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Love is...

Chapter III

Morning came, and I had been reborn. Last night had seen the end of my old life, and I had crossed over into a world that had previously only existed in my dreams. As I breathed in the crisp sea air that blew gently in through the open doors to the sundeck, I was reminded of the presence of the two gorgeous angels who still shared my bed. Paul and Daniel lay sleeping, each resting his head in a crook of an arm and a leg draped over my own. I ran my hands along their warm skin until each rested atop a beautiful boy ass. My god their flesh was so soft and creamy. I was in heaven. The boys both stirred and two sets of young eyes opened as their body's stretched and adjusted. Both boys greeted me with a lovely good morning as well as a couple of the nicest early morning kisses I had ever experienced. Both boys giggled as they jabbed my in the sides with their morning hard ons and then a full round of laughter broke out as they both took hold of my stiffening member. I suggested that we all get up so that we could relieve our bladders and the boys eagerly agreed although they did so with some very wicked grins on their faces.

We all went into the large bathroom and I lifted the lid on the toilet. I grabbed my cock and aimed, but then realized that neither boy was standing next to me any longer. I turned around to see both boys kneeling in the large glass shower with huge smirks on their faces.

“What are you two doing?” I was baffled.

“Waiting for yooouuu,” they sarcastically snickered.

“Well don't you guys wanna piss first before we shower?” I thought I knew where they were going with this...but part of me just couldn't believe I was about to hear them say it, “I know I gotta empty a river!”

“Then come over here and do it,” Paul smiled.

What!?!” my jaw dropped.

“Oh don't be such a tight ass man,” Daniel laughed as he nudged Paul in the ribs causing the chubby angel to giggle loudly, “figure it out dude! We want you to piss on us!!!”

“Really?” I walked over and stood before them, my almost bursting cock in my hand.

“Yeah man,” Paul said through his laughter, “it feels really cool...or actually really hot!”

“Ok boys,” I smirked, “if you say so...”

I let'r rip and soon showered my two young lovers in a warm spray of my fresh piss. They giggled and wiggled under the warm flush as they took turns wiping the wetness all over each other's chest. I was made totally randy by the whole scene. I had never imagined the water sports would actually be this much of a turn on. Apparently I wasn't the only one having an erotic response to my morning piss...both boys were hard as rocks and were now rubbing my fluid all over their young meat.

“Now that was fucking awesome!” Paul extorted.

“Now let us do you,” Daniel got to his feet and gave Paul a hand up as well.

“Alright boys,” I was unsure about the idea of being pissed on...but I figured I owed them the reciprocity.

I took their place in the shower, the smell of my urine was really and I worried that it would make me ill. They told me to lay down and they took up position over my body. I was way beyond worrying about the smell or getting sick at this point as I stared up into the hot young eyes of my two new lovers. They let it rip and I was instantly covered by two thick streams of fresh boy piss. It was fucking unreal! It was a feeling that I will never accurately be able to describe with simple words. The warm liquid covered me like a piss blanket and the smell was intoxicating. Paul instructed me to close my eyes and when I did he pointed his hot little prick upward a little and shot my right in the face. The fluid splashed against my skin and I was immediately on fire.

When they had exhausted their young bladders, they collapsed on top of me and we all smeared the combination of our three morning evacuations as we rolled around on the tile floor of the large shower. I had both boys clinging to my sides as we exchanged deep tongue kisses and hand groping. We were soon going at it full speed as Daniel lowered his mouth to my cock and began taking me deep into his throat. Paul got up and straddled my face, offering me a VIP invitation to give his tiny pucker a good early morning waxing. Paul thrashed on top of me, this boy truly love having his ass tended to. Paul ground into my face and I struggled to breath as my tongue sank as deep as it could into his wet ass. Daniel never relented his assault on my aching tool as the three of us moved in an erotic rhythm. Paul had gone to pounding his cock which caused his well formed balls to slap against my forehead as I continued to eat his luscious ring.

“I want it in me,” Paul gasped as he stroked his meat.

He got off of my face and without hesitation, sat down on my cock. He let out a yelp as my throbbing cock pierced his rectum and filled his bowels.

“Holy fuck dude,” Daniel shouted in surprise as he shocked to see Paul impale himself on me.

Paul had become a sexual animal. He bounced up and down on my raging hard on as Daniel brought his own tool to my mouth. I eagerly accepted him into my mouth and drank in his sweet boyflesh. The whole scene was more than I could bear and my head began to spin. I feared that I would pass out from the shear pleasure of it all, but I just kept on sucking Daniel's cock as Paul did all of the work fucking himself with my stiff cock. He just kept grunting and growling as he pulled himself up and then drove back down. I knew that he must have been hurting himself but he wouldn't slow down. Daniel jerked a bit and I could feel a few small splashes of boy juice hit the back of my throat as he lurched in his orgasm. I jammed a finger in his ass as he came which caused another couple of shots to flee his balls. He collapsed onto the floor next to my head and then leaned over to lay his head down at my neck and we both watched the angry show Paul was putting on over my groin. Paul never stopped riding my tool as he let out a blood curdling scream when three thick jets of boy cum sprayed out of his reddening meat. The spasming of his ass muscles was more than I could stand and I immediately convulsed, releasing spray after thick spray of hot juice deep into his tunnel.

“What was that all about,” I asked Paul after we had all showered and dressed for the day.

“I don't know,” Paul smiled as he adjusted himself in his chair, obviously in some pain after his antics earlier, “but it felt great!”

“Is your ass hurting Paul,” I grew concerned as he winced a few more times.

“Yeah...a little bit, but I'll be ok. It felt like this once before when I used a really big cucumber one time.” he smirked.

I led him from the deck table into the bathroom and had him take his pants off. I really loved seeing his cock when it was soft. It was so smooth and perfect. I had him bend over and used a healthy amount of anal cream on his red hole. He jumped a little at first, but as I worked the cool cream around his abused hole and into his tender tunnel, he relaxed and then fell into my arms. I held him tight and then it happened.

“I love you Aidan,” Paul looked deep into my eyes.

“Aw...” I smiled, “that's sweet pal.”

“No,” he sat up and looked even deeper, “ I mean it...we both do. We've never met anyone like you who accepted us and loved us like we like to love each other.”

“Well Paul,” I began, “this is all very new to me as well. I've never been with a boy before you and Daniel. I've only recently dreamt about it. But I love you all too. I mean it.”

Daniel came into the room with us and I proceeded to tell them about Milo and my dreams. I told them all about how I was smitten by the young god and how I had not been able to stop thinking about him ever since the day at the funeral home. They listened intently as I described how i longed to hold him in my arms and love him the way we had loved each other last night and again this morning. They smiled as I talked of my deep longing to love this boy who had only met once.

“That is so cool,” Daniel smiled.

“Yeah,” Paul gave me a kiss on the cheek, “but it's also kinda sad too. I wish we could help you find him.”

“Well that's sweet,” I ran my fingers through his hair as I rocked him in my lap, his bare ass smearing cream on my leg.

The boys left for their room before too long so that they could be there when Paul's parents would come get them for breakfast. We talked about meeting up again tonight and I told them not to risk getting caught as it would be hard for all of us to explain if his parents found out. They agreed and gave me a long kiss each.

I needed to go to shore and take care of my business at the shipping company. I had chosen this particular cruise as it stopped in the part of the Bahamas I needed to visit on the first day so that I would be able to get my business over with and enjoy the rest of the trip with no other distractions. But I did have distractions. I had the ever present image of Milo in my head.

I took a cab from the port to the shipping company and took care of my business quickly. I was impressed with the local management and decided to keep them intact. The employees were overjoyed with the news that they would soon be shareholders in the company as it meant that they would all be very well off as soon as I took the company public; a fact that would have driven my Grandfather over the edge. That fact made my smile stretch even thicker.

I made it back to the port village and mingled through the shops. I didn't give much thought to my shopping as I meandered through the crowd of locals and tourists. Milo's face kept flashing in my mind, and I don't know if it was my lust, the heat, or a combination of the two...but I swore that I kept seeing him dart in and out of the crowd. I wiped my brow and tried to shake off the hallucinations as I took a drink from a bottle of water I was carrying. I didn't help. The bottle of water fell from my hand and crashed to the cobble stone walkway as I made direct eye contact with the boy of my dreams. Milo stood no more than twenty feet from me and through the thick crowd our eyes met. I knew it was him. It had to be. And the older lady standing next to him desperately fumbling through her purse was his Grandmother. He struggled to keep his eyes on mine as the crowd swarmed between us. His look spoke of his struggle to figure out why the man he was staring at through the crowd looked so familiar. And then it hit him. His face shot to life as he made the connection. He tugged on his Grandmother's shirt sleeve as he pointed towards me. She looked up and made the connection as he waved frantically. I waved back and started to make my way over to them. I weaved through the crowd of tourists and tried desperately to get a hold of the thoughts that were racing at mach speed through my mind. He had left her side and was darting towards me as well. We connected and he threw his arms around me in a wonderful embrace. I was surprised at his showing of affection; after all we had only briefly met.

“I thought it was you Aidan,” he brightened, “wow! How cool is this!?!”

“Well it's good to see you too Milo,” I tussled his hair, “I'm surprised that you remembered me.”

“Are you kidding,” he looked hurt, “I never got to thank you for being so nice to me that day. I must've looked like such a spaz just blubbering like a little baby and I didn't even know you or anything.”

“I didn't think you were being a baby Milo,” I smiled, “I just figured you were in a lot of pain and I was honered that you felt ok with me enough to let it out.”

“Yeah,” he looked a little sad at my reminding him of it all, “I was pretty messed up that day. I'm doin' better now but I'm still a little screwed up.”

“Well that's ok pal,” I held his sweet face in my hand, “you take all the time you need to grief son”

He gave me another hug and then led me over to his Grandmother. I was amazed at this boy's affectionate nature. The three of us spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the village and shopping. I bought Milo everything he even showed the slightest bit of interest in.

“You are spoiling him Mr. Hughes,” his Grandmother laughed, “I'd tell ya ta stop if I didn't know that he needed it. He has such a bad time of it. I wish I could do more but I just can't.”

We talked about his life and how hard it was for him with his Aunt and his cousins. She told me of how his cousins hated him and often beat on him. She continued to say that he had never really told her why it was that they were so hateful to him; he always told her not to worry about it and that it was his burden to deal with. It made me wonder what was going on for him. When his Grandmother took a moment to sit down and catch her breath, I took the chance to get to the bottom of it.

“It's no big deal,” he shyed away from the topic, “don't worry about it.”

“Obviously it is according to your Grandmother,” I brought him over to my lap and hugged him tightly, “and how 'bout you let me worry about whatever I choose to worry about.”

“But I have to worry about it,” Milo looked down at the ground and then back at me with a tear forming in his right eye as he continued, “if I tell you the truth about me then you'll hate me too just like my cousins do.”

“What!?” I was shocked, “Milo I could never hate you, what are you talking about...why would I ever do that?”

“cuz you just would,” he let the tear go and it was followed by another, and then another.

“You can tell me anything Milo,” I tried to smile a comforting smile, “I won't hate you.”

“Ok,” he drew up his courage, “they hate me cuz I'm gay.” he waited for the blow.

“That's all!?!” I almost started to laugh, but stopped myself.

“Isn't that enough?” he wiped his eyes, “everyone in my family except my Grandma hates me because of it.”

“Well I certainly don't hate you because you're gay,” I smiled, “in fact I think that it's really cool!”

“Really?” he was surprised by my response.

“Sure,” I wiped his face clear of the earlier tears, “you know Milo, I have a secret to tell you too”

“Really, what?” he became alive again.

“Well...I don't know if I should tell you...I mean I don't want you to hate me.” I loved playing with him like this.

“Oh I could never hate you Aidan,” he was so sincere, “your the nicest to me that anyone's been in forever...I would never hate you.”

“Ok then,” I smiled as I leaned to his ear, gave him a small kiss on his cheek and whispered, “I'm gay too sweetheart.”

To be continued...

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