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Lone Wanderer, Empty World

Part Six

I awoke to birdsong. Weak morning sunshine worked its way through the grimy windows, casting a warming puddle of light around our intertwined, naked forms. I looked down at the wondrous form of a boy god, curled up against me, his left hand draped across my chest, his face a scene of utter serenity.

He stirred, stretching as he opened his dazzling eyes. He turned his face to me and treated me to a slumber affected smile. I leaned in and kissed him full on the lips while I moved my hand over his morning hardon. My hand closed around his dick and I started to wank him. I broke the kiss and watched my hand at work. He was pretty big for his age. I estimated his cock to be about four and a half inches and was suitably thick when hard. His eyes locked on me, the ecstasy visible deep within them. He opened his mouth, drawing quick short breaths as his orgasm built. I kissed him, tongues meeting as he jerked his body, spraying my hand and himself in his boy spunk. I milked him as I broke our kiss, drawing out every drop.

I brought my dripping hand to my face and sniffed the tangy boy jizz, the smell of it making my already hard dick throb like crazy. Dan sat on my knees and took my large dick in both hands, working my shaft and head. I licked his sweet cum from my fingers, greedily eating it like manna in the desert. I could never last long during a morning session, and as Dan lowered his face to my cock, I blew my load, spattering his gorgeous lips and chin with my thick spunk. He milked me too, making sure to extract every last drop.

'Mmm, Dan' I murmured 'you are wonderful you know that?'

'Am I? I really like it Kris' he was blushing. He couldn't help himself, he was just too adorable. He laid down on top of me, facing each other. We kissed again, our cum slipping against our bodies. I held him and we rolled around, with me coming to rest on top of him. I pinned his arms together above his head. He was beautiful and vulnerable and too cute for words.

'You're so beautiful Dan, you don't even know the half of it'

'Really? Kids at school said I was ugly'

'Bollocks!' I was genuinely angered at such unfairness 'they would only have said things like that out of jealousy. You're the most beautiful boy on this planet, even if humanity hadn't been exterminated. Never think such things again Dan. You're my prince' I pushed our lips together, tasting a little of my own semen.

'Come on' I said, pulling him up 'let's get washed'.


I just couldn't be bothered with heating up water that morning, so after we'd both used the toilet, brushed teeth and collected some soap, we ran out to the pool and dived in. Most of the chlorine in the water had faded away before we came but it was still clean enough. So we dived in and washed each other in the shallow end, paying very close attention to each others cocks. Dan insisted that we stay in for an hour and just play. I thought 'what the hell?' and enjoyed myself. His youthfulness and enthusiasm for constant fun was unending and I loved it.

I managed to extricate myself, forcing Dan out too by eleven o'clock. We dried each other and dressed and after promising more fun later on that night, he stopped trying to unbutton my jeans.

We ate a quick lunch before we left and packed our few belongings and got into the car. It was a shame, leaving such a lovely house. But it was time to press on.


Dan had quietened down, his nose buried in his DS. Every now and then I would hear the exclamations of that eponymous Italian plumber issuing forth from the device's speakers. I glanced at him, boyishly tapping buttons, swiping a finger across the screen. He was wearing the Superman t-shirt and a pair of three quarter length combats. There was nothing he could do or say that wasn't adorable.

I tore myself away from him and concentrated on the driving. The congestion was picking up again. Manchester was only twenty or so miles away now as we passed by Macclesfield. The smaller town was charred and blackened. I remembered the news reports of arson attacks against perceived plague carriers, whole streets going up in flames, the mob convinced that they were protecting themselves. It was a useless gesture. The Hyperflu had quickly evolved multiple infection vectors. It was able to spread from person to person initially but it soon enough became airborne and later, NHS specialists confirmed it was present in fresh water. We never stood a chance.

The landscape was pockmarked by mass burial pits and hastily constructed incinerators. I was glad Dan had his game to distract him. It was hard enough for me to see those inhuman things. Someone as sensitive as him should never have had to see or experience something so horrific.

I drove on, feeling chill.


I stopped the car dead, unable to believe my eyes.

'What's up' Dan asked, putting down his DS for the first time in an hour. 'Wow' he said when he saw what had shocked me.

Africa had come to the north of England. A small herd of elephants were slowly making their way along a wide river below the bridge I had stopped on. A pair of giraffes carefully picked their way over the muddy bank behind the elephants.

I'd heard about what the animal rights groups had done. I also knew there would invariably be more hostile creatures roaming the landscape too.

As I drove us away from the unexpected spectacle, I could have sworn I saw a pair of scaly eyes eyeing the giraffes from the water.


Dan was full of it after seeing the former zoo specimens. He told me about the school trips to zoos he had been on and all about the lives of elephants and giraffes, getting more and more excited as he predicted what other exotic animals we would encounter. I humoured him but he was very well informed. I asked him about the things he had liked most in school. It turned out he was very bright, regularly getting As as a matter of course. His great strength was in biology, just like I was at that age. I told him about university, how I'd nearly finished my doctorate in medicine. He was fascinated by the science behind things. I'd found someone who was not only beauty but also brains.


We reached Stockport by mid-afternoon, having avoided most of the blocked off main roads by taking the smaller country lanes. The town was next to Manchester but severed from it by the M60 motorway which encircled the entire city. I decided it best to stop for the night, even though it was only a little after four o'clock. We would have more time to scout the city in the morning.

Dan pointed out a few houses as we drove around the town centre. Nothing looked interesting enough to me but after half an hour or so, we parked up in front of an old town house. It looked to have been recently refurbished and I spied solar panels on the roof; hot water aplenty then.

I got out of the car, Dan put down his game and followed me, keeping lookout for any hostile animals that may have been prowling nearby. I walked up to the front door and tried the antique brass handle. It was locked tight, so I hefted the sword and caved in the narrow door window. I reached my hand in and opened it up.

The house was stale from being shut up for so long but there was no smell of death. I told Dan it was safe to come inside. He shut the door behind him.

'I liked the last house best' he said sulkily.

'It's only for tonight' I replied, nosing through the few rooms downstairs 'we'll probably find something better tomorrow'. Dan joined me in checking out the downstairs and we ascertained that the house was secure enough to sleep in. I went upstairs while Dan threw himself down on a sofa in the living room, playing with his DS again.

It was a small, two bedroom mid terrace, probably late Victorian. The back bedroom had been used as a home office, while the front was decorated just to my tastes. A big leather frame bed and sumptuous goose down bedding. I shook the duvet and pillows, brushing off the accumulated dust of the last several months. I took the time to have my customary nose about the place, quickly finding several gay porn magazines and a few hardcore DVDs in a side cabinet. I sat down on the bed and began to flick through some of the magazines, wondering what the point of them had been when porn in the twenty first century had been all about the internet.

'What you reading?' Dan asked, startling me. I felt immediately pervy and showed him.

'Woah' he took it out of my hand and sat next to me on the bed, carefully inspecting each page, each pose. He lingered on the pages where dicks were being sucked.

'You like that?' I asked.

'Yes' he said, flushing red 'I've only seen some porn online before'.

'Do you like what they're doing to each other's dicks?' I pushed.

'Yeah' he confessed 'it's called blowjob isn't it?'

'That's right. I'd love you to give me one Dan' I said, slipping my arm around him and pulling him in close. He flashed me a grin and kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I responded to his unexpected entry with great enthusiasm as his hands moved to my jeans and started to unbutton them. He laughed as he pulled down my pants and struggled to get them and the jeans off over my shoes. In the end, I just undressed myself and laid back on the bed.

My hard cock was standing straight up, throbbing due to the sight of the sexy boy kneeled before it. Dan took hold of my dick and started wanking me with one hand. His other went to his combats, rubbing his hardon through the fabric. He lowered his head to my cock, taking in the sexual man scent of my balls and opened his mouth an took my bell end into his mouth. I felt a rush of pleasure as his warm, wet mouth enfolded my prick.

'Easy now' I said 'cover your teeth with your lips, yeah like that, mmm Dan, you are amazing' I pushed my cock gently, further into his mouth as his lips slipped over my shaft, sending warm shivers of ecstasy racing up and down my spine. He began to move his head up and down on my shaft, cupping my balls with one hand and holding the shaft with the other. It was driving me crazy. I moaned and shuddered, running my hands through the boy god's hair. I couldn't believe it, this not quite teenage beauty was down there, on my cock, sucking me like a pro.

He raised his head, leaving my cock and wanked me with both hands as he looked up at me and smiled.

'Dan, you're really really good'

'Thanks. Will you uh....will' he stammered.

'Will I blow you after? Just you try and stop me kid'

With that, he resumed his cocksucking training, taking my seven and half inches as far as he could, though he was not ready to deep throat just yet. It was difficult for him because of my girth but he still sucked really good.

After a quarter of an hour or thereabouts, I felt my orgasm build. Poor kid, he would probably have lockjaw after I came.

I held his head as I humped his face, grinding his tongue and lips as I orgasmed, filling his mouth with hot salty spunk. He looked repulsed at first but soon started to swallow as my dick shot another wad down his throat. I kept face fucking him until I felt the post-orgasmic rush start to fade. My cock plopped out of his mouth but he still stayed between my legs, licking up every last drop of cum on my dick.

He crawled back up and laid down on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him and we kissed, tasting my own salty tang on his tongue.

'Mmm that was so good' I said, revelling in the pure pervy sexual thrill of it all.

'So are you gonna suck me?' he asked hopefully.

'Course' I replied 'strip boy' I commanded. He laughed as he tore off his clothing as quickly as he could.

I sat at the edge of the bed and positioned him in front of me. His four and a half inch boy dick was just inches from my face as I took in the radiant boy smell. His genitals smelled musky and sexy like most guys but his was so much more subtle. I held his dick with my left hand, pulling his foreskin back and exposing his delicate pink head. I lapped at it gently with my tongue, looking up and watching expressions of delight and fear cross his face in equal measure. This was another major step in our relationship and I was going to make sure he remembered it well.

Wanking him with my right hand, I brought my left hand under his balls and cupped them, turning them around and feeling their soft smoothness. His dick jumped a few times with the intense pleasure and I moved away from his dick and gently sucked on his smooth sack. He went wide eyed as I went to town on his balls, licking, sucking, stroking and softly tugging on them. I returned to his dick and took it all the way in. It wasn't hard to deep throat him and he watched incredulously as his entire manhood disappeared into my mouth.

'I'm gonna cum soon Kris' he said shakily, raking his fingers through my hair. I withdrew a little and concentrated my efforts on his head, running my tongue all over and sucking with my lips. I wanked him upwards from his shaft too as I felt the first little squirt of sperm. He bucked his hips, humping my mouth as he shot his load. I greedily swallowed his boy jizz, enjoying it to the full. I sucked him for a full minute after he came, releasing his cock and lapping it clean, like he did with me.

When he grew soft, we laid back on the bed in a warm embrace.

'That felt really great' he said, in my arms 'I wanna do it again'

'Give me ten minutes kid' I said, tired but secretly thrilled by the prospect of his rampant near-teen hormones. He was only going to get more and more horny as he grew up. I looked forward to that.

I got up, still naked, dick swinging as I went.

'Come on, I feel hungry after that' Dan got up, naked too, and followed me downstairs.


After we'd eaten, I ran a nice hot bath, courtesy of the wonderful solar heating. Dan was reluctant to bathe until I mentioned we'd be taking it together.

It was a large, deep free-standing tub with taps that rose up from the floor on one side. I found some bubblebath and poured in enough to make a nice layer of foam. I lowered my naked body in and Dan slid in on top of me, sitting between my legs and leaning back on my chest. The feelings I had with bathing together wasn't so much sexual but rather a more level form of intimacy. I washed Dan's hair, rinsed it and then worked in a conditioner, massaging his head as I did so. Clearly he loved it because his face had a faraway look on it and he didn't speak, just breathed shallow breaths at the pleasure.

I ran a bar of soap all over his body, making him slick and slippery. He was happy to reverse the roles, paying special attention to my junk, soaping up my cock and balls over and over. My dick hardened up again and Dan was quick to grab it, playing with my soapy manhood like it was a new video game. I kissed him and we scooted around to our original positions. It was nice to just soak there, in a hot bath with the worlds most attractive boy in my arms.

I picked up the glass of wine from a small end table I had brought into the bathroom and took a small gulp. Nothing could be more perfect in this moment; a hot bath, a hot boy and a cool glass of fruity Californian. We soaked for nearly an hour before we had to get out. We were turning wrinkly and that wasn't a sexy sight.


As night came, Dan busied himself in his game and I picked up a book from the living room. The solar panels didn't provide electricity and there were no batteries for such an operation, so I brought in a few dozen candles from the car and lit them, making the lounge bright and warm. Being able to see better, I started reading. It was a hard science fiction novel, quite difficult to get started on at the best of times; I couldn't help stealing glances at Dan, most of which were met when he stole glances at me from his DS. I put the book down.

'Right, bed time for us I think'

'Yes!' he cheered, ready for more of his first sexual encounters.


I undressed him, taking my time pulling down his pants and releasing his throbbing boy cock. He similarly teased me, making my solid dick flip back and smack my smooth stomach. We laid down on the bed and intertwined our bodies and our mouths. I suggested a sixty nine, to which an uninitiated Dan asked: 'what's that'. I laughed.

'It's a sex position' I moved around so I was facing his dick and he was facing mine 'so we can suck each other at the same time, see?'

'Oh yeah. But why is it called a sixty nine?' he asked inquisitively. I really couldn't be bothered to explain the shape of the numbers thing to him.

'I'll tell you one day' as I grasped his boy meat and began sucking. I heard him gasp and them felt him manhandle my own meat as his mouth made contact. My dick twitched hard as it entered his warm, moist mouth. We humped each others mouths, revelling in the new level of intimacy we had reached.

Dan quickly shot his load, plastering my tongue with his sticky boy juice. I milked him dry, sucking every last drop I could.

He kept blowing me for another ten minutes before I shot wad after wad of hot spunk down his throat. I watched as he diligently licked my cock clean of jizz, running his soft lips over my swollen and sensitive cock head.

I pulled him close and kissed him on the lips, again tasting my cum, mingled with his. He yawned, so I blew out the candles downstairs and climbed back into bed. It was a warm and humid night, so we slept naked on top of the covers. Dan assumed his favourite position and threw one arm over my chest and put his head on my left nipple. I kissed him on the head and closed my eyes.


'Kris, don't be a muppet' I blinked and shook my head 'don't look drunk, we're not gonna get in'. Lisa laughed as I playfully punched her on the shoulder. I had my arm around the ferocious bulldyke for support, stumbling our way through Soho, Marco and Stuart walking just ahead of us. I felt like I'd slipped into a mini-sleep while we stumbled. It wasn't exactly clear what it was about but it seemed like it was sexy dream.

'I'm alright you dirty lesbian' she released me, as I regained my balance. I wasn't really that drunk but I couldn't quite remember where we'd been drinking earlier in the evening.

'Were we just in Profile?' I asked unsure.

'Uhh yeah gay boy. You haven't done special K again have you? I know Paul was a dick to dump you like that but don't wreck yourself coz of him'

'Paul, oh no, I'm over him. I don't touch the stuff, just sweet Johnnie Walker, he's the man for me' Lisa laughed loudly. She was always more fun when she was drunk. 'I think I dropped off for a sec there, I had this dream like thing...'


I awoke, sitting straight up, cold sweat trickling down my back. It was so vivid. I was back in the world before the Outbreak, before the Collapse. I fell back onto the sheets. Dan stirred beside me but didn't wake. I got up and tiptoed down the stairs. My watch said it was a quarter to five. I could already see the darkness giving way to a pathetic trickle of daylight.

I kept returning to the dream. I'd had dreams, of life before all this, on many occasions but none had elicited such a reaction from me. It had finally hit home. Humanity was gone. My life as it had been was over. My eyes welled up and hot tears streamed down my face. I would have lost it there and then had Dan not crept down the stairs after me. I heard the creaking staircase and watched as he entered the living room.

'What's wrong' he asked, visibly concerned.

'Nothing. I guess it's finally hit home. Life has changed forever and I just don't know how to go on'

'But you have me' he knelt down beside me, placing his head in my naked lap. His contact was warm, real. He was a living breathing human being. As long as we had each other, we needn't be alone. I wiped away the tears and carried him back up to the bedroom, diving into each other with unbridled passion.


The morning sun found my face, penetrating my dreamless slumber. It roused me from sleep and I blinked my sore eyes. I reached over to find Dan but I was alone in bed. I felt a jolt of terror. Where had he gone? Had he even been real? Had I finally cracked? I let my head fall back on the pillow, suppressing despair.

I heard light footfalls on the stairs and Dan opened the door, carrying a steaming mug of black coffee. The aroma of it filled the room, already brushing the cobwebs from my mind. I smiled, relieved and took the mug.

'Thank you hun'

'You're welcome' he said, sliding back into bed cuddling close to me.

'So, are you ready to explore Manchester?' I asked, savouring the black morning fuel.

'Yeah man, it's gonna be fun'. I chortled and pulled him closer with my free arm. We were going to be just fine.