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Lone Wanderer, Empty World

Part Four

'Hi' he replied at last.

We stood there, regarding one another with bewilderment for maybe thirty seconds, though it felt like an eternity. In that time, I took in his appearance, my heart leaping not only with the shock but the beauty of this boy.

He was no older than twelve, perhaps a young thirteen, around five foot three, with short cut, dirty blonde hair. On the skinnier side of slim, it appeared he hadn't been eating as well as I. His eyes were a clear crystal green, shimmering emeralds of love. He was a typical cutie, something of a much younger Justin Bieber. He was dressed in baggy jeans, white trainers and a stripy t-shirt under a blue hooded zip up sweater. I almost passed out from his radiant gorgeousness.

'I'm Kristian' I said, and I offered my hand. He was apprehensive but took my hand, mine enfolding his.

'Daniel' he stammered 'but I like being called just Dan'. I released his hand.

'It's good to meet you Dan. I haven't seen another living person for months now. How many people do you have with you? Have any of them heard any news on the rest of the planet?'

He studied his trainers dejectedly. 'I don't have anyone' he said, a sob building 'I'm all alone, there's been no one else since it was snowy'.

I comforted him, an arm around his shoulders. In one way I was disappointed; I thought this boy would lead me to a group better prepared than I, people in whom I could trust and rebuild with. That was not to be, yet. On the other side of the equation, I had now met a young, super cute boy who had no one else but himself. I fought down my rising hardon, thinking of lesbian sex until it died. I didn't want to scare off one of the last possible survivors.

I gently guided him to the bonnet of my car and we sat in silence for a few minutes and then I made my move.

'Dan, look at me' he turned his tragically beautiful face to me and I skipped several heartbeats 'I have no one too. I've been travelling to find other living people. So far it's been useless. Everyone is dead, or at least I thought so until about five minutes ago. So what do you think? You wanna come with me? We can try to find other people together' I smiled at him with genuine affection, feeling tears on the verge of coming. I held them back.

'Really? You'll take me with you?' he had perked up immediately, unbelieving that he was to be rescued from his solitude.

'Of course. We might be the last two people alive in the whole world, or there might be a whole town full of people waiting for us to find them somewhere. We just have to stick together until we can find others. You don't have to be alone any longer'. He hugged me then, tightly and I returned the embrace, feeling the warmth of his body against mine.


'So what were you doing?' he asked as we walked over to the computer shop where I retrieved my gear and new loot.

'I was getting a couple of solar panels to get some electronics going again. Why did you sneak up on me?'.

'I dunno' he wondered to himself 'thought maybe you were a zombie or something, like you get in movies'. I laughed, this kid was too cute. I affectionately ruffled his hair, he pulled a face.

I loaded up the car boot, checking I had everything I had come for. While I was there, I stashed the small collection of erotic items away in a side compartment. No need for Dan to see them just yet.


'Can I drive sometime?' he asked hopefully from the front passenger seat. I looked sideways at him, smirking.

'Pfft, not likely squirt'.

'Oh come on' he begged. He was so sweet that I couldn't resist.

'Okay, maybe tomorrow or the day after when we find a clearer stretch of road once we're out of this city. And only for a little while, this car is too powerful for me at the best of times, so you'll have to be careful'. That pacified him and he sunk back into his seat.

Now that we were in the car, practically crawling along between the blocked roads, I could smell him. It wasn't that he was filthy, he just wasn't as clean as me, probably hadn't had a decent wash for a week. I decided to probe his past a little.

'So where you been holed up?'

'I was in the shop, the one next to the computer one for weeks maybe, I don't know exactly, it's hard to tell the time now'. I knew what he meant, with the social infrastructure of human civilisation gone, time and date were of little relevance. I learned from our conversation that he had wandered to the grocery store after his parents had died from the Hyperflu. Apparently they had been fighting the infection for months, only finally succumbing within the last month or so. Their immune systems had been able to fight it then, passing a stronger version down in their DNA to Dan. When pressed, he was unwilling to talk about his family, so I left that line of enquiry. I didn't want him to be upset.

He had eaten his way through most of the canned supplies and packaged junk food by the time I turned up. He evidently had nothing of value in the shop because he had hopped straight in the car with me without returning. I could understand how happy he felt to be with another living human being. Any thoughts of spending my life completely alone had now evaporated and I felt a great burden lift from me.

'So what I usually do is find a place, a house, and spend the night there. We'll find somewhere just out of town. There tends to be less dogs roaming outside of the major population areas'. He agreed with me. He'd seen dogs prowling around the retail park and had sense enough to close the doors. I was dealing with a survivor here. Survivors are able to survive because they think ahead, treating any little problem as potentially life-threatening. We were going to get along just fine.


It was getting on for six o'clock before we stopped for the evening. I picked out a mid-sized 1930s detached house along a main road, in a large village somewhere on the halfway point between London and Manchester. The driveway was empty and after gaining entry via an open ground floor window, we ascertained that the house had been abandoned in haste. Upstairs had a master bedroom and what looked like a teen boys room. Dan claimed the boys room and I the parents. I had wanted to root around a little, see if I could find another sexual relic of boy masturbation but I didn't want Dan to know what I was into sexually.

I brought in some food from the car and we ate a hearty meal of canned beans and sausages, canned carrots and canned fruit for afters. I even made up some of the powdered milk and we ate cereal to fill up on.

After dinner, I was feeling dirty enough to want to heat some water for a bath. I located the tank and felt around for the valve and like Jeremy's house, I found something unexpected. But it wasn't porn. The tank was warm, the pipes fairly hot. It was impossible, there hadn't been power for months, no gas supply either. An idea came to mind.

I skipped down the stairs and rushed past Dan who asked 'What's going on?', obviously startled.

'Just checking something' I shouted over my shoulder as I opened the back door and raced to the bottom of the overgrown garden. As I suspected, solar panels on the roof, the type that were installed for heating water. Dan joined me.

'What's that on the roof?'

'Your bath time' I smiled wickedly.


I resisted with great strength as I heard Dan splashing around in the bath. He had been reluctant to bathe but I had insisted. Kids! They had no idea of the pleasure a simple bath could bring. He came downstairs dressed only in pyjama bottoms 'I found them in the bedroom' he explained. I didn't really listen. I was too busy staring at his creamy, smooth chest and torso. He was well defined for his age, not skinny as I had first suspected but rather he had the perfect healthy build. His arms had some muscle to them but they would get bigger as he grew up. He would be a real teen heart throb in no time.

I took a bath after him. I was tempted to use his dirty bathwater, feeling very horny but he had left the water so grimy that I let it go and run some clean, adding a few bubbles from a bottle I found in a cabinet. Fortunately, the pressure from the warmed water was sufficient to allow the taps to run at half strength, no carrying pots for me that time.

Feeling horny at the thought of the beautiful angel downstairs, my dick began to rise and inflate, rising out of the water like a sinking ship's mast. It rose full height and I slowly ran the palm of my hand over my exposed dick head, making my cock jump and I released a little moan. I started to get into the real business. I gripped my shaft with my left and and worked the head with my right. Foreskin slipping back and over my sensitive head felt great as I started to build to climax. Right then, there was a knock at the door.

'Kris can I come in? I need to get my toothbrush'. I had found him an unopened spare from my loot and he had taken it to the bathroom.

'Damn...umm just a minute' I scooped some bubbles over my raging boner. It would be hot to expose my solid manhood but I didn't want him to be afraid of me.

He opened the door and smiled as he went over to the sink 'I'll come back when you get out' he said apologetically. Sensing an opportunity I replied 'No it's okay, you can brush now. I mean, we're both guys after all, both got the same junk'. He blushed.

'Yeah that's true. I'll brush my teeth now'.

As he got to work, I started lathering myself up with the soap. I had forced my dick into submission; it was now only at half-mast, enough to not arouse his suspicion. I soaped up my arms, whipping up a froth in my armpits, running my soapy hands across my slightly hairy chest and reaching around to my back. I lay back and soaped my legs, spreading each toe as I rubbed on the pleasant smelling product. I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, Dan stealing the occasional glance at me from the mirror above the sink. He had even wiped away the condensation to see. Of course that may only have been to check his teeth.

I left the best for last. I kneeled in the bath, raising my body enough that my privates were clearly on show. I skimmed off the bubbles and soaped myself up, pulling my foreskin back all the way. I pretended not to notice Dan looking at my dick from the mirror. He didn't stare exactly, rather he took quick assessments of my body as best he could, eyes widening. I ran the soap over my arse and fingered myself a little before I slowly sank down again to rinse myself off. The bath was full and I enjoyed the feeling of submersion. He was still brushing when I finished scrubbing my face with a delightful fruit peel and worked shampoo into my hair, washing out the days grime. I slipped under the cloudy water and washed it all out, feeling rejuvenated after the hot days sweating.

Dan finally rinsed his mouth, having taken longer brushing his teeth than anyone I had ever known. Still, he probably hadn't thought about his teeth during his loneliness and was now making up for that. Seeing me still in the tub, relaxing, he decided to brush his tongue off too, perhaps as an excuse to remain in the bathroom longer? I didn't know but he ran out of excuses soon enough. He rinsed again, spat and made to leave. I did something then, something to test his limits. I sat up in the bathtub and attempted to soap up my back, making an effort of showing the difficulty I was having.

'You wanna hand?' Dan asked helpfully, turning to me from the sink.

'Please' I accepted gratefully, secretly thrilled. I handed him the bar of soap. He brought his naked torso closer to mine as he sat on the edge of the bath and ran the soap over my back. I enjoyed the intimacy, while firmly willing my cock to behave. When he'd finished, I thanked him and he left, a little reluctantly.

Once he'd closed the door, I allowed my cock to grow back to full height. I pictured him in a dozen positions as I worked it harder, faster before blowing sticky white man juice over myself. I lay there in the warm water, in the room where Dan had been only moments earlier, watching my erection deflate.


After I had dried off, I rooted around in the parents room and found a pair of long sleeping shorts. I slipped them on, remaining bare chested like Dan. I found him in the living room, flicking through a comic book he'd picked up in the boy's room. He looked adorable lying belly down on the sofa, flicking through the comic with casual nonchalance. Hearing me enter the room, he looked up at me, all sweetness and smiles.

'You copied me' he said, meaning my sleepwear.

'Yeah well, great minds think alike don't they?' I teased. He giggled and put the comic down. I had found a bottle of cola in one of the kitchen cupboards, so I poured him a glass while I had a glass of red wine that had been left on the counter by the previous tenants. He eyed my glass of French red.

'Can I have some?' he asked cheekily.

'No way. You're too young to drink. Besides, you wouldn't like it. It tastes yucky to kids'.

'Aww come on. Please?' he got down on his knees and made a show of his pleading.

'Okay, okay, but first try a sip of mine to see if you'd like it'. I handed him the glass and he took a small gulp.

'Yuck!' was his reaction. I snorted a laugh 'why do grownups drink that? Yuck!'.

He wrinkled his nose as he gave me the glass back.

'We drink it to relax mainly. Sometime to forget. A little is good for adults, it really helps me to unwind and God knows it's good to unwind a little with the world the way it is'. He nodded, not too convinced but happy to go along anyway. 'I hope you brush your teeth again after that cola' I mock threatened him. He rolled his eyes.

'Sure old man' he teased. I gasped, feigning hurt.

'Old man? Me? I'm only twenty six!' I put down the glass and wrestled him to the floor, pinning his arms back and sitting gently on his legs.

'I give in' he shouted over giggles 'you're not old'.

'That's better' I said and remembering I didn't know his age I asked him.

'I'm twelve but I'm gonna be a teen in August'.

I released him, we both sat back on the sofa.

'Well, we shall have to have a birthday party in August won't we?'

'Yeah, that would be fun'. I drew him close and hugged him, he put his arm around me, the warmth of our chests against each other.


He said he was tired just after nine, so after making me promise that I wouldn't run away in the night, he finally pulled the covers half over himself and shut his eyes.

I finished the bottle of wine and brushed my teeth, admiring my Hollywood smile. I would do well to keep them in good shape, seeing as there would likely be no remaining dentists in the country, probably even the planet.

I fell into bed just after eleven, losing consciousness almost as soon as my head touched the pillow.


I dreamt of the Thai boy again. We were standing side by side in a public toilet. Both pissing at the urinals, looking over at each other's dicks. I started rubbing mine and it lengthened and hardened. He did the same, rising to his full three inches, pulling his long foreskin back to reveal the bulbous little head. He got down on his knees and enveloped my dripping cock. Sucking deeply on me as men came and went, not even looking at us. He was blowing my dick in public and no one paid us any attention.

As I turned him around thrust my dick into him, pumping harder, he cried out my name 'Kris....Kris....Kris...'


'Hmm....wha?' I murmured, still half asleep.

'Kris can I sleep with you? I had a nightmare'.

'Hmmph. Dan, had a nightmare? Yeah sure, hop in' I awoke fully from the dream, still a little drunk. I checked my watch, the luminous hands told me it was a quarter to two. I pulled back the duvet and Dan slipped under, his warm little body next to mine. I felt a little groggy but I slid over to him and asked him what his nightmare was about.

'Zombies. They came to eat me coz the flu made them come back to life'. It was that comic he had been reading. I had flicked through it too. It was eerily similar to the Hyperflu; a worldwide pandemic that killed and then resurrected. Except the Hyperflu didn't make zombies. Thankfully.

'Shh, it's alright, it was only a silly dream. Come here' he moved closer and I drew him into my strong arms, hugging his shivering body, my heat calming him. He pressed his head to my chest, I could feel warm tears pouring down his face.

'You probably think I'm a dumb baby' he cried. I gently took his head and raised him level to me. Moonlight streamed in through a parting in the curtains. He was beautific, an angel that could strike me dead with a look.

'That's the last thing I think you are. I think you are brave, resourceful, strong, kind and beautiful. You have to be to have survived so long. I would never think you were a baby Dan'. He smiled then, an expression that made me feel like my heart really had melted. I kissed him on his forehead and hugged him to my chest, his head resting on my left nipple. He stopped crying and fell into a deep sleep. I joined him and dreamt of an angel taking me in his arms and flying me to a beautiful place.


I awoke, hungover, feeling very thirsty. Dan was still asleep, snoring lightly on his back. I was about to get up for a drink when I noticed something sticking up under the duvet. I pulled it back gently and saw Dan's erection poking straight up. It made a little tent in the pyjama bottoms. The sight of him lying there like that, as peaceful and as natural as anything I had ever seen made me want to melt in his arms. He was beauty personified.

I forgot about my thirst. Instead, I pulled the cover back over us and snuggled up close to him. I could still smell the soap and shampoo but that had mingled with his natural boy smell. I couldn't describe it except to say that it drove me wild. I gently slid my left arm under his neck and reached around with my right and pulled him into a hug. His boner slid across mine and an electric bolt of pleasure shot up my spine.

He mumbled something and I immediately closed my eyes, pretending to still be asleep. I looked out from a thin slit as he opened his eyes. He blinked and looked at me as I held him, not tightly but secure enough that he would have to extract himself. But he didn't. With his free hand, he ran his fingers up from my tight abdomen and felt the contour of my slightly fuzzy chest, his eyes intently locked on my body. He looked down at my hardon, so close to his own. His tongue darted out to lick his dry lips nervously as he reached slowly down my chest, brushing my abdomen as his fingers traced the elastic band of my boxers and finally came to a fleeting rest on the top of my tent. My dick twitched inadvertently at the contact and he pulled his hand back. He waited to see if I had awoken and then placed his hand back on my tent. Then he did something that made me want to cream myself right there, he squeezed my cock head through my pants, tripping alarm bells of absolute pleasure in my head.

This was too much. I knew he was interested but still, I erred on the side of caution. I stirred, his hand darting away. I opened my eyes before he could feign sleep like I had.

'Mmh good morning' I said sleepily.

'Hi' he whispered.

I made a point of looking down to our respective morning wood. I looked at him and smiled.

He blushed intently 'sorry' he said quietly.

'Why?' I said, 'it's just morning wood. I have it, you have it, every guy who's ever been has had it. You have nothing to be ashamed of' and I hugged him, brushing our hard dicks together again. The shock of contact made Dan shiver as I had. He smiled meekly and laid his head on my chest, listening to my heart beat.

We lay like that until the sun shone brightly, lighting up the source of warmth I had found in the cold and lonely wastes of the Empty World.