Love in the Garden of Deceit. The following story may contain scenes of sexual activity between males and members of different generations. If you may find this offensive or if you feel it may be illegal for you to read this in your jurisdiction, I ask that you don't. This is fiction; it did not happen.  Please send any comments to christopher.macintosh @ Also, I invite you to visit my BLOG. Thank you!

Love in the Garden of Deceit
By FreeThinker

Chapter Seven


            “I was, um, wondering maybe if I could shoot with you?”

            Christian and Jamie was facing a basket with their backs to the gym during Third Hour Friday morning. Jamie was about to shoot. The two turned to find Trent Hollister standing not far behind them, looking a uncharacteristically forlorn and lonely.

            Jamie looked at Christian and raised an eyebrow. Christian smiled and nodded at Trent.

            “Sure! Go ahead!”

            Trent smiled wanly and slowly approached as Jamie took a shot and missed. Christian retrieved the ball and bounced it over to Trent, who shot and made it.

            “So, what the deal?” Jamie asked as he retrieved the ball and sent it to Christian. Trent frowned.

            “Everyone’s treating me like I have the Plague. Nobody picked me for a team. None of my friends will talk to me. It’s like I’m somebody new, all of a sudden.”

            Jamie nodded as Christian shot.

            “Now you know how Christian’s felt since the beginning of seventh grade.”

            “Jamie!” Christian admonished, but Trent nodded.

            “I know. I know. Christian, I am so sorry, man. I never thought about what I was doing. I guess nobody who does that stuff ever thinks about how it feels to be on the other end. Now, I know.”

            Christian tossed him the ball and he shot, making it again.

            “You can be our friend, Trent. I think it would be nice. You’re a cool guy, isn’t he Jamie?”

            Trent looked uncertainly at Jamie, who looked down at the ground before reluctantly nodding. Christian tossed him the ball and he shot, missing yet again.

            For the rest of the hour, the three traded shots and soon, even Jamie was relaxed with the situation and grinning as he teased Trent when the boy finally missed. When coach blew his whistle, Christian ran up ahead to avoid the risk of popping a boner in the shower with Jamie there. Trent followed alongside Jamie and when they weren’t in earshot, he softly said, “Jamie, I think you’re really cute.”

            Jamie looked at him out of the corner of his eye and said with a nasty grin, “I know.” He chuckled and Trent waited a second before he chuckled, as well.

            When the three left the cafeteria line with their trays, Trent automatically headed for the “cool” table. However, as he approached, Biff Rogers and several others shook their heads.

            “Uh, uh. No way, Trent. No fags at this table.”

            “I’m not a fag!” Trent replied hotly.

            Jamie and Christian frowned and proceeded on to an empty table nearby. Trent stood for a moment, staring down at his former friends; but, they were implacable. After a moment, he furiously strode away and dropped his tray next to Jamie and Christian’s.

            “What a bunch of buttheads,” he spat as he sat down. “They’re your buddies when everything’s cool, but when things get rough, they drop you like a hot potato.”

            “What are you doing after school?” Jamie asked. Christian looked at him in surprise, wondering what prompted the sudden change in attitude and wondering if Jamie had forgotten they were getting together.

            “I got Drama Club,” Trent replied, “if they still want me.”

            Jamie grinned.

            “I don’t think the guys in Drama Club are gonna hate you because you got a stiffy in gym.”

            Trent suppressed a grin and then chuckled, joined a second later by Christian.

            As they walked to their lockers for Fourth Hour, Christian nudged Jamie’s arm.

            “See? Trent’s nnnot that bad. He’s a… good guy afterall.”

            “How can you forgive so quick?” Jamie asked. “He made your life Hell for more than a year?”

            Christian shrugged.

            “I guess I sssaw what he wwwas going through yyyesterday and I knew what it was lllike. I know it’s weird, but I knnnow what it’s like. What I don’t get is why he’s so nnnice to you. You’re the one who… gave him the… boner.”

            “I suppose he doesn’t realize I did it deliberately. He doesn’t realize it’s all my fault that he’s lost all his friends.”

            Jamie stood before his locker looking serious and thoughtful.

            “It’s my fault he’s lost all his friends.”

            Christian looked at him.

            “Hey, yyyou didn’t mean to,… did you?” he asked softly.

            Jamie looked at him with pain in his eyes.

            “Yes. Yes, I did. I wanted to ruin him. I wanted to destroy him. Same with Craig Stinson.”

            They closed their lockers and started to Fourth Hour.

            “Well, yyyou can do whatever yyyou want to Craig, as far as I’m… concccerned,” Christian replied.

            They said nothing more about the subject.

            Fifth Hour was a repeat of the previous two days. Jamie sat in his desk in the back looking flirtatiously at Mr. O’Leary, and not so successfully hiding his attempts to do so from Christian. Mr. O’Leary nervously looked in any direction in the class except toward the back of the room. Sixth Hour was a repeat as well. Mr. Roberts continued the discussion of Great Expectations, and though he never called on Christian, as the class left at the end of the day, he did wish the boy a fun weekend. Christian grinned broadly.

            “I am going to hhhave fffun!”

            Jamie was waiting outside the classroom.

            “We’re free! We’re free! Mwahahaha!” he declared as Christian joined him.

            “Yeah! Lllet’s get out of here. I have a… plan!”

            “Gosh,” Jamie said innocently. “I wonder what it could be?”

            Christian grinned and butted his shoulder against Jamie, jamming his friend against a locker.

            “Hey, you hoser!” he called as he took off after the giggling Christian, who was already running up the hall and dodging traffic.

            When they reached their lockers, Jamie noticed that many kids were exiting through the east door toward the playing fields.

            “Where’s everyone going?”

            As Christian pulled his Algebra and Science books from the locker for his weekend homework, he replied, “They’re going out to watch the game against Longfellow and to see Craig Stinson make a hero of himself again.”

            “Yeah. Right.”

            Christian looked quizzically at Jamie.

            “What’s up?”

            Jamie shrugged as he closed his locker.

            “I just don’t think Craig’s going to be as cocky and confident as he’s been. We’ll see what a hero he makes of himself. Well, actually, we won’t see because you and I are going home…” he leaned over to Christian and leered, “and get naked!”

            Christian’s mother seemed unusually passive as he entered the house. Sitting in her lounger in the living room, a glass of what Christian assumed was tea in her hand, she was watching The Mike Douglas Show and paid almost no attention to Christian as he went upstairs to his room. When he returned a few minutes later with his overnight bag, she just looked up and snorted.

            “That was weird,” he commented to Jamie on walking over to his bike in the carport. “Mom was just sitting in here chair watching TV and didn’t say anything nasty or hateful to me. In fact, she didn’t say anything at all. She was just drinking her ice tea and watching TV.”

            “You sure it was ice tea?”

            As Christian threw his overnight bag in the basket, he shrugged.

            “I guess. It was in an awful small glass for tea, though.”

            Jamie shook his head.

            “Christian, that wasn’t tea. That was whiskey. You’re mom’s drinking.”

            As they pulled out into the street, Christian remained silent for a moment before replying, “Well, if it makes her quiet and she doesn’t yell at me, then I guess she can drink all she wants.”

            Jamie said nothing to this, but it was another piece of the puzzle of Christian’s life and personality that he would remember.

            As they pulled into the driveway of the Christiansen house, Jamie grinned.

            “Man, we are going to have so much fun tonight. “I’ve got all kinds of games and all kinds of music and we’ll make popcorn and…”

            But, as he unfastened the gate in the privacy fence at the side of the house, his face fell as his he looked back at Christian and saw his father’s car pull into the driveway behind them.

            “Damn it,” he muttered. He looked at Christian with regret.

            “I was hoping we’d have some privacy before dinner so we could, you know…”

            “Yeah, I know,” Christian said with a shrug. “But, like you said, we have all night.”

            Jamie’s smile returned, though not as enthusiastically as before.

            “Yeah, you’re right. It’ll still be great.

             As they entered the kitchen, Daniel was just walking in the front with his dry cleaning. The smell of brownies baking permeated the house and as they met in the hallway, Jamie raised a quizzical eyebrow.


            Daniel gave him an innocent smile.

            “I thought it would be nice to take something to the party tonight. I made two pans so you and Christian can have some, if you would like. Just be careful. Um… they’re very, shall we say, rich.”

            “I lllove… brownies,” Christian said with a smile as he set his night bag down in Jamie’s room.

            “Well,” Daniel replied with a campy voice, “you’ll love these. They’re fabulous! Go have one.”

            Jamie’s eyes grew wide in alarm.

            “Um, maybe later, Christian.”

            “Nonsense,” Daniel declared as he swept into the hallway and put an arm around Christian. He guided the boy through the sitting room and over to the bar. “He needs a brownie.”

            He handed one to Christian, who grinned as he took a bite.

            “It’s… delicious!”

            Daniel popped have a brownie into his mouth and grinned at Jamie, who was leaning against the doorframe and watching the scene skeptically.

            “Spoilsport,” Daniel said to this son, sticking his tongue out. Jamie just shook his head and smirked.

            Daniel glanced at the clock on the wall.

            “Oh, I’ve got to hurry. Here, Jamie. Here’s twenty. You and Christian ride your bikes up to the shopping center on Stratford. There’s a sitdown hamburger place there that’s fun. Buy anything you like.”

            Jamie took the money and asked, “What time do you think you’ll be back?”

            Christian finished off the brownie and sat down on one of the stools, feeling quite relaxed and happy. He noticed that Jamie and Daniel seemed to be communicating with their eyes at that moment much more than with their mouths. It was interesting.

            “Oh, perhaps, midnight. Do you think that’s a good time?”

            Jamie thought for a moment and then reached over for a brownie.


            He then turned to Christian and, stuffing half the brownie into his mouth, said, “Come on. Let’s go eat.”

            The bicycle ride to Stratford Square seemed to Christian to take an unusually long time, but he didn’t mind. It was a beautiful afternoon, one of the most beautiful he could remember, a perfect September afternoon with a clean blue sky and a nice, comfortable breeze. It was so wonderful, he just had to tell Jamie.

            “This is the most beautiful day, don’t you think?”

            They were riding into the parking lot and Jamie giggled at him.

            “Yes, it’s a great day.”

            “You’re laughing at me?”

            “Man, do you know what’s in those brownies?” Jamie asked with a grin.


            Jamie giggled again and said nothing else until they pulled up in front of Carrousel. They locked their bikes to the light pole and went inside.

            A waiter in a white shirt and blue slacks with a white apron met them at the door. He was probably college age, in Christian’s estimation, with longish black hair and he stared, almost obviously, at Jamie, who grinned sweetly. He led them to a booth in the corner and took their drink order. Christian giggled.

            “I think our waiter likes you,” he whispered with a huge grin.

            “I think you’re right,” Jamie replied with a similar grin. “You think we should have fun with him?”

            Christian giggled.


            When the waiter returned with their Cokes, both boys smiled sweetly at him.

            “I’ll have a cheeseburger and fries,” Christian said as flirtatiously as he could, ending with an almost girlish smile. The waiter seemed flustered as he wrote the order down; but it was nothing compared to when Jamie spoke.

            In a soft, breathy voice, looking up at the poor waiter through his lashes, he said, “I’ll have a burger and chips. Um I mean fries,” he added with an exaggeratedly apologetic face.

            “I’ll, um I’ll have these, um, right out.”

            When he was out of sight, the boys cracked up and couldn’t stop laughing. When Christian was able to finally regain control, he rested his elbow on the table and his chin against his fist. He gazed at Jamie for a long moment and then whispered, “You are the prettiest boy in the world.”

            Jamie blushed and looked down. Christian continued.

            “And, you’re the sweetest guy in the world. I am so lucky you’re my friend.”

            Jamie frowned.

            “You might not think that if you knew the truth about me.”

            Christian shook his head.

            “Everyone has something they’re ashamed of. So what.”

            Jamie looked up.

            “You aren’t stammering.”

            Christian’s eyes opened wide.

            “I’m not! Wow. I’m not stuttering.”

            He smiled with satisfaction at Jamie. “Well, it’s either you or the brownies. Personally, I vote for the brownies.”

            Jamie chuckled.

            “That’s probably truer than you realize.”

            The waiter chose that moment to deliver their order and as the two boys smiled prettily at him, he seemed to have trouble breathing. Before he could turn away though, Jamie asked for some vinegar. Both Christian and the hapless waiter looked at him strangely and when he returned and placed the bottle beside Jamie’s plate, the blond proceeded to pour it over his French fries.

            “What in the heck are you doing?” Christian asked incredulously. “You’re putting vinegar on your French fries!”

            “Yes,” Jamie replied placidly. “I’m putting vinegar on my chips.”

            As Jamie took a long one and pushed it through his lips slowly, Christian shook his head.

            “Man, you Canadians are weird.”

            Jamie giggled and replied in a mysterious voice, “You have no idea.”

            They continued to tease each other and laugh throughout their dinner and when they were finally finished and the waiter brought the check, he grinned at them and leaned down.

            “You guys are just too cute.” He winked at them and walked away.

            “I think he liked us,” Jamie said as they climbed back on their bikes.

            “Yeah. I think he liked that tip you gave him,” said Christian.

            “Yeah, I’ve got another tip for him, too.”

            “I’ll bet you do.”

            Their ride back to the house was slow and relaxed and full of laughter and when they walked in the back door, the first thing Christian said was, “I want another brownie.”

            “OK,” Jamie replied. “But, take it easy with them.”

            “How come?” Christian asked as he picked one up and took a bite.

            “’Cause they’re marijuana brownies.”

            Christian froze and his eyes grew wide. Jamie burst out into hysterical laughter.

            “Man! You should see your face!”

            “I’m t-t-taking d-d-drugs!” Christian exclaimed. “I’ve been t-t-taking d-d-drugs!”
            “No, you haven’t. Dad just baked some brownies with pot in them. It’s no big deal. It’s not like you’re tripping on acid or anything. It’s just pot.”

            “But, that’s… drugs!”

            Jamie came over to Christian and put his arms around him. He kissed him on the cheek and Christian immediately seemed to calm down.

            “Tonight, Christian, it’s OK. It’s just you and me and we’re here in the house and we’re safe and everything’s OK and we’re going to have fun and love each other and it’s going to be wonderful because I… I love you, Christian.”

            Christian set the brownie on the counter and looked into Jamie’s deep blue eyes. He swallowed and whispered, “I don’t remember the last time anyone said that to me.”

            Tears formed in his eyes as Jamie held him and the two stood silently, their arms around each other, their heads resting on their other’s shoulders. After a long moment, Christian whispered, “I love you, Jamie.”

            Jamie pulled back and they kissed, long and softly, on the lips.

            After a moment, Jamie stepped back and smiled.

            “Let’s both have a brownie and I’ll set up the backgammon board on the floor in front of the chesterfield.”

            Christian wondered over to the couch and as Jamie returned, he opened the drapes in front of the huge picture window. The indirect lights under the dozen planters along the rectangular koi pond were on and became more prominent as dusk settled over the neighborhood. There were a few lights on in the Gardens and up at the museum, but mostly, it was dark outside. Jamie set up the backgammon board on the floor in front of the window, lit a couple of candles on the coffee table and turned off the lights.

            “It looks romantic,” Christian said softly as he sat on the floor. Jamie smiled and turned his father’s hi-fi on to an FM top 40 station and as Stevie Wonder declared that everything was “uptight and outta sight,” he returned with two champagne glasses and a plate with four brownies. When he went back to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of Korbel, Christian shook his head.

            “I don’t believe this.”

            Jamie leaned down and kissed him on the forehead.

            “I want this to be the most wonderful night of your life.”

            He took a place on the floor across from the backgammon board from Christian and removed the foil and wire from the cork in the bottle. Then, he grasped the neck with one hand and wrapped a towel around the cork, before slowly working it back and forth. After a moment, a quiet pop was heard and Jamie set the cork on the coffee table. He poured champagne into the two flutes and set the bottle down.

            Taking a glass he held it out to Christian and then picked his up.

            “To us,” he toasted. “To the sweetest guy in the world.”

            Christian sniffed.

            “This is the happiest night of my life,” he said softly before he took a sip.

            After the first glass and the second brownie, the Rolling Stones came on the radio and Jamie jumped up.

            “I love “19th Nervous Breakdown”! he exclaimed as he ran around to the other side of the couch and kicked off his shoes. Christian followed him and the two danced, Jamie’s hair flying across his face, Christian gazing on in rapture as the champagne and the brownie combined to give him an almost euphoric feeling.

            When the song was over, Jamie poured another glass, but cautioned, “We have to be careful with this stuff. We don’t want hangover’s in the morning. Dad always has a hangover when he drinks too much champagne. That’s why we have the brownies.”

            Christian downed the champagne in two swigs and then ate half the brownie. Jamie grinned as he watched.

            “I feel so… wonderful. So… happy, so…” His eyes grew wide as he looked at Jamie. “So… horny.”

            Jamie nodded.

            “Me, too.”

            He leaned over to the couch and pulled a long pillow off. He slid the backgammon board under the coffee table and set the pillow down behind Christian. He lay down and pulled the other boy down beside him.

            Face to face, Jamie ran his finger across Christian’s nose.

            “I think you are so cute, so pretty,” he whispered. “I love red hair and green eyes and freckles. You look like the perfect American boy, you know?”

            “I don’t believe you,” Christian replied. “I look like a dork.”

            “No,” said Jamie as he held Christian’s face. “You’re beautiful. But, you’re name’s all wrong.”

            “What do you mean?” Christian asked.

            “I mean, you don’t look like a Christian. I mean someone named Christian. Maybe a Chris. Yeah. Chris. That’s what I’m gonna call you. From now on, you’re Chris.”

            The boy smiled.

            “I like that. I don’t know why my parents always called me Christian. Chip’s name is Charles, but they always used his nickname. They never gave me a nickname. I guess they didn’t care.”

            “Well, you’re Chris to me. You’re my Chris.”

            Jamie leaned over and their lips met. For a long moment, their tongues pushed into each other’s mouths and the two boys kissed deeply. They clung tightly to each other and ground their hips together, their erections pressing stiffly into each other.

            Finally, Jamie sat up and grinned down at Chris.

            “I’ll be back.”

            He jumped up and ran out of the room. In a minute, he returned with blankets and pillows. Chris rolled over and helped spread the blankets out. Jamie then turned the stereo off and dropped to his knees on the blankets. As the blond began to unbutton his shirt, Chris looked nervously out the window.

            “Aren’t you going to close the curtains?”

            “No one can see in,” Jamie reassure him. There’s a twelve foot fence all around and the gate there… no one’s at the museum tonight. Besides, I think the lights around the pond and the planters are pretty.”

            Jamie blew out the candles and they were in darkness except for the soft, golden glow from the back. Chris sighed and smiled as he followed Jamie’s example and unbuttoned his shirt. When both boys were naked, they pushed their clothes aside and lay on the blankets. Once again, they wrapped their arms around each other, as well as their legs, and clung to each other, kissing deeply and writhing together.

            After a moment, Jamie rolled on top of Chris and sat up on his thighs, looking down at the red head.

            “I love you,” he whispered.

            “I love you, too,” Chris replied, his hands trembling. Jamie’s cock stood up rigidly between his legs and Chris reached up and grasped it. Jamie groaned as his friend’s hand began to caress it. With his other hand he reached underneath and began to feel Jamie’s balls. Jamie stood up on his knees and looked down at the prone boy beneath his erection.

            Chris was in heaven feeling his friend’s cock and balls. His hands felt all over, his fingers running through Jamie’s thick blond public hair, pumping at his boner, pulling at his fat balls. Jamie was groaning and suddenly pushed Chris’s hands away.

            “Suck me,” Jamie said, his voice quivering. Chris looked up at him nervously.

            “I’ve never sucked a dick before. I don’t know how to do it.”

            Jamie smiled.

            “Sit up,” he whispered.

            Chris sat, bringing Jamie’s cock right up to his face.

            “Open your mouth and just suck it in,” he whispered. Chris was trembling, he was so excited. Jamie’s cock with right in his face. He could smell the intoxicating sweaty smell of Jamie. Until the other day, he had never even known guys did this. Now, he wanted nothing more than to wrap his lips around Jamie’s boner.

            He took a deep breath and opened his mouth wide. Grasping Jamie’s cock with his left hand, he guided it to his lips. He loved the way the head of the penis swept back, almost streamlined like the nosecone of a rocket. Nervously, he stuck his tongue out and licked at the tip. Jamie moaned and his dick pulsed in Chris’s hand.

            Slowly, he moved his lips forward, taking the head into his mouth. He couldn’t believe what he was doing. He was actually taking Jamie’s cock into his mouth. He felt so unspeakably wicked; and excited. He groaned and received an answering groan from Jamie.

            Jamie’s hands began to caress Chris’s face and his fingers ran through his short orange hair.

            “Oh, Chris,” he whispered. “You’re doing so good. It feels so good.”

            Chris’s lips had reach the scar of Jamie’s circumcision and his tongue was sliding across the sensitive underside of the cock. Jamie’s groan became more guttural and Chris could feel the cock pulsing more insistently between his lips.

            “Ow. Watch your teeth,” Jamie whispered and Chris tried to open his mouth more, which was difficult, considering the girth of Jamie’s erection.

            Suddenly, the realization of what he was doing just overwhelmed Chris. He plunged down on Jamie’s erection and grabbed his own boner at the same moment. In a frenzy, he began to madly stroke himself and suck Jamie, who groaned loudly and grabbed Chris’s head. In a second, Chris’s groan rose to high-pitched whines until he made a strangling sound and began to jerk and quake as streamers of his adolescent cum shot from his erection all over his torso and Jamie’s thighs. That was enough to push Jamie over the top and as his own orgasm was just beginning to wane, Chris suddenly tasted the bittersweet cream of Jamie’s orgasm in his mouth. He wasn’t expecting it at all. The thought that Jamie might actually cum in his mouth hadn’t occurred to him, as the entire experience was so new and mind-blowing. For a brief moment, he nearly panicked; but the wildness of the situation turned him on and after the second spurt, he was eagerly swallowing as they both whimpered and moaned.

            Jamie swayed slightly as he looked down at Chris. His friend gazed up at him through half-shut eyes, gasping for breath.

            “Wow, I just… that… I mean.”

            Jamie grinned and crawled off him, laying beside Chris. Both lay on their sides facing each other, their erections just as rigid as before their orgasms. Jamie slipped his arm under Chris’s head and wrapped his other around the boy. They gazed into each other’s eyes and said nothing, just smiling and reveling in the moment.

            After a long while, Jamie began to run the fingers of his right hand along the side of Chris’s body. Chris smiled and began to run the fingers of his left hand around Jamie’s cock. Slowly, he ran his fingers upward, over Jamie’s tummy, sending a shiver though the boy. He reach Jamie’s chest.

            “You’re titties are so big,” he whispered as his finger traced toward Jamie’s right nipple. He traced around the edge and Jamie immediately exhaled, thrusting his chest outward. Chris quickly looked up and saw Jamie’s mouth was open.

            He ran the tip of his index finger over the nubbin of Jamie’s nipple and his boyfriend groaned and squirmed.

            “You like to have your titties rubbed?”

            “Oh, yeah,” Jamie whispered. “That’s like my thing. I love it.”

            Chris grinned.

            “Just like a girl.”

            Jamie giggled and sat up.

            “Sit up,” he whispered and Chris pulled himself up. The two boys sat cross-legged and faced each other. Chris saw that Jamie’s eyes had taken on a different look. There was an excitement in them, a quality he hadn’t seen before.

            Jamie raised his hands and gently took Chris’s nipples between his index fingers and thumbs.

            “Oooh,” Chris exclaimed. “Oh, wow.”

            He squirmed as Jamie rubbed and tugged at the boy’s nipples.

            “That feels so weird,” Chris whispered.

            “You like it?” Jamie asked.

            Chris thought for a moment.

            “I don’t know. It’s so… yeah, I guess I do.”

            “Do me,” Jamie said urgently.

            Slowly, Chris took hold of Jamie’s nipples in the same way and began to rub and pull and twist. Jamie went crazy.

            “Oh, yeah. Work my nipples,” he breathed. “Oh, God, that feels so good.”

            Chris was amazed at how worked up Jamie was becoming. He was squirming and twisting and his face was contorted with what could only be described as ecstasy. Chris suddenly felt such a sense of power, knowing he could have such an affect on his friend.

            “You sure know a lot about sex,” Chris commented as Jamie’s fingers began to twist and rub his nipples more insistently.

            “Yeah, I do,” Jamie responded. “I love sex. I mean I really love sex.”

            Chris was growing more excited with every passing second. Jamie’s fingers on his nipples and the sexiness of his words were getting to him. He was ready to go again.

            “Do you have sex a lot?”

            “Oh, yeah,” Jamie replied. “Every chance I get.”

            Chris was surprised. He wasn’t sure if he approved, but it seemed exciting.

            “Who… who do you have sex with?”

            Jamie hesitated. Chris decided to try something and pulled harder on Jamie’s nipples. The blond moaned. Chris repeated his question and Jamie replied, deliriously, “Lot’s of people.”


            Jamie nodded.

            The two continued to play with each other’s nipples, Chris breathing harder, Jamie moaning. After a moment, Chris ventured another question.

            “Jamie, is your dad gay?”

            He accompanied the question with a tight pinch of Jamie’s nipples and the boy’s head rolled to the side as he cried out, “Oh, yeah. Yeah, he’s gay.”

            “Does he know you are?”

            Jamie grinned as Chris twisted and rubbed. Jamie twisted Chris’s nipples and the boy finally, groaned loudly.

            “Oh, yeah. Of course, he knows. We tell each other everything.”



            “You mean he knows about you and me?

            “Sure. He thinks it’s great.”

            As Jamie tugged harder at Chris’s nipples, Jamie leaned forward and with a nasty whisper added, “He thinks it’s hot.”

            “Jamie… do you… do you have sex with your father?”

            Jamie said nothing, at first. He simply closed his eyes and nodded with a strange smile on his face.

            Chris was blown away. He had never imagined a guy having sex with his father. The thought of Jamie flirting with Mr. O’Leary had bothered him, but it had also excited him. This, however,  was positively sick; yet, there was something exciting about the image of Jamie and Daniel, his father, together.

            Jamie’s face had a dreamy look on it.

            “Yeah, I love to have sex with my dad. He’s the best. I love sex with my dad.”

            Chris was dumbfounded, yet there was something irresistible about the line of questioning. It was like an automobile accident; he couldn’t look away.

            “What do you do?”

            The two boys were still feeling, rubbing, twisting, and pulling their nipples and Jamie seemed transformed. It was as if he were no longer in the room; his eyes were closed and his head seemed to roll as he spoke in a dreamy, half-conscious way.

            “He holds me and he makes me feel like I’m the most important thing in the world and he tells me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me and he rubs my nipples and then sucks them and kisses them. And, he kisses me. He kisses me so good. He kisses me everywhere and loves me all over. It’s the most wonderful thing. God, it’s so wonderful when my daddy loves me.”

            Chris was so torn. He didn’t want to hear anymore, yet he couldn’t stop. He needed to know.

            “How long have you been doing it?”

            Jamie’s smile grew.

            “Mmmm. Since I was seven. It was so wonderful when we started. Mom was at a seminar one night and Dad and I were alone and after my bath, he told me to come to the library and not put on my pj’s. I felt so naughty, but he was smiling and I knew it was OK. He was wearing his robe and we snuggled and cuddled and I just loved it. And, then he laid me flat against him with my back to him and he started rubbing my nipples and it felt so good. I loved it and he just kept doing it. Just kept rubbing my nipples and telling me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me. And, my little dickie got hard and he told me how beautiful it was and then he rubbed it and made it feel good and I never felt so wonderful in my whole life. Dad started coming into my room after that when I was in bed and he would kiss me and rub my dickie and my nipples and then he started sucking my dick and whenever Mom was gone, we would get naked and cuddle and snuggle and feel good…”

            Chris couldn’t help himself. He was so turned on, thinking about the little seven year-old Jamie on his father’s lap, being touched and pleasured in such a way. He hated Daniel, but he was turned on by Jamie’s description and the way Jamie was playing with his nipples. Chris was almost crazed.

            He couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop himself.

            “What does your dad look like naked?”

            Jamie opened his eyes. With a knowing, though still dreamy, grin, he whispered, “You like my dad, don’t you.”

            Chris was panting and nodded.

            “You want to do it with him, don’t you?”

            Chris nodded again.

            “He’s so hot and handsome,” Jamie whispered. “His cock is so long and thin and his hair is blond and he doesn’t have any hair on his chest, and… mmmm. God, Chris, you’re gonna make me cum with just my nipples.”

            “Oh, God, it feels so good,” Chris moaned.

            “What do you want to do with my dad?” Jamie asked.

            The last door of resistance in Chris’s mind was thrust open. He moaned and replied, “I want him to hold me and love me like he did you. I want him to feel me. I want to lay naked with him and feel him all over.”

            “Oh, yeah,” Jamie moaned. Suddenly, he pulled away from Chris and grabbed his cock. In seconds he stroked himself over the top in a screaming orgasm, shooting his sperm all over Chris, who, had also grabbed his own cock. As Jamie’s ejaculate began to land on him, Chris cried out and stroked himself to orgasm, as well.

            The two boys stroked and writhed, and as their moans declined into whimpers and then into silence, they collapsed on the blankets, panting.

            Chris was horrified at himself. He felt dirty, filthy. Yet, there was a part of him that was still aroused, still curious, still wanting to explore that part of him that he feared so much. Jamie crawled up beside him. He kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “Are you OK?”

            “I don’t know,” Chris replied. He rolled over on his side, his back to Jamie. For a moment, the blond bit his lip, unsure of what to do, but the love he felt for the boy beside him overwhelmed him. He crawled beside him and wrapped his arms around him. He reached down and pulled one of the blankets over them, held Chris tightly and felt the boy’s resistance melt away. He still didn’t turn around, but he relaxed and accepted Jamie’s embrace.

            “I love you, Chris. I know this is weird for you, but… I love you,” Jamie whispered.

            Chris was silent for a moment, but eventually he replied, “I lllove yyyou.”

            It was the first time he had stuttered since early in the evening.


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