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~The Mountain Boylover


Lord of the Slums-Part 2

Back for more eh? Well...I can hardly blame you. So like I said before, my little brothels kept me stocked full of young meat to devour and while I could easily fill 30 volumes worth of text recalling each dirty episode, the reality is that not all of them were that memorable...which is why I have only selected the finest of the crop to write about and share with you fine upstanding good Christian yeah.... anyway.

See, some of the boys were just plain old strikeouts... oh sure I had my way with 'em. I used every inch of their little bodies to please every inch of mine; but when all was said and done some of them were just horrible fuckin' lays. I could put up with most things like the crying, the whining, the throw up when you sink it down just a little too aggressively or the piss and shit when their lower half betrays them under the pressure of invading man meat...what? Oh did you think that it was all bubble gum, pan flutes and laughter? I'm sorry to disappoint you my friends but the reality is that sex is messy and sticky enough with adults...with lil ones it can get down right horrifying. Most of the time though it was simply a matter of poor chemistry. Lets face it...some boys are just not cute, some are so stupid that your cock would deflate before you could grab 'em and duct tape their yaps shut, still others felt like fucking a corpse...and that ain't my thing. No, not all of the available stock was what I would consider top shelf...some were lower level..and some were under the fuckin' bar.

So that is why I've devoted these pages to only the crème de la crème of my selection. I don't know...maybe if enough of you ask for it and make some persuasive arguments I might consider setting aside a future installment for say a Rogue's Gallery of my lesser conquests.'s today's pick, the Clayton boys.....enjoy you sick bastards!

Butch and Digger Clayton- Pinewoods Park/Lot 2

I really don't have any clue what their real names are...serious...I don't think they even know. But let me tell you right now....there ain't a bad day on Earth that can't be fixed by just an hour in the sac with these firecrackers. No trust me...I know what you're gonna say, but just hear me out. At 6 and 7 years respectively Butch and Digger Clayton were hell on wheels...literally. They would spend their days drag racing big wheels around the park and got into all manner of mayhem. Their mother Jasmine was a strung out stripper who worked most every night and day at the Pink Pony down by the quarry. Butch and Digger were always being left alone to fend for themselves and on more than one occasion we were paid a visit from the local DCS staff inquiring as to the boys health and welfare. When they would come I would say that I was in charge of them and that they were being looked after. This seem to work and nothing really too bad ever came out of one of their visits.

Butch was a chunky little bull of a boy standing about 3 foot 6 inches. His baby fat still well in place he had the most delicious boy tits and pot belly you could ever dream of. His belly rounded nicely above a pudgy pubic mound that encompassed the cutest little uncut inch of boycock possible. His balls were nonexistent inside a single sac of wrinkled skin that was forever pulled up tightly to his stout body. A mop of brown hair crowned his head and would often need brushing out of his face, hiding two gorgeous brown saucer eyes that just melted your heart but let you know that there was a devious fire burning behind them that would get outta control any chance it could get.

Physically Digger was his brother's exact opposite. At 4 foot 5 inches he was tall for his age and slender as well. His tummy was taught and showed off his singular ab muscle yet to be segmented with age. Digger sported a fine three inch tube between his legs that while uncut had one of those foreskins that pretty much was always rolled back giving the illusion that he was actually cut. His thin frame was tanned by the summer sun and unlike his brother's plump full lips his were thin and tightly crafted. The brothers shared the brown mop but Digger preferred his out of his eyes. From what I could gather from their mother when she wasn't strung out and from local gossip the boys did not share the same father...surprise.

Now while they shared each others wild streak and total disregard for rules and personal safety, the boys were again opposites in the bedroom. Digger was a shy boy who always aimed to please and was forever obsessed with making sure he was “doing it right”. Butch on the other hand was a total pig fuck to the full extent of the word. No matter what bizarre sex game I came up with, Butch jumped in with both feet. Once he was playing with Digger outside my office trailer and I just walked up in front of him, fished my cock out from my pants and proceeded to let loose a hot stream of piss all over his body.

“Eww...gross!” Digger exclaimed as he jumped clear of any possible contact with my flow.

Butch on the other hand started laughing and shook his head like a dog as the hot liquid covered him. He pulled his little red shorts off and fully nude began chasing his older brother around the trailer moaning and calling himself the Pee Monster. We both laughed but Digger was not as thrilled.

“C'mon Digger,” he laughed as he knelt down in front of his brother, “please feed the Pee Monster...I'll die without you!”

Digger remained disgusted by the whole scene but upon my instruction took his little willy out through the fly of his shorts and proceeded to give Butch another coating of urine.

“Damn Butch,” I wrinkled my nose up in mock disgust, “the Pee Monster smells fucking nasty. You better wash off first in the hose and then come inside for a nice hot bath.”

Butch knew immediately what that meant and ran for the hose. Digger came over once his brother was gone and took hold of my hand.

“You know I'll do anything you ask,” he looked very serious now, “but can you please not do that to me? I just think that is so nasty”

“Of course I would never do that to you Digger,” I smiled, “I know that's not something you could handle. Of course...don't judge your brother too harshly for his disgusting have some pretty strange tastes yourself.”

I shot him a sly smile as I reached a hand down the backside of his denim shorts and tugged at the lace panties that clung to his small frame. Digger smiled back shyly as I clinched the fabric together causing it to ride up into his crack and rub against his pussy. Digger was a freak show when it came to cross dressing and I have to tell you he looked fucking amazing in a leather thong and a pair of his mother's fuck me pumps.

“I tell you what you little slutty cunt,” Digger loved it when I talked to him in a way similar to what he had grown up hearing the men his mother would bring home talk to her. Digger had seen his first man cock when he was only 4 and was transfixed by its power ever since. Digger had always wanted to be the one those men ordered around and his little cock would strain against his dirty underwear as his mother would be shoved to the ground and face fucked. “Why don't you head inside and get yourself all tarted up for me?”

Digger looked like a starving man who had just been offered a five course meal as he darted for the office. I followed him inside and found Butch already in the large walk in shower, spinning around on the floor, slicked with about three inches of soapy lather. When I opened the door he stooped and stuck his plump ass up in the air to reveal a #3 butt plug wedged in his tiny hole.

“Fuck this hurts,” he tugged at the black tool in his ass, “but I'm getting looser man... when do you think I'll be ready to take it man?”

Butch was totally sold on the idea of having my man cock in his tiny tunnel but I had explained the dangers and limitations of such a young developing asshole trying to accommodate a grown man. But he was sure of what he wanted. One day I showed him and Digger both a video of a pig boy getting fisted at a BDSM party and while Digger fainted, literally, Butch was memorized and declared that he would one day he'd be able to “do that shit!”

I lost my clothing and joined the little piglet in the shower and he immediately sprang to his feet. Butch noticed right away that Digger wasn't with me which I knew meant that he would want to get some time in playing his favorite game, so I backed against the wall and slid down it until I was sitting comfortably on the shower floor. Butch looked so happy realizing that I had read his mind and would be willing to let him have his 'special time'. Butch climbed onto my lap and laid his head against my chest. As the water flowed over us he simply held onto me and breathed deeply as he quietly inserted his thumb into his mouth and began to slowly suck. I began to hum a lullaby to him as I rubbed his fleshy back and ass. Now before you go all self righteous on me and point out my obvious “caring” for this little cock whore let me set you straight...this was role play. This was a game we played and this was my end of the deal. After a little while longer of this it would be my turn and trust me... you won't be saying ' sweet'.

Butch could always sense when his turn was over and he slid down between my legs and without a word took my flaccid cock into his hungry little mouth. Now I must tell you that Butch's mouth was like Mecca for man cock. His plump lips created a vacuum seal over my meat and his puffy cheeks could be felt inside causing a soft and fleshy glove like feel for my stiffening member. If he had a gag reflex he never let it show as he throated my fully erect cock. When I was ready for it I would pull his head off of my cock and given him a nod which told him to back up because I was going to change positions to give him full access to my man hole so that he could properly service it. Butch had no hesitation when it came to sex and dove right in. While he shared my distaste for a shitty hole, Butch was a huge fan of man musk and so I would try and develop a nice case of swamp nuts before letting him clean me out. Butch's tongue was like a spear on my opening and I relaxed to let him in. I had taught the little shit how to multitask after our first session and he instinctively took hold of my meat while he ate my man snatch. When I'd had enough I commanded him to stop and to lay on the floor of the shower. I got up and straddled his chest turning off the water as I did to prevent it from flooding his face. Butch knew the routine and as soon as my cock hit his chest he forced his boy tits together creating a fine tunnel for my cock to abuse as I rode him. As I fucked his ample boy tits I reached around and tugged on his hard nail. There was enough soap left on the floor to lather my hand up and create a slippery chute for his cock to slide. I was quickly reaching the point where I could no longer hold back my ejaculate any longer and chose to let 'er rip all over his chest, face, and hair. Unfortunately at only 6yrs of age Butch was not yet able to dry cum and instead would have several tickle moments which for the time he found exciting and satisfactory although he would get frustrated and sometimes just stay locked in an arch straining his cocklette in the air hoping to produce some sort of climatic moment. I pulled him up to me and proceeded to lick my seed off of his body. Holding my juice in my mouth I went in for the kiss. Butch was a huge fan of snowballing and eagerly thrust his tongue in my mouth to to try and score as much of my cum as he could.

When we were finished we remained naked as we left the bathroom and headed for my bedroom where we knew Digger would be waiting for us to come in so that he could begin the show. Butch ran in and threw himself on my bed bouncing as he crashed into the headboard. Normally I'm the type of guy that would get annoyed at some little shit wrecking my stuff or just being too rough with it but there was just something about this little butterball that made me go a great big gooey one inside... so he was always getting a pass. I sort of half laid down, half sat up at the head of the bed and Butch nuzzled up to my left side and instinctively took hold of my soft prick. He didn't do anything with it, not right away but instead just held on to it like a life rope.

“Ready?” Digger's high pitched voice called out from the closet area.

“Hells yeah!” Butch shouted back with vigor, “bring it whore!”

I reached over to the bed side table where I had my iPod docked into a small stereo system and hit play. The first song beat to life and the show was under way. The closet door opened as Nine Inch Nail's Closer filled the room. Digger slow strutted out to the beat...(Writer's Note: If you happen to have NIN's Closer...I firmly suggest letting it play makes this part sooooo much better!)

Digger was clad in a black leather thong (believe it or not you can find XS thongs online), black heels, and a set of nipple clamps connected by a small silver chain. Digger's first move was always to trace the perimeter of the bed, stalking like a panther, head down, eyes up and clawing at the bed as he moved around it. Butch rocked back and forth in my arms as the music pulsed on and Digger's heat consumed the room. My cock naturally began to inflate and Butch pawed at it as he stayed glued to his brother's show. Digger slinked up onto the end of the bed seductively never breaking eye contact with me which always made me both intensely hot but also a little nervous as his intensity for his young age was sometimes a bit overwhelming, especially given his shy nature leading up to sexual activity. To explain his prowess, both boys had been to the Pink Pony before because their mother couldn't find babysitters and had been witness to the act of erotic dancing on several occasions. While Butch had always found more excitement in watching the reaction of the men in the audience through the sheer black curtain of the dressing room, Digger had been enchanted by the sight of the women slutting themselves on stage and had been addicted to the hypnotic effect of the dance on the men since the very first time. Needless to say he had spent hours practicing his own moves and watching strippers online. Back to the present, Digger had come up on his knees in front of us, his thong stretching and betraying the steely nail inside their tight grip. He reclined back as he pulled at the chain connecting his nipple clamps and his mouth gaped in true slut fashion as he went backwards and down to the mattress. On the way back up he swayed to the beat of the music and his hands left his chest and were now working through his tangled mop. My cock was now rock solid and leaking copious juice. Butch took that as his signal and shifted positions so that he could cup my balls as he slowly pumped my meat. Digger pulled one leg at a time out from under his body until he was sitting on his ass and then laid backwards, pulling his legs up and then open as he gyrated his hips to the beat. His ass raised and I got my first glimpse of his tight hole which was currently being strangled by the thin material of his thong. As he pulsed to the music the thong scrapped his tight cunt and my head began to spin ever so slightly, becoming more and more drunk with lust. Digger was slowly writhing on the bed before us as he had dropped his feet down and was bracing himself on the bed. I tapped Butch on the ass and nodded for him to go and help his brother. Butch got up and crawled over to his big brother and knelt next to him. Butch reached in between Diggers legs and took hold of his thong right above his pussy, moving it out of the way so that his full opening was exposed. Digger began slamming himself into the bed as the beat picked up and without prompting Butch tore the thong away from his brother's ass (leather pouch, skimpy string.... don't worry...we have a case of them from Thailand). Diggers throbbing little 4 incher was now free to breath the sex filled air and I could see it pulse with his heartbeat. Digger never took off the heels which was a thing for him. He came back up onto his knees and began to masturbate as his body swayed to the music still playing on a loop. Digger looked like he was attempting to send a message via his cock using Morse Code as he would do three long strokes, followed by a couple light tugs and then some choppy rabbit jerks. His head dropped back as I could detect the first dry cum to rack his body. Butch saw his brother's orgasm and took hold of the nipple clamps, tugging hard at them which forced a small scream out of his brother's previously silent mouth. Digger fell forward and caught himself as his arms straddled my lower abdomen and his head hung in stasis over the tip of my oozing meat. Digger went down on me and lavished my tool with his slimy tongue. Mmmm...twice in less than an hour.

Digger was not an expert like his brother seemed to be at taking a man's cock into his mouth but the blow job was nice all the same. I motioned for him to reposition himself on top of me to allow for some hot 69. Due to his size, while he went back to engulfing my prick, I was only in tongue's reach of his moist asshole and if I strained my neck a little more I could massage his little balls with my lips. Digger's asshole tasted chalky but clean and I feasted on it without hesitation. Butch had joined his brother worshiping my meat and I was definitely finding this to be a religious experience. As my orgasm drew closer I backed off of Digger's ass letting him know that I was done with him. He got up and moved along side of me, mirroring his brother's position. Butch knew that it was no longer his place to be servicing me so he pulled away and rejoined me up at the head of the bed, nuzzling again into my side. I grabbed at his plump ass and clawed him a little as Digger brought me off in his hot little mouth. Digger was a weird one when it came to cum. He was fine with it on his hands or in his mouth even, but he could not stand to have a load sprayed on his face or body. Fine by me....

Digger swallowed my second load of the day and I was feeling drained. I licked me clean and then sat up next to me. As the music played I watched as Digger still sway slightly as he was lost in character and enjoying the fullness in his belly and the completeness of his expression of sexuality. With my prompt, Butch rolled over and shut off the music. Digger joined us at the head of the bed and I praised him for his whore like performance which made him smile.

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