The Long Journey


This is an M M b story and is total fantasy. Please don't continue if either you are minor or closed-minded. Do let me know though if you enjoy – if you don't, please fuck off. I might add more if enough guys are interested. (I just like writing about big, uncut dicks.)

The sun glared down that hot and sticky August afternoon and Billy wondered if he’d ever get a lift on the near deserted Kentucky highway. He spotted a car speeding toward him and stuck out his thumb, wiping the grime from his forehead with his shirtsleeve. The car slowed, but only long enough for its occupants to gawk at the straining and sweaty youth on the side of the road. He saw them laugh as they drove past raising the dust and coating him once again. He swore for the dozenth time that day and turned, head down, trudging toward his distant destination.

Burt Travers and his brother were pissed off that day. Clem, the oldest -and smartest (though not by much) -of the two had always had a mean streak, and today was a bad time to fuck with him. He had just gotten fired from his $2.75 an hour job picking tobacco when the boss caught him with his big, greasy dick up his daughter’s snatch. Burt was pissed off because Clem wouldn’t let him at her first. He didn’t want any sloppy old pussy after his brother was through with it. He had a way of stretching them completely out of shape so that they weren’t no good for anybody but himself. He slowed down at a stop sign and checked both ways. On his left he saw somebody down on the old mill road, but he didn’t see the tired old mutt come trotting up on his right. He hit the gas while spinning the wheel to the left, sideswiping the dog and wiping its mangy arse all over the road.

Billy was getting tired. He’d been on the road for two weeks, hitch-hiking from Stewart, Maine to L.A. He hadn’t slept for two days - or was it three? - he couldn’t remember. His last lift took him over three hours to catch and only took him three miles- in the wrong goddamned direction. In the past week he’d slept in cattle cars, in a deserted barn, in a church and in a cave. He figured if he didn’t get a lift soon he’d pack it in for the day and find a place to camp out until morning. He heard the car before he saw it and doggedly turned around to take his hitchhiking stance. He spread his feet, hiked up his pants and pasted on his innocent, wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly face, and hoped to hell that the rednecks in the car would take pity and give him a lift.

The car slowed and then pulled over to the side of the road, dust rising in dense columns to coat everything as it settled back down. Clem had his door open and Billy inside, between him and his brother before the boy could even thank them for stopping. Within seconds the Chevy was back in third and they were roaring down the highway.

“Where ya goin’ kid?” Burt drawled between hauls on a warm can of beer he held squeezed between his big thighs. “We’re goin’ up as far as Chadwick if it’ll help ya any.” He appraised the young boy and glanced silently over at his older brother.

Billy was in the middle of the two men with his pack sack on the floor between his feet. Tired but happy, his eyes barely open, he clapped a hand on each of their thighs and smiled. “Thanks guys, I’ll go as far as you’re going,” he said and promptly nodded off.

Burt gazed back at his brother knowingly and grinned. Clem eased his muscular arm around Billy’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze. This one looked nice and young and Clem’s dick came to life in his work-worn over-alls. It poked out through a rip halfway down his pant leg and he pulled on the foreskin, squeezing out a drop of precome. He moistened his fingers and traced the contours of the sleeping boy’s lips. He brought his mouth next to Billy’s and licked the glistening fluid from his lips. He thought of all the things that he’d like to do with this youngster once they got him back to their camp, away from the highway.

There was a clearing in the middle of an evergreen forest and beyond a small stream where they had built a lean-to. It wasn’t much but it had a bed and a stove and they often went out there for weeks at a time. There had once been a gravel road nearby, but it hadn’t been used for ages - not since they shut down the mill further upstream, years ago. Nobody passed by there much anyway to notice if the moss was crushed or the branches disturbed. Clem hooked his hands under Billy’s armpits and easily slid him from the car and towards the shack. He got maybe two feet before Billy woke up and began to kick up quite a fuss. He was no match for Clem though who’d spent most of his youth working on his daddy’s farm and was built hard and strong.

Burt strode over and grabbing Billy by the ankles, flipped him onto his back and snarled, “You little punk, you wait and see what we got planned for you!” With this he grabbed Billy by the scruff of the neck and ripped his shirt wide open from collar to tail. He didn’t stop there either.

By this time, Billy was about ready to shit his pants. He’d had all kinds of rides up to now but this wasn’t really the kind of lift he was used to. Up until now he had mostly gotten rides with husbands and their wives. Sometimes the husbands were alone and sometimes their wives or the driver was single - usually a man (a crack-pot) or a woman (horny as hell) - but he’d pretty well been able to take care of himself.

They picked him up, one by either end and carried him struggling into the camp where they tossed him onto the bed. Burt took a handkerchief from his back pocket and used it to gag Billy’s mouth. Together they spread his arms and tied them to the iron rails at the head of the bed where he stared at them wide-eyed and trembling.

By this time Clem had his coveralls down and his big dick hanging out. There was precome leaking off of the end of his ample foreskin and he rubbed it into his cock head. He peeled back his skin and milked the cock until it glistened with his fluids. He puckered up his asshole in anticipation and hoped the kid had a nice fat dick to stick up there.

Burt was definitely in no kind of a hurry. He’d been saving himself for this one, you could say. He slowly and hungrily ran a big hand down the length of the boys writhing form, and grabbing the front of his jeans, tore them apart from belly button to asshole. He snapped the elastic of Billy’s jockeys and ripped them off. He brought them up to his face where he sniffed deeply, and then to his mouth to suck out the sweat and piss. He parted the boys’ young ass-cheeks with one massive paw. He worked up a thick gob of saliva and hawked it out, on, around and into Billy’s tender young hole.

Billy felt the hawker grease his crack and he felt a couple of Burt’s fingers working their way inside but by the time he got the fourth finger in, up to the third knuckle, Billy was completely out of it. He felt like he was taking the biggest crap of his life. His tight hole was being stretched and probed and his jaw ached from the greasy hanky that had been stuffed into his mouth.

Burt kept up his anal antics for some time. He varied between three fingers and a thumb to two fingers and a tongue to two thumbs and his nose. He sucked on that boy’s hole licking up the spit that leaked out and ran down into Billy’s crack. He scooped up first one ball with his tongue and then the other and c1amping his lips together stretched Billy's ballsac. He opened his mouth and sucked in Billy’s dick while probing deep inside his butt hole with his fingers.

Clem came around to where his brother was exploring the boys lower regions and stuck his own tongue alongside his brother’s fingers up Billy’s asshole. Burt poked around and then eased his fingers out and let Clem take them into his mouth one at a time to lick them clean. Together, their tongues explored the tight confines of his tender young hole sucking up and sharing the juices they were creating.

Billy had never had anything up his ass before besides his finger with a washcloth on the end of it or maybe the small end of a little bar of soap and to his dismay he found himself becoming excited by the hillbillies’ explorations. His young prick slowly stiffened and his balls tightened between his legs. He moved his ass rhythmically to meet the brothers’ onslaught and began to moan softly.

Burt eased himself around Billy and removed the spit-soaked hanky from his mouth. His massive dick dripped and Billy’s jaw tightened in defense. Burt took his cock in one hand and smeared the boy with generous dollops of precome. He rubbed his cock over Billy’s face leaving a moist, shining slick in its wake. Billy’s mouth opened tentatively and he found his tongue flicking against Burt’s abundant foreskin savoring the aroma of his heavy prick. His face was sticky from the man’s copious lubricant. He opened his mouth slightly and licked the drooling cock head. Something had awakened a hunger in Billy and he pressed his lips against the slippery cock. His throat opened and Burt’s manhood slid down an inch at a time until his balls knocked against the boy’s chin.

His hole opened and closed against Clem’s caresses and he pushed himself back against his face. Clem held Billy’s butt hole open with both hands as he explored inside with a delving tongue. He licked him from the head of his dick to deep inside his crack, intimately exploring his pubescent masculinity.

He squeezed and pulled on Billy’s nipples making them harden and swell. He took one between his lips and sucked hard, nibbling at it with his teeth. His prick lengthened and swelled as he bit down hard enough to make Billy groan.

The youngest of the two went around back between Billy's legs where he had unobstructed access to his asshole. He licked his lips as he spread Billy’s ass cheeks and washed his ass with his tongue. He could feel the young man’s sphincter clenching at him as he probed deep inside. He squeezed a drop of precome from his prick and smeared it against the boy’s virgin hole.

Clem went to the end of the bed and began rooting around in an old footlocker. Billy saw the glint of a straight razor and his eyes opened wide in terror. C1em sat beside the terrified boy and smiled. He pinched the boys foreskin and pul1ed his now limp penis straight out from his body.

‘It’s ok kid,’ he said. “We ain’t gonna hurt ya any.” He produced a can of shaving foam from behind his back and began lathering Billy’s crotch. He held the boy’s penis in one hand while he slowly shaved away the pubic hair. Billy spread his legs wide and raised them in the air and Clem shaved around his asshole. He wiped the excess shaving cream off with a wet cloth and moved back to inspect his work. Billy’s prick and nuts were smooth and pink and Clem then took a rawhide thorn and wrapped it around Billy’s balls and cock, tying it tight. Billy’s cock hardened and the veins stood out angrily. He moved his body under the brothers’ ministrations and his heavy prick slapped against his stomach. Clem took his own cock in his hand and stretched the foreskin wide open using both hands. He knelt over the boy and pulled his foreskin over Billy’s dick. He held both large cocks in his hand and pulled his prepuce halfway up the length of Billy’s dick.

He backed away and his penis freed itself with a loud sucking noise. Billy’s cock was smeared with Clem’s and his own precome and Burt fell to his knees and licked it up greedily. He swallowed the boy’s shaved member eagerly, spit and lubricant running down his cheeks and dripping from his chin. His brother moved around to where he was and licked the juice from his face. They lay together between the boy’s legs and went to work on him. They pressed their lips together with his prick in between and tantalizingly slid them up and down its length. Their mouths and tongues worked in unison and his smooth manhood was soon shining with saliva and precome.

Billy arched his hips and his throbbing cock stood out thickly from his body. Burt sunk his tongue deep inside the boy’s tight hole, holding the cheeks apart with his big hands. Clem worked his mouth around Billy’s swollen cock head nibbling his foreskin and sharing with his brother the fluids, which dripped down the cocks, distended length and into Billy’s crack. He pulled on his own cock and milked out generous drops of precome which he smeared into the boy’s asshole.

He knelt between Billy’s legs holding him by the ankles, his big cock oozing out around the boy’s hole and onto his brother’s face. He moved forward until his cock nudged Billy’s spit-slicked asshole. Burt moved his head aside to allow his brother access to the puckered hole and gave Clem’s cock a loving lick. Clem stroked Billy with the head of his big dick, sliding it along the crack of his ass and bringing it to rest against the shining ring of the boy’s rectum. He pushed forward and the massive head slipped inside causing Billy to gasp in surprise. He pulled back until his dick head was almost out of the tight hole and then eased it back in. Billy’s asshole tightened on each downward movement and he tried to relax his muscles.

Burt brought his mouth back to where his brother’s thick cock held the boy impaled helplessly. He licked around Billy’s anal ring and along the length of his brother’s cock his saliva further lubricating the big shaft. Clem began a slow descent into the boy’s depths as Burt continued sucking at his brother’ s cock and licking around and in Billy’s wide-stretched hole.

Billy began to relax his ass muscles and looked down and saw that the older guy had his thing about halfway up his hole. He began to move his hips forward as the huge cock inched its way inside. He had felt a dull throbbing in his guts earlier, but as the cock pushed deeper, the pain disappeared and was replaced by the most intense feeling he had ever experienced. His hole was a1most completely full when he plunged his hips forward taking the man’s cock to the balls.

Clem rocked gently against the boy’s body, his massive cock buried deep in his gut. He withdrew slowly, almost coming free and then slowly pushed forward, inch by tantalizing inch as Billy moaned in pleasure.

Burt went to the iron posts of the bed and untied Billy’s arms. His brother slid down on the bed holding the boy by the hips and sitting him down on his long, thick cock. Billy squatted over the older brother and slid his tight ass up and down the big shaft. Burt got back on the bed and stood in front of Billy, his fat cock bobbing before his face. Billy opened his mouth and tasted a drop of precome that leaked from his foreskin. He snaked out his tongue and inserted it between the prepuce and the cock head. He reveled in the heady aroma and skinned the foreskin back to lick the cock head clean.

“That’s it kid!” he moaned, “Suck on my big cock!” He held Billy by the back of the head and shoved his prick deep into the boy’s throat. He backed away and a long string of precome stretched out between his cock and Billy’s mouth. Billy grabbed him by the balls and took each one into his mouth squeezing his thick cock at the base.

Clem held Billy by the hips as he pumped his big shaft into the boy’s tight hole. He reached around the boy and fondled his dripping prick. He arched his back and moaned as his cock spewed out jet after jet of hot sperm into Billy’s asshole. With a final shudder he relaxed and lay back on the bed with a contented sigh.

Billy raised his ass from the softening cock and lay on his belly beside Clem with one arm across the man’s muscular chest and his leg across the flat belly.

Burt crept between his brother’s thighs and licked the drying come from the big dick. He spread Billy’s ass cheeks and lapped at the liquid, which oozed thickly out of the boy’s hole.

He inserted his long tongue and sucked out the creamy fluid cleaning Billy’s tender hole of all traces of his brother’ s big load. He moved up beside Billy and kissed him deeply. Billy’s tongue explored the other’s mouth and they hungrily shared the last drops of Clem’s sperm.

They lay together on the bed. Clem snoring softly and Burt gently caressing Billy’s smooth body. Billy still had the rawhide tied around his cock and he raised his hips in an effort to reach the man’s hand. Clem untied Billy’s swollen dick and aching balls and Billy heaved a sigh of relief. His testicles had swollen to almost twice their normal size and ached for release.

Burt spread his raised legs and began fingering his puckered asshole. He smiled at Billy in his most provocative manner while pulling on his huge piece of meat. Billy slid between his upraised legs and rubbed his cock between the man’s quivering ass cheeks. Burt hunched his ass forward and Billy’s dick slid it inside. It was a roomy hole but since it was Billy’s first he was excited just the same. He shoved his big cock into Burt’s chute while playing with the man’s cock and balls.

Billy was young and pretty inexperienced, but he learned fast. In no time at all he had the younger brother spinning and bobbing on the end of his young prick. Burt was really into getting fucked and he sucked on his dick with his talented asshole. Billy took Burt’s cock into his mouth while humping him deeply and leisurely. He withdrew his dick and then plunged forward, his shaved balls smacking sharply against Burt’s crack. Burt began moaning uncontrollably just as Billy felt his sperm rising from his balls. He lowered his head to Burt’s cock just as it began gushing, and swallowed the thick, salty load. His own young dick began spewing into Burt’s hole and he pushed deep inside. They remained locked together, Burt’s legs thrown over Billy’s shoulders and Billy’s tender young cock softening in Burt’s asshole.

Burt began snoring in unison with his big brother Clem, one arm thrown lovingly across his chest while Billy gathered up his things to go.

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