Love in the Garden of Deceit. The following story may contain scenes of sexual activity between males and members of different generations. If you may find this offensive or if you feel it may be illegal for you to read this in your jurisdiction, I ask that you don't. This is fiction; it did not happen.  Please send any comments to christopher.macintosh @ Also, I invite you to visit my BLOG. Thank you!

Love in the Garden of Deceit
By FreeThinker

Chapter Six

            Where was Jamie? Christian had been waiting for five minutes for his friend. If he didn’t hurry, they would be late for school. He wondered if the boy’s absence had anything to do with the sex they had enjoyed the previous day. Perhaps, Jamie had freaked out about it and couldn’t stand the thought of Christian now. Maybe he was angry with Christian. Maybe he was too embarrassed to be seen with him now that the whole school knew he had beaten-off in the locker room. Maybe…

            He gazed up the street at the corner of 28th and Brentwood. Perhaps he should ride down to Jamie’s house to see if he was all right. Maybe he was sick and needed help. Maybe…

            Suddenly, a head of long blond hair appeared, flying around the corner and racing up the street toward him. Christian sighed with relief and looked at his watch. Seven-fifty-one. They had nine minutes to get to class.

            “Sorry!” Jamie yelled as he approached. Christian nodded and took off on his bike so Jamie wouldn’t have to stop. “I overslept. I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

            “Are you O-k-k-kay?” Christian asked nervously. Jamie smiled.

            “Yeah. Don’t worry. It’s nothing. At least we have ‘Express Yourself’ this afternoon.”

            Christian was reassured of their friendship, leaving only the threat of being tardy as a worry as they rode furiously up the street.

            They walked in to First Hour just seconds before the bell rang. Mrs. Nelson glanced at them as they walked past her desk, but said nothing. In fact, there were no comments from anyone in the class as Christian took his seat. He had, at least, expected Craig Stinson to make some comment about him masturbating in the locker room; but the bully was strangely silent, looking down at his desk and not raising his head.

            “Something’s wwwweird,” Christian commented to Jamie during the class change. They left their lockers and were climbing the stairs to Second Hour Orchestra. “Nnnobody’s sssaid anythhhing ab-b-bout… you knnnow what.”

            Jamie grinned.

            “I told you everyone would forget about it. People lose interest in stuff after awhile.”

            “Yeah, but even Craig didn’t say anything. And, he always says something about something.”

            A strange smile of satisfaction came over Jamie’s face as they turned the corner into the hallway Orchestra was in.

            “I don’t think you have to worry about Craig anymore.”


            “Don’t ask,” Jamie interrupted. “I can’t tell you and you can’t ask.”

            He smiled at Christian as they entered the Orchestra room and Christian sighed and shrugged.

            His anxiety, however, grew as the hour progressed as Third Hour Gym came closer and closer, so much so that several times during the Beethoven, he squeaked his clarinet, causing Mr. Fields, at one point, to stop the orchestra.

            “Mr. McKenzie, do we need to study embouchure again?”

            Christian’s face flushed with embarrassment and he looked down at the floor. Mr. Field’s sighed impatiently and raised his baton to continue.

            “I told you,” Jamie said reassuringly as they later left Orchestra for Gym, “you have nothing to worry about.”

            “But, whhhat if I g-g-get… you know?”

            “You won’t and neither will I. It’ll be fine.”

            Indeed, as he undressed and put on his gym clothes, Christian was too nervous to get a boner, and when he met Jamie at the door to the gym, in his own white shorts and gym-shirt, his grin reassured him.

            As they shot baskets at the side of the playing fields, Jamie could tell Christian was nervous from the number of shots he was missing compared to the day before.

            “You know what you do,” he said running after one of Christian’s misses. “If anyone says anything, you just smile and laugh and make some smart-aleck comment. They’ll forget about it immediately. If you freak out and get all embarrassed, they’ll keep after you and turn it into something. “

            In the shower, later, Craig even averted his eyes, trying to avoid any contact with either Jamie or Christian. Christian had avoided any contact with Jamie in the shower and was sitting on the bench pulling his clothes from his locker when Jamie entered the shower.

            Craig hurried out, to Jamie’s amusement, but Trent Hollister was just entering. Jamie stood under one of the shower heads and soaked himself as Trent took the one next to him. Jamie could see that Trent was trying to look at him out of the corner of his eye and decided that it was time for the first of many paybacks he would give Trent.

            Jamie had been fighting a boner for the whole class and decided not to fight it any more. His cock had been hanging low, but not inflated. Now, it began to thicken and rise. As Jamie soaped himself up, he deliberately shook his body so that his cock would wag back and forth. He could see that Trent was watching and that the spoiled little rich kid was starting to plump a little as well. His cock was dropping lower and lower from its nest of dark brown curls and thickening. 

            Jamie rinsed himself and, as his cock rose to a forty-five degree downward angle, he looked directly at Trent and smiled. Trent was totally confused as Jamie turned around and left the shower. However, the damage was done. Trent’s cock immediately rose to a full-blown, no-holds-barred, boner right there in the middle of the shower.

            Never having experienced people laughing at him, Trent did not know what to do when the cat-calls started and the chiding began. He may have been one of the “cool” kids, but his face turned scarlet and he was plainly humiliated as he rushed to the towel bin to dry off and cover himself. Jamie winked at Christian.

            “You did that to Trent, didn’t you?” Christian demanded with a grin as the sat down later in the cafeteria.

            “What are you talking about?” Jamie asked innocently. “I just started feeling a boner coming on and I thought maybe Trent would like to see it.”

            “Well, how come you didn’t get hard all the way?”

            Jamie grinned.

            “Because I have more control over my cock than Trent does over his. Anyway, I don’t think you have anything to worry about now for the rest of the day. I think everyone’s going to be focused on teasing Trent now.”

            And, in fact, that is exactly what was happening. A group of ninth grade jocks was walking past the cool table and making all sorts of lewd suggestions to the President of the Eighth Grade.

            “How did you know he’d get hard?” Christian asked as they watched Trent’s consternation.

            “From the way he’d been looking at me for the last few days. Oh, and he’s President of the Drama Club. Any guy who joins Drama Club has got to be a poof.”

            Christian frowned.

            “That’s nnnot fair. Everyone assssumes I’m one b-b-because I’m bad at sssports and the t-t-teachers like me. That d-d-doesn’t mean I am… automatically. J-j-just because…”

            “But, you are one,” said Jamie with a huge grin.

            “You know what I mmmean,” Christian replied with exasperation. Jamie nodded and smiled.

            “I know. I know.”

            Christian was curious, now that he and Jamie had done it the day before, how Jamie would act in Fifth Hour History with Mr. O’Leary. Would he still be flirty the way he was Tuesday or would they both avoid looking at each other the way they did Wednesday? He couldn’t keep his mind off the question throughout Fourth Hour Science, so much so that when Mr. Fucker finally stopped reading aloud from his book and began asking questions, Christian was staring out the window and completely unaware that the class waited a full twenty seconds before the teacher repeated Christian’s name loud enough to break through his concentration.

            “Mr. McKenzie! Would you please direct your attention to me and recite to the class Newton’s Third Law.”

            There were chuckles from around the room as Christian thought for a second and then blurted out, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction!”

            There was silence in the room and Mr. Tucker’s eyes grew wide before he smiled.

            “Very good, Christian. Congratulations.”

            Christian grinned when he realized he hadn’t stuttered. He had just blurted it out.

            However, he returned to his nervous state as soon as the bell rang. Jamie seemed quiet, as well, as the two walked first to their lockers and, then, to Fifth Hour. All Jamie said was that he and Christian needed to “sit down and figure something out” about his stuttering, that it was obviously a “stress-thing.”

            As the boys walked in, Christian saw Mr. O’Leary glance up at him and smile. His eyes traveled behind Christian to Jamie. He nodded to the boy and then quickly looked back down at the papers before him. Christian wasn’t in a position to see Jamie behind him and didn’t want to be obvious looking back at him from his desk later. However, about fifteen minutes into the class, he realized that Mr. O’Leary was still, as he had Wednesday, avoiding looking toward the back of the class.

            He quickly glanced back and was greeted with the sexy sight of Jamie slouching again, his legs open wide, and the end of his pen in his mouth, which was open slightly as his tongue slid slowly back and forth along his upper teeth. When he saw Christian looking at him, he closed his mouth and lowered his pen, giving him a quick, if business-like, smile. Christian nodded and turned back before Jamie could see his frown.

            “You ssseem to like Mmmr. O’Leary,” Christian commented as they walked to sixth hour. Jamie shrugged.

            “He’s all right. He kind of reminds me of my father.”

            Christian’s eyes opened at this strange comment, but he said nothing further until they arrived in Sixth Hour English. Mr. Roberts gave Christian a warm smile and the boy’s face glowed with pleasure as he went back to his desk. This did not go unnoticed by Craig, who had returned to Sixth Hour English, but who was still maintaining an uncharacteristic silence.

            The hour went by without incident and by the time the bell rang, the only concern left for Christian was escaping school without any dramatic events.

            “Don’t worry,” Jamie said reassuringly as they left their lockers laden with their texts and notebooks, and Christian’s clarinet. “You have nothing to worry about now.”

            Indeed, when they entered the lobby, it was Trent Hollister who was the subject of the afternoon laughter as Charlie Young regaled the assembled piranha of the kid’s erection in the locker room. Trent was walking through the hall in front of Jamie and Christian and kept his face straight ahead as he proceeded on past the crowd.

            “I fffeel bad ffffor him,” said Christian with sympathy.

            “Why?” Jamie asked incredulously.

            “Because, I knnnow how it fffeels.”

            “Well, now, so does he. He’s the one who spilled your secret yesterday. So now, his is being spilled. Now he knows what you went through.”

            Christian frowned and hurried forward. When he caught up to Trent, he nudged his arm with his books. Trent turned and looked at Christian with surprise.

            “Gonna dump shit on me, too?” he asked bitterly.

            Christian shook his head.

            “Nnno. I think it’s… pretty shitty the wwway everyone is llllaughing. It’s not fffair. Everyone gets a b-b-boner. Everyone gets a bb-b-boner at school. Even Charlie Young. I just wwwanted to tell you that I’mmm not lllaughing at you.”

            Trent stopped and looked down for a moment before looking back up. His eyes were full of shame.

            “I shouldn’t have told anyone about you, yesterday, you know, doing it.” He sighed disgustedly. “Heck, I did it in the boys room upstairs last week during sixth hour. I couldn’t wait ‘till I got home.”

            He smiled sheepishly.

            “I’m sorry man,”

            Christian smiled.

            “Thank you. Thank you so much. That means a lot to me.”

            They started walking toward the east side entrance. Jamie followed uncertainly behind.

            “You know,” said Trent, “you aren’t really a geek. So what if you stutter. And, if you want to sit with me at lunch, you can.”

            Christian didn’t know what to say. His smile and his blush told Trent all he needed. As they walked out the door Trent slapped him on the back and walked over to his mom’s Olds 88. Christian walked to his bike and threw his books and instrument case in the baskets.

            “So, now you and Trent are mates,” said Jamie and he dropped his books in his baskets. Christian yanked his bike out of the rack and climbed onto the seat.

            “We’re not mmmates, but we’re fffriends, now.”

            “That’s what I mean,” Jamie said pulling his bike out.

            “Are you annngry?” Christian asked.

            They began pedaling between the various pedestrians until hopping the curb and talking off down the street. Jamie didn’t respond.

            “Look,” said Jamie, “I did it to get back at him for hurting you. I gave him a boner so you could get revenge for what he did to you yesterday. You’re my friend and nobody hurts my friend.”

            “Well, I a…ppreciate that and I think he lllearned his lesson. He’s a rrreally nice guy, now.”

            Jamie looked at him incredulously.

            “That’s it? The guy makes you his punching bag for two years and now you’re best friends?”

            Christian turned the corner onto Brentwood.

            “Lllook, what you did, did thhhe trick. He’s lllearned his lllesson. He’s a good guy now. It’s all yyyou’re doing. You did it. Thank you. Are you… jealous, now?”

            “No, I’m not jealous,” Jamie said defensively. “I just don’t see how you can forgive him so easily. Nobody hurts me or my friends and gets away with it.”

            They came to the crossing guard at 24th and waited. Christian turned and said,  “OK. Well, he learned his lesson. But, you’re still my best friend.”

            Jamie smiled wanly before they rode across the street.

            “Besides, we have ‘Express Yourself’ now. That’ll be fun. And, then, maybe, we can go make out or something.”

            “What are you doing?” Jamie asked with mock exasperation as his hair blew in the wind. “Trying to give me a boner, now?”

            Christian grinned.

            “Is it working?”

            “What do you think?”

            After the two had dropped their things off at their respective houses, the boys walked through the gate from Jamie’s back yard to the grounds of the Gardens. As the crossed the footbridge, they saw Stevie, with his hair pulled back in a ponytailand wearing round John Lennon glasses, sitting on the ivy-covered steps of the gazebo again. He had an old blue blazer on over a tee shirt and faded jeans. Calvin was sitting beside him, this time in blue jeans also, though they were crisp and ironed, with a highly starched blue oxford. Jared and Scott were approaching from the cottage with Cody’s solitary figure behind them. Ben was already sitting on a bench in front of the gazebo.

            Christian leaned over before they were too close and whispered, “I ffforgot about C-c-cody seeing us kissing yyyesterday. You think he’ll sssay anything?”

            Jamie gave a shrewd look toward Cody and saw they boy’s eyes were already on them. Cody gave a short, quick upward nod and then looked away. Jamie turned back to Christian and smiled.

            “He won’t be a problem.”

            They strolled over to Stevie and Calvin and chatted leisurely for a bit as Jared and Scott took a bench behind them. Cody walked slowly over and stood on a step on the far side of the gazebo. Christian looked nervously over and Cody gave him the same quick greeting, though this time he did add a slight smile.

            Jamie pointed to his shirt.

            “T Rex! That’s one of my favorite bands!”

            Cody nodded.

            “Yeah. They’re good.”

            After a moment, Scott asked, “Who else you like?”

            Cody shrugged and jammed his hands into his pockets again.

            “Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Yes. Moody Blues.”

            Ben walked up and said, “You have excellent taste in music.”

            Cody nodded again, but said nothing. He shook his hair out of his eyes and glanced over at Jamie and Christian before looking quickly back at Ben.

            “OK. Today, we’re going try something different. We need to break down the walls that we sometimes build around us. So, we’re going to pair off and try something. We’re going to look at another person in the eyes. We can’t look away. We can only look at them in the eyes and we’re going to do this for three minutes. OK? So Let’s split up from the friends we seem to have made. Jamie, you and Cody sit there on that step.”

            Cody had a distinctly uncomfortable look on his face,  but he sat down as Jamie made his way over. Jamie smiled as he sat beside him and then turned to watch Ben.

            “OK. Stevie, why don’t you and Jared team up.”

            Stevie wondered if it was an accident that Ben had paired up the youngest and oldest members of the class, but he traded places with Scott on the other bench.

            “Good. Now, Scott and Calvin take that bench and that leaves Christian. So, he and I can team up over here.” He pointed to a step in front of the gazebo.

            OK. Three minutes. I’ve have this timer here and it will go off. Now, no cheating. You must maintain eye contact for the whole three minutes. No talking, no laughing. This is serious. OK? Go.”

            Jamie smiled and gazed into Cody’s brown eyes. They were soft, almost puppy-dog-like and suddenly he felt himself growing flushed. Cody had thin dark eyebrows and a few freckles scattered across his nose. His dark brown hair fell across his forehead and the rough look he had seemed negated somewhat by his eyes. Jamie gazed and saw something in them he wasn’t expecting. Cody kept his eyes steady and focused on him and Jamie felt a flush. Cody was hot. Cody was seriously hot, and Jamie was getting a serious boner. He wondered if Cody could tell and then decided it didn’t matter. He was reading something in Cody’s eyes, the way they seemed to narrow a bit and take on a knowing look. Yes, he knew Jamie was hot for him.

            The three minutes seemed to take forever. As Christian gazed into Ben’s eyes, he lost all track of time. Ben’s large brown eyes looked deep into his own green eyes and seemed to take control. It was as if Christian were being hypnotized. His lips fell open and he wasn’t even certain he was breathing. His mind seemed to be wiped clean as he simply stared into the beautiful eyes of the teacher.

            Everyone seemed to jump when the timer went off. All the boys expressed relief in some way or another, except Cody, who kept watching Jamie with a strange almost Mona Lisa-like smile that wasn’t really a smile. Jamie turned toward Ben, his back to Cody so that the older boy couldn’t see the huge rise in his pants.

            “OK, you can all go back where you were.”

            However, strangely, no one moved. Ben looked around and seemed to fight a slight smile.

            “Well, OK. Never mind then. So! Stevie, what did you learn about Jared looking into his eyes for three minutes?”

            The long-haired teenager sat back against one of the pillars and thought for a second before declaring, “He seems like a really quiet and sweet guy, shy and all that. But, he’s really a devil and has a mischievous streak in him that you really have to watch.”

            Ben raised an eyebrow as Jared looked at him with embarrassed surprise.

            “I do not!” he declared, though he was grinning as he said it.

            Stevie raised an eyebrow and nodded.


            “Calvin?” Ben continued. “What did you learn about Scott?”

            Calvin seemed nervous as he wrung his hands and softly replied, “Well, for a jock, he’s really deep and sensitive, I think.”

            Scott’s face tinged slightly under his freckles.

            “Jamie, tell us what you discovered about Cody.”

            “Well, I think Cody comes off as really stand-offish and tough, but I think he’s really sensitive and considerate and intelligent. He sees things others don’t, I bet and… I think he’d make someone a really nice boyfriend.”

            He quickly glanced back and Cody was looking down at the step, frowning in embarrassment.

            “What do you think, Cody?” Ben asked. “You think Jamie’s close?”

            Cody shrugged. “I dunno. I… I think I’m OK. Like I don’t lie or cheat or nothing. I don’t know how smart I am.”

            “What about Jamie?”

            Cody took a deep breath.

            “Well, I think… I dunno… I think he’s… if he’s your friend, he’s your friend, but if you piss him off, he’d cut off your nuts.”

            Everyone burst out laughing, not the least Jamie, who nodded and grinned in agreement. Even Cody smiled, though with embarrassment.

            “Well, that’s pretty interesting.”

            The other’s expressed their thoughts about the experience and then shared with each other how breaking down walls between people could be helpful in expressing one’s feelings, how understanding what was inside someone else might help in communicating one’s own thoughts. By the end of the class, all the boys were seriously engaged in the discussion and seemed genuinely disappointed when Ben insisted on breaking up. He gave a final wave to everyone and announced, “Next Tuesday, we’ll be up on the portico.”

            He squeezed Christian’s shoulder and wink.

            “You did very well today, Christian. Very well, indeed.”

            “Thank you,” the boy replied proudly.

            He waited for Jamie to come over from his discussion with Stevie and Scott. He watched Cody standing by himself observing the others.

            “Bye, Cody” he yelled. The other boy made an attempt at a smile and nodded.

            Jamie looked at him and gave him his trademark “Angels in Heaven” smile and held his look for several seconds. Cody seemed to flush and then turn, but not before a curt nod. Jamie watched him walking away in his tight jeans and tight black tee-shirt for several seconds before turning to Christian.

            Jamie seemed not to notice that he was rather obviously aroused in his tight pants and Christian was about to suggest that they do something about that when they got back to Jamie’s house when Stevie called out to them.

            They turned and saw him standing on the steps, leaning against a column, a rise in his jeans, though not very noticeable. His arms were folded across his chest and he looked rather relaxed.

            “See ya next week?”

            “Sure,” Jamie replied.

            Their eyes seemed to meet for a second before Jamie felt he had to turn. Christian was watching him with a blank face.

            “What?” Jamie asked.

            Christian started forward.

            “You sssup-p-pose Ssstevie is g-g-gay?”

            Jamie suppressed a smile.

            “I hope so.”

            “Why? I mmmean I thhhought…”

            “What? What did you think?”

            Christian shrugged as they crossed the footbridge over the creek.

            “I don’t knnnow. I thought mmmaybe… Oh, I don’t knnnow.”

            Jamie watched Christian out of the corner of his eye, still suppressing his smile. Christian seemed very uncertain. As he unlocked the gate to his back yard, Jamie quietly asked, “What time do you have to be home?”

            “F-f-five thhhirty. I c-c-can’t ssstay for d-d-dinner.”

            Stepping into the yard and holding the gate for Christian, Jamie grinned, “Well, we still have time for some fun!”

            Reluctantly, Christian smiled. Suddenly, he was uncertain of his status with Jamie. His friend’s constant flirting, and now his comment that he hoped Stevie was gay had left Christian feeling confused. They had done it together yesterday, They had hugged and held and kissed. They were… boyfriends, weren’t they? Now, he wasn’t sure. Maybe they were just friends who liked to get it on.

            However, as the boys entered the back door into the utility room, they could hear Diana Ross and The Supremes from the front of the house. Jamie sighed with irritation and frowned. He looked at Christian and shook his head.

            “I’m going to kill him, some day.”

            As they emerged into the kitchen, Daniel appeared around the corner from the front dancing to the beat. He grinned broadly at the boys as they approached, his eyes scanning the front of their pants and causing Christian to quickly jam his hands into his pockets in a panic. Daniel grinned even more broadly and kissed Jamie on the forehead.

            “Boys! How are you?”

            Jamie’s eyes narrowed with disgust.

            “You’re drunk.”

            “Actually not yet,” Daniel replied as he spun past the two and picked up a glass of white wine. “But, I am in an exceptional mood. We have a concert at the center tonight, that Russian violinist, Koznetsky or Kozinsky or whatever. Anyway, I think I may be landing a major contribution from the Morrisons! What a way to start off as Director! Now, aren’t you proud of your old man?”

            Jamie leaned against the dining room table and looked skeptically at his father.

            “What do they get in return?”

            Daniel shrugged.

            “Oh, probably their name on something. We’ll figure it out later.”

            Then grabbing Christian’s arms and pulling the boy’s hands out of his pockets, he twirled the shocked, embarrassed, and giggling boy around and then pretended to dance with him. Christian looked at Jamie with an awkward grin until Daniel chuckled and put an arm around him. Suddenly, Christian lost all breath and his eyes rolled up as he leaned into the man. Jamie watched as the boy’s face flushed and then looked up at his father. Daniel smiled knowingly.

            Pulling away from Christian, who reluctantly stood on his own, Daniel met Jamie’s narrow eyes.

            “Christian, perhaps you would like to stay for dinner again? I’m whipping up some left-overs for Jamie since I have to be back at the center later.”

            Christian looked down at the floor.

            “Thhhank yyyou, but, I have to g-g-go home. I alllready asssked.”

            “Oh. Too bad.”

            “Dad,” Jamie asked with a wary voice. “Since you’ll be out tomorrow night, can Christian sleepover? With me?”

            Daniel raised an eyebrow when Jamie added the last two words.

            “I don’t think that would be a problem, if it isn’t with his parents. I think it would be wonderful.”

            Christian grinned happily at Jamie and then at Daniel.

            “Thhhank you. You allll are ssso nnnice to me.”

            Jamie accompanied Christian to the back door.

            “I’m sorry Dad was here,” he said.

            “I knnnow, but he is ssso c-c-cool.”

            Jamie shrugged.

            “Yeah, I guess. At least, we’ll have tomorrow night, though.”

            Christian’s eyes met Jamie’s and quickly, the blond leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips.

            “I’ll see you in the morning,” Jamie whispered.

            As he walked back into the kitchen, Daniel was pulling wrapped items from the refrigerator.

            “Christian is such a sweet boy,”

            “Yes, he is,” Jamie answered flatly as he walked past. “And, I hope he can stay that way.”

            “Why, Jamie, whatever do you mean?”

            Jamie spun around angrily.

            “You know what I mean. Can I at least spend the night with him before you move in?”

            Daniel frowned in irritation.

            “Don’t exaggerate. You know I don’t ‘move in’, as you put it, unless you want me to. Besides, he’s desperate for a man to love him. Can’t you tell?”

            Jamie was silent.

            “Just as you were desperate once,” Daniel added.

            “I was desperate last night, but you had a headache.”

            Daniel shook his head.

            “You’re such a drama queen.”

            Jamie sat on a stool.

            “You don’t really like me, do you? I mean, I know you love me, but you don’t like me.”

            Daniel dropped some garlic on the counter in exasperation.

            “Oh, not that again. For God’s sake, Jamie, we’re not married. You’re my son and I’m your father. OK, we share things others don’t, but when I share with others, that’s not rejecting you. I just need more sometimes. As you do.”

            He walked over to his son and put his arms around him, pulling the boy’s head against his chest.

            “Jamie, I love you. You know that.”

            Jamie closed his eyes and let his father hold him for a moment, savoring the man’s strength and the security until his father stepped away and returned to preparing dinner.

            That night, after his father had left him alone in the house, Jamie spent an hour working on his homework before wandering alone and lonely to the front sitting room and the piano. As he played around a bit, he thought of his father and the distance that had grown between them, the love he still deeply felt for him, the bitterness and the sense of rejection felt at what he perceived to be the man’s lack of interest in him, and the entrance of Christian into their lives. Sweet, cute Christian. He knew his father wanted the boy. He knew the boy was desperate for love. Would his father use it?

            Jamie was so lonely. He needed to be held and that was the problem. Christian was needy. Christian needed someone’s strength. Jamie was happy to give it, but Jamie needed strength, too.

            He sighed and looked around. Slowly, he stood and walked to the picture window in the back sitting room. His eyes roamed up to the art center, to the glittering lights in the windows, the golden lights along the pathways, the several cold, icy blue security lights atop the power poles. Tears formed in his eyes as an incredible isolation enveloped him. He slowly wandered to the back door and stepped outside.

            It was a warm evening, much warmer for mid-September than he was accustomed to in Toronto. He looked up at the moonless sky and the few stars just appearing in the deepening dusk. A jet flew over as he turned toward the Gardens and walked through the gate.

            Tree frogs sang as he left the footpath and slowly trudged through the thick grass. He walked along the east bank of the creek through a dark, unlit area toward a huge bush of some kind. A security light cast a lonely silver hue over the landscape beyond the bush and when he came around it, he was startled to see Cody laying in the grass beneath the light pole, reading and smoking a joint.

            He said nothing for a moment until the fifteen year-old looked up and raised a surprised eyebrow.

            “Hey,” Cody said flatly with his usual short, upward nod.

            Jamie smiled shyly.

            “Hi. So you like to come out here to the Gardens?”

            Cody put the book down and took a toke from his joint.

            “Sometimes. When I need to get away from the old man. We live over there,” he said, pointing to the groundskeeper’s cottage in the corner. He held the joint out toward Jamie who smiled and stepped forward. He took the joint and sat down in the grass beside Cody.

            “What are you reading?”

            Cody held up Slaughterhouse Five and replied, “Vonnegut.”

            He saw the look of surprise on Jamie’s face and grinned ruefully.

            “Surprised? Yeah, the groundskeeper’s kid isn’t totally illiterate.”

            Jamie shook his head quickly.

            “No, no. I didn’t think that at all!”

            Cody smiled.

            “Don’t worry. It’s OK. I don’t talk much. There’s no way for anyone to know anything about me anyway.”

            They were silent for a few minutes as they shared the joint. Jamie felt relaxed and the depression and loneliness of earlier began to fade.

            “So, how long have you lived here at the museum.”

            “I grew up here.”

            After another, longer pause, Jamie asked, “You have any friends? You hang with anyone?”

            Cody frowned.

            “What’s with the interrogation?”

            Jamie shrugged.

            “No interrogation. Just that we both live here at the museum and I thought… I don’t know… maybe…”

            So, you and Carrot-top boyfriends?”

            Jamie was startled by the bluntness of the question.

            “Um, we… like each other a lot, but I don’t think we’re boyfriends.”

            He paused a moment, watching Cody’s blank face before adding, “I don’t want to be tied down.”

            Cody shrugged.

            “That’s cool. So, you’re queer?”

            Jamie decided to be as direct as Cody.

            “Yeah. I am, except I call it gay.”

            Cody shrugged. Jamie leaned over.

            “That’s not a problem? That I’m gay?”

            “Why should I care? It’s your life.”

            Jamie nodded and the two, once again, sat in silence as Jamie looked about the garden and up the hill toward the museum.

            “Um…” Cody started, uncertainty creeping into his voice for the first time. You know, for a guy, you’re really kind of pretty.”

            Jamie looked at him in surprise and then gave him his angelic smile.

            “Thank you,” he replied in as sweet a voice as he could. “You know, you’re pretty hot. Strong. Masculine, yet you look like you’re really sensitive. I got that from looking in your eyes, this afternoon. Strong and sensitive. I think that’s cool. I bet the girls at school really go for you.”

            Cody snorted.

            “Girls. All they fuckin’ care about is money and good looks and shit like that. There isn’t one that cares about you on the inside.”

            Jamie looked up at Cody’s face in surprise and saw him looking off in bitterness. Then, Cody looked down at Jamie and added, “You’re different. I could tell this afternoon.”

            Jamie glanced down at Cody’s crotch and saw the teenager was hard.

            Suddenly, Cody stood up.

            “Let’s go over here,” he said as he began to walk toward a bench in the dark along the banks of the creek. Jamie stood and followed him and sat beside him when Cody took a seat on the bench. Almost before he realized what was happening, Cody had put an arm around him and pulled him to him, their lips meeting. Cody’s kiss was hard and direct, like everything about him. Yet there was also a gentleness as his hand held Jamie’s face, his fingers running through the boy’s silky hair. Jamie moaned and Cody held him tighter.

            After a moment of Cody’s lips moving against his, pulling at his lips, caressing Jamie’s, the younger boy opened his mouth, inviting Cody’s tongue in. Cody pushed forward, taking possession of Jamie’s mouth, his tongue sliding firmly against Jamie’s, pushing toward his throat deeply.

            Cody’s strength and his sweaty smell were turning Jamie on. He was whimpering as Cody held him, kissed, caressed him. His hands almost roughly moved across his shoulders and arms; yet, there was sensitivity at the same time.

            After several minutes of the two boys kissing in the darkness as the water gurgled over the stones in the creek, Cody pulled back, breathing heavy over Jamie’s face. Jamie looked up almost helplessly at the fifteen year-old and ran his hands over Cody’s torso. However, as his left hand slid up Cody’s ribcage on the side, the older boy jumped and groaned with pain. Jamie looked at Cody’s side.

            “You hurt there?” he asked breathlessly.

            “It’s, um, nothin’,” Cody replied hoarsely. “Um, you maybe, um , want to, maybe suck my dick?”

            Jamie smiled sweetly again and nodded.

            “I’d love to suck your dick,” he replied as sexily as he could. He stood before Cody as the older boy swallowed and reached down, unsnapping his jeans and pulling the zipper down. Jamie did the same and suddenly a look of alarm came over Cody’s face.

            “What are you doing?”

            Jamie grinned.

            “I don’t want to get grass stains on my knees,” he said as he dropped his pants, revealing his boner. He dropped to his knees, but noticed that Cody’s eyes followed his cock down.

            Jamie reached up and, as Cody lifted his rear, pulled his jeans down, revealing the older boy’s erection. Jamie sighed as he gazed at Cody’s rigid six inches. He raised a hand and gently ran his fingers along the hard shaft. Cody groaned and scooted down on the bench, spreading his legs wide as Jamie pulled the jeans down to Cody’s muddy sneakers.

            Slowly, Jamie leaned forward and kissed the base of Cody’s cock, licking his balls and kissing them as Cody gasped from above. Cody was looking down with his eyes wide, breathing heavily though his mouth. He brought his hands to the sides of Jamie’s face and gently held him.

            Jamie exhaled and licked up the shaft of Cody’s cock, his left hand holding it out toward his mouth while his right hand reached down and grasped himself. The only sounds that could be heard were the chirping of the crickets, the signing of the tree frogs, the flowing creek, and the heavy breathing of the two horny teenagers.

            When Jamie reached the head of Cody’s cock, he licked all around it, lapping up the thick drop of precum that had built up at the tip. Cody groaned and Jamie looked up at him as his tongue lapped at it and grinned.

            “Oh, man,” Cody moaned. “I don’t believe this. Oh, man.”

            Jamie bent his cock down toward his face and wrapped his lips around the head. Slowly he moved down, enveloping Cody’s boner within his hot, wet lips. Cody moaned louder and threw his head back.

            Jamie began to stroke himself as he sucked Cody’s cock down as far as he could. He moved his left fist up and down in conjunction with his mouth and after only a few seconds, Cody was pumping his hips up and down, grunting and groaning as the younger boy gave him his first blow-job.

            He caressed the sides of Jamie’s face, running his fingers through the boy’s thick blond hair. He ran an index finger around Jamie’s lips and whispered, “So pretty. You are so pretty.”

            His words inflamed Jamie, who speeded up both his sucking of Cody and the stroking on his own rigid cock. Cody’s moans became more insistent and his hands held Jamie’s face tighter as his hips thrust upward.

            “Aw, man, oh, God, that feels so good. Oh, man, you are so good. So good.”

            Jamie was whimpering as Cody held his head and began to force his cock into his mouth. The boy fought not to gag as Cody fucked his mouth and when Cody suddenly stood and rammed his boner into Jamie’s mouth, the boy whimpering grew into strangled cries around the rigid cock.

            Cody held Jamie’s head still as he fucked hard into his mouth and with an animalistic growl, he came. Jamie was insane as he desperately stroked himself, swallowing Cody’s cum as quickly as it entered his mouth. And, then, as Cody’s spasms subsided and he sighed with satisfaction, Jamie shot onto the grass between Cody’s feet as he held the still rigid cock in his mouth, whimpering and moaning around the older boy’s erection. He glanced up in the last throws of his orgasm and saw the smile on Cody’s face as he stroked himself. Their eyes met and held until Jamie finally released Cody’s cock and he sat back on his heels.

            “So pretty,” Cody muttered as he looked down, his cock still standing up and over Jamie’s face. Reluctantly, he reached down and pulled his jeans up. Jamie stood up uncertainly as he did and pulled his pants up, as well.

            Cody seemed shy, all of a sudden. He looked down at the grass and moved his foot back and forth nervously as Jamie fastened his belt and zipped his pants up.

            “So, um, that was like really cool and everything and I was, um, wondering maybe if you might like to maybe do it again? Or, maybe, like you said, since we both live here at the art center, maybe we could like hang out or something. I know I’m older than you and I’m not like in the same class and shit. Like you’re smarter and richer and all that…”

            Jamie interrupted Cody’s nervous banter by leaning upward and kissing him on the mouth. After a long moment, he pulled away and smiled sweetly as Cody slowly opened his eyes.

            “I’d love to hang out with you. And, I’d love for you to make love to me.”

            Cody stood looking down in amazement at Jamie and muttered, “Oh, wow.”

            Jamie leaned against Cody and pulled the older boy’s arms around him. Looking upward into the brown, puppy-dog eyes, he said softly, “I have plans tomorrow night with Christian,” Cody frowned at these words, “and Saturday night, I have to go to a party for my dad up at the Center,” but maybe Sunday we can do something. And, then some night when my dad’s gone, you can come over to the house.”

            Cody smiled down at Jamie and whispered, “Maybe we can both sneak out some night and… um… make love out here. I can bring a blanket and some pillows and make it real nice for you.”

            Jamie smiled and closed his eyes as he leaned his head against Cody’s shoulder.

            “You’re so sweet. That sounds wonderful.”

            They stood hugging for several minutes until they heard a man’s voice in the distance yelling, “Cody! Cody! Where the hell are ya?”

            Cody stiffened for a moment, before sighing and pulling away.

            “I gotta go. Thanks. You’re really cool. I’ll see ya.”

            “See you, Cody,” Jamie said with a smile as the older boy grabbed his Vonnegut and ran.

            “I’m coming, Dad!”

            Jamie watched him disappear around some bushes and into the dark. He sighed and smiled as he turned back to the house. As he peacefully strolled through the grass he said softly, “Well, I have someone I can take care of and someone who can take care of me. So, who needs you, Dad?”

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