Love in the Garden of Deceit. The following story may contain scenes of sexual activity between males and members of different generations. If you may find this offensive or if you feel it may be illegal for you to read this in your jurisdiction, I ask that you don't. This is fiction; it did not happen.  Please send any comments to christopher.macintosh @ Also, I invite you to visit my BLOG. Thank you!

Love in the
Garden of Deceit
By FreeThinker

Chapter Five

            Inside the house, Jamie led Christian through the kitchen and dining area, past the large sitting room, and into a hallway. They paused at one open door at the end and looked in. Christian shook his head and exclaimed, “Wow.”

            It was not in the style of the rest of the house. It was all in earth tones and leather, a contemporary look with a stereo and television against one wall and Chinese prints on the other above the shelves behind the bed.

            “That’s Dad’s room,” Jamie explained. Stepping across the hall, he opened a door and stepped into another room.

            “This one’s mine.”

            “Wow!” Christian exclaimed with more enthusiasm as he stepped in. “Thhhis is wwway cool!”

            Jamie’s full-sized bed occupied an entire corner of the room. There was a giant Escher print above the head of his bed and a Peter Max poster to the side. On one wall, above a desk, were two posters advertising concerts in Toronto for Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross and the Supremes. On the third wall, Malcolm McDowell’s grinning face leered down at them from a poster for Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange. There was a small color TV on a shelf and an elaborate stereo with several shelves of albums.

 Jamie watched his reaction and smiled.

“You like it?”

“Oh, mmman. Thhis is t-t-too c-c-cool,” Christian replied.

“I’m glad you like it,” Jamie said softly. He stepped forward and stood in front of Christian, smiling, reaching out for his hands. They stood there gazing into each other eyes for several seconds before Jamie moved toward Christian and leaned forward. Their arms slowly wrapped around each other and their lips came together again. For a long moment, they gently kissed until Jamie’s tongue pushed forward again. Christian moaned as he welcomed it back into his mouth.

His right hand slid carefully down Jamie’s back and over the butt of his tight pants. He placed both hands on Jamie’s cheeks, squeezing them and then pulling tightly to him. They ground their hips together, feeling the other’s erection pressing against them. Christian could feel the burst of breath from Jamie’s nose against his upper lip and it enflamed his passion. He pressed his tongue forward, sliding it across Jamie’s writhing tongue and against his soft, puffy lips. It slipped into Jamie’s mouth and the boy moaned into Christian’s.

Finally, Christian could take no more. He pulled away and looked into Jamie’s wild eyes. Softly, nervously, he asked, “Wwwould you lllike t-t-to beat-off with me?”

Jamie gave him a quick kiss and replied, “I want to do more than beat-off. You want to get naked?”

Christian was trembling. He couldn’t believe this was happening. Did he want to get naked?

“Is it safe?”    

Jamie grinned.

“There is nothing to worry about. Believe me.”

That seemed like a strange response, but Christian accepted it. Slowly, bashfully, he nodded and Jamie was kicking off his shoes before Christian’s head could stop moving.

Christian slipped his loafers off as Jamie was quickly unbuttoning his shirt. Christian’s fingers could barely grasp his buttons as Jamie threw his shirt on the floor. Christian gazed at his torso. Jamie wasn’t chubby, but he was definitely a bit bigger than average. Yet, he was still beautiful, his skin so creamy and smooth. His nipples looked very big though. He had never seen a boy with such large nipples. They looked bigger than quarters with thick, hard nubbins in the middle. He could see tufts of silky blond hair under his armpits.

“Hurry,” Jamie breather as he watched Christian finally open the last button on his shirt. “We’ll take our pants off together, eh?”

Christian nodded as he laid his shirt on the end of Jamie’s bed. He unsnapped his pants, unfastened the belt, and lowered the zipper, as Jamie did the same. Both boys hooked their thumbs inside the elastic of their underwear and paused.

“Ready?” Jamie asked with a grin. Answering with a grin of his own and a nod, Christian pushed his pants down, exposing his thirteen year-old’s erection. He stepped out of his pants and stood before Jamie, gloriously naked, his penis standing rigidly outward from the patch of bright orange hair at it base.

Jamie stepped out of his pants, his eyes glued to Christian’s penis as lustfully as Christian’s were to his. Christian’s lips parted in amazement as he looked at Jamie’s penis. It was big, much bigger than Christian’s five inches. It must have been at least an inch, maybe two inches longer. And, fatter. The shaft curved upward slightly and the crown was wide. His balls were fatter, as well, and Christian could see them churning in their sack as they clung to the base of Jamie’s cock. His public hair was thicker than Christian’s also, very blond like his other hair, with thick silky curls at the very base of his cock that became long straight strands of blond further out. Christian could just barely see the almost transparent silver blond hair on Jamie’s arms and calves.

Christian exhaled.

“Yyyou’re b-b-bea…tiful”

“So are you,” Jamie breathed. “You look so sweet and perfect.”

Christian had trouble believing that Jamie was being anything but nice in saying that. Christian detested his carrot-red hair, the freckles on his face that would not fade away, the braces on his teeth. He was skinny and had just entered a growth spurt. His legs and arms were too long and his feet were grotesquely large, he felt. But, Jamie was just an inch or two shorter, yet he looked wonderful, possibly a bit on the chubby side, but beautiful nonetheless.

Christian took a deep breath.

“C-c-can I t-t-touch your d-d-dick?”

Jamie smiled and nodded.

Tentatively, Christian stepped forward and extended a trembling right hand. He stopped an inch from Jamie’s throbbing boner. Jamie reached forward with his left hand and brought it the rest of the way, Christian’s fingers sliding over his balls, the palm of his hand coming to rest underneath the thick, upward-curving shaft. Jamie gasped, as did Christian. He left his hand there for a moment, before slowly moving it around, feeling, grasping, caressing Jamie’s erect cock. He could feel it pulse as his hand slid over the hard boner.

Jamie groaned deeply, as did Christian, and reached his own hand across. He wrapped his fingers around Christian’s hard-on and the boy cried out, thrusting his hips forward. Jamie reached forward with his other hand and held Christian’s almost hairless balls, gently squeezing them and working them around in his hand.

“You’re cock is so beautiful,” Jamie whispered. “So beautiful.”

Christian reached forward with his second hand and began to caress Jamie’s balls. He wrapped his right hand around the thick shaft of Jamie’s dick and slowly stroked.

“I lllove your d-d-dick. It’s even b-b-better than in my d-d-dreams.”

Jamie grinned.

“You dream about me?”

Christian blushed as his hands continued to work Jamie’s balls and cock.

“Every t-t-time I’ve b-b-beat off since Mmmonday, I’ve thhhought a…bout you.”

“Me. Too,” said Jamie as he leaned over and brought his lips to Christian’s. Their tongues pushed into each other’s mouth’s as they fondled and felt and stroked each other. Both boys were moaning into the other as their hands pleasured each other. Christian’s hips were thrusting forward, driving his erection into Jamie’s hand while Jamie’s cock throbbed and grew harder in Christian’s hand.

They continued like this until Christian began to breath harder and his whimpering grew more insistent. Jamie pulled back from their kiss and watched their hands working each other until he saw the muscles in Christian’s abdomen tighten. Immediately, he pulled his hand away and looked up at his friend with a wild grin.

“Whhhy d—d-did you ssstop? I wwwas going to shhhoot!” Christian exclaimed.

“I know,” said Jamie with a nasty grin. “I want to make this last. I want us to have fun.”

He dropped to his knees in front of Christian, his face level with the boy’s hard-on. Christian looked down in wonder at Jamie as the boy’s left hand rose and caressed around Christian’s cock. His fingers twined in the orange public hair and fondled the tight balls hugging his boner. Then he moved his mouth close to the head of Christian’s penis.

Christian’s eyes grew wide with shock.

“You’re g-g-going to sssuck my dick?”

Jamie didn’t respond. He was breathing on the end of Christian’s cock, sending it bouncing as it pulsed in response.

Christian had heard the word “cocksucker” as one of the vilest and most awful insults; but, he never thought for one moment that people actually did it. And, here, Jamie was on his knees and was going to…

Christian cried out and thrust his hips forward, trying to drive his cock deep into Jamie’s mouth as the boy’s thick lips wrapped around his trembling boner. He had never felt anything so amazing, so intense, so incredible. The moist warmth enveloping his cock was the most exciting thing he had ever experienced. He reached down and took hold of Jamie’s head, wrapping his fingers in the boy’s long, thick hair, and began to repeatedly thrust his cock in and out of Jamie’s mouth. It took only a few seconds before the inevitable burst through him and he came in Jamie’s mouth. He threw his head back and nearly screamed, the feeling was so intense. His body almost doubled over and he nearly lost his balance as the quakes and spasms wracked his young body and his dick spurted his boyish sperm into the eager mouth of his friend.

For his part, Jamie had begun to desperately masturbate as soon as Christian’s cock had entered his mouth and as the inexperienced boy cried out and began to thrust into his mouth, Jamie had felt his own orgasm building. As Christian’s climax was spent, Jamie was desperately stroking his own cock and moaned around Christian’s dick, still in his mouth. He shot on the carpet between Christian’s feet, his hips churning as, on his knees, he jacked his rigid boner.

Finally, Jamie pulled back and looked up at the dazed Christian, who was bracing himself against the footboard of Jamie’s bed.

“Oh, my G-g-god!” Christian exclaimed, his eyes wide in shock as he gazed down at the beautiful, nasty sight of Jamie naked at his feet, his erection still standing up rigidly between his legs, sperm dripping from his right hand. Jamie grinned.

“Feel good?”

“Oh, my G-g-god!” was all Christian could say.

Jamie struggled up and stepped to his night stand, pulling several tissues from a box. He wiped his hand and knelt to wipe the carpet where he had shot. He handed some fresh tissues to Christian and when the boy had wiped his hands, Jamie wrapped his arms around his again and grinned as he looked into Christian’s green eyes.

“How d-d-did you knnnow ab-b-bout that?”

Jamie shrugged.

“I know a lot of stuff. Maybe I can show you sometime.”

Christian grinned and could say only, “Oh, my G-g-god!”

Jamie giggled and then kissed him softly before pulling away and leading his to his bed. He pulled the covers back and smiled as he held his hand out to guide the boy into the bed. Christian crawled in and lay on his side as Jamie crawled in after him and pulled the covers up over them. They wrapped their arms around each other and gazed into each other’s eyes.

This was what Christian had dreamt of, laying naked with the most beautiful boy in the world, kissing, loving, holding. He was still fiercely erect and his cock pressed into Jamie’s abdomen. Jamie’s larger, fatter cock pressed against Christian’s and he could feel the blond’s soft public hair against the base of his cock. Without thinking, he thrust his hips forward and Jamie groaned as their mouths came together. His tongue pushed through Christian’s lips again as their hips slowly churned, thrusting and writhing, their hands caressing their backs and stroking their butts, their passion building again.

Christian pulled away and looked into Jamie’s eyes. He was panting and amazed at what he was feeling, as what was happening.

“J-j-jamie, thisss isss wwwonderffful.”

Jamie ran a finger across Christian’s face, traced it alone his ear and down his neck.

“You are so sweet,” he whispered. “So cute. So Sweet.”

“Nnngg. Nnngg,” Christian whimpered as they writhed against each other.

Jamie rolled on top of Christian, grinning down at him, his cock pressing into Christian’s tummy. He ground his hips hard into the boy and Christian moaned loudly as the feelings grew even more.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Christian grunted with each thrust of Jamie’s hips. Then he cried forcefully as Jamie’s mouth attacked his throat, kissing  and licking around the sensitive skin under his chin. It was almost too much for Christian, who lowered his head in an vain attempt to protect his throat from Jamie’s ravenous mouth. However, Jamie was determined and Christian’s moans and cries became constant.

For many minutes, the two boys loved each other, Jamie licking Christian’s throat, kissing his freckled face, thrusting his tongue deep into his mouth, Christian could feel the sensations building and his cock growing stiffer and harder again. Jamie was losing control as he pushed and writhed against the orange-haired boy. His groans were growing more guttural, more primal as he ground and writhed.

As Christian’s whimpers shifted into a higher octave, his eyes closed in ecstasy and his face contorted in rapturous agony. He froze for a second and then, with a massive groan, he began to buck and writhe madly against Jamie. The feeling of warm cum shooting between them was all Jamie needed to push himself over the edge and as Christian’s young cock spurted his ejaculate between them, Jamie’s penis began to release his. He whimpered into Christian’s mouth as he tried to feel every part of the boy’s body with his own and when both their orgasms had subsided, they both sighed deeply.

Jamie rolled off Christian and the two continued to lay in each other’s arms, gazing into each other’s face, touching, loving, being together.

It was the sound of a door closing somewhere in the house that ended the moment.

“Dad’s home,” Jamie whispered softly. Christian’s eyes grew wide with panic, but Jamie simply smiled.

“Don’t worry. Dad’s cool.”

“B-b-but, wwwe’re nnnaked! In b-b-bed!”

Jamie grinned broadly.


Casually, Jamie climbed from the bed, grabbed more Kleenex and wiped them both clean as Christian stood in a panic looking for all his clothes.

“Relax. Take your time,” Jamie said soothingly with an amused grin. “Really. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Christian looked at the boy he had just had sex with as if he were crazy. He struggled into his pants and shirt as Jamie slowly pulled his pants on. When both were presentable, Jamie led the way through the hallway to the sitting room.

Daniel Christiansen was seated on a stool along the bar separating the kitchen from the rest of the house, glancing over the mail. His tie was loose and several strands of his dark blond hair had fallen over his forehead. Despite the boy’s consternation, Christian thought he looked incredibly handsome. Daniel looked up and gave a smile to Jamie; but, when he saw Christian, his face lit up.

“Christian! What a wonderful surprise! I thought I saw your bike in front of the museum.  How are you, today?”

“Fffine, thhhanks,” the boy replied nervously as he stood behind a rather uncomfortable-looking cube-shaped leather chair. Daniel’s face took on a look of concern.

“You don’t look well. You’re face is flushed. You haven’t been over-exerting yourself, have you?”

Christian didn’t know how to respond. Jamie gave his father a look that said, I am not amused. Daniel simply smiled innocently.

“Well,” he declared standing and walking into the kitchen. “You need some orange juice. That will refresh you and replace some of the vitamins you lost in… whatever you were doing. Here.”

As Christian walked toward the bar and the outstretched arm, his face burning, Daniel looked at Jamie and asked, still with his innocent smile, “Do you need some, as well, Jamie?”

“No, I’m just fine,” his son replied sardonically. (What game are you playing?), Jamie asked in French. His father looked at him in surprise as Christian watched curiously, wondering why they had just changed languages.

“(I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why do you ask?)”

Jamie raised a warning eyebrow, which Christian didn’t miss, and Daniel chuckled.

“So, Jamie, how was your day?”


Daniel waited, but Jamie chose not to elaborate. He smiled and turned to Christian, who was starting to feel uncomfortable.

“Well, Christian, how was your day?”

Christian was not looking forward to delineating all the various humiliations he had experienced that day, so he, too, replied, “Interesting.”

“Well, I’m glad everyone had such an interesting day,” he said, removing a highball glass from a shelf. He opened a bottle of Canadian whiskey, tossed some ice in the glass, and poured a drink.

“I had an interesting day, too. I took care of the problem we discussed last night, Jamie. In fact, it is probably being resolved even as we speak.”

Jamie nodded.

“Good. Thank you.”

Daniel took a sip of his drink and leaned on the counter.

“I think, however, our friends will require some reciprocation.”

Jamie did not look happy, but after a deep breath, he replied, “That’s fine. Whatever it takes, as long as it’s taken care of.”

Daniel watched his son shrewdly for a moment and then looked at the other boy.

“So, Christian, would you like to stay for dinner? I was planning to whip up some scampi and a salad. You game?”

Christian was thrilled, but restrained himself and nodded happily.

“Yyyes. Thhhanks!”

He looked at Jamie, whose smile was restrained and whose eyes were watching his father.

So, Christian,” Daniel asked as he turned and walked to the refrigerator. “When’s your birthday?”

“Oc…tober Sssecond.”

Daniel nodded as he took several packages out and set them on the counter.

“You’ll be fourteen?”

Christian nodded.

“Jamie’s is just two weeks later, on the sixteenth. He’ll be fourteen, too.”

He pulled a pot from the cabinet, put it in the sink, and began to fill it.

“My little boy is growing up,” he said. “He’s getting old and fat.”

Jamie looked as if he had been slapped. Christian saw it and rushed to his friend’s defense.

“J-j-jamie’s nnnot fffat!”

Daniel looked over with surprise.

“Oh, he knows I’m just kidding, don’t you son?”

He walked over to where Jamie stood by one of the stool and put his arm around the frowning boy.

“Come on, sweetheart. You know I’m just teasing you. Je t'aime.”

He kissed Jamie on the top of his head and the boy seemed to melt into his father’s embrace. He closed his eyes and Christian looked on with longing. Daniel glanced at him and saw the need in his face.

“Come here, Christian. I think you need a hug, too. You both must have had a rough day.”

Tentatively, Christian stepped forward and when Daniel’s arm wrapped around his shoulder, he exhaled and melted into the man’s embrace, as well.  Daniel’s hand slowly rubbed up and down Christian’s arm and the boy couldn’t refrain from wrapping his arms around Daniel’s torso. Jamie felt Christian’s hands and opened his eyes. He saw his friend laying his head against his father’s chest, he eyes closed, and a look of peace on his normally troubled face. Jamie frowned and then smiled sadly. He looked up at his father and said, “Protège-lui! Il est sensible, (Don’t hurt him. He’s delicate. We must protect him).”

”Daniel smiled down at his son and replied, “Je sais ce que je fais! (I know what I’m doing).”

Jamie looked up skeptically and said, “J'éspère que oui! Il est special, (I hope you do. He is special).”

Daniel raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Dis-pas que ti-Jamie se tombe en amour!  Trop vite, toi!” (Don’t tell me little Jamie is in love! Don’t you work fast!)

Jamie looked toward the kitchen and answered in English, “You pot is overflowing.”

Daniel gave his son a narrow look and then gave both boys one last hug before letting go and walking to the kitchen sink. He turned off the water, poured out the excess, and placed the pot on the range. As he began preparing the different items for dinner, he watched Christian, who was telephoning home.

“Mmmom, I’mmm havvving d-d-dinnner at J-j-jamie’s… Yesss… Eight?... Ssseven-thirty. Ok-k-kay.”

Daniel looked down at the pasta he was unwrapping.

“So, Christian, you’re a Libra?”

Christian shrugged.

“I g-g-guess. I d-d-don’t rrreally belllieve in assstrolo…gy.”

“Well, Libra’s are balanced people. Do you think you’re pretty balanced?”

He shook his head as he climbed up on a stool.

“I get upset a lot.”

“Life’s rough at school?”

Christian nodded and then chuckled ruefully.

“And, home, too.”

Daniel started chopping garlic and smiled.

“Well, anytime you need to balance things out and need a little peace and serenity and friendship, you just come on over here. Anytime. I’m sure Jamie wouldn’t mind and I know I wouldn’t.”

Daniel’s eyes met Christian’s and held them for several seconds. He smiled warmly and Christian sighed.

“Thank you,” he said softly. Jamie stood next to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

From that point, the conversation became more relaxed and less emotional. Jamie gradually began laughing at jokes his father or Christian would make and Christian would grin spontaneously. All three seemed disappointed when it was time for Jamie to walk Christian up to the museum to retrieve his bike.

As Christian climbed on his bike, Jamie leaned over and put his arms around him. His eyes met Christian’s.

“I’m glad you came over today. I’m glad you stayed for dinner. I… really like you, Christian. I really do. I… hope we can… well…”

Christian leaned over and surprised Jamie with a kiss on his forehead.

“Tomorrow morning?”

Jamie smiled.

He took his time walking back home, climbing over the service gate and strolling slowly along the walkways and paths. The lights were off and as the sun set and the dusk turned to darkness, Jamie became increasingly thoughtful and increasingly reluctant to return home. Crossing the footbridge across Falcon Creek, he could see the lights through the windows of his house. He stood on the bridge for several minutes, listening to the water flow over the stones in the creek before finally walking on home.

His father was finishing the dishes as he entered. Neither spoke as he walked through the kitchen. As he sat at his desk doing his homework, he heard his father’s shower start. When he finally closed his last textbook, he stood and looked out his window for a moment, biting his lip and clutching his hands. Finally, he turned and walked into the hallway. As he passed, he glanced into the other bedroom and saw his father sitting in bed, reading The New Yorker. He didn’t look up as Jamie passed and Jamie said nothing as he walked on to the front sitting room. There was a piano in the corner and he sat down before it. He opened it, laid his fingers on the keys for a moment before playing, from memory, the Romeo and Juliet from school. When he was finished, he sat quietly for a second and then played the mournful Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. The depressing repetition of the three notes brought tears to his eyes and before he could finish the piece, he stopped. Eyes moist, he pushed the bench back and walked back to his room. His father was still reading, though he had replaced The New Yorker with Esquire.

Slowly, Jamie began to undress, taking his time and breathing heavily until he was naked. His penis was only partially erect, but as he looked down at it, he watched it slowly rise and thicken until he was completely hard.

He was scared. His heart was pounding and his hands were trembling as he turned and walked out of his room and into the hall. He stood before his father’s door and paused a moment. He swallowed and stepped in.

Standing naked and erect inside the doorway, he took a breath. His father was laying on the left side of the bed, reading his magazine, shirtless and, undoubtedly, bottomless under the covers, as well, reading glasses propped on his nose, sitting back against his pillows, which he had propped up. His stereo was on low and Jamie could hear his father’s favorite music, soft piano jazz, just loud enough to provide a relaxing background to his reading.

“Dad,” he said softly. His father looked up from his magazine and over his glasses, raising  a curious eyebrow when he saw his naked, aroused son standing across the room.

“Jamie?” he said curiously. “Are you OK?”

Aime-moi, Papa, aime-moi, (Love me.),” he said softly. (Please love me).”

Daniel looked at him in surprise.

Jamie, mon ti-gars, qu'est-ce que se passe? (Jamie, my son, what’s the matter?)”

Papa, je veux que tu m'aimes, (Dad, I want you to love me),” he said in a trembling voice.

“But, I do love you,” Daniel replied in English.

Je voudrais que tu m'aimes comme auparavant, avant des photos, et les autres ... avant que je devenais agé et gros, (I want you to love me the way you used to, the way you did before, the way you did before the pictures and the others and… before I became old and fat).”

Daniel closed his eyes in pain and dropped his magazine. When he opened them, Jamie had stepped forward a couple of paces. His erection was, if anything, firmer and higher, reaching toward him. He felt himself stir under the covers. Removing his glasses and placing them on the night stand, he cocked his head.

Jamie, je te moquais ce soir. Tu n'as que treize ans. T'es pas agé ... pas gros... eh, peût-etre un peu peu gros, mais, t'es encore beau...mon très cher gars, mon cher Jamie!  Je t'aime toujours! (Jamie, I was only teasing you tonight. You’re only thirteen. You’re not old. And, you aren’t fat. You are starting to grow a little pudgy, but you’re still beautiful. You’re still my sweet boy, my sweet Jamie. I love you).”

Mais tu ne m'aimes pas comme tu m'aimais avant, (But, you don’t love me anymore the way you used to),” Jamie replied with pain in his voice, adding in English, “You used to hold me in your lap when Mom was at a seminar or something and we would cuddle all evening and you would play with my cock and we would just love each other all night. Now, it seems like we just do it. And… you have so many dates… and you seem to like so many others. You seem to like Christian a lot.”

Daniel looked pained at his son’s description of his sex life. He pulled the covers back at his side and patted the bed.

Viens-citte, mon chou (Come here, sweetheart).”

Quickly, Jamie ran to the foot of the bed and crawled up. Slipping under the covers, he eagerly wrapped his arms around his father’s body and melted into him as Daniel pulled the boy against him.

            “Jamie, I love you,” he whispered, as he brought his lips to Jamie’s forehead. Gently, lovingly, he brushed the hair aside and kissed him above his left eye. “You know I love you. And, just because I have other lovers doesn’t mean that I love you any less. But, sweetheart, you’re my son. We’re not married and sometimes, I need a man to be with me. Sometimes, I like other boys. It doesn’t mean I love you less. And, I don’t think I could masturbate you all night anymore like we used to, anyway. You’d cum in thirty seconds. Jamie, you’re the most sexual person I know and I don’t think there’s anyone who could satisfy you.”

            “That’s not true,” the boy whispered, looking plaintively at his father. “All I really want is for you to love me, hug me, hold me, love me. I don’t want the other men. I don’t want the other boys. I just want you.”

            Daniel shook his head sadly and kissed Jamie’s puffy lips.

            “What about Christian?”

            Jamie looked down.

            “Christian’s sweet. I like him a lot. He needs love, too. But, I could love him without the sex. I… I need you, Dad.”

            Daniel gazed at his son, his face just inches from the boy’s. He thought for a moment and then smiled.

            “Tell you what. We’ll have a night soon just for ourselves. Just you and me and no one else. I’ll cook a special dinner for us and I’ll get a bottle of Moet. That’s your favorite. And, we’ll do the act again, you know the one with Martha and the Vandellas? Or, Aretha! You love to do that routine for “R-E-S-P-E-C-T,” don’t you? And, then we’ll curl up here and I will cuddle with you and love you and it will be just like old times. How’s that?”

            Jamie couldn’t look up. Softly, he whispered, “When?”

            “Oh, I don’t know. I can’t tomorrow because we have a concert at the Center. Friday, I have a dinner date. Saturday’s the reception for us. Oh, by the way, our friends want a favor Saturday for helping us with your little problem. You won’t mind entertaining a couple of men at the reception, will you?”

            Jamie felt the tears form again. He sniffed and whispered, “No.”

            Daniel gently took his face in his hand and kissed him on the lips again.

            “There, now. Feel better?”

            Jamie said nothing. He couldn’t look at his father. He averted his eyes and waited.

            “Now, I’m really tired and I have a lot to do tomorrow. I really need some sleep. Why don’t you give the old man a break tonight and we’ll see what we can do tomorrow, how’s that

            Jamie nodded. Silently, he crawled from under the covers and across the bed to the foot. Uncertainly, he stood, his penis deflated and hanging limply.

            “Good night, Jamie. I love you.”

            Jamie nodded and without looking as he slowly walked to the door, he muttered, “Me, too.”

            But, when he entered his bedroom, he closed his door and crawled into bed. He clutched one of his pillows and cried softly. Something died in Jamie that night, something deep and important and vital. And, when his penis grew erect again and he rolled onto his side, it was not his father he dreamt of as he furiously, desperately stroked. He needed to forget, to think of something else and mad, frantic masturbation was his only escape. In his mind, it was not his father or Christian who was having sex with him. They were men, men without faces or names or souls, men who used him, men who were brutal and taking what they wanted from him, men who showed no concern for him. And, when he came, it was hard and long and he shot for what seemed like minutes.

            He lay panting for some time, a sense of hatred flowing over him, hatred of himself and of his father, hatred of his life and the direction he knew it was headed. He had a plan. He knew how his life would go know. It was not what he wanted, but it was what he deserved and it was what his father deserved.

            He wiped himself off and rolled over.

But, he didn’t sleep.

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