. Before I could even toss my shirt aside, Victor sat up and kneeled, and took my right nipple into his mouth.

"Ffffuck!" I moaned happily. "Ohhh, yeah. You like my nipples, baby?"

"Mm-hmm," Victor hummed as he went to my other nipple.

"Jesus Christ. You're a natural at foreplay, baby."

I pushed Victor back down onto his back and undid his jeans. I made a show of slowly pushing the denim down his hips while kissing his pale little body. Victor preened, driving his lithe fingers through my short brown hair.

With his jeans and briefs now off and the boy laying fully nude for me, I also took my pants off. Naked, I laid down beside my tiny lover on the large cushions. Our height difference would have been comical to me, as I stood at 6'5" while Victor was 4'7". I just found the almost two foot difference so hot.

Victor eagerly grasped my huge cock and initiated yet another sensuous make out session. So I reached my own hand down and used three fingers to jack his cocklet.

I detached out lips and said, "Make a couple hickeys on me, baby. Mark me."

Victor's hand on my prick stilled for a moment in surprise. But he drove his face into my neck and suckled on my flesh. I moaned, I'd always loved my neck being attended to.

After making the first hickey, Victor inspected his work, and smiled. He touched his perfect lips to the other side of my neck. Seconds later, Victor whimpered, and his whole body shuddered. He was having his first dry cum of the night. So fucking hot.

"Want me to finger fuck your ass again, baby?"

"Yes. Yes."

I chuckled at the blonde's eagerness, but sat behind the boy. I winked at the camera while coating my middle finger in saliva. Victor and I gazed deeply into his each other's eyes as I touched the tip to his tight, pink pucker. Victor gasped as I slowly inserted my digit into the fucking tight hole, and his brows drew together in pained pleasure. But his dicklet did not soften. In fact, it throbbed harder.

"You're ass is so tight, baby," I said huskily, sinking my finger deeper. "You like having my finger up there."

"Mm-hmm," Victor whimpered in pleasure. "It's so awesome when you touch something in there."

"That's your prostate, baby. I fucking love your ass."

I finger fucked Victor a bit faster, my breath hitching with how sexy it all was. Victor moaned softly, and kept our eyes connected. I could that magical button in his ass on the pad of my finger, and the blonde's green eyes grew hazy with lust.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Victor moaned loudly, his tiny cock twitching with another dry cum. "Mmmm, Kev!"

I did not waver. I fucked his ass with my finger even faster, jackhammering for all it was worth. Victor squirmed, his senses overloading, and his boy nail twitched even harder.

I finally stopped. I took my finger from the boy's hole and devoured the boy juices that clung to it.

"You liked that, didn't you, baby?"

"Oh," Victor breathlessly said. "Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my god."

"Want to do it again?"

I didn't wait for a reply. I licked my two middle fingers and promptly pushed them into Victor's tight ass. As I did so, I leant forward and took his two inch nail into my mouth.

"Mmm!" Victor moaned with his back arched. "Mm! Kev!"

Victor's rock hard dickie tasted so good. It had the slightest hint of pre-cum. My fingers fucked him hard, and I sucked his little cock with my tongue rolling the hooded head.

Kevin only lasted ten seconds and his moans were practically screams. His cock twitched in my mouth. When I took my mouth off it, I continued to jackhammer my fingers in his ass. I stared down at his hole accepting my digits willingly and harmoniously. Squelching sounds came from his hole, which made a large drop of pre-cum drop down on the sofa.

When I finally removed my fingers, I showed the camera the sheen of boy juices on them.

"If you guys could taste my baby's ass juices..." I said to the camera with a voice of wonder and excitement. "Man. Fucking good. Best tasting ass I've ever had."

As I ate the juices off my fingers, Victor breathlessly said, "That was a blowjob, right?"

"Yeah," I answered with a small smile. "You just got your first blowjob, baby. How did you like it?"

"Oh, man. I dry cummed so hard I thought I was going to die."

I laughed at the utter cuteness that was Victor. I leaned back down and kissed him passionately.

"Can I try your dick?" Victor asked suddenly.

"What? Blowing me?"

Blushing very hard, Victor replied, "Yeah."

Smiling excitedly with pre-cum spewing out of my cock, I told the little boy, "My dick so pretty big, baby. And thick."

"I want to blow you," Victor said with a small but excited smile.

I was very eager. I leaned back with my ass cheeks against the heels of my feet. I gripped my thick shaft, and told Victor, "Well here you go, baby."

"Oh my god," Victor said with disbelief as he sat up and grabbed my cock.

"Just make sure your teeth don't touch my dick head."

"Okay," Victor replied, eying my prick like it was made of gold.

Victor pressed the flat of his tongue to the underside of my pointy cock head, which made me moan. I threw my head back because my small lover's tongue sent electrical waves throughout my body. I turned my head to the camera and offered it a thumbs up and smile.

"Mmm," Victor hummed, enjoying my pre-cum.

I gasped harshly when Victor slid his lips over my head and sucked in like a weak vacuum. Holy fuck it felt so good! My little Victor was a fast learner.

"Fuck, your mouth feels so good on my big dick, baby."

Victors plump lips wrapped around my cock was beautiful, and made me want so badly to shove more down his throat. But I settled for combing my fingers through his blonde hair.

Victor gagged when he had three inches past his lips. He tore himself off my prick and coughed a bit. I laughed softly and kissed his forehead. He surprised me by leaning back down and taking my dick head back into his sinful, hot mouth. As he bobbed his head on three inches, his tongue slid up and down my frenulum, which caused loud moans to escape my throat.

"Aww yeah, baby. Suck that fucking big dick. You suck so good."

I watched the blonde head bob up and down on my prick. I was close to heaven, but guided one of Victor's hands to the girthy base of my cock. Victor needed no further instruction, and stroked the shaft while blowing the head.

"Aww suck that cock. You like that prick?"

"Mm-hmm," Victor hummed, still bobbing his head.

"Stop for a second."

Victor stopped bobbing his head with just two inches past his lips. His green eyes looked up at me with question, and hunger.

"Take a deep breath through your nose, baby."

He did. I heard a big breath being inhaled through his small button nose. When his lungs were filled with air, I pushed his head with some force. More of thick cock sunk deeper into his gullet. At four inches, he began to gag, but I did not waver. I pushed his head down. His eyes began to water, and he tried to lift his head up.

When I allowed the little boy to lift himself off my dick, he coughed and caught his breath. But he did not look angry or scared. In fact, Victor did not stop stroking my cock.

I giggled, and said, "Your throat is so fucking tight, baby."

"Why does it make me want to throw up?"

"Your gag reflex. Most people have it. When something foreign goes into your throat, your body's reaction is to get it out."

"Hmm. Will I always have that? A boy in one of the videos on your phone had a teenager's cock all the way in his mouth."

"Some don't have a gag reflex. Some can learn to ignore their gag reflex, like the boy in the video. Do you want to try sucking my cock again? Or are you done?"

"I want to suck it again," Victor replied with a small smile.

Victor had leant forward, but I stopped him. I laid down on my back and grabbed my phone. I pointed the camera down at my cock and Victor. The little boy immediately gripped my rigid member and wrapped his lips around the head.

"Deep breath again, baby. I'm going to make you deep throat my cock again."

Victor inhaled deeply through his nose, after which I pushed his head down. At four inches, I felt Victor's throat tighten and try to force my cock from his mouth. But the boy did not try to expel my member, not that I would have let him because his mouth was so hot.

"Fuck yeah. Keep sucking my big cock, baby. Just breathe."

After inhaling a deep breath, the little tyke lifted his head an inch, which sent electrical waves up my cock. He then lowered his head back down. So I tightened my grip on his hair and made him deep throat my cock faster. Victor was almost gagging, but I didn't care. I fucked his throat mercilessly. Tears fell from his eyes, but Victor didn't try to escape.

"Holy fuck," I cursed in pleasure. "Fuck. Fuck. Your throat is so tight, baby. You're doing wonderful, baby."

Feeling that the boy was bobbing his head on his own, I let go of his hair. I could still feel his throat fighting off gags, which felt so fucking good.

"Oh fuck. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum, baby. You ready for this big load?"

Victor took my shaft out of his throat but remained suckling on the head. His hand stroked my cock so expertly.

"Oh! Here it comes. Eat it for- aww fuck!"

I watched through the screen of my phone. My balls tightened and the base twitched as cum shot up my tube. Shot after shot after shot of hot cum erupted into Victor's tiny mouth. My little lover swallowed, and swallowed, but some escaped past his lips and slid down my dick.

"Aww yeah. Ohhh fuck. Shit."

Victor remained massaging my dick head with his lips and tongue, which was torture on my oversensitive member. It was the best torture I'd ever experienced.

When Victor finally removed himself from my prick, I asked, "You swallow it all, baby?"

Victor didn't answer. He lifted my dick and licked the remaining cum off. He smiled, and then showed me his open, empty mouth. Not a trace of my white cum remained.

"How'd you like giving your first blowjob, baby?"

Victor smiled at my past the phone, and replied, "I really like eating your cum, Kev."

"Mmm, your mouth is so fucking good, baby," I told the boy as he laid on top of me. "You're a natural at sucking dick. Can you kiss me?"

Victor craned his neck, and attached out lips. I could taste the salty sweetness from his tongue, and relished it. After, I saw that my phone had been recording for 17 minutes, and finally stopped it. After doing so, I felt Victor had gone completely lax on top of me. So I let him sleep, just basking in the afterglow.

Ten minutes later, I slowly sat up, and carried the sleeping child up to his room. After laying the sleeping child down on his twin bed, I looked down at his naked form. My cock began to rise again as I studied Victor's angelic face, slender neck, flat chest, pink nipples, and slim stomach.

"You're so beautiful."

He fingers of my left hand glided across Victor's body while my right massaged my hardening prick. I knelt down on the floor and took the sleeping child's small cock into my mouth. I slowly massaged my steel hard prick as I suckled on Victor's little dick, and the boy woke.

"Mm. Kev?"

"Yeah," I replied, climbing onto the bed. "You up to getting another load of my cum?"


I laid down with my rock hard phallus grinding against Victor's. The boy and I kissed passionately, our hands exploring each other's bodies.

I then gently urged Victor's face into my neck, and he began suckling sweetly.

"Mmmm, V," I whispered.

Victor moved down my shoulder, and made another hickey on my clavicle. While rubbing our pricks together, Victor moaned into my shoulder. He arched his back, his lips torn from my skin, as he went through another dry cum.

"God damn," I whispered. "I'm going to finger your ass again, okay?"


I licked two fingers and slowly slid them inside Victor's perfect hole. Victor gasped, and squirmed, and gripped his small cock. As my fingers fucked Victor's ass, the boy jerked his cock like his life depended on it. It amused me, and caused my pre-cum to drip down into his bed.

"I can't wait to fuck your ass, baby," I told my young lover.

"Mmm!" Victor mewled, jerking his cocklet faster.

"One day I am going to shove my thick dick inside this tight hole."


Finger fucking his ass for all it was worth, I continued, "Your ass is going to grip my cock so fucking tight."

"Ugh. When?"

"I'll surprise you, baby."

Victor shouted and whimpered, and I watched his little dickie throb violently as he had another dry orgasm. So I ejected my digits from the boy's chute and licked the musky boy juices off.

"I want your cum, babe."

I was so surprised. And happy. I actually blushed at the tyke's pet name for me. I leant forward and kissed the boy. I then moved up and kneeled before Victor's face. I smacked the head of my dick on his chin, and smeared pre-cum all over his lips. Victor hungrily engulfed my head, and I immediately began fucking three of my inches in his mouth. Wet squelching sounds same from the boy's mouth.

"Fuck. You like tasting my cock, baby?"


I fucked the boy's mouth. I fucked, and I fucked. I didn't last long. Within half a minute, cum churned in my balls. And it shot up my cock, and found home inside Victor's mouth.

"Shit. Holy fucking hell."

Dribbles of cum slid down Victor's jaw, but the child swallowed the rest. I slowly rocked my hips back and forth, trying to catch my breath and enjoying the sensitivity on my cock.

After removing myself from my lover, I walked over to his dresser and took out some sleep clothes. Victor was scooping some cum from his jaw and eating it when I helped him into a pair of fresh briefs and a clean tee.

"Want to cuddle to sleep?" I asked the child sweetly.

Victor sleepily nodded. So I laid down on my side, and Victor laid flush against my nude self. His head rested on my arm, his face was buried in my chest, and his arm laid around my middle.

"Good night, V," I whispered.

"Night, babe," Victor whispered back and kissed the small patch of fur between my pecs.

Twenty minutes later, I walked back downstairs fully nude. I enjoyed feeling the air on my balls, and my flaccid dick swaying. I sat back down on the sofa and grabbed my phone. These videos with Victor were going to make me a millionaire if I made enough of them. From the first video, I had made $2180 as 109 guys paid me $20 each for a copy. And I had notified 196 guys, but some either didn't have the money to pay, or were just not interested.

'Hey guys,
I just had another fucking hot session with my little lover. 17mins long but he gets his first bj from me. He also gives his first bj to me. And some fucking hot finger action. $20 and I'll email you a copy.

I turned my phone off after sending the email to the group and ate another slice of pizza.

to be continued.