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Love is...

Chapter II

I awoke with a fuzzy head and rubbed my eyes as I sat up in my king sized bed. As I moved beneath the linens I could feel them soiled by the ample supply of my cum that had no doubt flooded out from me during my lurid dream about the young boy at the funeral home. What was I dreaming about a kid for? I had never given sex with a young boy...or for that matter any activity with a young boy a seconds thought. I was into older men and had been since I was a young boy myself. So why had I not only had a dream about him... but a searing hot sexual dream? Milo...god his named sounded sweet rolling off of my tongue as I walked through the large empty house repeatedly questioning myself out loud as I moved about my morning routine.

I would have to free him from my mind for now as I had a lot to do concerning my Grandfather's estate. Many decisions to make; to sell or keep the mansion on Farns Lake; what to do about the four large factories in the Midwest; the publishing house in New York City; and the shipping company in The Bahamas? All of these matters weighed on me like a suffocating blanket. And to add to it, what was I going to do with my own business? I had spent the past several years building a pretty impressive empire of my own in the web design business. I owned two firms in California and one in New York. Although I didn't know quite what I was worried about, I had top execs in each office who ran the show for me. I really had retired from the day to day business about a year ago. Now I spent my days working on projects at home, or traveling. Yes, at 30 years old I was wealthy and retired. Being loved by an older man was not the only thing I was determined to do as a result of my Grandfather's treatment of me; I was determined to be even more successful than he was. So you put my fortune together with his... and you kinda get the idea; I was set for life.

It didn't take me long to decide what to do with the estate on Farns Lake; I would move in and make the place I once hated my home again, only this time I would fill it with my life and my loves. I had spent the two weeks following the funeral flying around the country and meeting with the Board of Directors for each of my Grandfather's companies. I set up deals to take all of the firms public and appointed CEO's for each. I had divided the stock in each holding amongst the employees making them all co-owners in the companies. This was a move that did not meet with much enthusiasm from the Boards, largely because it rendered them powerless, but mostly because it went against everything my Grandfather believed in. All the better reason for doing it I thought. My last stop would be the shipping company in the Bahamas. I decided to take a cruise there rather than just fly as I wanted a chance to get out on the open sea and just unwind before my next business dealing.

The dreams involving Milo had not gone away; in fact, they had grown more and more visceral. I know found myself wanting to take naps throughout the day just so that I could see my new lover once more. His beautiful body reigned over my thoughts with an unforgiving hand. His angelic face clung to my thoughts like a welcomed haunting. I also found myself paying more attention to boys everywhere I went. How had I never stopped to notice their pure beauty before now? I found myself studying them, boys of all shapes and sizes. I imagined what they must look like underneath those pesky clothes. And I didn't feel an ounce of wickedness over my lusting; for it wasn't the kind of lusting that you might normally equate with a grown man staring at a young boy of 10, or 12, wondering how his supple little penis would taste. It was the lusting that comes from one human being becoming drunk for the first time and wishing never to sober again if it meant that he could no longer admire the beautiful perfection of these young creatures. It was truly like that for me. It didn't make me ashamed or disgusted, it made me feel truly alive; alive for perhaps the first time since I was a child. I found myself smiling more, mostly at the wonderful boys I was meeting everywhere now that I had awoken to there amazing existence.

When the day came to depart for the Bahamas I took a plane to the coast rather than take the bus like everyone else. I arrived at the port terminal and saw to it that my luggage was taken aboard. My suite was at the top of the ship and had its own mini pool and hot tub as well as a private deck for sunbathing in the nude... for guests who were so inclined. The suite had its own service staff, secured elevator and private entrance to the main deck; every comfort and luxury that $3000 a night could buy aboard a luxury liner.

Once I was properly settled in my suite, I poured a glass of Merlot and headed out onto the sun deck to watch the rest of the passengers board. The air was warm and the breeze perfect as I sipped th wine and took in the sights of the myriad of travelers clumsily trample aboard the large ship. I was delighted to see so many families coming aboard with bright eyed and eager children leading the way. I couldn't help but notice the fine assortment of beautiful boys parading up the gangway. A thick smile crept across my face as I went to the other side of the sun deck and realized that the hot tub sat right along the railing overlooking the main family pool two decks below. I would be able to enjoy a nice soak whilst feasting on all the boy bodies the ship had to offer. I was delighted with my decision to travel by sea; yes indeed I was thrilled.

The next morning I took my breakfast outside on the sun deck and enjoyed eating in the nude. I liked being naked, I always had. I took good care of my body and as a result I sported a 6'2” frame adorned with a moderate display of toned muscle wrapped in lightly tanned skin. I have a fair amount of hair covering my body and I have a beard that I keep trimmed close. I finished my meal an decided to take a swim. The water was cool and relaxing and I did about twenty laps before resting at the water's edge.

My thoughts drifted back to the lustful cravings for young Milo. I could feel my cock stir as the mere image of the angelic boy fluttered through my head. What a shame I hadn't had more time with him, or more importantly that we wouldn't have met under such sad circumstances; at least sad for him. But even stranger to me then the original thought that I had found him sexually appealing, was the fact that that wasn't the true attraction I felt for him. As bizarre as it sounded to me at the time, I was more interested in the overwhelming sense of caring I found for him that night as he shared his profound grief with me; the love I felt inside my soul for this boy-a love that I had never before felt for any other human being. At first I wondered if I was truly attracted to him sexually, or was I just categorizing him in that way because I had no frame of reference for the true feelings of love. But it was both. It was all too much for me to deal with.

Around dinner time I made my way down to the main deck to mingle with the other passengers in the main dining area. As I sat at my table for one, I watched as the families and couples clamored in through the open French doors. I loved to people watch. I would study them and then imagine what lives the led and what secrets they hid behind their social facades. As I ate a fine meal of lobster and prawns, I eyed two gorgeous specimens of boyhood over by the desert table. They appeared to be around 12, both around the same height with one being slightly heavier than the other; not fat, just a little stocky. I watched as they fooled around the table and took turns grabbing each other's ass. I wondered if this was just boys being boys-or was there something more going on beneath this random display of pre-teen foolishness. Whatever it was I was captivated by their performance. I followed them with my eyes as they took their game and their desserts back to their table. I figured that the stocky boy must have belonged to the couple at the table as the resemblance was dead on. Perhaps the other boy was a relative, or maybe just a friend along on the vacation. I decided to be a little bolder in my boy-watching and I moved to a table directly behind them. My vantage point no longer allowed me witness to their sweet faces, but it did provide an easy listening point to follow their conversation. The stocky boy, who was not very good at whispering, kept prodding his friend and alluding to their plan to sneak out tonight and have some fun (he actually drew out the word) in the hot tubs. Very interesting indeed I thought as I watched to see if their adult caretakers were any the wiser to their schemes. They weren't.

When the group got up to leave I followed behind them and kept a distance as not to draw their attention. They were quartered on the middle deck, the parents in one room and the boys in their own micro-state room. There happened to be a beverage station against the side railing just in front of their rooms, which I imagined must get annoying after awhile, so I stopped to get a drink and get more insight into this crew. It was about 9pm by this point and I heard the mother tell the boys that they were to stay in their room for the rest of the night as they were now going to bed and they were not to go anywhere on the ship at night. I saw both boys roll their eyes as these words were said; their lips however gave solemn oaths of obedience to their guardian's edict. The stocky boy asked if they could get a soda before they were to be locked in their cell and the mother just gave a snide laugh as she nodded approval. The adults disappeared into their state room and the boys took up place in the queue directly behind me.

Yeah right,” the stocky boy snickered, “go to bed my ass!”

“Seriously man...” the other boys nodded in agreement, “like they think we don't know that their just gonna seek out and head down to the casino as soon as they think we're asleep.”

“It'll be perfect dude... I told ya,” he contiued, “we'll give it about 30 minutes and then call them to say good night. They'll haul ass about 30 minutes after that for sure and be gone all night if it's anything like when we went to see my older brother when he was living out in Las Vegas.”

“Sweet man...this is gonna be fuckin' tight,” the thinner boy smirked as he reached forward and put his hand over the stocky boy's crotch, “....what?”

He looked up at his friend's eyes to see that the stocky boy had already made eye contact with me, and then realized that I had caught the whole grab bit. He quickly withdrew his hand and looked up at me with an expression that I could only compare to what a deer looks like as it stares into an oncoming car's headlights.

“Up to no good this evening boys?” I smirked as I took my rum and coke from the bartender.

“ heh...” the smaller boy nervously offered a response.

“Well it sounds like you two have a quite a night planned for yourselves,” I took a long sip from my glass before continuing, “looks like it should be a damn good time.” I lowered my eyes from theirs to the now hand-free crotch of the stocky boy and then back up again.

“Well...” I concluded, “have fun boys. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll run into you both a little later. Sounds like a party I don't want to miss.” I couldn't believe what I was saying, but I figured that they weren't gonna go screaming child molester and then freak their parents out resulting in their assured captivity in their mini-room.

“Yeah...sure,” the stocky boy smiled as my words had shifted their nervousness of being exposed into a more curious position, “....that'd be cool.”

“Yeah...later,” the other boy smiled.

I winked at them both before making my way back upstairs to my suite. My head was swimming with the events that had just unfolded at the drink station. Had they been serious, did they really think it would be cool if I met up with them later? Or were they just shining me on in a nervous attempt to get the old pervert to fuck off? I wasn't totally sure but I was leaning towards the first scenario. Either way I would find out soon enough as it was fastly approaching10:15pm and I knew that if the boys had gone ahead with their plans, then they should surely be to the hot tubs by now. And even if they had freaked out and told their parents, and even worse that their parents were waiting to confront me at the pool area, the ship's crew would certainly take the word of an elite guest over the whining of some econo-class tourists. I bolstered my courage and headed down to the pool area. The family pool and hot tubs closed at 10pm leaving only the adult area open for bathing. I walked passed the pool and watched as couples of all ages swam and floated in the night water. There were two sets of hot tub areas, indoor and outdoor. I assumed that if they were here, that they must be inside as the outdoor tubs were filled with grown ups. I entered the hot tub and sauna room and found much the same, adults filling all of the available tubs. I walked back out of the sauna area and went over to the railing to watch the sea shine back the moon's glow. Damn I thought to myself, it figured that it would have been too good to be true. The boys were nowhere in sight. Either they had decided not to come at all, or they had aborted the late night mission upon seeing all the adults taking up the tubs. But as I turned around to make my way back to my suite, I noticed two small figures standing in the shadows to the far side of the large pool. It was the boys after all. I tried to make out there faces but the light was no good. I decided to go for it and walked over their way. When I got to them I confirmed that it was the stocky boy and his friend.

“Things not working out like you had hoped boys?” I empathised as I leaned up against a planter next to where they were commiserating.

“Nah...” the smaller boy grimaced, “fuckin' grown ups everywhere man...and the damn family area is closed.”

“Aw...that does suck guys...sorry” I smiled, “so what exactly did you two have planned if you had found a tub all to yourselves?”

A moment of nervous silence, then the stocky boy spoke up, “we were gonna mess around and know... just messin' around type stuff”

“I'm not sure I follow boys...” this was getting to be fun, “you mean like water fights and splashy games...or something else?”

“Something else...” the smaller one smirked calling out my obvious taunts, “but that's kinda screwed now.”

“No pun intended eh?” I laughed.

“eh...yeah I guess man,” he caught my joke immediately.

“Well...I guess we're gonna go back now,” the other sighed.

“Well it's definitely a shame to see you go boys...I guess I'll just enjoy the hot tub by myself then.”

“Good luck mister,” stocky pointed to the hot tubs full of people, “I think you're gonna have a hard time with the by myself part.”

“yeah...” the other boy agreed.

“Oh I don't plan on using one of these hot tubs...” I smiled, “ I have one in my suite.”

“What!?!” they both gawked.

“Yeah....” I have a pool suite's up there,” I pointed to the railing of my sun deck.

“Aw shit...that's sweet.” they were hooked.

“Ya know boys,” I smirked...this was it...the moment of truth, “you're more than welcome to join me up there...there's plenty of room.

Really!?” the stocky one beemed, “you'd let us come up to your place?”

“Sure,” I smiled a devilish grin, “I have plenty of room....and besides, I kind of like the idea of getting to observe some of your messin' around

The smaller boy caught my meaning right away and his face showed his apprehension at my invitation.

“Don't worry fellas,” I quickly added, “I'm not gonna try anything or hurt ya. I just like the same kind of games that you two do and would like to be able to enjoy them with you...only if you want to let me.”

They conferred secretly for a moment, but I knew they were mine. There was no way that these two were gonna pass up the chance to frolic in their own private pool and hot tub...not to mention the excitement of doing it all with a grown man. I could tell they were in to it.

“Alright,” the stocky one spoke up, “no tricks? Just use the hot tub and see where it goes from there right?”

“Absolutely boys,” I smiled, “you have my word on that one.”

We left the adult area and made our way to my private elevator. On the ride we swapped names and the boys told me their story. The stocky one, Paul, was on vacation with his parents and his cousin Daniel, the smaller boy. The two weren't blood relatives but step cousins. They only got to see each other a couple times a year as they lived in two different states; so when they got to be around each other they were inseparable. They were both 12 with Paul older by about two days. Both boys celebrated their birthdays in September which was why they were here on the cruise together. They had been playing secret games with each other since they were about 8. By now they had graduated into full on sex with each other. Paul confessed that he liked to get fucked while Daniel had a particular fetish for eating out his cousin's asshole both before and after he'd fucked him. They claimed to have stumbled across a gay porn when they were younger which sparked their sexual adventure. My mind was racing as we rode up to the suite. What would the rest of the night have in store for me? They told me that they had never been with an adult but that they had often talked and fantasized about it. As it turned out, they were just as excited to see how the night progressed as I was. We hit the suite and the magic began.

Both boys shed their clothes in a matter of seconds and stood before me in all their purity. I took my time admiring their beauty. Paul had the cutest pair of boy tits I had ever seen or dreamt about. They poked out from his body and wiggled as he moved. He noticed me staring at them and in his self consciousness, covered up.

“Don't cover them up Paul,” I said softly, “and certainly don't be ashamed of your body. You have the nicest chest I have ever seen on a boy your age. It's taking everything in me right now not to just lay you on the bed and spend the night licking and sucking them.”

“That's the same thing I tell 'em,” Daniel nudged his cousin with his elbow encouraging him to drop his shielding, “I think his tits are fuckin' hot!”

“I'm just used to kids pickin' on me cuz I got tits,” Paul looked embarrassed.

“Well that's just fuckin' stupid,” Daniel consoled his cousin, “idiots...”

Our praise for his hot body gave him some confidence as he released his guard and let his chest breath again. As I traced down the rest of his body I noticed that his tits were not the only things on his body a little oversized. Underneath the pad of plump flesh that covered his pubic bone and nestled lovingly between his thick thighs, was a rather large piece of boy meat. It had to be at least 4 inches and the head was half covered by a nice sized cockhood as it strained to attention. He had a nice pair of walnut sized balls hanging underneath his tool and the start of a few wisps of hair at the base of his stalk.

“Well, well...” I licked my lips, “that's quite and impressive hunk of cock you have their young man!”

Paul blushed at first and then puffed out his chest a little in pride as he waggled his hips causing his thick plumper to slap against his meaty thighs.

“I see I'm going to have some fun sucking that fine tool down my throat tonight.” I gave a smack with my wet lips.

“Hey!” Daniel looked annoyed that I had not noticed his package yet, “I'm not doin' so fuckin' bad myself man.”

He was right. He had a finely formed chest, although not yet completely defined. He had a sweet set of dark brown nipples that were rock hard and just begging for some attention. And he was right again...he was sporting a rather nice cock of his own between a pair of very muscular thighs. He was about a good inch longer than Paul but much thinner. I could tell why Paul liked to be fucked by his cousin. He was long enough to reach deep, but thin enough not to stretch him out on the way in. Daniel had no evidence of puberty as his body was totally hairless. And unlike his cousin, Daniel was cut.

“Well,” I laughed, “you are absolutely right Daniel... I have two fucking hot as hell boys in my suite tonight.”

“'ve seen what we've got,” Paul rubbed his chin doing his best impression of a speculative buyer, “now how's 'bout we see the goods on you?”

I pulled my polo up over my head and flexed my chest and arms as I brought it down and threw it aside. I ran my hands along my chest, my fingers parting the bed of hair resting against my flesh as they passed. I watched as their eyes fixated on my grown man's form. I put my thumbs under the waistband of my shorts and slowly pulled them off my body. I rarely wear undergarments, so the boys stared as more and more of my naked flesh was revealed with each inch I uncovered. I slid them over my stiffening 7 inches and then let them drop to the floor. Stepping out of them, I reached down and took hold of my leaking cock with one hand as I massaged my balls with the other.

“Shit.... you gotta nice one man!” Daniel commented, his mouth watering at the sight of a grown man naked in front of him.

“Thank you sweetheart,” I gave it a nice long squeeze which caused more pre-cum to ooze from the tip of my cut cock and string down towards the floor. “So what would you boys like to do first?”

“Do you have anything to drink?” Paul stammered as he looked over the room.

“Sure,” I walked over towards the wet bar, “I have soda, water, tea....what would you like.”

“Do you got anything stronger?” Paul further inquired.

“Planning on getting me drunk so you can have your way with me tonight boy?” I laughed...he didn't react.

“No...well...I'm mean ya can if you...I” Paul tripped over his own words.

“He needs a stiff drink sometimes is all,” Daniel came to his aid, “he gets really nervous and weird when he's excited sometimes and just needs something to calm him down a bit...he's not lookin' to get shit faced.”

“Well in that case...” I grabbed a bottle of rum from the bar and three shot glasses, “we certainly don't want you feeling nervous Paul...we have way too much fun ahead of us tonight for you not to feel relaxed. Try this...”

I handed him a shot and he quickly downed it and then breathed sharply through his teeth. I wondered where he'd learned to do that? He put the shot down and grabbed the one I'd fixed for Daniel.

“It's cool man,” Daniel waved his hand at the shot glass, “I don't need it. I'm feeling just right as it is.”

I took a stiff one for myself and then put the glasses in the sink as Paul grew visibly more relaxed. We went out onto the sundeck and the boys immediately ran to the edge and looked down at the people below. I walked up behind them and put my hands on their backs as we all watched the adults moving below. I gently caressed their flesh as we joked about the different people beneath us. I let my hands journey over their naked flesh and swooned as so many new sensations flooded through my form. I was crossing into territory I had only dreamt about. The boys made no move to stop my touches so I took it a step further and lowered my hands to their smooth boy butts. Each was a work of art in its own right. Paul's felt like a large plush pillow that I kneaded with my right hand as my left gripped onto Daniel's firm bubble of tight pre-teen muscle and flesh. Both boys made no fuss about opening their legs a bit allowing my fingers to search out their hot puckers. Each boy let out a sweet coo as I found their wrinkled openings. I removed my hands long enough to slick up a finger on each with my own spit before replacing them at each doorway. Two separate Mmmmmm's found their way into the night air as each finger found its way inside a hot boy ass. I felt like I was going to explode inside my chest as my fingers were surrounded by the searingly hot inner flesh of the two young boys in front of me. I was able to easily get my right finger buried inside of Paul's slick boy ass, while my left stayed snuggly held at the second knuckle within Daniel's tight tunnel. Daniel obviously was not a huge fan of getting fucked as his hole was very tight and rejected even the slightest ministration past where it had already allowed. Daniel pulled off of me and turned around, while Paul remained content to just hang on the railing as I slow fucked his hot hole. Daniel smiled at me as I worked into his cousin. He reached up and put his hands on my neck and brought me down to his lips where we met in a hot tongue embrace. This boy knew how to kiss, that was for damn sure. I caressed his tongue with my own as I kept up my massage of Paul's inner walls. Daniel reached down and took my aching cock into his hands as we continued to kiss. I thought I would pop the second his warm hands wrapped their thin fingers around my shaft. He pulled gently on my meat as he worked it to its full mast. He then broke our kiss and dropped to his knees. I was in a state of pure ecstasy and disbelief. Was I really here? Was I really making love to two gorgeous boys? I couldn't believe it. Was this just another dream? Fucked if I cared at that moment. If this was a dream... I was gonna enjoy it to its fullest.

Daniel worked feverishly on my throbbing meat over the next few minutes. Paul had pulled off of my finger and had now taken up position right next to me. Daniel started to switch off between my cock and Paul's. I bent over and invited Paul's juicy tongue into my hungry mouth. If kissing Daniel was the greatest on this earth...kissing Paul would be Heaven. His tongue danced in circles around my own as we sucked each other's mouths. We kept this up for a little while longer before Paul interrupted.

“I want you to fuck me man,” Paul moaned as he licked our spit off of his puffed lips.

“And I wanna eat your ass while you do him,” Daniel rose to his feet, his entire face and chest was covered in a sweet mixture of spit, sweat, and pre-cum from his fine cocksucking.

“Ok boys,” I was so far gone at this point that I would have signed over all of my companies to them if it meant that I could feel this hot forever, “why don't we take this to the bedroom.”

I led my two young lovers inside and we crawled onto the oversized King. Paul laid down on his back and pulled his legs up to his chest.

“Let me get him ready for ya man,” Daniel got in between us and took up position between Paul's open legs.

I watched in earnest, stroking my raging prick as Daniel slurped and smacked at his cousins pink hole. Paul's head thrashed from side to side as Daniel's tongue massaged his exposed opening. I got in for a closer look and decided to take this opportunity to get that plump little meat of Paul's in my mouth before I slow fucked him to nirvana. I took the boycock into my mouth and lavished it with my tongue. Paul reeled from the double assault on his genitals. He began bucking harder and harder into my face as Daniel fucked him with his tongue and I deep sucked his hard tool. He let out a long moan before shooting three thin streams of boy milk into my throat. His body convulsed on the bed as he rode his first orgasmic wave of the evening.

“He's ready for it now man,” Daniel cleared the way and motioned for me to take up position at his cousin's doorway and drive my cock home.

“He likes it slow and long,” Daniel spoke as I lined up the head of my thick cock at his opening. I had never imagined how big my cock would look when looming at the wrinkled entrance to a young boy's tunnel. I wondered if I would split him in two... but Daniel reassured me that he could not only take my cock...but that he loved to be fucked.

I slowly applied pressure at his opening and the head of my cock slipped passed its tight ring. I was inside my first boy and my body shook with the pure ecstasy of it all. I slowly fed his ass the rest of meat, pausing every so often as I noticed his brow furrow and his lips quiver letting me know he needed some adjustment time. Before too long I was completely buried in the young stallion. I began to slow fuck him as Daniel began licking on my exposed asshole. The sensations I was feeling were overwhelming to say the least and I wondered if I would last long at all inside this beautiful boy's thick ass. His inner walls were velvety smooth and so wet. I couldn't believe how wet he was. He grunted and moaned as I pressed on his prostate with each stroke. I watched as his eyes closed and he went to some beautiful place in his mind. He was lost to his sexual bliss now and he had forsaken any and all pretense as he gripped his boy tits and began tugging at them as I plundered his young ass. Daniel left my ass and crawled up the bed until he was kneeling along side Paul's head. He got up and straddled the prone boy who was still deep into the throws of his ass fucking. Daniel lowered his tool down to Paul's mouth and without saying a word he opened up to receive the long, thin shaft. I couldn't believe how in tune this pair seemed to be. Daniel fucked his face in unison with my cock sliding in and out of Paul's hole. Paul gripped his cousin's ass cheeks and kneaded them as he sucked his meat. Daniel tensed and I could tell that he was cumming in Paul's luscious mouth. After a moment Daniel rose off of the boy and I watched as a thin stream of clear boy juice ran down Paul's thick chin and pooled on his neck. Daniel bent down and licked it up. He brought his cum to his cousin on his tongue and the two shared it in a deep kiss. Daniel lay beside his cousin and kissed lightly on his neck as I continued to fuck him. I was so close to cumming now that I could feel my balls tightening up underneath my cock. Paul's breathing had become slow and deliberate. I looked down and saw his stomach start to spasm as his hands gripped the bed. But he didn't cum. He just continued breathing heavily as I neared my orgasm.

“Wanna see something really cool?”Daniel looked up at me as he got up and laid his head down on Paul's stomach, his mouth centimeters from the tip of Paul's reddening cock.

“Sure,” I panted, my cum beginning to well up.

“Ok... but when you see this you're gonna cum for just make sure you shove it deep into his ass when you do...he loves that.” Daniel smiled.

“Ok...I will,” I was nearing the end of my road.

“ this...” Daniel smirked.

What happened next took the prize as the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life. Daniel never touched Paul's cock as he let out a slow, deep, hot breath. Paul lurched in the bed and let out a deep guttural groan as he spewed a thick jet of boy cum all over Daniel's face. His ass muscles clamped down like a vice on my cock causing me to erupt rope after rope of hot cum deep into the bowels of the boy beneath me. I collapsed on top of Paul. Daniel had seen it coming and moved out of the way as my body landed on his cousin. Paul wrapped his arms and legs around me as both our bodies shook in raw sexual bliss.

When we had all recovered I led us out onto the sundeck and into the hot tub so we could relax. Paul curled into my arms as did Daniel and we lay in the hot water, soaking in silence. There was a love in the air tonight that I had never felt before. I had had plenty of sex in my life up till that point with everyone from one night stands to long term lovers. Nothing I had experienced up to this point had even run a distant second to what had unfolded in this suite tonight.

“Can we sleep with you tonight?” Paul dreamily queried,” we can set the alarm for the morning and get back before my folks wake up....please”

“Yeah,” Daniel agreed, ”I really don' wanna leave man...I wanna sleep with you tonight.”

“If you both are sure that you won't get in trouble...” they rose up in the water, “then I would be honored to have you share my bed.”

“You're the coolest Aidan.” Paul gave me a sweet kiss, but this time it was not a sexual one, it was the kind of kiss a son gives his father before bed.

We all dried off after a few more minutes and made our way back to the oversized bed. I fell asleep that night in a state of greater peace than I had ever known before in my whole life. I drifted off into dreaming to the sweet sounds of the breathing of two of the hottest young lovers I had ever known positioned on either side of me, our naked bodies gently warming one another as we slept.

But despite the events of the evening and their welcoming of my new sexual awakening, my dreams abandoned the two angels beside me and took the journey back to the face of my first love...Milo....

To be continued...

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