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Love is...

Chapter V

“How's it going dude?” Paul slapped my hand as he and Daniel made it into the suite. I had told Milo to wait out by the pool as I discussed the situation with the boys.

“Better than ever before sweetheart,” I gave him a firm kiss on his thick lips as I took a squeeze of his bubble for myself.

“We've been waiting for this all day man!” Daniel greeted me the same way and I tasted his freshness on my tongue as we shared a sweet kiss.

“Well I've got a favor to ask of you two tonight...but it's one that I think you'll be more than up to doing,” I led them to the bar where I had fixed Paul his shot of rum and Daniel a soda.

“Sounds mysterious Aidan,” Daniel grinned devilishly, “what's the score?”

“Do you two remember the boy I told you about... Milo?” I took a swig of rum for myself.

“Duh.... you're only like completely in love with him dude...of course we remember...why?” Paul winced as the rum seared his throat.

“Well...what if I told you that he was here, now, in this suite, on this ship with us?” I fixed Paul another and he quickly downed it.

“For real!” Daniel chocked on his soda, “you're shittin' us right?”

“I'm not boys,” I smiled the smile of life that had entered my soul ever since I found Milo in the village.

I spent the next few minutes telling my newfound lovers all about the day's events including the episode in the pool. They were totally engrossed. I continued by telling them Milo's story, I had gotten his permission prior to their arrival of course. They were both very moved by the recounting of Milo's difficult experiences and the cruelty he had suffered at the hands of his family. I also explained how prior to the pool session, that he had never been able to act out any of his fantasies. I shared with them his eagerness to explore a deeper sexual relationship with me and of my desire for him to be schooled in the art of love making by someone his own age and comparable size so as to work him up to being with a fully grown man. They were both foaming with anticipation. I told them that I wanted them to be gentle with him and to guide him through experiencing his own body as well as theirs. They were both more than willing to take on the challenge of young Milo's sexual awakening. I was too thrilled. I instructed them to wait there at the bar while I went out to the pool to get him.

“Are you sure they'll like me?” Milo was clearly very nervous and I wanted to reassure him so that he would enjoy the night's teaching without the pains of his anxiety.

“I know they will my love.... stop worrying,” I smiled and gave him a special kiss on his forehead.

I took Milo's hand and led him into the suite. The boys had left the bar where I had told them to wait, and I knew the randy little fuckers were in the bedroom and up to no good.

“See...” Milo fretted, “they've left. I knew they wouldn't like me.”

“We didn't leave man...” Paul spoke causing both Milo and myself to spin around to seek out the source of his sweet voice, “we were just getting' ready for ya is all.”

“Nice boys,” I smirked at the two naked boys standing sexily in the doorway to the bedroom, “Paul...Daniel...this is Milo.”

The boys exchanged greetings, Milo's eyes never left the two stunning boy bodies standing before him.

“Well,” Daniel grinned and tugged at the slender cock hanging between his legs, “Aidan wasn't lyin'.... you are hot!”

Milo blushed at Daniel's open display of sexual attention. Until this moment, Milo's feelings towards other boys had been purely fantasy, he had been afraid to act on anything in fear of his cousin's anger.

“Well shall we get started then Milo?” Paul gave his meat a healthy stroking as he motioned for my love to join them in the room, “you can watch if you want Aidan...but until we say can only watch.... deal?”

“Deal,” I tussled my angel's hair as I steered him towards his teachers.

Milo went with the boys to the bedroom and I fixed myself a glass of Moet. By the time I made it into the bedroom, Paul had Milo's clothes off and was inspecting his sweet young form.

“You have a great body Milo,” he reported as he eyed up my sweet boy's assets, “are you still feeling nervous?”

“A little,” he replied honestly.


“I don't know what to do.”

“All you have to do is relax and let us take care of you,” Daniel stepped closer to him and placed a hand on Milo's bare stomach, inches away from his naked cocklette.

“You don't have to do anything you don't wanna man,” Paul added, “we just want you to enjoy this is all.”

“I will,” Milo smiled, relaxing with every word, “I just feel a little embarrassed I guess.”

“Why man?” Daniel confused, “you're fuckin' hot man... I can't wait to get you into the sac!”

“I'm just not used to anyone talking about me like that,” Milo looked down, “I'm not used to anyone feeling the same way that I do.”

“We're gonna see to that man,” Paul smiled, “just you wait.”

Paul leaned forward and took Milo's beautiful face in his hands as he planted a deep kiss on the nervous boy. Milo hesitated for a moment and then released himself to the act of love. His lips parted and welcomed Paul into his mouth. Daniel moved in behind Milo and placed his hands on his hips as he began kissing the boy's tender neck. Milo moaned as the trio hugged closely together. Milo now allowed himself to feel the heat of the moment and released his hands to explore Paul's plump form. He spread Paul's ass apart and rubbed a finger along the exposed cavern of Paul's crack. Paul arched his ass giving Milo access to press his finger inside if he wished. Milo hesitated.

“Go for it man.... I love my ass being fingered dude, just let me suck it for a minute to get it nice and slick,” Paul broke the kiss and accepted Milo's fingers into his mouth. He slicked them up nicely, took them in his hand, and guided them back to the entrance of his boy tunnel.

Milo was in heaven as he slipped his fingers into Paul's hot fleshy ass. Paul pushed back against his hand forcing the fingers to bury to the hilt. Daniel nipped and sucked on Milos' sweet neck as he reached around and took my love's stiff member into his hands. Milo moaned through his kissing as Daniel stroked his meat. Daniel then took both Milo and Paul's cocks into his hands and rubbed them together. Milo shuddered at the sensation of having his prick massaged not only my the hand around it, but also by the plump boy tool pressed against it. The trio moved in unison as I sat in an arm chair, sipping my wine, and stroking my cock to the searing display of boy lust being put on before me.

Paul broke the union and stepped back from Milo. As he did, Daniel released his cock and stepped back as well. Milo stood between them, still swaying from the heat of the previous moment's action. Paul steadied Milo and then led him over onto the bed. Paul laid Milo down on his back and took up position between his spread legs. Daniel got down onto the bed next to Milo and aided Paul in his efforts by lifting the prone boy's legs up, exposing his sweet pink hole. Paul sank down in the bed and proceeded to begin licking all over the outer rim of Milo's pucker. Milo writhed in pleasure as Paul worked at his virgin hole. Daniel rested Milo's legs atop Paul's back and Laid down next to the awakening boy. He leaned over and the two met in a tongue lock. Daniel massaged Milo's tiny boy tits as they kissed.

“I want to suck on your dick Daniel,” Milo panted as he reeled from the pressure of the exploring tongue invading his tender opening.

“Cool...” Daniel smiled as he got up and straddled Milo's chest, leaning forward and pressing the tip of his tool at the door to the virgin mouth beneath him.

Milo opened up and allowed the meat to pass over his lips and enter his mouth before he formed a tight suction. After a couple of hints from Daniel regarding proper positioning of the tongue and a careful warning about the need to mind his teeth, Milo set out to thoroughly bath his first ever boy cock. Daniel pumped into his mouth slowly at first and then picked up the pace as the boys settled into a comfortable rhythm. Paul wasted no time moving from Milo's now drenched hole to his reddening prick. Milo moaned deeply as Paul made a vacuum seal around his young meat. Milo had never felt such things as he was feeling at this very moment. He alternated the placement of his hands between the firm globes of Daniel's hot ass and the soft mop atop Paul's head as it bounced up and down. I was in a state of utter lust as I watched the union of these hungry and sexually alive youth in my bed. I wanted so badly to join them, to fuse into their lust; but I remained faithful to my word and stayed put.

All of the sudden Milo tensed. I recognized the signs of his impending orgasm from earlier and I sat up straight in my chair in audience of the spectacle. Paul sensed it as well as he pulled off of the swelling cock and held it firmly in his hand. He smacked Daniel in the ass to alert him to the coming explosion. Daniel got off of Milo's chest and laid down beside him again as he began whispering to the love soaked boy as Paul went back to sucking.

You can feel it can't you Milo?”


“Hang on to it for a minute Milo...don't come yet...ok?”

“I'll try”

“That's good....yeah man...just like that...just feel it man...not yet...not yet...”

“Ummmmphm....unnnnghhhhh...I....feel it...”

“Not yet”


“Not yet Milo...just alittle bit more”


“Not yet..”

“Ok...” Milo writhed underneath the pressure in his loins and the talent of Paul's furiously gripping mouth.

“Almost baby..”


“Almost baby...”



Daniel's words reached Milo's ears with the passion of a man receiving a pardon on death row. His whole body wracked against the sweat soaked sheets beneath him as he let out a violent scream; his cock jerking within Paul's mouth. Milo thrashed on the bed as Paul did everything he could to hold onto his young lover. Daniel looked up at me and smiled as I smiled. We both knew that what they had done for Milo was so very special.

After Milo had come down from his high, Paul and Daniel took place next to him and cuddled him into their bodies. He opened his eyes and looked at me with a kind of love drunk pirates smile.

About five minutes passed as Paul and Daniel continued kiss Milo's flesh and rub their hands along his body. He was hard again and tugging at his own meat as they continued caressing him. Milo was in a state of total bliss as the three boys cuddled in their pre-teen bliss.

“Are you having a good time Milo?” Paul smiled into his new friends eyes.

“The best time ever Paul,” he grinned from ear to ear, “thanks for being nice to me.”

“No problem man,” Daniel added into the conversation, “you're fuckin' hot dude and this rocks!”

The boys all giggled as they hugged on the bed.

“Do you wanna try fucking me in the ass Milo?” Paul massaged the newly de-virgined boy's breast.

Really?” Milo sat up on his side and looked straight into the stocky boy's eyes.

“Sure man,” Paul chuckled, “I love getting fucked dude. C'mon.... Daniel will show ya what to do.”

Paul rolled over onto his stomach and drew his legs up pointing his sweet meaty ass up into the air in front of a kneeling Milo. I quickly went to the bathroom and got a tube of lube for Daniel. Daniel took the lube and spent a good solid minute applying a thick coating to Milo's straining prick. Milo made some fucking motions and Daniel held his grip still so that Milo could get himself nice and worked up. When he had finished greasing the young boy up, Daniel led him by the prick and positioned him at Paul's back door. Daniel instructed him to slid it in slowly so that he could fully enjoy the experience. Milo did as he was told and popped his cock inside of the plump boy's eager ass. As soon as he had buried his tool inside of the searing tunnel, he let out a deep moan followed by a series of Oh my God's.

I watched in utter fascination as Daniel got behind Milo, took a hold of his hips and slowly started him fucking into Paul's ass. Paul moaned and cooed as Milo's rigid prick massaged his inner walls. Daniel rested his own prick in the crack of Milo's ass and the trio set off on a fucking frenzy. Milo soon found his own rhythm and was furiously pounding away at Paul's entrance. The scene went on for about ten minutes with each boy groaning his pleasure out loud with no hesitation.

“Hey Milo,” Paul lifted the young boys face so that their eyes met, “do wanna see what it looks like when a boy gets slow fucked by a grown man?”

I could tell by the way he said it that Paul had grown a little bored with being fucked by Milo's 11yr old meat.

“Ok,” Milo panted as he pulled out of Paul's ass.

He and Daniel took up kneeling positions on either side of Paul as the plump lover flipped over onto his back and drew his knees up to thick chest. His hole was slightly stretched open from Milo's work and there was a large smearing of lube all around his ass.

“Well,” Paul said in the sexiest voice a pre-teen can muster, “get over here and do it then big guy!”

I got up from my chair and shed my shorts with a single downward tug freeing my rigid and leaking prick. I climbed on top of the bed and took up position between Paul's magnificent thighs. I reached for the lube but Milo beat me to it. He squeezed a healthy amount into his open hand and then discarded the tube. My body electrified as Milo's sweet little hand wrapped around my meat smearing the lube over my hot skin. He jacked me off for a moment, smiling that drunken pirate smile again as he tugged on my flesh. I was hard as a rock now and he released his hand and went back to stroking his own reddening meat. I pressed against Paul's opening and the stocky little lover let out a low moan. I slipped the head inside his ass and he tensed up a little so I held still. He gave me the all clear nod and I pressed in farther. I could feel his insides spreading out and encompassing my tool as I buried it in him to the hilt. I started with a slow pace and gently fucked Paul as Daniel and Milo jacked their hard boycocks to the same rhythm. Whenever I increased the pace, they increased their stroking. Whenever I slowed, they slowed. It was heaven. Paul grunted and moaned as I fucked his tight spread. He was pulling at his own meat but the fullness in his ass prevented him from getting fully erect.

“Hey Milo,” Daniel panted, “wanna see me come on Paul?”

“Oh hell yea!” Milo groaned, his lust had been totally born anew this night.

“ this,” Daniel let out a series of sharp grunts as he spewed three thin streams of clear boy juice all over Paul's chubby little boy tits.

Milo flew into his own orgasm at the sight of Daniel dumping his load on Paul's bare body . He leaned back on his haunches and began to shake with ecstasy. I got to watch him cum for the third time today and the sight was almost more than I could bear. He came down from his climax and his eyes focused on mine. I was so close to my own cum that I could feel my legs beginning to shake.

Just then I felt Paul's ass tighten and spasm around my shaft.

Oh god...oh're making my ass cum!” Paul clamped down tightly on my cock as his semi erect cock began to slowly spit out thick globs of boy cum. His stomach trembled and his body heaved on the bed below me as I continued to fuck his still spasming ass.

“Aidan,” Milo interrupted, “don't cum yet.”

“Huh?” I was so far gone at this point from the pleasure of feeling Paul's inner walls surrounding my cock that I must have looked like a drunk.

“I want you to cum on me like Daniel did to Paul...please?” He came up beside me and laid down on his back.

“Are you sure Milo?” I was nearing the end of my rope inside of Paul.

“Hell yea!” he closed his eyes and started rubbing his little nipples indicating where he wanted me to deposit my seed.

I gave Paul a couple final strokes before pulling out and turning to blast my load over Milo's young body. I struggled against the overwhelming force of my climax so that I could keep my eyes open to watch my cum spray out all over my young lover's flesh. He startled as the first jets hit his body and then relaxed into the shower as my seed coated his smooth skin. I rocked back in forth above him as my climax saturated my form.

I collapsed onto the bed and the four of us huddled together in our bliss. We were hot and covered in a mixture of sweat and cum , but we were all satisfied. After a few minutes of recovery, I led all of my young lovers out onto the deck and into the hot tub. We cuddled together under the healing heat of the bubbles. The silence of the Caribbean air was broken by the muffled tears coming from the little boy holding me tightly.

“Milo?” I said softly, “what's wrong son?”

“Yea...are you ok dude?” Paul put a hand on the boy's shoulder.

“No..I'm fine...I just...I...” he started to cry even harder.

“What is it Milo?” Daniel asked as he turned towards the weeping boy.

“Thank you all for being so nice to me,” he collapsed against me and I hugged him tightly.

“It's ok's ok...” I kissed the top of his head as he held onto me.

After we had relaxed for a little while longer, and Milo had calmed down and even joined in with us as we laughed about various things, I led the boys back into the bedroom where we dried off and bedded down for the night.

I fell into sleep holding tightly to the boy of my dreams...

To be continued...

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