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~The Mountain Boylover


Lord of the Slums

I feel I must begin these stories with a simple piece of indisputable truth: I am not a good man. I make no excuses nor glamorous rationalizations for who I am or the things that I do. To be totally honest with you I see no reason to try and explain or normalize my life or the things that I do. I guess what I'm getting at is that if you are expecting me to in someway give you insight into what makes me, me, or for that matter what may be at the root of why you, are you, then you have sadly come to the wrong place. See, I have no great tale of abuse, or neglect, or sordid account of misguided youth to explain my predilections...I was not made this way, I simply am this way.

What follows this initial offering will simply be an accounting of the lengths that I have gone to to satisfy my lust and the lives that I have encountered along the way. Oh, if you're reading this hoping to find a solution to the aching hardness in your pants, a release for all that pent up man seed, a tool for which to coax that flow of cum that you so desperately want to spray all over your body as you collapse in a pool of sweat into your favorite jerk chair...then this is the place for you. Remember, I have no need to waste either your or my time with feeble attempts at romanticizing who we are or what fuels us. Yes, I say “us” simply because if you are still reading on then you're one of my kind... the others...the romantics and the fools have already left, cursing me as another of those dirty predators who just want to use young boys for their animal desires. Well...maybe I am...although let me be very sex is about lust and pleasure...never about pain or power.

See there...I got caught up there for a moment “explaining” myself. Well that will be the last of that.

About two years ago I decided that in order to get my needs met in a way that was consistent, secure, and most importantly required minimal effort on my part. I needed to create the perfect environment for which to ensure a constant crop of young flesh to devour where not only would their bodies be available to me at my whim but also where I could be assured total cooperation from those responsible for their care. Now since becoming the ruler of my own kingdom in medieval times was out of the question and frankly I have no taste for 3rd world fare or inclination to relocate, my options were limited. So I became the closest thing to a King that I could here in the good old US of A... I became a Slum Lord.

Now don't go thinking that this is another stupid story about some guy who is or becomes ultra rich and then buys his own private island where he has a stable of prepubescent boys to romp around all day, I come from lower middle class and have been enjoying my hardworking road to the mediocrity for many years. Believe it or not in this economy finding and purchasing property to convert into multifamily residences is not a difficult task. All it takes is some initiative, some brains for law and business, and the will power to do the work for yourself so that you can have complete control.

So here's how it all came about. I knew a couple of guys from high school who were pretty well connected in the meth and weed trade here in the mountains of NC. Being simple minded good ole boys they were doing ok at their game but could have been doing a whole lot better with some good planning and systems organization (something I'm pretty good at). So I helped them get organized, streamline their business and increase profits by 300%. In return I got a $100k consulting fee as well as a 5% vig each month and some help later on down the line with potential renter identification.

I was able to pick up two small, run down trailer parks outside of town and a single apartment building by the train yard. The trailer parks were simple to get whipped into shape. The key was setting up a certain standard for them that would pass inspections at a rate high enough to be considered one of “those places” by local authorities but not too good to attract a respectable rental clientele. In other words, the parks weren't nice...but they weren't dumps either. Both parks were located on public transportation lines which was essential. Both parks lay adjacent to private woods which I bought up the titles to as well. Each park had a small playground but no pools or anything high maintenance like that. The apartment building would take a little more work but only by a month or so. When I was finished each trailer park hosted ten two bedroom trailers and the apartment building had 6 single family two bedroom units. I had fully furnished residences at each which I used as my offices. I had all three properties wired for cable and internet which meant that no single tenant would have any reason to bring “workers” onto the property. I had linked all of the networks at each site together and had myself wired into each residence with full access to their systems if they had them as well as the grounds video surveillance system and more importantly some very specifically placed hidden cams in each residence. Static IP's and a server at each of my offices allowed me to wirelessly check into each property no matter where I was.

The next step was to populate the sites with the right kinds of residents. I began taking applications after advertising at the local laundry mats, the closeout grocery store and through my drug connections. I weeded out the obvious ill candidates like intact families, girls only households, teens...all the basics. And yes, I have no issue saying that I only selected certain ethnic groups. Look, to each his own and since I own the place... it's my call. Addicts, women on the run from abusive ex husbands and boyfriends, basically I looked for women with zero self esteem and the kind of moral compass that forever points south. In the end I was able to fill each site with enough fresh young talent to keep me busy for years to come.

Now you may be thinking, he gets to stock his hillbilly game preserve with tons of little hotties and then begins setting little seductive traps to lure them in, making sure that they keep the dirty little secret about their “special secret games” with the landlord from their sad excuses for mothers. But you see, I wanted something far more devious. I had no intentions on wasting my time seducing little boys with treats and special attention only to wait six months before maybe getting a chance to share an awkward pee out by the woods or the occasional groping of a squishy little bottom as I spun a little prince threw the air in some pretend long lost paternal moment. What I wanted, what I required, was absolute power to come and go as I pleased, with whomever I pleased. There would be no hiding of my desires or of my behavior. Everything would be out in the open and understood, and for that, I would need to not only have their mother's knowledge of my activities with their sons...but their absolute collusion.

It really wasn't fact it was much easier than even I thought it would be. The one thing that's always predictable about addicts and white trash women... 1) it's all about them and 2) they never change. Most of them hated their children and suffered them as burdens. It was actually quite sad to see most of the time...I actually felt sorry for a lot of them...but again, as I have made clear before...I am not a good man...and I never let my feelings get in the way of my plans. Still... I would be lying if I told you that I never developed a fondness for any of my boys and that that fondness never resulted in special attention.... but that is for another time. For each situation it was different but in most ways it was all the same. For some it was the rent being two months late, or the fear of the repo man coming to take everything they owned, or needing another fix to shake off the sickness. In any event it always resulted in the deal being made. Some reacted with immediate enthusiasm, some with fake disgust, some even tried to suggest blackmailing me … but they always had a change of heart when a simple phone call to my dealer friends reminded the ladies of the ease of which their twisted corpses could be lost forever amongst the endless nooks and crannies along the mountain side. In the end it always “worked out” and everybody got what they wanted or needed...well not everyone. See the money didn't matter. The properties were bought and paid for and the upkeep was generously managed by my cut of the local drug trade I helped to organize. So I was pretty much allowing the mothers of my brothel to live rent and utility free in exchange for the full, uninterrupted use of their luscious boys.

Whew....thought I'd never get all of that out of the way. Now some of you may be covered in a healthy coat of cock slime already just waiting for the good stuff to begin...and still some of you might have an itchy trigger finger on the left button of your mouse just beggin to hit the back button and haul ass on this “boring” piece of shit... but either way...the build up is's time to get it let me introduce you to some of the boys who have spent the last two years keeping my cock harder than a piece of granite.

Billy Jackson- Cedar Park/Lot 7

The first time I took Billy's cherry came about one week into my arrangement with his mother Susan. Billy was 10 yrs old, weighed about 82 pounds and stood about 4' 9”. He was a delicious hunk of a boy indeed having a nice rugged figure with some of his childish padding still on him and not too much muscle definition to ruin the child like beauty. His ass was plump and firm all in one and made my cock drool every time I saw him in the park. He had shaggy but thin blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He liked to roam around the park wearing only short cut off denims so his body had a nice tan tone to it. He had a mouth on him that could make a trucker blush and the first night he came to see me in my office trailer he proceeded to let me know how there “weren't no goddam fuckin way he was gonna do no faggot shit with me no matter how much money his whore mamma owed.” I simply smiled at him and laughed a little as I poured us both a shot of whiskey. I explained that “this” was going to happen whether or not he consented and that while I would certainly find some pleasure in being rough with him if he fought me on it... I would prefer to show him just how good I could make us both feel. He knew I wasn't kidding and backed off on his performance. He took the shot from me and slammed it immediately gagging from the burn.

“So whatta I gotta do?” Billy asked through eyes still watering from the shot.

“Well,” I said offering him another shot watching as he took his time with this one, “I think tonight we will start with a nice bath and get to know each other a little better”

“I guess that aint so bad,” he sighed.

“No it shouldn't be Billy,” I said taking his hand in mine and leading him towards the whirpool tub I had built into the spare bedroom of the trailer, “but have no doubt sweetheart that by the end of the night you'll have had all of my cock down your throat and have a tummy full of my cum”

I could feel Billy flinch as I pushed him into the large bathroom. In the mirror I could see the fear in his eyes and even detected a little shaking in his body. I took the first step and removed my clothes in front of him as the hot water flooded the large roman tub. I have no need to lie to you and tell you that I am some muscle bound Adonis with ripped abs and a horse cock. I really don't give a fuck what you need to picture me as to get off but please yourself. In reality I am about 6 feet tall and on the stocky side although I wear my weight well. I'm what you would consider a cub having a nice amount of hair on my body but not the belly or muscle to be considered a full bear. I pack about 5.5 to 6 inches of cut cock if I'm really turned on. I'm average thickness...nothing special but big enough to do the job and impress the little boys impaled on it for sure. Trust me...when you read about guys shoving 8 inch beer can cocks up the asses of young boys you can trust that they've never been anywhere near the insides of a 10 yr old. Think of it this way...take a ruler and cut it off at the 8 inch mark. Then the next time you are anywhere close to a boy just put that ruler up against his body starting around his ass and you'll get the picture.....

No, my endowment is perfect size for the little mouths and tight boy cunts I like to bury it in. To be honest...there have been more than a few times when I wished that I was smaller.

So by this time I was completely nude standing in front of one hell of a fine piece of mountain boy ass. I knew I had him when I saw his lips tighten a little as he stared at my cock.

“Do you like it?” I smiled at the stunned boy.

“I dont know,” he stammered a little at the end, all of his hillbilly bravado was gone, “I guess it's ok”

“Well let's see how you look underneath those clothes,” I moved towards him and he backed away. I grabbed him firmly by the wrist with one hand and with the other I tilted his head up by his chin, “listen Billy, remember what I said before...this is going to happen tonight, and it's going to keep on happening as long as I want it to, now I would rather you enjoy it but I can certainly handle it the hard way.”

“No,” he teared up a little, “we don't need to do it the hard way”

I released my grip and patted him on the arms, slinking back against the counter I watched him walk towards the middle of the room where I had disrobed and begin to pull his tshirt over his head. His torso was sublime with taught brown nipples and just a hint of baby fat still on his tummy. He paused for the briefest of moments before unsnapping his denim shorts and pushing them down his tanned legs. He wore no underwear and when he stood back up I was given my first eyeful of his short but chubby little boy meat. All of 2 and a half inches it was the width of a fat marker jutting out above a singular ball pouch. His boy balls were pulled together tightly in their sac, a mixture of the fear and anticipation no doubt. He was cut which is always a pleasant surprise as most white trash boys are not seeing as welfare supported health plans no longer cover circumcision. I would find out later that his grandmother had insisted upon it being a church going lady of the 1950's who would not have her grandson look like common trash just because his mother had gone down the path of sin and regret. It was a sweet piece of chub for sure with its ample ringmeat bunched up nicely behind a small pink head.

He made no attempt to cover himself up and I took in his whole body as my cock leaked onto the floor. He had been obviously playing hard today as his skin was spattered with dirt smudges and grass stains. His face was wiped clean so his mother must have tried to get him to clean up a little before coming over. I gave my cock a couple long strokes and it rose to full attention. I saw Billy swallow a little out of fear but noticed no change to the length or girth of his little member. I led him to the tub and helped him in. His faced screwed up somewhat at first in reaction to the heat but soon he melted into the soapy water. I had him come over and straddle my lap so that I could wash him. Our faces were very close and I could smell bubble gum on his breath which helped counter the dirty musk of his body. I cradled him with my thighs as I worked a soft wash cloth over his bare skin. He allowed me to wash him almost instinctively being not so many years out of the assisted bath time himself. One I had thoroughly cleaned his torso, neck, and face I replaced the wash cloth with my hands and proceeded to kneed his flesh as I worked another round of lather into his skin. I rinsed his flesh and noticed his nipples were now soft and slightly pouty. Billy drew in a sharp breath as my lips came in contact with the delicious brown skin on his right. My hands still rubbed his body and lowered to hold his beautiful globes as my tongue played with his stiffening nipple. I know it's hot and all to say that he was moaning in ecstasy and all but the reality is that children rarely moan and erotically groan unless you either tell them to...or they've been fucking for a while. No, Billy remained silent as I slowly, and methodically peeled away the layers of his innocence. I knew that it would totally ruin the mood and his relaxing if I went in for a kiss right now so I pulled away and had him stand up on one of the seats bringing his plump ass and succulent cock to the surface. I detected a clear growth in his little prick and commented on how hot it was.

“Really?” he sounded amazed but then quickly caught himself and quieted.

“Absolutely angel,” I gave it a gentle tug, coaxing it to grow even more, “this is a perfect cock for a boy your age”.

The whiskey and the heat of the tub were having their way with my new lover and he swayed a little as I continued my ministrations on his little morsel. I have to give it to the kid, I was impressed, he was definitely a grower and not a shower as his cock maxed out at an easy 4 inches long and a nice healthy thickness. I spent the next few minutes slowly soaping his lower half and cleaning away all of the remnants of a hard day spent at play. I heard him mumble something like 'oh fuck' as I used my hands and then fingers to properly clean his tiny rosebud. His boyhole was a delight to the eyes with its dark wrinkled surface which encased a pink, wet inner channel. I started with one finger and gently worked it into his hot little asshole. He resisted by nature and I kept up the pressure until my man sized digit was completely swallowed in his heat. I had had him bend over for this part of his bath but a combination of the whiskey, heat and invasion of his most secret of places resulted in him slumping down over the side of the tub and laying helplessly on the tile. Since I knew tonight would not be our first fuck I didn't bother with trying to stretch him out but instead slipped my finger out of his chute and immediately placed my mouth over his whole opening. My tongue quickly speared him and opened him back up while my lips and occasionally my teeth worked at his wrinkled opening. He was clean for at least an inch inside so my tongue detected no foulness as I gently massaged his inner ring. Here's another point of order with regards to boy love reality: I don't care how in to boy's cunts you are....shit does not taste good and only sick fucks find it hot to have a tongue coated in ass juice. That said, if the boy's cunt is clean and clear for at least an inch or so...well sir...then what you have there is a real treat. Hell...if he's shit free...I'll slap on a bib and stay all fucking day...

I noticed Billy's breathing become deep and realized that the heat and whiskey had knocked him out so I finished rinsing him off and got him out of the tub. Now I can carry my share of loads but let me tell you what...82 lbs of dead boy weight sucks to carry across a trailer. I got him to the bedroom without blowing out my back and laid him down on the bed. He was beautiful, laying there spread eagle on my bed. I grabbed my camera and took some shots of his body for later. Sure, I could make all of the porn with him that I wanted to when he was awake but there was something erotic about his sleeping form and I wanted to capture it. I crawled between his legs and took his soft cock into my mouth. He tasted like honey and vanilla and I tongue rolled his chubby cock within the walls of my mouth for what seemed like an eternity as his cock grew rigid. In his sleep he did moan every now and then and by the stiffness in his sac and his body I could tell after a while that he was reaching his climax. His hips began to involuntarily spasm as I brought him off with my mouth still locked on his meat. His eyes flew open as the dry orgasm rocked his body and grabbed at my hair, still reeling in his sensations. As he came down and came to he realized where we were and began mumbling as he struggled to get a hold on what had just happened.

“Oh fuck me,” he panted, “that was awesome!” he fell back against the pillows and I moved up to where I was straddling his stomach, my cock leaking globs of fluid onto his belly.

He knew what I wanted and looked up at me sheepishly saying, “I don't know what to do”

I edged forward and held my cock out to his waiting mouth. He stuck his tongue out and dabbed at the stream of precum leaking from it. Now lets just say that I've witnessed other boys giving head before and many will insist on their men wiping their cocks constantly so that there's no hint of juice as they recoil in disgust at its very presence. Well I would be having none of that. In for a penny for a pound. I didn't care if he liked the taste or not...wiping it off or spitting it out was never going to be an option for my slut boys and I made myself perfectly clear to him about it. I proceeded to wipe my cock all over his face...I even gave him a sweet mushroom stamp on his forehead which made him laugh. His laughter changed quickly when he realized that it was indeed showtime and it was time to get to sucking. He opened his mouth and I decided to be kind and only slip the head inside. He closed his lips over it and my body emitted a sexual charge that I could swear he felt. He was decent with respect to his beginner's technique although another reality to grasp when you are face fucking a 10 yr old is that their little mouths can only stretch so wide so you have to expect and be ready for the inevitability of some teeth. He got about two inches inside before struggling and I decided it was time to teach him how to bring it all home. He listened as best he could and when I pressed forward he attempted to swallow and open up his throat. This was going to happen tonight no matter what but like I said before, if given the option I would prefer this be pleasurable and not painful so I moved us into as better position so that he could come down on my cock as opposed to being under it. I warned Billy that we were going to go forward no matter what and he tried to relax as best he could. I held the back of his head in my right hand and told him to swallow as I impaled his throat on my cock. He sputtered and gagged as the head hit the back of his throat and continued right down his gullet. Again...reality check...take that ruler from before and place it parallel to a 10 year olds neck...get the picture. He strained and spasmed a little as he could not get air until I tapped on his nose and he remembered to breath through it. Tears flooded his eyes and his shook a little as the shock dissipated. I gave things a minute before stroking his hair out of his eyes and telling him he was being a good cock slut. I pulled out gently and then moved in again, this time with no struggle or reaction. Out of instinct Billy swallowed to clear the obstruction from his throat and the muscle massage on my aching cock was glorious. I continued to praise my new whore as I face fucked him for the next 15 minutes. When I felt my orgasm swiftly approaching I pulled out of his throat and instructed him to start sucking again on the first two inches. There was no passion or eroticism to his technique...remember again to come back to 10 yr old is suddenly going to become a porn pro. It didn't matter though as he milked my cock for all that it was worth. I warned him of my impending release and commanded that he swallow every drop. I did and he did and I let loose the biggest load in years.

When I was finished I invited him up onto my chest and instructed him to bring his cock to my mouth. He did and I took it in for the second time tonight, skillfully blowing him to another full erection. This time there was a change in his mood and he knew now what would happen at the end and how awesome it was so he was in a race to get there. I told him to fuck my mouth like I did his and he immediately obliged, pounding his crotch into my face. I stuck my finger into his open mouth and he instinctively began to suck on it, coating it with his saliva. Without warning I shoved the whole finger deep into his ass as it bounced back and forth from his fucking of my mouth. He let out a snarl as the finger showed no mercy on his tight hole. With every thrust he plunged into my wet mouth and on the way back he impaled my finger into his ass. One became two and he screamed that it hurt as my fingers stretched his opening. Never once did he stop fucking though which gave me the clear sign that he was finding more pleasure than pain in the invasion. Billy's leg muscles began to spasm and his legs shook with each thrust. I knew his body was going into overdrive and that he would not last much longer. He didn't and his body flailed on top of mine as another orgasm rocked him to the core. He soon collapsed on to me with my fingers still lodged in his ass. We lay there without words for about ten minutes. I could feel his prick go soft against my belly as I still massaged him from the inside. He never once said anything about it so I kept them there as we both drifted to sleep.

I awoke about an hour later and Billy was still laying on top of me with my fingers in his ass. He was awake and I took his failure to change positions or free himself from my intrusion as sign that this kid was feeling the love in his ass and had no plans to fall out of it any time soon. I told him to get off and he did, my finger popping out of his ass with an audible slurp. I told him to collect his things and to head home and that I would let him know when I needed him again. I don't do pillow talk boys...sorry about that.

A few days and a couple new boys later I noticed Billy hanging out near my office. I was checking the security cams around the property when I caught a glimpse of the little scamp as he darted around a corner cashing after a frog or something similar. I felt a noticeable twinge in my cock and thought it was about time to allow the little slut a repeat performance. I finished up with the security system and headed towards my office. Billy was squatting down examining his little slimy friend when I came up on him.

“Oh hey,” he said with a hint of startle as he stared up at my, squinting from the midday sun.

“Hi Billy,” I squatted down to his level, blocking the sun from his young eyes, “I think it's time you and I handled a little more business.”

“Ok,” he abandoned the frog without a second's pause and followed me into my office. When the door was securely shut he spoke again, “you're gonna fuck me this time ain'tcha?”

“Yes Billy I am,” I smiled slyly as he fidgeted with the belt loops on his dirty denims. His smooth chest heaved a deep breath as he resigned himself to the inevitable and slowly came over to me.

There was no real need to make small talk, like I've said, this arrangement called for no need to woo or seduce the young boy. He knew what I wanted and he accepted that it was his responsibility to give it to me. He unsnapped his shorts and pushed them down to the floor. Stepping out of them I could see that his fat little morsel was already boning up nicely.

“Looks like someone is ready to play,” I quipped, acknowledging his state of arousal.

“Well I figure why not ya know,” Billy half smiled, “like you said...this shit's gonna happen whether I want it to or not so I reckon I should enjoy what I can and just forget about what I don' reason to be all twisted up about it”

I couldn't make out whether or not those words were really his or if he had just parroted my admonishment from the other night...or maybe even from his mother's own rebuke as he tried to complain about our first night together. In any case his resignation to the pleasure, albeit halfhearted was provocative indeed and made my cock drool a bit. He knelt before me and without direction took my throbbing tool into his mouth and began to give it a sound tongue bath. I ran my fingers through his hair and detected a wince every now and again as my fingers massaged his scalp. Upon further inspection I could make out the tiny lacerations and accompanying bruising on his scalp. Stupid bitch hits him on the head with a straight comb....typical trash. I made a quick mental note of a need to have a word with his mother about this; not out of some sudden need to 'protect' my new young lover from his wicked mother...again, lose the romanticism please...but rather from a distaste for people damaging my property. That's right...his ass and everything else attached to him belonged to me and I would not tolerate the offense.

Billy gave a decent blow job and I must say I was getting really worked up by this time. I didn't want to pop off the second I was in him so I knew I needed to calm down a little. I pulled his mouth off of my cock and brought him up to my lips. He seemed to understand what I wanted and offered no resistance when my lips met his. Like you would expect from a ten year old he hadn't the first clue how to properly kiss a man. I took my time and gave him pointers as our mouths met again and again to master the art of the kiss between a man and a young boy. Soon he was returning my kisses with earnest and I was enjoying his hunger. Having removed my clothes as he did I could now feel his steely cock jabbing into my stomach as he had moved onto my lap when we collapsed onto the sofa, still deep in our kissing. I kneaded his ample globes as we made out and after a while brought a finger to his mouth to have him lube it up. He obliged and soon my whole finger was plunging in and out of his searing ass. It was so hot in there that for a moment I wondered if he was running a fever. The rest of his body was cool to the touch so I figured he was fine. One finger was replaced with two as before and he began to bounce on them as he now sucked on my tongue in his mouth. I couldn't wait any longer and stood up from the sofa with the boy still clinging to my waist, my fingers still jamming in and out of his hot ass.

I carried the boy into my bedroom and tossed him on to the bed. Despite the heat of the sex and the animal lusting he was still all boy so he naturally laughed and giggled when he bounced on the bed. I'm not above playing with a boy so I giggled back as I grabbed my tube of lube from the night stand. His face got instantly serious again and I could tell he was fearful of the fucking that was about to take place. I slathered the lube around his small opening and worked an ample amount inside of his hot little cunt. I lay down beside him and spooned into him telling him that this would be the most comfortable way for him to learn to take me in. He lifted the leg that was on top and I positioned my cock at his opening. I'm not gonna lie and tell you that it just slipped right in and he lost his mind in animal pleasure. Like I said...I have no desire to lie. In truth my guess is that it hurt like hell as I worked in the mushroom head of my cock first and then all 5 remaining inches. Although he never made a negative sound I could see the tears pouring from his eyes. He never complained though...even when the pressure inside him won out and he emptied his bladder onto the sheets and mattress beneath him. I continued to deep dick him for the better part of 15 minutes when I noticed the change take place. He had gone from rigid, to limp, to alive throughout the course of the fucking and I could now feel his body reacting pleasurably to my assault on his cunt. His cock hardened again and I immediately grabbed it and started to jerk him off. Like I've said...10 yr olds don't know how to “sound” like you're having sex so there were no sexed out cries for it be harder or faster or deeper. He just lay there in front of me now grinding his ass into my crotch to meet each thrust. I could tell by his face that the stretching of his insides was still hurting him but there also seemed to be a sense of pleasure as his grunts turned from painful acknowledgments of each thrust into deep lustful affirmations of the over stimulation of thousands of tiny nerve endings in his private place. I decided he was ready and rolled onto my back keeping him impaled on me, now laying on me. I bent me knees an brought my legs up forcing his body to comply by contorting the same. I started to pick up the pace and was soon rabbit fucking the poor little creature as he emitted a torrent of grunts and growls communicating the intoxicating mixture of pain and pleasure currently being played out in his small body. As I fucked him I distinctly picked out at least four powerful dry orgasms each forcing his ass muscles to bear down on my prick like steel trap. The fourth one pushed me over the edge and I hot blasted his inside with what seemed to be and unending load of fresh cum. I gripped his body tightly as I came...too tightly as it turned out as he started to gasp from the pressure I was putting on his tiny chest and lungs. I released my grip and ran my hands the full length of his body, sliding easily across the light sheen of boy sweat that coated his form. We both lay there panting and reeling in our pleasure, exhausted form the emotional and physical toll of the experience. As we had done before, we both drifted off , this time it was my cock that remained firmly lodged in his backside as we gave in to sleep.

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