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Lone Wanderer, Empty World

Part Five

We both laid there, secure in each other's company. My morning wood persisted but Dan's eventually wore off, receding back, his tent slowly collapsing. He kept his head on my chest, holding me lightly as he slowly acclimatised to the morning sunshine. We stayed like that, without fear, without solitude. I had him and he had me. I felt contentment, something I hadn't experienced in a number of years.

The time came when my need to pee outweighed my already parched mouth. I very reluctantly peeled myself away from Dan and wandered next door to the bathroom. I released my stiff prick and managed to get my stream going, as it quickly lost its rigidity.

I was idly glancing out the window when I felt something brush past me. Dan had inched in around me and was pulling down the front of his pyjama bottoms, thumbs holding down the front of the elastic, flopping out his own penis and began to pee. He looked at me and then cautiously checked out my dick. As he was checking mine, I thought, what the hell, I'm going to have a good look at his too.

He was uncut like me, almost completely smooth, however, it looked like puberty had already begun to set in. The base of his pinky white penis was surrounded by a small patch of pubic hair, that ran up, in the cutest snail trail, to just below his belly button. He hadn't grown very big, so far but I judged his flaccid cock to be around one and a half inches long, with a set of small, though perfectly formed balls dangling tightly underneath. His ballsack was completely smooth as far as I could tell.

I couldn't help myself, as the flow of pee stopped, my cock quickly rose to full height again. I quickly tucked it away. His eyes had been on me the whole time. I left the bathroom, hearing the sound of his own stream stopping. He came downstairs after me 'you didn't wash you hands' he said.

'Oh no, whatever will I do?' I poked out my tongue.

I did wash my hands with some soap and warm water at the kitchen sink before I made breakfast for the both of us, which consisted of cereal and black coffee (the coffee being just for me). We ate in silence at the kitchen table, still thinking of the intimacy we had revealed to each other. This was building to a fantastic crescendo, I wouldn't be able to keep this up for much more than a day or two. So, I forced the thought of his youthful, smooth and very tight body out of my mind and instead pondered the next leg of my blind journey.

It was clear that I was homing in on Manchester as some sort of destination. I don't know why. Maybe it was because I was going to go there anyway, if the Collapse hadn't happened. Maybe it was a feeling of unfinished business. There was also the fact that Manchester was a major city, likely to have survivors. A major city also meant feral animals. I would not be taking chances, especially now I had someone who depended on me. I looked over at he beautiful boy shovelling in mouthfuls of generic cornflakes and I knew I would never put him in a position to be harmed.


After we'd both washed and brushed and packed what we needed, we hit the road again, heading north/north-west on the M6. Dan reminded me that I had promised to let him drive a little today and after pretending to resist, I relented, choosing a suitable stretch of abandoned road. First, I showed him how everything worked and which pedals to use. He picked it up quickly and was ready to have a go. I sat in the passenger seat as he turned the ignition. He revved the car, loving the salacious growl that issued forth from the engine. The car was automatic, so after taking it out of park, he pushed gently on the accelerator and the car crept forward. To my surprise, he handled the car well, keeping the vehicle steady, not making any sudden moves. As we began to accelerate, he pushed down on the pedal harder than was necessary and gunned us up to sixty.

'Dan, slow us down' I said sternly.

'It's hard, I don't know how much to push it' he replied.

'I have an idea, take your foot off and slow us down'. He did as I commanded and we came to a halt. I told him to get out of the car, while I slid myself over to the drivers seat. Then I asked him if he wanted to sit on my lap and take the wheel while I did the accelerating and breaking. He agreed with unabashed enthusiasm.


My dick was hard all through the day as he wiggled and actually ground against my raging stiffy. He was a good enough driver. I only took over when we needed to thread our way between abandoned, or still occupied (however you wanted to look at it) cars on the road. I encouraged and corrected him in equal measure, as he got a better feel for handling the car.

We stopped for lunch in a wooded area, trees overhanging the smaller country road we had taken to avoid most of the congested M6. The sun was hot on our heads and after we had eaten, we stripped off our t-shirts and caught some rays. It was a beautiful day, the sunlight radiant on the young leaves of the trees that stirred into animation at the slightest breeze. It was warmer than yesterday; May was almost over and the temperature was already reaching 25C. The harsh winter of death was like a half-forgotten nightmare out here in nature's warm embrace. I noticed Dan was squinting, his eyes half closed against the glare, so I handed him my shades, he thanked me with the most beautiful smile which I returned as best I could.

About an hour passed before I said we should get moving again. Dan was enjoying himself too much but relented. 'I gotta pee first, wait Kris'. He turned sideways, I couldn't see him full-on but I could see his small penis hanging limply as he pissed. He had thumbed his pants after unbuttoning the jeans. God, that drove me wild! Something about the way he thumbed down his briefs was so completely boyish and yet utterly erotic that I sprung wood again. I tucked it away as best I could as we walked back to the car.

'Where next' he asked, hopping into the passenger seat.

'Forever north' I replied, adding 'and put that seatbelt on'.

'Yes sir' he mocked. I gave him a pretend evil sideways glance and turned the ignition.


I thought about a good many things during the drive. I thought about the Empty World, the dog packs, I gave a lot of thought to Dan with with beautiful face and gorgeous body. What I kept returning to though, was my feeling of weakness. Not the feeling of the mind but a real physical awareness that over the last few days I had begun to feel not quite as strong as I had been. Of course, having the medical background that I did, I knew it was most likely the result of vitamin deficiency. Canned and junk food were great for the immediate survival situations but they were of little use to long term health.

With Dan now along for the ride, I had only a half bottle left of the five litre fresh water. I would need to find a shop to stock up supplies with and locate something to keep us in better health.

I kept an eye out for a supermarket, nearly running down a stray dog as it darted out in front of the car. Bland chain stores were often on the outskirts of towns, so I knew I was approaching a population centre when I saw a white and grey warehouse, decked out in the green of a rival to the shop I had first scavenged. I also saw a town boundary marker, Leek, a small, former farming town. The supermarket was on the edge of a sizeable industrial estate, surrounded on three sides by an extensive car park.

Dan roused from his nap and squinted out at our location.

'Where are we?' as asked, rubbing his eyes.

'Somewhere called Leek. We need fresh supplies so I thought I'd stock up while we're passing through'.

'Oh, okay. You need help?' he asked expectantly.

'Sure kid'. He was excited, his first scavenging mission with me. I had barely known him a day and already I was worried about his safety. I made him promise that if a shelf were near to toppling or he saw dogs, he would take precaution and keep well away or find somewhere high to hide. With his nodded agreement, we drove up as close to the entrance as we could and got out of the car.


The doors had sealed tight, the grate intact. I thought about trying the trick with the trolleys again but decided against it. Last time, that had attracted a small pack. I had only seen the one stray but I stuck with caution.

We walked around the front for a bit, checking for any little weakness. Finding no way in, we moved around to the east side of the building and saw loading doors. Dan paced ahead of me, ignoring my calls to slow down.

'Hey, look. The doors open a bit'. He was right, the bay door was open on a crack of about a foot or so off the floor. Enough to squeeze under. I knew what Dan was thinking.

'Listen' I took him by the shoulders 'don't take any risks, we are not so desperate for that. Just see if you can find a way of opening the door from the inside, there's probably a fire escape door nearby. If you can't find anything, come right back out OK?'. He nodded sincerely.

'Yeah, course'. I wasn't totally convinced but I let him slip under, watching him wriggle his pert buttocks as he did so.

'What do you see?' I asked him, on my hands and knees, shouting into the shop.

'It's dark but I can see a bit' he called back. I heard him walking around and knocking into things.

'Careful now' I reminded him.

'Umm I can't see a fire escape but there's this lever, says door release or something'. Before I had time to stop him, he must have pulled the lever, because the foot of space suddenly snapped shut, narrowly avoiding my fingers.

'Dan!' I pounded on the door 'Daniel!'.

'Yeah' I heard his muffled voice through the metal 'I'm okay, did you get hurt? I'm sorry Kris' he sounded upset.

'No, no I'm fine, nearly got me but I'll live. Don't worry, just find your way into the main part of the shop and we'll get you out of there. I'll wait for you by the windows'.

'Okay' he called out.


Five minutes went by as I paced back and forth outside, looking in, trying to catch a glimpse of my lost boy wonder. I was worried as hell. I stopped dead as something pushed into to me 'woof!'. I jumped and almost fell over. Dan thought it was funny and laughed his head off. I regained my composure, feeling annoyed and relieved at once but then I saw the funny side too as he showed me around to the fire escape door, laughing as we went.


The unloading area was almost pitch dark but once we were in the shop proper, it was pretty light. I told Dan to be careful as he rushed off the the kids section. I told him again about risks but the store was untouched and dogs of a dangerous size would have been unable to squeeze under the bay door.

I headed straight for the medicine and healthcare section. The cold and flu remedies had been cleared, along with the headache pills and painkillers. To my relief, no one had thought to stock up on the multivitamin pills. I pushed a trolley ahead of me and piled in several dozen tubs of all in one pills as well as the separate essentials. While I was there, I picked up a decent first aid kit, extra bandages and some hygiene products; several packs of soft scented soap, shampoo, face scrub, toilet paper and baby wipes if we were ever stuck on the road, deodorant and some hair product. I added a few tubes of toothpaste, a couple of extra toothbrushes, three boxes of floss and a big bottle of mouthwash. I picked up a bottle of sunscreen too, no need to get burned in the heat.

Dan was still busy in the kids section. I saw him as I passed by. He looked up and waved as I walked down the shop to the clothing department. As before, I found several pairs of jeans in my size and picked out some of the more tasteful of the cheap t-shirts. I added more socks and pants to the pile.

'Dan, come pick out some things to wear, you need clothes' I shouted over my shoulder.

'Kay, be there in a sec' he called back. I would come back for him after I was finished.

There was plenty of bottled water left, so I shuffled the items around in the trolley and piled in eight of the five litre bottles. I picked up a few bottles of squash for Dan and skimmed the alcohol aisle, selecting four bottles of fruity rosé.

The store smelled of rot but it wasn't as bad as previous excursions. They had probably run out of most of their fresh stuff and, what with the Hyperflu playing havoc with distribution networks, did not receive stock in time before the Collapse. I picked up a jar of instant coffee,though it was swill, still did a good job of getting me going in the morning. I added a plastic tub of sugar and some fruit tea.

I happened upon a part of the shop I had not expected. It was a summer/BBQ section, probably hadn't been removed before the colder winter months had crept in. Last summer had been the last of the fairly normal times before the Hyperflu really took hold. I lifted three small gas canisters for the gas primer stove and a disposable barbecue. I found some jarred hot dogs and some spicy smoky sauce. It would be nice to cook outside, it was going to be a pleasant evening, weather-wise. On the way back through the drink aisle I took a case of bottled beer. Nothing quite like an ice cold beer and barbecue.

Dan was in the clothing department, looking at a Superman t-shirt.

'Good selection, I picked one up too, we'll look like twins'

'Yeah right' he mocked me. He'd set aside a pile of trousers, jeans, t-shirts and underwear. He dumped the lot unceremoniously into the trolley. It was heaped to the top now and after I squeezed in two dozen cans, we were ready to head back to the car.

'Oh wait, help me with something'. Dan hurried back to the kids aisle and I followed, trolley first. He was standing in front of a display case. Inside was a Nintendo 3DS and a dozen games arranged around it. I tapped the glass. It wasn't glass but a toughened security plastic. That meant the game inside was the real deal.

'Hmm' I pinched the bridge of my nose, wondering how I could get in there without damaging the game console.

'Oh please get it for me. I had one but I forgot it at home...' he trailed off, a rare glimpse into his past. I put an arm around him.

'Don't worry, I'm just thinking how we could do it'. He smiled gratefully. Now I knew plastic melted at high temperatures but I only had a lighter with me. I looked all around the box, it was screwed down tightly on a heavy shelf. Smash it open and whatever inside would probably be ruined.

'Ah yes. Got it, be right back kiddo'. Dan smiled and jumped for joy. I came back with one of the primer stoves and an extra gas bottle from the BBQ aisle. I inserted the gas and with no leaks and got it going quickly enough. I turned the flame up to it's hot blue cooking heat and slowly moved it around the lock of the box. The plastic took time to heat up because of its thickness but soon it was hissing and bubbling. I pulled the side and it gave, slowly. I kept up the heating, pulling the hatch of the box a little lower each time and soon enough the plastic around the lock was so malleable that I was able to rip it open, the flap door swung down and the plunder was laid bare for Dan.

He reached out to grab the game but I caught his hand.

'Be careful, it's bound to be hot'

'Alright' he said as he nimbly avoided the still partially molten lock and snatched the console. I helped him pick out the games to go with it. The 3DSs battery was flat but I had charged my laptop with the solar trickle charger throughout the day in the back of the car. It had enough juice to fully charge the Nintendo via the USB cable. I explained this to Dan and he broke out that award winning smile of his.

'Come on' I said 'let's load up and find somewhere for the night'.


The barbecue was coming along nicely. The flames had died down and now it was turning into very hot embers, perfect for cooking.

We were sitting in a walled garden behind a large Georgian period residence. Dan had been the one to spot it first and I congratulated him on his impeccable taste in architecture. We had ventured inside, finding no bodies and set ourselves up for the night. The house was big, with six bedrooms, an attached annex and a swimming pool. I scooped some of the water up in a bucket and placed the beers in to cool nicely.

Dan had stripped to his pants and dive bombed in the pool. He splashed around until dinner was ready; I practically had to drag him out to eat. The jarred hot dogs were very good, the smoky sauce had gone well with them. I'd heated some beans to go with them and a sponge pudding for afters. We sat eating, enjoying the cool late afternoon breeze. The sun was slowly creeping towards the horizon, becoming a whimsical twilight. I opened another beer and Dan asked for one.

'You didn't like the wine' I reminded him of the previous night.

'But sometimes my dad would let me have a little beer' he said hopefully 'it was alright'.

'OK, here ya go, but no more than that' I used the bottle opener to prize the lid off.

The evening was balmy, the ground, heated up during the day, was slowly radiating warmth back up at us. I lay back in the grass and, for the first time since the Collapse, I studied the night sky. With humanity gone, light pollution had disappeared too. The heavens were laid bare before my eyes. I was good with my stars and constellations. I picked out Polaris in Ursa Major and Spica in the constellation Virgo. I pointed them all out to Dan, who had slid his mostly naked body up close against me. The spiral arm of the Milky Way was a dazzling sight to behold and I realised that I had never seen it for myself. I'd been in cities since I could remember, only able to see the brightest stars at the best of times. It was romantic, lying under the naked sky with the most beautiful boy the world had ever seen.

But he was young and wanted to get back to the pool. He dragged me to it and I capitulated, stripping down to my pants too. I dived in, breaking the surface with maximum splashing. When I surfaced, Dan started to splash at me and I returned the attack, giggling like a child. I dived under the water and grabbed his dangling legs. He screamed and kicked at me but I'd surfaced behind him.

'You scared me' he exclaimed over the sound of lapping water, wiping moisture from his face but doing little more than making it wetter. I smiled dreamily at him. He was caught in the rising moonlight, framed by reflected sunlight. He was a thing of utter beauty, floating there in the silvery light of the night. We stopped and just floated there, kicking legs to stay afloat but we floated, eyes on each other. He swam a little nearer and I moved closer to him. I held him, moving us into a corner of the pool, half in the moonlight. I lightly pinned him to the pools wall and pressed my body onto his. I was hard. So was he.

His bottom lip quivered but he wasn't cold. 'Kris...I'.

'Shh' I said softly, running my index finger over his soft, full lips. His hands found my back and held on to me. I moved my face towards his, so close our noses were touching. He stared deeply into me, teasingly biting his lower lip.

'I...I n....I've never kissed before' he stammered. I didn't reply with words. My mouth found his and locked on, pressing lips against lips. I teased him, pulling his upper lip with my bottom lip, making him want me all the more. He relaxed against me, pulling me in tighter. I explored the inside of his lips with my tongue and he opened up for me, letting me explore his mouth. He tasted like beer and something else, something, not sweet exactly but that was the feeling it produced in me. My tongue met his and we slid over one another, his eagerness to learn was driving me wild.

I pulled away from him to look at his beautiful face. He leaned in closer, desperate to make contact again, escalating his cuteness to a whole new level. I kissed him again, deeper this time, passionately and lovingly, tasting his young virgin boy mouth in mine. I broke away again and moved to his neck, gently sucking and nibbling him. He dug his fingers into my back, responding to the new feeling. Our hard dicks kept rubbing and sliding over each other, pushing me to ultimate ecstasy.

We stayed like that, our mouths connected until the angle of moonlight changed. I felt my skin wrinkling. I broke our passion.

'Let's go to bed' I whispered in his ear. He smiled beautifully and nodded acknowledgement. We climbed out of the pool and we walked hand in hand into the house and up the stairs. We didn't even bother to dry ourselves off. I pulled back the covers on the bed in the master room and picked him up and laid him down. I slid in next to him, pulling the covers up over us as I resumed my oral explorations of his slender young body. I felt his hand slide down my body, coming to a rest on my tented boxers. I moved my right hand down his tight body and teased his dick through his briefs. He arched his back with pleasure, eliciting a little gasp of delight. We rolled and I laid on top of him, crushing our swollen cocks together as I gently grinded against him. He loved it, gasping and moaning. Feeling his body warmer, I pulled back the covers but it was too dark to admire his total beauty. I got up and left the bed, he was about to follow me but I said to wait. I'd found candles in the room when we arrived and now, I lit them one by one, casting a subdued, romantic light across the bedroom. If possible, he now looked even more gorgeous.

'Kris' he pleaded for me to return with his eyes, rubbing his sore wood through his pants. I climbed back on top of him, gently kissing his neck before returning to his sweet mouth. He moaned and shuddered as I rubbed his left nipple, gently tweaking it. I lowered my head and sucked on it, running my tongue all over and then I blew on it, the cold making it harden up. He gasped and buried fingers in my hair as I sucked it warm again.

In the low light, I saw his hand moving back to my tented boxers rubbing me, sending me crazy. I rolled off him, lying beside his beautiful body. I let him explore my body with his gentle hands but he returned to my dick soon enough, slipping his delicate fingers under the elastic of my pants. I felt the electric shock of contact as his fingers brushed against my shaft before descending to cup my balls. He played with them; I opened my legs to give him better access and his hand ran up my shaft and out of my pants. I got up, standing over him on the bed and he pulled himself into a sitting position. He reached up with both hands and slowly pulled my boxers down, releasing my throbbing cock for him to see.

I discarded the underwear and lay back next to him. He took in the sight of my arousal, all seven and a half uncut inches of it. Nervously but with eager hunger, he reached over and grabbed my dick, filling his hand completely. He gently tugged on me, playing with my foreskin, pulling it slowly back and forth. I whimpered with the touch of his hands.

'Did I hurt you' he whispered, stopping.

'No Dan, no, don't stop' I cried in rapture.

He returned to my cock, shifting down to get a better look as he slowly jacked me off. I was lying on my back, hand running up and down his neck, fingers running through his hair. He came back up to me for a long, deep kiss. It was unbelievable. This young, hot angel was not only kissing me, he was jerking me and he was loving it. I brought my hand to his face, gently caressing his cheek as we Frenched.

I slid a hand under the elastic of his pants, feeling his stiff member under the fabric. He copied me and stood above me as I slowly but surely dragged his pants down. His sold little dick sprang loose. I threw the underwear away and took his hardness into my hand as he slid back down next to me. We wanked each other, kissing, bodies sliding and sticky with sweat.

I climbed back on top of him, still kissing. I broke the oral embrace and whispered 'I want you to make me cum Dan, I want to make you cum' as I kissed below his ears.

'Yes Kris, I want it' he said between gasps. I kneeled, one knee either side of him. He grasped my cock and worked me. I reached behind me and worked him too, running my fingers over his perfectly smooth balls. He smiled, pushing me close to the edge.

'Dan I'm gonna cum soon, I hope you're ready for it'

'I am, and I'm going to as well'.

I felt the rush, the flood of semen well up in the base of my dick. Before I could shoot, I felt Dan's body twitching, his cock spasmed and liquid warmth spread between my fingers. I'd made him cum in my hands. He continued to wank me in the throes of his orgasm and I blew my load, spattering his face, chest and arms. He kept going, milking me of my last drop as I bucked and jerked under his manipulation of my cock. We held each others dicks until they grew soft.

I collapsed next to him on the bed, drawing him in close as we kissed. I lapped up some of my own cum on his face and made him taste it with our kiss. I brought my hand, dripping with his spunk to my face and greedily licked it, noting its sweet, salty tang. We mingled our jizz in our mouths, running hands over each other, kissing with deliberate slowness.

I stopped kissing him and laid my head down on the pillow, studying the impossible visage of the naked, cum drenched pre-teen god before me. I wiped some spunk off his cheek, smiling contentedly. I pulled him into a hug and we laid like that until we both, exhausted by the nights love making, fell into a deep and restful sleep.