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Little Victor, Ch. 9

Brittany leaned over and whispered to me, "Oh my lord you guys are so cute. He fell asleep."

I looked over Victor's blonde head and his eyes were closed. No wonder he had felt so heavy and lax on my lap.

"I have to go," Brittany said. "I'm meeting classmates for a statistics study sesh. Midterms are already in next week. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you."

I kissed her and said, "Love you too, Britt."

She said to my landlords, "Thanks for dinner, Pat, Greg. It was lovely."

I continued to watch Titanic with Pat and Greg for a few more minutes. The end credits rolled so Pat and Greg said that they were going up to bed. Pat leaned down and kissed Victor's forehead. Victor had begged to sleep down in the basement with me because Nando had earlier in the week.

As Pat climbed the stairs, I said quietly, "Have a good night, Greg. I know I will."

"Just don't ever hurt my son, Kev."

"I promise. I am rather very fond of him."

Greg looked confused for a second and went upstairs. I carried Victor in my arms and turned off lights as I made my way to the basement. I laid the little blonde in my bed, undressed him, and covered him in the blanket.

"Where you going?" Victor asked tiredly.

"Just going to brush my teeth. I'll be back in 2 minutes."

"Well hurry."

I giggled and kissed the sleepy boy's forehead. I took off my shirt and jeans and went into the bathroom. While brushing my teeth I texted an old friend of my brother Damian's.

I climbed into my bed and laid down right in front of Victor. He slid his lower arm under my neck and set our foreheads together. This boy was stupidly affectionate and a major cuddler.

"Good night, my beautiful boy."


"Dream wonderful dreams."

Victor rubbed our noses together, and I wasn't even sure if he was awake. I held him close and relaxed.

I woke lying on my other side and felt Victor's little arm around my waist. I also felt his nose and forehead against my back. I carefully turned over and kissed the little boy's nose. I reached over him and grabbed my phone off the charger. It was 6:32.

"Mmm," Victor groaned as he woke.

"My sexy boy," I said quietly. "Good morning."

Victor didn't yet open his eyes but gave me a small kiss on the lips.

"Sleep okay?" I asked.

"Mm-hmm," Victor said.

Victor rubbed his forehead on my mouth and held me tighter. We relaxed for a few minutes and then the little tyke ghosted his hand over my hip and into my trunks. His tiny hand went straight for my heavy low hangers and massaged them. I was already hard as a rock and pre-cum started flowing.

I smiled and said, "Mmm, good morning to me."

Victor moved his lips to my chest and sucked a hickey. While he did that, his little hand moved to my throbbing member and stroked it so slowly. But it sent wave upon wave of tingles through my body.

I kissed Victor, and allowed my tongue to swipe across his lip. Victor continued to make out with me and he stroked my thick shaft faster. I reached into his tighty whities and gave his plump ass cheek a squeeze, which made Victor moan in my mouth.

"Take your briefs off," I said.

Both of us turned over onto our backs and slid our underwear off. We turned to each other again and Victor grabbed my meat. I licked my finger, made out with the little blonde, and slid my finger inside his ass. Victor groaned in my mouth while my digit explored his tight hole.

"Fuck get that mouth on my cock, baby."

I pushed Victor's body down mine and pulled his ass to me. The little tyke spit on my prick, rubbed his saliva on, and got his perfect lips on the head.

"Fuck, baby. Your mouth feels so good."

Victor bobbed his head as I slicked 2 fingers and pressed them on his pink pucker. I gently pushed my digits in and Victor moaned on my dick.

"Don't you stop sucking, baby."

Victor resumed sucking and bobbing his head. I pushed my fingers in slowly, his hole was so fucking tight.

"God damn, baby. I love you so much."


I took my fingers out of Victor's tiny hole and licked the juices off. Victor tasted so fucking good, all heady and musky and a little sweet. I surged my face forward and stuck my tongue inside that little cunt.

"Mmm," Victor cooed.

I wiggled my tongue inside his hole and pushed his head down. His warm, wet mouth worked my cock with his tongue moving around my cockhead. I moaned each time Victor's little tongue manipulated my perineum, it made my dick throb so much harder.

I took my tongue out of his heavenly ass and said, "Ah yeah, suck that mancock, V."

Victor pushed his head down and deep throated my thick prick. I pushed my 2 fingers into his chute and Victor moaned but didn't stop until his juicy lips were around the base of my cock. He was an expert deep throater, and so tight.

"Tell me how much you like making me feel good, baby," I said while fucking his tight cunt with my fingers.

Victor suckled on my dickhead and said, "Mm-hmm-mm-mm."

"Yeah, fucking eat all that pre-cum, baby. You like that huh? Play with my balls."

Victor's little hand grabbed my low hanging sac and massaged my heavy balls. My dick throbbed so much harder. The little tyke lowered his head until my whole dick was buried inside his fucking tight throat.

"Fuck, baby, your throat was made to suck my big cock."

As Victor bobbed his head on my rock hard meat, I finger fucked his pink hole. I could feel his magical boy button on the pads of my fingers, and my little lover mewled each time I rubbed it.

"You like my fingers abusing your little ass, baby?"


I took my digits out of his hole and licked the juices off and said, "God damn, baby, your ass tastes so fucking good."

I planted my feet on the soft bed and placed my other hand on the back of Victor's head. I held him in place and drove my hips up, sliding my prick deep inside his throat. Victor stayed completely still, obedient, and I continued to bury my fingers inside his boy cunt.

"Ah yeah. I am going to fuck your throat so hard, baby."

I held the little blonde's head in place as I pumped my hips up and down. My dick enjoyed the sensations of the little ridges down Victor's throat. Victor gagged slightly as I fucked his throat raw, but I didn't care, I fucked and fucked.

Breathless, I said, "Shit, baby. Take this fucking prick."

Victor was gagging harder and he was fighting to escape my assault on his throat. I held him in place and fucked his throat for a few more seconds.

"A couple deep breaths, Vic," I said and slid my phallus out of his mouth. "And then I'm to fuck your tiny, tight throat again in 3 seconds."

Victor inhaled deeply, and exhaled. And then inhaled, exhaled. I didn't even need to move or tell him, he just inhaled a big breath and sucked my throbbing cock again.

"Oh fuck yeah. You really want my cum don't you, baby? You're a dirty little cum whore. How bad do you want my load, Vic?"

Victor couldn't answer because I started pumping my hips again. My heavy sac smacked Victor's nose each time. Victor began gagging again, but I didn't want to stop because his warm, wet throat was made to be fucked. It felt way too amazing.

I lowered my hips and said, "Couple more breaths, baby. I'm so close to cumming."

Victor took 2 deep breaths and wrapped his lips around my uncut cock. I immediately resumed pumping my hips and fucking the hell out of his throat. I took my fingers out of his chute and held his head with both my hands. My dick slid in and out of Victor's throat with wet squelching sounds.

"Ah fuck I'm going to cum."

I lowered my hips and Victor slid his juicy lips up and down my cockhead. My balls rose in my sac and cum churned. I held my breath as my load shot up my shaft, and grunted.

"Fuck! Uh! Uh! Uh!"

Shot after shot of my hot cum fired into the little tyke's mouth. My back arched and I threw my head back. Victor swallowed, and swallowed. He continued to suck on my sensitive head, even as I moaned in the painful pleasure. He sucked even harder, so hungry for more. But my prick was way too sensitive, so I pulled him off.

I laughed and said, "You fucking cum whore."

Victor giggled as he turned around and gave me a kiss on the lips. We made out for a few moments, and he was grinding his tiny butt on my softening dick.

I gently pushed Victor off and said, "Let's sleep more. We are going to the movies later. Here, you like being the big spoon."

I turned into my side with Victor's arm under my neck. He laid his other arms around my side and kissed my back.

"I love you, Kev," Victor said quietly.

"Love you too, baby."

At the underground parking lot, Victor and I left our winter jackets in my car and went up the escalators. Landmark Cinemas was very quiet that afternoon. Victor and I saw only 3 other customers out in the lobby. I bought movie tickets from a machine with the little blonde standing on my feet.

"Ready?" I asked with a smile. "Right foot, and left foot. There we go."

We climbed the small stair case to the ticket man with Victor still standing on my feet. I held him flush against me, and we were both giggling because we almost fell over a few times.

"I can feel your dick on my back," Victor said quietly enough.

I looked to the ticket man, who was young. He couldn't be more than 18-years-old. His eyes widened because he heard what Victor said. I smiled at him.

"Yeah?" I asked the little blonde. "You know it's always hard when I'm around you."

The ticket taker said, "Umm, hi. Hi. You umm... tickets?"

"Here you go."

"Star Wars is not set to start for another 30 minutes," the ticket taker said and handed me the ticket stubs.

"Yeah we're a bit early," I said. "But I'm sure we can find something to do to pass time."

The ticket taker said, "Your umm, your brother is cute. Got stuck babysitting?"

I smiled at the ticket taker and said, "I think you know he's not my brother. It's always... FUN playing with this little guy."

"I ummm..." the ticket taker said and swept his fingers through his brown quaff of hair. "Sure. I mean... I..."

I said, "Come on, Vic, let's go to the bathroom."

As I walked with Victor on my feet, I winked at the ticket taker. He blushed and gave a shy smile. In the bathroom, I walked into a handicap stall, didn't close the stall door properly and got down on a knee. Victor stood in front of me and kissed me. He slid his little arms around my neck and I held him close. Our lips slid along each other's and our tongue swiped about. As we kissed, I slid Victor's shirt up his tight little body and removed our lips only to fully remove his shirt.

"You're so sexy, baby," I said and kissed him again.

Victor slid my shirt up as well and stuck his lips to my chest. As he sucked a hickey, the stall door opened. The ticket taker had wide eyes and I could see his breathing was heavy. I smiled and winked at him and told him to join us.

While unbuttoning and taking off his work polo shirt, he said, "You guys are crazy. And hot."

I saw a trail of brown hair on his slim stomach and said, "You're pretty sexy yourself. I'm Kevin."

"I umm... Alex. Alexander. But Alex."

I giggled and said, "Don't be nervous, Alex. Lock the door."

"I umm..." Alex said. "I could lose my job."

I smiled at the ticket taker and asked, "Ever make a little boy dry cum?"

"Umm no. I... no."

"Well Victor here is craving like mad for someone to suck his boycock. Sit on the toilet, baby."

Victor took his lips off my body and undid his jeans. I took my phone out and began recording as the ticket taker slid the little blonde's pants down. He took Victor's tiny cock in his mouth and Victor hissed in pleasure.

"Vic, spread your ass a bit. Alex, slick a finger and stick it in him."

"I..." Alex quivered. "You sure? Can I?"

"Oh yeah. Little Vic's ass is hungry. I was supposed to fuck him this morning but we didn't have time."

"Shit," Alex whispered in awe.

He licked his middle finger and touched Victor's pink pucker. When the digit penetrated him, Victor moaned quietly and smiled down at Alex.

"His ass is so tight huh?" I said.

"Fuck yeah," Alex agreed.

"Well suck his boycock and finger his hole."

"Wait, why are you recording this?" Alex asked.

"Don't worry," I said. "I'll blur your face out. I can Airdrop the video or e-mail it to you."

"Okay," Alex agreed and went back to blowing Victor.

I got up close to Alex's face and recorded a close shot of his finger slowly fucking Victor's little hole.

"How's he sucking your dick, baby?" I asked.

Victor smiled at the camera and said, "He's almost as good as you, Kev."

I laughed and said, "You little shit."

I stood to record from above. As the video recorded, I used my free hand to undo my jeans and pushed them down mid thigh.

Victor suddenly said, "Ah, Kev, I'm going to cum. Mm!"

"Oh yeah," I said with a chuckle. "Feel that boycock twitch in your mouth, Alex. Isn't that incredible?"

Victor's green eyes were shit tight as his dry cum overtook him. Alex continued to suck on his cocklet and fucked the boy's hole with his finger harder.

"That was hot," I said. "Vic can suck your cock now if you want."

Alex stood up right quick. He undid his slacks as Victor got down on his knees in front of him. The little tyke grabbed Alex's cut 6 inches and licked the helmet head.

"Ah fuck," Alex said quietly.

I stood behind Alex, being maybe 7 inches taller than him, with my phone pointed down at Victor blowing him. I rubbed my throbbing dick on Alex's ass and kissed his neck.

I whispered, "How old are you, Alex?"

"I'm- ah yeah. I'm 18. You?"

I kissed Alex's neck again and said, "I'm 21. Little Victor here is 10. How do you like a little boy sucking your cock?"

"He's so fucking good."

"Yeah? Deep throat him, V."

Victor smiled at the camera and then swallowed more of Alex. Alex moaned a little louder and pushed his hips forward. I saw Victor's shoulders rise as he gagged slightly, but he continued to suck that cock.

"Fuck his throat, Alex," I whispered. "He can take it."

Alex grabbed Victor's blonde head in his hands and drove his hips back and forth. I kissed Alex's neck again and then moved to the side of the toilet to record the younger man's slim body as he abused Victor's throat.

I used my free hand to lower my jeans down to my knees and slowly stroked my thick shaft. Alex's slim pecs flexed and he was grunting and hissing in pleasure.

Victor forced his head away from Alex's dick. He took a deep breath and brought his mouth to Alex's ballsac.

"Ah yeah," Alex moaned. "Lick those balls."

I asked, "You ready for him to fuck your ass, V?"

Victor continued to stroke Alex's prick when he said, "Only if I can eat your cum, Kev."

I smiled at them both and said, "It's all for you, baby. Now bend over the toilet so our new friend can fuck your tight hole."

Victor did turn and prop his hands on the toilet seat. Alex eagerly lowered himself and spit onto Victor's little pucker. I pointed the camera over Victor's ass and captured Alex's cut dick rubbing against Victor's pink pucker. Alex leaned forward slowly and Victor's hole took the helmet head in.

"Mmm!" Victor groaned.

Alex pushed more of his cock inside and said, "Holy fuck he's tight."

I said, "You boys are so hot."

Alex pushed until his prick was fully buried in Victor's little ass and he said, "Ooooh yeah."

I jerked my cock faster and said, "Fuck his ass. I can see his boycock from here and it's hard. He likes your cock, Alex."

"God damn."

Alex fucked the little boy slowly. Victor moaned softly. Alex slowly picked up the pace. His groin slapped against Victor's cheeks audibly and he grunted.

"How's that ass feel?" I asked as I jerked my cock.

"Uh!" Alex moaned. "It's... so... tight. Best ass... I've... ever had."

I sat on the toilet and Victor wasted no time in taking my my cockhead in his mouth. He sucked so hard, trying to get as much of my pre-cum as he could.

"Ah fuck. You love my cock don't you, baby?"

"Mm," Victor agreed.

"Get ready to eat all my cum, baby. I'm so close."

Victor sucked harder and bobbed his head faster. Alex was grunting so hard and his chest was getting red from exertion. It was so sexy.

"Ah fuck," I said as my balls tightened. "Fuck. Eat all my cum, baby. Ahhhh!"

Shot after shot after shock of cum shot into Victor's hungry mouth. The little blonde ate it all. He swallowed and swallowed, and would not stop sucking my dick.

"Ah take my load," Alex said. "I'm cumming in your ass, boy. Ooh! Uh!"

Alex pumped his hips slowly with his cock deep inside Victor. He bent forward and breathlessly laid his forehead on Victor's back.

Alex laughed and said, "Oh fuck. Don't you fucking move your ass. Stop. Rrrr stop."

Alex straightened and pulled his sensitive cock out of the kid's ass. I kissed Victor passionately and told him to dress up. I stepped up to Alex and went in for a kiss.

Alex backed up and said, "I have a boyfriend."

I gently pushed Alex against the plastic wall and kissed him deeply. He smiled but kissed me back.

I said, "Now go back to work."

Alex gave me another small kiss and dressed up.

Victor was pulling his pants on when he asked, "Can I get gummy worms? My mom never lets me."

"Absolutely, baby."

to be continued.