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Lone Wanderer, Empty World

Part Twelve

The heat came in slow, caressing waves. My skin tingled pleasantly by the light of the afternoons sunshine. I stretched my limbs and sluggishly rolled over, exposing the back of my naked body to the glorious azure sky. The sun got to work immediately, warming my back, sizzling my winter paled skin to an attractive bronze. I stretched a hand and reached for the strawberry daiquiri, lifting it from the sun baked grass to my dry lips.

I revelled in the luxurious warmth after such a harsh winter, spending as much time sunbathing as I could, when not tending to the vegetable patch or harvesting fruit from the orchards. After twenty minutes tanning my back, I rolled back over on the heavy wooden lounger and sat up a little. Still sipping at my daiquiri, I admired the teenage vision as he knelt in the dirt, picking strawberries.

It was almost three years since we had found the house. Dan was approaching sixteen, I was knocking twenty-nine. He had grown rapidly, almost too fast for me to keep up with. He was six feet tall now, lean yet muscular, with the slightest hint of stubble and a full patch of pubic hair. His dick had grown too, now at seven inches and would probably get to eight or more before he stopped developing. His balls were heavy and plumb sized and I simply loved giving them my professional attention.

He dropped the red fruit into a basket and wiped a wrist across his sweat damp forehead. He got up and turned in my direction, his face still bedecked with that beautiful cheeky grin.

'Too lazy to do anything today Kris?' he asked, sitting down on the edge of the neighbouring lounger.

'I was just admiring the view' I replied, taking another sip 'besides, I've already finished with all my little chores today. I unclogged the hydro, patched the wind turbine fuse box and even got the west patch ready for the winter vegetables. So I think I'm quite entitled to relax' I pulled my sunglasses halfway down and gave Dan a mock reproachful stare.

'Ah but you didn't see to the photovoltaic array, did you?'

'I was getting to that. I left it on purpose because I didn't want you to feel so indebted to me because of my brilliant usefulness that you had to curry favour with me by performing sexual acts upon my person'

'Ha' he laughed, lying back on the padded lounger. He was topless, wearing just a pair of cut-off jeans and sandals. His chest was smooth and defined with just a tiny dusting of light hair running across his nipples. 'You know I don't need favour. I'd do you any day for free'.

'Well why don't you come on over here and give me some?'

'Thought you'd never ask old man' he said salaciously, pressing his hot body onto mine.


That night, a full moon rose high in the sky. The bedroom was awash with the pale, ghostly light and I found myself unable to sleep. I looked over at Dan who was snoring softly, deep asleep and I crept out of bed and tiptoed downstairs, wandering outside amongst the growing things.

I lit up a stale cigarette and dragged the dainty smoke down into my lungs, relishing the nicotine hit as it entered my bloodstream. The night was still but the silence was broken up by the ever distant sound of the ocean; waves gently rolling against abandoned beaches. I sat down on the lounger I had tanned myself on earlier in the day. It was warm; I had only come out in my briefs but the atmosphere outside was still less oppressive than inside the house.

The smoke whispered away into the night air as I sat and thought about how I had come to this place.

It had been nearly three years, just three weeks shy, since we had found the house. Almost four years since the Collapse, four and a half since the Outbreak reached its peak and five since the world was normal. So many thoughts had been going around and around in my head of late. I thought of my friends, of our past adventures, our loves and our hates. If they could have seen me planting crops and tending to them. They would never have let me live that down. I smiled to myself. Thinking about the dead kept them alive.

In three years, not a peep had I heard from any other soul. On the first year anniversary of moving in, I'd lashed up a omnidirectional antenna midway up the spine of the wind turbine. For weeks, I scanned through stations and channels, picking up nothing but static and the very occasional surviving emergency broadcast (which must have been running on something like geothermal power). It was depressing but at least I wasn't alone. I had Daniel who was more than I could ever have believed to share my life with. Though he was almost thirteen years younger than me, he had shown extraordinary resilience in this new world, keeping me off the winding path of insanity.

Smoking was a habit I'd been reluctant to start back up. Two years ago, I'd gone through a particularly bad patch and emptied a supermarket of its entire supply, slowly poisoning myself for a little calming benefit.

I stubbed the cigarette out in the turned soil and looked up at the sweat glistened body of a fifteen year old.

'Couldn't sleep?' he stated, rather than asked, sitting down on the other lounger.

'What makes you think that?' I asked morbidly. He got up and sat down on my lap, putting his hands around my shoulders, resting his head against my bare chest.

'It worries me when you sit outside in the dark and smoke like this'

'It's OK it's just that...' I felt tears building 'just that...I don't know. I'm just getting old I suppose. I'm almost twenty-nine, knocking thirty. I guess I'm starting to understand what it's like to reminisce' I ran my fingers across his lips and he raised his head. We kissed, urgently, with intimate understanding under the ghostly face of the cool moon.

We rolled off the lounger onto the softly toiled earth. Dan was on top of me, grinding his hard cock into mine and I slipped my hands into his waistband and cupped his firm bubble butt before pushing his briefs down past his knees. I thrust upwards from the ground so Dan could do the same to me. The moment of contact, when our hot, wet cocks met in furious passion was an always jolting moment of pure ecstasy. Our kissing took on an animalistic frenzy as we wanked each other. Dan's emerald eyes flashed darkly in the half light as he descended to consume my throbbing dick.

I flexed and arched and moaned as his teenage tongue found all the most sensitive points on my cock head and shaft, working them with religious zeal, looking up at me from the shadowed never-regions of my crotch. We moved positions to suck each other. I teased his fat purple head, pulling his skin all the way back and running my tongue rapidly across it before diving all the way in. We laid like that for some time, two bodies joined as one at the mouths and dicks, heads bobbing up and down.

Dan tore himself away from my privates (though it was his favourite play thing) 'Kris, do you, um do you want to?'

It was hard to disengage myself from his thick seven but I answered 'Lube in the kitchen'.

Dan got up, and sprinted for the house. I lay back in the dirt, my dick glistening with his saliva, pointing straight at up at the moon. I pulled the cushions off the nearby lounger and positioned myself on them, with my arse raised slightly in the air. I'd already cleaned myself out earlier in the night in anticipation but after the hard days work, we'd both fallen asleep before anything could get started.

He came back, dick still hard and throbbing and popped the lid, depositing a thick coating of it. He knelt down and attended to me, lathering it thickly on my presented hole. Finished, he positioned my legs over his shoulders and crouched in, pressing his head against my entry.

'Dan' I whispered, my hand on the back of his neck 'I love you and I want you inside me'. He leant down and kissed me.

'I love you too' he said as he pushed his way in. At first it was slow going. He had to withdraw and push in again and again before I relaxed enough into it. After a little while, my body accepted his questing and he thrust his cock halfway into me, making me wince with pain and pleasure.

'Is it OK? Am I doing it right? Do you like it?' he was worried he was doing something wrong.

'It's good Dan, keep doing what you're doing' I whispered back as he impaled me on his cock.

'It's my first time I...'

''s good. I taught you well' I said, silencing him as I placed a finger on his full lips. He renewed his progress, at last pushing all seven inches of his teen manhood into me, rubbing incredibly close to my prostate and brining me close to the edge of infinite pleasure.

I held myself back for what felt like an eternity, allowing Dan to slowly stroke my pulsing cock as he rode inside of me. In time, I heard his breathing get heavier and the look in his eyes said it was time. I felt his cock begin to spasm inside of me and he moved his fist rapidly on mine. We came together, locking eyes and grinding teeth as he power fucked me, thrusting harder, further as he exhausted his eager young body.

He remained inside me as he wanked the last drops from my drooping cock, becoming soft himself as he did so. He pulled out gently and I felt a profound sense of loss as he left me. I lowered my legs and he loomed over me, on all fours as we kissed slowly, with exhausted but loving tenderness.


The insistent chirping of a friendly robin woke me from my deep sleep. I cracked a single eyelid and then blinked. Birdsong filled the cool morning air as the sun rose, burning away the morning dew and but still leaving my body chilled. Dan stirred next to me, still naked from the early hours fucking. I took him in my strong arms and pulled him close, tight. We laid like that until the sun rose higher in the sky. Naked as the day we were born, on a patch of hoed soil, surrounded by the tall, waving fronds of the corn and the bushy strawberry plants. Dan ran a single finger down my waxed smooth chest, along my belly and closed his fist around my morning wood.


After we'd showered away the sweat, lube, spunk and soil, I made us a breakfast of toast, fruits and berries and coffee from vacuum sealed fresh beans. I felt much better, better than I had felt in weeks in fact. Now I knew the solution to unwanted reminiscence; a good hard fucking by an amazing teenage lover. I smiled at the shirtless figure as he poured fresh Java into his cup.

Once breakfast was finished, Dan brushed his teeth and went back outside to get on with the days planting. I went up to the en-suite bathroom and began brushing my teeth (with a sonic toothbrush now that we had a ready supply of electricity) and regarded my image in the mirror.

I would have sworn that no time for me had passed since meeting Dan. I looked exactly the same as when I'd looked into the mirror in the Soho apartment. I'd developed no wrinkles, not a single grey hair anywhere on my body. Dan and I cut each others hair and mine was short and messy as I always favoured and it suddenly felt as though I were still looking into the mirror in that very apartment. Sure, Dan certainly kept me fit and healthy with the activities we were constantly engaged in, no doubt about it. But, the strange feeling only grew. I had not aged. Not a damn day.


After lunch, I drove into town to pick up a few odds and ends. We still used the Land Rover on occasion but over the three years, we'd amassed a small collection of vehicles sitting on the front drive. I was using the Prius, handy for when either petrol or electricity was in short supply. I was currently using the electric engine as I didn't need to haul anything particularly heavy.

I drove along at a steady forty miles per hour, down the roads that were free of the worst blockages since Dan and I cleared the cars off over a year ago. It had been a backbreaking few days but the reward was much faster movement between store raids and the occasional foray into houses and various other buildings for a lark.

I stopped the car outside the big DIY store. I opened the glove compartment and took out the loaded handgun and got out of the car. I made sure the safety catch was on and tucked the barrel of the pistol in the front of my jeans.

The dogs hadn't been a problem for years now. Most had died off during that first cruel, harsh winter in the house and those that survived were mostly the pups of the former pets. The mongrels had no memory of man and had evacuated the town completely. I'd seen a pack of them hunting rabbits in some of the fields outside of the village but other than that, they were not to be seen. Still though, I always took a gun with me when I went out, just in case.


It was constructed, superficially, like a warehouse. The corrugated iron roof stretched overhead in the darkness and my footsteps echoed into the distance. I pulled out my little wind-up torch and swept the beam around until I got my bearings. Once I'd located the bulky generator, I flipped down the primer handle and pumped up a charge. A little green led flicked on and I pushed the fat red button. The engine choked into life and all at once the tactically positioned floodlights came to life.

Dan and I had scattered them around the DIY warehouse last year when I needed materials to construct a basic sewer to take the overflow from the septic tank. It had gone very well and hadn't given us a single problem since it was completed. It took us weeks to dig out a trench deep enough and long enough to reach the river. After that, I loaded up a van with a ton of pond liner and lined the ditch. Then I had covered it over with metal fencing for safety and plywood to seal off any smell. Topping that off with compost and grass seed, it couldn't even be seen, except as a low mound in the grass running to the river. I'd put flag markers along its length just in case one of us lost our bearings around it.

At the moment, I was here to scavenge something to repair the photovoltaic array on the roof of the house. It had been acting up for weeks and only after precariously climbing out onto the roof, had I discovered that one of the support bars had come loose, dislodging one of the panels. Since they were connected to the house electrics in parallel, we were not losing all the power but with one of four panels out, it was still a significant loss. The support bar itself was bent, probably by the springs' ferocious winds and I couldn't put it back into place as it was, so I needed a replacement. Luckily, the panels electrical connector had just been unplugged, so there was no need to replace that too.

I skimmed the aisles fairly quickly and found a stacked pile of metal poles on one of the wide industrial shelves. I plucked one and felt the heft of it. It was a little lighter than the support bar but once I'd used the tape measure, it was almost exactly the same dimensions. I took it to the front of the store to the checkout and put it down next to the grinder. I'd used the grinder last year when making the sewer and I used it again to file down one end of the pole to an almost razor sharp point. This was needed to get it to fit snugly into the rest of the support framework.

Having acquired what I came for, I turned off the generator and made sure to firmly shut the front door.


Dan was sitting in the shadow of the big Willow tree that sat in the centre of three of our little crop fields not far from the house. He was reading and looked up at me as I came over. I joined him in the cool shade, wiping the perspiration from my brow.

'Did you get what you needed?' he asked, putting his book down.

'Sure did. Got the replacement part too' I grinned. He knew I was talking about last night.

'I'm horny' he said, rubbing himself over his cut-offs. I put my hand on his hard bulge and squeezed him through the fabric. I was sorely tempted to whip his dick out and suck him off but I had to get the current job finished before I could think of that one.

'Ohh how I want to. But look, it won't take me half an hour to get this done, quicker if you help. Let's go get the ladder from the shed'

'All right' he sighed as I gave him a hand up from the ground.


One of the skylight windows in the master bedroom allowed access onto the flat part of the roof where maintenance could be carried out on the panels. I climbed up the stepladder while Dan held it steady and emerged into the glorious afternoon sunshine. I blinked away the dazzling brightness and stepped onto the roof. I turned back and took the pole from Dan, placing it securely on the flat terrace. Dan came up after me, heeding my warning to keep away from the ledge.

I proceeded to attempt the repair, lying half over the flat ledge, reaching down to the bent support bar and pulling it loose. I flung it away from the house and it clattered to the ground near the freshly toiled earth. Within fifteen minutes, I had firmly anchored the new spar to the connecting spar below and was fiddling with the pointed end to get it to lock in. With a little persuasion and a lot of swearing, I pushed it home. It all seemed stable and all that remained was to reconnect the array socket.

I succeeded in shifting the panel a little to the side so I could get to the chunky waterproof plug. I don't know if it was the minor electrical shock or the sudden and very powerful gust of wind that did it, or most likely the combination of the two, but I was suddenly sliding down the side of the slippery panels. My hands scrabbled wildly for purchase, something to arrest my descent but I slid onwards and fell two stories onto the ornamental flagstones around the back door. Something cracked sickeningly and I tasted copper. The wind knocked out of me, I couldn't breathe and a fraction of a second of panic stretched for subjective minutes. I turned my head to look at my left hand; two fingers were twisted at unnatural angles. Then I became aware of the cold in my body and I looked down at my chest. I laughed deliriously.

'Kris! Kris!' the back door burst open as Dan pelted towards me. I reached up to touch the black garden lantern stake. My hand slid down it, slick with blood. I started to feel lighter and the dazzling brightness of day began to quickly fade to dusk.

And numb.

'No no no no no no Kris! Kris! Stay with me, don't fucking die!'

And dark.