This is a story that is partly true. If you are under the age of eighteen then please leave as you should not be reading this. If it is illegal to read a story such as this in your area you do so at your own risk and must take all consequences that may happen. No animals or people were destroyed in this story in fact the people involved enjoyed the activities that are described. Many parts of this story are still in my imagination and while I would love them to be true they did not happen. I would appreciate your emails as to whether I should continue with the "I" in this story. All mail will be answered but of course any flames will be ignored. The story adds to " The way forward" in the Nifty Archive.

I was now fifteen. My birthday party had mostly been with friends that had grown with me but I had gone my own way, Most of my school friends had no idea as to my sexual preferences and what I had been doing almost every day. I could not have Maurice join us as his life was very gay and he would be obviously different and probably be a cause for ridicule to some of my friends. I was thrilled to see Paul and Graham at the party. They were similar in age to me and I realized that my parents thought that they should be invited, as I was a friend of theirs. Little did they know how close I was to both of them. The party was fun and I enjoyed a good night with my straight friends, knowing that Graham and Paul were watching and waiting for them to leave.

I did not realize that both Graham and Paul had worked out how to reward my birthday with the two of them sleeping with me. My parents thought that I was having a sleep over with all of the boys that they had invited. Everybody left leaving Graham and Paul joining me in my bedroom. This was to be the sleep over. I was so pleased that my other friends had left and now I was alone with my sexy pals. Graham had his cock out of his pants almost as soon as I entered the room. Paul was a little more reserved. He waited playing with his beauty in his tented shorts. What was I to do? I knew that this present would be the best of the night.

Graham urged me to suck his dick. I could not resist his advances and swallowed as much of his 9 inches as I could. Paul wanted my arse and felt me up putting some fingers inside of me. I was on fire. Both of my buddies wanted to fuck and suck and enjoy me.

The best was yet to come. Colin walked into the room. He pulled his beautiful foreskin from his pants and waved it towards me. Graham left my mouth and looked at Colin. He opened his mouth to him taking as much of his cock into his mouth as he could.

Here were the best people that I could trust to make me totally satisfied and I could have their spunk in any part of my body at will. Paul had a plan that I did not know. He asked me to lie on top of him face up and take his cock into my well-lubed arse. This was new as I had never lain on top of a Fucker and felt a cock enter me as I looked at the ceiling. I followed his plan and loved his thrusts into my wanton body. I felt Paul inside me and his hardness as usual made me want to spunk up.

A new twist to this situation occurred as Colin, who was now wet from Graham's mouth, moved to lie on top of me, stomach down and cock at my already filled arse.

He put a finger into me against the hardness of Paul and pushed. This was followed by another and another digit. I was really full and realized that he wanted to fuck me along with Paul. I freaked out at the thought of two cocks in my young arse. They had worked out how to do it and all that remained was for Colin to remove his fingers and shove his foreskin inside me. He would lie beside Paul's cock and then they would both fuck me. I shivered and held onto Paul asking him if that was what he wanted. He urged me to try and if it hurt too much then he would fuck me by himself. He wanted to feel Colin rub his cock inside my arse and then they would both cum into me. I was scared but the idea of both cocks shooting into me made me rashly agree.

Colin placed his big foreskin head along side Paul's balls as his cock was already inside me. He pushed against my arse ring and I felt his head enter me. Paul moved and started to fuck me in his usual gentle way. This allowed Colin to move forward and put more of his powerful cock into my passage. I started to open and panted as I felt Colin put more cock inside me alongside Paul's penis that was already deep in my bowels. Colin was big and usually as much as I could take. Now I had two cocks inside me, Paul right up and Colin close to final entry. I pushed back as if taking a shit. This made everything easy for Colin and Paul. I felt Colin's big foreskin deep inside me next to Paul. I had managed to take both boys and my body was accepting the pain and because they both hit my prostate I started to scream with delight. The pain turned to enormous pleasure. Both boys held their cocks inside me and stopped fucking. I was so full and excited I pushed back and down onto the cocks. This caused all of us to become very excited and the fucking commenced in earnest.

I heard Paul scream at Colin that the thrusting was making his cock build to a climax. I was pushing back fucking the two boys and waiting for their cum. I did not have to wait very long. I felt two cocks heads enlarge especially Colin's and commence cumming inside me. Both cocks were so deep and the feeling of two loads of spunk shooting into me at once was overwhelming. I pushed back and screamed at the pure joy of being fucked this way. We all collapsed. Paul and Colin stayed inside me as they lost their erections. I held their cocks in my abused arse and felt sad as Colin pulled his foreskin out. Paul moved around inside me but he had lost his erection and his cock left me. I was in a trance. My arse was sore and cum seeped out of me.

Graham had watched this and his cock was so erect and glistening with pre-cum that I had to have him fuck me. Graham's big nine inches entered me and moved inside my well-lubed arse from the two cocks that had spunked into me. He thrust deep inside my boy cunt and kept proding and pushing. I pushed back against him and loved the fuck that he was giving me. I felt his cum and he held me closely and asked if I was okay. I started shooting spunk and pushed back onto his dick. It felt so good to be the recipient of two cocks at once and then Graham. I had cum leaking down my legs and a very loose, sore arse. I wondered whether the double fuck would cause me problems later.

The cum flowed from my arse as I tried to walk to the toilet. I was so, so, sore. I was full and hurting. I found the seat of the loo and sat letting the cum and shit pour out of me.

I let the three boy's juice escape my bum with farts and shit even some blood after the double fuck. I leant back against the toilet cover and grabbed my cock and balls holding tight to my love machine.

This had been one night that I wanted to remember. Being double fucked and then taking Graham was awesome. I felt between my legs and then my boy cunt. I was slippery and still shitting cum. I pushed a finger into my well-fucked arse and moved it around my insides. I quickly moved this finger to my mouth tasting the spunk that had been fucked into me. Again I pushed back and another load of spunk and goo left me into the bog hole. I had been beautifully fucked and filled with boy juice.

I wiped up the mess and cleaned up the loo. I could not change the smell of fresh cum that lingered in the small room. I loved it and slowly walked back to the bedroom.

My friends welcomed my with hugs and caresses. I feel onto the bed and they gently covered me with a rug and climbed in beside me. We lay there as one. I felt hands playing with me and rubbing my body. I felt Colin's lips on my cock. He worked me up and I finally shot a great load into his mouth. He smiled at me, turned to the others and then we all fell asleep.

I slept for an age and woke when I felt a hand massaging my very sore bum. It was Graham. He wanted to know if I was still hurting. I was and suggested to him that I would suck him but a fuck was out of the question until I could regain some strength in my anal muscle. Graham moved behind me and licked and sucked my very sore anus. He managed to suck the last spunk particles that were inside me and made my backside feel less sore than it had last night.

I kissed him and fell asleep.

We woke together about two hours later. Paul and Colin cuddled me and Graham started to suck my bum again. What a beautiful way to start the morning. My three friends felt for me and wanted to be sure that I was not too hurt after the fucking of the previous night.

I loved this gentle feeling and Graham's tongue in my arse. The soreness decreased and Graham's spit and continued sucking helped lubricate the pain. Paul and Colin felt me from my head to toes. I squirmed as I lavished in the wonder of their fingers that helped to heal the pain that I had suffered.

The three boys made me lie on my stomach and pulled my buns apart. They all licked and sucked my very delicate bud that had taken Colin's and Paul's cocks together. I pushed back on their tongues loving the moist feeling that they gave me. I was healing quickly and knew that I wanted some more heavy sex. My own cock was so hard and leaking pre-cum that I had to have some release. Graham saw my difficulty and urged Paul to take me in his mouth while he continued to eat my arse.

Colin put his wonderful foreskin into my mouth and suddenly I was coming into Paul. I shoot about six strong spurts into his throat.

Graham kept sucking my bud and Colin fired a very large load of fresh boy cum into my mouth. Wow! I belonged to these boys and wanted to feel, suck and be fucked by them whenever it was possible. We collapsed in a heap and rested for some hours.

I woke slowly and moved their arms and now small cocks from my body and walked to the bathroom. I felt better in the bum and needed to piss and shit again. I sat on the loo and pissed. I put two fingers inside my arse and felt the spittle that Graham had sent into me over the night. I marveled at the feelings that he had given me and the wetness that had subdued the aches that I had earlier. I was ready for more cock in my mouth or inside my boy cunt. I did not have long to wait as Graham came into the bathroom and asked me how I felt. I simply reached for him and held that wonderful nine inches in my hand. I knew that I wanted to be fucked again and his lube would help me take it completely.

He was far more gentle and considerate than I expected. Graham had a bottle of KY in his hands and spread my hole with large amounts of this cold liquid.

He felt me up and pushed the juice into my arse. I was so excited and thankful for the fingers entering me and relaxed into his arms. He was fucking his fingers into me and this spread the KY well into my passage and prepared me to be fucked again. I loved it. I lay on the floor of the bathroom and offered my puckered arse to him. Graham put the head of his mighty cock at the entrance of my throbbing arse and very slowly pushed into me. I felt him expand my ring and then enter my tight tunnel. He slowly fucked into me, resting often and waiting until I was ready for more. I pushed back and finally felt his balls settling against my hole. I felt good and knew that I was about to be fucked again by this wonderful cock. Graham waited for some time for me to settle onto his cock. I moved back and urged him to thrust into me harder and faster. Graham took over, fucking me in his usual deep and urgent fashion. The head of his cock expanded and I felt his load saturate my bowels and because he again hit my prostate I shot and shot globs of cum. I loved Graham's spunk and what he did to me. Now I again had his rich boy cum in my boy pussy. Graham slowly pulled back and left my arse. I held on to him and we kissed. I felt so good and well fucked that all of the pain of the cocks last night passed away. Graham was such a wonderful fucker and I loved him.

I knew that he fucked girls and boys equally but I wanted him to like me better. We stayed on the cold floor for some time. He suggested that we return to bed and enjoy the warmth of the other boys and maybe as morning continued I would have more boy spunk in my mouth and arse. We did this and seemed to role into a big ball. Me holding Graham and feeling two lovely boys who had fucked so much cum into me last night. I feel asleep in Graham's arms.

We woke to a smelly ball of legs, arms, cocks, faces, bums and torsos. The odour of sex permuating the room. The blanket was damp with sweat and the sheets had large stains displaying the events of the previous night.

I sniffed the air with delight enjoying the musky smells that only boys provide after a hot night those copious amounts of cum stains on sheets and crusts on parts of bodies can give. We held each other in wonder at what had transpired.

Graham suggested that we shower and try to return the room to normal. We agreed and headed towards the bathroom. What a glorious sight, a bottle of KY sat on the floor and a faint smell of the mess that I had created the night before met our noses. I was still hurting but in better shape than the earlier visit. I remembered the fuck with Graham on the cold hard floor. He looked at me and grinned, pointing to his semi hard dick.

The other two realized that they had missed something and asked about the bottle of KY. I told them that I had taken Graham after cleaning up from our double fuck and then the single fuck last night. Paul asked me whether I was still sore. A little I said but not enough to prevent me exploring anything that is on offer.

I thought about the time and the fact that my parents were on the other side of the house and would wake soon if they hadn't already. I certainly did not want them to become aware of the orgy of last night so I suggested that we needed to clean up and go down to breakfast as was expected.

The shower was large but not big enough to accommodate all four. I turned on the taps and Paul joined me. We washed each other pausing on cocks and bums. I had to take another load in my mouth and Paul gladly fed me his warm morning load. Graham took his place and did the same. Colin felt me up and rubbed my arse bud. I had to have him again but quickly. He lubed me up with the KY and gently fucked his morning load into my back passage as Graham kissed me and Paul sucked me off. I was full of cum again!

We knew that enough was enough at this time. I was so well fucked and full of cum down my throat and up my back passage that another trip to the pan was needed. The others watched as I let loose. I backed into the shower to clean up and then chased the others back to my bedroom to straighten up our mess. We achieved this just as mum tapped on the door telling us that breakfast was ready. I sprayed the room with an air freshner and dressed quickly along with the others. We polished up well and raced to the breakfast room. I knew that the three boys had things to do at home that morning so after eating and washing the dishes they said goodbye and thanked me for the party treats. I walked back to my room.

Mum told me as I passed her, what fine polite boys they were. She would not have said that if she had witnessed the night's activities. I was excited and very pleased with all that had happened and lay on my bed re-playing all of the events that had occurred. First the double fuck then Graham and Graham again in the bathroom then the shower this morning. What had I become? I knew I was gay and could not stop myself taking cocks inside me or sucking spunk down my throat. This was the most exciting time that I had ever had since I started sex play when I was thirteen. I realized that I loved the three boys but was it only for sex?

This was a puzzle as I had given every part of my body to them and they to me except I have never fucked them. Somehow I did not want to, I wanted them inside me. I slept.


Mum called me for lunch and asked me how late we had stayed up and was I okay to mow the lawn and do some chores in the afternoon. I told her that I would and yes we talked throughout the night. I thanked her for the party and tried to think about other things rather than the sex that had taken place.

I decided to attend the local picture house that night. The film was `Requiem for a Heavy Weight'. A boxing film that would display big men punching each other. I bought a ticket and found a seat near the front. I turned around to see the row behind me and caught sight of the most beautiful boy, almost the same age as me, watching the pre- main movie. Interval happened and I walked outside to have a smoke. I saw this Venus doing the same. He was leaning against a wall smoking and looking gorgeous in his white jumper and slender Grey long pants. I lit a cig. and looked at him.

He watched me and smiled looking at me and I realised how much I wanted to feel him and make love to his body.


Interval was over. I returned to the row in which I had a seat and then decided to sit next to him. The lights were out and the picture began. I watched for a while and then pushed my leg against his. He pushed back. Soon we were hard up against each other. I put my hand on my thigh and pushed my hand against his leg. He did the same.


Little fingers touched and then whole hands. He let me feel his thigh and then felt mine. He moved up to my enlarged basket holding my cock and balls. I could not believe his touch and then the feelings that he gave my very hard cock as he squeezed and pulled me. I felt him. His cock snaked around his thighs, fat and long. I held and played with his beauty for the whole length of the movie. He did the same to me.

When the film finished we left the theatre. I followed him and he told me that he had to meet his sister and go home but could meet me next week after he had attended the Air Scout Group. I agreed and promised to see him on the following Thursday night at 9-30. I spent the next few days pulling my cock and shooting cum everywhere. I created a mess wherever I went. Each toilet I visited saw a load of my spunk in the pan or over the walls as I thought about Thursday night.

I stood near the place that we were to meet. We were both nervous and headed to the toilet near the hot-dog stall that was our meeting place. He stood at the urinal and pulled his large cut cock from his pants and looked at me. I did the same and let him look at me. I told him that my house was close by and that if he had the time we should go there. He had half an hour before the train and would love to go with me.



We ran home and rushed to my bedroom. I felt him as he felt me. He wanted to suck my cock as I did to him. We had a quick sixty- nine and then he pushed his young arse against my very hot cock. He asked me to fuck him. I did and shot a great deal of spunk into his schoolboy arse. He was so sexy and he spunked up as I fucked him. The cum went all over my sheets and I knew that I would sleep sliding on his cum. We arranged to meet the next Thursday and this was to continue for the next two years.

During this time I fucked his mouth and bum whenever we met. I loved Thursday nights.

I spent much of my fifteenth year with my new gay friend Maurice from the rape of fourteen. We had some sex but spent most of our time together talking about the beauties that we saw and wanted up our arses. I was enjoying someone who had the same desires that I had and able to discuss my intimate thoughts with a kindred spirit. I was so thankful that he had taken me from the toilet of my shame and had spent a day holding and comforting me after my dreadful experience. We were good, close friends and I always felt that I could tell him everything. I did take his cock in my mouth and arse as he did to me. We both enjoyed doing this but it was not the same as the excitement of strangers, especially boys or men. I enjoyed boys but I really hankered after men.

I had felt many men inside me last year and this year, some entering me through the hole in the hole in the toilet. I wanted more. I needed to have a man put his cock into me and hold me as he fucked his load into me. I loved Paul, Graham, Colin and Steve but I needed more. I needed a man who would pleasure me and let me melt into his arms as he fucked and then hold me all night.

I discovered a Sauna bath in our town. I gained the courage to go there and stripped locking my clothes in a locker. Towel -clad I entered the dry heat-room and found a place to lie on the wooden racks. I was able to see the bodies around me and one was next to my space.

A man with a very well endowed cock that he had no problem letting everyone and me see. It was beautiful, long and fat and covered with a meaty foreskin. I lay on my rack and let him see what I had. He placed his hand over my cock and balls and asked me if I had had some dinner and would I like to join him and he would like to take care of me later. I agreed. We left the Sauna and ate at a cafe that he liked. We went to his place. I had a shower and entered his bed. I had been with boys, even taking two cocks at once. Never had I been in a bed with a man of at least 50.

I was scared again but remembered my experiences with the boys and thought that I was prepared. I was wrong! This man kissed me and put his tongue into my ready mouth. I sucked him and he sucked my tongue as I entered his mouth. I trembled with the pleasure that this man was giving me. He was big and strong and had so many manly smells. He urged me to suck his pre-cum oozing cock. I gladly did and licked his skin and tasted his heady pre-cum. This was a lot stronger than the boys that I was used to. I knew that he would fuck me and give me the cum that I could not suck from his cock as he wanted something else.

He pushed me onto my side and I felt his mammoth cock enter my ready bum. I squirmed and hurt as he fucked into me. But the cock kept moving. I wanted him. He pushed the head through my muscle and then pushed into me as I pushed back until I had all of his cock inside me. I then fucked him as he fucked me. He was inside me for at least 30 mins. Every time he was close he stopped and held his cock inside me. I screamed for more. He gave me more and still held back from cumming inside me. I was so frustrated as every boy who fucked me always shot quickly, even Paul. He held back again.

By this time I was furious and further frustrated. I fought for this man's cock and wanted his cum. He played with my cock while still inside me. I was a mess, still no cum and a hand on my cock. I pushed and quivered. Nothing I could do made him shoot. He finally told me that he was going to cum and that my arse was a treasure. He increased his thrusts and fucked his cum into me. I shot a great load into the air and realized that he wanted me to have the best orgasm that I have ever had as his cum entered me. I did, I felt his cock leave my boy cunt. He slid out slowly leaving me with that empty feeling that I had learned to hate. I had never felt a man of his age give me so much pleasure. He was not pretty, but he sure made me happy. I loved the spunk up my arse and the long fuck that he gave me before he shot. I finished the fuck by sucking all the juices from his foreskin. He held me in his arms kissing my lips, neck and tits. I was so satisfied by the sensations that I had received that I demanded more.

He obliged by putting his semi hard dick next to my passage and as he became hard he entered me again. I pushed back and took his cock deep inside me. He held me in a warm embrace and did not fuck. I enjoyed his hardness, as we feel asleep.


In the morning I knew that I had to return home and prepare for school. I felt him move his limp penis against my moist bum. I wanted him to fuck me again. It was 6 a.m. I had to leave by 7. I sucked him to a very solid erection. His foreskin was back behind the head and already his pre cum was leaking from his tip. I sat on his beauty as he woke. I fucked him and he got the message and pushed into me.

I felt him give me his morning load deep inside my boy cunt. I loved the juice and shot another load of cum into the air. I left the man thanking him for his cum and the great night that I had

I managed to return home to dress for school and eat some breakfast. Mum had no idea that I had not spent the night at home. I went to school very full of sperm and now a love bite on my neck. Steve spotted this and asked me about my night. I told him about my exploits and the cock that had fucked me. He wanted to feel me and fuck his cum into me to combine with the man's sperm. I always loved Steve fucking me and loved the idea of his cock spraying cum into me after a man had fucked me. We met at lunch and went deep into the bushes that surrounded the school. I wanted to be naked with him and

him with me. We stripped. It was a great turn on as Steve had a glorious teen body. He had a wonderful foreskin cock, swimmer's body and beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair that excited me.

I immediately took his foreskin into my mouth and sucked hard. His skin was down allowing me to suck his fiery head. The throbbing head and secretions that were there made me gulp more of him into my aching throat. Steve fucked my mouth telling me how much he loved the attention that I was paying to his cock. I spat and lubed his head wanting him to fuck me. Steve turned me around and planted his cock against my bud. He pushed, I pushed then he entered me. I felt his cock enter my passage and moved against the cum that I was still carrying. He fucked me for some time. It was awesome. I loved his teenage cock inside my arse.

Finally he could not hold off from shooting his cum into my very receptive arse. I felt the spurts and pushed back welcoming the spunk that was being fucked into me. He shot a considerable load into my arse and then held me tight. We were naked and warm as body met body. Steve left my bum as his cock slackened. I wanted more! We had no time, as the lunch hour was about to expire.

I felt so used and in love with the man and Steve. I wanted more and urged Steve to do me again after school. He agreed and suggested that we meet in the same bushes. I could not wait. My arse was on fire and the cum that he had given me would lubricate me for another long and enjoyable fuck.

My cock had grown and my arse was now very loose. I had fucked and been fucked almost everyday. Boys and men had pleasured me in every way possible way. I spunked up each day thinking about the joy of cum fucked into my mouth and arse. I became addicted to the thrusts and wetness that I took in my cavities. What a joy it was to be fifteen and know that men wanted me.

I spent some time in my favourite toilet. I enjoyed my young friends and gay mate but I wanted men. I sucked some cocks and felt a few fingers in my arse. This was not enough. I had to have a man with a big foreskin cock enjoy me. I wrote copious notes on the door urging men to fuck me. I wrote about my cock and ready arse pleading with them to meet me here after school. I described my now 7-inch cock and my need to be fucked by any cock, especially a foreskin. I read many replies but never met them when they said that they would be in the toilet. I was frustrated and often shot my teenage cum against the walls and wrote in heavy pen a description of my shooting and where it had landed.

Finally I scored some success. One day I sat at my side of the hole waiting for someone to come into the other cubicle. I did not have to wait very long as I heard the door shut and a man entered and pulled his pants down. My eye was against the hole and I saw a beautiful man cock, semi-hard with a long foreskin. He made himself hard in front of my eye and pulled at his skin sliding it back showing me a wonderful fat red head. I was in awe of this cock it was big. I had never seen such a beautiful tool. I found out later that he was 11 and a half inches and very fat. I wanted to taste this monster.



I could not take my eye from the hole as he continued to flash his cock at me. I could not stand the suspense any more and asked him through the hole to please come to me in my side and let me have him. He told me that it was too dangerous and if I wanted his cock I should meet him outside.

I raced out and met him in the doorway of the filthy toilet. He was dressed and showed nothing of the cock that I had admired. I was hot and very excited. The man asked me whether we needed a quick fuck in the bushes or could I go home with him. I told him that I had some time but must be home before dawn as I had to dress for school and appear to be normal for my parents. He understood and motioned me towards his car. I followed him noticing his big strides and solid build. He towered above me and looked strong and very male.

I sat in the passenger seat of his car and again became scared of the actions that I had taken with a stranger. This man was bigger and appeared to be stronger than any man I shared my body with and I was tense. He seemed to understand this because he talked to me quietly and patted my legs as we drove to his house. He assured me that if I did not want to do anything with him he would understand. He told me that most people ran away from him because the size of his cock frightened them.

I wanted to see it again and suck it. I really wanted him to fuck me but I was uncertain as to whether I could take his big cock. We reached his house and went to his bedroom. He stripped as quickly as I did. I looked at his monster foreskin and wanted him inside me. He felt me and sucked my teenage cock. I felt him and finally got that big cock into my mouth. The skin was back and the taste of his juices was all about him. Boy he was big! I had never taken 11 inches. Now I had my chance. I sucked as much of him as I could take his pre-cum into my throat sucking for dear life.


He felt my arse. That was what I wanted. I thrust back onto his hand urging him to put some fingers inside my bud. He had a small bottle of Vaseline and smeared my arse with a glob of this then pushed two chubby fingers inside me. He pushed his fingers away from each other and forced my arse to open to him. I was ready, so I thought. He had other ideas and reached back into his trouser pocket and found a lengthy rubber model of a cock. He held it against my mouth that was already full of his cock. He asked me to suck the rubber instead as he planned to get me ready for him by my taking this model, then his cock.

Would I suck and lick the rubber? I did and enjoyed the length down my throat. It was moist and easy to suck. He removed the toy from my mouth, added some Vaseline and then placed this cold item against my bum hole.

I understood that I needed to be stretched some more. He inserted this rubber cock into me. I pushed back enjoying the pleasure of a fuck even though it was not the real thing. I felt it slip into me even grazing my prostate. I squealed at the pleasure. He fucked it into me and pushed hard. I was full and loved the feel of this toy right up me pushing at my bowels. He increased the pressure and told me to try to take a shit. I did and felt the dildo enter more of me.

I was so engrossed with the pleasure that I did not want the toy to be removed. However he did and replaced it with the head of his cock against my anus. I knew then that I was in for one hell of a fuck. He slowly pressed the head of his foreskin into my arse muscle. I felt this enormous cock start its entry. I did everything that I thought would make it easy to take. Nothing helped. He was simply huge. I pushed back and squirmed around trying to find some easy place to take him. I had to give up and allow him to enter as he pleased. He was gentle and although this cock really hurt, I managed to take at least half of his eleven inches before I had to rest. He sensed this and held back from the thrust that I knew would complete his invasion of my arse. I panted somewhat and held half of his cock inside me. He was very patient and we must have stayed in that position for some minutes. I felt him move and push forward. I pushed back and accepted the pain and size of his weapon. I had never had such an arse full ever. We were still standing.

He held me and pushed me onto his bed. I lay on my back and watched his face contort as he fucked further into me. I threw my legs around his neck making my hole more accessible to his glorious cock. A further push and a push by me made it happen. I was full of his cock and ready to be fucked. I sighed as he started to move inside me. He pulled out and pushed in. I was so into this fuck and the feel of being completely taken that I surrendered my body to him.

He fucked me for an age and then shot a load of spunk so deep inside me that I felt that it was in my throat. I held his cock inside me as long as I could enjoy the hardness and the moisture that my bum had. He lost his erection and very slowly removed his beautiful cock from my arse. I felt a loss as he withdrew his weapon from my boy cunt. I looked at his member and licked the juices that I had enjoyed from his now depleted cock. He held me close to him and kissed me. I lay in his arms and felt so protected. I wanted more. My arse was sore again. I was full of cum and hurt inside.

In spite of this I loved the feeling of his stretching me and then pushing 11 and a half inches into my boy cunt. We were lying in his bed, warm and satisfied. I loved his cuddles and his strong arms holding me. I held his cock and he held me.

We slept for some time holding each other. I woke early and felt the man cock that had fucked into me some hours ago. I knew that I wanted it again in my mouth and arse. My tongue found his cock and my mouth found its way down the slack shaft. This did not last long as he stiffened to the feel of my mouth and extended his mighty cock into me. I had to have this monster inside me again.

I moved my tender arse above his cock and sat down on it. I could not take it all and held half inside my arse as I had done last night. He was more awake than I thought and held my body and pushed into me. I felt the might of his penis push further into me. Finally I took it all.

We stayed in this position for some time. Me holding 11 and a half inches up my bum and him holding me in an upright position with one hand, the other playing with my very hard cock.


I pushed back and urged him to fuck me. I felt some thrusts then grunts and groans as he moved inside me. I was beside myself. This very big man was fucking me and I could control his cock as I sat on it. He was so deep inside me and continually grazing my prostate as he moved. I could not stop the cum that I wanted to shoot. I pushed back and shot my cum and squeezed his cock. He came inside me, flooding my bowels with more spurts of hot man cum. I wanted to hold him inside me until daybreak. I could not do it, as his cock was so big that he had loosened my arse and forced some shit and cum that needed to be expelled from my arse into the toilet. I did this. What a mess, I let his cum flow from me and grinned as he entered the toilet to watch me. I enjoyed his hands run through my hair and his strong arms holding my upper torso as I continued to expel my arse juices.

He kissed me and told me that he had never had such a time before. I was such a tight fuck and he thanked me for taking his 11 and a half inches. I wanted him again and told him so. He asked me back the next day and wanted me to meet his friend. He thought that we would all enjoy a good sex romp. I wasn't sure but he assured me again that if I did not want to do all that was asked, he would stop and so would his friend.

I agreed to return the next day, after school. I had to leave quickly as it was already dawn and I knew that I would have to creep into my house and pretend that I had spent the night in my bed. He drove me to my street, kissed and felt me and then let me go. I was exhausted and sore. I managed to find my room and collapsed on the bed. I played with my cock and put some salve into my butt hole making it more comfortable.

At school I saw Steve. He knew that something had happened. I could not wait to tell him about the 11 and a half inches. He became very excited and wanted to see this big foreskin that I had described. I told him that I was to meet the man and his friend after school. Steve wanted to come with me. I thought that this was a good idea and I was sure that a foursome would be great.

We ran to the house at the end of the school day, very hot and excited. Steve had felt me up before we left the school steps. I was hot, hot! The man met us at the door and smiled as he realised what we both wanted. He took us inside and introduced his friend. He was many younger, tall, blondes haired and very handsome. He looked about 25 years old. I was immediately attracted to this new man. I wanted to see his cock. He noticed me looking at his bulge and started to play with his now growing cock.

I noticed that Steve was already holding my recent lover's cock and playing with it through his pants. I had to hold the new cock so I moved to this young blonde and touched his now very hard endowment. It was thick, thick, thick. Not too long but very fat. I opened his fly and pulled his weapon towards my mouth.

I loved the feel of his thick cock pushing into my mouth. He let me lick and suck it. I pulled more and more of his dick into my mouth. I wanted him down my throat. He was too fat so I had to be content in taking his weapon between my cheeks and stopping him hurting my throat.

I slurped on this hot-dog that I was taking and knew that I had to take it inside my arse. I made sure that he was well lubed with spit. I had prepared my arse before coming to the house with a good shot of KY and Steve had pushed more into me after school.

I downed my pants and gave this man a look at my rosebud. He reached for me and felt my well-used passage. I felt his fingers enter me. I sat back on his hand and fucked it. Steve and the other man were watching as they felt each other. I enjoyed their looks and asked the young man to fuck me. He withdrew his hand and placed the head of his very fat cock against my young hole. I pushed back and screamed as he entered me. His cock head was so big and the rest so fat that I was uncertain as to how to take his beautiful tool. The others watched as he simply pushed into me with no feeling for the pain that he was giving. I yelled out in agony as he filled my bum with his cock.

He gave me no respite and started to fuck me hard and fast. Steve tried to stop him but that only increased his violent thrusts into me.

I was being taken by the thickest cock and suddenly loved it. He was so forceful and dominant that I surrendered to his thrusts, my arse hole became so loose that I took the whole fuck willingly. He widened every part of my anus and pushed hard inside me.

Steve and the man watched this attack and shot cum all over me. This caused the young man inside me to fuck even harder and finally release his cum. I felt his head enlarge and then the moisture of his spunk deep inside my bowels. I clung to his cock and started shooting my cum. This caused me to clamp down on my invader. He shot even more and pleaded with me to push back. I did and felt more hot juice splatter my bowels. I was completely fucked. Sore and sorry but happy I felt his cock loses its hardness and soften inside me. I pushed back some more and held his cock in my abused but happy arse.

What a fuck. The others had watched and shot spunk all over me. They seemed to gather their strength and show me big cocks that I wanted to take immediately. I took Steve straight after the young man pulled out of me. He was always a good desert to any fuck that I had had. Steve slowly fucked his cum into me even though he had already shot.

I enjoyed the fuck from the young man and then Steve. My friend from the previous night still had an erection even after shooting copious loads of cum over me. I watched his eleven and a half inches snake up his body and seem to bounce across his stomach. He felt my arse and pushed three fingers up me. I knew that I had to experience the huge weapon that he had again.

I rolled onto my side still holding his fingers inside me. He fucked me with his hand grazing my prostate and making me scream with delight. The others watched and then started to pleasure me. The young man put his cock into my mouth and pushed it down my throat. Steve sucked me. The eleven and a half inches entered my expanded arse and I pushed back taking all of it in one push back onto him. I was fucked in the mouth, sucked and full of cock in my bum.

We pushed and pulled and vibrated to an incredible orgasm. I felt cum in my bum and mouth as I let go many strands of spunk into Steve. We collapsed on the bed. Me holding a mighty cock inside me and slowly releasing a cock from my throat.

Steve sucked and sucked my depleting hardness and kissed every part of my tool. He then kissed my lips and held me tight as the others removed their pleasure machines from my arse and mouth. I was very well fucked and had enjoyed a great orgasm inside Steve's mouth.

We held each other. I was the centre of attention as I had taken the cocks inside me. I was sore and very happy. Steve spat some of my cum into my mouth as he kissed me forcing his tongue deep into my throat. I loved the attention that I was receiving and cuddled everyone. Steve and I had to leave as school beckoned the next day and I had to look normal at home.

Our new friends thanked us and urged us to return for some more fucking very soon. We both agreed and planned to meet again next week.

I wanted Steve to fuck me and suck me the way that he had with the men, every school day. He did and the joy of Steve feeling me up through my fly and then fingering my arse in any classes that we had together made me more randy and wanton.

I took Steve many times at recess, lunch and after school throughout our high school life. He sucked a great deal of cum out of me as I took his warm spunk into my ready arse. We fucked and sucked whenever we could and shared our mouths and bums with any men that wanted them.

I had many experiences during my 15th year, none as good as Steve who loved me and fucked me with concern and tenderness. We tried every way possible to enjoy our juices and I loved the explosive feelings of his cum shooting into my mouth and up my boy chute.

I lost Steve later and then feel in love with Don. I would be sixteen soon and my bum was ready for an exploration that would give me even more pleasure. I grew during fifteen to a good 7-inch fat cut cock and a reasonable build. I was not tall and handsome but I seemed to have enough looks to attract men and boys. I was ready for a love affair that would affect my life.

Maurice showed me a lot about they gay life that he knew. I followed him and sought many men that he had fucked with. I enjoyed many cocks inside me and spent hours shitting the cum out of my arse that I had become used to. One late night I met Don. He was tall, blonde and frankly beautiful. I wanted him. We danced together in a gay club. He was as drunk as I was and we both ended up in his bed in his rooming house.

Don was different. We both slept deeply after a very drunken party. In the morning I woke to the day holding this beautiful young man in my arms.

Don was simply gorgeous. I felt his chest and moved to his stomach and then his cock and balls. He had a large set of bullets in his sac and his cock was half-hard and uncut. I was delighted and took his member into my mouth. He woke shaking me and then fucking my mouth. I took his youthful cum into my mouth. We lay in bed for some time. I wanted his bum and slowly felt him and pushed against his rosebud. I licked some fingers and pushed them into his beautiful arse. Don told me that he had never been fucked and I would be his first. I held him and felt his bum as I prepared him for my entry. I slowly worked the head of my very large cock around his wet hole. I pushed the head through his tight anal muscle and held him as he screamed with the pain that it caused. Slowly and carefully I entered Don I was past the difficult entrance and pushed into his canal. Don pushed back taking my big cock. I pushed further into him and he relaxed against me pleading me to come and finish the fuck. I prodded deeper into him and hit the gland that I wanted him to enjoy. I managed to scrape his prostate and force some cum from his erect cock. This caused Don to move back quickly and firmly against and onto my cock that was embedded deeply inside his back passage.

I was up to my balls inside this wonderful boy and I loved his rocking against me. He screamed his enjoyment to me and pushed harder against my cock that was now trapped by his tight arse muscles. I was close to cumming and told Don that if he kept pushing and clenching that I would cum. He lost control of himself and pushed and shoved against my large cock. He demanded my cum and started to shoot his over the sheets.

I lost control and started shooting cum inside his virgin arse. He pushed back and moved hard against my cock as he felt the moisture that I was making enter his bowels. I fucked harder and made sure that Don understood what a good fuck was. He shook and trembled as he took all the cum that I had made from my very enlarged balls, deep inside his bum. I fucked every shot into him and held him tightly as his arse held my cock deep inside. I did not want to leave him, nor did he. We moved away from the fuck and held each other throughout the night.

My fifteenth Year was very exciting and full of sex. I now loved Don and was to enjoy his sex for some time during the next year. Things changed during the year when I met Ross. However this is a new story and part of my constant seeking sexual partners. I was very wanton and sexual. I always wanted big cocks to suck and fuck. This was every moment of every day. I spent hours in the local toilets watching and waiting for men or boys to fuck me or let me suck their cocks. I had many and loved their spunk inside me.

Ross was to cause me to shoot into him and piss often and long into his eager mouth. We had a very sexy time that I enjoyed. His arse was very tight and ready for my cock and he took my cum into his mouth many times during the working day. Ross left me many years ago and now enjoys his hands pulling his cock and fucking himself with any dildo that he can find.