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Lone Wanderer, Empty World

Part Seven

We took our time in the shower. The water was more tepid than warm but after I reminded Dan that we were both covered in semen, he stopped protesting and was happier knowing I was going to shower with him. For once, we were both spunked out, so we washed each other with the minimum of sexual play, savouring the easy intimacy which we had built over the last three weeks.

Our expedition to Manchester had been delayed by heavy rain which had flooded most roads into the city. We had patiently waited in Stockport, in the small Victorian house and consumed our supplies carefully, though we were far from running out any time soon. The heavy downpours had ceased three days prior and by now I imagined the roads to be a lot more navigable.

I brushed my teeth while Dan finished soaping himself off in the shower. He exited, dripping, grabbing a towel from the towel rail. He patted himself dry and came up behind me, wrapping his hands around my chest and hugging me from behind. Our tongues and hands had found every part of each other, teasing and and probing our sexual limits. We had done everything except fuck and that was something I didn't want to rush. I wanted the moment to be perfect, when we would come together as one; he would not forget it.

I rinsed with mouthwash, spat and rinsed again. After I dried my face, I turned around, still in his embrace and kissed him on his nose. He smiled and kissed me on my cheek. I left him in the bathroom as he was squeezing toothpaste onto his brush.

The street was damp and beginning to steam in the early morning sunshine. I opened the window and pushed my head out. The sun was already powerful and it wasn't yet eight o'clock. The worst of the summer storm appeared to be over and the beginning of July was off to a promising hot start.


The Audi was a little lighter than it was when we arrived. We'd polished off most of the canned goods and had gone through quite a few clothes. I'd taken to washing some of the more useful items with the ready supply of hot water the house provided for us. There was no sense in continually discarding things that could be cleaned and used again with the minimum of fuss.

Dan sat in the passenger seat, playing with his DS as usual. With all the steamy sex sessions we had, it was sometimes easy to forget that he was still a near-thirteen year old boy. Video games mattered. I took us slowly north-west, bypassing as many of the main roads as I could. Out of curiosity, I took us on a slight detour through the outer city suburb of Fallowfield. This was the major student housing area. I'd already signed a retainer contract on a flat here before the Outbreak. I drove past the road with the flat and looked up into the empty windows. I was tempted to stop and have a look around but there was nothing of mine inside; I hadn't had the chance to even move a few things in there before the troubles began. I drove on.

As we skimmed around a large pile of wrecked, burnt out cars, I saw ungainly shapes of student towerblocks rising like ancient megalithic structures above the flattened suburbs. I recalled a few occasions when I had been visiting friends who had gone to the university. We'd partied hard and fast, consuming alcohol, poppers and E like there was no tomorrow. I'd fucked several guys on one weekend visit and the last time I had come here I was invited to bed by a gorgeous couple, eighteen and nineteen. Jacob, was a swimmer and Mark was a track runner. Suffice to say, they had the bodies of Greek gods and by the end of the week, my cock was sore and bruised and exhausted to even get aroused. Fond memories.


We managed to reach the main campus of Manchester University before the clog of dead cars proved too difficult to navigate. I killed the engine and got out of the car, telling Dan to wait inside. The city was deathly quiet, the great stone and glass edifices of lecture halls, science laboratories and classroom blocks, once continually bustling with life, only served to increase the sense of total desolation. I stood quietly with my eyes closed, listening for the slightest unnatural noise. I heard only birdsong, the rustle of drying trees and the occasional distant whine of dogs. Neither human or machine broke the natural silence of the abandoned city. I ducked my head back into the car.

'Did you pack a backpack like I asked you to?' I asked Dan. He'd put away his game and reached around to retrieve a pack, a smaller version of mine.

'Yeah. Clothes, some chocolate bars, water and a lighter and a knife'

'Good. I hear dogs but they sound pretty far away. We'll take it on foot from here. If we see any stray dogs and they get too close, I'll just give them a hard kick. They won't attack something bigger than themselves unless they're in a large pack. If we do see a pack, we'll just duck into a building and wait for them to go. Do what I say when I say and we'll be fine, OK?'

'Yep' he nodded agreement. I lifted my own pack. I'd prepared for abandoning the car and had taken all my personal things. I'd dumped my laptop's data onto the external drive I looted and brought along the solar charger with the sexual items I'd taken from the few houses I'd stayed in before I met Dan. I was still enamoured by them on some level. I'd also packed enough food and water and the primer stove to get us through a few days if necessary. I mentally checked all the miscellaneous items against a list in my head and decided everything was with me. I shut the car door and took Dan's hand as we walked on into the heart of the dead city.


We stopped for lunch after ten or so minutes of walking. There was an abandoned police van parked askew in the middle of the road. I climbed up the ladder on the side, Dan right behind me. We ate a small picnic of chocolate bars, crisps and water on top of the van. It was safer up here and I could see any approaching dogs. We had already encountered a pair of them.

They sneaked up on us from behind, using the idle cars as cover. I'd heard their clicking claws on the pavement and I forced Dan onto the roof of a nearby car. When they attacked, I felt pity for the impoverished things. They were thin, on the point of being walking skeletons. The smaller dog had been bitten and mauled recently. The larger, a Doberman was in slightly better shape but as it flew at me, I landed a kick on its midsection. I knocked the wind out of it and the smaller dog bolted. The Doberman, chastened, picked itself up and ran after the other.

I considered the event as we ate. The dogs in this city must have exhausted their food supply within the last couple of weeks. Many bodies were in hospitals, homes, cars, places with shut doors. Most of the dogs had flourished scavenging the fallen in the streets or makeshift burial pits. Some had probably turned to ratting, exploring sewers and rubbish dumps for the rodents. But this was inadequate to sustain their population. The hand that once fed them was now bone. Soon they would turn on each other, evidenced by the mauled smaller accomplice of the Doberman.

After we'd eaten, we walked on up Oxford street towards the city centre. The buildings grew taller and the architecture shifted from university facilities to sandstone faced nineteenth century. We walked past the giant Gothic form of the Palace Hotel. The bright sunshine did nothing to dampen the feeling of cold emptiness that emanated from its blocked open doors. I hurried Dan on past it.


Piccadilly Gardens, the city centre, was a pleasant surprise. I didn't see any bodies or burnt out funeral pyres. Most of it was fenced off, probably during the early days of the Outbreak to prevent rallies and further spread of plague. The great fountain in the middle was dead but the grass was not and the sapling trees swayed gently in the summer breeze. All around the garden square were dotted fashionable coffee shops, long concrete benches, big designer clothing shops and a large office tower above a bus station at the south-western edge.

There were small gaps in the fence, which Dan and I managed to squeeze through. We had arrived in the dead centre of Manchester. No sign of living human beings was to be found. I sat down on one of the odd modern design benches while Dan laid down on the grass, soaking up the afternoon sun. I retrieved my tatty paper map from my backpack. I carefully studied the roads and thought about my next move.

Like any city, Manchester had its own onion skin layer of inner city and suburbs. We could spend months just scratching the surface and find no living human. I thought if there were survivors to be found, they would be in or around the centre of the city or at least leave some sign of life. No matter where I looked, I saw only abandonment. No one had thought to even spray a big sign on one of the buildings. It would have been nice to see 'survivors inside' on one of the bigger towers but alas, there was only the undisturbed quiet.

'Where we going next?' Dan asked, hand held over his eyes as he propped himself up on his elbows. He had removed his shirt and his once pale skin was turning ever so slightly bronze. I took in the sight of him and felt a little aroused. Then I thought of something.

'Actually an idea just popped into my head' I said as I got up, taking Dan's hand and helping him up 'I'm going to further your queer education'.


Canal Street was as desolate and lonely as the rest of the city but the rainbow flags still fluttered bravely from bars and above shops in the heart of Manchester's gay village. Evidently the partying spirit had died long before the Collapse as there was no sign of the frantic activity that marked the final days of man's domination over the Earth. Everything had been shut up neatly, tables and chairs tidily stacked against windows.

'Is this a gay place?' Dan asked incredulously.

'Yeah, I came here a couple of times myself actually' I released his hand and walked over to the window of a bar I'd been to on a few occasions 'in there me and my mates got so wasted once, the bouncers had to literally throw us out' I laughed, remembering Lisa, my favourite bulldyke, putting up quite a fight against a beefy man half her size. It was strange, the bar was dark and empty but I could see it all, animated, as my mind overlaid those past events over the present. I let a smile creep in at the edge of my mouth. At least I had happy memories.

'I looked at gay clubs online' Dan admitted, looking through the window, not seeing what I was remembering 'they looked really fun. I wish I could have gone'.

'Hey, maybe if we find somewhere a bit more permanent, I could hook up a strobe light and a fog machine and we could dance if you like'.

'Yeah, that would be well fun' he laughed. I put my arm around his shoulders, ever vigilant for the sound of dogs and walked us further up the street.

The bars were behind us now and we approached the two big clubs. Essential was just an old brick warehouse from the front, heavy wooden doors shut tight, with just a small, dead, neon light above the door, once spelling out the club's name in lurid pink. I would have liked to poke around inside but I wouldn't know how to bring those doors down without alerting a city full of hungry dogs to our location.

I saw the other club, Cruz, across and down the street. That one had never been as good as Essential; too many older guys who weren't as buff and twinky as the latter club. I did remember receiving a great blowjob in the men's room there once.

We veered off down a side street and stopped in front of Clone Zone, a gay sex shop. Dan looked at a cardboard cutout of a giant crotch and legs modelling a pair of tight briefs.

'Like what you see?' I teased.

'I dunno....yeah' he smiled.

'Bit like mine is it?'

'Yeah but when you're naked you look much hotter'.

'Is that so?' I asked as I pulled him into an embrace, planting a kiss on his delicate, soft lips. I felt horny but we needed to press on. 'Come on, we should start looking for somewhere to spend the night'. I stopped however, musing something over in my head. I rattled the grill in front of the door but it was shut up pretty tight.

'What do you want in there?' Dan asked.

'A few things if I can find them. Come on' I helped Dan climb over the back access gate before moving a large wheely bin into place so I could get over easier. There were several big black sacks of what looked like cardboard and packing materials next to the side door to the shop. This door was also locked but it lacked a grill. Telling Dan to stand back, I quickly booted it, breaking the lock back a bit. I kicked again and the door swung inwards.

We ventured in without worry. The shop had been locked tight, so nothing nasty awaited us inside. The side door had let into a storeroom/staff lounge. A small leather sofa, a coffee table, fridge, microwave and kettle were all on one side of the room, while stacks of cardboard boxes lined the other side.

'You can wait here if you want' I said to Dan, motioning to the sofa.

'No that's okay, I wanna look around a bit' he was interested, after all, this was his first visit to a gay sex shop.

I opened an adjoining door into the actual shop. It was light enough to see by, even though the windows were partly obscured, protecting customers from the enquiring eyes of passers-by. Dan moved past me and started checking out the erotic fiction on offer. I smiled. He was becoming a regular homosexual, a man after my own heart.

After a few minutes of looking around and finding nothing more interesting than sexy underwear and poor erotic fiction, I saw an archway leading into the back part of the shop. I went through, it was much darker back there. Sex toys lined shelves. I looked at a few ridiculously oversized dildos and vibrators and put them back. Even I was not experienced enough for a twenty inch rubber cock. I located what I was looking for.

I'd been thinking more and more about fucking Dan but it had to be right. He needed to clean himself properly for it or the whole thing would be messy and unpleasant. I picked up an anal douche bulb and a water soluble solution to use with it. It was strawberry scented, supposedly. I slipped it into my backpack. I also found some 'sweet strawberry edible lube' and picked up two tubes. Dan and I had gone through the three tubes I found a month ago. He'd become even more enthusiastic with handjobs, knowing how much more fun they could be with a little slippery lube.

I came out from around the back of the shop, plucking a latex masturbator from the shelf as I did so. That would be fun to show Dan I mused to myself.

Dan was still nosing around the front 'what did you find?' he asked.

'Nothing much' I lied, not wanting to get him too excited about something new just yet.

He'd picked out a couple of pairs of tight Aussiebum briefs. Small for him and medium for me. A smile crept over his face. This kid was just too sexual.

As we went to go out the way we came, I saw behind the till, a low shelf filled with small bottles. They were labelled as 'aromas' but I knew poppers when I saw them. I walked around the counter and slipped a few bottles into my jeans pocket. They would really help Dan as I broke him in and take us both to new heights of pleasure.


I got used to the Smartcar very quickly. We'd found it lying on its side, keys dropped to the kerb outside. A pile of raggedy bones nearby suggested the owner was trying to get into the vehicle when he or she finally succumbed to either the Hyperflu or had been knocked over by whatever had pushed the car on its side, probably a military vehicle in a hurry. It was tipped back on its wheels easily enough; it hardly weighed a thing.

Dan and I had stowed our gear in the meagre boot of the car and started the engine without fuss. It was almost silent, giving only a slight purr as I turned the ignition. We were able to thread our way between blockages much easier and the few groups of dogs that we saw fled from the sight of the moving vehicle.

I took us south-west, a little out of the city centre and was taken aback but the sudden appearance of the skyscraper. Of course I instantly recognised the Hilton/Deansgate tower but I had forgotten all about it until that moment. It was one of the tallest buildings in the country, completed only a few years earlier. The apartments were owned by wealthy sports personalities and businessmen. It looked terrifyingly unstable, as though it were about to topple at any moment. Perhaps it would some day soon. The structure was blackened, gutted by a roaring fire. The beautiful glass and steel façade had melted and cracked, lending the great tower a morbid, dead look of a half-incinerated femur. I could make out the small dots of circling birds high above the structure.

'Wow' Dan said.

'Yeah, it was really upmarket place once. I had a few drinks in the sky bar' I laughed a little 'they actually had part of the floor as glass, see up there? That part jutting out?' I pointed at a less blackened part, overhanging the rest of the skyscraper. 'That was this toughened glass. I was terrified to walk out on it'.

'I went on the London Eye once. I didn't like it, I'm scared of heights' he turned back to his game, happy to shut the deathly tower from his mind.

'Okay, on we go then'.


We drove on until late afternoon. I took us to the very edge of the city, past Salford and found ourselves in an upper middle-class neighbourhood. The houses were large and detached, with formerly manicured gardens and perfectly shaped topiary bushes. Several were burned out husks but I selected, from the many remaining, a big, five bedroomed, 1930s with a wide double garage attached to the side.

Dan and I cautiously checked around the property. I was going to kick down the door but I saw Dan lever open a downstairs window and quickly slip inside. I wanted to reprimand him but as he came around and opened the door for me, I soon forgot as he flashed me his cheeky grin. We scoped out the interior and not finding anything nasty inside, settled down for the night.


There was no solar heating with this house, so I had to resort to tapping the tank and heating water with a primer stove again. For once, I took the first bath as Dan sat downstairs, playing with his DS. I finished up and towelled myself off. The water wasn't too dirty and besides, there was no point bringing in clean because Dan was going to probably make it a bit dirtier tonight.

I called him upstairs, wearing just the towel around my waist. He loped up the stairs and noticing me in my half naked state, walked up to me and squeezed my dick through the towel while planting a soft kiss on my lips. I found my dick inflating rapidly but I had something to talk about first. I sat him down on the edge of the tub while I retrieved the douche bulb and solution from my pack.

'Dan, I love it when you suck me and even more when I suck you' he blushed but nodded eagerly, anticipating something new on the horizon. 'You make me feel so good babe' I said as I wrapped an arm around his shoulders 'And I just want to take what we're doing to the next level. Dan, I want to fuck you'. A look of confusion crossed his face but then it suddenly dawned on him and he looked a little worried.

'You mean put your cock in my arse?' he asked with trepidation.

'Yes. It's like we become one person, me inside of you and one day, when you're bigger, you can fuck me. It's great fun Dan but you need to, let's say, prepare for it first'.

So I explained the nitty gritty of the cleaning process to Dan, feeling slightly awkward but I pressed on. I showed him how to mix the solution in the bulb and how to clean himself out properly. He learned quickly and understood what he needed to do. Before I left him to get started, he asked me if fucking would hurt him. I answered honestly.

'Yeah it does hurt at first but you'll soon get over the pain and enjoy the pleasure you get. Plus, oh just a second' I went into the bedroom we'd claimed and I retrieved a bottle of poppers from my jeans pocket and showed it to Dan 'This will make it a lot easier to fuck and much less painful' he smiled uneasily but with a determined confidence. He wanted to be fucked, I could see that. I would make this something he would never, ever forget.


The house had been extended to the back and the flat roof was decked and railed with balustrades topped with tealight holders. I dug around in the house and found a large bag of the candles and distributed them evenly over the roof terrace. There were a few flame torches that I topped up with a citrus blended burner oil. Once I finished lighting the forty plus flames, I removed the duvets from three of the bedrooms and laid them on top of each other to make the floor more comfortable. I piled up pillows and cushions and the whole place had a definite romantic feel to it. The early July night time air was scented with the heady smell of blooming flowers, drying grass and the essence of the citrus oil flames. I admired my handiwork and hearing Dan splashing around in the bathroom as he got out of the tub, I quickly went back to the main bedroom and stripped off my boxer shorts. My cock was hard but I managed to tuck it in as I slipped on the new sexy briefs that Dan had picked up at the sex shop. I returned to the little enclave of candlelight and laid back on the small cushion mountain.

Dan appeared at the door to the terrace. He was naked but for his tight, colourful briefs. I propped myself up on my elbows as he walked gently over to me. A breeze picked up and wafted his scent over to me. He'd used the strawberry shower cream I'd picked up during our last shopping raid. It mingled gently with his natural boy smell. His scent didn't so much as hit the sensual centre of my brain as drive a tank into it. I felt overwhelmed.

He straddled me and leaned in as we slowly, gently kissed. His soft lips tasted faintly minty and his boy scent was stronger now. I laid back again, wrapping my arms around him, pressing our warm bodies together as our tongues met and danced. The taste of him was indescribable. I felt his heart beating rapidly to the thumping pace of my own. I moved to his neck and gently nibbled and sucked at it. I opened my eyes and looked upwards at the glittering vista of the spiral arm and the countless billions of stars within and around it. We were small, insignificant creatures but tonight, we would join as one.

I felt his hard dick rub against mine, sending shivers of delightful expectation lancing up and down my spine. I rolled over so that I was now on top of him as we kissed again. I took his hands and pinned them above his head and licked my way down across his chest and inhaled the boy/strawberry scent of his sparsely haired armpits. I kissed my way down his tight torso and found his small snail trail into the tight briefs. His cock longed to be released, throbbing and pulsing under the vibrant fabric. I kissed the outside of the briefs, making his boyhood junk kick and jump.

After I finished teasing his cock, I hooked my fingers on the elastic and slowly pulled them down, his four and a half inch dick slapping his belly as it was unleashed and finally removed the briefs altogether. He laid there in all his glory, a young man, blossoming into manhood before my eyes. His balls had grown a small fluff of hair but they were still mostly hairless. I ran my tongue over them greedily, savouring the sweet and faintly salty taste. Dan gasped and arched his back as I wanked him gently at the same time. I tugged and nibbled at his sack and then lowered my mouth over his near-thirteen cock, taking it all the way in. He gently pulled at my hair as I deepthroated him, coming all the way back up to work his head and then swallowing him whole once again.

I stayed down on him for what seemed like hours but which was probably less than ten minutes. I could tell he was enjoying it but he sat up and gently eased me off his slimed up cock. We kissed as we changed positions. He was eager to taste my dick so he practically ripped off my tight briefs, sucking straight down on my throbbing meat. He preferred to work the head with his lips and tongue while he attended to my shaft with his right hand, wanking/sucking me at the same time.

'Dan' I half whispered, half gasped. It made him more eager for me as he took almost half of my length down his throat, playing softly with my balls with his left hand. I was in a state of ecstasy and as I sniffed from the poppers I was catapulted into paradise.

I felt his hot wet mouth leave my penis as he slid back up to kiss me. I could taste my cock on his tongue and I rolled us over again, pressing my weight down on top of him, kissing him deeply, fervently. I laid on my side and took his dick in my hand and wanked him. Dan followed suit and slowly tossed me off, sliding my foreskin slowly back and forth. It was too much pure pleasure. I felt my orgasm wouldn't be far away.

The popper high quickly wore off and I retrieved the lube from under a pillow. Dan looked at me, our eyes connecting. He knew this was it.

Dan moved back on the bedding and I pushed two cushions under his lower back to give support. I popped the cap of the lube and eased a generous portion onto my middle and index finger of my right hand. I told him to spread his cheeks and I moved my fingers onto his hairless hole and gently applied the lube. He gasped from the coldness of it.

'Don't worry, it'll get warmer' I promised.

'I know, I trust you Kris' he said earnestly.

I took the bottle of poppers and unscrewed the cap. Dan held his hand over mine as he inhaled some of the potent fumes. He appeared to relax almost instantly. I applied more lube to my fingers and gently at first, pushed my index finger against his anus. He was tight, no doubt but I teased his hole and the poppers kicked in as he released control and my finger slid gently into him. I pushed further and worked in and out to build up the rhythm. After he had adjusted to this, I pulled out and put my two fingers in together, eliciting a gasp of fear, or pleasure or pain from Dan but he didn't protest, so I pushed my fingers deep into him, feeling his sphincter close tightly around them. I held the bottle up to him again and he took another sniff, relaxing himself and my entry into him. I built rhythm again and found his small prostate and began to massage it. His cock had began to wilt at my intrusion but once I pushed his pleasure button, it throbbed back to life and he gained his first inkling as to what he was about to experience.

I gently extracted my fingers and opened the lube tube once more. I squirted a large dollop of it onto my naked, hard cock. I didn't need to wear a condom. I was clear of all STDs and HIV and Dan sure as hell wouldn't be carrying anything. I wanted to really connect with him, to be inside of him and feel him in the most intimate way I could.

Prepared, I sniffed from the bottle again, passing it to Dan who took another hit. I picked up his legs and positioned them on my shoulders as I lined my cock up with his hole. I held it in one hand as I gently pushed against his virgin opening, encountering resistance that soon gave way as I pushed softly against him. He relaxed into it as my wide dick head slipped and finally popped into his anus. He moaned a little.

'Kris, it hurts'

'It's OK, trust me Dan. You trust me don't you'

'Yes' he replied, his face crossed with pain and desire in equal measure, locking his eyes on mine and seeing my sincerity, he relaxed again.

I pushed in further, sliding my seven and a half inches halfway inside of the beautiful boy. I looked at his face, candlelight playing across his delicate features as he grimaced against the intrusion. I backed up a little and pushed back again, slowly and carefully fucking him.

I built a paced rhythm, hitting his G spot and withdrawing, making him gasp and huff. I got faster, pumping his body like a machine, sliding myself in ever further at a half inch at a time. He took another hit from the bottle.

'Fuck me all the way in' he cried out.

I obeyed, pushing my entire manhood into him. He cried out with a mixture of pain and ecstasy, his toes curled and his legs tensed before he relaxed again. The strawberry lube was warming up as I slid in and out, impaling him on my thick uncut dick.

I felt my orgasm coming and I reached around an wanked Dan's hard cock. He moaned and arched his back, tightly gripping the covered floor. I felt his cock spasm and at the same time his clear boy juice squirted out, hitting me in the face, he cried out.

'I love you Kris' he cried and gasped as his stream of jizz shot skywards. It sent me over the edge. I pumped furiously as I felt the warm surge deep in the base of my cock. I unleashed the full fury of my pent up orgasm, feeling burst after burst of hot spunk shoot out, filling his tight hole with my man jizz. I continued to fuck him as I spunked and I too cried out to him.

'Dan....Dan, I love you too'.

Spent, I remained within him until my cock began to soften and I withdrew. I lowered his legs and pulled him into a spooning embrace under the stars. He turned to face me, no longer afraid, his face broke into a beautiful smile.

'I love you Kris' he repeated, touching my lips with his fingers.

'I love you Dan' I said 'with all my heart and soul'

We kissed as the moon rose higher in the sky. The indifferent stars sparkled down on us as the candles burned out and we both fell into a deep and harmonious sleep.