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Lone Wanderer and the Cult of Godallah

Part Fifteen

The world returned in throbbing waves of warm nausea. My tongue felt bloated in my dry mouth and I rubbed my sore head, groaning at the effects of a heavy hangover. I opened an eye and peered out at the world. It was then that I started to remember some of what happened to me.

I'd been taken from the street and dumped, unceremoniously in a dark room. I couldn't make out a lot of detail but a grimy barred window allowed enough light for me to see a dirty plate with an open can of canned vegetable mix and a glass of water that had been left near a heavy looking door.

I sat up, sending my head spinning and inched over to the water. I drank it down in one gulp, knowing it could be poisoned but at the same time, desperate to quench my all-consuming thirst. Feeling slightly better for the hydration, I stood up on my unsteady feet and looked out of the window. The glass was frosted and I could see nothing clearer than vague blurred images. The room itself was empty save for a bed and a toilet. A prison cell then.


Some time later, likely many hours, I heard movement outside the cell. I steeled myself, awaiting my captors and felt an odd sinking sensation as the commotion went past, leaving me confined.

Though the door was heavy, it had a narrow flap set into it, presumably for talking to prisoners. Through it, sounds of heavy discussion reached me and then a blood-chilling scream pierced the air. A scream of absolute horror. And what was more, it was the scream of a woman. I listened for many minutes but all was silent, so I sat down on the bed, awaiting my fate.


They came for me in the middle of the night. I was awoken from sleep as one of them pushed my face into the bedding, while another bound my hands from behind with a plastic strap and slipped a bag over my head. Once they were satisfied I could not resist, I was yanked to my feet and frogmarched down what I presumed was a corridor. I couldn't see but I could still hear and what I heard suggested that there were more people here than just the three that had captured me. I was in a nest of vipers.

Moments later, I was pushed into a chair and the hood was pulled away. The bright fluorescent lighting stung my eyes and it took a minute or two for me to adjust.

Sitting across the table from me were two men. One I recognised from the morning. A man of south-Asian descent, in his mid to late forties, medium build and a bald head. The other was white, somewhere in his thirties, handsome in an athletic kind of way but something in his stare froze me with fear. Someone was standing behind me but I dared not look around to see.

'Explain to me boy. What were you doing asleep in the street? Why did you start a fire?' asked the Asian man, hands clasped neatly on the table in front of him. He fixed me with his gaze and I felt compelled to answer.

'I was...burying a man. He died from the infection. It was his last wishes. Look...I'm not here to cause anyone trouble. I'm just trying to survive. I don't know why you're doing this to me'

I felt a hard slap across the back of my head, briefly turning my vision fuzzy.

'Where did you come from?'

'What? I didn't come from anywhere. I've been staying around Osterley most of the time...' I jumped as I was hit again.

'Liar! We scouted Osterley. We found no one living. You will answer our questions or there will be unpleasant consequences' he spoke with a slight accent, suggesting he had lived in the country for many years but had originated somewhere in the Indian sub-continent. He snapped his fingers at the subordinate behind me and I was twisted around to face him. This man wore a scarf, wrapped around his face but I could see his eyes. He had the same insane stare as the two at the table.

'You will answer us' spoke the white man in his thirties 'cut off a finger'

'Yes Seer' said the scarf man, pulling out a set of pliers.

'You will tell us everything we want to know. Or it will get bad. It was get really very bad'


I heard the screaming again, as I cradled my ruined hand. They had taken every digit from my left hand to try and make me talk. Oh but I talked. I told them about microbiology, about winter fashion wear, even about the finer points of West End musical theatre productions. But what they really wanted to know was where I had been for the last three years. I lied about everything, misdirected, mixed truth with lies but they could see through it. Piece by piece, they began to dismantle me. And I would endure it all. I would not, could not give them anything that might lead them back to Daniel. I would die first.

They may have learned nothing from me but I had learned a great deal from observing them. The torturer had called both of the men at the table 'Seer' at one point or another and it was clear that they held some kind of superior rank over him. Of the three in the room with me, I somehow deduced from the sounds in the rest of the building that there were at least a dozen others. I'm not sure how I knew that but then, thinking about the machines flowing through my veins, I surmised that my sense of hearing had been heightened by the nanotech. I also came to the conclusion that these men had been living above ground for as long as I and showed no signs of infection. That meant only one thing. They too must be like me.


I dreamed of biological readouts and machinery. The disembodied voice came to me again.

'You have experienced severe damage to your left hand. Repairs have already begun. Non-essential cells will be harvested and modified to replace the missing tissue. You may experience dizzy spells for the next two to three days. Do not worry, this is due to the redistribution of calcium and iron to construct new skeletal framework for your fingers. Once again, thank you for continued patience'.


When I woke in the morning, I examined my hand, finding the bloody stumps had already scabbed over and feeling itchy at the severed ends. They were beginning to regrow.

I was brought into the interrogation room again. There was only the man in his mid-thirties today, smiling serenely as he issued his threats of torture for non-compliance. I spat at him and the torturer behind me struck me across the head with something heavy. Blood spilled down my face, clouding my already fuzzy vision.

'No. No, this just will not do. Satan has given you remarkable defiance. He turned you from the light of the One True God into his darkness, gifting you the same immortality as given the Seers by Godallah. But you use this gift for evil. You pick apart the work of Godallah. You investigate the holy body of Man, split apart His atoms!' he knelt before me, holding my lolling head in his hands as he spat his words 'you even dared to walk on His moon! How can you stand so proudly after the plague that the One True God sent to the world? To cleanse the Earth of the perversions of science and the unbelievers? And yet you survive by the hand of the devil' he slapped me, clearing my vision slightly 'it is clear to see that we cannot break you by such...crude means. However' he said, clearing his throat 'we believe you may be more conductive to speech if we inflict this pain on another'

The door behind me opened and a struggling body was manhandled in by three men. The men handcuffed the filthy creature to the table in front of me and then left me with it and the Seer.

It turned its face to me and I knew the source of the nightly screaming. It was a she. She was filthy, dirt streaked with badly healed wounds and scabbed cuts running across her face and neck. Her eyes were blue and black and her nose had been broken. She looked at me and in the depth of her gaze I could read only one thing kill me.

'You fucking bastard' I spat at the Seer who was gloating over his prize.

'No. Don't feel sorry for this thing. It was cast out by Godallah the One True God. It is dying from the righteous plague. It came out of the depths of hell, dressed like a soldier, said it was looking for a man it loved. A pitiful monster. A woman, much less a demon woman such as this, cannot understand what it is to love without the hand of Godallah to guide one'

'When I get loose, I am going to fucking kill you!'

'No. Godallah wishes you to see the error of your wicked ways. You will watch as we send this demon back to hell. Tonight, it shall be sacrificed for the glory of the One True God. When its blood is spilled, we will be doing that which is righteous and GOOD! We shall be the Servants of the One! And you will bear witness to the blood'

'No!' I screamed as he forced himself upon the catatonic wreck of a woman.


They still took my entire left hand, even after I broke and begged them to leave her alone. My arm ended just above the wrist, the machines working hastily, constricting the blood flow and forming a temporary scab barrier. As the morning turned to afternoon, my exhaustion overtook me and I fell into a strange dream state.

'You have taken severe damage to your left arm. Repairs are under way. A significant amount of body-mass will be used to reform the limb. It is advised that you consume as much food and water as possible during this period. Non-essential body functions are being shut down and you will enter a comatose state for the next eight hours during preliminary repair procedures. Full reconstruction will take eight days at standard operational efficiency'


'Kris. Kris, wake up' I opened my eyes to a beautiful, sun-dappled morning. Dan was lying across me, teasing my right nipple as always 'finally. Are we going to stay in bed all day?'

'Sounds like a plan' I said, snatching him up in my arms and kissing him lovingly. My hand wandered to his cock, hard and pulsing, awaiting my professional attention. In a moment, I was down on him, engulfing his thick manhood and making him flex and kick as I ran the tips of my fingers over his tight balls.

'Kris oh God Kris' he cried as he came. I gulped down his viscous manjuice, licking away the salty trace of it from my lips. He absorbed the post-orgasmic peace for a moment before pushing me on my back and sucking my morning wood for a small eternity, bringing me to a gasping orgasm as I held his head and pumped him with all my might.

He came up from my cock and draped himself across from me. The doorbell chimed and I tutted to myself and threw on a robe.

'Don't worry, I'll get rid of them' I said to Dan, as he looked sulkily at me. I hurried down the stairs and opened the door to Lisa, my favourite bulldyke.

'Interrupt anything?' she asked, knowing full well I was spending the day with the boyfriend.

'About two minutes ago you would have'

'Ha. Anyway, sorry to interrupt the faggotry. Just wanted to borrow your cordless drill. Gemma wants to put some shelves up and the drill broke'

'And I thought you filthy lesbians always had a stockpile of power tools in reserve?' she laughed and I fetched her the drill from the under-stairs cupboard. 'You know I'd have you in for a cup of tea but...well you know'

'Say no more gay boy. Have fun with the boy toy' she chuckled, walking back up the front garden path. I closed the door and got back into bed.

'Mmm, thought you'd never be back' Dan murmured, lying naked atop the duvet. He was hard again but my mind kept going over and over. Something was wrong. In fact, everything seemed wrong.

'Dan, don't think me mad but this isn't my house' I said, sitting uneasily on the bed.

'Ha ha very funny. What you trying to do?' he hugged me from behind, his toned arms wrapping me in a comforting embrace.

'No, something is wrong. Lisa, she...she's dead. Everyone is dead. This...comatose. The repairs...I' Dan had let go of me and was sitting up in bed, looking at me blankly.

'I apologise for the quality of the entertainment. You need to remain alert during the initial repair phase. I thought you would enjoy this scenario, given your current circumstances' he talked like Dan, had the same mannerisms but his eyes were blank.

'Just what the fuck are you? Are you the nanotech? The voice that told me about the injuries?'

'Yes...and no. I or rather we, are the combined processing capability of several billion nanoscale machines in your body. A broad, distributed computer would not be enough for us to work as we do, so we borrow the excess processing power of your own brain in order to complete more intelligence intensive tasks. I thought this would cheer you up as we work and take your mind off the rather unpleasant company in which you find yourself'

'Well, that was...unexpected. I should be angry but I suppose that would be very stupid considering you're machines using an ad-hoc network of silicon and my own grey matter. Listen, if you can put this kind of realistic environment together, could other things? Like pausing the repair work for a little while and beefing up my strength and agility?'

'We/I most certainly can. What had you in mind?'


When I awoke, my mind was ablaze. I felt buzzed, something akin to being high on caffeine and a kilo of coke. My limbs were pulsing with power and the world around me looked sluggish and slow. People even looked to be walking several times slower than usual, as I was dragged from my cell. I let them think I was exhausted. I played a rag doll very well.

I was taken to what was once the police station car park. It was a wide, open space, with room for a hundred or so cars and vans. They had all been cleared and I was joined by most, if not all of the zealots. There were fourteen of them that I could count, including the two senior men who were addressed as 'Seer'. In the middle of the car park was a table and all around it, the men gathered, holding flaming torches against the dark night. Giant Crucifixes and fluttering flags of moon and star were dotted around the space, casting eerily elongated shadows.

Around me the towering edifices of skyscrapers pierced the black, star studded sky, standing silently in the dead capital. I slowly swept my gaze all around, noting a heavy, barricaded gate and a high wall, topped with coils of barbed wire surrounding the car park. I waited, and bided my time.

'Children of the One True God' cried the Asian Seer 'tonight, we send a demon back to hell. Through the divine power of Godallah we shall force this whore to return from whence it came. Its blood with flow forth and its evil shall leave the world of Man. Bring forth the implement'

A heavy set man with a scarf wrapped around his face came forward. I was pushed to my knees by two men behind me, as the crowd parted and I saw the woman, tied to the the table, squirming to free herself. The scarf man carried a long dagger, something between a sword and a knife. He handed it reverentially to the Seer who proceeded to utter prayers in a vaguely familiar, though unidentifiable language.

The Seer raised the blade and drove it home.

The night was pierced by a resounding thunderclap. The crowd panicked and the men seeing to me bolted as another shot cracked. The Seer collapsed to the ground and three more shots brought three more men to their death. Pandemonium ensued.

In the middle of the commotion, as men readied arms, I crept over to the table, using my lone hand to carefully saw through the rope with the bloodied dagger. She was still breathing, her eyes alert as I helped her to sit up.

'Go...I'm dying'

'I can't leave you'

'Go...bleeding' I looked at the cut on the inside of her thigh. The Seer had plunged off course when the shot had fired, though he had still hit a major artery.

'I can still help you' I pleaded, trying to attend to the cut. The zealots were firing guns randomly into the air at the concealed attacker.

'No...I' her eyes widened as she snatched the blade from my hands. I raised my arms as she lashed out. I looked down at my feet at the Seer, the blade buried in an eyesocket.

'Thank you'

'No problem' she coughed 'I was...' she coughed again and expired, hanging limp in my arms. I laid her down gently, putting aside pity and sadness for the moment and concentrated on my escape.

There were another two bodies on the ground. The attacker was a damn good shot. I kept low, avoiding the zealots, firing now towards the dark form of a smaller, flat roofed tower nearby. One of the dead zealots had dropped a fully loaded gun, which I grabbed, feeling empowered by heft in my good hand.

The white Seer saw me take the gun and fired off a round in my direction. It hit tarmac and pinged harmlessly away. I darted between religious icons, fluttering flags hiding me from moment to moment as the Seer stalked me in the darkness.

'Tell me, oh great Seer' I called mockingly 'because I don't understand. Why is your magic man Godallah allowing you to be killed off eh?' he fired another shot in my general direction.

'You know nothing of His divine will' he hissed nearby.

'But I do' I said, squeezing off several shots. Most missed but one connected, I saw him stumble in the dark and regain control quickly.

'You've fired five shots demon. That gun holds only six. You don't stand a chance'

'I'll take your word for it' bring automatic targeting online I thought to I/We. I lost all feeling of control in my hand as it flailed uncontrollably before locking on to the Seer. I squeezed the trigger but he was still standing.

'Your perversion ends now' he screamed manically. I regained control of my hand and balled it in anticipation. I needn't have bothered. I watched him approach in my time stretched perspective, his eyes were ablaze with reflected torchlight and his teeth bared in primal aggression. As he raised his gun, his head appeared to just collapse, blood and bone spiralling outward behind a fast moving projectile. He flopped to the floor as the remaining zealots abandoned their defence and ran back into the station.

As I took his gun and slipped in a fresh clip, a steely calm swept through my body as I resolved my will to do what needed to be done. I followed the remaining zealots into the station.


I sat on the steps of the police station as dawn crept across the inky sky. The gun sat by my side, cold and empty, as I reflected on the state of the world. They were all dead now, they had been easy to finish off. Without the absolute assurance they had been granted by the Seers, they were disorganised, scared. I put a bullet in the heads of each one, even those already killed by the concealed attacker. Just to make sure.

The scraping, creeping footsteps of someone sneaking up on me made me jump back into action immediately, pointing the empty gun at them nonetheless.


'Kris! Kris' he shouted back, throwing himself into me, half asphyxiating me in a bear hug.

'Dan. How did you find me? I...' I noticed the barrel of a sniper rifle that been slung over his back.

'That...that was you?' I asked, dumbfounded.

'Yeah. Forget me so soon old man? I put in a lot of practice with old cans last year. Don't ya remember?'

'Oh Dan. I love you' we kissed, without hurry or fear.


Dan opened the door of the Land Rover after waiting for me outside the station. He'd followed me a few days after I'd originally left, intent on making sure I wasn't taking any risks. When he'd seen smoke in the distance and followed the trail to the house in Kensington, he knew I'd been taken by force. He had staked out the station, sitting in the tower by day and by night, watching what he could through the sniper lens. When he saw the sacrificial ceremony, he had acted.

As we drove away, the station went up in flames, smoke billowing high into the sky. Dan didn't ask. I couldn't leave the woman out to rot. I made sure she was cremated with dignity. I also dragged the body of every last zealot inside and covered them with petrol and paper and wood. I didn't want to take the risk, however small, of any of them coming back. I knew something of the power of the machines now but just how powerful they were, that would take some time.


I ate as much of the food as I could while Dan drove. With the fight over, my little friends had reverted to repair and maintenance mode, rebuilding my missing hand from scratch. The massive increase in metabolism made me ravenous enough to eat a horse.

'Slow down old man. You're gonna choke' Dan chided.

'I'm not gonna...' I choked as I glanced at the rear-view mirror.

'See...' Dan started but his eyes followed mine before I could spit out the food and warn him.

A car. Following us. More zealots.

Dan pushed the car faster but they kept gaining on us. A man leaned out the side window, his face wrapped in a scarf and started firing off shots. The back window cracked and shattered.

'Fuck' I spat 'these bastards simply refuse to fuck off'

'Hold on' Dan said as he pushed the car to its limits. We passed a sign informing us we were on the right road heading to Welwyn Garden City. Wrong way but better to lead them away from our real destination.

They followed for a further five miles, taking the occasional pot shot. I knew they were just waiting for us to make a mistake. We couldn't outrun them forever.

'Oh...lovely' Dan, breathed, defeated. I heard it before I saw it. The thwuck thwuck overhead of a helicopter closing in from ahead.

Dan took one hand off the steering wheel and squeezed my remaining one.

'I love you Kris'

'I love you too Dan'

Something flickered from the chopper and streaked towards us. I closed my eyes.


I opened my eyes. We were still moving, unaffected. I turned around to look out the window. The other car was still coming, rolling along slowly, gutted and on fire, wheels leaving a streak of melted rubber as it finally rolled to a stop. I looked up at the chopper as it circled us for many minutes before choosing a nearby field in which to set down.

'Shall we?' I said to Dan. He nodded enthusiastically.

'Let's go meet our saviours'.