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Love is...

Chapter IV

The salty spray of the Caribbean water was the only thing keeping me from becoming completely lost in my own thoughts as the boat made it back to the cruise liner anchored just off shore. The events of the past 48 hours had left me shaken to say the least. First I had met two of the randiest little sexual adventurers that had ever graced adolescence, but then I had actually run face to face into the very boy that had dominated my dreams, both sleeping and waking. And now, the angel of my dreams was sitting beside me. Milo had gotten to come along on a church senior's cruise with his Grandmother after her cabin mate had fallen ill and had to cancel. Since the tickets were non-refundable, the church decided that it would be the right thing to do to donate it to Milo, given his latest situation. If I could have, I would taken him on a thousand cruises if it meant that he didn't have to feel the pain of his life. We had spent the afternoon touring the local village and sharing our stories. He had trusted me with his sexuality and I had trusted him with mine, well most of mine if truth be told. I didn't feel it was the right time to go into to all the details of my love for same sex relationships, especially those relationships concerning my newly found interest in the younger demographic.

When we got back to the cruise liner, Milo's Grandmother confessed that she had overdone it on the days trek through the village and needed to lay down before dinner. Milo begged me to let him visit my suite ( I had described it to them earlier) and after his Grandmother had adequately apologized for his 'being a pest' I gladly told her that I didn't mind. Milo gave me a great big hug and we set off for my suite.

He told me that he was a little hungry so I raided the mini bar for some snacks and such and we relaxed in lounge chairs by the pool. We talked about a variety of things over the next thirty minutes but I could tell that he was avoiding the subject he really wanted discuss; so I let him off the hook.

“So Milo,” I smiled as I took a sip of my wine.

“Yeah?” he slurped his soda through the tiny straw after fighting to get it into his mouth.

“Why don't you ask me about whatever it is you really want to talk about?” I gave him a wink.

“Really?” he answered shyly.

“Milo we can talk about whatever you wanna talk about,” I smiled again and he relaxed.

I had opened Pandora's box. We spent the next hour covering everything from holding hands and kissing, to sucking cock, rim jobs, and fucking. He wanted to know everything about everything. How did it feel to get your ass licked? What does it taste like? When you cum, is it like a little bit or like a gallon? I laughed at some of his questions, and struggled to put into words the answers for some others.

He was a bottomless pit when it came to his thirst for knowledge about the world of being gay. For him, up to this point, being gay had only been a word used by his cousins to describe him because he liked to see other boys naked and didn't want anything to do with girls. Milo had never had a real gay experience. He had played with himself in front of one of his friends once, but nothing more than that. Everything else for him was strictly fantasy. He confessed that he liked looking at naked men too and that he would hang out in the bathrooms at the local mall so he could catch glimpses of their soft cocks as they pissed. He also liked to stall in the changing room at the local YMCA so that he could watch the other boys and their Dad's change into and out of their swim suits. It was during one of these times that his cousin Tim caught him looking and proceeded to out him to the rest of the family. If the fact that no one had wanted him in their home before the gay discovery had been bad enough, now it was intolerable. He was made to sleep in the converted garage as none of his three brothers 'felt safe' with him in their shared room. His aunt called him the girl of the family and wouldn't even let him stay in his brother's room at night when he was dying because she was afraid that he might try and take advantage of him in his weakened condition. Milo's sexuality was not his choice, he knew that at least, but it was his cross to bear and he bore it all alone. His Grandmother knew and was powerless to stop it as she could not have him live with her in the retirement center and if he was taken from his Aunt's house, then he would have to go into foster care. His Grandmother swore to him that she would never let that happen so she allowed him to continue living with his Aunt; but his Grandmother retained custody of he and his brother so that she could visit with him as often as she could. While he told his story, I sat in silence. And while on the outside I showed only a look of support and an occasional glassing of the eye, inside... my soul wept for this small child.

I knew what was coming next: when did I know that I was gay. I decided to just be honest with him, as honest as he had been with me. I owed him that much. So I proceeded to tell him all about my Grandfather and the abuse I suffered at his uncaring hands. I was sure to tell him of my dream to be with a real man as a child so that he wouldn't think that I found the entire concept appalling.

“So...” he smiled a devilish smile, “now that you're an adult...and you've obviously been with real men...”

“Yeah,” I hoped I knew where he was going with this line of questioning.

“Do you now dream of being with a real boy?” he giggled and wink an attempted sexy wink.

“Hmmm...” I was suddenly very nervous, “that's a good question...look Milo, that's really complicated.”

“Why?” he looked confused, “either you like boys or you don't”

“I understand that that part of it is easy Milo,” I gave him a raised brow, “but sex between a man and a boy is complicated...for starters it's illegal, and besides that, society doesn't think it's right for a man to want to be with a boy.”

“Why not?” he was being sincere, “I mean I think you're really attractive and would love to see you naked and want to do sex stuff with you...why can't you want the same thing.”

“Because Milo,” he was right...but I still had to explain, “it's 'normal' for kids to be attracted to adults because that's the sex you see in movies and also because kids idolize adults because of our freedom to do what we want to and stuff like that. But when you're and adult you are expected to only like adults.”

“Well that's just stoopid,” he rolled his eyes and shook his head, “and besides...who cares what most people think anyway... most people are just hypocrites any old way. Like my Aunt Cheryl. She goes to church and acts all perfect and loving and stuff in front of the Pastor, and then look how she treats her own flesh and blood when he's not around. And he's a phony too, he gets up on Sunday's and acts all holy and stuff, but I know that he smokes pot and steals money from the offering plate...I saw him do it a bunch of times.”

“I know what you're saying Milo,” I did, “but I...”

“What?” he sensed my conflict.

“Ah screw it...the truth is Milo that I very much like the thought of having sex with boys your age, in fact I have had sex with boys your age and it's the most amazing thing in the world! I was just afraid that if I told you about it... that you would agree to do stuff with me because you felt you owed me for being nice to you. I wanted to see how you felt about it first.”

“Well thanks for giving me so much credit,” he scowled, “Yes, I like you a lot, and I would love to do sex stuff with you...but not cuz I think I have to...or because you're making's cuz I wanna. I just wanna be with you is all. And not cuz I'm really just looking for a father figure since I don't have one and I'll let you molest me cuz I'll do anything to feel like other kids I'm a good target for you to try and manipulate.”

“Huh?” I was dumbfounded.

“I don't really have any friends...and there's not much to do during summer I watch a lot of daytime talk shows....hehehehe”

“Uh huh...” I smiled at him...god I loved this boy.

“Besides, I don't agree with that stuff anyway...I mean...I know that there are some gross guys out there who would love to just throw me down on a bed and shove their things in my tight little butt...but I really don't think that you're one of those guys. And I'm not looking for you to take me as your boyfriend...that would look a little weird out in public...I just wanna know what all the stuff I've fantasized about really feels like.”

“Fair enough little man,” I smiled, “how about we just take it slow for now?”

“Cool enough for me,” Milo winked.

“ 'bout a swim?” it was hot out and the water looked refreshing.

“Sure...” he smiled and then frowned, “but I don't have a suit and Grandma will have a cow if I get chlorine on my clothes.”

“I wasn't thinking we'd need any...” I smirked, he was still a boy.

“Sweet....” he grinned.

Milo stood up and pulled off his t-shirt revealing the creamiest white skin I had ever laid my eyes on. He had an average boy's frame, not defined yet in the chest and stomach, so his flesh just sat nicely atop his frame. He had a set of tiny slightly darker than his skin toned nipples that were soft from the heat. I stared into his stunningly stone gray eyes as he put his hands on his hips and stood before me like Peter Pan, begging for my attention and due respect. I told him how handsome he was and he blushed. He stepped to me and asked me if I wanted to take his shorts off for him. I was shaking from shear adrenaline as I reached out and touched his bare skin. I ran the flat of my palm down his tight belly and sank three fingers underneath his waistline. I moved the one hand to his left side and positioned my other at the opposite. I drew in a short breath before slowly removing the boy's only remaining garments. What took only a matter of seconds felt like an eternity as the clothing slid down his body revealing his stiff little boycock and the nicest pair off quail's egg sized balls I had ever seen. He hadn't a lick of hair on him and there was a fine glazing of sweat forming in the creases of his legs. I was in a trance as I gazed at the fine specimen of boyhood in front of me. Paul and Daniel were gods themselves, don't get me wrong, but this was the moment I had longed for since that first night. He had a beautiful, cut, 3 and a half inches of stiff boymeat sticking straight up towards his firm belly.

“Do I look ok?” he was sincere.

“You look like a young Apollo, Milo.” I was in awe.

“Like the Sun God Apollo?” he smiled.

“Absolutely,” I smiled my answer.

“Don't you wanna touch me some more?” he wondered out loud, “I liked it when you felt my tummy.”

“Where would you like me to touch you Milo?” I wanted him to be in total control of this, unlike Paul and Daniel, Milo was a virgin to all of this and therefore I wanted him to feel empowered to call the shots.

“My dick of course,” he grimaced.

I smiled as I reached out and took the small tool into my hot hands. I shuddered as I felt the electricity jump from his cock to my fingertips as our flesh made contact. Milo let out a soft moan as he felt my presence on his most secret of places. I cupped his balls with one hand as I slowly caressed his meat in the other. He was so soft and silky to the touch. His balls wrinkled almost immediately and he almost lost his footing. I let go and steadied him.

“Perhaps we should get into the nice cool water pal,” I smiled.

“That felt so awesome Aidan,” he was breathing heavier now, “I never even dreamed it would feel so cool to have someone else touch me there. Do I get to see you now?”

I stood up and took off my shirt revealing my well sculpted, hairy, chest. Milo reached a hand up and rand his fingers through the hair adorning my stomach. He reached down as I had and pulled off my shorts. He let out a wow when my full 7 inches sprang out from its confinement. He immediately took it in his hands and began to play with it; pulling squeezing, stroking, he manipulated my flesh in his young hands as he discovered his first adult prick.

After another moment or so we jumped in the pool and splashed around for a bit. Only with a boy could the transition into swimming and horse playing in the pool been possible. With a grown man...once the cock play would've begun...there would be nothing else on the agenda until the needs had been met. But with Milo, what had started out as just a dip in the pool, turned to feeling cocks, and then back to just a dip in the pool in a matter of moments. We splashed around for a while and Milo showed me all of his favorite dives. I loved watching him get out of the water, the sun shining off the lightly bronzed skin of his sweet bubble as he climbed the ladder, the luscious sight of his tender boymeat bouncing and slapping against his skin as he bounded around the edge and then lept into the water. When he tired of diving, he opted for me picking him up over my head and hurling him into the water. His sheer joy for the entire experience left me with no doubt that he had never been granted this kind of attention before in his life. His giggles and bursts of laughter rang through the Caribbean air and my heart filled with love for him.

He swam back to me again and threw his arms around my neck, pulling his body close to mine so that our faces met. Instinctively I leaned in for a kiss and he immediately reciprocated. Our lips met and I felt a deep explosion within my soul. He opened for me and I explored his mouth with my tongue. My god he tasted so sweet. He drove his tongue deep into my mouth and I almost chocked on his advance. His was the aggressive eagerness of a young boy experiencing the pleasures of sex for the very first time. He wanted to merge his body with mine, I remember the feelings all to well. We broke from our heated tongue bathing and settled into a nice rhythm of alternating deep kisses and tender pecks. I could feel his rigid tool pressing into my stomach as I held him tightly. I decided that it was time to take him where he longed to be. I picked him and sat him on my chest with his legs over my shoulders. He held onto my head as I sank his meat into my mouth. He let out a startled breath and then a deep moan as I set to work on his hot little cocklette. I loved the taste of this boy in my mouth. His balls mashed against my chin as he began bucking into my face. He was in total control of our lovemaking and I think he knew it. He would thrust into my mouth in rapid quick bursts and then ease into nice, long, slow strokes. I bathed him with my tongue. I felt his legs tense around my head and he let out a loud groan as his body fell into an orgasmic spasm. Having not achieved full on puberty yet, he had a dry cum, but it lacked none of the force of a grown man's passionate explosion. I pulled off of his tool and dropped him back down into my arms as he shook in his still lingering petite morté. His eyes remained closed as his body jarred in my grip. I kept cooing to him and kissing his forehead as he moaned. I raised his chin and he opened his eyes. He had a dreamy, drunkenness to his stare as he struggled a smile. After a few more moments he regained his grip on the moment and spoke to me, his voice sweet and angelic.

“That was so awesome!” he sighed.

“I'm glad you liked it sweetheart,” I brushed his auburn mop from his forehead and planted a tiny kiss on the uncovered flesh.

“Do you want me to do you like that now?” he was honestly wanting to return the favor, “I'd like to.”

“Not yet my love,” I smiled, “you need to work up to taking on the cock of a grown man.”

“But how am I gonna do that here?” he looked confused.

“Well my angel,” I gave him a succession of pecks on his still somewhat quivering lips, “I just so happen to know a couple of really hot practice opportunities for you right on this very ship.”

“Really?!” he brightened, “”

“Aidan?” he looked nervous, “I wanna tell you something but I don't want you to get upset and think I'm getting weird about this.”

“Milo,” I lowered my forehead to his in mock exhaustion.

Ok...sheesh,” he mustered more of a presence, “I love you Aidan...”

“Aw sweetheart,” I kissed him again, “I love you too Milo.”

We had a wonderful dinner out on the sun deck with Milo's Grandmother. She was a truly wonderful lady and her love for her grandson was evident; as was her pain at his situation and her own sense of powerlessness over how to fix it.

After she left, after agreeing to let Milo stay as late as I could endure him, I led him into the living room of the suite and fixed him a small glass of wine. He drank it down and let out a great belch. We both let out a large laugh as we hugged. Milo tensed at first and then relaxed when the knock came at the door.

“I do believe our guests are finally here my love,” I walked to the door.

“I'm nervous Aidan,” Milo confessed, “what if they don't like me.”

“Oh don't you worry about it sweetheart,” I smiled reassuringly, “you don't have to worry at all my angel...these two are gonna love every minute of showing you exactly how good a boy can feel.”

To be continued...

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