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As promised this is the second part of my continuing story. I really want to build on the character a little more. His background, sexual fantasies, his longing for true love and the nature and possible origins of the mysterious 'Hyperflu'. Thank you for reading and enjoy.

Lone Wanderer, Empty World

Part Two

The alarm went off. I opened my bleary eyes to dappled sunlight filtering through the thin blue curtains. Yawning and stretching I pulled back the boys football bedclothes, got up and staggered to the bathroom for a sorely needed morning piss. My cock was hard but I pointed it in the general direction of the toilet bowl and let loose a heavy stream. Finished I wandered back to bed feeling horny again at the surrounding atmosphere of teen hormones.

I pulled down the boys pants (which I was still wearing from yesterdays fun and games) and admired my beautiful penis. At seven and a half inches, it was clearly on the bigger side of average. I'd never had a complaint from any of the guys I'd dated or shagged. Neither had I thought about the exact dimensions of the circumference, but it was pretty thick, enough to fill a fist nicely. My foreskin wasn't too tight, or too loose. When I wanked, I liked to keep the foreskin on the tip of my dick as I tugged it back and forth. Unlike a lot of guys, mine is as straight as an arrow. Below, my balls are heavy and tight against my body and very sensitive to being handled and licked. Usually shaved they were always irresistible to guys wanting to suck and tug on them. Now, though, they were hairy; I saw little point in manscaping my body when there were no other men.

All this I considered as I slowly built up momentum on my cock, worshipping it with right hand and left. I'd let a few fingers wander across my balls, feeling a shiver of sexual excitement shoot up my body. It was a favourite spot of mine.

I thought of the boy, I didn't even know his name but I knew the name of the boy he had played around with, Ricky. I thought of him and Ricky wanking each other off, sitting cross legged across from one another, fear and excitement making them quiver as they placed their hands on each others most intimate area. Gently gripping dicks and rubbing them slowly at first and then faster and faster. I allowed my imagination to run wild, Ricky asking the boy to suck him as he played with the boys balls, then Ricky getting braver and suggesting they try a 69. It became a blur of sex and skin as I came full force, splashing jizz all over the boys sheets and pillows, adding my own male juices to whatever was already in the bed from the boy. I licked and sniffed his jizz rag as I orgasmed, arching my back and moaning with pure pleasure.

The ecstasy subsided and I watched myself grow soft, hot blood rushing back into my body. I lay there revelling in the smell of sex and sweat, still thinking of the boy and his friend Ricky. Some time later I dragged myself out of bed, wiping myself off on the sheets and started the woodburner downstairs to boil water for coffee.

After I had breakfasted, I brushed my teeth, used the toilet and strip washed. Feeling totally refreshed and refuelled, it was time for me to head back out onto the road towards whatever destination awaited


An hour later, I had pulled the car over by a golf course to consult a map. I knew I wanted to head north. I'm not sure why, but it felt like an appropriate direction to go in. Only ocean lay to the south of me and I wanted to explore as much of Britain as I could before thinking about making a crossing to the continent. If there were any remaining people, I would find them. It was a natural response to the situation, find others, safety in numbers.

I had only travelled just over twenty six miles since I left the London flat. So much time was taken up just threading in between blocks of cars, if possible or going the off road option. Thankfully the car was well designed for such manoeuvres even though I'm not the best driver in the world (in all likelihood I probably am now) and I was spared the worst of the bumps and bruises.

'Well Kristian, where to next?' I found myself saying. My name felt both alien and irrelevant. Why bother with names when I was most likely the last human alive? But I said it aloud again; 'Kristian'. I had to hold on to my identity. So much had been lost, I was not going to lose myself.

I climbed up onto the roof of the car, to soak in the morning sunshine, the weak summer sun warming my slightly pale skin. Six months of hiding away in flats had done nothing for my lack of a tan. I pulled off my shirt and relished the chance of catching some rays.

The brief rest stop gave me time to reminisce on my life before the Collapse, before the Outbreak even began. Two years before all this began, I had dropped out of university, one year short of gaining my medical Ph.D. I'm not sure why I really did it. Perhaps I was just bored, maybe being a doctor didn't fit into my life (although the thought of examining naked school boys for a school or sports medical was my number one sexual kick). After bumming around for the best part of a year, I had decided to go back and finish my degree, Manchester had accepted me and I was going to start the year after, finally getting my life back on a stable track. But then the troubles started.

The first reports of a lethal contagion came from Pakistan. The media was confused, sending out conflicting information, some thought it originated from a cross of human and avian flu, others from cattle. It was even suggested, that due to the extremely rapid and lethal nature of the now christened 'Hyperflu', it could be a biological weapon. Whatever the case, the authorities were too slow to react. Within two months it had spread to every continent, people in their haste to outrun it were spreading it further and further. My family had been dead for years, so thankfully I didn't have to watch them suffer and die but I lost many, no, all of my friends. It was hard but I alone survived. Perhaps it was a one in ten million chance, I never fell ill. There may have been a way for the doctors to use my immunity to drive the plague back but by the time I realised, it was already far too late for humanity.

All of it seemed so far away, lost in an ancient past, as I soaked up the sun. Dwelling on the past was not going to change it. I got back in the drivers seat and pushed on.


Five miles on I passed through another of London's outer reach satellite towns. The town centre looked gridlocked with abandoned cars, so I reversed and skirted the towns extremities. Before I passed out of the town altogether, I saw a secondary school coming up on the right. An image of the sweaty jock strap I found in the sports shop popped into my head. It couldn't have been from this school, too far surely? But some kids do live pretty far out of town. Knowing there was no rush to whatever destination found me, I swung around and drove up to the school car park.

All the schools had been shut down to prevent the spread of the plague. There wasn't a car in sight. I turned off the ignition and got out, taking the sword I found in the boys house with me for protection. I hadn't seen any dogs around but it would never pay to take unnecessary risks.

I walked around for ten or so minutes, trying to gauge the size and feel of the school. It was clearly state run, hadn't been updated in decades, sixties buildings in the early stages of dilapidation. A few newish mobile classroom 'huts' stood off to one side bordering a playing field. I decided first to enter the main building, a concrete and glass architectural travesty. Reminded me of my own high school.

It wasn't especially bright inside, but I could see well enough to read by. I found a board with signs printed off a computer, pointing to various areas. 'P.E' department was in the same direction as 'Medical'. Feeling my cock twitch at both, I followed the arrow.

After walking from what I judged to be the east wing of the building to the west wing, I found a corridor narrower than the main one I just used. I came to a door with 'Medical' on it. 'P.E' was on a sign next to the door, the arrow pointing towards a set of double swing doors. I decided to have a good look around the medical office first.

I opened the door and immediately took in the odour of an old leather examination couch. Nothing quite like it. But the couch wasn't in this room, this was a small waiting area, three chairs in a narrow corridor. I imagined the nervousness, of the boys waiting here to be called in for their exam, hearing their friends coughing as they were exposed before the doctor. In one word, hot. The door to the examination room was slightly ajar. I peered in cautiously. The smell of a doctors office was stronger here and it made me randy as hell.

There was the couch, probably as old as the school itself, a cheap plastic chair, a clothes horse for the student to places their clothes on, the doctors desk, chair, filing cabinets, desktop PC and the weighting scales and height measurement charts. There was also a stool in the middle of the room. I knew what that was for. Towards the end of the exam, the doctor would sit there, position the boy in front of him, legs apart and he would reach into the boys underwear and have a quick feel of his penis and testicles. Of course, some doctors were more thorough, they either told the boys to fully lower their underwear or else they surprised them and lowered it themselves, better to have a look while the student is surprised and unable to resist and complain.

I fantasised about the boys who had stood there, stripped completely before a strange man or woman and having their most intimate parts scrutinised and probed. I stripped naked, placing my clothes on the clothes horse and stood where the boys would have stood. I was rock solid, my cock raging as I tugged myself to those thoughts. I moved over to the filing cabinets and was shocked to find it unlocked. I quickly dug through the personal medical files and found an interesting file on a thirteen year old boy called Joshua Fraser. There was a note added to the medical history:

Joshua Fraser has refused to have a complete medical examination. Upon my

request that he remove his underwear for a full examination of his genitals, Joshua

became abusive and upset. He pushed away my hands as I was conducting a hernia

exam, shouting 'Don't fucking touch my knob you gay'. Clearly Joshua will be unable

to continue his education at this school until he has undergone the required full medical.

I have contacted Joshua's father, who will need to sit in on the next exam to ensure his

son receives the full benefit of the physical.

That was enough for me. I squirted a thick ropey stream over the examination couch, clutching Joshua's medical history and thinking about how I would have loved to have watched that scene. I rubbed out the last drops on the doctors desk in supreme satisfaction.

After I dressed, I replaced the note in the medical file and took it with me. It would make for good reading. Added to the jock strap, wank rag and USB drive, I would be kept horny and satisfied for quite some time. I rooted around the doctors desk and found a stethoscope. A faint smile crossed my lips.

I left the medical room and pushed open the doors to the P.E area. I was in an unlit lobby, with only small, narrow windows towards the ceiling. There was little light to go by but I managed to find the boys changing rooms off to the left. I entered, feeling the niggling sense of pervy horniness, knowing I would be hard again sometime soon.

The changing room smelled strongly of boy sweat and testosterone. Several rows of benches and coat/clothes hooks ran the perimeter of the room, with a square bench in the middle of the changing area. Off to the right was the boys toilets. I investigated it but it was clean, with no trace of boy smell left. Disappointed, I poked around the changing room, finding nothing to excite me. Still though, I had fun in the medical room, readjusting my pants as I walked back out to the car park.


I managed to make another ten miles before I stopped for lunch. Things were getting prettier this far out from the capital. Trees and meadows were coming into full leaf and the birdsong was almost deafening in its serenity.

I dared consult the cars GPS. Without constant human intervention, the satellites would soon be so far out of sync as to be completely useless. I was pleasantly surprised, however, as the GPS showed parity between my own readings via the paper map and its own bearing. I was just outside of Cambridge but I gave the university town a miss and turned east on the A14, stopping for the rest of the day in Kettering, a small town some eighty miles north of London. I had made much better progress today, taking the toll roads north. A lot of drivers had stuck to the familiar roads during their personal exodus, leaving the private roads much easier to navigate.

It was coming up for five PM but I still had at least three good hours of light left. While I was hunting for a suitable house to stay in for the night, I came across the hulking edifice of one of the bland grocery superstores.

I pulled up as close to the main door as I could, threading between abandoned cars and skeletal trolleys. The main door had a grate pulled down across it. Panic buying and later, looting had gotten out of hand. I peered in through the wide plate glass windows, the shelves had been cleared but not entirely. The loading bay doors were just as likely to be locked as the front, so the only way in would be the windows. I rapped knuckles against the glass. Toughened, as I assumed. A plan began to form.

A few minutes later, an centipede of trolleys rammed home, shattering a ground level window next to the entrance. Half the contraption detached and careened inwards, demolishing a shelf before coming to a rest. I drew the sword, leaving the sheath in the car. The crash had made a tremendous noise in this human silent world. It wasn't just the dogs I feared. Animal rights extremists had stormed the zoos before the Collapse, freeing wildlife both harmless and deadly. I didn't blame them for that, I would have done the same, but now, alone, with no one else to back me up, I had to be on alert at all times. I stepped into the shop.


Thanking the environmental planning office for demanding natural lighting for these kinds of premises, I pushed on into the fairly well lit store. It was fascinating, not so much in what people had left, but in what they had taken. The alcohol/drinks section was bare, not a bottle of wine left, same too for the junk food aisles. Some canned food had been taken but it seemed to be that people had made a party of the Collapse. Perhaps they really hadn't believed it to be the end. I remember the last television broadcasts. The networks had scrapped the news and played soap operas over and over until the transmissions stopped. I think it was a last attempt to keep the populace calm. So long as the people they saw on TV were still going, the world they knew could never end.

I had moved quickly from the entrance where the fresh fruits and vegetables and the chilled meat cabinets were kept. It had been six months since the government had gone bye bye and the power had gone off bit by bit over the following weeks. The smell was no worse than the small outlet I had visited in Welwyn but I didn't want to linger.

Finding my useful trolley battering ram, I pulled one out of the back and skimmed the aisles, selecting a few dozen canned goods. There were a lot of cereal boxes left so I helped myself to a couple and some powdered milk. I passed by the milk in the chiller cabinets, most appeared to have turned to a fine cheese already. The fresh water was all but depleted but I found three big five litre bottles, enough to keep me going for a week if I needed to stretch it. I had become adept at tapping the water left in house hot water tanks but that was only useful for bathing, clean, fresh water was absolutely essential.

What I also needed was a few new clothes. I had brought a couple of changes from the London flat but with no way to wash and get them dry in time, I had resorted to discarding them after use. Luckily, the cheap and cheerful clothing section was relatively untouched. I filled the trolley with six pairs of jeans (all I could find in 32 waist), a dozen or so t-shirts, several packs of socks and pants, three hoodies, a pair of running trainers in size 12 (yeah big feet and all), a fairly study pair of walking boots and rather snazzy sunglasses. I had enough toothpaste and soap for a month or so already, so with my bounty, I walked back towards the entrance.

I heard a clatter and my heart stopped, a dead weight in my chest. I froze, the inertia of the heavy trolley yanking me forward for an instant. I listened for maybe thirty seconds, an eternity and just as I decided that it was nothing to worry about, I heard another small crash and a yelp. Then, the click click clicking of nails on polished floors. I had drawn the attention of dogs.

In days gone by I was a dog lover, generally lover of all animals. Now though, the sight of a dog was something to fear. They had a taste for human now and all their domestication over ten thousand years counted for nothing. Not wanting to abandon the loot, I picket up the sword from the trolley and pushed onwards, happy that it was not squeaky wheeled.

There were three that I could see, milling around just inside the entrance I had created. Two looked like Alsations, I was pretty sure of that, another could have been a pitbull. A nasty breed at the best of times and supposedly banned in Britain but who would care now? They were padding towards the rotten meat, drawn by the smell. I knew they would hear me as I crunched over the shattered glass on the way out, so I prepared a little diversion for them.

The shelf knocked down by the trolleys had knocked several more, leaving them teetering on the edge of collapse. I pushed the nearest one, sending it careening into the rest. They collapsed very loudly, sealing myself off from the dogs for the time being. I grabbed the trolley and flew threw the window entrance, opened the car boot and threw in first the clothes and then the trays of cans. Sod the mess, that I could tidy later. No sooner than I had finished that, I heard snarling as the pitbull, full of rage tore out of the shop window, not caring about its cut up feet, the pain speeding it on faster. No time to draw the sword, I flung open the rear left passenger door, smashing the attacker square in the face. The dog fell back heavily, not really hurt but dazed. I slammed the door and hopped into the drivers seat and sped off before more dogs came. They could do nothing to me now I was in the car but the sight of humanity's once stalwart companions now having turned back to their wild ways was too much to think about.

My heart slowly began to calm as I turned out of the car park and began looking for somewhere to bed down for the night.


As night drew in, I pulled the curtains. I had no desire to draw in nocturnal predators, especially after today's unpleasant encounter. I had been in and out of houses, not caring about breaking windows to gain access today. The incident at the supermarket had made me hard, the survival, fear, adrenaline. So I searched again for a family house, somewhere where teen boys would once have lived.

I came upon a council estate, even more foreboding now all of humanity but me had ceased to exist. I searched a few places and finally found a mid terrace three bedroom. The windows were barred from the outside as were most houses on the estate. I had kicked the door in but luckily it still shut well enough to feel secure. No one at home again. Good.

It appeared that two boys had lived here with the family, a cute as a button twelve year old called Mark and his fucking hot seventeen year old brother Luke. Their photos pinned to the wall in the living room. Luke, it appeared had been in and out of young offenders institutes for years, just reading his release papers made me hard, thinking of all the pounding going on in those places.

They had shared a room, knowing the hormones going through such a testosterone driven teen, I found a load of balled up tissue paper shoved down beside the bed. I retrieved them and brought them up to my nose. I could still smell a residual tang of teen cum. He must have wanked while his younger brother slept in the bed across from him. I got naked, freeing my dick from its fabric prison and checked out the other bed. Nothing good but then I checked beside the bed, against the wall and there was more tissue paper. I smelled this bunch too and it was very similar to the one from Luke's bed. Now, I don't think Mark would be able to cum the amount of his older brother, if at all, so this must also be Luke's and a scene formed in my head.

Luke, a knee either side of his brothers smooth milky white chest, towering over the younger boy as his stroked his meat off over Mark's face. Mark was apprehensive but was touching himself too. He liked to please his brother, to see his face when he would squirt the white pee, so happy. So he obligingly licked on his brothers hairy balls and lapped the underside of his six inch uncut cock. Occasionally, Luke would come down to passionately kiss Mark, eagerly exploring his young brothers mouth. Then he would slide down and take Mark's four inch dick, also uncut and rub it slowly, flicking his tongue over the head. Mark would squirm with delight and would take the whole length of his brothers willy into his mouth, feeling the big hairy balls slap against his chin. When Luke was close he ordered his brother to wank him to completion. Mark obeyed, tugging his brothers todger until it exploded the salty white milk all over his face and chest. He looked up into his brothers face, filled with rapturous joy as his body jerked wildly. After his climax, Luke would lay on top of Mark, mingling the taste of cum in their mouths and gently humping away his final throes of orgasm. Sometimes he would feel bad after, so he reached down and tugged Mark's dick until he writhed and shot a small load of clear fluid. Mark locked his eyes on his brother as he came, feeling the physical love connect them beyond mere blood. Afterwards, Luke would toss Mark a toilet roll and the younger boy would wipe himself clean, stuffing the paper beside the bed, out of sight.

I came on Mark's pillow, playing the scene out in my head, soaking the sheets with my sex and sweat. I cleaned myself with the same wadded up tissue Mark had used and stuffed it back beside the bed.


After dinner of cereal, canned fruit and some tea I felt my randiness take me again. I took Joshua's medical record and the wank rag from the boy in the first house and lay on Luke's bed, strumming my cock with my fist, pumping as I read what had happened in the doctors office. I sniffed the rag and licked at the white stains. I blew my second load on the picture of the two boys I had brought up from downstairs.

Exhausted, covered in spunk, I fell asleep. Day two of the journey was over.