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Lone Wanderer, Empty World

Part Ten

The dog bit my ankle as I scrambled up onto the checkout till. The teeth briefly sank below the skin and I felt the warm spread of blood trickle down to my feet. The taste of blood only enraged it. It probably hadn't eaten for many days and wasn't about to give up a good meal like me. I kicked out at it with my injured leg and landed a blow on its snout, making it yelp. I stood, awkwardly and jumped from one checkout to the other.

It followed, snapping up at me but thankfully lacked the strength to do any jumping. It was a Doberman, a wiry dog at the best of times but this one had been reduced to mere skin and bones. I reached the car, parked halfway in the shattered window and opened the door, throwing myself inside as the dog impacted with the door, still barking viciously.

I relaxed. Inside the car I was perfectly safe from any harm. The dog barked for a full ten minutes or so, as I inspected the wound and cleaned it up. It was mercifully minor. Two canine puncture marks on my leg were all that was visible, surrounded by a purple patch of light bruising. I lathered the wound in a strong antiseptic and placed a large plaster over the top. I balled up the bloody sock and threw it out the window lest Dan see it and begin to worry every time I went out.

I started the car and pulled slowly out into the car park. That would be the last time I would visit that shop. It had been a mistake to go back there after I had made such a large opening in the plate glass windows. I looked back at the animal, too weak even to properly give chase to me and that was when I did something quite possibly foolish and reckless. I'd picked up another couple of the jarred hot dogs in the shop, so I opened a jar and cracked the window down a little. I emptied the contents out on the ground.

As I sped away, I watched the dog in the rear-view mirror eating what I'd left for it. Even though it had tried to kill and eat me, I wasn't about to let it starve to death just like that. I'd never be stupid enough to go into an open shop like that again, so I'd never have to deal with that dog. There had been enough death. The dog would survive, if only for a little longer.


As I drove back to the house I decided to tell Dan that I cut my ankle on some broken glass from the window. He'd probably suspect something but after his birthday surprise, he would be too distracted to think about it.

I'd gone back to the store with the intention of acquiring a few specialist items. I had flour already and my bread had tasted very good but I needed more. I picked up a few big sacks of white flour, caster sugar, baking soda and a preprepared powered cake mix in lieu of eggs. I'd found some icing mix and tubes of coloured sugary frosting to add decoration. I was going to bake Dan the most fabulous birthday cake he had ever seen, or at least, seen since humanity was annihilated.

There was also the matter of the PSP2 I had managed to pry out from a display case in the shop. The games were not nearby, so I had hunted around in the dark stockroom with a feeble torch and located a large stockpile of them. I rooted around as best I could and found a total of twenty one different little disks. From sports, to sci-fi shooters, to medieval sword fights to driving, there was a nice selection for him. I'd even picked up some wrapping paper to make things just right.

August had arrived with cooler weather. The sky was overcast and threatened to open up at any given moment. When we had first met, Dan told me his birthday would be in August and I remembered I had promised him a party. A party I could not really give, but I could make him feel even more special than usual. Diverting his attention away from my cake baking would be difficult but I would think of something distracting enough to keep him away from the kitchen for a couple of hours.

'Kris. Pick up' Dan said, scratchily over the walkie-talkie.

'Dan I'm on my way back, see you in about quarter of an hour' I replied, holding the radio in one hand and thumbing the talk button.

'Okay. See ya soon'

I put the radio down and fiddled with my iPod, filling the car with the sound of the nineties.


It suddenly occurred to me, as I was whipping up the cake batter, that I had transformed from a lone survivor, fleeing from place to place, to a domestic goddess in just about ten weeks. Here I was, pouring the batter into a cake tin while all around me humanity had pretty much ceased to exist. Strange though the little revelation was, I continued my preparations. I had awoken at half four in the morning, having made sure to tire Dan out with our night time 'games' and carefully sneaked downstairs to bake a cake.

It was five days since my incident at the supermarket and when I had returned from that run, I'd managed to pry Dan's date of birth out of him. It was August 10th and Dan had already turned thirteen by the strike of midnight. I anticipated moody teenage strops in the near future but I was sure a fabulous birthday cake and present wouldn't go amiss with such a wonderful boy.

By seven AM, I was putting the finishing touches to the cake. I'd sliced it through the mid-section and lathered on a thick helping of strawberry jam, replaced the top half and applied a generous coating of white, sugary icing. I had an agonizing moment where I had to stand absolutely still as I heard Dan sneeze all the way upstairs, wary that he might come down to see where I was. I was lucky.

Getting back to work, I edged the cake with a red frosting and added little flourishes here and there. I spelled out Happy 13th Birthday Dan with a blue frosting, cleared up any unsightly icing blemishes and the cake was complete.


'Dan, time to get up. Come on, it's your birthday' I gently nudged him. He groaned and rolled over under the duvet.

'Huh?' he mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

'Happy birthday Daniel' I said, kissing him on the lips. I slipped my tongue inside his mouth and we kissed for a few moments. 'Oh here, almost forgot. This is for you'. I handed him the gift.

'Oh wow' he exclaimed, tearing off the paper with great enthusiasm 'A PSP2! No way!' the little game disks had been wrapped up in the same package and they fell out all over the bed. Dan picked each of them up and examined them, delight spreading across his face. 'This is really good. Thank you Kris' he leaned over and we kissed again.

'Now time for your first teenage blowjob' I whispered, slipping under the bedding and tugging down his briefs. He gasped and writhed as I blew his teen morning hardon. His dick had already grown in the ten weeks since we'd met. I was sure it was more like five inches now and a little thicker. His balls had enlarged too, swelling out ever so slightly. He was becoming a man in such a short time. It didn't take quite ten minutes before I saw his abdomen begin to rise and fall quickly, signalling the imminent release of his pent up orgasm. He blew his load in my mouth as I half sucked, half wanked him. I massaged every last drop out of his dick as he let his head drop back on the pillow. I slid up next to him, tongues dancing, him tasting his own cum.

'Now, you better get washed and dressed coz I have another surprise for you'

'Is that why you tried to sneak out of the bed earlier?' he asked.

'Damn! You knew I'd gone?' I asked despondently.

'Yeah, I knew you were working on something'

'But you don't know what?'


'Good. Now get out of bed you smelly teenager and get washed' I laughed, kissing him again and I went back downstairs. I heard Dan running the shower as I took the cake and the thirteen little candles into the living room and placed it on the table.


The cake was actually pretty good. We'd eaten half of it between us and I had put the rest in the fridge to keep it fresh. While Dan shot at aliens with his new console, I switched on the big screen TV. There were no longer any emergency channels broadcasting, just solid, blue nothingness. I turned on the Blu-ray player and put a film on. The house had a great selection of standard and hi-def films and boxsets of shows but I noticed there were a good many of my favourites missing, so I made a mental note to scavenge a few music/entertainment shops the next time I went out for supplies.

It was late evening by the time the movie finished. Honestly, I wasn't sure what the whole thing had been about; Leonardo DiCaprio was lost in someone’s nightmare or something alone those lines. Plenty of good special effects but shockingly low on actual depth of story.

'What a load of old bollocks' I said, throwing the disk and case back into the media storage cabinet. Dan looked up at me.

'What?' he asked, eyes half on me, half on the game.

'That's one thing I won't miss; terrible movies. You know what I need to pick up? 2001: A Space Odyssey, now that is a truly great masterpiece of cinematic art'.

'Uh huh' he murmured, still tapping away.


Two days later I was out by myself again. Dan hated me going out but I think even he wanted his own space sometimes. We may have potentially been the last humans alive but we still required personal time every now and then. I took my Kristian-time to drive into Portsmouth.

The town was congested in parts, clear in others. I parked the car in the city centre and got out to walk, taking a long kitchen knife with me even though I had seen no sign of dangerous animals. I wasn't about to take silly risks again just yet.

I could smell the salty air as the warm summer sun heated the ocean and created a light buffeting of humid air. I felt less apprehensive of the sea than when we had first arrived. There were buildings obstructing my view of the sea so I couldn't see any of the naval debris. That suited me just fine.

I casually strolled through the empty streets, picking my way carefully around burnt out cars and overturned market stalls. There were few bodies to be seen, not that they were bodies any longer. What with scavenging dogs, birds and the natural order of decay, there was little left of the victims of the plague but bone and torn clothing. It was much better to be walking past bone piles than purifying flesh. I put those thoughts aside as I approached a big media chain store.

The doors were locked and felt too sturdy to bring down. I didn't have the car with me, so I couldn't cave in the window. Instead, I wandered down a little alley between the media shop and a big clothes store, passing large dumpsters and half squashed cardboard boxes. I came out of the alley into a car park and stock unloading area. There were no cars or lorries present but there was a wide double door leading into the media shop. I tried it and was greeted with a locked door but as I was deciding on how to break in, I noticed something glinting on the ground. I picked up the set of keys, dropped in haste by some employee eager to get home just before the Collapse, and tried each one, eventually opening the door.


It was lighter at the front of the shop. I picked up a basket and strolled nonchalantly down the aisles, plucking a few CDs from the shelves and heading over to the DVDs. I had a really great choice and filled the basket almost to the top with Blu-rays and box sets and games for the PS3. After about twenty minutes, I could find nothing else that I wanted, so I struggled back through the rear entrance.

I made my way back to the car and laid the basket down on the back seats. I started the engine, checked the fuel gauge (there was still three quarters of the tank left) and drove down the road, past a small, glass and steel tower. I still had three hours before Dan would be expecting me to either radio in or return home. Remembering how I finished my last little excursion with a visit to the doctor's office, I racked my brains to come up with something interesting.

Five streets away, I came upon a police station. There were no vehicles parked outside and the building appeared to have been abandoned in haste, with folders of paperwork strewn messily outside the entrance. I stopped the car and got out to scope around. There was enough natural light inside the station to move around freely, so I made my way through the reception area with its big concrete and bulletproof glass counter and opened a door leading into a dark corridor.

A little light permeated through grimy windows at one end, so I propped the door open, folding several nearby pamphlets to make a wedge. Able to see better, I tried a few doors. Interview rooms, a boring medical room and a staff lounge. Another door led off into a small row of cells. The doors were locked and I peered inside; nothing of noteworthiness. I tried another door but this was locked. Intrigued, I kicked and kicked at the door, eventually throwing my whole weight into it. After a few good attempts, it finally gave way and I surveyed my find, astonished.

Guns. Lots and lots of guns. The police had rarely needed to resort to using firearms in the day to day business of keeping the law and order but the increasing threats of domestic terrorism and later, the Outbreak, led to a surge in gun crime and mass murder. To try and establish order over the chaos caused by the Hyperflu, the government had armed more and more of the police force.

There were standard hand guns, sniper rifles and even three unpleasant looking automatic weapons. Boxes of ammunition lined several wiry metal shelves along with bulletproof clothing, eye protection and a rack of tasers. I'd never fired a gun in my life but as I picked up a hand gun, I felt the heft of it and immediately felt more empowered as a result. I would do good to load up the car with these weapons. They would be useful in the event of an attack by wild animals (I still hadn't forgot the eyes looking up at the giraffes from the river). I put the gun down and reminded myself to look for a trolley or cart of some sort so I could strip the armoury bare.

I went back to the semi-dark corridor and found it branched out at the end where the grimy windows were. I took the left and found a small kitchen, a communications room and large office with no useful loot to speak of. I returned to the fork and went straight on to the right. I found another interview room and a large room that the door notified me was Evidence. I tried the handle and it opened easily.

It was almost completely dark inside, I could just make out a maze of tall shelves and row upon row of filing cabinets with the occasional desk squeezed between mountains of evidence. I turned around to leave but I noticed a weak red glow in a far corner of the room. I stumbled through the dark, feeling along the shelving to guide me. In this far, I could see very little at all but then I remembered my lighter and pulled it out of my jacket pocket. I flicked it and brought a warm puddle of illumination to the room.

The red glow was coming from a small range of LEDs on an antiquated looking computer console set into the wall. I passed the lighter back and forth across it to read the controls. I flicked a switch labelled primer and heard a loud thump somewhere far below my feet then I pushed a grimy red button labelled backup power. I heard another roar beneath me, then a tremor and my eyes were dazzled as the overhead fluorescent tubes lit up.

I blinked away the daze and clicked the lighter off. The room was something like twenty metres by twenty metres, full of cabinets and shelves. I began to inspect the evidence. It was mostly piles of paperwork with attached ancient floppy disks and with later cases, USB drives. I flicked through them half-heartedly as I came to what looked like a cabinet from a movie rental shop. It held old VHS cassettes with hand written labels along the side and top, inside clear plastic cases. I removed a few and noted they were witness interviews, probably used in court cases. Next to this cabinet was another, holding more videos. This one, however made me instantly hard as I read the warning:

Warning, by accessing these videos you are confirming you have clearance under

prisoner privacy laws and regulations. This evidence is to be reviewed ONLY

within this room unless signed out under orders for court usage. Any unauthorised

copying or viewing of this material may result in legal proceedings.

I picked up a cassette and read the label H213-2175:strip search. I couldn't believe it, taped police strip searches. There was a hundred or so tapes in total and probably at least three or more to each tape. I took the tape to a desk I fumbled past as I came in. It had an old boxy CRT television with an integrated VCR sitting on it. I sat down and turned it on, anticipating failure and nearly jumping for joy as I was met with buzzing static. I pushed buttons on the front of the TV and set it into VCR mode and fed the tape into the flapped slot.

I was greeted with numerous legal warnings so I fast forwarded through it and stopped as the screen showed a static scene of a cream walled room containing a table a policewoman and another woman. I skipped very quickly through that interrogation and found four more searches on the tape, none of which interested me. Two more of them were obese women, another was an old, unattractive man and the last was an overweight lorry driver. None of those pushed my buttons. I ejected the tape and threw it on the floor. I returned to the TV with a stack of vids and proceeded to scan through each of them.

It took five tapes before I struck gold. I had just skipped past an unappealing man and found myself staring at a young scally lad, fifteen, perhaps sixteen. He stood in front of the desk wearing blue Nike tracksuit bottoms and a matching blue hoodie, a Burberry patterned baseball cap and white trainers. He shifted awkwardly.

'You can't do a strip search, I'm only sixteen, I need an adult, you can't do it' he pleaded in a thick Liverpool accent 'I can't have a strip search I'm under age'.

'We suspect you may be carrying more class A drugs on your person. We have every right to bodily and cavity search you' said the policeman. He was in his late thirties, a rough kind of hot, with short cut red hair. 'Please remove your hooded top'.

'You can't make me, I'm only sixteen' the scally repeated.

'Remove the hooded top or we will remove it for you' the cop repeated. With a terrible, dawning realisation, the boy pulled the top over his head, pulling up his t-shirt underneath momentarily and I caught a glimpse of his slim body. The lad put the hoodie on the desk and the cop inspected it, turning it inside and out in the search for drugs. Satisfied there were none, he placed it in a basket on the desk.

'Now the t-shirt' he commanded. The kid shifted about nervously and then pulled off his shirt, throwing it at the policeman. Inspected, that too was added to the basket. The scally lad crossed his arms in front of his skinny chest in annoyance.

'Take off your shoes and socks'

'Floor's cold' the scally whined as he placed the items on the desk. The cop didn't reply as he banged the shoes and looked into them. He placed them and the socks alongside the top and t-shirt.

'Trackies' the policeman demanded.

'Fuck' the scally whined 'please I don't have anything on me I swear. Please don't make me get naked' he pleaded. The cop just stood there, looking at him impatiently. Knowing he wasn't going to get anywhere, the scally pushed down his tracksuit bottoms, revealing a pair of dull, featureless boxer shorts. He threw the bottoms at the cop angrily. Another policeman stepped into the cameras field of view to make sure the scally lad knew violence wasn't going to be accepted here.

I popped the button on my jeans and pulled the zip down, flopping my hard dick out of my pants and rubbed the head up and down at the sight of the scally lad standing in just his pants before two fully clothed policemen.

'Pants down' he cop ordered.

'Fuck fucking fuck shit no!' he lad was almost crying.

'Look the sooner we get a look at you, the sooner we can get this over with, pants down!' the cop said sternly. The scally looked at the other officer and turned bright red with embarrassment. He gulped and hooked his thumbs into the elastic of his waistband and pulled his boxers down. I couldn't quite see the money shot from the cameras view but he handed over his pants to the officer who turned them inside out to look for stitched in drugs.

'Right. Hands on your head and turn around slowly in a circle' the cop said. The scally, red as a beetroot, obeyed and placed his hands on his head and turned around. I saw his cock then. He was as hard as a rock, six inches of uncut bad boy meat straining at the camera. His balls were tightly tucked up against him because of the cold floor. He had a bushy pubic area and his cock head peeked out from under his foreskin. When he'd completed the turn, I could still see his hard dick pointing at the cop. The other policeman looked at the one giving the orders and they exchanged a look that said 'ha, look at that faggy little chav'.

'Now, turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks'

'What? No. Fuck!' he started to cry, wiping hot tears from his burning face.

'Do it now or we do it for you' the second cop said forcefully.

'Fuck' the kid whined as he obeyed, holding his arse cheeks apart for inspection. Both the cops peered closely at his boy hole.

'Something in there' the second one said.

'Yeah' replied the first, he unclipped a walkie-talkie from his belt and spoke into it 'we need medical in here for the cavity search'. A reply confirming the order crackled over the radio.

The three of them waited for five and a half minutes before the station doctor arrived, all the while, the scally had to stand naked in the middle of the room under intense scrutiny. I was getting close.

The doctor was a middle-aged man wearing a white lab coat. He slipped on a pair of latex gloves and moved over to the boy.

'Check under his foreskin first would you? And you' he said, addressing the scally 'turn to face the camera, this needs to be documented'. The lad grimaced, still upset and turned towards me with his hard cock still throbbing. The doctor pulled back the skin on his hard dick and the cops walked around behind the camera to see. There was nothing concealed there. Next, they told the scally to bend over again and spread his cheeks. He gave in with no resistance. The doctor gently probed his anus and pushed a finger inside. Finding something there that shouldn't have been there, he pulled the lad's anus open a little more and extracted a small white plastic package.

The doctor placed the package on the desk and left. The police resumed their former positions, a look of triumph on their faces. The scally, eyes red from crying, body and face red from the humiliating intrusion into his body stood look at the package, his hardon still raging.

I came, showering the desk and TV in thick white strings of jizz.


After I'd cleaned myself up, I put the tape back into its case and turned the TV off. I took it with me as I walked through the evidence room towards the exit. I stubbed my toes up on a three tiered trolley stuffed with papers. I kicked at it and then, remembering the guns in the armoury, I tipped it over, the papers falling to the floor in an almighty mess.

I pushed the trolley down the corridor which had was now much nicer with the power back on, albeit momentarily. I took the handguns and the automatic weapons and piled them tidily on the top wire cage surface of the trolley, then I slipped one of the three sniper rifles onto the second shelf. Then I collected all the ammunition I could fit on the trolley. I had trouble pushing and pulling it through the station entrance and across the car park but after two return trips, I'd loaded the car with all the weapons and ammunition I could possibly want. I returned for the tape, turned the emergency power off and then started the car and drove back home.


Dan helped me with the weapons as we unloaded the car.

'Wow' he exclaimed, hefting a handgun. I snatched it out of his hands.

'Dan, I want you to promise me you won't touch these unless we're using them together. Promise' I ordered him.

'I promise. I'm not stupid. Do you know how to use them?' he asked excitedly.

'No' I admitted 'but we can learn how to use them together. Safely' I added.


I put the guns in one of the first floor bedrooms and locked the door with a key and put it on top of the kitchen cabinets. I trusted Dan but not so much that I would risk his safety like that.

We watched the film I had told him about the other night. Dan didn't really 'get' it but I was still mesmerised by the pre-human opening of the film and the shockingly trippy ending. I opened a bottle of white wine and poured us each a glass. I sipped at it, savouring the cool, sweetness that turned to warmth as it slipped into my bloodstream. I stood in the master bedroom, looking out through the wide, unobstructed windows at the darkening landscape as I felt the first, scouting fingers of winter caress my spine.

* * * * * *

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