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~The Mountain Boylover


Lord of the Slums-Part 3

So... were the little Clayton boys a little too far out on the freaky deeky side for some of you? Well...I understand...but remember...don't hate...participate!

Sawyer Hicks- Mountainside Apartments #4B

I first noticed 13 year old Sawyer Hicks on the Saturday following his mother and he moving into #4B at the Mountainside Apartments. Being just out of the age range for my normal fare I had paid his beauty its due for certain but that was as far as it went. You see, boys his age-apart from the nasty tufts of hair above their almost adult sized cocks-have developed an attitude that I found gets in the way of the kind of sexual play that I was such a die hard fan of. Their sense of sexual adventurism traded in for the hopeless pursuit of local cunt, they were boring and down right aggravating most of the time. Besides that...they had forgotten the rules of the game and could be counted on to never be able to keep their big mouths shut which in the case of my business dealings would end up bad for all concerned. So like I said, I really never paid Sawyer or his mother any mind. His little brother that was another story for sure. But for another time.

Because I had put Sawyer on the “no fly” list as far as my sexual desires, I guess I failed to notice a lot of his more sexually overt and aggressive behavior. To tell you the truth I didn't really notice when he came out of his apartment in only a very tight pair of white briefs, or when he'd strut around the property with only skimpy shorts on while listening to his MP3 player. One time his mother had called in a repair order for the tub in their apartment. When I went to fix it I must have banged on the door for ten minutes before a sweat covered Sawyer finally answered the door wrapped in a just a small towel and sporting a formidable bulge. On the way to the bathroom we had to pass his bedroom where a quick glance in by habit revealed a bottle of lotion on his bed side table with a couple of wads of tissue paper next to it. He noticed that I had seen them both and made an attempt at sounding slick saying that he had been in the middle of some really good porn when I knocked and that he just had to finish.

I smiled at him and continued about my business. Once in the bathroom I went to work on the tub. Sawyer said that he'd be right back and I grunted my acknowledgment without really paying him any mind. Suddenly there was a crash followed by a few shouted obscenities. I turned around to see Sawyer laying on the ground on his side with his right leg out and his left leg pulled up to his chest, grabbing at his knee in pain. I could see his ass, crack, and ample balls hanging there as he writhed in pain. I think that I may have mumbled something along the lines of 'are you ok?' but I can't be sure. He said he was alright between groans and rolled himself over onto his stomach before pushing himself up onto his knees to begin getting up. It looked to me like he was going into downward facing dog rather than trying to get off the ground as he did but whatever it was it resulted in the towel completely leaving his body and his ass pointing up to the ceiling less then five feet away from me. His hairless asshole gaped open and was wet . His balls hung at a decent length and I could now see the head of his cut cock. I remember thinking, well that must be a nice length on his cock if his head is peeking out below those big balls. He got up and then grabbed the towel and made his way to his room. I finished pouring the drain cleaner into the tub and got up to leave figuring that I would come back in about an hour to check on the clog status. When I passed his room and looked in to tell him that I was leaving I found him lying on his bed on his side with on leg propped up and his head resting in his hand. His spread posture gave me a full view of his partially erect cock slumped over his resting leg. He had a small sampling of brown hairs just above the root of his impressive meat. I guessed he would be about 6 inches fully hard and he already had the thickness of a man's member. His body was tan all over except for a bikini brief sized area. He had a very nice set of poutty nipples, the kind that a lot of boys his age have where you'd love to suck them for hours as long as they didn't harden up and lose their puffy succulence. His medium length brown hair fell into his eyes but I could totally make out a serious 'fuck me' stare as I finished taking inventory of his body. I told him I was leaving and that I would be back in about an hour to check on the tub.

Now like I've already told you, I don't have a thing for boys his age. Sure, he was beautiful, and yes, he clearly was up for some serious fucking...but I like 'em younger...what can I say? I put him out of my mind and went about my business. About an hour later I returned to #4b and let myself in. I guess I forgot about him even being there. I went to the bathroom and finished clearing and then cleaning up the tub. When I finished I got up and turned around to find Sawyer standing in the doorway, still as naked as he had been when I left..except now his cock was completely soft and hanging down the full length of his balls.

“Why don't you like me?” he sounded actually somewhat wounded.

“What do you mean,” I loved playing country dumb.

“I know what you do with the little boys who live here and at the trailer parks...everyone does.” he really did look horribly rejected.

So what,” I smirked, “of course they's part of the deal kid”

So why don't you ever try and get me to do anything?” his disappointment was palpable.

Oh...” I scratched my temple and sighed, “I see...well for starters you're too old pal. And besides...I don't feel like having to fight with you to get what I just gets messy.”

Who said I would fight you about it,” I think his dick flexed with that statement.

What are you saying kid?” I had to admit, the fucker's heat was filling the room and the animal within was stirring.

I'm just saying that not everyone my age wants to put up a fight is all,” now his cock was definitely starting to expand...and I must admit that mine wasn't ice cold either.

Oh,” I took a step towards the little seducer, “so you're saying that you wanna play a little bit huh?”

That's what I'm saying” he smiled slyly as he took a step closer to me.

We both took another step and soon we were standing toe to toe. Sawyer was an average kid as far as height was concerned so the top of his head came about to the top of my chest. He looked up at me and for the first time I noticed a pair of delicious and poutty red lips. My mind took a break and my hard cock took over. I reached for his face, tilted and brought to mine and locked lips with the horny little fucker.

His mouth was hot to my tongues touch but wasn't overly wet which was nice. He moaned as we explored each others mouths and I felt his hand reach for my thickness. I must tell you that I was more than just a little turned on by the noises coming from this randy young stud. Like I've said before, little boys don't make “sex noises” unless they've been trained to and even then they are not natural as their bodies and the pleasure they experience are more from a place of “fun” and being “naughty”. What was coming out of Sawyer's body was the guttural sounds of a predatory animal who was satisfying deep carnal needs. Sawyer didn't want to play, or experiment, or be naughty...Sawyer wanted, no scratch that...this kid NEEDED to get fucked and he was unable to contain any illusion to the contrary. His back was sweaty and there was a stench of fuckability emanating from his young sex and flowing over his hot body; it was intoxicating. What had I been missing all this time keeping my tastes to prepubescent conquests? Had I been denying myself sweeter fruits? No, these were not sweet fruits...there was nothing sweet or innocent about this boy. This kid was sweaty, musky and hungry-different from the angelic delights I preferred as a daily diet.

I backed off his hungry mouth and putting pressure where it was needed shoved him down to his knees. Sawyer fought through my jeans and snatched my cock from its confines. I was sweaty from working all day and immediately caught a whiff of my own musk as it was released into the air. The stench was great and I knew it would have instantly turned off any little one who wanted to play. Sawyer never missed a beat and engulfed my swollen meat in one gesture. It was like putting on a tube cock just fed easily into his mouth, hit the back of his throat and just went right down. I gripped the back of Sawyer head and proceeded to face fuck him like a grown man. Fuck this was good...holy fuck it was like my dick was suddenly the focal point for every ounce of happiness and eroticism in the world and in that moment I was drunk on lust. I watched as this newly teen'd boy swallowed my cock and milked me with the passion of a poet and the diligence of a street whore. He grunted like a hog with each thrust and my whole body was electrified. Soon my legs were shaking and I had to release his head and brace myself on the wall in front of me as he throat fucked my pride to a powerful orgasm. My whole soul shook violently as my seed poured into his welcoming gullet. I slammed my fists into the wall making huge divots in the cheap plaster as I growled with fulfilled lusting. The young cock slave released me from his throat but kept me in his mouth with a hand wrapped around my quivering stalk as he never stopped sucking me down. The violent orgasm was nearly too much for me to handle and I felt my body losing all of its energy. I grabbed him by the arm pits and flung him into the wall as I stumbled backwards and slammed myself into the sink and counter, as if he were a wild animal and I was fleeing for my life. Sawyer had pulled his legs out from under himself and was now slumped against the wall, covered in both of our sweat and panting; his drenched hair sprinkled with plaster from my assault on the wall above him.

When my body calmed and I was able to control my breathing I looked him over again. He was now sitting softly on the floor, picking the drywall from his tattered hair. Then it caught my eye...his sizable cock was still rock hard and leaking more precum than I had ever seen before. At first I thought he was actually cumming or maybe even pissing...but it became clear that he was simply pouring with fluid and needing to be properly relieved.

I walked over to him and for the briefest of moments he flinched, possibly preparing for another shove or perhaps even a strike. I motioned for him to calm and lifted him off the ground, returning my tongue to his hot mouth. Our mouths stayed locked together and I could make out the saltiness of my spunk still on his tongue as we moved towards his bedroom. This was a totally new experience for me. In my arms was by definition a child, but I must be honest with you when I tell you that the feel of it was like fucking with a grown man. The lust, the animal behavior...this was not what I was used to within my world or more particularly within the world of boy love.

I laid him down on his bed, careful not to throw him like before. My reaction previously was out of sheer need to get free from the boy's vampire like draining of my sex. I stood at the edge of the bed looking down at this hot little fucker who with every passing moment was turning my world upside down. His legs were drawn up to where his feet met with his thighs laying prone. His thick boy cock stood at full attention and the spattering of pubes just above and to each side of his shoot were matted from his copious emissions. His belly gently rose and fell with each breathe and his right hand lay spread out over his upper abdomen. His eyes were closed and his head cocked to the left side. He looked so peaceful. His right arm was stretched out to the side and fingers spread gently out from his wrist that was covered in several blue and black plastic bands. My eyes were drawn to the single orange band at the top and I wondered for a moment what it represented. His balls hung low and covered his cunt. My cock was rigid again and a bead of juice pearled at the tip.

I knelt at the foot of the bed and took his ample stalk into my hand, giving it a firm squeeze before massaging the skin up and down. His breathing increased as I worked his cock. I couldn't deal with it any longer and bent down taking his meat fully into my mouth and then my throat. Let me just say that if you're one of those guys who doesn't like or down right hates the taste of cum...steer clear of this young stud. Sawyers' precum flowed heavily down my throat and filled my mouth as I worked his shaft. It was a deep salty sweetness that had notes of sharp musk. Me...I loved every drop of it. The young god writhed below me as I continued to throat fuck every inch of his impressive tool. Goddamn, I thought to myself, I could get used to this shit!

I kept up my assault on his teen prick for the better part of 15 minutes and while my jaw was getting hella sore I was in no mood to give up the fight. I pulled off and moved up on the bed between his legs, never stopping my stroking. Sawyer looked up at me with drunken eyes and instinctively pulled his legs up allowing me to get right in next to his hot body. What happened next I couldn't have planned in a million years. It was so not out of context in all of my fucking hot and life altering.

You can fuck me,” he hissed as I massaged his wet pussy.

I know,” I growled as I watched my hand slide up and down his shaft and the coating of his own lube shine on my flesh.

Something powerful and primal overtook me and I simply gave in to it's rageful lusting. I quickly lunged forward and in an instant was straddling his small waist. With the fluidity of a viper I snaked my right hand behind me and under my ass to grab hold of his throbbing cock and having taken singular aim guided it home into my virgin hole. The pain was searing and my flesh ripped open to accommodate his hot teen tool. No lube meant a rough invasion and while his fluids were ample...they were not enough to compensate for lack of proper preparation. I simply didn't give a fuck. I needed him inside me right then and damn the pain I was going to get what I needed. Sawyer's eyes shot open and a bear like growl raged from his open mouth. He grabbed my hips and started to match my thrusting.

I was oblivious to the pain in my ass as I rode this bull beneath me. After a few more minutes I pulled forward and his cock was belched from my abused hole with an obscenely wet sounding expulsion. Sawyer was panting and so was I as I rolled off of him and laid down next to him. I reached over and pulled at him. The boy got my message loud and clear and was soon laying on top of me plunging his cock deep into my body. Oh fuck me this was so much better! Sawyer was like a possessed man and rammed his body into mine without any thought about romance, eroticism, or basic “style”. This kid was an animal and he took what I gave him without questioning or doubt. He railed against me for another ten minutes before I felt his fingernails dig into my hips signaling that he was reaching his peak. Another belch of cock and he was free again as I flipped over onto my back and held my legs open. I needed to see...I needed to take in his sexual rage as he emptied into me. He sank back into me and quickly reached the same feverish pace. My grunts matched his as he rabbit fucked my newly christened cunt. He shook violently and released a torrent of boy cum deep within me. I didn't know what to expect as I was never a bottom but the feeling of his orgasm was intense. I couldn't sense the heat per se but I could tell there was a flood of different pressure inside of me. His flow of juice seemed never ending and soon it was spurting out all around his cock. The sound was disgusting and I frothed like a mad dog as I growled for more. When his mind returned from wherever he had gone he looked down at the mess around my swollen hole and his deflating prick. And then, for the second time today, I was completely blown away when he reached down and scooped up a handful of the sex laden mixture of ass, cum and sweat and proceeded to coat my pulsing cock with it. He climbed up onto me and impaled his young ass on my tool causing us both to reel in raw pleasure. I grabbed his hips and began fucking him with all of the energy still remaining in my wrecked form. His ass muscled strained under the pressure of my adult cock and I knew this wasn't going to last long. A few minutes later I actually lost partial consciousness as I emptied my aching balls into him. My chest was heaving and for a brief moment I wondered if a heart attack was coming. Sawyer collapsed onto me and rested his face against mine as each of us fought for precious air. I held onto him for dear life as my body revolted against the overload of sexual release.

When I regained my breathing I took inventory of my surroundings in order to reorient myself. Sawyer was still on top of me and my drained cock was still pinched inside of his well fucked hole. We were a complete mess. Our bodies were covered in a cooling film of sex that I must admit smelled horrifyingly bad. Imagine if you will being in a locker room with no AC before you showered off after an hour long game of football in 100 degree weather. Now imagine that same smell after the septic system backed up into the shower. It was fucking gross. But I loved every bit off it.

We broke our embrace and decided it was time for a shower. Sawyer got up quickly and then fell back down clutching his head. Too fast, I told him and we both slowly got up and headed for the redemption of the cool water. Under the flow I took my time soaping his body as he did the same to mine. Despite what you might think...there was no way in hell either one of us were going to find another ounce of sexual energy to do anything else. We finished and dried each other off.

Once dressed we set about fixing the mess we had made in our heat. I told him not to worry about the wall and that I would be fixing that ASAP. We took his sheets of the bed and balled them up into a plastic shopping bag. I would take them with me to clean. Sawyer replaced them with his back up sheets and we opened the window to air out the sex.

My mind was on fire...almost as badly as my cunt. What was I thinking? What the fuck had come over me and what the fuck did it all mean. I can tell you that I was proud of myself for not going all cliché by either exploding on him in a rage of disgust or by falling into him expressing my new found undying love for him. Instead I bent down and pressed my lips to his for a few minutes before breaking the embrace and telling him that I would see him tomorrow and that we would talk more then.

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