Love in the Garden of Deceit. The following story may contain scenes of sexual activity between males and members of different generations. If you may find this offensive or if you feel it may be illegal for you to read this in your jurisdiction, I ask that you don't. This is fiction; it did not happen.  Please send any comments to christopher.macintosh @ Also, I invite you to visit my BLOG. Thank you!

Love in the Garden of Deceit
by FreeThinker

 Chapter Eight

Slowly, Chris was becoming aware of the smell of coffee brewing. It was a smell he loved, reminding him of visits to his grandparents before they had passed away. They had been the only people who had shown him any degree of affection and respect and his visits to their house during the holidays were always pleasant memories for him. As he gradually crawled to consciousness, he had a strange sense of Christmas, that it was a special day.

            His shoulder was sore. Indeed, his entire back was sore. It rather spoiled the serene and happy feeling he had. Ah, he was sleeping on the floor. That was it. And...

            He opened his eyes and his heart sank. The wonderful feeling of holiday and excitement dissolved as he realized where he was. Jamie was laying next to him with his arms around him. Jamie was warm and soft and his arms around Chris made him feel safe and secure. Yet, the memory of the previous night, the memory of what he had discovered about Jamie and his father, and what he had discovered deep within him, was disturbing.

            He felt Jamie stir next to him. Several times over night, Chris had been awakened to find Jamie sucking him. It had been wonderful and he had loved the sensation of awakening to find his erection deep within the moist warmth of Jamie's mouth. Yet, the underlying memories, the realization, the truth beneath the facade still lurked within his consciousness.


            Jamie pulled Chris over on his back and looked down into his face. He smiled and Chris's eyes gazed into Jamie's. Slowly, Jamie leaned down and kissed him, softly at first until his tongue pushed through Chris's lips and past his braces and began to love the inside of the boy's mouth. His hand slide down Chris's tummy until it came to his rigid boner. He wrapped his fingers around the penis and gently fondled it under the blanket. Chris moaned.

            "Good morning, sunshine."

            Startled, Jamie looked up and saw his father seated on a stool along the bar beyond the dining room table. Wearing only a robe, he was casually sipping a cup of coffee and reading the Saturday paper. He had a perfectly innocent smile. Chris spun around on his side, pulling the blanket up to his chin in a panic and, in doing so, exposing his and Jamie's feet.

            "What the Hell are you doing?" Jamie demanded, his eyes spitting fire.

            "Why, Jamie," Daniel responded with an affronted voice. "Is that any way to speak to your father?"

            Jamie fumed.

            "What are you doing in here?"

            Daniel pointed innocently to his coffee and newspaper.

            "Can we have a little privacy?" Jamie demanded. His father raised a curious eyebrow.

            "Well, you're the one who made love to his boyfriend on the living room floor all night, and, may I say, rather vociferously. I don't think I'd be complaining about privacy if I were you."

            "Dad. Please. Can we have a moment?"

            Daniel rolled his eyes and stood up as if he had been asked for a great and painful sacrifice.

            "Well, I suppose I can shower and dress while the two of you have a last moment together. Don't be too long, though."

            Daniel folded the newspaper and tucked it under his arm as he strolled toward the hallway with his cup of coffee. Once he was out of sight, Chris closed his eyes in horror and Jamie rested his head on Chris's shoulder. The redhead's face was nearly the color of his freckles and he raised a fist to his mouth.

            "I am so sorry about that," Jamie whispered. "I am so sorry."

            Chris sat up, gently pushing Jamie aside, who watched with fear as his friend crawled out from under the blanket and across the floor to his clothes. His penis was rapidly deflating as he quickly dressed himself. Jamie sadly watched.

            "I guess you're leaving?"

            "Yeah," Chris replied softly as he buttoned his shirt.

            "I was kind of hoping we could spend the day together. You know. Maybe you could show me around the Art Center, show me the collections and everything. I haven't had a chance to check everything out yet."

            "Um, maybe later," Chris muttered as he pulled his socks on.

            Jamie painfully watched Chris tie his sneakers. He rose to his feet, still naked. As Chris stood, he walked over to his friend and attempted to put his arms around him. Chris didn't resist, but neither did he reciprocate. Jamie held his face in his hands and softly whispered, "I love you, Chris. I don't want you to freak out about what I told you last night. I can protect you. I can protect you from my dad. I can protect you from the jerks at school. I'll take care of you. I swear. I can take care of you."

            The plaintive tone of Jamie's voice made Chris bite his lip and brought tears to his eyes. He paused a moment and then leaned over to Jamie and kissed his cheek.

            "I gotta go," he whispered. "Maybe later I can come over."

            "I have to go to that damn reception at the Art Center tonight," Jamie said. "You want to come?" he added hopefully. "I can get you in."

            Chris shook his head.

            "Maybe tomorrow. I gotta think."

            He turned, but Jamie stopped him.

            "I'll take care of you," he whispered. "I promise. I'll take care of you."

            Chris looked him solemnly in the eye and nodded.

            "I know."

            When Chris closed the back door behind him, Jamie slowly walked, defeated, through the house toward his bedroom, leaving the blankets and pillows, as well as his clothes, in the sitting room floor. As he came to his room, he looked across the hall through his father's door and saw the man laying naked on the bed, a fierce erection rising above his abdomen, looking knowingly at his son.

            "I have to go to the Center this afternoon to get everything ready for tonight. But, I think I have time to make love to my beautiful Jamie. Come here, sweetheart."

            Jamie looked angrily at his father, but the sight of Daniel waiting for him in such an obvious state of arousal, had a profound effect on him. Within seconds, Jamie's penis had risen to a full erection and all his resolve had dissipated. He took a breath and began to walk to the bed.

            "Jamie," his father whispered. "I know I've neglected you lately, and I know I've hurt you and made you angry. Let me love you."

Jamie sighed and crawled atop Daniel, who wrapped his arms around the boy. Jamie looked down at his father, tears flowing down his cheeks. His father rolled the two of them over until Jamie was on his back and Daniel was on his side. The man brought his lips down to Jamie's ear and whispered, "I want to make love to you."

            The warm breath sent chills through the boy; the words enflamed him. Jamie moaned and his penis pulsed with lust as Daniel kissed and licked Jamie's throat. The boy writhed uncontrollably beneath his father as the man's hands roamed freely over his body, caressing the skin, rubbing and pulling his nipples, making the boy cry out.

            Daniel took control of Jamie's mouth, pressing his lips hard, almost painfully, against the boy's, his tongue plunging inside, pushing against Jamie's tongue, seeking his throat. Jamie whimpered and groaned into his father's mouth as the man possessed the boy, his hand holding Jamie's head, his fingers twisting into the soft, thick hair.

            After several minutes, Daniel pulled away, a long string of saliva connecting his lips to those of his son. Jamie's eyes had rolled upward as he gave himself completely to the man atop him. Daniel moved downward and took Jamie's left nipple in his mouth. The boy screamed and arched his back upward, wrapping his arms around his father's head and pulling him tightly against him. Daniel was making hungry, animalistic groans as he sucked and licked and kissed the rigid nubbin of Jamie's large nipple. Moving completely atop the boy, his left hand began to roughly pull and twist at Jamie's right nipple, sending the boy into a frenzy.

            "Oh, love me. Oh, God, love me!" he cried as his father moved his mouth to the boy's other nipple. "AHHHHH!"

            Relentlessly, Daniel sucked first one, then the other nipple until Jamie was babbling incoherently and on the verge of cumming. When he felt the boy's body stiffen he pulled away and sat up. Stradling Jamie's thighs, his grasped his own cock and began to masturbate, his left hand roughly fondling the boy everywhere. Jamie looked upward with a plaintive face.

            "Fuck me," he whispered.

            "Not now," his father replied. "Later. Perhaps tonight."

            He scooted back and leaned down. Still stroking himself, Daniel began to lick Jamie's balls, his tongue lapping around the fat orbs clinging tightly to the base of the boy's rigid cock. He licked the sensitive area beneath the balls and Jamie lifted his ass in the air to give his father access to his anus. But, Daniel pushed him back down on the bed and took his cock in his mouth, plunging down all the way and opening his throat to take the boy in his entirety.

            Jamie cried out, writhing wildly and babbling incoherently until, suddenly, his body became stiff and he made a strangled cry. For an agonizing second, he hung on the precipice and then, with a scream, his cock pumped spurt after spurt of his teenaged cum into his father's throat as his body fucked and writhed and quaked beneath the man. Daniel was stroking himself above as his son orgasmed and when Jamie finally collapsed in exhaustion, Daniel released the boy's penis from his mouth and, cum dripping from his lips, rose up on his knees above the boy and masturbated himself to orgasm, shooting his thick, mature semen all over Jamie's body and face.

            Sitting back on his calves above Jamie's feet, Daniel sighed with satisfaction.

            "That was nice," he said. "You feel better now?" he asked with a friendly smile.

            Jamie lay there, expecting his father to lay beside him, to hold him in a moment of post-orgasmic tenderness. When his father made no move to do so, he looked downward and simply nodded.

            "Good," his father replied climbing up from the bed. He walked into the shower and called out, "I'm running over to the Center to make sure everything is OK for tonight. I'll be back before dinner. Be sure you're ready then. Why don't you wear your white turtleneck and the blue Brooks Brothers blazer. You always look precious in that and the turtleneck shows off your nipples. I want you to make a good impression on a few people tonight."

            Jamie heard the shower door close and said nothing in response to his father. Instead, he rolled over and curled into the fetal position, his penis still erect. He pulled the sheet over him and the pillow under his head. Smelling his father in the bed, he fought the tears until his father emerged from the shower, dressed in a sport shirt and blazer, and walked out.

            Jamie remained in bed all afternoon, unable to bring himself to rise. He would doze for awhile and then awaken, his mind in a turmoil that moved from hating his father to hating himself to dreaming of the time when his father seemed to love him and didn’t play these inexplicable games that Jamie just couldn’t understand. It was not until he heard his father open the back door in the very late afternoon that he finally rose and went to his bedroom.

            His father looked in on him as he was setting out the clothes he intended to wear to the reception.

            “Ah, good. You’re getting ready. Excellent. I brought a few sandwiches from the deli for dinner. Are you taking a shower?”

            Jamie simply nodded as he placed his blue blazer on his bed.

            “What did you do today?”


            Daniel watched him for a second before shaking his head and leaving the doorway.

            It was not until they were standing at the back door of the house, Daniel in a new Christian Dior suit and Jamie in his Brooks Brothers blazer and white turtleneck, that his father stood before Jamie, brushed his long blond hair from his face, and smiled.

            “You look quite handsome,” he said, his voice soft and kind. “You’re really quite beautiful.”

            Jamie felt a sudden rush of emotion, but it was checked as his father added, “You’ll make quite a hit tonight.”

            They walked out the door and as Daniel locked it and turned, he said, “You will be paying special attention to two men whom our friends have sent to the reception. They are checking you out and if they like you, you may be invited to be the entertainment at several of their parties, beginning tomorrow afternoon.”

            Jamie sighed and looked at his father with hatred as the man strode across the yard to the gate. He listened as Daniel went over the guest list while they walked up the pathway through the gardens to the Art Center.

            “Now, try not to be too obviously flirty. Just be entertaining and charming. You’ve done this before, but it’s very important you do it well tonight. It could mean a lot of money for the Art Center and for us. Understand?”

            They were climbing some stone steps to the portico outside the old castle. Jamie nodded, but his father stopped and looked him in the eye.

            “Do you understand?” he repeated with emphasis.

            “Yes, Daddy dear. I understand. I am to be charming and entertaining and treat your two special guests with special attention. I will make you proud.”

            Daniel looked at him for a moment and then replied in a soft, menacing voice, “Don’t fuck this up, Jamie. I’m warning you. This is important.”

            The ballroom behind Daniel was brightly lit and there were already guests milling about inside and on the portico. Before Jamie could reply, an older couple approached.

            “Daniel!” the woman gushed. “The ballroom looks beautiful. You did a magnificent job!”

            “Yes, Daniel, good show,” the man added. “Very impressive.”

            “Thank you,” Daniel replied with an instant change in demeanor. “Charles, Marian, have you met my son, Jamie? Jamie, say hello to Mr. And Mrs. Warner. Mr. Warner is the Chairman of the Board of the Art Center.”

            Jamie instantly smiled with all the charm he could muster and shook hands with the elderly man. He flashed his angel smile to Mrs. Warner.

            “Your necklace is beautiful, Mrs. Warner,” he said.

            “Oh, Daniel,” she gushed. “What a beautiful young man. You must be so proud!”

            “I am, Marian,” Daniel replied smiling down at Jamie with all the fatherly pride one could expect. “I am. And,” he added, “we have a special treat tonight. Jamie is quite the pianist and he’ll be performing for us a little later.”

            This was news to Jamie and he struggled to hide his surprise and his consternation.

            “Well, that will be a treat,” Mr. Warner said with a nod and a wink to Jamie. “You seem to have many talents, from what I hear, young man.”

            Jamie wasn’t certain just what the man was referring to, if anything, but he blushed modestly and smiled.

            “I hope you enjoy it.”

            When the Warners finally walked away, Daniel led Jamie inside and for the next half hour, introduced him to various guests, endured other guests introducing themselves, and checking with various members of the staff to insure everything was running smoothly. Jamie charmed everyone he met and when he was finally able to break away from his father, several people, men and women both, came up to Daniel to compliment him on what a polite, intelligent, and handsome young man he was raising.

            Jamie wandered over to the bar in the new lobby and rested for a moment.

            “You look like you’re having a blast.”

            Jamie turned and saw Stevie from the “Express Yourself” class behind him. The sixteen year-old was wearing his usual blue jeans and blazer, but tonight, his tee-shirt was replaced with a wrinkled white dress-shirt with the tail untucked and an old, thin, black tie, loose at the neck. His long, dark blond hair was pulled back into a pony-tail and his eyes were red and dilated.

            “And, you look wasted,” Jamie replied with a grin.

            “Yeah. It’s the only way to survive this hypocritical bullshit.”

            “Why are you here?”

            Stevie pointed his hand, which was holding a Dixie cup with some brown liquid in it, toward a middle aged couple talking with the Warners near the windows overlooking the Portico.

            “Mommy and Daddy insisted. They want all their snobby friends to see their artistic youngest son. Me? I just want the free booze.”

            Jamie grinned and said, “Far out. Share the wealth.”

            Stevie turned to the bartender.

            “Mike, this is my friend, Jamie. Take care of him.”

            He handed Mike some money and leaned over to Jamie’s ear.

            “Mike’s also my dealer. He’s got the best weed in town. When you’re free after awhile, we’ll head outside and get high.”

            Jamie grinned and ordered some champagne, which Mike poured into a Dixie cup. Jamie downed it quickly as he noticed his father approaching.

            “Jamie, who’s your friend?” he asked, looking Stevie in the eye and holding the look.

            “This is Stevie, from the ‘Express Yourself’ class.”

            “And, are you here alone, Stevie?”

            Stevie smiled knowingly as he leaned on the bar.

            “Unfortunately, not. I’m here with my parents. The McFaddans.”

            He gestured toward his parents, who had now moved on to another couple as the Warrens had moved on to their next victims. Daniel raised an eyebrow, impressed.

            “Well, I’m so glad to meet you. We’ll have to talk more some time.”

            Both smiled at each other and Jamie coughed.

            “Oh, Jamie,” Daniel said smoothly. “I have someone special I’d like you to meet.”

            He led the boy away with his arm around him.

            “Is this the man I’m supposed to, um, charm?” Jamie asked sardonically.

            “Not the man, but someone I want you to be nice to. Not too nice, but flatter him.”

            He introduced him to a handsome man in his fifties with salt and pepper hair and a sophisticated air and for several minutes, Jamie flirted and charmed the man until Stevie passed by and left another Dixie cup in his hand. The man grinned and Jamie shared a conspiratorial smile with him.

            The jazz quartet playing in the ballroom was taking a break at one point and as Jamie was finishing his third cup of champagne, his father maneuvered him toward the piano and announced, as silence fell over the room, “Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to thank everyone for such a wonderful welcome to your beautiful city and to this magnificent organization. And, with your help, I hope we can build this into one of the premier arts venues in the country.”

            This was met with polite applause.

            “And, now, to show our appreciation for your warmth and generosity, my son Jamie, would like to perform a little piece for you. Jamie?”

            Jamie acknowledged the applause and enjoying both the attention and the buzz from his third champagne, sat down before the piano with a flourish and raised his hands. However, before touching the keys, he glanced to his right and, with a cheeky grin said, in a campy Liberace imitation, “I wish my brother George were here.”

            The crowd erupted in laughter and applause and Daniel chuckled proudly as Jamie turned back to the piano and began to play Fur Elise.

            When he was finished, he stood as the ballroom erupted in enthusiastic applause. He joyfully flashed his angel smile as he brushed his hair from his face as a feeling of elation swept over him. They loved him and even his father seemed genuinely pleased. He winked at him, which thrilled Jamie as much as the recognition of the gathering.

            Stevie was able to replenish his supply of champagne twice while people gathered around him. Everyone seemed to want to get to know him and several times, he caught his father watching him with approval.

            At one point, a man in his thirties in an expensive suit introduced himself and said, “You are quite the young man. You have extraordinary fingers. Are there any other talents you possess?”

            “Oh, yes,” Jamie replied with a quick toss of his head, “Quite a few. And, I’m learning more each day.”

            The man’s blue eyes flashed and his smile became suggestive.

            “And, we’re certainly… cocky, aren’t we?”

            “Yes, we are…cocky.”

            The man grinned even more and glanced around. They were standing in the old foyer of the mansion and behind the man was a narrow stairway leading upward from behind a closet.

            “Perhaps, you could accompany me upstairs and guide me on a tour of the museum.”

            “I’d love to,” Jamie replied, suddenly feeling himself becoming erect in his slacks. Feeling daring and… cocky, he felt no need to hide it and replied in a breathy voice, “I’ve actually never been through the museum, so maybe we could discover it together.”

            “How lovely,” the man replied as he glanced around again and then quickly guided Jamie onto the stairway. Out of sight of the others, Jamie led the man to the next floor and into a small gallery beside the stairs. Immediately, the man gently pressed him against the wall, putting one arm around him and caressing his face with his fingers.

            “You are so beautiful,” the man whispered as his fingers traced along his eyebrows and pushed aside the hair that hung down over his forehead. Jamie looked up with his angelic smile as the man’s lips descended to his. For several minutes they stood against the wall, kissing with increasing passion. The man’s right hand ventured down to Jamie’s slacks and began to fondle the boy’s erection through the cloth. Jamie moaned into the man’s mouth.

            The sound of footsteps on the stairs outside the gallery startled both of them and the man quickly stepped away from Jamie, who turned and appeared to be studying the Chinese print on the wall beside him.

            “Ah, there you are, Jamie,” his father said smoothly as he entered the gallery.

            “Yes,” replied his son with out missing a beat. “I was just showing…”

            “Jack,” the man replied with a slightly nervous hesitation.

            “… Jack our collection of Chinese prints.”

            “Ah, yes,” his father replied. “We do have quite an extraordinary collection. I didn’t know you were so familiar with them.”

            Jamie smiled innocently.

            “Oh, yes. For instance…”

            “Yes, well,” his father interrupted. “Perhaps we could discuss this later. Right now, if Jack doesn’t mind, I need to steal you for a bit.”

            “Oh, yes. Certainly!” Jack replied quickly as he escaped from the gallery.

            Daniel narrowed his eyes at Jamie and said, “It is time for you to meet our special guests. Come with me.”

            Jamie followed him as he took firm hold of the boy’s arm while descending the stairs. Once they had reached the foyer, Daniel gently guided him toward two men in their thirties, dressed quite expensively. Both had exquisite haircuts and confident smiles.

            “Daniel, this must be the young man we’ve heard so much about from our associates in Toronto.”

            “Yes, Robert. This is Jamie. Jamie, say hello to Robert and David.”

            “How do you do?” Jamie said formally, even as his eyes flashed laughingly at them.

            “How pleasant to meet you,” David replied as his hand lingered over Jamie’s. “Thank you for such an… invigorating performance earlier.”

            A waiter walked past with a tray of champagne glasses and Robert took one, smoothly handing it to Jamie, who grinned and took a sip.

            “Perhaps, I can give you another invigorating performance later?”

            “Perhaps, you can,” Robert replied.

            The three stood next to a heavy stone column beside an elaborate, glowing candelabra, the flames of which illuminated Jamie’s face and hair with a soft, heavenly glow. For quite some time, they exchanged innuendo and entendres with ease until Daniel approached again and smoothly removed the now empty champagne flute from Jamie’s hand.

            “Daniel, we’d love to invite Jamie to brunch tomorrow. Do you think we could discuss this with you?”

            “Well, of course. Jamie, could you excuse us, please?”

            Jamie gave the two men his trademark smile and backed away. Finding Stevie back at the bar, he accepted another Dixie cup of champagne as Stevie grinned at him.

            “Well, you’re sure a hit tonight.”

            Jamie grinned.

            “I usually am,” he replied as Stevie chuckled.

            “So, I guess you’re dad is gay, too?”

            Jamie smiled serenely and nodded.

            “He invited me to come over Tuesday night after dinner. He thought the three of us could get to know each other a little better.”

            This actually surprised Jamie.


            Stevie nodded.

            “Sounds like fun. So, you and your Dad are like a team?”

            Jamie looked off toward the windows, his eyes focusing on the lamps of the portico outside.

            “I suppose. Sometimes.”

            “Must be nice. He’s really a nice guy. Hot as hell.”

            Jamie turned back to Stevie and looked him in the eye. He wasn’t smiling.

            “Yes. He’s wonderful. He can also be…”

            “Yeah,” Stevie said in the pause. He put a hand softly on Jamie’s shoulder. “I figured that, too.”

            Stevie began to walk toward the door to the portico and guided Jamie along with him. They walked through the doors and through the few remaining people outside on the portico until they came to the stone steps leading down to a side garden. Once they were in shadow, he pulled a joint and a lighter from his pocket, took a hit, and handed them to Jamie.

            “If you don’t want me to come over,” Stevie said. Jamie shook his head quickly and replied, “No, no. I do! I think you’re hot. We’ll have a blast. It’s just that, sometimes I wish Dad would let me make a few decisions on my own. It’s like it’s always him who decides this stuff. I’d like to have a little control over my life sometimes.”

            Stevie nodded and tried to think of something comforting to say. But, he was already pretty wasted and was having trouble putting coherent sentences together. He gave up and looked out over the gardens.


            Both boys were startled by the voice from the poplar tree beside them. Jamie smiled when he saw Cody step of from the shadows. He was wearing his usual rock band tee-shirt, this one with a picture of Jim Morrison on the front, and a pair of tight, faded jeans. His fingers were jammed into his pockets, as usual, as he hesitantly stepped forward.

            “Cody, dude!” said Stevie loudly.

            “Shhh,” Cody said, looking about nervously. “I’m not supposed to be up here.”

            Jamie and Stevie nodded conspiratorially and looked around.

            “I just like to come up when they’re having parties and watch. Besides, my Dad… well, I’m waiting for him to pass out before I go home.”

            His eyes looked red and dilated and Jamie assumed he was high. Cody looked upward toward the portico with a sad expression.

            “The party sounds like its pretty cool.”

            He looked back down at Jamie and added, “You look pretty cool, too.”

            Jamie smiled, suppressing a desire, because of Stevie, to lean over and kiss Cody.

            “Thanks. Hey, you want my champagne?”


            Jamie handed the Dixie cup to the fifteen year-old and watched as he quickly swallowed the contents. Cody looked up, burped, and grinned.

            “Not bad,” he commented as Stevie and Jamie both giggled.

            Stevie handed Cody the joint and the three shared it until it was history. He then announced he would go in pursuit of more “bubbly,” turned, and ascended the steps. Jamie leaned over and put his arms around Cody, who did the same holding him as Jamie leaned his head on the teenager’s shoulder.

            “I, um, I want to see you again,” Cody said nervously.

            “I want to see you again, too. How about Monday?”

            “I gotta work on the gardens after school. Maybe after dinner?”

            Jamie looked up into Cody’s deep brown eyes and nodded. Cody smiled.

            “OK. Seven-thirty?”

            Jamie nodded. Cody whispered in his ear, “Meet me at that bench again. OK?”

            “Oh, yeah.”

            Silently, they stood for another minute, Cody holding Jamie and the boy melting into the older teenager, until Daniel’s voice could be heard on the portico above calling Jamie’s name. Cody jumped back into the shadow just as Daniel looked over the balustrade.

            “Jamie!” What are you doing down there? Get up here, now.”

            “I’m just getting some fresh air,” Jamie slurred as he ran awkwardly up the stairs. Daniel met him halfway.

            “Who were you with?” he demanded.

            “No one,” Jamie replied defensively. “I was just…”

            Daniel’s slap was as brutal as it was unexpected. Jamie nearly lost his balance as he brought his hand up to his cheek. He looked in shock at his father’s blazing eyes.

            “You slut. Go back to the house. I’ll be home in half an hour and we’ll discuss this.”

            “But, I wasn’t…”

            The second slap knocked Jamie against the stone railing along the steps.

            “Shut up, you liar. Go home.”

            “But, Dad!” Jamie pleaded through his tears and the sting pain of his cheek. The third slap forced him to lean over the railing. A moment later, he was vomiting down into the flowerbed below. When he regained control, he breathlessly looked up. The fourth slap was accompanied by his father’s barely controlled disgust.

            “You’re a complete mess. You make me sick. Get out of my sight. The party’s winding up. I’ll give the staff their instructions for cleaning up and then I’ll deal with you. Go. Now.”

            Jamie staggered back down the stairs as his father turned away and returned to the party. Tears flowing down his cheeks, sniffing snot back into his nose, wiping vomit from his lips, he stumbled along the edge of the formal garden until he came to the koi pond. He staggered around it toward the gazebo and collapsed on the ivy-covered steps, crying, his heart breaking.

            Cody appeared out of the darkness and sat down beside him. Without a word, he lifted Jamie up and held him tightly. Jamie desperately wrapped his arms around him, wailing his heartbreak, his tears dampening Cody’s shoulder.

            Cody caressed his face and whispered, “I know what you’re goin’ though. The bastard’s a fuckin’ coward. I’d love to fuckin’ give him a taste of that. Fuckin’ bastard. They’re all alike.”

            He held Jamie tightly, looking up in hatred at the glowing windows of the dying party. He could see a few remaining figures moving about inside and one lone figure on the portico, one with a ponytail, looking about before slowly returning inside.

            Slowly, Jamie’s tears subsided as Cody held him. Neither said anything else as they sat together, gazing up at the magnificent mansion above. They could hear only the singing of the tree frogs and the chirping of insects, the songs of a few night birds, the soft, distant rumble of traffic on 24th. It was not until Jamie saw the light in his father’s office wink out that he took a deep breath.

            “I have to go.”

            He kissed Cody on the cheek.

            “Will you be OK?”

            Jamie nodded.

            “He won’t hit me this time. It’ll just be… other stuff.”

            “You want me to hang around?”

            Jamie shook his head.

            “Thank you,” he whispered. Once again, he kissed Cody on the cheek and stood.

            “If you ever need me, you let me know,” Cody said with determination.

            Jamie nodded and sadly smiled before turning and making his way up the path to the footbridge. Within minutes, he was back in the house.

            He undressed in the utility room and put his clothes in the washer. He placed his blazer on the counter and walked naked to his room. Slowly, he sat on the edge of his bed in the dark and waited for what he knew was coming. He made no sound, after several minutes, as he heard the back door open and close. Nor did he say anything as his father walked through the hallway. He heard him making sounds in his room and saw the soft glow of his bedside lamp.

            Finally, his father said, in an even and controlled voice, “Jamie, come here.”

            Automatically, Jamie stood and walked toward the hallway. As he crossed to his father’s room, he saw Daniel standing naked beside his bed, his penis rigidly erect. Jamie was flaccid; indeed, his penis was drawn up tightly to his body. He looked down at the carpet, refusing to look at this father.

            Daniel stepped forward. As he spat, “You drunken slut,” he slapped the boy again. Jamie’s penis suddenly began to swell. Daniel roughly pushed him against the wall and, leaning hard against the boy, pressed his hips and his erection into Jamie’s hips. As the  boy’s penis rapidly swelled, Jamie tried to look away. Daniel’s fingers roughly took hold of Jamie’s nipples and began to savagely twist and turn, pulling and tugging at them. Jamie gasped and threw his head back as his penis reached its full erection.

            “What the Hell were you doing tonight?” Daniel demanded.

            Jamie sniffed and fought to keep his voice even.

            “What you asked me to do.”


            “I was! You told me to be charming and entertaining and I was!”

            Daniel twisted and tugged harder at the boy’s nipples and Jamie cried out.

            “I didn’t tell you to be a slut. What were you doing with that man upstairs?”

            Jamie gasped at the intense pain in his nipples and bit his lip, but remained silent.

            “Answer me!” Daniel barked with another tug.

            “AHHH! I was… I was kissing him!”

            “Yes. And, the other men, the one’s I didn’t  introduce you to?”

            “Dad, please! Everyone loved me tonight! It was wonderful! They loved my playing! They loved my flirting! I was doing what you asked me! I thought you were proud of me!”

            “How can I be proud of a drunken slut!”

            Daniel pulled and twisted the nipples and leaned forward. His mouth just an inch from Jamie’s ear, he softly asked, “Were you playing a game with me, tonight?”

            “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Jamie pleaded, unable to resist pushing his chest out as Daniel’s fingers continued to work his nipples, though less violently.

            “Yes, you do,” Daniel replied in the same soft voice. “You were trying to make me jealous. You don’t think I’m giving you enough attention. So you tried to make me jealous by flirting with every man you could find there tonight. Didn’t you?!”

            He barked the last two words and accompanied them with a sharp pinch and twist of Jamie’s nipples.

            The boy cried out and replied, “No! Please!”

            “Don’t lie to me. I know you, Jamie. I know how your mind works. No one knows you like I do. Well, you want to know something, little boy? Do you?”

            Jamie writhed in agony as Daniel twisted his nipples.

            “It won’t work. You can’t make me jealous because I know Jamie’s dirty little secret.”

            Gently, now, he rubbed the boy’s nipples and breathed into his ears. Jamie moaned and pressed his hips into his father’s, feeling his erection press against Daniel’s.

            “I know that no matter how many men you’re with, you’ll always come back to Daddy, because I’m the only one who can give you what you need.”

            Jamie looked away, but Daniel simply brought his mouth to the boy’s ear. He inserted his tongue and Jamie moaned again.

            “Daddy’s the only one who can really make Jamie happy.”

            Suddenly, he stepped back and roughly shoved Jamie over to his bed. The boy fell face first on the corner. He started to get up when Daniel barked, “Stay there.”

            Jamie’s legs straddled the corner of the bed, his butt in the air. Daniel turned to the wall and took a fraternity paddle down that was hanging next to a Chinese print. Jamie watched in horrified fascination as he father approached.

            “No, please,” he begged. “I‘ll do anything. I’ll suck you. All night. You can fuck me all night. Please. Just don’t…”

            “Spread you legs,” Daniel spat.

            Jamie closed his eyes and complied. Daniel raised the paddle and smacked it hard against the plump cheeks of Jamie’s ass, causing him to cry out. Daniel studied the red skin and nodded.

            “Yes, you need to be spanked.”

            He brought the paddle down again and then again. Both times, Jamie cried out.

            “Maybe harder?” Daniel asked. Jamie struggled not to cry. He buried his face in the bed covers as Daniel  swatted him viciously. He screamed.

            He lost count of the swats, but suddenly, after one particularly hard swat, he ground his hips into the bed and cried out.

            The swatting ended.

            As he panted on the bed, his butt enflamed, Jamie couldn’t open his eyes. His shame was too great. After a moment, his father’s hand began to feel his butt, though Jamie could barely tell through the bitter stinging. His father pulled at his hand and helped him to his feet. There was a wet, gooey puddle on the bed spread where Jamie’s hips had been. The boy’s penis remained rigid, though he could barely maintain his balance. His face was as enflamed as his rear as tears and snot ran down his skin.

            His father wrapped his arms around him and whispered in his ear, “Will you behave now?”

            His head was trembling, but Jamie was able to barely nod. His father guided him toward the nightstand and wiped his face with several tissues. When his face was dry, he pulled the covers back and gently lay the boy down. He crawled into the bed next to him and held him tightly.

            “My sweet boy,” he whispered. “My sweet Jamie. You must learn that you can’t play games with me. Do you understand that now?”

            Jamie trembled and nodded.


            Daniel them proceeded to gently make love to the boy, who desperately clung to the man. But, when Daniel later fell asleep on his side, his son spooned in next to him, Jamie lay awake, his mind working, thinking, plotting, planning, aching.


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