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Lone Wanderer, Empty World

Part Nine

The next four days were spent bringing the house back online. I'd delegated the rather unlovely job of dusting the house from top to bottom to Dan who took to it with typical teenage reluctance, until I promised him some interesting on the job 'perks'. I meanwhile had figured out the basic house controls for the power supply and after climbing onto the roof to clean the solar panels down, noted that half of them were for heating water while the other side of the roof were photo-voltaic cells for electricity.

On the third day I had found the small river at the edge of the properties land and located the hydro turbine. It was clogged with weeds, dead branches and a rusty bicycle frame. It took me three hours to clear it completely and when I returned to the house, the LEDs reported that the generator was ready to generate power. I flicked the on switch and gave us power for the evenings.

With power and water aplenty, I stripped off the bedding in the master bedroom suite and put it through a wash cycle, clearing out the dust and a sizeable quantity of teenage spunk. I also took to washing mine and Dan’s' remaining clothing. It would no longer be necessary to discard what we had dirtied.

I had inspected the sewerage system and learned that it connected to a huge septic tank buried twenty metres slightly downhill of the house, on the eastern edge of the clearing. I located a inspection hole and peered into the tank. I held my nose to cut off the smell but it looked as though the tank was not even half full. I guestimated that it would last about a year or so but even then I had thought ahead to what could be done after that. With the river so close by, I could dig a drainage ditch to the river and possibly cut a hole in the uppermost side of the tank to let the waste flow out. I could even line the ditch with plastic pond filler from a gardening centre to make it last and perhaps even cover it with wooden boards and soil. Scatter some grass seed and it might completely cover up the hastily constructed sewer. Combine a semi-permanent sewer system with easy, natural energy and a ready supply of fresh clean water, the house would almost be able to sustain us all by itself. I'd even found a brick bunker next to the house containing a petrol fuelled generator in case of emergency. It was the perfect survival home. It could not however, feed us. Our supplies were beginning to run out.


On the fifth day after finding the house, Dan and I parted company for the first time since meeting one another. He held me tight and kissed me with worried tenderness, as though we would never see each other again.

'Look, we haven't seen a living dog in two weeks. I'm just going to pick up some supplies quickly so we can keep fixing up the house. We'll go back together when things are in better shape and really get stocked up for the coming winter. I'll be just fine Dan. I survived six months by myself before I met you, a few hours will be nothing. I'm coming back, I swear'.

'You better, or I'm coming out to look for you' he said meekly.

'Trust me, it's going to be a boring supply run. You're the one I worry about. Don't go wandering off and getting lost and if you see dogs or other dangerous wildlife, don't go outside. It's as simple as that. Be safe' I turned to go and then went back to kiss him 'I love you'.


It felt strange to be driving all by myself again. I looked over at the passenger seat where Dan had sat beside me so often now that I had forgotten what it was like to be driving alone, along deserted roads, through abandoned towns. I shrugged the feeling off and drove back to the outskirts of Portsmouth to locate a superstore.

I passed by one of the green logo stores but it had been gutted and blackened by fire but after fifteen minutes or so after passing back through the cute little village I found another of the big bland shops, fully intact and shuttered up as usual.

I was not in the mood for playing around with emergency exits that day, so I turned into the car park, put the car into reverse and backed into the plate glass windows at a steady twenty miles an hour. The window collapsed around me, shattering into ten thousand twinkling shards that bounced on the roof and slid down the car harmlessly. I hit the brakes and killed the ignition, not wanting to run over the glass and risk a puncture.

I opened the driver door and got out. A few shards of glass crunched under-heel but the shop was otherwise silent. It was another bright day and the shop was lit enough that I could loot with little difficulty.


I'd loaded the car with several pallets of canned food, folding down the rear passenger seats to gain even more room. I also picked up a dozen or so packs of toilet paper and various toiletries; a big box of soap, ten or so bottles of shampoo, face wash, bubble bath, shower gel, toothpastes, mouth wash, floss, deodorant, all the essential items to maintain a decent level of personal hygiene. I even packed in a hell of a lot of cleaning products. The house was tidy but the dust and grime accumulated by ten or so months of lying idle had taken whatever shine it once had. I intended to put that back if Dan and I were going to stay there for an extended period.

Fresh water was no longer essential since we now had our own access to it. I did pick up long life powdered milk and a large pack of various fruit squash drinks and added a few bottles of wine to the nice collection of alcoholic beverages already in the house. I found more vitamin pills and piled them into a trolley along with boxed cereals, junk food, sweets and jarred conserves with long shelf lives. A couple of jars of hot dogs were added and three disposable barbecues, as I remembered the night we first kissed. I even found some flour and yeast with a plan to make bread which I hadn't tasted since the last weeks before the Collapse.

I just about managed to close the car boot with everything I had inside. I still had an hour and a half before Dan would expect me home so I did one last check around the store for anything I might have missed. I walked to the very back where it was much dimmer. I spied Italian foodstuffs so I put some pasta and a few jars of sauce into a basket with some canned tuna. I hadn't eaten anything made almost from scratch for months and it would be nice to make Dan something like a pasta bake as opposed to heated canned stuff for once.

Just as I was about to turn around and leave, I noticed something sitting on the shelves. I put the basket down and picked it up. It was a walkie-talkie. Probably left there by a security guard as they closed up the shop for the last time.

'I bet..' I wondered aloud. I picked up the basket and placed the radio in it. At the back of the shop was a door marked Security, I opened it and peered inside. It was dark, so I opened it all the way and used the basket to keep it propped open.

It was a small room, with another door at the back leading off somewhere else. There was a table, a sofa and two desks with computers on them. On one of the desks was another walkie-talkie and a charging station. I knelt down and fumbled around in the semi-dark and pulled the plug out. I took the whole thing and put it in the basket with the other radio.

'That'll come in handy. We can talk when we're apart now' I said to myself, feeling pleased as I burdened the car with a little more and slowly inched forward out of the car park.


The car certainly felt heavier to handle with the supplies on-board, so I drove slowly, happy to take my time as I was ahead of schedule. The outskirts of the town were more peaceful looking than the battle marred shoreline of the coastal areas. I looked around as I carefully dodged abandoned and crashed cars on the dual-carriageway. I had plenty of time left before Dan would be expecting me, so I took the chance to have a little solo fun.

I'd always had a thing for doctors and physical examinations. Something about the embarrassment, the humiliation with with lack of control made it all highly sexual to me. When I was doing my medical degree, at points I didn't know how I'd be able to control myself if it came to examining a cute young teen boy.

That's why I stopped the car in front of a mid-sized medical practice.


One of the double doors leading into the building was hanging off. In a struggle to get medicines they thought would stop the Hyperflu, people had gone crazy, breaking into hospitals, doctors offices and pharmacies. A few doors were busted in as I walked down a hallway but the raiders had obviously given up after finding nothing but examination rooms.

I stopped at a door with a bronze plaque on it Dr. Steve Morgan. I tried the handle, it was locked. A firm kick persuaded it into opening. I smelled the same atmosphere as the time I scouted out the school medical room. It was a particular smell, something that you know to be inherent to an exam room if you've had the pleasure. I closed the door behind me, my cock already half-hard.

It was a fairly similar layout to the school: a desk and chair, laptop, filing cabinets, examination couch, screen, a chair for the patient and a few dead potted plants and anatomy posters. A frosted glass window let in light while protecting the patient's modesty. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it on the patient chair while I sat down at the doctor's desk. I opened the desk drawers and rooted around. I found a stethoscope which I hung around my neck and a box of latex gloves. I slipped on a pair, feeling an immediate pervy and sexual thrill. I pulled out a few files, nothing interesting, just office paper work but something fell to the floor and clinked. I picked up the key and tried the locked filing cabinets. It worked.

I flicked through the contents of the cabinet. There wasn't a lot of interest in the first two drawers, mostly old people and their various ailments. It was on the third drawer down that I struck gold. It was a section labelled Paediatric development: male. I pulled out a stack of folders and flicked through them. Most of it was regarding hormones and genetics but one file stuck out in particular. It was the medical history of a boy called Robert Hunt, a boy of seventeen by the time of the Collapse. He had been called to a special examination session once a year since he was nine for 'special assessment'. Added to the paper file was a slip of paper:

Special assessment file access under GMC codes and regulations

as described under.........

Local storage of medical history and physical attributes pertaining

to Robert Hunt of 36 Crown Meadow Lane, Portsmouth, PR47EF

on C drive, patient files, medical history, special assessment, R.

Hunt. Upload copies of raw footage and notes to

GMC/paediatrics/specialassessment and retain local storage copy

as backup. Data available to Mr. Jonathan Hunt as he requested

under Data Protection Act.

I wasn't sure exactly what this 'special assessment' was but I had a vague notion. I dared to try the laptop, pressing the power button. Shockingly, it still powered up and booted to an antiquated OS, discarded by most users over five years ago. The battery meter claimed forty-two minutes of life so I quickly navigated to the folder as described on the note.

The main folder was labelled Robert Hunt and inside that were nine further folders, labelled from Robert Hunt Age 9 to Robert Hunt Age 17. I opened the first one and was greeted by a spreadsheet, a scanned image of a handwritten assessment and several photographs and a video. I opened the photos and flicked through them. They showed a young boy, naked, standing up in front of the examination couch in this very room. He was cute, with short black hair and brown eyes. In one photo, he was snapped in his entirety, the next, he had his hands on his head, another was a close up of his genitals and another was of him from behind. I unzipped my jeans and shrugged them and my boxers off. I started working my cock. I opened up the video:

Robert stood there before the camera in just his white briefs looking

nervous. A man of about thirty five sat in the patient chair next to him,

obviously Robert's father. 'Okay Robert, can you please pull down your

pants so we can have a look' said a voice from behind the camera. The

young boy blushed bright red but obeyed, pulling down first the front of

his briefs, letting his small penis flop out and then let them fall to his

ankles. A shape moved from behind the camera. A man of about the same

age as Mr. Hunt knelt down beside Robert. He was quite handsome, with

a strong chin and a mop of messy curly hair. 'Here we have the first signs

of emergent puberty, I'm holding the penis and examining it for any

irregularities. I'm slightly retracting the foreskin now. Now I am examining

the testes'.

The video continued like that for two minutes as Doctor Morgan gave a brief overview of the nine year old boy's body. My cock was throbbing in my hand. I skipped back to the folders and tried Robert Hunt Age 12 in this video he had grown taller with a little definition to his build. The doctor asked him again to remove his underwear but Robert hesitated, refusing to do it in front of his father.

'Rob, just do it so we can go' his father said from the chair.

'But dad I don't like everyone' he pleaded.

'I don't care, drop your pants NOW' he ordered.

Robert capitulated, hooking his thumbs into the inside of his underwear and pulled them down. He had a little nestle of early pubic hair around the base of his dick, not as much as Dan but enough to draw comparisons. Doctor Morgan knelt down beside Robert again and took his penis in his hand. Robert's face was a mixed storm of indignation, embarrassment and anger as the doctor manipulated his young boy penis, pulling back his skin and gently massaging his testicles. Before the video cut out, the doctor got up and Robert pulled his briefs up as quickly as he could.

I was coming ever closer as I opened the video in the Robert Hunt Age 15 folder. Robert was alone in this session. He had grown taller still and his body had filled out nicely. He wasn't wiry and neither was he overweight, he looked like the perfect healthy fifteen year old. He wore black boxer shorts this time. A different voice spoke this session, a woman 'Doctor Janet Worthington filling in for Doctor Morgan on special assessment four-one-two-eight. Robert, could you please remove your underwear'. Robert was more defiant than three years ago.

'No, I don't wanna do it', he said angrily.

'We'll have to contact your parents. They gave permission for this and they will have to be here when you are examined'.

'Urghhh' he groaned in stress finally but slowly pulling down his boxers. His dick was thick and long even as it was soft. His balls were descending nicely and were coated in a dusting of hair. A little trail of hair reached up to his bellybutton.

Janet kneeled down beside Robert as Doctor Morgan had done. She picked up the teenage boy's penis and pulled his skin back, describing his progress through puberty as she did so. Robert's face was blood red as she released his shrivelling cock and gently rolled his testicles. She asked Robert to turn around and bend over and she parted his cheeks to show how his anal area was beginning to become hairy.

'Okay Robert, you can get dressed now' she said pleasantly. Robert's whole body had turned red now from the humiliating video taken of him and the intimate probing done by the woman doctor in her early fifties. He pulled on his boxers and clothing with righteous indignation.

I felt myself getting ready to blow. I opened up the video in the last folder of Robert Hunt Age 17. Robert was now what can only be described as a hunky teen heartthrob. He was again, just in his boxers, now a tight fitting blue trunk type, clearly showing his teenage dick through them. His legs and arms were hairy but his chest and belly were smooth save for the little snail trail running into his shorts.

'Right, Robert, please drop your pants' commanded the voice of Doctor Morgan once more. As usual, a mote of defiance crossed Robert's face but he pulled down his shorts. His dick was bigger now but more than that, he was slowly getting a hardon. Doctor Morgan took his usual position by Robert and took the semi-hard teen dick in his hand and pulled back the skin. Robert whimpered a little as he quickly rose to full mast in the doctor's hand. After doing the usual explanation of puberty, the doctor added 'as you can see here, the patient is experiencing arousal. This is not uncommon in teenage boys going through puberty and should be addressed in a manner that will put both the patient and examiner at ease'. He released the six and a half inch boner and examined the teens balls, making his dick jump and twitch at every contact. Just when I feared all might be over, the doctor got up and asked Robert to get up on the examination couch. The doctor picked the camera up and moved it closer to the couch. Robert was told to get on all fours as the doctor snapped a glove on his right hand and removed a tube of lubricant from his pocked. He applied a dab to his right index finger and smeared it around Roberts anus. As the full comprehension of what was about to happen hit Robert, the doctor quickly slid his finger inside him to check his prostate. He must had hit it too hard, for Robert screwed up his face, looked into the camera and squirted a thick, heavy load onto the examination couch.

'Ahh fuck' he groaned as Doctor Morgan looked around to see the mess, with a look of surprise on his face. I came at the same time pumping my cock as the cum gushed over me and the desk, spattering the laptop keyboard. I bucked my hips and let out the same groan as the teen boy on the couch. I continued to milk my cock as the doctor withdrew his finger and handed Robert a wad of paper towels to clean up the cum and the lube from his arse.

After he cleaned himself up, Robert dressed with the same speed as always, with a look of deep shame and embarrassment on his beautiful face. The doctor sought to reassure him 'It's okay Robert, many teenage boys do exactly the same thing'.

'Yeah!' he replied angrily 'and how many teenage boy's fathers demand to see the fucking video after?'.

That made me hard again.


I drove with the doctors laptop and mains charger in the passenger seat beside me. It was too good to leave behind. Once I charged it up at the house I'd move the files onto an external drive and dump the old computer.

As I came up to the electric gate, I stopped and clicked the little remote I had found in a drawer in the main bedroom. A second or two after, the gate rolled back to admit me. I clicked it again as I rolled past it, keeping out any unwanted animals. Now that the power was back up, we had a pretty secure base of operations.

I took the car right up to the front door to unload the supplies easier. Dan swung open the door and rushed out to see me. I got out and picked him up and kissed him deeply, tongues intertwining, feeling the heat of sexuality as I remembered Roberts examination videos and what Dan would have looked like in one of them.

I managed to break for breath.

'Did you find anything good?' he asked, breathless. I got the walkie-talkies.

'Now we can keep in touch when we go loading up on supplies' I said handing him one.

'Cool' he fiddled with it 'it's flat'

'Yeah, don't worry, I got the charger for them too. Plus we got all this stuff that needs to be unloaded. You wanna give me a hand?'

'Yeah!' he exclaimed enthusiastically. As we unloaded the car he noticed the laptop 'what's that old thing for?' he asked, shocked that I'd bring back such an outdated and battered computer.

'Ah, that' I teased ' a lot of fun. I'll show you later'

'Alright' he said as he scooped up the laptop and charger and took them inside.


We had enough food for at least a month but it would be necessary to really stock up for the winter period. I filled the kitchen cupboards and fridge as much as I could and used one of the bedrooms on the first floor as a storeroom. By the time I was finished, all of the first floor rooms would be storerooms but for now we had enough to get by on.

I plugged in the old laptop and got it charging up and thought about showing it to Dan but as he crept up on me and wrapped his arms around my waist, I forgot about it and carried him up to the main bedroom in my arms and made love until the sun dipped below the horizon.