Love in the Garden of Deceit. The following story may contain scenes of sexual activity between males and members of different generations. If you may find this offensive or if you feel it may be illegal for you to read this in your jurisdiction, I ask that you don't. This is fiction; it did not happen.  Please send any comments to christopher.macintosh @ Also, I invite you to visit my BLOG. Thank you!

Love in the Garden of Deceit
By FreeThinker

 Chapter Ten

            The boys were silent as they rode to school Monday morning. Jamie was afraid to say anything to Chris, while Chris was afraid of himself. He wasn’t certain what he was feeling, so he wasn’t certain what he could say.

            The previous night, they had remained in bed with Daniel until the man passed out sometime after nine. Then the two had slipped away to Jamie’s room and crawled into his bed, where the held each other silently, not trusting any words that either might say. After a quick shower at Jamie’s that morning and a stop at his house to change clothes and grab his books and clarinet, Chris led Jamie back to school, a determined look on his face. Just what that determination meant, Jamie wasn’t certain, though he suspected.

            All throughout the morning, the redheaded boy had remained resolutely silent and remote. Even in gym class as they shot baskets with the other rejects, neither boy was talkative beyond what was required of the moment.

            Trent sensed the unease as he joined them at lunch.

            “So, what’s the matter with you two? I know why nobody wants to talk to me. But what’s up with you two?”

            Jamie shook his head and smiled sadly.

            “It’s not you, Trent. Chris and I don’t feel well today. We’ll be OK later.”

            “Are you sure? You OK, Chris?”

            “It’s… Christian,” he replied with a bit more force than necessary. “And, yeah, I’m… OK.”

            “Hey, don’t bite my head off! I was just asking. Besides, Jamie called you Chris. I thought it was OK.”

            “He can call mmme Chris. No one elssse can.”

            Trent looked at the two boys carefully for a moment. Chris was staring down at the gloppy mass on his plate while Jamie was looking down at his lap.

            “Look, if you two ever need someone to talk to about… stuff, you know, you can talk to me. I’m cool. I mean… I’m cool. OK?”

            Jamie and Chris both looked up at Trent and he nodded.

            “I understand. It’s OK with me. I think it’s cool.”

            Jamie smiled.

            “Thanks. We just need some time to think about some stuff.”

            Chris nodded, but said nothing before he stood and left with his tray, unable to finish his lunch. He deposited his tray on the conveyor belt and went to Fourth Hour early.

            Not that he was concerned about it, but Chris noticed that Jamie made no attempt to flirt with Mr. O’Leary in Fifth Hour History, which seemed to leave the teacher less nervous than usual. Sixth Hour English was uneventful and the escape through the halls to their bicycles after the final bell was even harassment-free. The only thing of note was the chatter throughout the halls of Craig Stinson’s poor performance in Whitman’s loss to Longfellow on Friday afternoon. Everyone thought it strange that Craig should do so poorly and seem so nervous.

            As the two met at their bikes, Jamie paused and watched Chris deposit his things in his baskets. Chris looked up and paused as well. Jamie swallowed.

            “So, um, you maybe want to come over?”

            Chris looked downward and nodded slightly.

            “Yyyeah. OK.”

            “OK. I think we need to talk about something.”

            “Yyyeah, OK.”

            Once again, they said nothing further as they rode away. Clouds had built up over the course of the day and a chilly breeze was blowing, causing Chris to shiver. Jamie, seemed oblivious to the temperature. It wasn’t until they pulled into Chris’s carport that he turned to Jamie and spoke finally, asking, “Aren’t you chilly?”

            Jamie raised an eyebrow and asked, “Why?”

            Chris shook his head and repeated a comment from Friday evening.

            “Mmman, you… Canadians are wwweird.”

            Jamie smiled.

            “Like I said, you have no idea.”

            Chris finally smiled in return and ran inside with his things. His mother was sitting at the kitchen table as he ran through.

            “You’re father’s bringing Chinese take out tonight. Be here at five-thirty,” she said lethargically. Chris said nothing as he passed her and when he returned with a sweater, she simply watched him. Their eyes met for a second and Chris had the feeling there was no life in them. He shook his head and turned before leaving.

            As they pulled out onto Brentwood, Jamie asked, “Was your mother drinking again?”

            “I don’t knnnow. I didn’t see any, but… she was sure… depressed lllooking.”

            Jamie snorted. “They always feel sorry for themselves. They think everything is everyone else’s fault. They make me sick.”

            Chris wondered if he might be thinking of his own mother and if that was why Jamie’s parents had divorced. He started to pursue it, but thought otherwise as they turned the corner onto 28th. They had enough to discuss as it was without bringing something as complicated as that into the mix.

            The Lincoln was not in the driveway as they arrived at the house. As they rode through the grass at the side of the house toward the gate in the fence, Jamie said, “Dad’s at a special reception and won’t be home ‘till late. How late can you stay?”

            As Chris followed Jamie into the backyard, he replied, “I have to be home at five-thirty.”

            Jamie couldn’t tell if Chris was relieved that he had a time limit. He seemed to have said it with a strange degree of relief in his voice. He was going to have to do something to make this easier. As they walked through the backdoor and the utility room into the kitchen, he noticed a few “brownies” left on a plate on the counter. Jamie stopped and smiled.

            “You, um, you want a brownie?”

            Chris frowned, but said nothing.

            “Just one?” Jamie asked as he removed the plastic wrap. Chris shrugged, but he looked down at the floor in shame.

            “You’ll feel better if you do,” Jamie said as he handed him one. He popped another into his mouth and began to chew as he led Chris to his bedroom. Setting his books down on his desk, he turned and saw Chris licking crumbs from his fingers as he finished chewing. Jamie smiled and Chris reluctantly did so as well.

He turned and flipped his radio on and as Mark Lindsey sang “Arizona,” Jamie stepped toward Chris and put his hands on his shoulders. Chris stiffened at first and then gradually relaxed. Jamie pulled him to him and they wrapped their arms around each other. Chris lowered his head and laid it on Jamie’s shoulder. They were silent and held each other until Joni Mitchell had finished telling them that “you don’t know what you got ‘till it’s gone” and Matt The Motormouth had told them that Clearasil would solve all their problems while avoiding the three-car accident inbound on the I-50. Jamie sighed and pulled away, flipping the switch on the radio and plunging the room into silence. He looked at Chris and softly said, “Let’s get naked.”

“Why do we have to get nnnaked if all we’re gonna do is talk?” Chris protested.

“Because, it’s important. What we have to talk about is important and if we love each other, we have to hold each other and be naked when we talk about it.”

Chris didn’t quite understand this logic, but the effects of the brownie were hitting him and he thought, what the heck?

He pulled his cardigan off and began to unbutton his “nerd” shirt as Jamie stepped to him and kissed his cheek. Jamie quickly unbuttoned his own loose red and white shirt and whipped his tight red pants off. He was already fully hard and pulled the covers back on his bed. By the time Chris was naked, his penis arcing out in a nearly full erection, Jamie stood beside the bed and smiled. Chris crawled on the bed and Jamie crawled in beside him, pulling the covers over them. They embraced and Chris’s erection grew to its fullest.

Jamie looked down, kissed Chris on the lips and then whispered, “I love you. No matter what happens, I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Chris replied, though his whisper seemed uncertain.

“Talk to me,” Jamie said. “What’s going on in your head?”

Chris frowned. The feel of his boyfriend naked and warm against him was so wonderful. Jamie was half on top, half beside and the feel of his smooth skin was overcoming any inhibitions Chris might have felt. But, he knew he had to talk.

“Jamie, I don’t know what’s going on in my head. I mean, this has been the weirdest weekend of my life. One minute, I feel like I’m on top of the world and the next minute I feel like I’m the world’s biggest pervert.”

Jamie nodded.

“I know.”

Chris shook his head.

“I don’t understand. You are the coolest and the most beautiful guy I’ve ever known and having sex with you is the neatest thing I’ve ever done. Friday night was so… perfect. We made out on the couch and had hot sex on the floor and I loved it and it was beautiful and wonderful. But, then, you told me about how you and your dad have sex and I got so grossed out by it. But, it’s weird. I got so turned on by it, too.”

“I know.”

“I don’t get it.”

“I know.”

Chris sighed and looked at Jamie’s T-Rex poster.

“I thought it was so gross that a guy would get it on with his father, but the thought of you two doing it was so hot, I couldn’t stand it. And, then, I wanted to do it with your dad. Saturday morning, I just couldn’t stand it. I felt so dirty. I had to get out of here. When I got home I took three showers.”

Jamie closed his eyes, but he nodded. Chris swallowed.

“Then, Sunday, my Dad acted like he couldn’t care if I lived or died and Mom was hung-over in bed and…. “ Here his voice broke. Jamie squeezed him and laid his head beside Chris’s on the pillow. “…I never felt so alone. And, then I knew I had to be with you. But, when I got to your place, your dad came out in his robe and he looked so sexy and he said you were gone and he invited me in and, like, I knew right then, I knew I was going to do it with him. I knew it. And, we sat on the couch and drank champagne and did marijuana and…”

Jamie was giggling and Chris turned his head.

“What’s so funny?”

Jamie grinned.

“You’re so sweet. You don’t ‘do’ marijuana. You smoke it.”

Chris rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. You know what I mean. I’m not like a drug addict or anything. Anyway, we started making out on the couch and he was telling me how beautiful I was and how much he liked me and he held me and he felt so strong and warm and he made me feel so safe and loved and… it was so wonderful.”

With pain that was heartbreaking to Jamie, he looked his boyfriend in the eyes.

“It was so wonderful.”

“I know,” Jamie whispered.

“And, then, he took me into his bedroom and we made love again and it was wonderful and perfect. But, then…”

Chris paused and Jamie rolled his eyes.

“And, then…”

Chris looked up at him.

“He started tickling me and he wouldn’t stop and I was like going crazy and begging him to stop tickling me. I couldn’t stand it and I hated it and he just kept doing it. And, I hated him.”

“But, you loved him so much just then and it turned you on so hard you couldn’t stand it. Right?”

Chris looked up at Jamie in surprise and then looked away in shame.

“Yeah. And, then, he told me about how men would love to pay money to have sex with me and he told me how you were getting paid to do it with those men and that I could get paid, too. I thought he loved me. I thought he loved you. And, I hated him, but I couldn’t get out of the bed. And, you came and I felt so dirty and yet, I loved it. And, it was so wild and so intense and so… sexy and nasty and dirty and… wild. I couldn’t help myself. You know?”

“I know.”

“He licked my butt. He licked my butt, Jamie! And, I loved it. And, he made me cum when he put his finger up my butt! I mean, how sick is that? And, when he had me hold your arms above your head and he started tickling you, you were begging him to stop and I knew you couldn’t stand it, but I couldn’t stop him. It was such a turn-on to see you going crazy and begging. And, you came! You came while he was tickling you. I was so crazy then I didn’t know what I was doing. What’s happened to me, Jamie?”

Chris’s voice was on the verge of breaking and his eyes were filled with tears. Jamie held him.

“Nothing’s wrong with you. It’s OK, Chris. I love you. It’s just The Trap. It’s what happens when you just get so horny you don’t know what to do and you’ll do anything to keep feeling good. Dad’s an expert at making The Trap work. He knows just what to do to get me going and I can’t fight it. It’s like he has this magic power over me and I can’t do anything about it. But, it’s not just Dad. I mean, it’s like him mainly, but others can do it to me, too, though not like he does.”

Jamie rolled onto his side and rested his head on his wrist.

“It’s like there are two rooms. In the first room, I’m me and in the love room. But, then there’s this rope that pulls me through the door into the other room and that’s the crazy room. It’s like I’m not me in there. I’m a different person in there and I don’t care what I do or what happens. I just want it to happen.”

Chris looked at him in surprise.

“Yeah! That’s it! I didn’t feel like it was me. I felt like I was someone different. It was so weird.”

Jamie gently ran his hand across Chris’s face.

“You don’t have to ever be ashamed or embarrassed if you ever get in one of those moods when you’re around me. I understand. I know what you’re feeling. I just want to know that there are some times when you and I can lay here like this and love each other nice and wonderful-like. You know?”

Chris nodded.

“This is wonderful.”

Jamie leaned over and kissed Chris on the lips softly and gently. For a long moment, their mouths loved each other until finally Jamie pulled away.

“I wanted to tell you that I think you should go ahead and become an escort.”

Chris’s eyes grew wide.

“You want me to be a prostitute?”

Jamie nodded.

“Well, I don’t want you to be a prostitute. But, I have an idea. We’ll both do it and I’ll be with you. We’ll work together as a team. Men love that. They’ll pay more for that. I’ve done this for years. I know the business.”

Chris looked on in amazement.

“But… why do you want me to do it?”

 “We’ll save our money. You can’t spend that much money anyway without your parents getting suspicious. And, you know what we’ll do then?”

Jamie sat up with a triumphant face and declared, before Chris could respond, “Well run away!”

Chris looked at him with a blank face for a moment and then asked, “Are you crazy?”

“No! This is a brilliant idea. Your parents don’t give a damn about you. They could care less what happens to you. My mom hates homosexuals. She didn’t know about me and Dad, but she knew Dad was a homosexual and she figured I was going to be one. Her brother is and she hated him, too. So she became a drunk just like your mom. She hates me and Dad doesn’t really love me. He sells me and he uses me for sex. He says he loves me, but that’s just so he can have sex with me or get me to pose for pictures or have sex with his friends or his clients. We’ll run away! Just you and me! Won’t it be wonderful?”

Chris was so confused.

“It sounds… fun, but what’s if I’m getting into the Trap again. I mean I want to run away with you, but what if it’s the wrong thing?”

“Look! Our parents hate us! We’re going to make hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars. We’ll save it and we’ll be rich and we won’t have to worry.”

He leaned down to Chris’s face and whispered, “Think about it. As long as we have these moments when we can be real with each other and love each other, we can do the other stuff to make money and take care of the wild part inside us. We can go to California or… Vancouver! Yeah. Vancouver’s a cool place. Or, Montreal! My Uncle Alex lives there. He might put us up until we have our own place.”

“But, I don’t speak French.”

“That’s OK. I do and besides, you can speak English in Montreal. There’s Mount Royal, which is Anglophone, and anyway, you’ll learn it. It’s easy. Anyway, the point is, we’re free! We can go anywhere we want to! Isn’t it wonderful?”

Chris sighed and bit his lip. He loved Jamie and he trusted him, but it felt like he was falling into The Trap. He wanted to do it, but he was afraid.

Jamie whispered nastily, “We’ll have lots of hot sex and have lots of fun and we’ll make lots of money. Dad’s connections can hook us up with all the rich men who love to do it with boys. It’ll be so fun and so hot!”

Chris could see that Jamie was getting that look in his eyes, that far away look like he wasn’t really Jamie anymore. He was in The Trap and suddenly, Chris was getting pulled in, too.

“I’ll think about it,” Chris said as he felt Jamie snuggling closer to him. “But, right now, I just want us to love each other. As long as we can separate the love sex from the crazy sex. You know what I mean?”

Jamie’s face became serious for a second.

“I know what you mean and we will. But, that doesn’t mean that when we’re having crazy sex, that we don’t still love each other.”

 “Oh, no! Of course not!”

“Good. And, always remember, no matter how crazy it gets, I’m still with you and I love you no matter what!”

“And, I love you, no matter what!”

Jamie grinned and kissed Chris hard on the mouth. His boner was fiercely hard against Chris’s hip and he climbed atop him.

“And, just because we’re having love sex sometime doesn’t mean that if one of us starts to get the feeling like we’re getting pulled into the other room, we can’t have crazy sex, too, and still love each other. I mean, I’d understand if you started feeling crazy, you know. You don’t have to be embarrassed or anything.”

Chris grinned.

“I know. You, too.”

Together, the two boys lay holding each other, gently kissing, gently writhing together, until the inevitable happened and they reached that point of absolute boyish joy. Later, as Chris was wiping himself off and getting dressed, Jamie kissed him on the cheek.

“I never thought I’d meet someone who understood me. I thought I was just a freak.”

Chris put his arms around him and whispered in his ear, “You’re not a freak, Jamie, unless I am, too. And, if we both are, then we aren’t. Get it?”

Jamie giggled and kissed Chris’s neck.

“You’d better stop so I can get home before dinner,” Chris warned.

After his boyfriend left, Jamie wandered aimlessly through the house. He turned on the television in the sitting room, but there was just news on three channels and a college lesson in Spanish on the fourth. He stood for several minutes looking out the huge window toward the Gardens. It was more than two hours until he was to meet Cody at the bench. He sighed and he went to the kitchen, where he prepared a huge sandwich and a glass of Coke, which he carried to his room and consumed as he did his homework.

It was seven-fifteen when he finally closed his Math book and stood. The sun was illuminating the leaves of the maples outside with the golden glow of sunset as he gazed out the window. Cody was probably already in the Garden waiting for him, Jamie thought with a surge in his pants. But, as he stood, he remembered the way the fifteen year-old had held him Saturday night after his father had slapped him so brutally. There was something hot about Cody, about the way he wore his jeans, about the tee-shirts, the way he jammed his hands into his pockets and stood as if he was waiting for the chance to kick someone’s ass. Yet, there was a sensitivity as well, the gentleness with which he held Jamie, the way he had gazed into his eyes during the exercise in the “Express Yourself” class, the anger in his voice over Daniel’s cruelty. Jamie realized just how much he was looking forward to their rendezvous in the Garden.

Daniel’s car pulled into the driveway as Jamie gazed out the window. He didn’t want to explain anything to his father, so he quickly slipped out of his room and was closing the back door as his father entered the front. He was out the garden gate and behind the privacy fence before the lights in the sitting room illuminated the giant window.

He could see only an elderly couple walking along the pathway leading from the footbridge to the gazebo. He trotted along the outer bank of the creek to warm up in the unusual chill and reached the bench where he was to meet Cody. Sitting down, he looked around, but saw no one. It was OK. He was early.

The sound of the water in the creek was relaxing to him and helped calm his fears that Cody might not show up. He glanced up as he heard doves cooing on an arbor nearby.

“They’re pretty.”

Startled, Jamie turned and saw Cody standing behind him, wearing a dirty windbreaker over his black Jethro Tull shirt, holding something behind his back. Jamie grinned and stood.

“Yeah, they’re cool.”

“You know,” said Cody quietly, looking down at the grass uncertainly, “that doves pair off for life.”


Cody nodded.

After a few quiet seconds, Jamie tried to look around Cody.

“So, what are you hiding back there?”

Cody blushed and shrugged. He brought his arms around and in one hand was holding a box of chocolates and in the other a bouquet of freshly cut flowers.

“Um, I, uh, I thought maybe you might like some candy or something. And, I got these in the greenhouse. I thought you might like them. They’re zinnias and carnations and chrysanthemums.”

Jamie started to laugh at the old-fashioned quaintness of a boy bringing candy and flowers and then saw the earnest uncertainty in Cody’s face as the boy continued to look down at the ground in embarrassment. After a moment of silence, Cody looked fearfully up and saw tears in Jamie’s eyes.

“That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

Cody attempted a smile and shrugged. Jamie walked around the bench to him and took them as Cody held them out to him. The flowers were tied with a ribbon and the box had a small Valentine on it that read, “From Cody to Jamie. You’re the prettiest boy ever.”

It was too corny not to be the most sincere gesture of affection he had ever seen. He leaned over and kissed Cody on the cheek.

“I think you’re the prettiest boy I ever saw,” Cody said, repeating the sentiment on the card. “I.. dunno. I never saw a girl that looked like you. I mean, I see pretty girls as the time, but girls are so… I dunno. They just seem… well, you know.”

Jamie nodded.

“But, you,” Cody continued, “You’re like the prettiest thing I ever saw and… and when I saw your dad whaling on you like that the other night, I just wanted to kick his ass. So, anyway, I thought you might like something to show you how much I, um, how much I… I like you.”

Jamies tears overflowed from his eyes and trailed down his cheeks. Cody put an arm around him and held him to his side.

“I got a place all set up where we can, you know, talk and… stuff.”

He started walking and Jamie followed, the feeling of Cody’s strong arm around his shoulder so comforting. “It’s real private. I know every inch of these gardens. Look over there. I did the chrysanthemums in those pots. And I did those pansies and impatiens there by that bend in the creek. You like them?”

“They’re beautiful,” Jamie replied softly.

They came to a grove of trees near the high stone wall that bordered the south side of the Gardens. They crossed another footbridge and came to the greenhouses. Cody led him behind some bushes between the creek and the greenhouse along the wall. He had laid out a sleeping bag on the ground and one rolled up at the top on which they could lay their heads.

“Um, it’s like real quiet up here and nobody ever come around here. I come here sometimes at night and camp out if like I need to get away from my old man and shit, or if I need to, you know…”

He made a jerking motion with his right hand. Jamie smiled.

“This is the perfect place. It’s so private and you can hear the creek. I love it.”

Cody smiled and saw Jamie shiver.

“Oh, um, here,” he said suddenly as he released the blond boy and took off his jacket. He wrapped it around Jamie’s shoulders and the boy smiled sweetly at him.

“Hold me,” Jamie whispered.

Cody actually smiled. He put his arms around Jamie, but the flowers and the candy were in the way. He took them and laid them in the grass beside the rolled up sleeping bag. Then he wrapped his arms around Jamie again and held the boy tightly. Jamie lay his head on Cody’s shoulder and felt the warm breath of the older boy on his neck. He almost felt dizzy.

For a long moment, they stood there silently until Cody pulled away.

“You want to lie down? We can just lay there and hug and stuff. I mean we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. We can…”

“You are so hot and sweet, Cody,” Jamie whispered. “I’ve never met anyone so sweet.”

In truth, it was the innocence and naiveté of a teenager who had seemed so cynical and worldly that touched him more deeply than almost anyone else ever had. Christian was innocent and naïve, but in a different way. He understood the dark side of Jamie. Cody would probably never understand that; but he saw the boy in Jamie who needed protection and romance.

Jamie put his hands on Cody’s chest and looked up into the big brown eyes.

“I want you to love me,” he whispered. Cody’s jaw seemed to tremble and he nodded.

“Yeah. Well, OK.”

He kissed Jamie on the lips, softly at first and, then, with more passion. Jamie whimpered as he felt Cody’s arms slip around him and squeeze him strongly. Cody seemed to take over at that point, somehow sensing that this was what Jamie wanted. He gently pushed the boy down to the sleeping bag. Jamie lay back and Cody removed his jacket and shirt, slipped his shoes off and gently unzipped his pants. Jamie’s erection popped up fiercely as Cody pulled his pants and underwear down.

Cody looked down at it in wonder.

“I never touched another guy’s dick before,” he said looking nervously between Jamie’s penis and his face.

Jamie’s breathing was ragged as he said, “Feel me, Cody.”

The words seemed to enflame the older boy’s passion, because his trembling hand reached out and wrapped around Jamie’s fat erection. Jamie and Cody both groaned.

“Oh, man, I never felt anything so good,” Cody muttered. “Man, your dick is so… so… pretty, just like the rest of you.”

Jamie reached over and placed his hand on Cody’s bulging crotch.

“Get naked with me. Love me, Cody.”

The teenager trembled again and spun around, removing his work shoes and shocks, shucking his tee-shirt in one pull and slipping quickly out of his jeans. Naked, with his larger, fifteen year-old’s cock rising stiffly from between his legs, he slipped Jamie inside the sleeping bag and crawled in beside him. He lay half on top of Jamie and looked down into the boy’s ocean blue eyes. In the growing darkness, he ran his fingers through the thick long hair around Jamie’s head. Jamie breathed in the sweaty smell of a strong and horny teenage boy who had been working in the garden and felt dizzy.

Cody’s mouth came down on Jamie’s and, even though Jamie could feel just how excited Cody was, he could tell the boy was struggling to remain gentle with him. His controlled strength, however, enflamed Jamie, who moaned loudly into Cody’s mouth. The teenager’s hand slipped down Jamie’s warm body to his rigid cock and began to fondle it as if it were something new and precious. Cody fondled Jamie’s balls, loving them, squeezing them gently and making the younger boy squirm.

Jamie was beside himself. This was so different from being with his father, so different from being with the men who paid to be with him. Cody was strong, yes. Cody was gentle, yes. But, Cody actually cared about him and wanted him to feel good, not because it would make the sex better, but because he cared about Jamie and wanted him to be happy.

“Oh, man, Jamie. This is so… this is so good. This is so cool. You are so pretty and cool.”

Cody was growing more aroused and Jamie was thrilled. Cody began to lick and kiss his throat.

“Give me a hicky,” Jamie whispered and Cody began to suck hard on the sensitive spot where his neck and shoulder met. Jamie wriggled underneath in delight as the fingers wrapped around his erection slipped into the thick boyish hair around the base of his penis.

Cody crawled on top of Jamie and maneuvered his rampant cock between Jamie’s thighs. With wild eyes, Jamie whispered, “Fuck me, Cody.”

Cody began to thrust and groan, closing his eyes in passion.

“I want to fuck you for real sometime, Jamie. I know how. I can be real gentle and make you happy. Oh, Jamie, this is so good. I want to make you happy, Jamie. I want to protect you and make you happy. Oh, God, oh Jamie, oh Jamie!”

He was thrusting into Jamie and the boy on the bottom struggled to squeeze his thighs together as tightly as possible. He could feel Cody’s cock sliding up and down his scrotum, punishing his fat balls, coming so tantalizingly close to his anus. He wanted Cody to fuck him for real. He needed to feel that thick teenage cock in his ass. His own cock was sliding stiffly against Cody’s stomach and the sensation was incredible. He could feel it building and knew he was going to cum. He just hoped Cody came first.

Cody threw his head back as he thrust into Jamie. He was mumbling incoherent words that became more intense with each second until he looked down, his face contorted with passion. He groaned hard. His hips fucked brutally, ramming his cock between Jamie’s legs as the younger boy felt the warm stickiness of Cody’s cum on his thighs and butt. That was enough for Jamie to burst out with an almost girlish cry as his own cum shot between their stomachs and up their chests.

            After several seconds of frenzy and delirium, Cody collapsed breathlessly on top of Jamie and rested his head next to the boys on the rolled up bag. Jamie could barely breathe from the weight of Cody on top him, but he wouldn’t have complained for anything. He loved the feel of the older boy atop him.

            “Oh, Cody. Cody.”

            The older boy was panting and his breath against Jamie’s sensitive throat was keeping the younger boy at a fever pitch. Cody kissed Jamie’s cheek.


            And, in the darkness and safety of their little grotto in the garden, the two boys continued to kiss and hug and love each other, Cody stroking the younger boy off, Jamie sucking the older boy, until the chimes of a nearby church tolled ten o’clock. Reluctantly, they both dressed and took their things, Jamie his flowers and candy, Cody his sleeping bags, back to their respective houses with promises to meet again the next night. 

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